The Art of Crafts

November 02, 2018:

Harley heads back to the Arms. June's crafty. There's cheesecake, and possibly popcorn.

Gotham Arms - 6th Floor - Red Hook - Gotham

Quite unlike the rest of the Gotham Arms apartment building, the sixth floor has been entirely remodeled and redecorated.

Where the rest of the floors are divided into individual apartments, this floor has an open, modular design. A single communal living space takes up the majority of the square footage of the floor. Half-walls and purposefully arranged furniture mark off a living room of sorts, complete with various and sundry forms of entertainment from a television, to video game consoles, to a collection of computers and other media, a communal dining area, a kitchen; all of the amenities one might find use for. Other areas have been left to be put to whatever use the current residents might have for them, from an area to work out, to a something of an indoor range.

A series of doors lead off from the main area in two distinct groups. Along the main floor, a series of doors lead into the private rooms appointed for the team's members. A short flight of stairs winds up from the main living space upward to a sort of loft, where a balcony/walkway of sorts leads to a smaller selection of rooms. The balcony provides, as well as access to the rooms, access to the patio and the stairwell that leads both to the roof, and to the fire escape.


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Fade In…

June had managed to get back to the apartments before the rush hour hit Gotham. That was a bonus. But the heat was on the fritz again. That was a negative. You'd think the government would at least put up the money for a decent building engineer, but there you were. Still, she was keeping herself busy, and she exchanged bare hands for the fingerless gloves she's picked up in a local bike shop.

The whole quarter of the room she was working in had been scoured clean of distractions. Chairs pushed aside, the TV was shifted to the opposite wall, and she'd dropped a tarp on which to work. It was rather an odd arrangement, given the look of the place. All of the crown molding on the ceiling edge of the wall was pristine, perfect, and looked entirely new. But June clearly only had just started on the corner she was working on, setting out the paint and glue, the nail gun and other edging materials, as she was completing the complementary molding along the baseboard. She'd at least had the decency not to turn the music up too loud. But given that it was something new agey and weird, that probably wasn't really a comfort.


It was sometime in the wee hours of the morning when Harley had dragged herself through the front door, umbrella in hand, soaked to the bone, and looking all too pleased with herself. She's been an absolute terror the past two months since she came home to roost here again, dragging her pets through the front door with her. The hyenas have been less stinky than usual, but they could never be said to smell pleasant. Quinn spent one night weeks ago destroying the apartment with the Taskmaster in a drunken ecstasy… only to spend the next week scouring it and working with the Carpenter to make it better than before. She ruined one kitchenette table and the counter-tops with an attempt to refinish them in concrete. She has dominated the television with her loud classic video game marathons. She ruined the kitchen chandelier with decoupage.

And that's the short list.

Today, she walks through the doors after a lengthy walk with Bud and Lou, the two spotted creatures straining at the leashes she holds in one hand. She casts a suspicious gaze in June's direction before slowly asking, "Whatcha doooooooin'?"


"Remodeling." June lifted a hand, using the back of a wrist to push the lock of hair that kept falling into her face, well, out of her face, turning to greet the woman and her pets. "When I got back to the building, Taskmaster mentioned that you were remodeling." She chucked a thumb at the ceiling, "She did the crown molding as a joke, and I can't have her showing me up." The thumb again gestured, now towards the kitchenette. "Bag of pig ears and a couple of rawhide bones in the kitchen. Cheesecake in the fridge, if you want it. Unless you're in the mood to chew on something harder than bad beef jerky."


There's a long mostly-silent pause, filled with the crass and graceless smacking of Harley's bubblegum.

Then she slowly stoops to let her hyenas off of their leads. They race towards the kitchen without waiting for permission, immediately tearing open the bag they smell and grabbing bones for themselves. They then tear off again, pausing only long enough to cackle and nip each other in the heels as they bicker over the rawhide, towards the clown's bedroom. Quinn lingers in the kitchen, pulling out one of her cans of grape soda, and the box of cheesecake.

"Naw," she offers at last in her nasally, amused tone. "Day old gum is bad enough. I'll let the boys have the bones."


In the time it took Harley to smack her gum and consider releasing the hounds, literally, June took the time to close and seal the paint she was using for touch-ups, and to close the lid on anything that might dry out. She made an exaggerated 'moving out of the way' gesture, as the hyenas raced by, though they were going in the opposite direction to where she was sitting, "I don't imagine those will last them very long, but it's a nice treat." The gloves came off last before she pushed herself to her feet, "Sorry about the TV, I'll hook it back up if you need the fix."


Quinn pops open the trashcan long enough to spit her gum inside, but then goes to get a fork and a plate to serve herself an ungodly large portion of the fattening dessert. She narrows her eyes in consideration at the peaceable June Moone, some inscrutable thought passing behind the pale blue of her gaze.

Then, with a certain capriciousness, it disappears entirely from view as her entire demeanor changes. "It's alright," she offers dismissively, backing up to a counter and then hopping up onto it to sit and eat her food. Her heels pound softly upon the cabinets below. "I broke the Kung Fu Crabs game yesterday. 'm gonna hafta find a new somethin'."

Then her eyes go up to the crown moulding. "I don't really see what's so funny about crown moulding. I mean, as the house expert in jokes, I find lots of things funny. But crown moulding is serious business! Makes us look so classy."


June left Harley to the cheesecake, heading on towards where she had pushed all of the entertainment systems, the TV included. She didn't move immediately to put things to rights, instead, giving herself the time to study the offerings, as she might have studied some oddball collection of artifacts. Her voice did pitch loud enough to be heard from where Harley was sitting, "I think she thought the effort it takes humans do accomplish tasks was what was funny. You know how she is. She used to think it was a lark every time we were in the garage."


"I know she's spooky as hell, but that's about it," Quinn quips around a mouthful of cheesecake. Her bites are small and prim, eminently ladylike. Ankles cross, and them her head cants to the side. "But you jes' wait. I find a new tutorial on pinterest where I can use watercolor paint, toilet paper, and ModgePodge to make //stained glass windows." She takes another small bite and then extracts the fork with aloud 'pop' to hold it aloft. "Mark my words, it is going to be amaaaaaaaaazing. I was thinkin' something a little art nouveau, yanno? Make the guys really feel out of their element every time they come in.


June nodded, in that sort of way that said, 'As I expected.' "I think most people just stop at spooky and leave it at that. I did, for a long time. I mean, it isn't as if I had a choice. It's pretty shit going from being in the driver's seat and then finding yourself in the trunk, trying to scream instructions no one can hear. And the person who can hear it doesn't care." She stepped away from where she had been working, lowering herself to settle onto the edge of one of the couches, "But we've been together a long time now, almost ten years." She paused, "Maybe ten years? It doesn't matter. But I suppose I've gotten to learn some of her quirks." June, for what it was worth, seemed actually interested in Harley's ideas, rather than simply dismissing them out of hand, "Over the actual windows? I think we'd then have to work on a way to get them to come out when the sun was still shining, and I'm still undecided on whether or not we might actually be working with a couple of vampires." A beat, "Did you ever see that old Pauley Shore movie In the Army Now?"


Harley considers her fork with fascination after sucking it clean from another bite of cheesecake. "I didn't. I mean, I prolly shoulda. I always feel a little guilty when there's some comedy out there that someone wants ta reference an' I ain't seen it. BUT!" she continues more brightly, her eyes squeezing closed with the strength of her smile. "I am intimately familiar with that which you have used to describe yer body-sharing experience! I'll have ya know that Mistah J used to lock me in the trunk on the regular when we had to go somewhere and he was done chattin'." She shrugs sheepishly, still smiling on. "I mean, ya can't really blame 'im. I'm not always the best at takin' a cue, yanno?" She pauses, purses her lips and pulls them up to one side. And then her smile slips, and she looks down to the cheesecake.

She stabs it viciously.

She takes another bite and offers more quietly without looking up, "We could… I dunno. Watch it 'r somethin' if yer feelin' nostalgic. …And then we do the windows. 'Cuz, why do we need to look out anyway? Light'll come through, okay. I'll show you the tutorial."


"Oh, believe me. We can blame him for quite a lot. And one day, I have feeling she and I will make him pay dearly." Despite the darkness of the words, and the fact that she was using what was clearly not 'we' as in herself and Harley, but 'we' as in she and Enchantress, her expression still seemed companionable enough. "Sure. I think I can probably dig it up on something streaming. And if not, I can download it. I'm supposed to be a criminal, right? Might as well act like one for once." June set her hands on her knees, pushing to her feet so that she could walk on towards the refrigerator, "I'd be happy to help you with your windows, Harley."


Harley catches the nature of the 'we' plainly enough, and there's a spark of something in her gaze and a furrowing of her pale brow. It passes quickly, however, whatever it is.

She's back to her bright smiling a moment later, her body swaying gently from side to side with her amusement. It's the sort of loose sway and vapid turn of her mouth that certainly let her look as mad as they say she is. "Yay!" she squeals about the windows. "If we're lucky, we'll get it done while Tee's still outta town and get all the pleasure of tryin' to poison 'im with estrogen. It'll be great."

Melting off of the counter, the harlequin sets her plate in the sink and then walks towards the other woman. "Ya jes' watch, June Bug," she says, leaning in very close by bending at the waist. Her hands stay neatly at her back, no threat at all. "We're gonna have the best night. You jes' get the TV set back up; I'm gonna go change inta somethin' a little more 'Night In' and make sure the Babies' ain' tearin' into nothin' they're not s'posed to." Turning on her heel towards the bedroom, she's already musing. "I… should see if we have popcorn. I think I bought popcorn. I mean, who doesn't buy popcorn for late night snackin'? I bought popcorn, right?"


June pulled open the refrigerator door, pulling out two bottles of soda, of all things, eschewing the vast quantities of beer and other alcohol that seemed the majority of what was in there, coming back up just in time to get a Harley in the face. To her credit, she only leaned back the smallest bit. As close as the team tended to be, when they were being kept in their cages, June really wasn't used to having people that close to her. Enchantress was a better deterrent than body odor. "Well, that or we'll end up with an endless string of hookers who need to be defenestrated. I'm not climbing over piles of passed out bodies again." She offered Harley one of the sodas for the trip if she wanted, and indicated the remains of the bag of dog, er, hyena treats, which still had the pigs ears half-spilling out of it, "Sounds like a plan. I'll kick the rest of the paint out of the way and get things back in order. If we're out, maybe we can borrow from the downstairs neighbours. Like sugar, only not as bad for your teeth."

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