Crowd Control

October 25, 2018:

Black Widow and Spider-Man 2049 work together to clean up the mean streets.

New York City

Its a street in New York that is being ravaged with looters and people looking to profit off of the chaos of the demonic outbreaks across the city.


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New York is home to some of the most stubborn people in the world. SHIELD, DEO, costumes, the military and all manner of do-gooders have sectioned off and fortified things on a 'safe level' for some of life to return. Outside of the immediate hotzone quarantine locations have tightened up and pushed in. Timing is crucial because if this 'planemeld' issue is not fixed soon drastic action will be taken in regards to the Big Apple.

Spider-Man as he is, is perched atop a building, a ledged outcropping with an angel on it that has been defaced. Below him on the streets he watches a mob of looters tearing through several convenience stoes, this close to the arena it is mostly resteraunts, bars and sports stores being sacked. A shameful display.

"Shock." The masked hero curses under his breath and stretches out his limbs, not quite the usual Spider he actually has time enough to debate with his conscience vs how lazy he feels. SHIELD has a small presence here, tail end of a clean up crew while they push steadily inward. Its not just the demons that have this all odd and off, its the fallout around it. People get nuts when things go… nuts. The sleek black and red form fitted armor on Miguel changes shades, colors going from black and red to blue and red. The more familiar with the times. Though he is by no means Peter Parker, he knows he has to keep the legacy alive.

Best to put a scarein on these people so that things don' tget worse as the sun goes down.

Natasha job wasn't really to worry about the demons so much, there were a lot of people on that. Natasha's self-assigned job was to protect the citizens and worry about looters and thieves, people that were well within her 'power leve' of preventing absurd criminal activities from going unchecked in this high tension time.

As such, there's a motorcycle zipping down the street and steering its way between vehicles… rushing through rows of them and the rider mounted atop it is dressed in form fit black attire. Her mask is feeding her information from law enforcement and the various hero teams that are working with them. She's being given the latest intel on hotspots of moronic criminals doing what they do.

And a loud THUD emits from where Natasha races along beside one of the stores, while she does what she does… in this case? Thats launch a gas grenade into the store window that the looters have smashed through. The cannister rockets its way inside and explodes with an all-consuming-mist of such repugnant smell and cough-inducing-eye/nose-watering disgustingness that whomever it hits will be forced to rush out of the store… and likely be bed ridden for days.

This of course, is followed by a succession of more such THUDS as the mounted rider is launching more of these gas cannisters at all the civilians that have turned 'opportunistic thieves' in this chaos.

The shouts and cries of alarm from the gathering of rabid citizens sound out once they realize what those cannisters are. The recognition of where they're coming from has a brick and a makeshift molotov cocktail launched her way.

Most of these looters appear to be quick to scatter, running and gagging. A handful have drawn back, one getting ready to pick up another brick while a companion next to him with a hankerchief styled wth skulls and roses takes aim with a sidearm at the Widow. Bike or not he is going to pop off a few shots.

Spider-Man (alternate) lands in on of the less fog banked sections tossing a few kicks and quips out, his inentional nasal to his voice meant to sound more like Peter Spidey than himself, perhaps rudely but hes much older. A flip forth a kick and he launches a heavy set man only to stagger forward, coughing himself as he swats away smoke thats been spit out by Natasha's cannisters. His hand waving before his face while he gags.

"Mask filteration system why is it not functioning, Lyla?" This said out loud but to no one in particular. A small holographic woman appears nearby him, a simple image she stands no larger than Tinker Bell and glows (no wings though!) "I forgot?" She taunts. "I also did not mention I sense another temporal anomaly near by."

The motorcycle mounted woman in black ducks beneath the whirling molotov cocktail, its firey tail chewing on the wind as it tumbles over the woman's head and shoulders. As she passes by the man who threw it at her she raises her cannister launcher and squeezes the trigger, launching on eof the gas containers right into the man's chest! As she zips by him it explodes in a thick cloud of white nauseating clouds behind her bike.

The man who draws an actual firearm though gets the motorcycled Widow to veer off of the street and up onto a sidewalk where her bike disappears behind a service truck parked along the street's gutter… it doesn't emerge from the other side and the engine is killed.

Black Widow, however, does appear atop the truck itself and with it she has a gun in one hand and the other is launching a set of her electrically charged 'Widow Bites' toward the man brazen enough to attempt to shoot upon her.

~Spider-man is on the scene.~ A voice says over Natasha's helmet comm, but she's too busy to look just yet.

"It's Spider-Man!" Someone yells. Even with the loudness surrounding Natasha who is displaying a lot more effective action in untangling this mob.

"What is in that?" Spider-Man retches as his palm slides up to his face, covering it and he begins to breath through an activated filter. Gasping loudly.

The man who had fired at Black Widow drops to his knees letting out a whine of pain and protest as electricty courses through him, like many who suffer that bite he probably also wet himself.

"RUN!" A shriek. People clutching bags of stolen alcohol, a torn up cash register, helmets, jerseys, trading cards an anything else they can carry begin to scatter, most running many crawling or stumbling from the gas.

A final noise from the costumed 'Spidey' and he full body trembles, wavering in a walk the Widow's direction in stance atop that truck. Super senses made for an initial hyper dose, fortunately he has an insane metabolism.


Natasha drops off of the truck before Spider-man can even reach them. She knows full well that this guy isn't Spider-man, not the one more commonly seen. SHE has seen this Spider-man before though. "You appear at the oddest times." The redhead super spy says to the man in the costume as she walks past him and moves toward the one who'd fired upon her.

The SHIELD Agent approaches the man and she approaches to pick up the weapon he'd used to fire at her. She takes just a second to dismantle it with an expertise rarely seen in guns and how they all snap together. The unimportant pieces are left to drop to the ground while Natasha turns and slides the more important parts of the gun into a pouch on the back of her utility belt… she leaves the electrified thug where he is o nthe ground to enjoy having his teeth fillings sizzle inside his mouth.

Natasha's eyes sweep the street then as she walks for her motorcycle and then looks to Spider-man. "We need to work together to get these people under control. My toys will only accomplish so much."

She then hikes a leg over her motorcycle and reaches a hand up to reactivate her helmet mask, and it folds itself quickly over her face, concealing her identity as she leans over her motorcycle. "Hop on." She says through a a helmet-comm. "Use your webs to snare the trouble makers while I take us on a tour of this Hell hole."

Her bike is activated a moment later with a rumbling vibration that bounces off of the walls near to where she'd parked!

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