October 24, 2018:

In which Spoiler takes Supergirl out on her first night of heroing, and Logan in unimpressed or this is why a batling should not be a super babysitter.



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Fade In…

Even with a force for chaos such as the demonic influx into the city, order often comes about as things normalize. The people of New York are staggeringly resilient in such things, creating some sense of routine despite the inherent madness that comes about from aliens invading, demons materializing, or caped crusaders fluttering about hither and yon. That is not to say that all is as it should be. More that the people have come together, have formed what defenses they can, and even the demonic realize where it is they should go and they shouldn't…
For it has been people such as the mutant known as the Wolverine that have encouraged them to realize that if they step out of line they pay a price.
And one such a line is just South of the Bronx, crossing 72nd. An arbitrary line that's moved back and forth over the course of the last few weeks. It's the route into Mutant Town, the path that many of the X-ers have taken as they've tried to protect the people they could. It's also the edge of Logan's hunting grounds. A place where demons don't want to go past, as a horned demon named Szarch is learning.
"Mistake, all mistake! Let this one go!" The creature hissed and writhed as it was pinned against a thick wooden stairwell that leads down into the old apartment building. The rooftop gravel skitters under its claws as it tries to gain some leverage against the heavy hand of the mutant who holds him against the wall, a trio of blades held at eye level as the man growls. "Yeah, I'll say ya made a mistake."
"No! All a mistake. Not supposed to be here!"
"Not supposed ta be anywhere, bub. 'Cept Limbo." The claws edge closer.
The demon hisses and writhes angrily, its tail slashing the air as it strains against the man's grip on that rooftop.

With the demons still an issue, the League had regaluar patrol routes set up for all active members. With a certain blonde kryptonian showing up she needed to be added to the mix. With a resourceful batling on the roster, the pair up was inevitable.

Spoiler was not babysitting. She was making sure the rookie knew her way around New York and all those sorts of things. The file on her was still a bit sparce.

#SpoilerAlert: Kara Zor-El's file on the Batcomputer won't be staying sparce for long.

Up in the sky, Spoiler flies her skycycle toward the first check point on their route tonight, a place in the Bronx. All as she system tests the comlink Kara has been provided.

"I know you don't need the com to hear me, but I need the com to hear you. Speak at a normal volume, please?" requests teh batling as she flies toward the rooftop Logan and the demon are on. The blonde batling is too far out still to see or hear the altercation happening. At least, for the moment.

Kara was super excited for her first official outing as Supergirl! Costume and everything! And she would get to do the same job as her cousin.

Flying next to Spoiler on her skycycle, Kara studies the device curiously, "so…how does this work? Is it Krypton tech from Kal?" She did good, she spoke right into the com! Normal level too!

"So…we fly around and help people, right? Like the ones below, fighting those ugly things?"

Meanwhile, upon the rooftop some ways below, the little drama that plays out might not stand out too much to the eye save for the thrashing crimson creature. Yet for the particularly perceptive, their attention might be drawn to the base of the building instead where subtle flickers of light are seen, snaps of illumination that signal the appearance of several more demons flickering into reality and starting to crawl up the side of the wall. More lights, more creatures, as they begin their ascent with long spined tails writhing while they move.
But the scene that plays out above continues as if the man and the monster had no idea of what was crawling towards them from below.
"Not supposed to be here. Supposed to be there, off far, aways for fights." Szarch growls as it grabs at Logan's wrist but seems hesitant to press with those claws so close by.
"Where's the rest of yer tribe then? Ain't like you lil spiky critters to run around all on yer lonesome."
"No… no iz not. They around…" The creature's eyes narrow. "Somewherez."
It's at that moment, however, that Logan's nostrils flare. Just for a moment as he turns his head to the side. Scowling as it's in that instant he'll see the first of the beasts cresting the lip of the rooftop, crawling into view with hisses and growls aplenty. Szarch's fangs bare as his lips part and he tries to lean forwards to slash and bite and tear, all while Logan holds it there.
"Right then." The Canadian hero growls as he abruptly grabs Szarch by the neck and spins him around… /throwing/ him square into the center of three of the monsters rising up over the side of the roof. They smash into one another, all four of them falling backwards off the side of the building and then plummeting down… down down towards the ground.
But that still leaves some twenty odd creatures snarling as they reach the top of that building.

Spoiler flicks a glance at the alien. her suit, batman made with the experience of dealing with a kryptonian, dulls the way her heart registers her mild annoyance at the girl's inability to understand that a comlink goes in your ear.

"You put it in your ear and leave it there. It's got bone-induction that which will pick up your voice and transmit it to- wait, down below? Where?" #Squirreled - Nice job, Supergirl.

Behind her cowl's optics, Spoiler's blue-green eyes narrow. It signals her HUD to digitally zoom to give her a slightly better idea of what's happening. And what she sees is a human looking man having thrown a demon off a building and having twenty more of them join in on the roof.

"Minimize collateral damage to civilians and property," Spoiler states to Kara just before she kicks her skycycle's engines into diving her toward the roof top, and two of those creatures threatening Logan.

"Otherwise, yes. Save people from bullets, explosions, and demons," she adds witha bit of excitement to her digitized voice.

"Oh…are you sure?" Kara looks at Spoiler with uncertainty, before slowly working the com piece into her ear, "it feels funny," she remarks, not used to having anything lodged in there.

Supergirl beams at being told to engage, "keep the ugly things away from people, got it!" She zooms down, leaving a sonic boom in her wake that is likely to increase the damage to property around. She didn't think about it, she just got too excited to finally be a hero! She first swoops over the field, blasting at demons with laser eyes, "take that, monster of the pits!"

They are long tailed lizard like things with horns and spines along their bodies, their movements sinuous and alien as they slither forwards. When they speak it is heavy with sibilants and raspy in voice, though now they are all murmuring in unison. "Eat thisss one, eat thisss one, eat him!" As if they were chanting while they darted forwards.
But the man they encircle says nothing back save for a low and grim growl. Blades slice through his knuckles as he rounds on them and spreads his arms wide, the adamantium claws slashing sparks as he slices them against each other. It's enough to make the monsters think better of leaping to the attack and for the moment they merely menace him, crouching, writhing, twisting as they all try to get an angle on him from which he can't see them…
Only that is the moment when Spoiler's skycycle carries her down, the sound of it suddenly drawing the attention of two of those creatures who turn around and look up, suddenly curious as they stand tall and straight like errant meerkats. A squawk of alarm is heard which causes the other monsters to round…
And that is when Logan leaps forwards and dives into them to attack.
The demons are tossed into even more chaos than they are used to as suddenly they are caught between the wildness of Logan's attack, Spoiler's cycle charging, and then the blazing burning eyes of Supergirl as she slashes her gaze across them, causing them to shriek in disarray.

"Mind the supersonic movements," Spoiler grinds out as she spin-spots her bike's rear end into the faces of the meerkat-like creatures. Faced away from them, the batling backflips off the bike, leaving it to move forward and then up in a pre-programmed 'rider has dismounted' to hover and wait fifty feet above Spoiler's location, as fed to it by her suit. Spoiler drops down behind and between the two, still reeling from the bike to the face, and with her bo staff extended suddenly, she hooks them between the legs and twists their bodies weights against each other, sending them toppling to the rooftop.

And even as she does, because she's aware that this is Kara's firs ttime, the batling seeks to keep part of her attention on the look out for reinforcements.

"Ooops, I just wanted to get there already, sorry, Spoiler!" Supergirl apologizes, as she swoops in to punch a lizardy thing away from a human it was about to harm, before looking towards Logan's blade show and gasping, "Spoiler, there's a guy here that is cutting them apart, is he dangerous?"

But as Logan gets covered by more of them, she calls out, "no time, I hope I am helping here," and she blows hard towards them, meaning to send the demons away from Logan, not quite considering she just might send him flying away unintentionally in the process.

With suitable Wilhelm shrieks, the two demons struck by Spoiler flip and fall off the side of the building, their bodies twisting in the air as they hurtle downwards only to splat upon the ground but almost instantly fade from existence when their corporeal forms are disrupted with such an impact of energy. Yet there are still many more upon that high rooftop, their tails slashing this way and that even as they lash out with their claws trying to strike down the man in the middle who had most of their attention.
Yet it's the ruby laserlight that might start to break through their singular focus. Enough flashes of burning heat blazing across the rooftop and sending the creatures back to where they came from with each blast or sending them hurtling off to the side. There's a moment where Logan has one of the creatures pinned and stabs downwards through its chest, only for it to be blasted with a cold breath that causes it to chill and freeze, but luckily with that blade implaed through the creature and into the surface of the rooftop Logan is able to hold on.
He steps back, rising to his feet even as the other creatures start to rethink this planned ambush, to realize that the mortals are more than they can handle. Yet it's not til one squeaks, "Retreat, they're too much for us!" That they break.
From that point on it's wild hurtling scaly critters leaping off the side of the building, skittering down the wall, running as fast as they can. And at points they'll flicker out of reality, surrendering their physical forms to return to the Otherness of another dimension.
Until that just leaves the trio of heroes there upon that rooftop. An old antenna, still smouldering from a heat beam, creaks as it twists in the air… and then crashes over onto its side. The lone man scowls still, a hint of a fang bared briefly but then he eyes the two heroes…
And the blades disappear into his forearms with a low /snakt./

Having been scaning the rooftops as the two demons fell, Spoiler spots Kara inhaling and- "No! Wait!"

Too late.

Chilling superbreath, and Spoiler pulls up her cape to shield herself from the cold and the gust of air that puffs from the center of her blast. It's not enough to toppple her. But it's enough to be felt by the bare lower part of her face. Gust donw with and Logan still standing, Spoiler uncurls and stands up. Her eyes skim Logan's form and settle on that distinctive X emblem emblazoned on his shoulder.

"You work with Volt," she notes, having seen that same symbol on that young hero's suit.

"We're friends," she tells the mutant with built in swords, hoping that Kara reads the subtext there of 'he's a friend of a friend'. Spoiler collapses the bo-staff and returns the baton sized item to the small of her back.

Supergirl takes it all in, observing after blowing her cold breath on the demons (and inadvertantly Logan), and she seems hesitant on a follow up, asking, "did it work, Spoiler?" She waits another moment and then jumps for joy, "I did it! It worked! I was a superhero today!" But then Logan *sankts* his claws back, and she jumps back from the noise catching her off guard, "eek!"

The grim looking man eyes Spoiler, then he eyes Kara pointedly. He looks back towards the young batling and replies with a sardonic tone, "Coulda fooled me." Not exactly grateful for the save it seems, but then he steps forwards, stalking across the rooftop and leans over the edge to look down where a majority of the monsters were knocked over, in part thanks to Kara's breath. Not seeing any of them he draws back and turns to level his blue eyes upon them.
"Appreciate the assist, but I coulda handled it." Which, to be fair, he probably could have. But it would've taken a lot longer… and been messier. Then he furrows his brow and eyes Kara as he murmurs, "This ain't exactly yer all's stompin' ground." He says that not as a question, but declares it with a surety that might be annoying to some.

Spoiler had MEANT that she and Volt were friends, and so his retort has her lips pressing together faintly. She looks at Kara, jumping for joy, and inhales to draw in patience. She remembers what it felt like her first night out. She lets the other blonde have her moment, turning back to Logan and making herself NOT react to the blades sliding back into flesh.

"The demon invasion affects us all, and New York has been one of my patrol routes for a while," says the aubergine batling, her tech having come in part from the Avengers whom she also works with.

"But you're welcome. I'm kae sure Volt is aware that you're alright," Spoiler adds, her own tone growlly… well, as growlly as a kitten's. Spoiler - not the growlliest of the bat family.

Meanwhile, Kara is a quick student, hearing Spoiler being growlier than before, she figures it's something to be done after battles. So she turns to face Logan, and in a growly tone, which might not rival Batman but could definitely rival Spoiler's take, she informs their newfound ally, "I am Supergirl, and just like Superman, I am here to save the day and do heroics! Today was my first day! It was very exciting." Yeah, the words she choose to speak don't really work with a growl, but doggonit, she's trying to fit in!

For a time the haggard looking X-Man just looks between the two of them, each with their rumbling growly voices that really don't seem to do much to cause Logan to waver in body language nor facial expression. Instead he listens to them with a look that's almost like… incredulity. But then when Kara offers her take on the reason she's there… his features break into a half-smirk as he shakes his head and exhales what might be a half-laugh as he looks down and away.
Shaking his head he scrunches up one eye and eyeballs Kara again but shakes his head as he then adds, "A'right. Was gonna say you rookies should beat feet and leave this to the professionals." He crosses his arms over his broad chest, the leather and kevlar armor creaking slightly. "But you got a Kryptonian with you, I reckon you should be fine for the most part."
He starts to step forwards and between them, walking past and towards the far side of the rooftop. His back to them now he says over his shoulder, "But you see some big demons, wings, smokin' cigars or with whips and chains. You leave them be. Some of 'em are nasty. Nasty enough ta give yer cousin a problem."
He turns, "Ya get me?"

Spoiler snaps a Look at Kara when she tries to emulate her. If her optics could widen slightly, then they would have. The look holds until it's clear kara's going to fall silent and follow Spoiler's lead on this and so the batling turns back to logan.

"I'll keep the rest ofhte Justice League on call if any of those are spotted. Thank you for the warning. And likewise, stay safe. This is no doubt going to take all of us before it's over," Spoiler says, opting NOT to fall for the bair of 'I've been donig this for six years, thank you very much; I'm so not a rookie anymore!'.

With Logan poised to go, Spoiler pulls her grapple gun, ready to fire it over head to latch onto her bike and haul herself back up into the saddle.

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