A Crime Against Gumbo

October 21, 2018:

Even though demons are over-running the world the mutants over at Xaviers still find time for food and interpersonal problems.

Xavier's Institute - Exterior Grounds - New York City

Xavier's Institute grounds are located on 1407 Graymalkin Lane in
Westchester County between Graymalkin Lane itself and Breakstone Lake (30
miles outside of NYC itself). A large portion of this is acres upon acres of
woodland forest. To the farthest eastern portion of the Institutes grounds
there is a stretch of low foothills.

Upon entering the Institute grounds immediately past the heavy gated
entrance one finds themselves on a carefully paved road that splices into a
circle-drive in front of Xavier's Mansion where Professor Xavier has created
a school for special individuals. These "special" individuals are those
seeking education, not only in every day skills and common school courses
but also in their unique 'gifts' granted to them typically by a mutation.

The mansion itself is a multi-story building built over a hundred years ago.
It has finely cultivated gardens encircling its extensive structure. The
front lawns are sprawling stretches of perfectly trimmed grass and edge
gardens while the rear grounds feature extensive walkways, gardens, sports
fields and pathways leading out toward Breakstone Lake and the forest that
encompasses it.


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Fade In…

It's been a while since Xavier's started acting as a shelter for the displaced residents of Mutant Town and, for the most part, it's remained relatively safe. In part due to the tireless work of the more combat capable mutants willing to maintain the perimeter.

While few are celebrating the infernal invasion not everyone is quite as upset at a literal hellscape as they should be. Laura, sometimes known as X-23, for example has found a certain catharsis in fighting legions of monsters without any of the guilt that killing humans would.

But even her healing factor can't keep her at combat readiness forever. And thus she's returned to the schools grounds, hoping to get a hot meal and sleep for the first time in almost a week.


Speaking of a hot mean, the cajun has found his way back to the mansion for the time being and he's doing everything he can to not only fight the demonic invaders, but also to help everyone here in any way he can. Be it training, entertainment, medicine, and even cooking.

"Dey don' call me gumbo fo' nut'in'." He says to the older man holding out a bowl towards Remy. With a smile the thief pours a ladle full of gumbo into the man's empty bowl. Turning his red eyes to the next person he shouts, "NEXT! Get ya dinner on!" He smirks, looking to Laura, the next in line. "Heya li'l Logan." He teases with the worst sense of humor possible.


Laura Kinney shuffles forward, then holds a bowl out. "I don't think I've ever heard anyone call you 'Gumbo'," she notes, raising an eyebrow with disapproval. "Usually it's a lot more colorful language that I shouldn't repeat on school grounds." The food gets a suspicious sniff, not that she'd turn it down even if it was lethal to normal people. Hunger is the best spice after all.

"It's nice to see at least someone is taking things easy. Is the food good today? Or am I going to need to drown out mystery meat with hot sauce like last week?"


"Ya can always make it hotter, but-" SLURP! Remy lifts the ladle to his lips and takes a long draw of the soup before he pulls it away with a great smile and a "WHOOO! Dat's warm." He says boisterously before dumping the contents into Laura's bowl.

Turning his head he motions for someone else to take his spot at the front of the gumbo line. "Ah didn' know you dhe abilitah o' restrain'." Remy teases towards Laura as he reaches up and grabs a bowl and spoon in one hand and just scoops into the pot to grab himself a serving of dinner.

Following Laura to her spot, Remy will sit down next to her, "'Ere, if ya need." He says, passing the young girl a bottle of tobasco cause he knows her (brother, father?) he knows she's related to Logan.


One of the perks of being free is the ability to choose. In this case Laura chooses to add a whole lot of the offered tabasco. It might make the food painfully hot, but at least it's not the bland nutritionally sound fare she grew up eating in the lab. "Patience and restraint are vital skills for any assassin," she points out earnestly. "Otherwise I'd never get anywhere without leaving a trail of bodies…. Although come to think of it lately that's the only way anyone moves around New York. Unless they can fly, but where's the fun in that?"


"You wound me!" Remy says, his hand clutching at his heart, his spoon held against his breast with a frown at the sight of Laura dousing her bowl with the blasted tobasco. Remy sighs exaggeratedly at Laura when she talks about the mountain of bodies in her wake. "Do me a favor then, let me walk in front of you everywhere. But I'm going to need a mirror to keep you in sight. You're absolutely terrifying." He says with a wink of his left eye and his tongue sticking out. Then his spoon is spun around his thumb and he clutches it before diving into his own cooking.


Lorna Dane hadn't been back to the mansion for the better part of a month at least. She had been in Mutant Town, fighting demons and searching for her brother. All the while she'd built herself a steel fortress that would make most people pause in considering an attack. Then was Genosha, a few days scattered here and there in the warmth and sunshine. Her siblings safe as they ever could be and under the watchful eye of their father.

But she'd needed clothes, her clothes, not the couture styles that filled her closet on Genosha. All filled with wedding gifts for the ceremony that had never happened.

A sort pop over via portal hadn't been that hard to come by.

A glance, followed the food line, and the scents of spices captured her attention thoroughly. The green haired mutant trailed over, her boots dragging against the leaf strewn lawn. "What's cooking?"


"Not terrifying enough to scare off demons," Laura points out with a shrug. "Or this would be a /lot/ easier. It's more like trying to fight they tide than anything you could call productive." She begins to shovel in her food none-the-less, heedless of the blisteringly hot spice level. Between bites, and without taking the time to look up, she adds "You'd best ask the chef Lorna. Some sort of…. stew I suppose? It's okay, masks the taste of brimstone at least."


"It's Gumbo." Remy says loudly while giving Laura a sidelong glance. Gosh darn teenagers. "And I've been called dat several times in mah life. Mostly by Rogue, but who's countin'?" The cajun laughs reaching for the roll of paper towels on ever table and ripping himself a square and one for Laura too. "Got some on ya- ya whole face really. Ya eat like a rodent." The man says with a crooked smirk on his lips.

Looking over his shoulder he puts his eye on the green warrior. "Damn Lorn, ya lookin' killah as well." He says, lowering his face a little bit, worried afterwards he might offend someone.


A tilt of her head followed as she listened to the conversational dueling between Laura and Remy, and green eyebrows furrowed in faint amusement. "Well, if Remy made it, then it'll be spicy enough to kill my taste buds for good. I guess I could help myself to a little. Though the cooks back at the Spire will be disappointed.." She drawled, moving to cut the line briefly with apologies on her lips and dart back to Remy and Laura before anyone could truly protest.

"I gotta go back here shortly. I still have to check in on my siblings. We found Pietro, by the way, Remy." She smiled weakly, and there were obvious shadows around her eyes. She had been running herself ragged in the last few weeks and had yet to recover completely.

"If you guys wanted to come on a field trip for some beach time fun you could come with. I've got a teleport back in a half hour."


"I haven't slept in days," Laura points out, still trying her utmost to devour the bowl of food with the least wasted energy possible. "So you will have to excuse me if I don't have the brain power to eat like a refined Southern lady."

"You found Pietro?" she eventually repeats with a frown. "I hope you won't be offended but… is that good news? I was sure I heard talk about him trying to murder someone… As for the offer I think I will pass. I am not really a beach person. Too exposed, not enough places to hide."


Remy not very quietly but certain of the reaction he'll get, "Too far away, not very helpful." He says towards his bowl with his face turned down towards it. He knows there's work to be done here and going on the other side of the world isn't going to fix New York. Isn't going to help mutant and human relations. But doing this, sending demons back. That's GOT to help. At least a little.


A nod followed Laura's question. "Yeah, we got him. It was hard… and well.." She exhaled a breath. "Once they're well enough, I imagine we'll work on helping to get New York saved. No one wants New York to stay as it is." There was the disturbing news that one Illyana was responsible for the chaos there, but Lorna was still struggling with that detail. She wasn't sure how accurate it was, perhaps Illyana had her reasons..

It was hard to think of the blonde as anything but her friend. One of the few bridesmaids that had attended her wedding.

"But I need time in the sun for a bit. Being stuck in New York for a few weeks really killed my mood."


"At least it was only your mood," Laura points out with a shrug. "Bruiser did a number on what I assume was one of Scotts bikes.." She frowns and adds "I suppose a lot of people have died too. For the record I am sure I can think of /some/ people who are probably very happy about what's happening. Cultists and end of the world soothsayer types. Placard makers too."


"I'll be sure t' mourn ya mood when I go back out dere to try an fin' more people who are actually bein' killed." Remy says, clutching at his spoon with a dark bite in his voice. That's not how the cajun would run things. No he doesn't want his people getting burnt out or getting hurt, but there are people legitimately suffering and dying out there while they're in their mansion and the world is turning to shit but hearing someone say they need a vacation day, that boils Gambit's blood. He puts his spoon down and with a faint glow of purple to his iris, Remy looks to Laura and whispers, "'Scuse me." as he climbs out of his chair and starts to march away to the front of the mansion.


"Ouch, Molly took one of Scott's motorcycles? Even I didn't dare to do that in High School. Alex wanted to a few times.." She offered, a forced lightness in her tone.

Lorna fell silent at Remy's words, her expression twisting with a flash of rage and barely contained hurt. The steel of her spoon in her grip folded over her hand, mirroring the shape of brass knuckles along the ridges of her fingers. Before she very carefully, passed the otherwise untouched soup off to one of the tables that were lined with refugees. She swallowed hard, pushed up the sleeve of her leather jacket and slammed her hand against the device there.

"I'll need a teleport back now." She muttered, and stalked off away from the mass of bodies and people.


Remy turns around and watches Lorna storm off and lifts his right arm with his left arm hooking inside his right elbow and he flips off Lorna behind her back, not the best moment of his life, but it makes himself feel better. He lowers his hands and sighs, looking back to Laura and growling. "I need a moment with you." The cajun says and starts to walk off down the hallway.


"Well that was…." Laura says blankly as Remy gets up to leave only for Lorna to storm off instead. "I have no idea. Is there some problem between you two? Actually, I am unsure I wish to know the answer." Solving personal problems is hardly her area of expertise after all. "But if there is… Now is probably the time to make nice, even if you didn't start whatever it is, because the world could be about to end."


Remy waits in the hallway for Laura to catch up and he responds to her words, "If the world is about t'end, Ah'm not gonna to waste dhe time Ah have left tryin' to reconcile a frien'ship wit' someone who don' feel dhe same. Nah, Ah'm gonna keep doin' wha' Ah was doin' and save lives and try an' stop dhe end o' dhe world." Remy says with his chin to his chest and moving down the hallway towards the elevator that he presses the button for.


Laura Kinney rolls her eyes. "Well, so long as you keep the fighting for moments everyone isn't in danger then who am I to care," she remarks as she grudgingly follows along. Leaving her bowl behind for someone to collect and clean. "Was that the moment you needed? Or is there something else?"


"Sorry kid, but Ah need you for more." The cajun says as he steps into the elevator and presses a button to go down after waiting for Laura to be in. "You're gonna beat me up. Ah need t'let off some steam before I mess up in dhe field." The thief explains.


"And me beating you up will help?" Laura asks skeptically as she follows Remy into the elevator. "I suppose I could find the time, although I'd really rather engage in combat after I've had chance to sleep. You'll have to make do with a very poor standard of violence."


"Even at your worst you could probably out class meh." Gambit reports but he is just so blind with rage that he is going to fight a teenager to calm down. "Now don' 'old back on me." The cajun says as he lifts his arm and rolls it behind him, stretching his shoulder and walking into the danger room.

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