The Jogging Dead

November 05, 2018:

Dead Girl wanders the streets of Metropolis causing a general ruckus. Diana Prince approaches and talks to the undead.

Queensland Park - Metropolis

Originally, this land was set aside by King George III for his consort
Queen Charlotte, though after the Revolution those who wanted to live like
'Kings' quickly set up their farms and became the shining welcome to
newcomers to Metropolis.

This area is home to the bulk of the immigrant population and while in other
areas, like New York and Gotham, would say that members of these diverse
ethnic cultures cannot live in close proximity, the residents of Queensland
Park prove it untrue, especially after the Apokolips invasion as most of the
surviving residents sought home here and helped rebuild the part of this
island that also suffered from the blast.

Welcome to the melting pot of humanity.


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Metropolis- the silver city of the East Coast, beautiful and bright and filled with hope. Here, more than almost any other place, the American Dream is alive and well. People can live and work and dream- the sky is the limit.

Still, it is for those who fit into the 'Alive and Well' ideal moreso than the walking dead. As with so many places where the living rule Dead Girl's appearance is one that tends to spread discomfort or even terror.

Sure, she's just whistling as she walks down the street, with baleful red eyes glowing like the fires of the underworld themselves, but her very presence really does bother the living.

AFter all, most feel the dead should stay dead. Shouting, screaming, running- unintentionally, she's making a bit of a scene…. and ignoring all of it as if it just wasn't happening.


Diana is usually in Manhattan, but with everything thats gone on there lately she's decided to take a leave back to her first public home here in Metropolis. And since the Themysciran Consoluate is not far from where Dead Girl is making her casual stroll, she just so happens to have a woman in exercise clothing coming up upon her from the front. Of course the people that the deadly looking girl is making run from her very sight… catches the jogger's attention.

Diana is wearing black jogging pants, and a light sport jacket, her hair is tied back into a ponytail beneath a black ballcap that is atop her head. As she makes her way closer she spots the girl that is causing the commotion and she just… jogs toward her, casually observing the oddness of it all.


This is no costume. No, Dead Girl is very actually dead- a corpse. There is no doubt to anyone who's seen a real body before. Still, she doesn't move like the typical shambling one might expect from a zombie. There is no mistaking her, though, for the living. And those red eyes- glowing inside her skull. Magic, undoubtedly, necromantic for almost certain.

But she smiles so brightly to the approaching jogger, wiggling corpse-blue fingers in a friendly way as Diana approaches. "Hiiii! Lovely day!" she offers brightly.


Diana's jogging is slowed as she draws close enough to spot that the woman was indeed not in costume. Its not every day that you see a corpse moving down the street with a chipper cheer to their step. So when they're close enough to share words with one another she lets her jogging stop and since the young(?) woman seemed to be openly friendly, Diana affords her a soft smile and a gentle dipping of her pointed chin. "Hello." She replies to her.

"Are you… all right?" She asks, because it just seems like the natural thing to ask someone who she KNOWS is not alive, but seems to be 'well enough'? Its an odd experience, to say the least. "Do you need any help?" Diana asks, her voice is smokey tone and laced with a thick Greek-esque accent.


"Oh, I'm fantastic! How are you?" Dead Girl wonders back to Diana, eyebrows knitting together a bit as the next question comes. "Um. Don't think so, but maybe later, who knows!" she offers then, as she stops her walking to face Diana fully. "What about you? Do you need some help? Is this code?" her voice falls low, "Should I call the police?" she wonders, voice a little conspiratorial as she checks behind Diana as smoothly as she can to make sure the other woman isn't being followed or something.


Diana is a little taller than this younger woman, standing at 6'0" to the other's 5'10" so she doesn'tw ant to be intiidating, which makes her keep a distance from the other and just show her a smile. She even laughs very soft and short at the lowered voiced words about the police. Diana glances toward some of the people who'd run to the other side of the street and then looks back to the girl of the dead.

"No no. Not if you are okay." She tells her. "I am just checking because I noticed you may have inadvertantly caused somewhat of a fright amongst some of the people here…" She lets her voice trail off a bit and then Diana tilts her head toward her right. "Your appearance is a bit unique, if I might say." She then tells her. "This is why I had to ask you. You appear to be… not amongst the living? And I do not believe it is a halloween thing." She shows a faint faint grin.


"Oooh. OH!" Dead Girl says, nodding sympathetically. "That's because I am, in fact, dead." she goes on to confirm. "I was murdered by my boyfriend.. well, Ex-boyfriend. Obviously." she goes on with a still surprisingly happy tone for talk about one's own murder. "Anyways, yeah. I'm Dead Girl!" she offers a hand, "It's okay if you don't want to shake my hand, by the way, I know it's a little corpsy for some people."

"Anyways, yeah, most people pick that up though- unconsciously, at least. Most people don't like walking corpses. I understand it, even if I disagree with it." Dead Girl says, hand still offered out.


Diana doesn't skip a beat and she reaches out to shake the young woman's hand. Her hand is soft and quite warm in comparison, her grip is firm and strong. "Dead… Girl…" Diana repeats in her thickly accented English. She seems understanding of this, but also entirely confused. "How… did this happen?" She has to ask first. "You will have to forgive me but in my line of… work, when something dies it generally stays dead. But you are, here, and you are… in a good mood?" She just seems to entirely have trouble wrapping her head around this. Sure she has dealt with the undead before, it wasn't that long ago that vampires attacked her embassy in New York either, but they were anything BUT pleasant.


"That is an excellent question." Dead girl replies, shaking Diana's hand. Her hand is cold. Cold as death. No pulse. No blood flow. This is the hand of a corpse, without a doubt.

"One I unfortunately do not have a good answer for. My best guess is mutation, but that's just a guess. After that bastard shot me in the back, I sort of woke up. In the trunk, right? But I couldn't move or anything. I was sort of trapped inside my body. Just sort of there, right? But not actually *in* my body either? It's kind of hard to explain." Dead Girl offers.

"So, he dumped me in the river, and I washed up later and he got away with murder- don't worry, I made sure he got his later- but, a few months in a grave and I just sort of figured out how to be me again."


Diana takes all of this in in stride. Her hand comes back to her hip where it joins the other on the opposite hip. She stands there in her jogging attire and her blue eyes are down on that of Dead girl's. "I see." She says softly, not quite so chipper about this sad story but at least… "At least you are still here." She adds then. With a light nod once to her she starts again. "I am Diana Prince, and I would be more than willing to help you get to the bottom of why it is that you… re-animated, if the time ever comes where it is something you want to know." She pauses then and tilts her head again. "What was your name prior to being… shot in the back?" She asks next, because quite honestly she does not really want to refer to her as Dead Girl at this particular juncture.


"Oh, only my friends can know that." Dead Girl offers, "No offence, of course, but it's just not something I usually share." Dead Girl admits, "Some people call me DeeGee, or just Dee." she goes on, "It's really nice to meet you, Ms. Prince." she says next with a bright smile. "And, really, I'm just here now. That's how it is- no need to ask big questions, I think. Just accept it and move on, right? Would knowing the why of it change what I do with it? Do the circumstances of one's creation really matter compared to the actions one decides to take with that creation?"


The young dead woman's chipper personality just makes the tall jogger smile in response. She nods her head a singular time in response to it and adds in a. "Fair enough." She glances down the street then toward the people who'd run off, but most of them had moved on by now. She then looks back to 'DG' and just shows her a smile. "Well, I shall not keep you any longer. I just wished to check in and make sure that all was well for you. But… it appears as though that that is the case." She holds a smile then and turns toward the way she'd originally been jogging. "I hope you stay far from trouble going forward." There's little she can do if the 'dead woman' is 'kind of alive' and seemingly quite happy.


"Oh. We'll see. That's up to the dead, though." Dead Girl offers, with a hint of an ominous tone to Diana, as she turns her head to face something that just isn't there. "Even Metropolis has it's share of ghosts, Ms. Prince. Someone has to speak for the dead." she says, "But, for now, I'm enjoying a walk and a whistle… enjoy your jog!" she says, waving wide as she turns to look at that dead space again. "I told you. Walk and whistle first, and after, we can deal with your problems."

Who knows exactly who Dead Girl is speaking to there- but she's off walking and whistling again before long.

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