Letters to Themyscira

October 17, 2018:

Diana and Caitlin meet at the Themysciran Embassy to discuss status and other topics.


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New York rallies to a disaster, like it always has. People pull together. Rescue and police work with city, state, and even international agencies to move people and suspplies across town. It's been most of a month since the invasion started, and at least the number of demons and new incursions seems to have slowed a little. This is largely thanks to a lot of predictive intel from Caitlin Fairchild, who's predicted portal opening with a high degree of accuraccy.

Said notable is on board a National Guard convoy rattling down the street towards the Themysciran Embassy. She's in an armored vehicle, up in the turret with a heavy machine gun locked and loaded. The vehicles pull up in a defensive formation in front of the Embassy's entrance, and a cargo truck starts disgorging goods and supplies while Amazons begin the process of moving the evacuees to the convoy for safe transport to the city.

Caitlin leaves the machine gun in place, hopping out of the turret, and drops off the side of the vehicle. Dusting her palms she heads towards the Embassy entrance, walking with purposeful strides. A familiar blonde Amazon gets a smile and is hailed with a wave to slow her.

"Hi, Pennelope. Have you seen Diana around?" Caitlin inquires, before following the woman's directions to find Wonder Woman.

There are more Amazons on site today than there ever have been. Its a record high of twenty Amazon Warriors assigned to the Embassy. Diana had made her plea to her mother who'd relented and allowed this contingent of the island's guard to come and save/defend their Embassy. As such the Embassy has become a refugee hotspot. The street in front of it has been fenced off and a small community has been created within tents on the street, emergency service men and women are on site as well.

The Amazon Warrior women are patrolling, several of them are on horseback, their feet clopping loudly on the concrete as they ride about.

Penelope does greet Caitlin and she motions toward toward the Embassy which has its front doors open. "She is in the Lobby, young one." Penny tells her.

Diana is indeed in the lobby speaking with members of the Police. She's in her full armor with sword and shield on her back.

Caitlin heads for Diana directly, moving with an uncharacteristic force to her steps. The trip on the Bilskirnir had turned much longer than anyone had anticipated— six months, instead of six days. Caitlin had returned a little harder-edged. Tougher, but a bit more fragile. It was difficult to say if the fires of space had hardened her or exposed some brittle flaws within.

She's polite enough not to barge into Diana's conversation, detouring a few steps away and smiling at Diana quickly when she catches her eye. Caitlin is wearing attire fit for a high-fantasy Road Warrior knockoff— battered gauntlets, Amazon tasset skirt, mismatched Asgardian greaves, and a half-guard pauldron made out of what looks like steel debris and leather straps. A black slingpack dangles at her lower back, along with a bandolier of phials and a paintball gun over her shoulder. She busies herself with uncoiling the fighting braid gathered at the base of her neck and pulling the braid over her shoulder. Tendrils of red hair escapes her barrets, framing her face.

When the conversation with the constabulary concludes, Caitlin steps up to Diana with a beaming smile and offers both her hands to clasp wrists with Diana. "Princess, it's *good* to see you," she says, clearly already buoyed by Diana's presence alone.

The conversation only goes on for a short while, so its not a long wait to get through. The two police officers step around Caitlin then and head back outside after speaking to Diana. Diana turns to face Caitlin then and she responds in mirror to the gesture of taking the other's wrists. "Hello, Caitlin." She tells her. "I have been meaning to speak with you in fact." With a light breath taken the princess dips her chin a little to level her gaze at the other.

"I have brought that young hero into the League as a recruit member. Volt. The one from the fight who assisted us with his electrical abilities. I was hoping that you might team up with him soon to help show him some of our League tactics in battle, so that he might more quickly fit in during…" Diana's eyes glance out toward the street and the open double doors of the front lobby, the dim sunlight ambient light bathing over her face as she looks that way. "These dangerous times." She finishes her thought and then looks back to Cait.

"Volt?" Caitlin repeats, and nods agreement with Diana's request almost before she's done giving it. "Of course. He's got a lot of potential. A little bit of a glass cannon," she says wryly, "but he seems to mean well." She turns very slightly with a flicker of her wrist to a quieter part of the embassy, inviting Diana to lead the way to a spot where they can speak without ten people overhearing the conversation.

"I think he's affiliated with the X-men," Caitlin remidns Diana. "Which is fine— we've got a lot of people cross-teamed. I just don't want him to get in trouble with them. There was some debate about giving him the tracker beacon, but—" Caitlin shrugs. "If he's over that whole thing, then yeah, I can definitely link up with him and start working him into the rotation with some supervision. Do you have a means of contacting him?"

Diana walks with Caitlin to an area off of the lobby that is quieter, its the seating area that is currently being used as storage for boxes of supplies. She nods her head softly to what the other one replies to her with. "It is good for the League to have cross members with other teams. I want the Justice League to -be- that. I want it to be a… cross-roads of the world's finest teams. I envision the League evolving into a meeting place where the teams can combine their efforts to defeat threats such as this… together."

A quick flash of a smile is shown before the Princess allows it to fade again and she nods her head softly just once to Caitlin. "So thank you. And you can reach him on our open comms. He may be mostly just listening right now, but if he's called out by name, then he should respond. Unless he's busy of course, as whe I spoke to him he was in the Westchester area helping with a refugee camp there."

Another glance is spared out the front windows to her right before she looks again to Cait. "How are your efforts fairing? Is there anything needed of me to assist?" She inquires then. Diana hasn't slept in days, but then again she rarely sleeps more than a few hours a night anyway.

Caitlin exhales steadily, and her eyes flicker to the wall as she marshalls her thoughts to respond to Diana. Arms folded under her chest, she considers, then looks to Diana again and shakes her head.

"At the moment, no. The sisters are doing a great job securing the immediate area," Caitlin says, gratefully. "I'm sorry to divert so much traffic to you but this is a great staging point for a lot of reasons. It's making logistics simple, and it frees up mobile teams to hit the portals when the computer thinks one is opening up."

"It's… otherwise, I guess it's going. We got a shot at closing a portal— I built a particle emitter— er, device," Caitlin corrects herself, "that fires subatomic tauons at the portal. It actually shut the entrance down, and we got a shot at the Demon Queen who's been throwing the demons at us. Weird girl— blonde hair, goat legs, bad goth armor," she says, nose wrinkling. "And she's -tough-. I hit her with a concentrated positron beam that would have slagged a steel wall. Conner hit her shield with everything he had. And we barely brought her down. Then Misfit got tossed into the portal, and…"

Caitlin swallows, lips pressing into a thin line, and she looks down at the ground nearby while fighting the welling dampness in her eyes. "Misfit got thrown in and was stuck in that hell plane for six weeks. We got her back but I'm— I'm worried she's gone darkside. And I tried to keep her in containment, but Bart got so *mad* at me." She sniffles, pressing a palm to her forehead, and looks upwards in supplication with tears in her eyes. "So we let her out, and… I'm just kinda falling apart at the seams here, Diana," she admits. "And I don't know what to do or if I can keep going like this."

Throughout what Caitlin says, she has Diana's full attention with her eyes on the younger one's face with rapt attention. When she sees the well of emotions build up within Cait, she reaches a hand up then and places it on the side of the other's face. "You have been through a lot with this." Diana says in her soothing voice. "You have put everything you have into it and you have given the world great positives because of it. Your efforts are saving lives, they are saving the planet. Tensions… run high during these times, Caitlin." She keeps her hand there for a moment longer, her palm is warm and hopefully comforting. But she's soon to drop it down to Cait's shoulder and offer a squeeze.

"Because of those high tensions, tempers are bound to be short, conflicts amongst each other are an inevitability. But you can keep going so long as you maintain your own well being. Take breaks, take time to eat, drink and sleep. Know your limits and accept them. Let your team step in to help you when you need a moment to gather your wits, your bearings and your will to push forward. And… if you truly do make mistakes, then apologize for them, but if you have done no wrong… then let others who get angry have space. Our focus as a fight force is what will win the day against our most fearsome foes, we can do this… You can do it. You are strong, one of the strongest."

Diana then spares a small smile for the other. "And I thank you, for everything you have done so far and will do going forward."

Caitlin looks as embarassed to be crying in front of Diana as she is upset about what she's crying over. But to an extent, she can't help it— despite her stature and skill, there's still a young woman feeling her way through the world in there, and the overwhelming pressure of aspiring to perfection brings out her vulnerability.

She leans into the touch to her cheek, eyes shut, and nods twice at Diana's serene words. Maybe it's the touch of the hand, or some magic of the goddesses who empower Diana. Maybe it's just kind words and a familiar presence. But Caitlin takes a few steading breaths, then opens her eyes and nods. "Thanks, Diana. I… sorry to blubber. I just needed to get that off my chest," she sighs, and wipes her tears from her dust-streaked face with her hand. "And it's my duty, innit? This is what we do. Amazons or superheroines alike," she inquires, waving a hand generally around the area.

She hesitates then, forming a question on her lips but not quite voicing it. "Can… I don't want to step on any toes. I want to ask you … um … " she takes a breath to calm her nerves. "What's the rules for Amazons and relationships?" she inquires, cautiously. "I-I mean I don't ever see you going on dates or anything. I'm just wondering what— wondering if there's a particular reason for that?" she says, with a timid uncertainty.

Diana doesn't seem to think any less of Caitlin for seeing her cry and in fact she just smiles at her and may even think more of the younger one for it. "Do not hide your tears, if you need to let them out then it your body and spirit declaring it a necessity to do so. We cannot deny ourselves what we need to do to be stronger and more balanced inside ourselves. Its common for tears to be considered a weakness, but I believe they are our souls decompressing and there-by helping us find relaxation when we need it most. And this is what we do, fight to protect what we care for, what we love. But we need to be ourselves as well."

A soft smile shows as she takes her hand and places it back with the other in front of her lap. "Many Amazons are openly in relationships with one another, there are no rules against that. Love is love and for those who find it with one another, it is to be cherished and celebrated." There's a small pause then and she draws in a breath. "I have had… romantic interactions throughout my years, but in recent times I have simply been too busy to really take time for it. It is one responsibility after another, and there has been no time for a personal life outside of all of that. Plus… I find it to be a benefit right now. It helps keep my head a little clearer for situations such as what we are facing here today."

"Yeah, there's kind of a lot going on right now, isn't there," Caitlin agrees. Her brow furrows in sympathy, and she tentatively reaches over and gives Diana's arm a gentle squeeze and brush of her palm. "If it makes you feel better, I haven't ever had a romantic entanglement," she tells Diana with a wry, self-deprecating laugh. "I figured they were too much work for the trouble, and that's even if I found someone who'd want to date me," she remarks.

Her hand drops and she rubs her palm against the side of her neck, an unconscious expression of uncertainty. "My best friend's going nuts with her boyfriend right now. I don't know how to deal with it," she confesses. "One minute she's elated that they're together, the next she's freaking out because they're together. Both of them are over-reading everything the other person does 'cause they're afraid of making some kind of mistake or screwing it up. So then it turns into this…" her eyes roll heavenwards. "This sort of crazy back-and-forth where they're a million percent more on edge than they need to be. That just seems like a lot of too much to deal with in the middle of an invasion of demons, of all things."

A few slow and soft nods are given as she hears this from the other and she cannot help but show the faintest of smiles at it. "Young love." She quietly says in response initially and then shakes that thought away with a turn of her head from right to left. "It is unfortunate that they are going through that, but that is often a side effect of inexperience in the… dance… that is relationships. Only through trial and error, and a willingness to get better at communicating will any real healthy relationship flourish. But…" She grins softly then. "I am no expert at them either. So I should not be giving advice with regard to that subject… I would be very angry at myself if I were to give bad advice on it all."

A nod of her head then to Caitlin and she continues. "You will find someone." She tells her. "That much I am certain of. It tends to happen when you least expect it, that is how it has been for me and my two greatest love affairs. I was completely wrapped up in… other thoughts, other places mentally, and emotionally, when it happened to me."

Caitlin hesitates.

A lot. She'd be a terrible poker player if she wasn't good at counting cards. It's easy to get a read on her, for anyone who's spent any time in close proximity. After six monts on the Bilskirnir, Diana can probably guess the direciton of Caitlin's thoughts before she even starts to speak.

"I was thinking after this whole thing is over, I need… a vacation," she says. "Away from New York. Away from all…" she glances down, and tugs fitfully at her bodysleeve and the armor attached to it. "All /this/. I want to sit around and invent stuff. Play on a beach. I want to learn to play a musical instrument. Just not be doing -this- for a while. After watching Atum die, I…" she twitches. The psychic impact of a god's death screams had left Caitli debilitated for several days. "I was hoping I could go to Themyscira for a while," she gets out in a rush. "I'm not sure how long. As long as Queen Hippolyta will let me. Do you think that's a possibility?"

Once more Diana's hand goes up to Caitlin's shoulder, but this time its the other hand and the other shoulder. "There are quite a few Amazons assigned to the Embassy today." She starts, pulling her hand back after another soft squeeze. She motions out the window then to a pair of the Warrior women on mounts standing side by side one another in their fine combat armor. "They will be returning once the primary threats have been dealt with." She looks back onto Caitlin then.

"I will make sure that you can go with them, should you wish to still then, and you can have your time to rest and relax on any place along the beach." The Princess shows a large smile then, probably the largest she'd smiled in recent days. "It is the finest place to find such desired relaxation, and the longer I have been away from it the more I have come to realize it… There may be similar shores on this world, but none quite like home's."

Caitlin sags in relief, smiling back at Diana. She doesn't have the inherent grace Diana does that shines through with such an expression, but the ginger warrior definitely has the sort of dazzling grin that breaks through weeks of weariness and lights up the room.

"When the demons are -done-," Caitlin agrees. "And the city's safe. I'll go," she says. She dithers, then impulsively flings her arms around Diana and hugs her hard. She backs away after a second, blushing at the impropriety of the moment and ignoring the snickers from the Amazons in the room.

"Okay. I do have one favor to ask," Caitlin says. She digs in her backpack and comes up with a sealed envelope. "Would you send this with the next batch of communiques that you send to the island?" Caitlin requests. She hesitates for a moment, then thrusts the envelope out as if worried she'll reflexively snatch it back. "And please let me know if a return letter shows up," she adds. Caitlin's name is on one side, in her inhumanly precise cursive handwriting; on the other, it says 'For Polemusa' in equally precise script.

A slight nod of her head is given then at the time frame of which the vacation will begin and then the hug comes and Diana smiles once more then even softly laughs, a gesture that the Princess very rarely does for whatever reasons. The Princess raises her arms up and returns the hug, her armor making it somewhat of an uncomfortable gesture, but its still welcoming as can be from the tall warrior woman.

When they part again she watches the other pull the letter from the backpack and she reaches one of her half-gloved hands out to accept it and flip it over to visually inspect it. Then, Diana looks up and nods once to Caitlin. "I would be happy to. We are sending word back every other day, so this will head out tomorrow afternoon and should arrive that evening." Diana steps away toward where the receptionist's desk has been pushed back into a corner just a few steps away and she places the envelope with others similar to it. She looks back to Caitlin then. "You are better then?" Diana has to ask. "You are welcome to stay here and rest should you need to. I am sure there will be other heavy machine guns for your to occupy later." A hint of a grin is shown then as Diana must've taken note of how Caitlin had arrived.

"I could use a bite to eat," Caitlin admits. "I might grab a nap, too, if we've got time." She grins fiercely at Diana's jibes, and clashes her knuckle guards together crisply. Nothing overtly magical occurs, but there's a push to Diana's senses of something far deeper, older, and all the more precious— Faith. The ginger shows her gauntlets to Diana, where symbols from the Catholic face have been inscribed in silver. "Silver from the church rectory. My parish priest is my own personal Holy Wal-Mart. Holy water ampules in the paintball gun, smoke grenades loaded with censer herbs, and the ammo's all been anointed with oil and blessed. Father Pat is a living saint if I ever met one," she tells Diana. "I realized after the Bilskirnir thing that— I need to stop being just a dumb -bruiser-," she explains. "I gotta use my head more. Planning ahead. Thinking creatively. And it helps that I'm at Sunday Mass regular as clockwork," she says, smugly. "Turns out priests remember the people who show up and stay afterwards to help with Sunday School."

Caitlin's equipment is given a look and then the Princess is grinning. "Caitlin, if there is anyone I have met who uses her head quite enough all ready, it would be you." She tells the younger one, a caring and endearing intention behind it. "And those things are very… you. I love them." She says then before nodding once to her and motioning to the central hallway of the Embassy. "Go and grab yourself some food from the kitchen and find a place to settle in, the Chef's room should be unoccupied at the moment and it is one of the quietest places in the whole building. It is perfect for a little shut eye right now." Diana pats Caitlin's right arm softly with her left hand. "And thank you again for all that you have done and continue to do. You are one we all rely on."

"Thanks, Diana. Send someone to wake me when the convoy's ready?" Caitlin requests. "I really don't want them schlepping back alone. I'd rather it be me on point than one of the soldier guys. They're pretty squishy."

She locks wrists with Diana once more, resting her free hand on Diana's shoulder, and touches her brow to the Princess'. She disengages with a step back, bows politely, and then flickers a grateful smile to Diana before heading to the kitchen with food on the brain.

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