Snakes In The Garden

October 20, 2018:

The Shadowpact comes closer than they have before to the Glacier Stone.

A Club, Somewhere in NYC

Danceclub, lots of lights, lots of drugs. Demons, Artifacts, you know, the usual.


NPCs: Vinnie Bradley (The Glacier Stone Bearer), Various Demons and Sheeple

Mentions: Adara Hong

Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…

Colored lights flash in the darkness shrouded building's interior. The music thrumming and hammering so loud the bass beat makes a person's hair feel on end. Center of the floor bodies writhe across the dance floor. A club on the outskirts of the 'Demonic Limbo' safety areas cleared away by the authorities, mystics and other assorted well-intended (some simply territorial).

The Clubs name faded out but one can assume's broken lettering spelled out 'Garden' and something else long washed away with time and disrepair.

Immediately outside there had been an uplifted porch flanked by dead plant-life in large pots, perhaps it's name sake. Maybe the first word before Garden was 'Dead' or Death… the psychic pressure of this place is heavy, enough that it required a double-back mention prior nights ago while Shadowpact has been cleaning up the streets. That 'supernatural gravity' alone not reason itself, the Glacier Stone. Tracked here by Ripclaw and the possible suspect who wears it have been pegged as present in this location, possible. Whether they arrived alone or together this club despite what is transpiring just blocks away is rather alive, full party mood for those inside and not a care to be had. True New Yorkers, deviants and devil may care youth of the era.


"You know, the last time I went to a club like this, I ended up in a coma for three days." Vivienne stood off to the side of the group, using the shadows to her advantage, as she checked over her gear. She was wearing her 'urban chic' armor, as seemed to be the usual these days, with the military and other prying eyes walking, no, usually running down the street, too eager to shoot first and ask questions later. A hand dipped under her jacket, checking the Spear, despite the fact that she could feel it there easily enough, the swords at her side, the pair of guns she had recently added to her arsenal. A nod, as if she were checking everything off on her checklist, and having found herself mostly acceptable, seemed ready to get on with the business they had come for.


The only thing that makes Sara's hair feel 'on end' is the proximity to that Demonic Limbo, as well as the possibilities within this proximity. Not the bass.

In the line, once Sara is processed through he long coat is checked at a desk, peeled away to reveal a form fitting pale blue dress where the hem fought for hold over lower thighs and lost - riding higher than the appropriate placement.

Silver tiny ringlets of chains dangle from her ears in lengths that brush exposed collar bones, the chain-linked choker held in place by a tiny clasp at her nape where the multitude of tiny chains descend as if they are what keeps that dress aloft on her frame via a spider-webbed span of that decor to clasp into the pale blue fabric.

A good contrast to her naturally tanned pallor, but it was to draw the attention of their target she had aided in tracking to this point.

Nevermind the golden bracelet on her wrist bearing a burning hued stone, the chitinous cling keeping it almost 'embedded' into her wrist and forearm.

Sara obviously only had armed herself with that hidden 'Blade…


What was hidden is her own secret as she steps up beside the other two, the passing tray of 'Jell-o JiggleShots' passes by them and Sara snares three, one between each finger in the scooping grab. In the lighting they react to the effects, frostily reflecting on their own as if reactive. A glance towards Viv and her comment, a brow rises. "So no beverages?" A Wiggle to the Jell-o shots in her hand in offering.


Cosplay was an easy enough entry password at the mixed attire. Most assume faux armor and costumes considering the fan craze the world itself promotes. Robert with the others isn't so outstanding, for once just a black shirt, pants and riding boots. His hands bound up to the knuckles in wraps that extend from that shirt, it looks some sort of 'Gothic' style but really, it servers it's own purpose. Those synthetic hands secured and less than obvious, especially with the darkness inside this 'Garden' club promotes.

"Lots of drugs, most in here are out of their minds and so sideways from their spirits its sad. Alcohol added?" A half-grin given to the Detective,"And you of all people." Teasing to ease up some of the serious they hold about them, they'll struggle to fit in with it permeating.

"We find the suspect and smuggle him out, whatever else is happening here… another day." /Another/ he insists as if this wasn't the second visitation.

There are of course plenty of onlookers already, Sara's attire eye catching alongside Viv's mystique, two female forms is largely what most are seeing and then, there is the dark haired pale skinned Native with them, like some feral bodyguard tagging along…


"Last time I was in a place like this it was The Doors playing, I don't know if the afterwards was like a coma, it was certainly weird," comments Strange.

It is probably not true. He has been in truly bizarre places when confronting supernatural miscreants. But sometimes he likes to remind people he is old and probably wise, and maybe hard to surprise.

In truth his youth was a bit of a waste of time. Too much studying and learning, and then getting rich and forgetting what was important. He is hard pressed to find any worthwhile memory from his 20s. At 30 Strange was a wealthy asshole.

At 40 he was living in the Village but too old and wise (hah!) for clubbing.

"Remind me what we know of the Glacier Stone, Robert," because his mind has been in other problems for a while. Demons and demon-makers and worse things. But the Artifacts are also important, if gathered they could remake the world.


Strange's random appearance only causes a light lifts of brows, while Sara stands there offering out the tiny 'Dixie' cups of JiggleDrinks in an upturned palm and the light curl of her fingers to keep them in place as well as beckon them into partaking.

Ripclaw's dismissal is aligned with that of apparently the others' - Strange and Viv. Sara is not to press, so one cup is slid into the next until only one has the alcoholic reminder of horrid 80's sweaters (Sorry(notsorry)Cosby!). One single salute in a lift of the plastic UV reactive drinks and Sara knocks it back!

A side step of platform heeled foot and she leaves the dixie cup emptied, on a railing behind them. "You all need to live a little… more." Sara states while casting a frosted smirk the way of the trio and leans in with a rock before passing through them, uttering in a murmur as she passes through…

"Vinny Bradley. Looks like an asshole from SLC Punk," A pause and she ravels the long curled strand around a finger, using to wrap her entire hair up into a messy waterfalled 'bun'. "And he likes it a bit colder than natural. "Utah is as bad a Seattle. Worse than here." If they did not know already!


"I'd rather drink unleaded." offered in Vivienne's most French, French accent, sharper and crisper than her usual. But there was humour in her expression as they made their way, if slowly, through the crowd, allowing Sara to lead and Robert to fall back into Drogue. It seemed the best way to keep the woman everyone was looking at (that was not her) in the center of attention, so that she could continue her study of the room. "Pack of demons, lots of internal organ damage, near death experience. Very biblical." Apparently, it wasn't only her many times removed ancestor who took three days to rise from the dead. "And I'd live if they had whiskey." Though she very rarely drank on duty, so there was that, "So less hipster beard and more raggedy cave man?"


"You haven't consulted Adara in regards to it yet?" Robert inquires, "Shes likely the most familiar as it is the artifact opposite her own." Then, however, that is to say Magdalena may know heaps about Pandora's Box or Sara Pezzini the Darkness. A quirk of his lips as he shoves past a man in a too tight leather bondage outfit dancing against a school girl attired woman too old for her costume choice.

"The ice giant, it makes him a physical monster with near absolute control over the cold… power enough to flash freeze us."

"Vinnie Bradley? That two first names or two last?" Ripclaw squints at the Detective as he trails behind both ladies and beside Doctor Strange, "The Doors? Definitely not this crowd."

"I think that is our… outdated punk." A motion with his chin while Magdalena speaks towards the upraised section of flooring just through the dance floor, all those bodies and up a flight of stairs where a rail separates the overlooking section from the dancers and them. Tall, perhaps about six five or so and rail thin. Tattoo covered, a leather jacket, studded and a scowl that cuts through everyone near him. He isn't alone. Beside him is an equally blonde woman, busty, near pressing out of the scant outfit she has on that is stylishly adorned with horns, a faux tail and long claws.

"I can smell him." Which the relics can sense one another and there is a power emanating from both the blondes.


Strange sighs at the mere concept of confronting an icy giant in a crowded crowd. He has spells to counter ice abilities, but he is not confident they are enough to oppose an Artifact. And usually he would be the first to find a supernatural pair in a crowd of normal humans, but not now, not with demons outside and so much magic permeating the city. He is not as his best nowadays. His city does not feel 'his' anymore, wards are in tatters and his home ground advantage is just gone outside his Sanctum and a few other guarded areas.

"Perhaps we should try to draw them outside," he suggests thoughtfully.


"Adara is young, and she has not yet learned to control her power. Too often it controls her. Whatever th artifact might or might not know about its opposite, its bearer does not have enough control from stopping the two of them from going to war until one or the other, and everyone else in the vicinity is dead." Of course, she does add in, "Yes, I know, I'm speaking from my unassailable castle. But that doesn't make it any less true. Of all of the artifacts, so far as they knew, only the Spear did not have any hold on the bearer, or imbue them with any thought or emotion they might not otherwise have themselves. So yes, Vivienne acknowledged that she was indeed speaking from a place of not ever being in the position the other bearers were. Vivienne shifted her attention to Strange, "I'm happy to follow that idea, but I don't quite know how to draw him out without instantly being blasted by Mr. Freeze Lite."


"I…" A pause, a glance of those Sicilian eyes towards each of them in turn before she clarifies. "We are not that outdated, Sir." But /Sir/ is so sarcastically drawled by Sara that it is obvious the biting sarcasm and retort to her "showing her age".

A glance Viv's way, though, and Sara Cheerleader Poses a hair-flip as she looks over her attire and grins. "Who is your designer?! I simply */must/* know!" A flash of teeth towards the other woman and it seems feral, but the flick of hair in a "non"chalant motion is towards their target.

Robert then also points him out as Strange speaks and Sara simply laughs, it seems far too jovial for the situation, a palm placed upon Strange's shoulder in her pirouette, leaning in, but the words evident. "He won't go outside, as he is not that …. Old…," Outdated. You will never live this down Ripclaw! "We just save who we can anymore." A sly smile, as if what she says does not impend the occupants of this 'Garden'.

A look back at Viv and the mention of Adara - the Ember Stone - Sara narrows her eyes and glances towards Robert.

"Like any other youth, you bait him." A curious look passed over Viv and then it is as if Sara finally realizes the True Age, of her company and exhales slowly. A close of eyes and words come forth from ages past…

"Like The Serpent in The Garden did to Eve." Right?

Sara is the /least/ biblical or religious of them, and yet she manages, feebly!


Each one of them has been pressed out of comfort zones with this otherworldly invasion especially the Sorcerer Supreme of this realm no doubt. It's unbalancing on a different level than it is the Ghost Warrior and Robert has never really considered it in too much depth until now. "He likely knows we are here as well." As Vivienne in her own way points out. A warrior's response. There is nothing for him to add in regards to Adara, each time hes been around the woman shes been less than pleased to be in their presence and shows it in a rather explosive manner.

"Bait him? I want to see this. My suggestion was a direct approach but… I can see where that may be a fail." Surprised to hear the response from Pezzini being the police officer in the crowd but then, her smiling playful manner is a ploy likely, shes keeping up appearances and in the process making them stand out less than they do, somewhat.

"Rock paper scissors?" He jokes towards Viv and Sara.

"They're not alone here. If you look close enough… they have companions." Which, trained eyes will notice those who hover near, approach them and depart, one of them was even overheard saying 'Hail' and trailing off in another language towards the blonde woman with the horns and tail.


They know? Well, of course. Strange has his illusions and miss-directions, but three artifacts in the same place? Why is he even bothering to be subtle?

"I can try to talk with him if you want," he offers, "unless the Glacial Stone can protect their mind I should be able to convince them from almost anything. I am going to need eye contact, so I can't do it from here." Because, "you ladies are the Artifact carriers. You are the ones more likely to be considered hostile, am I right?"


"Something very much like that yes. Whether or not we'll be cast out in the aftermath, well, that's a worry for another day." Vivienne settled herself, tracking the crowd as Robert made note of the people moving to and fro in the upper area, "I think, given the choice, that Sara is much more likely to hold a man's attention than I am. And I can handle the woman, and anyone else who decides to tag in." There was only logic in Vivienne's voice, as she estimated her level of attractiveness compared to the detective's. "So, to be clear. Our intention is to take the stone from him? At any cost?" A thoughtful look, given towards Strange. "Either he looks at us as threats, or he looks as us as people to take the artifacts from. So a threat, or an enticement."


"I beg to differ," Sara states in regards to Viv's denial of her own femininity.

The detective is not 'hitting' on the other woman, but she is not mincing words in regards to the circumstances they are all under.

SLC Glacier is not interested in men, and while Sara and Viv have their own back up of opposing sex, so does 'Vinny'.

A fisted hand braced in the Witchblade is held out in the challenge of Rock. Paper. Scissors. Three pumps and her exposed sign via fingers is made, but brought to rest at the curve of hip clad in the frosty color of a near-vinyl dress. Scritch.

A draw of nails along her upper thigh and she salutes the other three. Sara is a Detective, Agent, first and foremost, but in this area of expertise she is crafted into the art of covertcy. Even if she bears an artifact, she is ignorant of the others, right?? Present company only an attraction, and her profession her only reality.

Or her escape from it all…

"I did not intend to be The Serpent, Lucifer." A bit of venom in her tone as she looks between them and tilts her head just enough they can see the light peel of upper lip from canines in a grimace. "But I guess if the shoe fits." Stated as Sara's gaze slowly ascends upward to the SLC Glacier, the smile now flourished one that would put Colgate out of business. Between teeth she mutters. "Still think a Spear is better for this.."

Maybe a low blow but Sara is parting from them and being… The Threat or Enticement beneath flickering club lights!

Anything but the Garden Of Eden.


"You're too important right now outside of this." Ripclaw says to Strange, "This is internal and if that goes sideways, you're still needed out there." There being demon plagued barrier broken New York. "You and I can watch over them, you two approach them. Strut your stuff."

The shaman cannot help but give them a crooked smirk. That dance floor to him looking like a gauntlet of undulating, too close and space disruptive, overdosed in scents nightmare to navigate.

"The stone at any cost… " Robert confirms.

"So do I." He agrees with Sara in her assessment of Vivienne. Though, a different sort of feminine predator there.

Not saying anything further he steps back and tries to peel free of the group to move nearer the tables, away from the dancing and massive speakers.

The mark, Vinnie is already eyes set upon the duo before they even set towards him. It is hard to tell if recognition lies in his icy blue gaze but he is studying each woman in turn, leaning to whisper to the blonde 'demoness' beside him. The woman's steely eyes tracking his to set upon each girl then they drift away, sweeping the crowd as a man in a blood red hoodie creeps up beside her, speaking in yet more unheard conversation as the dance-beat-hip continues it's primitive rhythm.


"No front zipper." She indicated herself. "Less cleavage." There really were few things as enticing as cleavage, to the average man, and her armor, alas, zipped along the side. Vivienne glanced down, needing a moment to comprehend what Sara was doing, and then she threw as well. Paper. Alas. But she did not leave the detective to her own devices, only allowing her to separate and move toward the target, while she approached from a slight angle. She left her coat on. Cosplay or not, there was no reason to give up the masquerade before it was completely pulled down. "Lucifer was an Angel once." There's just a spot of humour in those words, before Vivienne had moved too far from Sara for the other woman to hear her words. She did manage a word to Robert and Strange before she moved too far away from them as well, "Cover would be appreciated." And then she's gone, working her way through the crowd.


"Robert, I am also the most veteran in this kind of supernatural game…" okay, fine. Strange is not going to argue. Sarah is a cop, Vivienne is a secret agent/killer of the Catholic Church, or at least she was trained as one from childhood.

But he knows nothing of the Glacial Stone wielder. That is also a concern.

Fine, he is looking for a good position to watch this, then. Loud music and flashing lights are minor distractions, it is not easy to distract him or break his concentration. But a crowd of 'civilians' between him and a possible enemy is not good.


"No need for a zipper, just ruin it."

Angel, is the name from the lips of mothers to their children until a certain age. Then, they become Hellions!

Like a reversed quote from The Crow, 'Mother, is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all Children'. Sara passes Strange, a brush of hip along his own in passing and she smirks his way and whispers, "I'm only human." And even as she sets to be bait for the trap, she is asking for that 'backup', reinforcing the request from Vivienne as they all split paths and the world becomes a bit colder.

Sara is beneath a sweeping flicker of lights in her dance, those errant strands of her Waterfall Bun sweeping the bare exposure of shoulders as she smiles.


… Puts on a facade that lies about her to desire to stab the first one who touches hr and sweeps her into a rhythmic dance while 'Vinny's' sidekicks descend and fan the Floor of the Garden!

A flick of her eyes across the floor and she is marking the placement of each of her companions. Partners, in this Paranormal Crime. For one split second, the Detective is visible before she is swept away into a distracting dance upon the floor.


"I am near. You're both well covered." Robert assures Vivienne while he gives Strange a nod, "That may be so but, this isn't just a supernatural game and you are the Supreme." He insists, a dip of his head down and his hair falls to frame his proud features as he loses himself in the crowd and tables. Out of sight as best he can manage.

The parting of immediate proximity of the Shadowpact group leaves Vivienne to sideline up near enough that shes within earshot if she strains to hear where as Sara, finds herself being nudged, dancers part and she is given an ushering tug from yet another form in a bloody red hoodie and a third. There more of them as one gets closer to the ramp and rails.

The 'demoness' sits down on a chair, her head low and the nearest /hood/ to her is bent forth, partially over her and obscuring what is going on between them. A club like this and the fog it could be harmless, sexual or suspect in to the sinister. Maybe someone dropped a contact in the other's lap or drink.

Vinnie's boots spiked and wrapped up his legs are the first things Sara will come in to contact with as he stares down at her then hes descending to stand uncomfortably close, his teeth showing themselves in a grin, "Do I know you?"


Vivienne continues forward, moving with grace to avoid being tugged on, or held back by the civilians in the area. She keeps something close to one eye on the man of the moment, still sitting up on his perch, but the other is very firmly on the red-hooded men whoa re now moving in and around in the crowd, attempting to shepherd Sara away and up towards their boss, if that is indeed what he is. She leaves no attention for Strange or Robert, trusting both of them to, for the moment, defend themselves. The detective is clearly the center of her attention at the moment. That, and the woman who seems to be the one the men are reporting to. And that, seems to twig something in the Magdalena, her lips, barely moving, casting out a request for aid to the Spear, to her blood, to her faith. Are they sure it's the man who has the Stone?


Strange is nowhere to be seen. At least not to be seen by the eyes of the mundane. Out of sight, but also out of mind, as his enchantments encourage the crowd to forget her was ever there. Only his allies are spared.

That, he hopes, gives him some time to study this man and his 'demon' lady friend using his mystical senses, now better focused to ignore the madness going out outside.


"Can't hear me?" The spike haired man 'Vinnie' shouts louder to Sara who dancing as she is and 'herded' towards the Glacial Stone bearer is playing coy perhaps. Ripclaw cannot tell, he is less concerned with her safety knowing Vivienne is near enough to aid her should it come to. The loud music even more so closer to that side of the 'club.

Vin leans close and yells in Sara's face, making sure she can hear him; a drip of spittle actually spraying forth to hit her cheek, "Can you hear me? I recognize you. You shouldn't be here!" It is almost as though he is warning her.

The Frigid Stone he wears protecting him from minor magics and to an extent even alerting him he is being cast upon but it wins through due to his inebriated state.

One of those bloody hooded men presses a shoulder up against Magdalena, giving her a look up and down. He doesn't speak, just stares at her and brushes up against her, "Hows it hanging?" He says up at her ear. "I like your costume."

The crowd around Strange ignores him as his enchantment takes effect upon them all. He has become virtually invisible amongst them at the time being and is able to watch Ripclaw lean back against the banister, a chair drawn close to his leg while he watches their teammates.

The call upon the Spear and her blood sends a tingle of electricity through her and a shine of power, the Glaciar stone responds with a sharp whine only she can hear as does the Witchblade, though, that is less a whine and more a growl. In doing this there is a pale glow only she can see, black and red laced through it as it surrounds the red and black leather clad blonde 'Demoness' her soul, not a demon but empowered by the Dark and fire roaring realms beyond. Like the Quickening she too finds herself gazing across the dance floor and club to meet Vivienne's look. A curl of her ruby red painted lips shoes teeth.

It is Strange first who will sense the bolstering energy near them, black magics that sprout forth from those hooded figures as if they had just been called to, there is perhaps seven of them in various areas around, three nearest the red lady, Sara, Vinnie and the Magdalena.


Vivienne's lips curled into a smile that might almost have been sweet, as she feels the power levels rise in the room, as she feels, as well as sees, the eyes of the woman shrouded in the power of the Dark staring down at her, as she feels all of the men in hoods seeming to orient on her. 'That's right,' that smile seems to say, 'I'm the one you should be worrying about. I'm the threat you need to focus on.' None of that, however, makes it into her words, which are soft, audible despite the noise of the club, given the hooded man's proximity. "Do you like it?" She slips a hand down, flicking back and open one side of her coat, far enough that she leaves one of her swords in full view, far enough that the Spear, released by her will, falls into her hand, still beneath her cloak. "I wore it for a special occasion."


The concealing magics are certainly minor enchantments. Enough to trick the mundane and maybe the unwary supernatural, but drawing from the Doctor personal reserves of power. His magic he holds in tight control, so he can feel the resistance of the Glacial artifact. All as planned, so…

Wait. No. Dark magic, unexpected. « Beware those in the entourage, they are -not- normal humans » he projects into the other three minds. «I feel dark magics at work » he adds to clarify they are something else.


So Vi—Magdalena, understood Sara's request? Askance? A moment to set bygones aside and move forward together?

Strange slowly fades from the existence, and those who had encircled him seem unphased, she is blinking… slowly… thrice over… Even as she is hugged and tugged into another's waist to bump and grind.

Spun to the next hand of her Taker in the Forbidden Tango. Sara's fingers lace into anothers's, that bracelet of insectile plated armor begins to ascend over the slender bend of clasped fingers as they entangle into a dance.

Sara's eyes glance upon Viv and go from the Italinatural, to that of a black scalera in a slow fade of Shades of Grey, iris' edged in a golden hue, even as she is swept across a congested dance floor and she can feel her partner's hips grind in a place far too close to 'Home'!

Strange was gone, but his voice projects, protects, and when she looks up at her dance partner… What she sees

The Chitinous bracelet of Gold and Lava is slowly weaving along her skin, ascending fingertips into claws, descending forearm into a coating of protection.

Just in case!

"Fai attenzione, amico mio.." Be Careful, My friend…

Spoken to Viv, Rip, Strange… Or her dance partner as that gauntleted grip crushes down upon his fingers if he does not back out quickly!


The exchange between Vinnie and Sara has become a dance, too close and the Witchblade is finding the Glacier Stone releasing it's own shine of frosted white and luminous pale blue. "I knew I recognized you." He hisses as frost starts to form over his chest, shoulders and neck. Though, he doesn't separate as the frozen armor begins to encase him, even as fingers crush and meet resistance.

"I do. Show me more." The Bloody Hood says to the smiling woman even as she is simply just opening her coat, the sword gets a frown and his hand rises up to touch the air around it. The sudden snarl to pop free of his lips bestial and hissing. His eyes going from human round to reptilian slants.

There is a crashing sound and Ripclaw is hurling one of those men in to a table with a loud crack, a fight causes civilians around them to scatter or look confused, six of those hooded monsters not counting the one before Viv remain upon their feet. Doctor Strange is seeing them all amongst the civilians swarm to-and-fro.

"Mistake." The Red Lady says, there is a sound, a muffled explosion noise and then shirt peels open, chest cavity splays and skin peels back around her fist as she SINKS her clawed hand to the wrist in to quivering flesh of a man in a button up shirt who was walking by, her fingers reappear wrapped around a thumping heart that is clutched in her hand.

"You're out of bounds, bitches." She hisses at them all, her own eyes taking a more reptilian look as that faux tail now thrashes back and forth, her feet cloven hooves and her claws very real. It is the still before violence, a moment in the storm where everything is heard. Even the music has hit a lull in between.


Strange was right, at least in his estimation of what Vivienne was and was not bred to be. She was, yes, it could be said, a holy warrior. But it was not strictly speaking, a warrior that the Church had trained her to be. She was their assassin, trained from the time she could hold a weapon to kill at their command. And though that was not, in the end, what they were able to make of her, her blood had seen to that, she had still learned those skills well, and had no compunctions about using them. "Funny," Vivienne offered, as she drew the Spear out from beneath her coat, a flick of her wrist drawing it out to its full length, as she thrust the Spear, limned with holy radiance up and into the hooded man standing beside her, seeking his heart. "I was just about the say the same thing to you."


His eyes on Sara and Vivienne, Strange assumed they were the ones in danger, not everyone else. At least not that anyone else could have been a target for having their heart torn off like that. Death comes too easy lately.

The murder demands a quit response, and caution be damned. Strange mutters words of power, and kaleidoscopic light flows and gathers around his wrists and arms, breaking the illusion that he never there. For better sight, he levitates a few feet upwards, and then blasts at the red woman with a beam of bright magical force.

If there was any doubt to the New Yorkers something strange was going on, this should dispel them.


Just as Vivienne thrust the spear into her own "dancepartner", Sara is pivoting into that dance with Vinny, the Glacier Stone, that rolls and grinds hips upon her own with a lewd gesture while the smile is malevolent with intent with the background of Viv, Robert, and Strange's Reappearance.

The hunger in his eyes, in his heart, is reflective when her eyes go completely dark and the only show is golden Saturn rings that surround pindots of Wyrm-Holes. Pupii, long dead. "Did you, veramente?" Truly?!.

The Witchblade continues forming over her hand, especially when she glances towards Viv, the diminishing light of Strange, while Ripclaw takes on his own front line assault with the SLGlacier's Minion's! "Together or Not?" Sara states as the crushing grip of her fingers takes on the 'Blade and twists his own grip back, a knee rising, expoised beneath the dress to crash into his sternum and send him towards Strange…

At the feet of Magdalena and her Opponent..

In visual of Ripclaw…

Where it can be seen the armor is shredding its path over the woman Vinny sought to challenge and her "friends", as she called them.


There is a shocked expression as the Hood that was beside Vivienne's mouth forms in to a rictus of pain, a brilliant shaft of light erupting through his chest from front to back. His shoulders exploding outwards in a darkening spray of ash as his features contort to less than human, a loud ear piercing shriek pounds out of his lungs then cuts off. A husk toppling away from her.

The 'splut' of a discarded heart and the Red Lady is licking her fingers clean, "You and me, I am going to show you where that spear belongs, going to ride it in to every orific—— " A blazing shot of energy snaps past and crashes in to the woman's torso, ripping straps and leather open as skin chars and she hits the ground, that beam of magical force causing her to flounder in place a moment, slapping upon the ground like some confused fish out of water before shes springing upright, gripping her torso with a whine.

A pop and rip noise before bones break and Vinnie is yelling, his hand bending under the Witchblade's grasp, the iced armor not having reached below his elbow yet it folds, though rapidly the rest of him is transforming, growing, becoming a large golem of iced solidity. The knee to his chest forcing him to break that tango, toppling away from her to stagger over a chair. A sort of tantrum overtaking him as he begins hammering the ground at his feet where hes landed, the entire building getting colder and colder as the temperature drops rapidly. "No, no no! This is not the Master's plan. NO! We have to run!"

"No, we kill them!"The Red Lady screams enraged.


"If that's what you want, but I don't think you're going to enjoy that as much as you think you are." Vivienne dropped the corpse as soon as she felt it die, moving with focused determination towards the platform, pushing, kicking, and shoving the civilians aside now, her voice rising, "Get out while you still can. Or you're all going to die." And that was about all the help she was going to give them, as she moved towards the next closest red hood on her way, light and flame blazing along the length of the spear. The blast of light that struck the woman made her eyes squint, but there was something very much like righteous fury in her face as she saw the woman get back up.


"You have killed the last time, monster," declares Strange, shooting another blast from his left hand towards the red woman. On his right the Eye of Agamotto is opening. He wants to see who and what are these reptile-demons.

He also keeps an eye on Vinnie. Hopefully he will not try to freeze the whole club. He had the right idea about leaving. Encouraging him to leave sounds like a good plan.

Which means Red needs to go right now. And since Magdalena is also homing on her, he will try to make sure she spear-wielder finds her prey.


"… Yes.." Witchblade states as shreds of pale icey blue shred from the figure of the woman, Sara. The Detective that lead them all here, to this fight.

"We kill them." Stated from the lowered voice of baritone comes from the Witchblade, an echo from the Abyss as she rises and the clawed grip curls inward towards her palm before she lunges towards Vinnie when he goes Glacial!

Sara is driven by he Artifact as she lurches forward to impact the Glacier Stone, one handed and predatorial clawed grip extended in her thrust to bring a "Mutual End".

'Kill Them All!' Meant for Vinnie and his Sheep.

There is no Sara, only WitchZuul~!


"No… we have to… " Vinnie's own voice sounds strange, like a hollowed out cavern is guiding his voice. Much larger now he towers over Witchblade, a giant in stature his shoulders scrape on the ceiling of the club, jagged spikes on elbows matching those along his frame. Sara hurling herself at him is met with both of his arms rising up to erect a barricade of ice, keeping them separated. "We go now!" A bark at the Demoness.

The blonde whirls with tail sweeping in a spiral after her, tumbling on her hooves and claws across the club floor to avoid Strange's next attack. A hiss directed at him, the civilians around them already flooding out, back to the streets where yet more creatures from beyond are considered a threat.

"Piles of filth… you don't know who you're declaring enemy and you, Vinnie, poor baby Vin. Do not seek to command me, pathetic mortal… " A leap upwards and she is latched ot the ceiling, head upside down to stare down at them, "The Spear, the Witchblade and the Sorcerer Supreme…. fearful… all of you."

"Just run!" Vinne bellows and turns, charging like a freight train at the wall, barreling through it and the DJ's booth to the streets. The scantly clad Demoness pauses in place, unsure if to pursue or fight on….

The fallen hooded ones are backing up, only for two of them to drop to their knees gushing blood from wounds as claws rake through torsos and abdomens, ripped free to continue their topple as Ripclaw rejoins his team… "We will have to pursue."


There was something to having allies, but there was also something to be said for eliminating them, especially when they were demonic and adding power to a Bearer. Vivienne glanced up, as she saw the woman leap to the ceiling, hand making its familiar movement across her belt as she lept upward, Spear still blazing, heading directly for the woman now clinging to the ceiling, mirroring, in some odd way, the way she had once confronted an Angelus Warrior so long ago. "Go! I'll handle this one!" If the woman though not being on he ground was any protection for her, she was sadly mistaken. Clearly, she did not intend for the demoness to escape their encounter.


"Indeed? Lets find out thusly, in the name of Agamotto" replies Strange, directing the light of the now open eye to the demoness form, to see her true form. With a bit of luck it will also stun her the time Vivienne needs to hit her with the spear. The fleeing ice giant is ignored for now. Given his size he is not going to be hard to catch. And still too many citizens on the way to try to trap him in the club.

Then again, if he has time, he casts a tracking spell at the fleeing Vinnie. For all he knows the Stone allows the wielder to teleport to the Arctic. That would be a problem.


Unlike the 'Frost Golem' the Red Lady stands her ground as Vivienne gives pursuit, teeth barred and it attempts to match her leap, springing off the ceiling only to hit the flare of light, spots blast across her visual and she lashes out with seeping claws, lashing raptor feet and that spaded tail only to sweep past Magdalena in a Samurai Showdown like crossing over. A streak of blood running along her torso from hip to over shoulder, opening up in a splaying peel to show her insides she lets out a keen, begins to crumble and burn in to herself in a disgusting display that leaves a lumped up pile of husk flesh in place.

Ripclaw's pursuit of the Ice Giant cut short as he hits outside and finds the traffic pile and walls of ice left in Vinnie's wake. Knowing full well they'll not reach him in time, "We can find him again. He's likely to be easier to take next time unless they have somewhere else they feel safer than here… "


Vivienne trusted in the Spear, but more than that, she trusted in her faith, and she spun, opening the woman from stem to stern, though she did not, as the woman had wanted, give her an opportunity to ride the Spear in every orifice. It was enough that she was dead. Vivienne, however, did not lower herself back to the ground, instead using the heightened vantage point to look over the scene, to see if there were any red hoods who still needed eliminating. She looked down, and saw Sara gone. To where, she did not know, likely after the Ice Golem, and no sign of Robert either. It was all mop-up work now, until she could join them again.

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