Professional Sneaks

October 27, 2018:

Nothing says 'sneaky' like fifty suits of Stark-made armor tromping through Hell's Kitchen heading toward Mutant Town. (GM by Iron Man)

Hell's Kitchen


NPCs: demons, Kal'grog, Kul'krag, gremlins, Fritz, SHIELD agents, FRIDAY spoofed by Pepper Potts

Mentions: Tony Stark, Kamala, Rachel Summers, Hisako


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Fade In…

Two brothers. Demon brothers to be exact. Brothers are not always the best of partners in anything, demon brothers especially. However necessity and all that make strange partners. After the last debacle of a gambit by the pair of them, when Kul'krag spent only thirty souls on a large but ultimately fruitless army, it is Kal'grog's turn to try his hand at gathering the blood and bodies they need to continue their research.


So Kal had looked around. He had interviewed. He had does research. All the while the brothers stock of enhanced blood dwindled steadily away. Now though he was ready. He was ready to give it a second try. To use his chosen minions in a new gambit to gather mutants and any other enhanced they can lay their hands on.

He had acquired the most subtle. The most cunning. The demons with the greatest stealth and subterfuge he could pull together. They assured him they were worth every soul he paid. They even assured him they had disguises to sneak right in though the defenses of Mutant Town.

They were ready to do this…


Down the Streets of New York, tromping though Hell's Kitchen in one coordinated unit nearly fifty strong is…a force of the Steel Legion.

The proud mark of Stark emblazoned on their chest. Demons flee before the force. Dozens of gleaming robots. Of course many of them look like they have seen better days. They have scratch marks. They have bite marks. They have fought and the battle damage is obvious.

…really obvious.

…are some of them held together with…rope?

Yes. They are.

And multiple ones don't have the gleaming white-lite eyes of the models. Most of them are bigger than normal. Heavier armor and more full humanoid looking.

…it's fine? Yes. Sure it's fine.

At their head marches Tony Stark himself!! Wait wasn't he asleep? No it's fine. I mean the Iron Man suit isn't really flying. It's walking. And it seems a bit disjointed. Something wrong with the controls no doubt. And the ARC reactor doesn't seem to be glowing as much…

Battle damage, right?!

On a rooftop near this obvious mark, Kul glowers at Kal. The pair of handsome demon-princes watch their minions move.

"…you spent half our saved up souls on THIS?!" Kul grumbles.

"Shut it! They assured me they were professionals!" Kal shoots back.

The streets of Hell's Kitchen are littered with garbage and debris … not from demon's attacking, it's literally just like this most of the time. The neighborhood has actually managed to do just fine in the wake of the demons, at least by New York standards. However in an alley of 53rd street a pile of garbage bags shakes ominously in the dark. Strange and fearsome noises emit from the depths of the refuse. What horror lies buried in this garbage waiting to burst forth on to the streets of Hell's Kitchen?

A hand strewn in strange bits of unidentified trash reaches out. Like a horror movie come to life a being slowly emerges from the trash. But what is this strange foul smelling creature?

Owen Mercer, dressed only in a dark blue speedo and a scarf manages to stumble out of the alley. A speedo and a scarf are not much protection from the chill of a New York autumn but not to worry he also has boomerangs to keep him warm. Boomerangs taped to his forehead, chest, arms and feet that kind of make his sandals look like winged sandals. The outfit has the added bonus of highlighting the tramp stamp on his lower back: BOOMERANG in three inch high gothic font scripted in an arch from cheek to cheek.

"Wha..? Didn't we just have evil Tony suits? … I mean demon infested Stark mans?"

Stumbling forward towards the approaching phalanx of the fallen, Owen burps loudly apparently surprising himself before calling out, "Where didja get the fancy suits? HAMMER having a knock off sale?"

As Owen 'plans' go, this may actually top his last plan of infiltrating the demon army marching for Mutant Town. He is constantly out-doing himself.


From afar, RAVEN certainly hopes she's just seeing things - maybe like belated hallucinations from endless hours put into demon-watching and making sure a small percentage of the New Yorkers have not been dined upon. She silently glides overhead, passing a few buildings until she touches down on another rooftop, her cloak falling around her like a large shadow as she crouches near the edge.

Again, her eyes narrow under her peaked hood, scrutinizing the scene a while longer. "Tell me you're seeing this, Impulse," she says quietly. Although she looks like she's talking to herself, she speaks through the comlink to her fellow Titan who is…somewhere around the area. She sort of lost track of where he went, but she knows he should be close.

A few hours ago Nate managed to (slowly) fly back to Mutant Town. Nothing like sleeping 30 hours to recover from power burnout. Or at least start recovering. His telekinesis is still at less than a tenth of normal, but that is enough to be useful. It was pennies and dimes a week ago.

As soon as he was back to the M-Town he stumbled on Sage, and they have been comparing notes and chatting. His original idea was to find Lorna right away, but there was some useful information to be exchanged, and a brief foray to Hell's Kitchen was deemed necessary, he was going back to M-Town when the Iron Men army shows up.

Which is not suspicious at all, of course not. After all there has been a giant dragon sitting on Stark's Tower for a while. "On the other hand not even demons would be dumb enough to wear those suits when Polaris is around, right?" Rhetorical question for Sage.

"Uhhh, the cobbled together Stark armored army or the guy that looks like my brother that I'm hoping isn't my brother but I'm pretty sure is my brother?" Impulse asks over their comlink, eyes squinting behind his yellow goggles as he rounds a block and comes back just to be doubly sure. He knows he probably doesn't have to. It's probably Owen. It's all the boomerangs.

"Well, at least the armor's not powered on? I think? I mean…I saw rope. Maybe duct tape? How bad can it be?"

As he continues to converse with Raven the speedster's already zipping in a direct path for the armored demon horde. What? This is the quickest way to figure out just how well-armed these guys are!

"Hey Iron Man! You're looking pretty beat. I think you got your directions backwards, Mordor's back that way," he greets, seeming to appear right in front of them with a wave and a grin.

The woman was doing what she normally does in the demon infested city. Go about her business. Honestly, when you are tied to an artifact of immense and terrifying power, you really don't mind a demon army. Sure, most of the college is evacuated and many of her professors/colleagues have suggested she flee as well, but you can't just leave an experiment on its own! You don't! It'd die and she'd have to start all over. So, here she is, walking the streets from the school again.

Of course, Adara can't really prepare herself for what she sees next. Owen's nearly bare backside. She twitches as she stops and stares for a moment, looking from left and right before looking then at the people in the armor. Yes, she didn't notice the armored demon things with Stark on the front. The tablet in her hands held much of her interest, ya know, until Owen butt. Then she noticed. With that thought, she blushes, turns to look at one of the suits, turns to look back at Owen. Turns to look away. Realizes she should be looking at the demons where Owen is and blushes brighter.

"Uh, excuse me!" Adara calls out, sideways toward Owen, "Shouldn't…you have pants?" She idly adjusts the jacket she had on over her red shirt and jeans. The lab coat hiding away much of her form, "And…ya know, not be out in demon land." She looks toward the demon robots and then up and then around, "Oh this is not my night."

One Lorna Dane, Polaris, had spent the past few days recuperating in Genosha, with her family. Battles had been fought and continued to rage in Mutant Town, but she had built herself a fortress in the past few weeks. What had once been just another run down building, a hide away for the Brotherhood, had become a steel bunker under her hand. In the past few weeks, Lorna had become the symbolic leader of the Brotherhood when her siblings had gone away. Which meant she'd been responsible, in some measure, for the people that remained. Her strength was in steel and in iron. Much as it was for her father.

The bunker had remained in intact while she'd been in Genosha, and life continued on in the dim twilight of Limbo bound Mutant Town.

The green haired woman had returned from that sun drenched island in a flash of light to more than a few worrying reports. Tales of demons attacking in higher frequency, of kidnappings and missing mutants. It made her gut clench, and guilt slam heavily into her. While she'd tried to recover, both mentally and physically, people had continued to suffer here in Mutant Town. So, without having a chance to write a report to the X-men as of yet, (Really she needed to do that ASAP) Polaris was flying out of the steel plated compound into the air in search of whatever had made the scouts on patrol return white faced and worried. She didn't have to wait all that long to find and sense what was wrong. An oddity in her electromagnetic senses that simply shouldn't.. couldn't be, in the direction of Hell's Kitchen.

Polaris quickly spotted Nate on the ground, and veered toward him, landing with a light snap of her leather coat and click of steel. "I just heard from the scouts that shits going down?"

Unfortunately, SHIELD can't be everywhere — establishing blockades, guarding the caravans of people that want to evacuate, and now a few members are run a bit ragged making sure the Triskelion's halls are closed and secured after the demonic invasion managed to break through their front door; investigations are underway but things get spread a little thin.

It also means that one of their meta-assets is out there on the regular: She was there to help out in Mutant Town more than a few times, spotted at Stark Tower at least once, and spending more time on the streets than she probably should. Sloane Albright— Agent Merrow — looks fairly rough on the edges, having put another jacket and tactical wetsuit through the wringer.

Sitting shotgun in an armored SHIELD SUV, her hand — wrapped in dirty gauze— acts as the prop to keep her head up, elbow against the window. In her other hand, her phone, thumbing through texts — old ones from Rachel, Kamala, Hisako, more than a few work ones.

Fiery orange eyes lift, looking out the window. Demons. A shitload of demons. Wearing Tony Stark's armor. Badly.

And the Boomerspeedo. Wait, what?

"Stop the car!" she calls, sitting upright.

Practically leaping out of the vehicle, Sloane hurries back around the corner and into the street with the Metal Demon Army, firing a look back to her compatriots. "Call it in — Set up a blockade! Don't let them past this point!"

Twisting a cap off a bottle of Gatorade, Sloane starts chugging while Impulse speeds by with a familiar blast of air throwing her ponytail in the air. She looks a little put off, from the scrunch of her brows and the size of her frown.

"… What I wouldn't give for a goat right now," Sloane will never, ever say again.

"Is she around?" Sage's question was offered as an aside, as she stood not far from Grey, her eyes flickering behind her sunglasses as though she were looking at some internal display that was not evident to anyone but her. "The last time I checked in with her," which was admittedly, quite a few weeks ago, "She was working in Mutant Town." She paused, before she spoke again, "Those suits are not being powered by any system I can access. I'm not reading the sort of power levels they would most likely need if they were being remotely operated. I'm still analyzing the Stark suit, but the rest appear to be automatons of some sort. Marionettes with internal controllers." And then the question she only semi-asked is answered, as the woman herself touched down by Nate's side, "We might have a bit of a problem here, Polaris." She has either not seen, or not acknowledged the aspiring Playgirl model digging himself out of a dumpster.

There's a very faint click on the Titans' comlinks and a female voice with a slightly Irish lilt to it breaks in.

"If I may, Mr. Allen, you might wish to know that a large amount of Stark equipment was registered as leaving the building. The building sensors are damaged so I was not able to get an accurate assessment of which pieces were removed."

"Hey Lorna," greets Nate. The past weeks the green-haired mutant has earned many points in Nate's mutant-meter by staying in Mutant Town despite all the hell going on. Many X-Men come and go, but few have been in Manhattan 24/7.

"Shit or thrash, I am not sure. Either Stark has activated some robots or someone has borrowed armor pieces from the Avengers' dumpster."

Okay, so mindscanning, so supplement Sage's statements. "Yeah, it is the second," he sighs. "Just how much real iron does Stark put in his armors?" He adds, grinning to the magnetokineticist. "Let's… talk with them, hmm?" There is something odd about the armored junk division, even for demon standards.

Raven pauses. And makes a mistake looking in the direction of where Owen appears.

There's hesitation in her voice as Bart continues moving. "…I was more for the cobbled-together armor, but." But. Butt?

Ugh. Distractions.

Shaking her head, she steps off the edge, flying to catch up with the speedster. A glance is given Sloane's way as she starts setting up a perimeter, secretly relieved that that part's being taken care of. She can at least close off the other end of the street where the rows of armor came from as she goes, summoning the darkness to do the trick.

'Iron Man' stops at the sudden appearance of well…Impulse. It is a sort of juttering, stuttering stop. It isn't one of the newer suits now that Impulse and Owen can get a good look at it. In fact its one of the older models. The red and gold paint having seen better days.

When it stops the left leg seems to be an inch or two left of center for what would be you know. Someone with legs. Very subtly Owen and Bart can see a small green skinned and clawed hand come out of the torso and grab the top of the errant leg to drag it back into place.

Nothing to see here. Move along.


…and up close as Bart is? That 'ARC reactor' is defiantly some duct tape and LED lights.

As Owen stumbles forwards two of the Steel Legion turn to look at him and raise their arms in combat posture. Except one of the arms falls off. Then sort of skitters back to the robot and tries to reattach itself. There seems to be some kind of argument going on inside that suit too.

…it's fine.


…and then 'Iron Man' sees Sloane there and gives her the double finger guns. "HEEEEEEY FEMALE HUMAN FISH PERSON."

…yup. This is going well.

From that far away rooftop there is the echo of a palm being smacked into a face, and mocking laughter as the brothers watch. Kal muttering something about 'good thing he didn't pay the full amount up front'.

A huff of a breath escaped Lorna as she frowned at the Iron Man like army that had spooked some of the patrols from Mutant Town so badly. A glance flickered down the road, her senses spreading wide with a gleam of green flickering around her finger tips as she grunted. "Yeah, there's no one inside them that I can sense. No nervous systems or brain functions. There is enough iron and steel-alloys that this really.." Isn't that big an issue. Why were the scouts so worried?

"I can handle this. But Nate, we need to get a team together ASAP. My siblings are going to be coming up behind me.. And Pietro really wants to kill Illyana. So, time crunch here. We need to figure out a plan to intercept them or save Illyana." She arched a brow toward Sage, "We should be happy Tony didn't make them completely iron free..?"

The sheer unadulterated drunken joy with which Owen manages to infuse the single word of "IMPULSE!" is the thing of bro legend. Frat boys will sing songs of Owen's ability to actually startle a demon army with his glad greetings… or something.

Any follow up on the call out to the young hero is arrested … not by a SHIELD agent but by someone asking him about his lack of pants. "Pants? Why would I need pants? .. I have boomerangs. Which are way better. Have you ever tried to kill demons with pants? You can like choke them or soak them in gas and burn them or … I'm getting off topic. Boomerangs!" Owen finishes his diatribe drunkenly, and triumphantly before he gets a strange look on his face and then narrows his eyes and accuses, "And where are your pants!?" Again with a note of triumph, before he looks down and sees her perfectly reasonable jeans.

"Oh. Well… good."

And with that Owen turns heel and returns focus to the demons. He eyes the 'lead' as NoTony talks about drinking booze. Hmm.. that does kind of sound like Tony. Owen's brow furrows in thought as his brain slowly catches up that no, it does not in anyway actually sound like Tony he just wants to keep drinking. That's not Tony … they must have killed Tony and are wearing his armor like a prize.

"You bastard!!"

Owen tears a boomerang from his chest, with some of his chest hair still attached to the tape and flings it at the Faux Iron Man lead. It's accurate enough, but not particularly forceful and just a plain weighted boomerang.

"Hang on I got another voice in my head- oh right!" Impulse says, holding up a hand as he cups the other to his ear. He'd forgotten that FRIDAY was patched in. "Uh-huh. Huuuuh. Well that's… Yeah. I think I found your missing equipment. Old stuff. Haha! One of them is even claiming to be Iron Man."

Yeah, he's talking right in front of the cluttered army.

"Sooo, 'Iron Man'," he says as he looks back up at the armored figure at the front. "Yeah, see, fortress gates kind of went out of style a few centuries ago. And I haven't run across any cunning demons yet, but there sure are a lotta dumb ones. Also, I'm swearing off booze." Even though he technically only had one drink. And then ended up meeting a Demon Dragon. And being sent to Narnia. Err, Tamachoa.

Speaking of…

"HEeeeeey Owen. Um. Heeeey." Someone's already covering the pants question so why repeat it. And…yeah, can't really argue when he has boomerangs because at the moment those might be more important. -quick, say something brotherly and supportive!

"…you look good!"

….and then boomerangs indeed happen. "Welp. Guess discussions are over."

FRIDAY responds to Impulse's words promptly. "Acknowledged. I am deploying a remotely operated armor unit. It should arrive shortly."

Somewhere in the Upper East Side, a penthouse apartment that's not see any human activity since before the demon invasion began has a patio window suddenly smash outwards from what looks like a repulsor blast. A second later, a teal-colored Stark-like suit of powered armor launches out the window and toward Hell's Kitchen at a speed that would be recklessly dangerous for any other small flight vehicle.

Sage nodded, as Lorna approached. Given that the woman had no connection to either the Maximoffs or the woman who seemed to be at the center of all of these shenanigans, her attention was more appropriately focused on the current threat. But that was Sage for you. "Not completely iron-free, but it might take a bit of work to peel whatever is inside those suits out of it. And then we need to deal with them. We might be best served stopping their forward momentum, and seeing if we can draw out whomever is controlling them. They're surely not simply randomly marching through the city on a whim."



The boomerang connects with the helm of 'Iron Man' and sends it flying off, skittering across the ground as the echos of Owen's battlecry fade away.

…and a tiny little green skinned demon pokes his head up from the neck of the armor and glares at Owen. He's got too big ears and a long sharp nose. Very pointy teeth too. "RUDE!" He calls out.

Then back to Bart. "Wait. No fortress gates? What do you guys use to keep your shinies safe then…" A pause. "…OH NO MY VOICE DISGUISE THING IS GONE! HEY YOU GUYS!" There seems to be someone kicking someone inside the armor. "GO GET THE HAT!"

…yup. Very subtle.


The biggest, deepest frown follows.

If you left it to the ginger Inhuman, Owen has something of a right idea with the boomerang throw. Walking— strutting confidently, and not at all like a young woman that has not slept much int he last week, Sloane is running numbers in the back of her mind; SHIELD agents in the area, the ground troops vis a vis the Army and National Guard that she knew of, and of course, metahuman friends of varying stripes.

Impulse seems to be making some tactical movements; Raven — is met with a quick glance, meeting eyes and giving her a nod.

Owen is … getting into arguments.

Finishing with the drink, Sloane spikes the bottle to the side, summoning up the strength to conjure a sphere of water over either hand and cut in during the argument.


So Nate walks to the Iron Man not-a-demon. Possibly for a sarcastic remark before Lorna sends him (them?) back to the scrap yard when Owen happens.


Because that is what Nate remembers about Owen Mercer. And it comes from dream-like memories of a world that never happened. "The… hell?" To summarize, his eyes following the boomerang.

"I was about to agree about the booze," he admits, picking up the helmet 'hat'. "So, where are you going, 'Iron Man'? Because this street leads to Mutant Town and, well, wearing iron there is not a great idea."

"OH MY GOD I killed Tony!" Owen cries in horror as the helmet goes skittering off. Having apparently the same level of intelligence of the foes he's facing he has apparently already forgotten than it's not Tony in the suit.

"Waitaminute." It dawns on his face again that he remembers that the inhabitant of the suit is not in fact Tony Stark. "Hey! Get out of the suit and come fight me. You stupid little gremlin."

And then there's a Sloane behind him yelling. And other people trying to be reasonable or figure out what is happening. Owen pauses long enough to turn and see Sloane and Nate .. who also looks oddly familiar from another time and place.

"Were you in O-Town..?" No, that's not where Owen knows the reality displaced telepath from, but give it time it will come to him .. probably tomorrow after he sobers up.

Sloane on the other hand he whips his head back to and his eyes go wide. "Wooah. Deja vu! Last time I saw you we were fighting demonic Stark suit people… I think. Unless you're not actually here and I'm talking to myself. Again. Speed bro?" Yes, Owen is apparently calling Impulse that now. "Is there a water bending SHIELD agent over there?"

"Another voice?" Raven's question to Impulse seems to trail off as she busies herself with sealing the street off with a black barrier, checking to see where everyone is in the meantime.

And already there's a boomerang to the suit of armor at the head of the Stark armor parade.

Her now-blank gaze falls lidded. "…Of course." She had a feeling it wasn't going to go smoothly, and this just proves the point.

The wall of black also seems to move in more, slowly closing in on the back line of armored suits. Just in case. Just as Owen cries out drunkenly that he killed Tony.

"Azar, help me."

A blink as she looks down and then up at Owen. Yes, she has pants on. Adara shakes her head and then blinks as boomerangs are thrown, Impulse speeds about doing speedster stuff, then there's more people and then there's a gremlin in armor and then a fish person has water and Adara looks at what appear to be SHIELD agents.

"Yep, not my night." Adara approaches Sloane tentatively, moving to the side OPPOSITE of Owen and says, "Hi, umm." She offers a hand and then blinks at the water ball and pulls it back, "I'm Adara." She nods her head, "Probably never…uh heard of me. Is there something I can do to help?"

She then looks at one of the armored suits and then leans closer to it for a moment before then looking at the water globe and then she thinks a moment, "Ya know, I can probably just get them out of the suits. Ya know? Can't guarantee I won't harm the suits but they really look, umm, already harmed."

A rough exhale followed a the green haired mutant glanced at the other heroes that had assembled and nonsense ensued with the lower level demons in Iron-Suits. "Now I sort of understand why Speedsters are impatient with people." She muttered dryly. Her hands stretched out before her, a look of narrowed concentration following as her arms lifted and she pulled with her powers at the odds and ends that contained metal-alloys that were actually magnetic.

Her goal? To pull apart the iron suits and fling them apart down the street. And hopefully, not smack the others around her with it.

"Right… so.."

Sage, for her part, waited for Polaris to do what she could, reaching beneath her coat for the pair of guns she always seemed to carry with her these days. Extended magazines, and a pair of blades attached to the grips, allowing for both firing and use as melee weapons. She moved away from both Nate and Polaris, staying low as she made her approach on the army, skirting the pantsless man and the small group gathering not far from his position.

Impulse sighs. If he knew, then him being the older brother of the two would totally make more sense to him right now. The question directed at him is easy enough to answer however. "Oh yeah. She's here," he says, casting an apologetic glance over at Sloane.

Grinning at something that's not at all said by the present parties and more so of the AI in his ear, Impulse looks back towards the demon- er, excuse him, Iron Man and *zip* suddenly has the accidentally discarded headpiece in hand. "As entertaining as it is talking with you I think we gotta clean up the mess here." He lifts his head, glancing past the armored group and at the darkness that's grown behind it, smirking.

"Think fast!" he says, chest-passing the helmet at the faux Iron Man before dashing— right down the middle before cutting to the right of the group and around.

'Iron Man' turns to start after the lost helm before Nate picks it up. "Oh us? We not doing anything. Just out for stroll. Towards Mutant Town. To find science things! You like science right! Everyone loves science! We just helping advance science! And what? We totally not know about your super secret weapon lady with green hair and metal flinging power. Nope. She totally secret that boss never mentioned."

Look at that smooth operator. This gremlin is the best liar ever. They'll never know a thing.

Owen shouts a challenge and the little gremlin sticks his long and pointy tongue out in a very mature response. "YOU COME IN HERE AND FIGHT ME STUPID NO PANTS MAN!"

Sloane makes her own demands and the suit's arm makes a rude gesture to her as a new voice seems to come from the…arm? "YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO STUPID FISHGIRL! YOU DON'T KNOW DEMON LAW!" Still high pitched and piping.

"HEY!" The one visible yells down into the interior of the suit. "I GET TO BE THE HEAD NOW! NO TALKING OR I KICK!"

…and the visible one seems to dive down into the suit where the sound of a scuffle seems to break out.

Lorna decides to enter the fray then…with spectacular results.

The armor of the 'army' shivers for a moment and then over half the suits simply fly apart. Including the Iron Man one. Leaving little pyramids of gremlins standing there blinking. Three or four to a stack, standing on each others shoulders.

The ones that were in the Iron Man suit seem to be surprised mid-scuffle. As one of them as another ones leg in his teeth. The one of the bottom of the little pyramid just looks solidly accepting of his fate in life. He's made the best of it. He's just playing on a 3DS while the other two fight each other while balanced on him.

There is silence for a second and then one of the gremlins closer to Sloane kinda looks round…and mimes popping a collar. Then fingerguns at her.


And in the silence after that? Bart moves. Snatching the helmet and going to tear though the middle of the formation.


Dozens of gremlins are bowled over in the rush of his charge, knocked over like bowling pins to go rolling across the street.

Surprisingly acrobatic, these gremlins.

The few remaining suits seem to panic at this point. One of them loosing his legs as the gremlin inside goes the opposite way as the gremlin in his legs.

A second suit though scoops up two of his 'brothers' and just flings one each at Adara and Nate. The gremlins look surprised, but they are full of sharp claws and teeth.

A third suit seems better coordinated and makes a rush right towards Sloane.

One of the knocked over Gremlins catches himself before being flung entirely off the street and his tiny flailing hand falls on something.

Boomerang's Boomerang.

Which he picks up. Glowers at Owen. And then licks it. "MINE NOW!"

…and in the shadows of a building behind Lorna? Something moves.

The Rescue armor arrives and stops to hover well above the goings on at street level while the AI controlling it makes an assessment of everyone and everything in the area. The newly arrived armor — like the ones on the street — lacks any sort of life signs inside it, but it does very clearly have more than enough power usage to indicate that it is being piloted remotely.

"Mr. Allen," FRIDAY's voice speaks over the Titans' comlink again, though this time just to Bart. "The armor pieces I am detecting are not showing any indication of power usage — they are being held together mechanically. I recommend you try to separate the pieces at the arm and leg joints to render them less able to cause property damage."

The suit's helmet moves as it scans the surrounding area as well. "I must also suggest that the largest suits be targeted first. They have greater potential to cause damage, and some of these buildings show signs of current habitation."

Nate looks something between amused and bemused at the gremlins actions. It is hard to take them seriously, but these are demons. And, wait, they have a boss? "Who is…?" But before he can ask Lorna does her magnetic stuff and breaks half the armors. Chaos follow.

Nate has to duck to avoid a thrown gremlin, but afterwards he steps back to Lorna and Sage. "That little guy mentioned a 'boss' and it strikes me this could all be a distraction. I am going back to Mutant Town to check."

Overconfidence was more or less a family trait, and Polaris was no exception. As the metal went flying, as directed, under her magnetic grip, she huffed a breath, sending green hair fluttering around her cheeks. "Right, well, problem solved. I don't think you all need me to handle.. whatever is left? So, if that's all. I need to get going." She called toward Nate. She had to try to figure out how the hell she'd get done what she'd sworn to do. Which meant out running her brother one way or another.. Loss cause that.

But she was too stubborn to ever admit that either.

Besides there were enough heroes around that. She lifted up into the air lightly, a few inches where her feet could simply gaze the filthy street beneath her steel toed boots. As Nate meant to go, Lorna nodded, "I'll catch up with you later."

These demons. These gremlins. They are definitely not the gremlins Raven is familiar with.

"Why are you trying to reason with them," is about all she can say rhetorically and mostly to herself right as Lorna and Sage start attacking the suits of armor, cut off by the demonic prattling and arguments within the lead suit of armor.

And then her focus shifts.

Senses prick, zoning in on the shadows of the building just behind the green-haired mutant. Something is watching. Was watching. The second it moves cements the fact that it won't stay put for long.

Raven doesn't go as fast as Impulse does, but she tries to propel herself in the air, barely halfway among the mess. "Behind you!" Her voice strains, probably unheard due to the lack of power in it. Instead, it goes into her hands, conjuring up a rounded half-dome of shadow that rises up from the ground to make sure Polaris isn't left open to attack.

Sage turned her head, as she heard the gremlin's words, her focus narrowing as she looked back at the way she had come. She was not but a few good lengths from Lorna, and she immediately set off back the way she had come, guns ready, but not raised. No need to be fryolated by the green-haired mutant. She did not bother with the comms at all. Instead, she simply sent her thoughts on the woman's direction. It was quicker and dirtier, but that was also Sage. « Lorna, you're the target! Get clear! » With Nate moving to intercept, she would end up joining both of them, « Watch her. » That to Nate, because nobody ever appreciates a babysitter. With the gremlins in suits in front of Lorna, Sage places herself at the woman's back. The danger ahead she knows, but there are three sides they haven't considered.

Owen is ready to jump into the suit after the goblins, or at least fail spectacularly at trying to do that when Rescue shows up. Owen watches the new armor come down and looks at it, his eyes swimming in alcohol trying to focus and process like normal. At first, he's thinking demon goblin suit.. but then the truth bubbles to the surface of his addled brain.

"Tony! Yer alive! … And a woman!" Yes, this is the obvious truth of the situation. Owen comes to grip with this change up quickly, processing it in his oh so Owen way. "Yer gonna be a really smokin' hot lady."

But then Owen remembers the taunting of the ones in the suit and he turns back with an off hand, "Excuse me Tony.. is it still Tony but like with an I?" The last part is mostly to himself anyway as he starts a very slow, clumsy run, in sandals with boomerangs taped to his ankles, towards the lead demon. His plan of attack is basically to tackle it and pull the armor bits off the demons with his bare hands. It's pretty rational for the level on which Owen is operating right now.

"That's the point," Impulse says, speaking right by the ear of the complaining gremlin. And then he's gone again, running and weaving between the armored ranks, dodging bits and demons alike as others launch the offensive against them.

"Yeah, I didn't think so, FRIDAY. 'Iron Man' I think had one of them touch light things?" Duck, skid, foot kicked out towards a duct-taped knee joint. "Shouldn't be too hard to take these guys apart. -and I think someone's already doing it anyway."

Maybe he can just pull things loose? And if it's just rope, untying things shouldn't be that much of a problem, right? TIME TO FIND OUT!! :D :D

"I am afraid you are mistaken, sir," the Rescue armor replies to Owen. It's a good thing FRIDAY is an AI. That means she was never programmed to become impatient. "This armor is designated Rescue."

For a suit with a protective name like Rescue, the repulsors it's firing at the armors seem serious enough. They're all aimed at the pieces of rope still binding torsos to limbs, though any particularly stubborn or aggressive demon-types will likely also get a repulsor blast to the face.

The armor's aim is impeccable, even if it seems to be taking a solid three or four seconds between each shot.

A blink at the antics going on before her and Adara takes a step back, "Oh I have seen this movie and it is not fun." She states as she watches the gremlins all fall to pieces, well, their armor falls to pieces anyway. Of course, now they are all acting out.

Then suddenly they are all moving fast and one is flying at her. For those that can sense magic. Magic. Ancient, terrible and powerful magic flows out of Adara suddenly as she raises her hand and states, "Burn and fry!" Her eyes glow with bright flame, her mouth releases a small burst of heat as if her insides were a furnace and the air before her where the gremlin is flying super heats with bright burning flame for a moment as she stumbles back a couple of steps.

Even as Gremlin is fried in the air, she coughs a little, her eyes stopping the glow and then she looks around at the other creatures, "Umm, oops. Sorry, that was a bit much." She then points around, "Are we just…killing them or apprehending?" She looks at the smoking charred one, "Well, apprehending the rest of them? I don't really know the policy."

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" This is the gremlin that suddenly finds itself tackled by a wild and mostly drunk and naked Owen. "HELP! BAD TOUCH! CRAZY MAN! I NO WANNA DIE!!" Screams said gremlin as he scratches, claws, bites and otherwise tries to abuse Owen's upper body even as the grand Boomerang rips the reminder of the armor from him.

Impulse does the same to his chosen target. He rips at ropes and duct-tape and bits go flying. Whoever put these together they are worse than Hammer Tech designs.

I know right. I didn't know it was possible either!

The head of the armor comes off and suddenly Bart will find himself the recipient of an angry gremlin to the face as well. This one leaping out and trying to bite his goggles clean off.

…they are shiny and he wants them.

The smokey gremlin falls to the ground at Adara's feet. Feebly twitching and smelling like brimstone and nasty. However his mates are still there and now they see Adara's a enhanced too. "GIT HER!" Comes the very tactical minded group as they fling themselves at Adara from multiple directions.

Lorna looks on with satisfaction even as Sage and Raven realize the sudden danger. Sage moves to guard her back and the actual threat comes from….


Leaping from the shadows of the building, the tall humanoid figure drops down, unfrightened by gravity. In one hand is a massive…baseball bat. Not fancy but easily enough to get the job done. The crude weapon arcs down towards Lorna's skull only to catch on the sudden shield thrown up by Raven.

"…and here I thought my distraction worked…" Mutters the tall and powerfully build it is a bestial looking demon. Fur covered, with too large teeth and claws, and a fantastic hat that seems to be something taken from a world war II war museum. Since its a Russian Army commissar cap.

"…welp." He's noticed Sage's guns. "Time to go!"

Now that she's closer, staring at the outfit, looking at him, Sloane's brow scrunches. All the bravado is lost— and it's not like this is the first, second, or likely fifth ultimatum demons have had flung at them this week, let alone today. The last time they —

— Oh god it is


It's true — she didn't use her hydrokinetics in Stark Tower, and spent the majority of the rescue stuck a floor or two below the others after getting side-tracked fighting a big ugly muscular thing with three mouths and an eye stitched shut with claws, demonstrating her strength more than anything.

All hell (figuratively) starts breaking loose (kind of literally). Suits start getting pulled apart; Impulse starts his charge through the demon ranks, and Owen starts … being … Owen? She looks at Raven, lost, hoping she has some kind of answer.

Sloane glances — tries to get a good idea of what's pulling things apart. Was it telekinesis? Did Rachel or Doctor Grey show up? — wait, who's that at the back of the line? Green hair, things flying around. The math equations flutter around in her mind for a brief moment; she starts putting things together, with dossiers and essential reading for SHIELD Agents.

"Ohhhhh. … Oh." Hopefully this doesn't get too awkward.

There's no time to worry about it. Sloane follows the initial attempts to strip armor, Owen's wild boomer-savagery, and Impulse's speed on the offensive side of things with a twist around and a low sweep of her arms, throwing controlled slicks of water from those two spheres across the ground — just enough force behind both to try to take the legs out from under 'em!

There are still some of the Goblin Armors regrouping at this point. Trying for form up, forming up apparently involves lots of shouts and kicking and finger pointing. However the reason becomes obvious when a few of them actually manage to power up the 'suits' weapons. Repulsors power up, and one of them seems to have grabbed the Iron Man armor suit's arm. He's trying to get the laser to work…

…and he might have too.

However Rescue is suddenly tearing into the knot of Not-Armors as Sloane sends her water spheres skidding across the pavement. Hit from high and from low the suits go like ninepins, scattering screeching goblins and bits of armor in every direction.

…and there is also that actual Iron Man arm. That seems to be overheating now.

…um Rescue might want to help with that one.

Lorna frowned up at the shield that swam into being around her protectively, a confused furrowing of her eyebrows following as it took her a moment to try to figure out that the shield wasn't an attack. "Wait—what's going on?" Her confusion only deepened at Sage's mental voice inside her her and she swore.

Only to gasp in shock and stunned disbelief as another demon comes leaping out from above, the massive thing attacked her with a baseball bat of all things. The crude weapon earned a snarl of irritation and anger, it had come far too close for comfort.

Lorna flew up into the air, commanding those scattered bits of Tony's armored suits to fly toward her. With a focused look of concentration, and wave of her hand, the suit parts reassembled under her electro-magnetic fields, flying around her like a firing squad. And powering up well over any quick charging station could provide.

"Well, don't tell Nate he was right about the dangers of me going out alone. Yeah, Sage?" Power flickered to life in the suits arms and other odd-assortments, before blasting at the demon under Lorna's command.

Punching very small demons while trying to tear Iron Man armor off with your bare hands is actually rather difficult, especially when inebriated. But then Owen has an amazing idea. He can use his super speed! He totally has that! It's true! That's a lot of exclamation points.

Owen stands up and with some effort manages to pull up a good chunk of suit and probably a couple demons in there with it. He then speeds towards a wall, because … well about halfway towards said wall Owen is now questioning this plan. There was something about super fast demon smushing but now he's just speeding at a wall an-

*THUNK* *THUD* "uuuughh"

And that is the heroic tale of how Owen Mercer saved the city. Or how he ran into a wall and passed out with some demons still stuck in the armor on top of him.

What a hero.

Exhaling, Raven eyes the fantastically-hatted demon with the baseball bat, keeping her arms level as she holds the shield up. Although her expression doesn't change, it's clear she isn't having it with this guy.

Ancient magic, however, is another matter entirely. Out of the corner of her eye, she catches the remnants of flame coming from Adara; it feels right to be wary of its use, but it seems to be helping with the situation. Kind of. At least the gremlin demons get the message.

It's here her gaze quickly falls back toward Sloane. And for her part, Raven just…ignores everything Owen is doing, shaking her head in response to the lost look. Fortunately, she doesn't need to tell the fish woman what to do; she's already taking care of stuff via slung water.

Now back to the hatted demon. With a sharp breath, she throws the shield covering Lorna upward, letting it engulf the demon's bat enough with the sole intention of bodily throwing him away.

Sage moves at speed, just managing to avoid the shield that spring up around Lorna. Who knows what that would have done to her if she had hit it. But now, the enemy reveals itself, and it isn't a gremlin. Safe bet is that it is a demon. But, frankly, Sage doesn't really care if it's human or otherworldly. Catching Lorna's rise from the ground out of the corner of her eye, she moves to bracket the enemy, guns raised, but staying, one would hope, out of Lorna's way. There is a reason the woman is and has never been a X-men. She simply opens fire, aiming one gun center mass and the other at its head. Absolute body control and the ability to calculate multiple attack and reaction vectors have their perks when you're moving fast and attacking an unknown, and possibly now moving enemy target.

"Gah! Getitoffgetitoff!" the speedy Titan yelps as he finds himself face-full of gremlin. He flails for a moment before remembering that he can just vibrate through the thing if prying it off won't work. "Owen! Hey, can I borrow a—" Pause. "Nevermind!"

He…should probably check on him later.

All around, chaos. Per the norm, all the more so these past weeks. Craning his head around, Impulse tries to see where that burst of flame had come from. "Hey Raven, what was that? -and everything good on your end?" At least he finally remembers to ask? Even as he starts to move again. Playing armor tag.

No longer bothering with sending messages to Impulse only, FRIDAY's voice not only comes across on the Titans' comlinks, it emits aloud from the armor itself as if someone were inside the suit.

"Warning. A component is showing signs of imminent failure. I will remove it promptly. Please do not attempt to follow."

Not much of a warning, maybe, but then the Rescue armor shoots toward the mess of armored suit parts, plucks out a mostly red and gold arm, and blasts off straight up into the air with it. Fastest way away from delicate humans is a straight. Fastest straight line away from all humans is straight away from the surface of the planet.

Did Tony ever think to test the Rescue armor for that icing problem his first suit had?

"Well, at least we don't have a game plan apparently…" Adara says to no one in particular as all hell breaks loose. She looks toward where some people are moving and then to where others are moving and…she's really not used to this. Her training as a hero is, lacking. Of course, then gremlins are coming at her and she screams, "NO!" She stumbles back, "No no, I like this outfit…I like this OUTFIT!" And she's buried under a tide of gremlins.

And then…Gremlins go flying everywhere as the air around where she went down shoots up to nearly 1000 degrees Celcius for a brief moment.

Fiery dragons literally raise up in a burning roar in four different directions, swirling into a ball of fire and flame as what appears to be sort of Adara stands up tall with molten like armor about her form. A diving V leaves a swath of flesh bare to her belly button, fiery wings raise up, her hair in blackened dreadlocks falls down to her lower back with heels of cooled lava about her feet. Each finger forms into a rocky claw as she stands there enraged and then lets out a sigh as she flings Goblins all about and watches a hint of red shirt flitter away, burning in the heat as the air around her cools slightly. Glowing, white hot eyes watching it wistfully.

"I liked that shirt…a lot." She then looks to a nearby Goblin and frowns at it before she points and fire rips from under her foot and skates along the ground to engulf the poor thing, "Very upsetting…"

"Fire," Raven says matter-of-factly to the voice reemerging in her ear amid the noise. "Magic fire, and…dragons." She stares a bit, eyes narrowing as she feels the need to stay on defense. "On our collective side. I think." She has no name to provide, but so long as Bart now knows where the fire is coming from, he doesn't need to worry about it. She just hopes he doesn't get distracted by the fact there are more dragons in the area.

Seeing that Sage and Lorna are busy, the goth Titan draws back, allowing dark matter to fold and encircle any other random gremlins in stolen suits running amok.

"-I'm fine," she then replies somewhat casually. "It's…okay." A beat. "How are you?"

It's a wicked game of ten-pin!

Were she a little more with it, Sloane would try to joke, or quip, or be a whole lot more calm and collected about the whole thing … but the demon invasion of New York has been tiring on her — especially mentally.

"The game plan is pretty simple: Whatever you need to do—" she starts in reply to Adara, making a run at the demons while they're still down. Sweeping her weight low, she scrambles in to grab at the ankles of one of the armor-clad demons, twisting and pivoting on her heels to throw it at the wall of a nearby building.

"— you frickin' do it right th' hell now!"

Sometimes, this means your shirt gets ripped up. Other times, you are the greatest of heroic heroes like Owen Mercer versus a wall.

Sloane's eyes flick back toward Sage at the sound of gunfire, if only to check first where the source is coming from, and also if it's from the SHIELD agents she left down the block. She hears the Rescue suit's call aloud, though she does not respond— she's busy bringing those slicks of water back with two hard back-pulls of her arms, intent on smacking them with twin lances of water now travelling back toward her hands!

Oh it is defiantly a demon. A demon that is suddenly has the attention of a trio of very irate ladies.

"…Hello? My name is Fritz…I don't suppose any of you'll believe this is how we say hello in Limbo?" He asks with a smile that shows way too many sharp teeth. This is a moment before the hum of Stark weapons powering up and the charging of a firebolt come to his ears.

"Going to take that as a no!" He says as he starts to try to get away, scrambling over the shield before it suddenly expands and he finds himself airborne. Then blasted with several repulsors. Then riddled with a lot of bullets.

Each thing imparts more momentum to his flight as he is flung far away, cartwheeling though the air and into a ruined building a half-block away.

…he'll be fine…right?

The gremlins on the other hand? They are most defiantly not fine.

Well apart from the ones that are concussed and unconscious on top of Owen's concussed and unconcious form. They aren't that bad off.

Dozens of the little guys are turned into BBQ by Adara's dragonfire. Dozens more scream and run in the opposite directions, scattering like frightened quails into the ruins of Hell's Kitchen.

The remaining suits of armor? There really aren't that many left at this point, and Bart, Raven, and Sloane make quick (HA) work of them.

The one that got phased through just drops to the ground. "AHHH! THAT WAS GROSS! I"M LEAVING! SO WRONG! I FEEL VIOLATED!"

Even gremlins have limits.

The last of the suits fall as Sloane's pair of water lances shatter the fastenings and it simply flies apart dropping Gremlins to the street.

Gremlins that are now screaming, rushing, running away to get out of Raven's shield before it traps them all.


…they are a bit dramatic ok.

Rescue though launches up towards the stratosphere. Tony did fix the icing problem. He thinks. I mean he does a lot of things and can't keep track of everything but he's pretty sure he did in the last upgrade! Regardless of ice or not though, the power surge from the weapon arm is getting worse and worse. At least Rescue seems high enough to keep people out of the blast zone, but she better get rid of it soon!

Once the demon was on his way, well, wherever he might end up, Sage left off with the firing, though she did not lower her weapons, lifting her eyes to scan the room from which the demon descended. She spared a glance upward towards Lorna, calculating the amount of metal she might or might not have on her person. You don't know if you don't ask, "Polaris, can you get me up to the roof?" Who knows what else might be up there, and besides, it was a sight easier to get the lay of the land from above. If she couldn't go the easy way, she'd just have to fire escape it.

After reaching a deemed-safe altitude, Rescue uses the last bit of upward momentum to THROW the arm-piece up just that little bit further, and cuts the teal suit's repulsors to let gravity start pulling it back to the ground. Her calculations say this should be enough… but is it?

Eyed the demon's departure with a deep frown marring her features, her senses stretched out far and wide, but she couldn't pick up anything metal moving that shouldn't be moving. A huff of breath followed and the scattered remains of Tony's suits clattered to the ground around her. A green eyed glance followed Sage's request and Lorna nodded, "Yeah sure, I gotta head to the Mansion. I've got reports that need to get out." She grumbled, and with a bit of a metal chuck of debris smoothed out into a smooth surface for Sage to climb onto and to lift the other woman up to the roof top.

It wasn't like Lorna could stick around in Mutant Town. Not if her siblings were coming back.

"-yeah, I see that," Impulse says as he looks up at the fiery shapes that tear through gremlins. He nods and very nearly does get distracted, but there's so much happening around him that it's easy for him to get back on track with more distractions that ultimately take him back to his initial task.

He comes speeding up behind the one gremlin that claims what he did to it was gross, foot reeling back before he swings it forward in a punt. "Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal!!"

Is it such a bad thing to have a little fun with this? He stops long enough to blink at Sloane's own efforts against the demons before flashing her a thumb's up.

"All good here!" he reports back to Raven.

Raven nods, even if Impulse can't see her do so. "Good." That's all she needs to know at the moment.

The gremlin dramatics make her nose wrinkle, however, noisy and panicked and everything in between. She looks each of them over before clicking her tongue. "Eat you?" she echoes their lamenting, whispers creeping into the resonance of her tone. "Oh no, my brethren. I only mean to keep you safe from harm."

…Whether she means it or not doesn't matter. They need to stop and they need to stop now. She can easily try squishing them into oblivion, but it's easier sending them through another portal.

"I doubt you'll learn anything from this," she adds, her hand extending outward to cast a portal underneath the gremlins in tow. And down they go.

Looking over at Sloane, Adara flicks her wings out a moment and then pulls them against her back, "Well, I did what they made me do. That counts, I suppose?" Her eyes then turn to some fleeing Goblins and she flaps her wings down hard. She lifts up into the air and floats up for a moment before coming down right upon a group of them and she says softly, "Your friends ruined my shirt…" She then sucks in a sharp breath and unleashes a gout of flame from her mouth.

As she comes back up to standing, and flicks her wings back against her back and idly walks along the battlefield back toward Sloane and the others. Fire flickers and flows around her as she walks and she smiles a little, "Oh to burn…" She softly says as she walks and then she growls and looks down at herself, "Quiet you…" She then looks up and clears her throat. A whisper comes out.

"I have new people to meet, possibly, no need for the crazy to come out just now…thank you." And upon her chest, something glows briefly and burns with an eerie glow before stopping. Her armored form still in place, "I really need some fireproof clothing…"

Look away for a second and you'll miss the water being flung back out again, like some kind of hydrokinetic yo-yo to smash outward and scatter another clump of the crowd. Weapons fire and cover on high are useful; releasing her control on the water, Sloane has her bandaged hand (with gauze now soaking with red) pulled back to crack into the seams in one of the armor suits — a seam only present because it's two large plates being held on with the aforementioned rope.

When Merrow looks up at Impulse, she does offer him a bit of a small, closed-mouth smile, though it's with a bit of wear and tear in her eyes.

As demonoids are cast through Raven's portal, the ginger Inhuman decides to capitalize on this by picking up a few of them by the scruff— or by a limb— and hurling them toward the portal, as close as they can get to arm's reach.

Sloane's coming to not enjoy this magic stuff more and more, though this is … definitely useful. Another glance is fired back at Adara, because lady on fire, and then as it dies down she sighs— letting herself relax just a little bit.

Sage stepped onto the metal plating as it was offered, using the Lorna-vator to her advantage, as she stepped down onto the roof. The gremlin clean-up she left to the heroes still on the ground, as she settled her weight onto the flat surface of the roof, scanning for any immediate enemies. She would fight whomever she encountered, whether they overpowered her or not. But she had at least one goal in mind. The demon that had been flung wide of the street in the wake of the assault.


This is what the Gremlins seem to be doing. Running this way and that behind the shadowy barrier of Raven's trying to find an exit. At least they were before the outside of said barrier lit up with flame from Adara. And the double dozen of gremlins seem to realize that inside the shield is totally safer than outside.

Then they stop trying to get out and more kinda huddle in the center.

Bart's soccer kick sends his target flying, screaming in surprise until it smashes though one of the few intact windows in the opposite building. It doesn't crawl out.

With the only remaining Gremlins inside the shield it is almost a relief that portal appears. Of course one of them does do the double finger guns towards Raven even as he starts to tumble into the portal.

"Ayyyyyyyyyyy—" VORP.

And the last ones that are not crispy fried or water smashed are gone.

With the demon with the hat digging himself out of rubble a block away and Kul and Kel having long scene absconded after they realized the ambush failed, well. There is little else to be seen from the roofs. Quiet and relative peace slowly descend.

All lit from above with the light of an exploding star. Er. A Stark Tech power cell overloading. If Rescue had been a few seconds later there may have been even more structural problems in Hell's Kitchen. As it is, beyond a few more broken windows. Nothing seems toppled over.

…except for all the trash on fire.

…and the new crater in the building the bat wielding demon hit.

…and the window Bart broken.

…eh. It's Hell's Kitchen. Who'll notice.

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