Cutscene: Lost in Limbo

October 17, 2018:

Misfit and ROVR's adventures in Limbo.





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+bbpost 12/Misfit in Limbo=

Caitlin's demand of who the Darkchilde is garners a grin from the demonic woman. "I am."

However the rest of Caitlin's questions are ignored as Mistfit attacks outright. It's any easy thing for the Darkchilde to reach out and grab the young woman by the throat and as Misfit dangles from her grasp, the demoness murmurs, "Aren't you interesting. Though for another time." And with a negligent flick of her wrist, Mistfit is sent flying through the portal behind Illyana Rasputina.

With Misfit dealt with, Illyana's reddened gaze sweeps back out to the group and then Bart.


Caitlin's brain goes into overdrive as multiple things happen at once. "ROVR, track Misfit!" she yells, responding to Tim's swift battlefield command. SIRIN, her hip-mounted AI, goes into motion microseconds after Caitlin speaks. A light glimmers in her eye and her remote drone, hovering a safe distance away, ground drives like a hawk. The drone banks hard, all four rotors pulling, and zips through the portal hot on Misfit's heels. SIRIN can issue such commands vastly more quickly than Caitlin could, even with the complex aviation system on board the drone unit. Though, thank goodness for Stark's autonomous drone programs; the same software that allows cruise missiles to skim nap of the earth at hypersonic speeds is excellent for keeping drones alive in unfamiliar terrain. Add in hardened circuits and a few other useful components, and ROVR is off and chasing Misfit a fractional second before the lightning cascades down.

One minute she was leaping to try to get a grip on the demon lady that appeared to be behind the portals. The next thing Charlie knew she was bouncing along down a very steep slope of jagged red rocks that was making a valiant effort to shred her patched up armor. “Urrk.. ugh… frrrk… ack…. Gurk….”

Charlie might have thought twice if she knew the demon lady was the Sorcerer Supreme of Limbo, Illyana Rasputin, The Darkchylde, and wielder of the Soul Sword.

Then again maybe not.

The bottom of the hill is reached and Misfit is left in a heap amongst foul smelling blood red rock, with stylish traces of obsidian black in them. “That could have gone better…” which elicits a sad beep from ROVR hovering over her. This causes Misfit to try to turn her head to see what beeped and that gets a yelp of pain because man that ride down the hill really hurt a lot.

“Oh screw this..” and with that Misfit teleports, the slash of violent Red and Purple/Pink smoke appearing in the spot she was laying in the foul smelling rubble. There is a clarion bell of heavy duty chaos magic through limbo as Misfit appears once more on her feet about ten foot away from where she was laying. Her armor is still ripped up and scuffed, but her physical aches and pains are wiped away.

It still was not a smart move, the bounce acts like ringing a dinner bell and all around her in the darkness glowing red eyes open and stare hungrily at the young chaos muppet. “Fracking crackers!” is the curse from Misfit as she threw herself into full on exploding demon mode causing ROVR to fly up out of demon gore range.

That was her first five minutes.

That was weeks ago.

Limbo Time and Earth Time is painfully similar to Faerie and Earth Time.

ROVR Logs - Dictated by Misfit

Day 2: This place is awful. Still haven’t found a way home. Can’t seem to teleport home.

Day 3: Don’t seem to need to eat or drink. Pretty sure that is not healthy. Also the water here is absolutely foul and smells like rotten eggs. Had to bounce after trying it.

Day 8: I’ve totally lost track of how many demons I’ve had to fight. They seem to be zeroing in on me every time I bounce. There also seems to be a never ending amount demons here.

Day 11: Today ROVR and I stabbed a demon with his own sword and escaped a slew of demons that seem intent to take prisoners… ah the way memories are made… also never again.. Never a prisoner again!

Day 14: The key seems to be Batman’s lessons in stealth and not relying on my bounces if I want to have a moment's peace here. Also I wish I had practiced weapon training more. Also wish we had practiced more with bladed weapons. Everything here is sharp. The demon’s sword I took and stabbed him with is very effective and I am getting much better.

Day 17: Today was really strange. Also I can’t even begin to get into how totes weird things are here so when I say totally strange I mean messed up. This glitter snake demon, maybe lady, projected something that was totally a hologram but she said it was an astral form. In exchange for my service the demon snake lady would teach me magic. ROVR isn't sure we should take her up on it.
Day 20: Snake Demon Lady is very persistent. Doesn’t seem to want to take no for an answer. Keeps monologuing about innocence and sending new demons to find me while ROVR and I play keep away. Fracking annoying and I need to find my way home. I wonder if anyone is looking for me. I think they would but it has been a long time. I wonder if they are ok. I’m sure they are ok. They have to be okay.

Day 24: I think I like killing demons. I was mad when I got here but now it is feeling good every time I do it. This can’t be good but what am I supposed to do bake them cookies?

Day 25: Tired of Snake Demon Lady. So rude. Killed her. Can’t read her book though I am keeping it. Her laboratory… sanctum… lair.. Definitely nightmare fuel in here.

Day 29: I’m starting to understand the squiggles in GlitterHiss’s book. Headache inducing and worst than math class.

Day 30: A month. Guys if you find this I can’t teleport home. Please find me. This place isn’t good for people I don’t think. Part of me likes it and doesn’t want to go home and that scares me enough to keep me moving.

Day 35: Cait started talking to me telling me she is close to having a way to bring me home. I think it is a trap. Why would they wait so long.

"I'm not sure this isn't a trap ROVR… demons could sound like Cait …. I might be going crazy." Charlie is rambling as she talks to herself, ROVR only answering with occasional beeps. "Okay Okay Okay…. yes it might be a way home or somewhere else. "

"Okay Sure.. grab Bart.. got it … uh not sure about the traps… maybe…" and when Bart appears in front of the running Misfit the girl actually pauses. He doesn't seem all there but it might be him. Could be a trap though. So hard to tell. Charlie looks over her shoulder at the horde of demonic behemoths that were stalking there way up the hill towards her. "Damnit!" yeah real swear, this is for truth the darkest dimension, and she grabs ROVR and dives to reach out to Bart's hand.

Hopefully this takes them home.

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