Superman meets Maxima

October 12, 2018:

Maxima and Superman meet while fighting demons and saving lives.

Midtown Manhattan

A city street in Manhattan where demons have decided to attack en masse.


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Time to take the fight to more of these demons. Shadows murk along the ground, waiting for some unlucky soul to trample across them. Some demons are in flight, waiting to pluck someone off the ground for an early dinner. But thankfully, many heroes over the course of the past few days have been managing to at least keep these demonic creatures at bay.

Just barely.

There were many of them. But quality had power over quantity. Such is the nature of earth's heroes. One in particular flew over the skies, bomb rushing a demon straight to the ground. Floating in the sky? Heralding that S-shield on his chest is the Man of Steel.


"Get off this world." Superman says sternly as demons start to swarm him, with the Kryptonian fighting them off. But who wouldn't accept a little help?


It seems Superman is surrounded and while he is fighting they are coming for him. However, things aren't all bleak. Look! Up in the sky!

It's a bird!

No, its a plane!

No, it's Maxima!

And she comes in like a torpedo. Her appearance is followed by a sonic boom and a crack of pavement as she slams through and then lands down in amongst a mass of demons. She then stands up and takes a breath before she suddenly whips her arms out. A wave of telekinetic force shoots out in all directions and sends the demons flying away from her before she grabs one coming on Superman's back and flings it away from the man of steel. She blinks at the sight and then tilts her head, "My…I had heard stories but you truly are as impressive as they say." She then turns quickly and her eyes glow brightly for a moment as twin beams of energy fly through a crowd of demons, scorching many and sending others scrambling.

"Not as impressive as me, of course, but still. Impressive."


Superman can hear the sound of Maxima flying with such force that the sky almost seems to crack open in response. Turning his head to her, he's only surprised that she's fighting at his side! Big Boy Blue gives a simple nod as he lets out his own heat vision to blast demons that flock him straight away!

"Thanks for the help. But it might help just a little bit to tone down the arrogance." He winks softly.

Then large demons, size of the Hulk but not even close to as strong, spew fireballs at them from their mouths! Superman simply tanks the blast, flying forward to uppercut one of the demons through a wall, leaving the other for Maxima to wreck.


Maxima does pretty much the same when it comes to the blast, both arms coming forward to catch the blast on her forearms and then she whips it away before slamming directly into the behemoth. She punches him back before then kicking him back a step and then spinning backfist sends the thing stumbling backwards. She then grabs the thing and whips it upward. A moment later it is getting a nasty axe kick right into the ground.

Looking over at Superman she smirks, "We all have our strengths and weaknesses, Superman. You just happened upon one of my greatest strengths is all." She then lands atop the thing and stomps it as it attempts to move, "My boundless confidence." She brushes back her hair and then looks around, "The people of this city are under constant attack by these things and I can still feel the minds of many crying out for help." She considers, "This world's people are so conflicted against one another and yet when they need help they are quick to hold out their hands. They need to act, not fight and beg."


Superman simply rapid-fire punches (and that's a terrifying thing to see) the demon into literal unconsciousness. Standing up slowly, Superman floats back up to Maxima as she speaks. "Confidence is as much a weakness as it is a strength. Too much, and it can be a fatal mistake." He says with a serious look on his face. The demons appear to now be running away from this titanic duo and Supes witnesses it.

"Guess we scared them off. No civilians seem to be wounded, but it wouldn't hurt to double check." No doubt reporters have crept out of their hiding places to take pictures! "True. But that's why we're here. To defend those who cannot defend themselves." he smiles then. "So…got a name? Or am I gonna just have to not know you?" he says with a hint of humor in his tone.


"I am Queen Maxima of Almerac." She states and looks at him with a hmm, "I have heard much of this Superman but had not seen him up close. The others of the Justice League have mentioned you." She nods her head, "I am the greatest warrior Almerac has ever seen and you're late to the party."

She nods her head, "Impressive amount of power though I suppose I'll have to test that strength for myself at some point." She then looks around and closes her eyes, "I sense fear, a small degree of pain here and there but nothing serious." She opens her eyes, "No one is seriously injured within a mile of this location."


Superman listens to her introduction, greeting her only with a smile. Honestly, it wasn't exactly out of possibility for him to meet some queen from a distant world. "Kal-El. My home world was destroyed…so I've made my home here, protecting my new home. The people call me Superman."

He stretches out his hand to shake Maxima's, if she likes.

Before Superman uses his extremely heightened senses to listen closer…more accurately. "I agree with you. Paramedics are already doing their job. All we need to do is make sure the demons don't mess with them."


Reaching out, she ends up gripping his forearm and then nods her head, "I am aware of the fate of Krypton." She nods her head and then looks around briefly, "Your world was not near to mine but we knew of it. It was a historical thing for my people. I am sorry to hear of its fate and yours but at the same time we are here now." She nods her head and pulls her hand back before looking around, "I am surprised by your strength, however, I have not heard of such strength in the stories of that distant world."

She glances around briefly before saying, "Either way, no demons will come near the people trying to help this night. I have been keeping them at bay. If you see a bunch of imps holding makeshift banners that say my name on them." She closes her eyes, "Misspelled as it may be…try not to destroy them. They see me as their queen and I could not allow them harm as long as they swear me fealty."


Superman grips her forearm tightly in a very knightly greeting, before releasing it soon after. "I didn't know the destruction of my homeworld was news that reached far and wide. But, you have a point. If it didn't happen, I wouldn't be here today to meet you." he smiles kindly. "Surprised? I know two others like me here with the same power…but there's a science to it all." he chuckles very softly.

"I agree. Though….you as their queen? COuldn't you just order them to stop the fighting then like they were your soldiers?" Superman questions her military strategy. "Though, honestly, I'd prefer a war between the demons didn't happen. Civilians would get caught in the crossfire."


"Only a small band of imps listens to me." She looks around carefully for them, "I'm sure they are hiding like the cowards they are but they like to pretend they are brave. There are 12 of them." She shakes her ehad briefly before Maxima then looks at him, "The influence of Almerac is wide. I rule an Empire though for now my house is governing while I go on a…" She ocnsiders, "Someone here on this planet called a soul search." She shrugs, "It sounds correct."

She then looks at the people here, "They are very conflicted here. Attacking each other for reasons that cannot be corrected because they were that way at birth." She shakes her head, "Such a foolish race."


Huh, well then.

Kal-El seems to just tilt his head. "Should I ask why you're on a soul search so far from home?" It wasn't exactly…uncommon for queens to shirk responsibility and leave their empires or kingdoms or even their planet!

He looks down to the civilians below and he looks at Maxima. "There's a strength to them. Some of them may be evil. and yes, they make war with each other. But they've accepted us on their planet. For that sole reason, I'll always defend them."


A look at him and she hmms, "Not as accepting of me as they are of you." She shrugs, "I have found my own acceptance though." She then rolls a shoulder and looks down for a moment before looking up again, "Either way, I am here now and I will teach them." She states and nods her head, "I will show them that there is a better way until I either need to return or until I am satisfied. Either way." She then looks into the distance, "Either way, there's still more to do."


Kal-El seems to nod. "Well, I had to earn it. It wasn't something done overnight. But, one can only do their best right?" He turns his head sharply. Someone's crying for help. "Duty calls. Never-ending battle continues!" Superman flies higher into the sky. "I hope we meet again Maxima. I enjoyed our talk and our teamwork."


Flying up, she eyes Kal carefully before she nods her head, "I suppose so." She then considers him a moment longer before saying, "Do not let a single human fall this day." She nods to him, "I will not forgive you if you do." She nods her head and then she turns and flies off at high speed. Even as they both fly off, a dozen imps come around a corner and stumble all over before whining.

"I told you she was here but we're too late!"

"It's not my fault you wanted to stop for coffee!"

"You can't get coffee in hell…"

"Shut up!"

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