October 16, 2018:

What is worse than demons or super-criminals? Super-criminals that make deals with demons for more power, of course. Fortunately a few heroes were around to stop them from destroying Brooklyn. And also Juggernaut, because he can't resist the chance to getting in a good brawl. (Emits by Strange)



NPCs: Abomination, Boomerang (Fred, the one with rocket boots), Vulture and Demogoblin



Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

Brooklyn stands just at the other side of the East River from Manhattan, and the heart of the Inferno, Stark's Tower, is clearly visible from the shore. Through the Brooklyn bridge, and despite the presence of a monstrous hellish Kraken thing or three, tens of thousands of New Yorkers crossed over seeking refuge.

The US Army has worked overtime with the DEO and superhero organizations to keep the demons in Brooklyn on the run and in the shadows. Loses have been severe and they have not been fully successful, to say the truth. The neighbor is dangerous at night. But the whole city is bad. Brooklyn is better than Manhattan for sure.

The parks close to Brooklyn Bridge have become a receiving area for fleeing New Yorkers and a staging area for military patrols. They are also a good place for tired heroes to grab some food, get information about the status of the fighting and learn where they can go find demon nests and gateways.

It has been a good day under the red and broken sky. The demons are on the run for once. Or maybe planning something. In truth, most of them are stupid, but those who are not stupid are diabolically clever. And the stupid die much more often than the clever ones.

And so although the New Yorkers are hopeful, the soldiers are pretty nervous as the sun sets, expecting the other shoe to drop anytime.

The receiving area for fleeing New Yorkers is the final destination for a red-haired mutant and a small collection of refuges that she and her associate are currently escorting to safety. The group that travels with Siryn and Amara are a rag-tag mixture of children, mothers, fathers, and elderly. Within Siryn's arms rests a young girl who is hugging Theresa's neck quite tightly, forcing Terry to shift the girl ever so slightly in her arms. Siryn's voice is soft and cooing, almost hypnotizing in its tone. "There lass, t'is okay nao. You and yuir family are safe."

The girl calms somewhat, to the point she isn't choking Terry at the very least. Setting the girl down, Siryn takes a slight step to one side, allowing the others to join together and move towards the receiving area. One hand idly runs splayed through Theresa's hair, as her gaze settles onto Amara. "How you doin'?"

There were times for action, and times for recovery, and this, for Donna, seemed a time to recover. Or perhaps it was fairer to say, it was a time to do what she could to bolster the spirits of the soldiers and other 'civilians' who were assisting with the defense of the city. She'd arrived not so very long ago, dressed in her usual costume, with the addition of a shield and sword. With the addition of armor and weapons, Donna looked even more like her sister. And while, under normal circumstances, she might have brushed that off, in this case, she seemed to simply allow it to flow off her back like water. If it gave them hope, well, it would seem churlish to deny them that. So she simply settled for walking among them, helping to move supplies and direct the flow of residents when she could.

By now, it's not exactly news that Amara's return to the United States hasn't worked out the way she'd hoped. Finding herself in the middle of a demonic invasion, she still hasn't managed to link up with the X-Men, or even get in contact with them. Her attempts to do something about that have been thoroughly derailed by the need to keep marauding packs of demons from, well, eating the vulnerable citizens. The one piece of good luck she's had since arriving is running into Terry. At least they each have someone to watch the other's back.

Amara's a couple of paces aside from the group of refugees that she's helping escort to the somewhat dubious safety of the receiving area, for one very good reason - she's on fire. Since Terry's taking a break from flying top cover for their little convoy, she's taken over as the first line of defence. It also gets her out of carrying any children. As the military positions finally come into view, Amara lets her flames die away. She doesn't want to take a bullet meant for a fire-demon. She's revealed to be grubby and tired, but her eyes still have a little brightness to them when she looks around at Terry's question, and she manages to muster a smile. "Still wishing I'd stayed at home." She says, which has become her customary way of answering that question. Her eyes turn back to the refugees as they plod toward the receiving area. "How long do you think this place will stay safe?" She asks, half to herself, then adds, "If it's long enough to eat something and clean up, I'll take it."

While the soldiers on hand might grow more anxious with the setting of the sun, there is another figure who stands more confidently, dressed in an all-white suit and mask, and he maneuvers through one of the staging areas. Mister Knight adjusts his shirt cuffs and raises a gloved hand to his ear.

"Frenchie," Knight says quietly, "any initial hits on the you-know-what?"

He sighs heavily after a moment. "Alright—well, keep scanning." He lowers his hand and steps close by an elderly couple, who glance at him for a long moment.

Approaching a soldier, Mister Knight clears his throat. "Excuse me," he says in a flat voice. "Anyone around here look a little /too/ comfortable to you? More ease than unease?"

The darkness is falling over the city. These are dark nights, with so much of the grid knocked out due to the fighting or malicious critters. Cold, too. Except when they are too hot.

Then a explosion is heard.

These are not infrequent lately, of course. Neither is the sound of gunfire that immediately follows. What is unusual is seeing a tank flying. Not just any tank, it is a M1A2 Abrams main battle tank, the pride of the US Army. A 70 ton fighting machine armed with 120 mm heavy gun and a Gatling turbo laser, anti-air missiles and enough armor to give a Kryptonian pause.

Really, overkill for most demons, but really handy if another demon-kraken shows up. Or maybe a dragon. But no, they are not supposed to fly (at least not the army models, who know if SHIELD has flying ones) and now this powerful war machine is falling, going directly to crush the army HQ.

The soldiers tensed when they heard the explosion, but they definitely move when they see the tank. Alarms sound. Civilians scatter. Hell is coming.

As the small group that Siryn and Amara escorted are soon disappearing into the camp getting checked in and so on - thus out of Siryn's hair and not needing her protection, the red-haired mutant screamer lets her shoulders sag ever so slightly. The hand running splayed through her hair lowers to idly rub her face, mouth forming a slight 'O' before closing again. "Aye, a hot meal and something ta drink sounds good about nao." Her gaze flickers over the ensemble of people. Civilians. Military. Super Heroes. Hey! Is that Wonder Woman? Terry's dad would love an autograph, not that this is the time, of course.

Turning green eyes onto Amara fully, Siryn has just about enough time to state. "I hope they have bee…" When there is gun fire, and of course an enormous multi-ton tank comes flying out of no-where. "FECK IT ALL!" And that's pretty much all Siryn has the chance to do - other than make sure she isn't in the way of where the tank is going to land, at least.

Always when she's eating! Well, alright, Donna wasn't actually eating, but she was in the middle of handing out rations, when the explosion rolls across the camp, and she dropped the sealed bag she was handing off, not bothering to see if the woman she was passing it off to actually caught it, before she launched herself into the air. It would have been impossible to miss the sight of the flying tank, and Donna didn't, flying at close to her max speed to intercept the incoming, literally, ordinance, coming in from the bottom, so that she could grab its underside and in so doing turn any of the weapons systems up, pointing them to the sky and away from the camp. She's high enough, that the sound of impact, and the slight push back might go unnoticed, as she wrestles with the thing to try to carry it clear of the camp. Whether there happens to be anything inside the tank or not, well, she'll have to deal with that later.

Amara just had to say it, didn't she? She should have known that grabbing a snack and washing off the top layer of dirt and demon-grime was too much to ask for, shouldn't she? Because as soon as the words are out of her mouth…


…and a main battle tank is flying through the air. By now Amara's reaction is instinctive: She darts a step aside and catches fire, in an instant becoming a burning, molten figure with a halo of flame around her head. Despite the impressive pyrotechnics, however, there's little enough she can do. She can't catch a tank with a volcano - well, she could, but that would make the situation much worse. "Gods…" She says under her breath in a quiet, hopeless prayer, eyes fixed on the plummeting tank and hands clenched in impotent fists when she sees where it's going. For a moment she's sure she's going to see carnage among the refugees, the ones she herself delivered to the supposed safety of this place - and then Donna makes the catch.

Maybe the Gods are listening after all.

Tearing her eyes away from the mid-air interception, Amara turns swiftly around, looking back in the direction the tank came flying from, looking for whatever blasted it through the air.

"Well," Mister Knight says to himself, touching his chin, "that's not quite what I was looking for, but it's certainly noteworthy … both for what it attracts and what it distracts."

He leaps onto a nearby table in one of the staging areas and begins looking around, scanning the panicked crowd.

"Frenchie!" Knight barks, finger back at his ear as he pivots in a circle on one heel. "Fang-scan! Quick!"

Then, a moment later, he curses and begins running in the direction of the explosion.

"Drone mode: raptor. My position in 5." Mister Knight sprints down the street, parkouring his way onto the top of a large bus used as an impromptu traffic barrier. From there, he takes a running jump off it—and catches the handle of a glider drone that descends in an arc from the evening sky to meet his reach before rising back above the rooftops.

There are indeed (screaming) soldiers inside the tank. And up close Donna can also see how one of the tracks is torn and bent, the marks of huge hands burned in the hardened ferroceramics of the armor.

Something very large and very powerful grabbed and tossed the tank a hundred yards up and almost mile away!

"HULK, IT WAS HULK, HULK IS COMING!" Yes, there are panicky soldiers inside that tank.


He is green, he is huge. He has scaly skin and two foot tall ram horns growing from his skull. He is also on fire, hellfire. He made a crater on falling and even the bravest soldier is running away.

Emil Blonsky was stronger than the Hulk as the Abomination. Now he is the Demobination. He is bad news.

Flying over him there are two smaller but still scary figures. The Demogoblin, formerly the Hobgoblin, he was a merciless mercenary before his demonization. Now he is laughing like a maniac. "Kill a hundred mortals and the transformation will be permanent! And you will be more powerful with each kill!" He shouts to his partners. Then he digs on his pouch and tosses a dozen sharp shadow bats to the fleeing soldiers.

Demorang. Which used to be Boomerang. And not the cool Boomerang usually seen lately, but the mafia hitman Boomerang with the rocket boots. Usually a nuisance scoundrel, he now carries demon boomerangs. "That chick caught the tank," he notes, apparently not too eager to be the first to start killing civilians. (And make himself a target for a heroine able to grab a tank - keen survival instincts).

The fourth member of the pack is not so hesitant. The Vulture is usually a hateful, greedy old man. Now he is a murderous hateful and unagging . And guess what? He hates youth more than anything. He dives towards the children, on wings of shadows and fire. "DIEEEE, FLEEE!!!" Yes, one of the other. Maybe both.

Two things: One, the woman who looks a lot like Wonder Woman caught the tank. Yay! Two: That was just a diversion? Damn it. For Siryn, really, there isn't any other choice in the matter. Children are always going to be her first priority, then civilians, then soldiers. So it is to Vulture that will suddenly find his ears ringing (hopefully bleeding) as Theresa takes to the air, and sends out a sonic lance of power towards the villain. She doesn't just stop at that, however, she's annoyed, angry, and down right pissed (without having a single drop of alcohol today). "Get away from them, ye flying ba.." The last of her words are fairly lost as she screams with all her might at the flaming Vulture.

Donna flies the tank to the first patch of free ground she can find, made easier by the fact that most of the people with sense are fleeing for their lives. But not Donna. Donna simple sets the tank down, rear treads first, so that she can slip back and out from under the thing, setting it down once she's clear of the machine. She flies back up, a hand banging on the top of the tank to try to get the attention of the soldiers inside, "You're on the ground. Anyone who can't continue, get out of the tank and take cover. The rest of you, see what systems are still working on this thing and get ready to use if it you can. You are still soldiers." And that was all Donna had time for, as the quartet of demons, because at the end of the day that was all they were to her now, attack and camp and Donna takes off again, heading straight for the demonic Abomination. As she flies, she hears the sonic blast, though it, thankfully, is not directed at her, and catches sight of the woman catching fire, and as she draws her sword and shield, leaves the three smaller demons to them. Man and drone she hasn't seen.

When Amara gets a good look at what's coming for the refugees, she can only conclude that the Gods are in a capricious mood. As Terry takes to the sky - and takes the fight to the flying demons - Amara spares just a moment to glance up after her. "I'll take the big one, then!" She calls up after her, but she can barely hear her own yell as Siryn unleashes her power on the demonic Vulture.

As the soldiers run away from the crater, Amara runs towards it, leaving charred footprints in her wake. She's barely made it three steps before Donna arrows through the sky towards what had been her target. "Or you can." She says under her breath, not entirely disappointed with that particular development. As the soldiers stream past her in panicked retreat, Amara casts her burning gaze upwards, and sees those shadow-bats thrown towards the soldiers. Her arm comes up, and a stream of flame sears through the air as Amara tries to burn the shadow bats out of the sky before they can find the soldiers.

It's not enough, she needs to draw the demons' fire, and she can't fly… a moment later the ground trembles and a pillar of rock erupts from beneath her feet, pushing skyward and taking her with it. "Face me, demons!" She yells, a touch over-dramatically. "Face someone who can fight back!" Another blast of flame is sent towards the Hobgoblin to put an exclamation point on her challenge.

Clinging to his crescent-shaped glider drone, Mister Knight frowns beneath his mask at the sight of the demonic criminals wreaking havoc nearby.

"I hate to admit it, Khonshu," Knight mutters to himself, "but I have to appreciate the help you've offered me here. If it's not just pure coincidence. At the very least …" he adds, looking down at the demon-flavored Boomerang and his own crescent-shaped weaponry, "… I've got a good sense of who's the most offensive to you."

"Drone: sling mode, then high-range sentry. Engage." The glider picks up speed until Mister Knight releases his grasp on its handle, extending his entire body, feet first, into a straight projectile flinging itself at Boomerang. The glider soars up and off into the night.

The Hell Vulture was too focused on hunting down the children. Hated youngsters. The sonic lance hits him square, and it would put the old man Adrian Toomes out of commission. But not his new demon self. He screams, falls, but twists on the air quick as a viper before hitting the ground, sliding with grace into an alleyway to avoid the sonic screams. Then dives high, leaving a trail of hellfire behind. If not chased he will turn back and dive against Siryn, fire-breathing.

Demobination roars in rage and prepares to charge, but Donna is faster and will reach him before he can take two steps. But the gamma powerhouse sees her with enough time to attempt a devastating punch just as she hits him.

Demogoblin's unpleasant laugh ceases for a few seconds when his shadow bats are incinerated by the fiery woman. For a second he hesitates, perhaps thinking she is a rival demon. But no, he sniffs the air and grins a shark grin. "I have more fire, too!" He yells, tossing a couple of screaming pumpkins to Amara. They explode. Fire might not do much, but the explosion is pretty strong too. He is laughing again, the diabolical screech painful to the ears of mortals.

Demorang (yes, he picked the name himself!) gestures dramatically and flaming boomerangs appears in his hands. Too impressed with himself he almost missed the white-clad Mister Knight. Too late to dodge, he manages to roll with the blow, grunting in pain. He is flying, no longer needing rocket boots, and reaches to grab the Moon Knight to stab him with the conjured boomerang.

The poor fools.. They don't really understand what they've gotten themselves into, do they. A pact with a demonic force, willing or unwilling, is a devestating winding and binding seal of stress upon ones soul. A constant war of self identity and freedom in exchange for power you're never really sure you're actually enjoying having. Now exchange demonic force with magical principality and 'pact' with being an actual avatar..a full on represenative of an aspect of this force..and you've got what Cain Marko deals with on a pretty much daily basis. The fact that he's a belligerent, violent jock with abuse issues doesn't do much to help in areas of self control either.

So obviously this is the perfect place for one of the strongest physical beings known to exist to just wander into looking to blow off some steam..

He emerges into view, at first in his civilian identity of a brutishly huge red haired man..but a few steps into the combat zone a blazing burst of crimson energy ripples around him, enveloping his form, growing him bigger and bigger and wrapping form fitting crimson armor around his torso and legs. When all is said and done, his footsteps rock the area, triggering seisometers blocks away and a shove of his hands blasts aparts large trees in his way..footsteps treading over park benches and overturned trash cans and leaving imprints feet deep into the ground. Juggernaut has arrived. But is he on the side of angels..or the demons his patron can so closely resemble at times.

"GET OUTTA THE WAY TOOTS!" he bellows at Donna Troy just before he begins to pick up speed and start barreling in the direction of the Demobination. "Let ME show you how this is DONE!!"

Whew. Angels then. Sort of??

Satisfaction can be seen on Siryn's expression as the Vulture goes down. She'd be apt to offer a jabbed, 'and stay down' but the demonic infused Toomes has other plans. He's quick to dive back up, thing is, Siryn's too experienced to just allow him be, and there is far too much at stake to allow anything that targets children an escape. It's time to make sure he's down, permanent like. When the Vulture takes refuge into an alleyway, the instant he re-appears, Siryn's still on him, her voice echoing her rage. The sonic powers she is letting loose is enough to split concrete, or hopefully cause the inner ear of certain villains to bleed. The flames that streak out towards Terry are easily enough dodged while she's in flight. It is also the only time the Vulture gets any relief from her screaming sonic lances of attack, as Siryn flits, dodges, and moves out of the way. She hasn't noticed anything else going on - a little preoccupied, perhaps that is for the best.

"Then let us see which of us shall burn, demon!" Amara is not intimidated by that shark-mouth grin, or the Demogoblin's threats. She sets herself atop her rocky pinnacle burning hotter, brighter, almost painful to look at for any length of time as those pumpkins fly toward her. The fire does nothing to one who can burn hot as the Earth's core. The explosion? That was a little more forceful than she was expecting. The first sends her to her hands and knees, skidding perilously close to the edge of her pillar, and she desperately calls upon her power before the second blasts her right off her perch!

As she falls, though, she twists around and arches into a dive. She just had time to liquify the ground below her pillar, and a pool of fresh lava seethes and bubbles below her. She enters it cleanly, as if completing a dive from the top board, and the molten rock swallows her.

A moment later the side of her rocky pillar closest to the Demogoblin blows out as a spike of lava is forced up through it, and Amara rises to the surface, magma - the real stuff - dripping from her limbs. She's not done yet.

Mister Knight hisses as a white-hot flaming boomerang is stabbed into his right shoulder, the demonic Boomerang clinging to his now-scorched suit jacket. Knight throws a series of left hooks at the side of his opponent's head while his right hand slips in an unsuccessful effort to keep the two men in close proximity. An impromptu knee is jammed toward Demorang's crotch as a follow-up to the punches.

As the two twist about in their fight, the mercenary's rocket boots propel them in an awkward, chaotic spiral of a trajectory above the street.

Noticing this, Mister Knight looks down at the boots—and then he grabs hold of Demorang's arm tightly with both hands and begins kicking at one of the boots, Knight's heels smashing against the boot cuff in an attempt to dislodge it from over the demon's foot.

Despite evidence to the contrary, Donna Troy was not given to just barreling into danger without a second thought, and so she did not pick up quite as much speed as she might have done, as she moved to intercept the Abomination demon. And that was probably a good thing, as she 1: had no concept of his undemonic power, and 2: had even less concept of his demonic power level. And so, when she swing comes at her, she flew to the side, managing only a glancing blow, before she came back around. Only to hear Juggernaut's voice. Hopefully he wasn't still mad about the whole teleporting into deep space thing. Well, since he wasn't going after her, there was room for hope, and she flew wide as she saw him move to engage with the Abomination, flying up above the battleground to reorient herself and find another target. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

The Vulture, despite his advanced age, is incredibly nimble in the sky. Able to put a decent fight even against Spider-enhanced people with vastly superior strength and agility. As a demon he is even faster, but also far more rage-full. "YOU SCREAMING WENCH, HOW DO YOU DARE? AAARGH!" He charged full ahead when the old Toomes would have dodged, danced and waited for a chance to strike. He is much tougher than he was, but against concrete-shattering sonic power he is blow away hard, crashing against a large tree, shattering and setting it on fire, but at least the demonized villain looks stunned and deafened too.

Demobination glancing blow still feels like being punched by Superman, and burns with unholy fire. Donna might have dodged the follow-up, but she is probably saved from a world of hurt when the almost equally enormous figure of the Juggernaut crashes against the demonic titan. The impact alone is deafening. And Demobination roars more in rage than in pain.

A huge hand reaches for Cain Marko's head, talons sink in an armor that can take Colossus blows without and dent. The demon rips the helmet as it was cardboard. "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!? BURN AND DIEEEE!!" Yells the green-skinned monster, punching the Avatar of Cyttorax with mountain-shattering force. BOOOM. The skull-cap is nearly pulverized.

Meanwhile the Demogobolin was getting close for the kill when Amara stands up on a pillar of magma. Fortunately he is pretty resistant to heat now. But his demon-glider screams with pain, and the villain falls to the burning ground, flailing. He struggles to get out of the lave area, kicking at Amara along the way.

Also crashing to the ground due to a white-clad knight punches and kicks, is the unredeemable Demorang. Who is a decent brawler himself, but not in the Moon Knight’s league. But demonized as he is, the villain is not so easy to defeat. He is tougher now, he is stronger than Spector, too. Keeping him down is pretty hard, and he slashes at the hero with the clawed fingers of his free hand.

Perhaps there is some realization from the red-head known as Siryn that maybe she shouldn't quite have gone as powerful as she did, a furrowing of her brows, a biting of her bottom lip given. After all, while the demons themselves are almost in an expendable state, those that made a deal with the Devil are not. She can't be considered a murderous. However, Siryn has also seen enough zombie movies to know that if you don't double tap something, they WILL get back up. "Aye, Oi am screaming, and a wench, but ye are down and deaf. If ye move then yuir ear drums are goi'n ta explode." This is stated as Siryn hovers a few feet above the ground where the Vulture landed. She's ready for anything, though she does take a moment to cast her gaze towards the location of where Amara is - and subsequently notices the White Knight, Donna, Amara - and of all things, Juggernaut. Whatever Siryn's thinking is lost as she turns back to Vulture. One problem at a time, after all.

Donna manages to stop her backwards momentum, though the fire does little to damage her costume, and she pats off what flames seem determined to cling to it and her. Invulnerability has its benefits. She does look back towards Juggernaut, but she doesn't head that way. Rather, she heads towards where the demon-goblin makes impact with the tree, which is now both listing and a bonfire. The goblin himself she doesn't approach, seeing the woman she assumed was responsible for putting him there approaching. Instead, she flies down to find the trunk of the tree, tugging hard to break the rest of it off. Because no one needs demons and a refugee camp of sorts aflame. If she manages it, she'll fly the tree over to the closest stretch of water to toss it in.


Well that wasn't what he expected. Few are the forces that can dislodge his helmet with just one blow or rip it wholesale without any effort. Hulk, enraged, can accomplish it. A full straight up blow to his head by Thor's hammer, after he himself has already been weakened..that might accomplish it. But this..?

He doesn't have much time to reflect on it either as Demobination's fist comes slamming into his head with enough force to trigger a shockave that rips a sink hole into the ground around them. He doesn't even have time deliver a quip to Donna Troy either! The force of the attack staggers him, shaking his vast city bus of a body and nearly tilting him to the side.

But then that question gets asked..and oh boy, it demands an answer. Juggernaut's vast leg slams down, stabilizing him and his huge fist clamps onto Demobinations, gripping it and pushing back with strength that surges greater and greater as the restraints start coming off. His massive hand seems to grow larger along with the rest of him as his eyes flash red and bleed out energy from the crimson cosmos. Somewhat, Cyttorak grins as his champions violent impulses take over. This isn't about being a hero now. It's about proving he's more powerful then Demobination.

"Who do I think I am?!?!" Juggernaut coils back a huge arm, flexing a bicep bigger then a Buick, the sound of his muscles like suspension bidge cables being warped and tensed.


And with that he brings his fist around in a horrific upper cut, leaning his body forward into it for that added level of unstoppable force and overkill.

Amara doesn't hurry, as the Demogoblin splashes down into her lava pool. It's hard to read the expression on a face that seems to be made of molten magma, but there's perhaps a hint of satisfaction at seeing her foe brought down in her unhurried steps as she advances on him. Oddly, the lava seems completely solid and firm wherever she places a foot, which isn't a courtesy it extends to the Demogoblin, shifting and sinking beneath him. In a particularly spiteful touch, whichever direction he strikes out in to try to reach solid ground, the lava pool expands, that solid ground becoming molten and keeping the edge just as far away from him. With her much steadier footing, it's child's play for Amara to avoid the kicks that the Demogoblin directs her way. "My fire burns hotter, demon. Hot enough to sear you from the surface of the Earth." She halts, as if she's going to just that, watch him burn, but then the surface of the lava heaves around him, rising up in a column around his body and then cooling to solid rock in an instant to encase him. "But I will not become you." She raises an arm, one finger pointing imperiously. "Do not force me to change my mind."

The ground beneath her now solid once more, Amara turns to see the fight is far from won. Reminding herself that she did volunteer to take the big one before Donna cut in, Amara squares her shoulders and heads for the thunderous melee that's erupted between the powerhouses.

As the airborne struggle grows more wild and frantic, Mister Knight clutches at Demorang's costume with his good hand and pulls himself forward for a rapid headbutt to the latter's nose. Knight's right arm hangs limply, but the man in white wraps his legs around Demorang's waist so as not to fall.

Of course, an unconscious Demorang can't really steer his rocket boot at all—and the two men careen into the mouth of an alley, where the racket of their crash landing echoes out into the street.

Stumbling out, Mister Knight groans and pulls the boomerang from his shoulder, leaning against a building facade that quickly gets smeared with blood.

"Drone …" Knight grunts and holds his hand tight to the injured shoulder. "Drone … raptor mode, cradle approach. My … my position in 10."

He pushes himself away from the building wall and half-jogs, half-shuffles into the street away from the epicenter of the demon attack. The nearly silent glider drone descends, a canvas-like sling hanging beneath it. Mister Knight falls back into it as the drone scoops him up and carries him off into the night.

With Vulture barely conscious, Demogoblin trapped and Demorang crashing it looks the good guys will win this one. Soldiers are rallying, too, several of them surrounding the fallen Vulture, while a couple others drag the unconscious Fred Myers from the alleyway.

But the Demobination is still fighting. Juggernaut's punch makes him recoil a few steps, but hardly defeats him. No, he ROARS and burns, hellfire exploding around him, then charges Juggernaut again, punching and clawing at the seemingly invulnerable titan. And as the Hellfire burns hotter, even Cyttorax' protection falters.

Indeed..a weakness of The Juggernaut is attacks with a more magical and supernatural source and against such things his vaunted protection has limits.

But he's still hella tough..

"Rearrggh!!" his voice echoes both pain and rage as the flame boils over him and he brings both of his arms up shield his now exposed face. His skull cap is shorn away completely, revealing the rage filled face of the giant man as his teeth grit and he braces, holding his ground against the punches that sound like city leveling explosions going off as they pummel into his frame.

He then, abruptly, lunges, reaching forward with a single hand into and -through- the burning hellfire to try and clamp a massive hand around Demobinations entire head and to specifically force the hellfire to push back, forcibly, into the Demobinations interior. His palms are scalding and the metal around his arms and knuckles warping, but he also heals rapidly and fury at being defied is driving him onward. A colossal ego can be a huge motivator.

At the same time he presses in, lunging forward with his other free hand with a tectonic plate shaking punch for the other monsters gut.

"You -like- that fire huh? Lets see how much you like it now!!"

With the tree out of the way, Donna flies back to where things seem to be clearing up, watching the masked man make his drone-powered departure, but not attempting to stop him. But there's no relief in her face, as she hones in on the soldiers now dragging the unconscious man from the alleyway. She touches down, walking to intercept them, her lasso pulled from her belt, and opened out between her hands. Once she's close enough to lift her voice to get the soldiers' attention, she calls out, "Stop for a moment, and let me have a look at him. I think I might be able to make this a more even playing ground." She hopes.

As the woman that looks a lot like Wonder Woman takes care of the burning tree then intercedes with another unconscious foe, and the soldiers move in to mop up Vulture, Siryn's head inclines towards the Amazon giving Donna a brief bob of 'thank you', though no words are given. A breath, and Siryn's gaze moves once more towards Amara, making certain she's doing okay. When that seems - likely, Theresa's gaze then follows towards Cain, watching with - well, horror at what is going on. There are things she can do, and things she can't, but right now, she isn't sure she could do -anything- about this particular fight. "Ach. I hope yuir healin' as fast as yuir takin, Marko."

Amara halts, fists clenched, every inch of her burning and ready to join in the fray - but she can feel the ground beneath her vibrating as the titans trade blows. She knows she can't get involved in that fight directly and live. Her hands relax. A magma blast isn't going to end this, but maybe she can tip the scales a little toward the Juggernaut - and how strange that feels to her - if she can just be precise enough. She concentrates, and behind the demon-touched Abomination, a sinkhole starts to open. If she can cost him his balance, maybe that'll be enough.

With a courteous nod the soldiers let Donna examine the fallen villain. Maybe they confuse her with Wonder Woman, or maybe they recognize her but she still benefits from the awe the god-like members of the Justice League tend to draw from many normal humans. In any case the boomerang-wielding villain seems to be unconscious after a severe beating by an expert martial artist. A regular man might be in danger of dying, but the possessed man obviously took the blows with just superficial injures and bruising. And… Donna can see much of the human under the leathery skin, so the possession must be very recent.

A few dozen yards away Juggernaut and Demobination seem determined to tear each other apart. Cain hand clamps over the green-scaled villain's mouth, halting the stream of hellfire, but the demon bites him in retaliation, bracing himself as the clawed hands seek the now exposed neck of the Juggernaut. But then the ground becomes lava and he loses balance, clawing instead at Marko's armored chest.

Demons were old, and canny, but then, so was Donna Troy. And as the soldiers lifted the man, she reaches out to wrap her lasso around him, binding him in the silver cord. The man within might well be unconscious, but what was that to a demon? They were ageless and sleepless, in nearly all of their forms. And so, when she spoke, it was to the demon she directed her words, putting all of the power of her will behind the words as the lasso tightened, "Release him. Leave now and go back where you came from."

Aaaand then Amara goes and does what Siryn should have done to begin with, help The Juggernaut. "Feck it all." A disgusted cuss later, and Siryn's sweeping up in to the air, her cape billowing out and around her arms as she flies straight towards the horrendous horror that was once known as the Abomination. Theresa's form hovers above Cain - at least at a distance that isn't going to immediately put her into danger of becoming the former Abomination's next chew toy. A deep breath is taken in, as Siryn lets loose with a powerful burst of sonic energy, narrowed and very precise. Aimed to hit the demon with enough force to cause ears to bleed, ear-drums to burst, and vertigo to happen.

The assistance is noted but Juggernaut barely gives it more then the flicker of a thought, instead focusing all of his attention on the serious struggle taking place. It's rare…very..very rare..that the behemoth must focus so as usually nearly all of his fights are approached with the seriousness of a giant playing with easily broken toys. This, however, is actually forcing him to reach more and more into the well of seemingly limitless strength as granted to him by Cyttorak. Anything less then that and the demonic giant he grapples with goes free and things get much, much worse.

"Thought..that you were..going to..fold like wet tissue.." he grimaces and grunts out as the claws shred into his armor and score along the xpanse of his gargantuan chest.

"That's okay.." Juggernaut grins, eyes bleeding more red energy as he attempts to take advantage of the lack of footing provided by Amara to bend the demon backwards while squeezing his head. "I like a challenge!" Certainly, the force being exerted between the two colossals is unfathomable. Chasms begin rapidly running through the park as the earth widens and sunders from the rising pressure.

Siryn's scream may be precise but Juggernaut is still in close proximity. He winces, recoiling a touch, but still holding on!

The demon tries to resist, he was bound and he wasn't quite unwilling, but this… the Lasso of Persuasion is too strong. It takes a few seconds of mumbled denials and whispered curses, and then a cloud of darkness surges from the unconscious villain nose and crawls through the ground, grumbling threats and fleeing to the closest storm drain. Behind is left the unconscious and bruised Fred Meyers. Ready for the closest jail and likely never realizing how close he has been to a fate far worse than death.

Meanwhile Demobination finds his apparently supreme might is not enough even now!

He was sure not even Hulk could stand in his way this time. But Juggernaut does! And yet, and yet he could beat him if he was alone!

His claws draw the blood of the invulnerable Juggernaut, he tastes his blood in his mouth, but his feet can't find solid ground. And then painful loud sound beats against his eardrums, deafening him. He can't even hear his muffled roars of pain and rage, his struggles becoming blind flailing.

Amara's hands have closed into fists again, unconsciously, and she's leaning forward, as if she's straining to pass the arbitrary line she drew, to get closer to the fight, even though she knows its suicide. She wills her intervention to work, and as the Abomination loses his footing she feels a thrill of victory and takes a step forward. Now she'll close the ground on his legs and…

…she sees those chasms opening up, snaking towards the soldiers and the refugees. One look at the battle tells her they're not going to stop. "Gods give me strength." She says, both in entreaty and disgust. She falls to her knees once more, closing her fiery eyes, and sends her consciousness out below her, through the ground, keeping the shaking confined to the immediate area and trying to close those fissures before they can claim anyone.

Donna's face was a mask. Will had taken much of what made her appear human from her expression, her mind narrowed down to a singular focus, the warmth that might otherwise have found itself there frosted over by something that made her seem much more like what she was. And ageless, endless powerhouse who had never quite been human to begin with. Only once she was sure that the demon had fled, did she tug on the lasso, drawing it back towards herself, and nod for the soldiers to take the still unconscious, but not entirely human man away. She might have gone for the goblin next, or vulture, but even Donna was not that unfeeling, as she allowed her base humanity to soften her will, and took off to approach where Juggernaut and his allies were now battling the Abomination. her lasso was still loose in her hand as she fly high, trying to get in a good angle, "Juggernaut, keep hold of him!" Not that she expected he would let go. She'd faced him once and that had been enough to know he was not given to backing down from a fight. Thankfully, she did not have to worry about either magma or fissures in the ground, as she tried to come in close enough to swing the lasso around the demonic creature's middle. Enchanted as it was, it was long enough and unbreakable enough not to seem to be bothered by the hellfire. Or perhaps it was simply made in the memory of other gods. "Abandon your host! Go back to your home plane!"

And when the Lasso of Persuasion drags the demon away from Abomination, it is all over for the villain. He still puts a mighty struggle, but he only has raw physical force and that is of very limited use against Juggernaut.

The demon, a fiery being, scurries away. "I leave, I leave, but not far anymore. The masters are coming, this is my place now. The masters are coming you will all burrrrrn…" little creepy flame thing.

It takes a minute or two of punching and blasting, but the gamma-irradiated super-villain is finally knocked down and out. The DEO will make sure he wakes up in a Super-Max prison that has at least a decent chance to keep him caged for a while.

Indeed, it doesn't take much now. A nearly fully unrestrained and released Juggernaut is breathing into Abominations face as the demon leaves and without those enhancements, Abomination finds a boulder of a fist slamming into his head like an incoming meteorite with naught by Amara's efforts keeping the entire area from caving inward from the distribution of force.

Likely the others chime in as well but eventually Juggernaut drops Abominations body like that of a rag doll and steps away from the unconscious villain, body still pumped and the urge for violence pouring from his very being.

But Cain is no true berserker and as he sees the situation seems under control he begins to forcibly calm himself down and resist Cyttoraks urgings and influence.

"Hrmph…good thing I came along.." he grumbles.

Amara loses track of time as she works to soothe the shaking of the earth, to keep the damage contained to the immediate area of the fight, to pull the sundered earth back together once more. If any of the other demon-possessed villains were still in the battle she'd be easy prey, but she trusts the others to keep her safe while she works. Finally, the shaking ceases, and she cracks open one eye. When she sees that the last of their foes has been defeated, she opens her other eye and almost seems to deflate, propping herself up on her hands, her flames dying away as she returns to her human form - one that looks even more ragged than it did before the fight, which is some going.

Taking a deep breath, she climbs up to her feet and walks - a touch warily - toward the others. "It was." She tells the Juggernaut, simply, and directs a nod toward Donna, before finding Terry. "I think I've missed my chance for food and getting cleaned up." She says, with a shrug. It doesn't matter. Compared to the near tragedy that was just averted, it doesn't matter.

Donna kept her game face on, as the disembodied demon uttered his prediction, not even bothering to give it the attention that was needed for the reply. Once again, she withdrew the lasso, studying Juggernaut, perhaps assessing his injuries. But healing, at least the healing of others, was not in her powerset, and so, she fly back, setting herself down back onto the ground and moving towards Vulture and Hobgoblin. She might or might not be successful with those two, perhaps it was too much to hope for. But then, that's what fists were for. In the end, Vulture too succumbed, leaving only the Hobgoblin to be dealt with, trapped on his island. And that would have to do, for Donna. Even she was not indefatigable.

"Aye, for once I agree with ye, Marko." Comes the voice of the red-head hovering a bit away from the ongoing fight. Siryn remains hovering a bit more, before landing with a quiet touch of feet onto the uneven ground. Her mouth parts, then closes, before Siryn's taking to the sky once more, streaking off into the distance and — unfortunately — leaving Amara behind as well. …sorry about that Amara.

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