Tea and Favours

November 04, 2018:

Vivienne calls on Dr. Strange for help in getting to the heart of a matter.

The Oblivion Bar

"The only known universe with its own happy hour."

Elsinore Brew? Blood infused Pißwasser? Fairy Dustschläger or maybe just a good cup of coffee. The extremely comfortable and Occult elite Oblivion Bar's here to cater to its unique clientele from all over the world and many beyond. This classy bar and lounge has a stage, three pool tables, eleven group tables, booths and a well stocked bar. There is also several backrooms for private meetings, very lavish ladies and mens rooms and an office. A phone that has its own area code that can call across dimensions or planes thanks to a Gemworld stone and free internet access that is always operational! Always.

The Oblivion Bar is club membership only and acts as a complete neutral zone, an Elysium for those of the supernatural or mystic origin.

One of the best parts is beyond its relative safety it is accessible from almost any point in the world (and some beyond) by those who know how to find such things (magical sight) as it is located in its own pocket dimension.

The only rules? No Muggles and no violence. If you do not have access to the mystical, supernatural or occult sphere, you are not allowed within this super secret clubhouse.


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Fade In…

The world had been overrun, and for the better part of over a month and a half, all of those who called themselves residents of the area in and around New York City. And then, not quite as quickly as it had come, the demons began to disappear, and the portals which had plagued so may, had begun to close.

While few of those who had fought the fight against the infernal had allowed themselves to take a breath, what appeared to be either the end of the storm or only its eye had found themselves turning to thoughts of other tasks and other potential dangers.

To that end, Vivienne had called the Sanctum, and left a message with Wong, requesting the Doctor's presence at the Oblivion Bar, at his earliest convenience. And then, she simply settled in to wait, having placed herself at the usual table. Usual in location, in the rear of the bar, but hardly usual in company. It was only Vivienne, the empty places at the table almost glaring in the absence of the small team which had begun to work there.


Strange has been hunting down stray demons, usually more nuisances than threats for someone like him. Still dangerous for civilians. Cleanup tasks, which are actually quite relaxing in comparison. The Elder Gods are pulling back on all fronts, it seems. They underestimated humankind. Again. Business as usual.

He certainly has some time to meet a friend. It has been a while. The Oblivion Bar was pretty much the center of the supernatural resistance, but the volunteers from other countries (sometimes from other dimensions) have mostly left. So the place is messier than usual, but half empty. Strange has no troubles spotting Vivienne at her table and moves to meet her.


Out of habit or perhaps out of politeness, and were they really not the same thing in her case, Vivienne rose from the table, waiting for Strange to join her before she settled back down. She'd taken the liberty of ordering tea, of all things, as she knew Strange at least drank that. She'd yet to see the man actually imbibe anything heavier. No food graced the table, only a collection of newspapers all dated about two weeks ago. "Thank you for coming. I know we've all been busy. But I need your help."


Strange does indeed drink more tea than the average British despite being a born and breed New Yorker, a habit he picked up in Nepal when he was studying magic. His alcohol consumption he saves for rare occasions when he is usually brooding. In private.

When Vivienne sits down again, he follows suit, glancing at the newspapers with curiosity. "Good afternoon, and… yes, of course I will help you. Not so busy now the demons have left. What do you need from me?"


Vivienne waited until Strange had settled himself, before she reached over, pouring his tea first before she filled her own cup. Only once she'd served and left him to prepare the tea to his tastes, did she open one of the newspapers, folding it back to the article she was clearly interested in. A report from the MET detailing the theft of the Spear of Antioch. "I am assuming that you've been getting the paper, despite the trouble in the city?"


"When I could," explains Strange. "It is usually Wong who skims over the newspapers and the Web and tells me if something of interest that I have missed shows up. Between the Orb of Agamotto and the monks of Tamar-Kaj there is rarely much. And…" he smiles faintly. "The Holy Spear of Antioch? Well, fancy that. We know where the real one is, why is this one a concern? I mean… there are also three different Holy Grails and a whole forest of Holy Cross fragments, all of them of questionable quality."


"I don't care about the Spear of Antioch." Vivienne set the newspaper down as she turned her attention to her own tea, adding a generous amount of cream and a less than generous amount of sugar. "I have no doubt that the Vatican has an entire closet full of false Spears they've collected over the years. And that they've seeded just as many into the world to throw people off the scent." Vivienne set the spoon back onto its saucer, the sound rather more delicate than the bar was likely used to. "But someone clearly cares about the Spear of Destiny. And anyone with enough sense and magical know-how will soon discover that they've gone to all that trouble, only to find they've saddled themselves with a dud. And given that I've stolen into a museum myself, I know how difficult the security can be. This wasn't a simple snatch and grab. My concern, is that when they discover they haven't got the real thing, they'll go hunting again."


Strange prepares his tea while Vivienne talks. No cream. Some sugar. Some herbs he pulls from his sleeve that dissolves quickly on the steaming water. "A 'dud' might still be a powerful magical weapon. They are not uncommon in other realms."

But he would have known? Or not, because New York's demons kept him busy. In truth with Asgard again taking interest on 'Midgard', and the Fey Lords curious about the Heroic Age, and now the dimension walls so thin, there might be a good number of mystical artifacts he knows nothing about loose. "I suppose we should take a look. This would be Lady Croft's field of expertise, too."


"I have no doubt that there are many and more magical artifacts that exist, more than you or I will ever see in a lifetime. But I am charged with protecting only one." Vivienne sat back, pulling the tea closer to herself, though she did not drink it, "I don't know if I can explain it to you, or if I need to. But the Spear is not simply an Artifact to me. It is a part of me. Beyond the connection is has to my ancestor, I have given it my blood, my faith, and perhaps, yes, a bit of my soul. I hear its voice in my head, and, when it calls to me, I go where it leads." Finally she picked up the cup, taking a small sip, before she set it back down, "I will not allow it to be taken from me."

Vivienne's voice held neither anger or arrogance. There was only that perfect certainty. She was the Daughter of the Son, and the Spear was her weapon. The pure extension of her faith. "Yes, Lara might be able to help us track who stole the false Spear. Certainly she has more knowledge and access to technology than I do. But I do not know the nature of those who stole the Spear, if they were magical or mundane. And magic is your demesne."


"You suspect it was stolen by magic?" Asks Strange, leaning back. Yes, anything relating to the Spear of Destiny is Vivienne's business, but the theft of the wrong spear might mean little.

Then again, he looks at the supernatural gathered in Oblivion. Some making business, some relaxing, many showing injuries or scars from the recent fighting. Many, many who have seen the Magdalena and will talk about her and the Spear. 'Stolen by Demons' as the newspaper hints? Maybe not.


"I don't know who or what stole it. I do know that the last time anything magical, that we know of, was stolen, well," she paused, "the last time anyone attempted to steal something of a mystical nature, it was the lilim. And we did not destroy all of them when we defeated them. When I killed their mother." Vivienne spoke plainly, clearly not intending for anyone else to be put in the crosshairs for that particular deed. "I simply think that it would be best to make sure I cover all of my bases. I will be frank with you. Aside from knowing how my own gifts work, and some small amount about the Artifacts, I have little to no knowledge of how magic actually works. If it leaves traces, a scent that can be tracked, if it is possible for you to see the events from that night, or at the least, help me to narrow down the avenues I need to explore to discover who was responsible and what threat they pose to me specifically, but to others more generally."


Strange nods, sipping from the tea. "Now the problem with Limbo is over I will give you a few basic lessons on magic. I think Ms. Hong also wanted some instruction." The offer made he frowns at the date in the newspapers. There is a good chance peering into the recent past is not possible due to the dimensional interference, but he will try. "I will check this, yes. It is probably nothing…" he glances up at the woman. "Unless you have the distinct impression it might be important, hmm?"


"It could well be nothing," Vivienne answered, taking another sip of her tea, "Nothing more than someone wanting some bauble for the black market or their private collection, and the timing was purely coincidental. Or someone who believed that such a weapon might serve them well against demons. The Son was known to be quite handy at casting out demons, and all. Or, it could be someone who was in real need or danger and needed the Spear for some purpose that had nothing at all to do with the events going on right now, and this was simply a convenient time to try to take it. I'd like to know that, hinder it that is what is required, and help if I can." She set down the cup, refilling it, though she did not replenish its amount of sugar or cream, "I would appreciate the instruction. And whatever help you can provide."


It is probably one of the possibilities Vivienne is mentioning, but it could be more serious, and in any case someone stole a valuable historical artifact. "I'll look on it and keep you informed," he agrees, with a nod, "we could meet next weekend for some instruction and at the very least I can offer you some books to peruse. Do you read Latin?"


"I do. Only don't ask me if I speak or read Aramaic. I am told it's shameful that I don't. Letting down the old man and all." Her lips quirked into a smile. "Most of the other languages I know are more modern, though I have a fair handle on ancient Greek." Vivienne finally pushed the tea aside. There was only so much a woman could drink in a bar. "I appreciate the time that you've offered to take, and I'll make sure to be free on the weekend."

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