The Big Scoop

November 03, 2018:

Lois has an epic story and she's willing to go to epic lengths. Clark returns to the Daily Planet. They both have quite a supportive discussion.

The Daily Planet - Metropolis

The Daily Planet.


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Burning the late night oil. The deadlines have been long past, yet Lois always takes the workaholic approach. The approach that has her holed up in the conference room; blinds pulled up to let the light of the office in and so she could see who's coming and who's still left, probably due to paranoia or just the fact that she's inheritly curious of the goings on of the world. And this place.

A board lays across one of the walls, papers all over the long conference table, chairs that were once wheeled and placed to perfection now scattered every which way in order for her to make room. Lois was hard at work. Lois was working on a plan. Lois had a random set of names that she purposely scrambled so that no one could figure out what she was up to.

Top secret.

It's going to be a hit. Maybe even another prize.

Ticks and tacks were spread underneath the name, figures of animals? Or.. just random pictures? Words that made no sense scrawled upon the board with question marks, the last one added next to a picture of a jack in the box. Lois stands back, red marker clutched in between her lips, her hair a mess, blouse slightly undone and hands upon her hips. Questioning. Maybe..? No?

She shakes her head and tosses the marker upon the table, approaching it there after to fumble along the papers, relieving the mound to reveal an old double stacker ham and turkey with a ton of cheese and mustard sandwhich (hours old, breads kinda hard), which was soon bitten.


Well, earlier in the day, Perry White (The boss) did say that Clark was finally coming back from working on a piece in the middle east. Which may or may not be of comfort or consolation to Lois, given her biggest competition was back at the Planet. Almost bursting through one of hte doors with a stack of papers in hand, the now-clean-shaven Clark Kent makes his way to his desk. Which, by an act of God, has remained purely untouched.

Thank god for Jimmy Olsen.

but what might be coincidental? The Man of Steel and Metropolis's golden boy, A bearded Superman had come back on the scene only two days before. But, CLEARLY they don't look the same, right? I mean, come on.

Either way, he has a coffee in hand, and then he sees HER. "Oh! h-h-hey Lois." he stumbles into his desk, coming dangerously close to spilling his coffee, but he saves it at the last second.


Lois chews her sandwich thoughtfully, her eyes now upon the blank side of the room, when Karen.. one of the other low rated reporters hangs her head into the door. "Guess who's coming up?! Clark's back!"

And off she goes again!

Lois immediately wipes away whatever junk accumilated upon her face, then searches for a paper towel until.. *DING!* The elevator slides open and a quite possibly, freshly minted Clark bumbles on through. With both hands covered in mustard, Lois looks towards her palms and immediately brings them around to her backside, wiping them clean upon the fabric of her skirt. (She didn't like it anyways.)

"Hi Clark!" She calls out, hand waving.. and then she turns, her face scrunched with a little bit of a scoff. Not too long ago, she too was in the middle east. But -her- story fell under. Now? She was grasping at almost anything to get a hit.. But with an inhale, she bucks up the nerve to approach the door, hanging out of it but not leaving just yet. "So, how'd everything pan out over there?" It was her way of saying.. nyanya, I was there first!


Clark Kent looks immediately at Lois and he is just SMILING.

and also as red as a tomato.

"Hey!" he knows that look. He knows that look really well when she and Perry are having shouting matches with each other. With a grin on his face, he walks over to her, sipping on his coffee with a smile. "Everything worked great! Ended up having a conversation with Hassad Ben-Kahad. A 'terrorist' who's trying to recapture his hometown. Got reasoning, everything. Though I don't agree with him, it's a good story." he peeks on over at what she's doing. "So, what story are you working on? if anything?" he does catch Karen out of the corner of his eye and gives her a wave.

Then his attention is almost entirely on Lois.


If anyone was a good judge of character, especially if they could break through the hardened exterior that is Lois Lane's poker face, they could tell that she was internally crushed. Every word that seeped from Clark's lips made that jealous, green-eyed monster rear it's ugly head, but she did her best to put on a smile that wasn't all cheeks and jaws. Then again, he was possibly the only other friend she had in the world, so genuinely, she was happy for him.

"That's great to hear! I can't wait to see it in print!"

At least he wasn't covering kittens.

Her story? She has to take a look back at the whiteboard, her teeth nearly showing in an 'eek' expression before she turns to him with an exasperated smile. "Ahh.. working on something top secret. I'll let you know when all the dots connect." Yeah. Lois becoming a vigilante. That'll go over well with Clark.. But then again, he couldn't stop a grape in a fruit fight! So she can do what she wants! Sorta.

"Nevermind about that. How was the flight? Better yet, what were his reasonings? I mean, I'm not going to steal your story and all, but you have /got/ to give me all of the juicy details."

Lois Lane, Deflection Level - Master.


Lois's competition with Clark was always one-sided. Clark sometimes was playfully competitive, but never saw any real challenge existing between them. Lois was an incredible journalist and reporter. Clark thought himself mediocre, despite being a multi-pulitzer prize winning reporter. Much like Lois. Like honestly, he was the first person to crack open a bottle of celebratory wine whenever Lois won ANYTHING. HOWEVER!

He does lean over on her cubicle, humming a bit with a smile. "Well, he kept going on mainly about how he felt his town's leadership was corrept and doing things like helping out Isis and what have you, so his goal is primarily retaking his home to 'cleanse it'. As it stands, the US won't get involved since it's a foreign domestic problem." he shrugs. Then those blue eyes widen.

"Woah, top secret? I kinda want to see now." he laughs. "Don't worry, it's not like I'm robbing your story. But…you know, what's it about? just quick name." he winks at her. "The flight was honestly…" supersonic. "kinda rocky. I got sat between a nice old lady and a guy who looks like he runs chain gangs." he chuckles. "One was nice, the other was not."


"I don't know where I heard this saying.. probably from some tv show recently.. but it goes something like.. 'The only way war can work if both sides believe they're the good guys?'" Lois scrunches her face, then shrugs. "Though, current world leaders won't get involved because there's really no profit. So there's that." Lois leans back then, gauging Clark's reaction, then finally relents. She was truly excited about this. Really. In fact, she was hesitant to talk about it in fear of Superman actually hearing but she was -sure- he was busy saving the world..

"Okay. You have GOT to keep this to yourself."

And with that said, she was already rushing towards the conference room, the door busted open to take away from the fact that she's smeared mustard all over herself.

"Alright, close the door. This is going to be a doozy.."


Oh yeah. TOTALLY saving the world and not talking to the woman of his dreams. Yep. Solid. Golden.

"Scouts honor." Clark lifts three fingers and does a scouts salute, before he pulls up a chair and sits beside Lois, a smile still on his face. At the mention of closing the door, he stretches his foot over and swings the door shoot with a little kick. "I do love a good doozy."

Now CLARK was excited.

Lois had a talent for getting herself into trouble, sure, but he also knew that when she had a story? It was a good one.


"Good." Lois remained standing, her hand upon the back of the chair which soon spins him around towards the board she was working at. "So, remember when I took five years off of.. well, here to work on a huge story in Afghanistan?" Of course. She was -gone-. "Well, didn't pan out. Come to find out, good Ol' Dad shut the story and the entire operation down and had me pulled out. You would never guess who I got out with?"

She hardly ever does give Clark a chance to guess, because once she starts, she -starts-.

"Tommy frickin Monaghan. I mean, I don't know if you know him or not, but he's a hired hitman. The worry was, that General Lane thought that I was in danger and I had to be secretly smuggled out. Either way, long story short.. we had a talk of morality. Then Genosha happened and.. it all just got me to thinking."

She stalks towards the board now, arm crossed around her middle, other propping up her chin as she stares at the board. She was a walking clear case of PTSD crazy but this was going to be good. Because.. grab your popcorn…

"No one ever, ever writes from the eyes of a vigilante." She states. "Before Alexander.. I mean, Lex left, he gave me a considerable amount of cash to get started."

Strike one.

"At first he requested a proposal but, for some reason he had a change of heart. But he pointed out one thing. Superman can't be everywhere all at once. Maybe -I- could at least be the feet on the ground. And I already got started too."

Strike two.

"Cross fit!" She excitedly proclaims, turning the board around which shows her workout regimine. Every since her kidnapping by mutants she's been ramping up the fitness to an obsessive level. Her martial arts were already decent, but she's joined a gym for that too, which was planned out on the board on excruciating detail. Every inch of her routine was mapped, obsessively mapped, in fact she was starting to seem like a ball of crazy!

But there was a method to all this madness. From the cross fit, to the martial arts, to the running, to the boxing.. to the meal planning, to the protein shakes.. all points lead to the dark figure with question marks surrounding them at the end of the board.

"Sure, it sounds a bit nuts and a bit dangerous. But how else am I going to write this story if I don't put myself in the shoes of those who protect us who aren't in front of the cameras or needing that bit of fame or money?" Her heart was racing as she explains this, her foot reaching up to lightly tap a heel at the bottom of the board.

"This is me. I'm going to walk that path Clark. And I'm going to show the world that.. that.." She pauses, attempting to put her thoughts into words.. "..that the world just may need people like us.."


Strike three.


Clark just sits there, listening to every word that comes out of Lois's mouth. For a moment, it's pride in his friend for making a decision that will certainly prove to her physical betterment. But theeen she's dropping things like Lex gave her money to get a foot out the door AND she's thinking about being a vigilante?!

"Lois…I-" he takes a moment to pause, a look of both pride and genuine concern and fear for the safety of his best friend…the lady who-

Eventually, he stands up, moving over to Lois, putting his hands briefly on her shoulders. "Lois, vigilantism is serious. You could get really hurt. It's one thing to be apart or in the way of collateral damage, but you'd be throwing yourself headfirst into whatever dangers await the night or the day for that matter." He takes a breath. "Look, I won't stop you, because you're a strong and independant woman but.." maybeh is hands even find hers!

"Stay safe and don't do anything stupid while you're out there." SUPPORT!

wait, us?


It was always like this. Lois gets a story in her head and usually the first person she'd run to is Clark. She'd be on the verge of an excitement attack; quite possibly the opposite of anxiety attack, but this looks like a bit of both. "It's going to be great.." Lois starts off, preparing to launch herself into another diatribe until his hands find her shoulders.

And just like that?

She's calm again. Instant rationality in the face of going off the deep end and doing something completely stupid.

"Listen Clark." She says finally, the excitement gone, just sheer determination. It was clear. She holds onto his hands tightly and gives them a thankful shake, "Trust me on this. I know what I'm doing and I'll be safe. I.. know this doesn't sound like a good idea, but if I ever, ever get into serious trouble, I know Superman will find me and save me. And if not?" She shrugs her shoulders. "I'll find my own way out or either it just wasn't meant to be for me." She drops her hands, frowning at her fatalistic remark.

"I.. didn't mean.."


"OH.. I'm late for class! Uh… clean this up and put it away would you? I hid the key to my file cabinent in the lining of your desk chair!" And with that, Lois darts out of the conference room, snatching up her purse on the way out.

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