Called Before Congress: Supergirl

April 23, 2015:

Supergirl heads to the Capitol to discuss the Battle in Orleans.

United States Capitol Building

A conference room at the Capitol.


NPCs: Ballard, Traverstein, Ross, Jimenez, Stewart


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After a long lunch break, Henry Ballard returns to the conference room at about the same time that the other members do. After a few bureaucratic business points are attended to, the committee calls Supergirl for questioning.

The young blonde is sworn in via Bible as is the custom.

Kara did as she was told, swearing in on the bible; in her time on Earth she had come to view 'God' very much like another interpretation of Rao from her homeworld; so the practice was not wholly alien for her.

Looking at the politicians across from her in the committee, she tried her best to force a small smile to hide her nervousness. After seeing Wonder Woman and Captain America on TV, she was scared but determined to at least explain her actions to them.

"Supergirl," begins Hector Jimenez, who also serves as Speaker of the House, 3rd in line for the Presidency. "Can you describe the events of the night in question. From you arriving to Orleans, up until and through the attack on the HYDRA Carrier, and any other pertinent information you might have."

Kara clasped her hands behind her back so she was not fidgeting, making sure to stand straight before the people questioning her. Her head was inclined respectfully to Hector Jimenez and she began to speak, "Sir, I was with a potential recruit of the Justice League Avengers known as Thor when the call for help came from the Watchtower. We immediately travelled to France and arrived to find the city of Orleans under siege by a massive army of reanimated corpses that were killing people. I think the easiest term to use for them would be 'zombies' although I am not sure it is appropriate since I did not examine them."

She takes a deep breath and continues, "Other members of the JLA deployed and we were all doing our best to contain the threat and rescue the President. I believe Wonder Woman, Captain America, Mockingbird and a few others were going to rescue the President.." She sighs, clearly upset that they had failed at this task.

"..While the rest of us were doing what we could to keep the city safe and protect people. We had received word the President's Helicopter had been shot down earlier and there was a Hydra Carrier in the sky which had been causing trouble in Europe recently."

Kara's shoulders slumped just a little as she continued, "Everyone else was occupied and I took it upon myself to attack the Hydra Carrier. I warned my comrade Booster Gold, there might be debris so that he could make sure none of it damaged the city or injured any civilians. At which point I engaged the carrier myself and destroyed it in the hopes of ending the attack upon the city and providing a clear evacuation for the President…"

"So no one ordered you to destroy the carrier," Reece Stewart, a Congresswoman from California asks. "You did this on your own, is that correct?"

"The Justice League Avengers are a team, not a military unit. It's rare that we're issued direct orders." Kara gulped a little as the question was asked, "In the middle of a fight like that, we were all acting on our own initiative in the heat of the moment."

"Yes, it appears as if there is no direct line of command, which is also a violation of the Geneva Conventions. But you know all about that, don't you? So, let me get this straight," comes the shrill voice of Sarah Traverstein. "Everyone on your entire team thought it was the best course of action to go and save the leader of the free world, and you took it upon yourself to fight an entire carrier? Did you consider disabling the engines? What about using your…by your own admission… alien powers to simply just remove the enemies. Tell me, Miss Supergirl, did you consider any other option than becoming the judge, the jury, and the executioner to thousands of people before you had them incinerated?"

Kara stared at the woman and sighed, "I wasn't aware that Hydra was subject to the Geneva convention as terrorists while attempting to assassinate our President and killing thousands of innocent civilians. Regardless, yes, I did consider other options." She trembled just a little bit, "I was worried about the safety of the people down below and the President. If I had hours, I could have went room by room and disabled every soldier on that carrier. If there weren't thousands of lives at risk because of that carrier, I would have."

"Disabling the engines, wouldn't have stopped the threat it presented, not quick enough anyways and not without the potential of causing more damage to the city and people below. I am truly sorry for the lives that were lost, but I would not be able to live with myself if more innocent people had died on that day." Kara looks down at the ground.

"Certainly, we wouldn't want to trust ourselves to what you are or are not aware of, Supergirl. One side seems to certainly outweigh the other. That's why we ended up here, of course. What you are and are not aware of should be a topic for its own investigation."

"Still," Traverstein continues, putting on her glasses and looking to her paperwork. "You talked about debris. Did you instruct anyone to "protect" the citizens from the radiation that rained down upon the people of Orleans after you decided to 'burn' a nuclear reactor? Or were you just unaware?"

Kara bit her lower lip for a brief moment, not rising to the bait that she believed was being tossed her way by Traverstein, "I was unaware that radioactive fallout was dispersed that way yes. Nuclear fission used in a reactor designated for power producing purposes would need to be weaponized with the proper catalysts. Like the warheads that Ultra Humanite took control of and the Justice League Avengers, X-Men and others stopped."

"Oh, are you a nuclear engineer now, Supergirl?" asks Traverstein snidely. "Tell me about your qualifications. We're all dying to know how the one woman weapon who killed a thousand men with a blink of an eye knows so much about nuclear weaponry. Indeed, you seem to be your own."

Kara glared a little at the woman now and responded simply, "On Earth? I suppose I have no qualifications but on Krypton, we learn about these kinds of things as children. I deeply regret that those men lost their lives and I will have to live with that for the rest of my life, but I am far more sorry that we could not save the President and more people in the city of Orleans."

"Interesting. On Krypton have you ever heard of Chernobyl? Was that nuclear reactor weaponized?"

"No Ma'am, from what I understand of Earth History it was a meltdown." Kara bites her lip, "Have there been tests for significant and harmful amounts of radiation over Orleans?

"How do the great scientists on Krypton explain the infant mortality, birth defects, and increased risk of cancer suffered by children of Chernobyl for years after the blast?"

"Why don't you tell us what you really think, 'girl. That you have no real care for human life. That we live beneath you, and that you will do as you see fit to us."

Kara shook her head, clearly starting to get emotional, "That's not true at all. I would do anything to keep the people of this world safe, this is my /home/." She wouldn't cry, not for these people but she was close to tears, "I love Earth. Hydra and people like them only seek to tear down and destroy all of the beautiful things on this planet to be replaced by their own horrific visions of what things should be. I'm not that different from you or anyone else aside from my powers, I feel things just the way you do. I'm sad for what has happened, I'm sad I wasn't a better protector for this planet and that I let everyone down. That doesn't mean I won't stop trying though."

"We're not the same, Supergirl. I've never killed thousands of people. Indeed, I think the other one of you, Superman? He hasn't killed either. You're a murderer with respect only for the lives you favor. Like a malevolent god. How do you respond to the news reports from this afternoon that the Russians are asking Interpol to arrest you on account of war crimes? I assume you won't much care for international law then, either, right? Do what you will, kill who you may. That sort of thing."

Kara trembled for a moment as the woman continued, "No matter what I say, you're just going to keep attacking me. When instead, the real enemy is out there laughing as we're being torn apart from within." She balled up her fists behind her back, doing her best to stay under control, "What do you want me to say Maam? What is it you called me here today to hear? Goading it out of me isn't working, so you may as well state plainly what you wanted to hear and then I can defend myself properly."

"I think we've all heard plenty, Supergirl. And if I have my way, being stripped of your ability to operate on these shores will be the least of your concerns," Traverstein responds. "I have no other questions, Senator Ballard."

"Very well," Ballard says with a nod. "Are there any other questions?"

The room goes quiet for a moment and Ballard nods. "Thank you for your time, Supergirl. You are excused."

Kara forces a smile and before she goes she nods to the committee, "I pray to God, you do not have your way Maam. Every single day, I am out there, saving lives in this beautiful country and I don't intend to stop and neither will any of my friends. Whatever I did, I will atone for it in my own way and I want people to know, not to give up hope because no matter what, there will always be people out there willing to do whatever they can to keep the innocent safe."

"So sayeth the Supergirl," says Traverstein into a still open mic as she's packing her belongings. "Let no law stand in her way."

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