Vague Disapproval

October 20, 2018:

Back Dated before Pietro was saved. Scott visits Lorna at her steel-clad bunker in Mutant Town. He vaguely disapproves of her holding together the Brotherhood.


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Mentions: Pietro, Wanda, various X-men


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The constant twilight that was Mutant Town hadn't let up in the weeks since the demons from Limbo had invaded. Refugees had fled and many from Mutant Town camped out at the school, while supplies were shipped down to Mutant Town for those that refused to leave their homes. A good portion of those just happened to have ties to the Brotherhood. Reports had been a slow trickle, if that, beyond random encounters about demons and the alike. Word was vague and limited. Though rumors still managed to filter back to the Mansion proper as other X-men delivered supplies passed military blockades and the alike to the beleaguered residents of the crumbling city.

Said rumors, included the brief appearance of one Alex Summers, and the vanishing of the twin leaders of The Brotherhood. Entangled in all of these rumors was that one Lorna Dane, Polaris, had moved into Mutant Town and more or less taken over her sibling's places. It wasn't hard for word to get back to the Mansion, not when teams were constantly coming and going to and from. Neither would the rumors be absent in the fact that at least within the bounds of Mutant Town… demons rarely approached. There had been lines drawn in the sand, and while the rest of the city was still engulfed in chaos and misery, at least, for once.. mutants weren't suffering the worst of it.

In the center of Mutant Town, was what had once been a the Community Center. Now, it was a bunker. Steel entirely encased it feet thick. Large swaths of steel spikes, look-out perches, and wrought iron fences made of scrap metal ringed the streets and concrete around it. Buildings around it were crumbling and damaged, some burned out remains from fires. Others entirely demolished. But the fortress, at least twinkled with light and life. The only to be clearly seen in the area.

Lorna for her part stood perched on the top, gone were the attempts at dressing civilly, and a return to leather and metal riveted armor came to pass. Her hands glowed faintly with green as she directed metal this way and that. Adding another pile of scrap metal and smoothing out the steel to a refined looking point below.


The rounds is about what they can be called. The fighting and efforts are taking the X-Men everywhere they are needed, which right now Cyclops is striding with jacket and full uniform across the streets of Mutant Town towards the former Community Center. He had wanted to check for Emma Frost but that isn't an option right now, the red glow of his visor ignited, trailing a wavering laser-line behind him as he 'powers' it down to a dull line. It's the rather proud almost challenging perch of Polaris that has Scott double-taking, turning from his intended course and grabbing ahold of a piece of scrap metal to haul himself up, climbing with lengthy strides and long arms to join the young woman's side.

"Polaris." He says loud enough to be heard, somewhat lacking in breath. No means out of shape but at the moment exhausted and very winded.


Everyone alive emitted some form of electrostatic, nervous systems and the brains emitted some subtle, unique pulses that if Lorna was focused, she could pick up on. It also made for a good early warning system while she was out in Mutant Town. Demons didn't have the same physical bodies and often, gave off nothing. Those gaps of nothingness sometimes proved telling. So as Scott approached, Lorna continued her work. Another burned out husk of a car broke apart under her directions, and settled into refined sheet metal instead. That done, and only then, did she turn around with a burst of magnetic energy to fully face Scott, or rather Cyclops.

A smirk tugged at her lips, and even as other mutants around peered out from around corners—a protective measure. After all, Magneto had given orders that his youngest be protected and not snatched from the streets like the twins.

She waved them off, green eyes flickering with the after burn of power as she turned her attention back to consider Scott.

"Cyclops." She gestured around her. "Come to admire my defensive fortifications? Or did you head a group that's bringing in more supplies?"


"Both. I suppose." Scott says giving Lorna a once over before his attention sweeps over her protectors with about as much acknowledgement as is expected, next to none. They're not his enemies right now.
"Admiring your handywork around here and clearing a path for a thru-convoy. It's dumping off medical supplies… " A hitch in his words as he looks back on down the road from where he came, he hadn't realized how fast hes been walking.
"Or was last I knew."

A set to his lips and he tips his head, the only indication hes got his gaze once more seated on Lorna. "Story time. Fill me in with your own words."


A shrug and with a wave of her hands, steel chairs grew out of the metal around her. A gesture of her hand indicated that Scott was welcome to sit and she took her own. Even as her gaze flickered back toward their surroundings. Safer than the rest of the city wasn't as safe as outside of the city. Demons still attacked from time to time, but it was a rare occurrence that they came so far into Mutant Town. Not with Frenzy, Exodus, and her father's other people patrolling constantly.

"We'll need them here. We just got a few injured. A family that refused to leave and their townhouse caught fire.." She murmured and crossed her legs as she leaned back to peer at Scott from beneath a fringe of green hair.

"I've been here two weeks at least. Hard to tell with the lack of sunlight and you know, reliable time pieces around." She drawled, "Anyways, soon after the first supplies came through I was told my siblings went missing." Her lips thinned together, "Eventually… I found out that my sister was attacked or something. She's unwell. Pietro is missing and it's assumed that it has to do with whatever has caused all of this.." She nodded toward the darkness that spanned outward to encompass everything as far as the eye could see.

"So I'm staying here, protecting those that don't want to leave.. and hopefully rescue my brother." Her jaw was clenched, her hands curled loosely and glowing still faintly with power. She was constantly "on" here, constantly stretching her senses out around her. And the strain was pushing her mind ever onward toward manic. Marcos was no where to be seen, and hadn't been for weeks. And the greenette had been without sunlight the entire time she'd been surrounded by her father's people..

All of which was never good when mixed with her natural bipolar state.


Scott's reluctance to sit is apparent as he straigthens up in to that usual stubborn and stoic ramrod stance, chin uplifted and arms going across his chest. Though, circumstances considered and how long hes been on his feet it only lasts several intakes before he is lowering himself to a seated position, elbows finding his knees as he peels back his cowl and starts to roughly drag his fingers through his hair, letting himself take a moment.
"They'll be here. Even if I have to double back." He promises.

"Do you know who took him?" Good riddance is kept out of his words because no, its very likely not a good thing. "And who attacked Wanda?" He asks the questions but his empathy is limited to non-existance, he has more concern for motives and why as to the safety of the twins.

"Not going to fault you for protecting anyone or taking a stance here… however… your brother?" A bitter taste is swallowed down.


Lorna's gaze lingered on Scott, as if waiting for his disapproval. She crossed her legs as she leaned back against the steel chair's frame. Her arms draped to either side as she idly flicked her wrist this way and that. Tiny little spikes pulled from the metal that lined the center's walls appeared, sharp and bright despite the dimness of the twilit sky that surrounded them.

"No, we don't know who took him or why. The only thing we know for certain is that he's somewhere in New York, and that any attempts to trace him telepathically, have ended in a block. To override that block, might damage his mind." Green eyes flickered her focus back to Scott. A faint narrowing followed as she considered his tone, as if waiting to hear his disapproval.

"Wanda is too unwell to speak." Her mind, her body… Lorna wasn't sure. But her father had created a steel trap more or less to house her half-sister in. None of which set well with her. She fell silent for a beat, and shifted her fake lazing about in the steel chair and sat up. Her focus singularly held on Scott opposite of her.

"My brother doesn't deserve to be held by demons. By whatever it is that caused this. No matter what. No one deserves that."


A thoughtful noise is delivered bfore he speaks, not much more than a grunt. It's the only thing he can do to keep himself from suggesting this is best where Wanda is concerned. The magnitude of a threat she is after all is… unthinkable at times. He lies though… "I'm sorry to hear that."

"No, not even Pietro deserves that." A headshake at the circumstances and again he rakes fingers through unruly dark hair, its getting long enough it needs cut down. He wishes at times like these he could hear Jean, she always helped him find the right course when hes confused or second guessing.

"I'll not get in your way and we'll help /you/ if it is required. Not them. Strategically this could be in our favor, though, it is inhumane for me to want to pursue taking advantage of that right now. I wouldn't do that to your family… " His eyes beyond that visor look skyward and he pulls the cowl back up over his head, "Do you think they would do the same for you? This is an honest question. I personally no longer claim to know. I find them both volatile and unpredictable."


Silence lingered as Lorna watched Scott critically, as if waiting for the smallest of insults that she could jump on. As if expecting him to disapprove. The green haired woman was clearly on edge, and as a result, the older Summers brother was metaphorically walking through a minefield of a conversation. Still, his slow acceptance, his words.. eased that tension that held her shoulder taut. She leaned back into her chair, and nodded.

"We need supplies and we need to stop whatever this is that's plaguing New York, well.." Her lips twitched, "That's an obvious, duh answer there.." She muttered. Everyone needed this taken care of. There was no way around that.

But his last comment had her smile fading thoughtfully. Her father, she knew, would send whoever he could to find her if something went wrong with her.. Pietro and Wanda.. The two were so inseparable. And when they'd last faced them down..

A small rise and fall of her shoulder followed. "I don't know. I'd like to think that Pietro would at the least. He visited me when I was being held in jail. Remember that time we got arrested at the music shop? He visited me there. To check in on me." Her voice was soft, her brows furrowed in thought. She certainly hadn't shared that in any reports.


"Just becareful." Scott insists, the tension right now not overlooked but hes not about to cater or approach it. They have bigger enemies right now, worse threats than their own oil and water relationship.

"Very little threat to that visit." He cuts, not fully intended but it comes out.

"I just need to sit a moment then I'll be out of your hair." The line awaits. Quietly he looks through red lensing at Lorna's features, a flat expression from any other viewpoint.

"Do you need any extra help here?"


Another shrug, "For him? There wasn't. He didn't hurt anyone to visit me, Scott. Didn't set off any alarms. Didn't do anything other than to check in on me when everyone else had been released. My brother isn't like my father, not entirely." She whispered, her eyebrows furrowing faintly in an thoughtful expression. The 'not yet' going unvoiced. She stood, the chair dissolving back into the steel that surrounded the area.

"You're welcome to sit as long as you need." Her arms folding as she shifted her weight on her feet as if she couldn't stay still. Not that she had to be up and about. But there was that constant need to do something. Anything. Sitting still felt wrong. Which was likely why she couldn't sleep more than in short bursts and snatches here or there. Three hours at most.

"And I'm alright. Plenty of teams keep coming through here, I'm not lacking in hands." Her folded arms dropped to her sides and she fought the urge to pace and turned her gaze away from the surrounding area and back to Scott.

"Besides, my father sent Exodus and Frenzy to watch my back here. I'm better off than most of New York."


"Your father sending anyone is not well advised. The man's a war criminal and anyone he offers up is likely to be looked at the same outside of Genosha." Scott attests as he stands to his feet, ignoring the good samaritan acts of Quicksilver. Though, not in the mindframe to butt heads with Lorna either.

"Too much to be done. I appreciate the offer… "

"You know, I think you have that look I'm warned about all the time. You should consider rest and sleep yourself, Lorna. This will all be here, likely still happening when you wake."

A flex of his hand and he pulls his glove on tighter, a fist folding up in it and relaxing.

"You're skirting that like again, Polaris. Keep your head on your shoulders and don't forget… " A moment stands as if Scott is about to reach over and squeeze her but he doesn't, turning away instead and making his way down the metal defensive set up shes erected.
"Speaking of the rest of New York… "


A snort as Lorna gestured to the city at large with a wave of her hand. "What do laws matter here Scott? If there's someone able and willing to handle demons and keep a defensive parameter, I'll work with them. For now, whoever my father sent doesn't matter. It's not like all of this will stay when the demons go. When New York is reclaimed. All of this will go back into rebuilding homes." She leaned a hand against the steel covered structure beside them.

"And I'm fine on three hours of sleep. It's not like there's a clear night or day here." She grumbled, "I just keep waking up even if I try." Her voice was dry, and laced with her typical humor. Marcos was gone, the last fight they'd had last weeks ago had been violent and loud on the way in. She'd drawn a line in the sand, quite literally.

She trailed off frowning as Scott mentioned that line that edge that she constantly flirted with. "Don't forget what?" She muttered, shaking her head as her gaze swung toward steel of the defensive parameter. A few curious heads from guards and the alike peering out around the corners to watch Scott in various levels of wariness.


line not like*)


Scott looks over his shoulder at Lorna, "Why we are doing what we do and where you've been forced to take a stand over and over."
"If you need me or any of us, call. You're one of us."

Wetting his lips he looks at her a moment longer then makes for the street. Shes not wrong if they don't lose themselves to Demonic Limbo in this the world will reclaim and restablish. He just has to maintain order until then so it can all snap right back in to place.

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