What's In A Consulate

October 29, 2018:

Diana and Caitlin arrive at the newly restored Themysciran Consulate in Metropolis to survey the work done. Maxima arrives to assist and meet up before heading back to New York.


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It's a luxury of the moment being able to leave New York. Even if for a short while. Ahead of widespread evacuations and the necessity of managing ongoing refugee rescue operations, it's been a grueling few weeks for the Justice League and their allies.

Sitting at the plane's controls, Caitlin banks a little on approach through Metropolis' airspace, shaking her head at the tableau below. "I can't get over the difference. New York, all red and rusty with blood and fire. Smoke everywhere. I'll have sulfur in my hair for weeks. And Metropolis is…" she shrugs, a little numbly, at the shining City of Tomorrow. "It's like stepping into another world."

She shakes her head and starts bringing the vehicle around to the Consulate's landing point. Technically she's still operating under her pre-solo flight permit, but with manpower long stretched past the breaking point, anyone who can manage not to crash is pulling duty if necessary.

Diana is in the center of the invisible jet's passenger area, the plane powered by alien technology that can take on the shape of almost anything she wanted it too so long as the mass overall was essentially the same. Caitlin, as so many tend to be, was desperate to get to fly it and she'd find out that it flies like no other earth-created airplane, it literally glides through the air in a fashion that makes it almost too easy to operate. Hal Jordan considers it 'God Mode' flying, compared to what he is used to doing in his career.

"Set us down in the front lawn." Diana tells Caitlin softly, she eyes the area outside as well. "The Juggernaut did a number on this place, but thankfully much of the items stored inside avoided his rage…" She mutters softly there-after and then turns to walk toward the aft of the plane as it prepares its arrival.

"Yes ma'am, front lawn," Caitlin says, acknowledging Diana's orders with an absent tone. It's really, really hard /not/ to showboat in the Invisible Jet. Wanna do aerial acrobatics with the agility of a housefly? Easy. That might be the source of Caitlin's nerves more than anything. Also, don't crash the jet. Also— don't nerd out over it.

She she slips the restraints and grabs her well-worn little black slingpack, tossing it over one shoulder while catching up to Diana. She pauses only to check the crate in the aft section which holds more substantial armaments if needed. She is armored up, though, in the bodysuit with the mismatched Asgardian surplus gear tacked onto it.

"Hey, looks like you're making good progress," Caitlin says, squinting up at the ediface. "I mean it doesn't look near as bad as it did," she amends, a second later. She scowls. "Still can't believe I wasn't here for that fight," she mutters, angrily. "Guy needed a full body figure four choke."

Caitlin's been a bit edgy the last few days, and with reports of severe injuries among several Titans in a recent fight, the stress has clearly gotten under her skin.

Landing with a soft touch nearly impossible to hear, Maxima looks at the pair exiting the invisible craft. She starts toward them and raises a hand in greeting, "Diana, Caitlin." She nods to each, "I see you have arrived. I am glad to see you both." She nods and gives a smile.

The Consulate in Metropolis has existed longer than the Embassy in Manhattan, its much larger too and is far more of a 'mansion' in design and Greek in decor. Diana stores a lot more personal possessions at this location as well, including the only picture she has with the man she loved so very many years ago. That little gem is safely stored inside her room on the upper at the back of the building and it went untouched. The majority of the items in the Consulate are museum-level-artifacts that Diana had recovered in her 100 years of being away from Themyscira, mostly Greek in origin though there are plenty of rare items she's proud to have on display here.

As she disembarsk the jet's rear rampway, she steps out of the smokey-hued partially-see-thru craft and down onto the lawn, she's in her own Eagle Armor but she has a deep blue robe over her shoulders concealing most of it and her beneath it.

Diana looks back to Cait firstly. "As soon as this place is fully functional again, I hope to spend more time here in the coming days." Maxima is soon to land then and Diana shifts her stare over to her and she nods once to her. "It is good to see you." She tells the redhead. fairing well, I hope?"

"Yeah, I'm kinda planning something similar," Caitlin says, craning her neck back to look at the intricate scrollwork and art at the top of the building. She's shading her eyes and stands slightly on tiptoe as if trying to get closer. "Y'know, find somewhere sunny and private. Pack out a generator and my mobile fab-lab. Sit around and design stuff and drink coconut water and curl—"

Whatever she's about to say is aborted by the sound of Maxima's voice, and unexpected as it is Caitlin starts a little and rocks back on her bootheels. She relaxes when she recognizes Maxima and dips her head a little in a gesture that is politely deferential to the Queen. "Queen Maxima," Caitlin says, greeting that notable. "I'm… on my feet," she says, with a gamin sort of humor. "Been a long string of kinda sucky days in a row, but…" she swings a fist in a short arc of very tepid enthusiasm. "Gonna keep on going as long as I can."
"That is the spirit, still much to do!" Maxima nods her head, "One must keep going for a true hero keeps smiling." She nods her head and looks to Diana, "I have cleared many portions of your New York but I believe we need to start not just clearing but taking ground." She nods and looks the to Cait, "These demons are oike cockroaches. Very quick to come out and take any area you clear." She rubs her chin, "And I am not entirely certain they stay defeated."

Diana starts to walk twoard the front of the drive that curves around toward the front entrance of the Consulate. "We won't linger here for long." She tells both of the other women really. "New York is still in peril. I just, was told that work here was nearing completion and I needed to take a moment to clear my thoughts of Manhattan before we return to do as you both have said." She glances to the Queen then and smiles faintly at her. "We will end the Demon threat soon enough, I am confident in that."

The Princess of Themyscira starts up the steps to the large building and she tries the doors. They open for her and spread apart into the newly rebuilt and refurbished interior, it has that new construction smell! Diana draws in a breath of it and she releases it sharply. "I have never quite felt as though I have had a home in this world, away from that of Themyscira. This building holds a lot that makes me feel somewhat closer to that." She glances back to them both. "I would like it to feel the same to those of you who wish to stay close and help fight for peace in this, ever troubled world…" She shows a faint frown then, but its gone fairly quickly.

Caitlin falls into echelon behind Diana without thought, letting the stately Amazon guide the way into the Consulate. She whistles low as the doors swing shut behind them, rubbernecking like a tourist. "Golly, this place is pretty. It reminds me so much of the Palace," she says, agreeing with Diana.

"Oh rats!" Her hand slaps over her left eye. "Is all this stuff secret? I can set the video camera to classify it, only I'll see it, but—" she waves a hand around. "I don't wanna compromise any, uh, state secrets or something."

"If you even have any in here."

A blink as she watches Cait's hand go over her eye, Maxima is less awestruck though she is a Queen. She tilts her head, "Does…your eye record things?" She asks and then looks over at Diana before saying, "As I have been told, sleep is important. I do not need to do it as often as others but I am trying to take breaks a slight bit more often. It is hard, however, when battle is happening and people are in danger." She looks toward Cait again and considers, "Why would there be state secrets within the entrance of such a place? Would that not be unwise?"
The building itself may be freshly reconstructed but it remains yet empty of anything. The front lobby is large and spacious, but its also completely empty of any furniture even right now. As such, Diana's right hand goes to lay down onto Caitlin's shoulder. "It is fine." She says in an amused tone of her voice. "Record what you wish. There are no secrets within this building." That may be true, but there are likely items in storage in the basement of such value that Diana wouldn't want to broadcast them to opportunistic thieves looking to make money… but this is a terrible place to try to break into.

The Princess starts to wander the room to look over the work. "This construction project was done by a civilian company, no less. If we are to pay to have things fixed, we may as well put our money into the local economy." She passes by Maxima and smiles to the Queen. "You do not have to sleep in a house for it to be a home." She tells her. "You are welcome here too, as I know you likely need a safe haven to return too when you are looking for such a quiet place. We all need one of those after all." She says as she stops in front of the staircase leading up to the second level. "A quiet place to gather our wits, from time to time."

"Contact lens in my eye," Caitlin explains to Maxima. She drops her hand and flicks an index finger at her left eye, which indeed does have some subtle microcircuitry that blends in very well with her deeply verdant iris. "Came up with the idea after— Di, you remember?" she says, tapping Diana's arm forgetfully. "It was after the big demon bears, but before we landed on that planet in the Xandar sector."

She wrinkles her nose in thought. "Oh, uh, anyway— I miniaturized the whole thing and offloaded the data asset management to SIRIN," she says, tapping a smooth, featureless rectangle the size of a classic GameBoy on her belt. "It's not as good as the stuff in the Iron Man HUD, it's got limitations. But, I don't have to wear glasses, either. I hate having stuff on my face. Or my head. Hats, helmets, sunglasses," she explains, waving a palm vaguely near her Irish complexion.

"So… what, Diana, this is gonna be a … social club, and not just an auxiliary for the Embassy?" she inquires. "I always thought this was just Embassy storage and overflow. I figured you did…" she trails off. "Huh, I guess I never really thought about what you'd -do- here," she concedes, thoughtfully.
A look to Diana and she nods her head, "I am glad to be welcome here." SHe then looks to Cait and hmms, "An impressive feat of technology." She nods her head, "You have done some impressive things." She smiles and then looks around again before saying, "I do approve of a social club, however." She nods her head, "I would like to meet other Amazons here as well. Learn more of your culture and people. They seem to be near to the level of Almeraceans in capability."

Diana's right hand is placed on the banister leading up the grand staircase and she turns to smile at Caitlin. "I do remember that." She tells her softly. "And it is a very impressive bit of technology, but one you are likely going to forget you have on, at a very inopportune moment." Thats a fair warning, after all the young Caitlin almost already did just that moments ago.

With a light exhale, Diana steps away from the staircase and she lets her eyes roam the room while she listens to Maxima then. To both of them she tries to explain, her smokey voice is calm and serene for the first time in many days since the demonic activities in Manhattan started. "When I first… presented myself, to the world, I acquired this land to have this building erected upon it to prepare for what I assumed would be many super powered people coming to join us in our fight to protect our world." She walks slowly as she talks and is just looking over the work done.

"What I had not anticipated was having to make my official life as an Ambassador to Themyscira be centrally located within Manhattan, and not here in Metropolis. So this building 'has' become a bit of an overflow for that. However…" She turns and looks to both of the others. "This place is much larger, it has far more occupancy capacity than the smaller home that is the New York site. There are… much greater options here, if we were to take on more residents."

Diana smiles softly to Maxima then. "Rarely are there ever more than four to six other Amazons off of the island, but I hope to change that in the years to come. My mother is… easing up on that, somewhat…"

"The Amazons are kind of awesome," Caitlin tells Maxima, nodding enthusiastic agreement. "They're— Pol explained it to me." She frowns, trying to pull the memory out. "I'm gonna screw this up, but a big part of their role is being examples for humanity. Showing us that there's a light at the end of the tunnel as long as we're brave and keep the faith. Er, so to speak," she says, eyes flickering skyward with a very Catholic guilt.

Caitlin pauses mid-step, then continues up the stairs with her careful, plodding step that seems always afraid of breaking something under her heel. "Diana, you're thinking of inviting /more/ Amazons? I thought that Queen Hippolyta's ruling was a … demigod-mandated limit, or something. I've only ever seen a handful off the island, barring like crazy emergencies."

She frets her lower lip, thinking. "That would really change some of the dynamics in the world. Not in a bad way, mind, just… change. More change."
A nod to Diana and she consideres, "I should like to meet your mother at some point. I only have ever been within range of your island home to defend it." She then looks over at the area around, "I think a mroe formal meeting would be appropriate." She nods her head and then looks back at Diana, "If she raised such a fine daughter than she must be an impressive woman."

Maxima's attention turns to Caitalin and then she hmms, "It would be wise then for there to be more Amazons about. Humanity could use more examples." She nods her head, "I am beginning to appreciate their potential but they are missing out on a great deal of that potential on a daily basis."
Diana visibly draws in a breath and her hands are placed upon her hips beneath her dark blue robe causing it to flare out a bit on either sides of her where her elbows point outward. "It is not a divine limitation." She says then softly to Caitlin. "It is merely a comfort issue with my mother and the fact she can barely stand the thought of more of her people not being, solely, on Themyscira." She explains as she turns back to the both of them and shows a faint smile. "We are working to ease her into the idea. And the best argument for itso I have experiencedis to point out that the knowledge our sisters gain by being immersed in the rest of the world, is of paramount importance to a better defended and secured island."

A slow and long nod is given then to both of them. "She has a hard time arguing against that angle." Diana's grin becomes more visible then.

To Maxima, she looks then. "You could have met her then, I am sorry we did not make that happen. It was… chaotic and unfortunate that it did not. But, in the coming days we can likely have another opportunity." She grins to Caitlin then. "I believe this one has requested more beach time back home."

Caitlin laughs nervously at Diana's observation, tugging her ponytail through both hands and finding Something Intersting to observe on the other side of the room. "Haha, I mean, I just— y'know, figured a vacation," she mumbles. "Kinda get away from New York for a bit. Spend some time just … not dealing with demons nonstop for six weeks. Eight weeks?" Caitlin's nose wrinkles.

"Like I said, just sun and sand and my fab lab," she says, bumping a boot toe against a flawless stairstep, looking for a burr that doesn't exist. She looks up, back and forth between both women. "I mean, c'mon, I /just/ got a new job, then the Bilskirnir showed up," she says, counting emphatically on her fingers. "Then we sailed across the universe, killed a demigod, then we got … slingshotted through a time loop to get home just in time to run into an invasion of demons!" she exclaims. "I'm just glad I didn't finish the move to New York. My place in Metropolis is intact, last time I checked," she huffs. Caitlin folds her arms across her stomach, and as if realizing she's not selling her position too well, faces away from the other women to look at the total lack of artwork on the opposite wall.

A nod to Diana and she states, "It will need to be recitified at some point." She then looks to Caitlin and then to Diana, "Ah, the beaches are something of a thing to see then?" She nods her head and then looks over at Caitlin and grins at her, "Sounds exciting and a lot of fun. Should have gotten the juices going." She then looks to teh side, "Only regret I missed a portion of that but demons, none the less, have ketp things quite exciting!"

"It is a very fabulous lab." Its possible that Diana doesn't know what fab means when Caitlin refers to her lab like that, but she's taken it in her own direction, clearly. The Princess walks once more toward the staircase where she can see some information left on a clipboard by the people who did the work in here and she lifts a hand up from within her robe to take hold of it and tilt it back so she can read it for a moment, but then she sets it back down onto the banister's end and she looks back to them both.

"Sadly, we should prepare for our trip back to New York. For… those very Demons are yet waiting to be finally… stopped." She draws in a breath between her red hued lips and she starts forward once more toward the doorway. "They have done well here, I am pleased. I look forward to furnishing once more and perhaps bring a little more warmth, life and love into this home."

As she steps back to the doors and opens them once more she looks back to them both. "You are flying the rest of the way, Caitlin." She tells the young one, and then to Maxima. "And you are welcome to join us aboard the plane." She shows the Queen from another world a sincere smile.

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