Elves, Dragons and Gods in the night

January 01, 2016:

Adara Hong, the Queen's blade and the Goddess of the Sun are in New York attempting to slay demons and protect the survivors!

New York

The midst of the Demon invasion


NPCs: Demons



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Night time. It's the right time…. for finding demons.

The silver-haired elf finds himself, once again, flitting from shadow to shadow, dispatching what demons he can and sparing as much human life and can be reasonably spared.

There's a fight. Small ugly demons spilling from a tear near a residential building and clawing through the brick and mortar. They've punched into the wall and are slaughtering the residents within. Darkedge, clothed in black, materializes in the middle of the heavy shadow of a car, on a knee and holding a woman and her toddler son. The three are stunned for a moment, the humans from surprise and cold, the elf from fatigue. It gives some demons near by ample time to spot them and charge toward them.


+MEET: Adara Hong has arrived via +meet.


Did the sun get tired? There was certainly plenty of myths and stories from the days of ancient history of what happened to the light in the sky when night fell. Certainly though, it's 'goddess'? She was starting to feel it. Her stamina might be far beyond those of mortals, but a week of fighting demons and travelling the city trying to find those caught in the midst and unable to flee without rest or food had even Amaterasu feeling a little less 'bright.'

In a city that had seen plenty of strange, the petite armored Japanese woman with an air of regality about her and a sword in her hand was probably low on the abnormality scale, but as a nearby storefront simply explodes in a rush of flames and ash that was once demons? Ami coming strolling out of the twisted glas was anything but subtle.


Walking the streets of NYC at this time was not recommended for most. Well, most were not working on their doctorate with sensitive materials and experiments happening that were needing constant care and constituted her entire future within her scholastic career, thank you very much! Breath. She really needed to breath. Adara was not having this business of demons preventing her from doing her work. So, now she was walking through the city on a phone with a professor who has long since gotten out of town, "What do you mean get out of there? This experiment needs regular care and you know that." She waits and hmms, "Why yes, I'm aware there are demons and are you aware that I don't care? I…" A sigh, "…hold tight. I'll call you back after I deal with this." She then walks up and eyes Darkedge a moment and then looks to Ami before saying, "What now?" She looks at the incoming demons and then looks in the direction of the charging demons, "You can't handle this?" She asks of the elf as if this whole thing was completely normal, "Aren't you like…a magic elf or something?"

Then armored sword woman comes out and lands and she gestures, "There, she'll handle it." She turns away and pulls her phone back up and then waits a moment before saying, "No, sorry, just a thing with demons and armored women with swords and elves…New York. W hat can you do? She idly stands there and when a demon starts to turn toward her she literaly puts a hand up as he approaches and looks at him with a glare, "I am on the phone…"


With Adara alerting him to the demons and her presense giving them a half heatbeat's pause, Darkedge lifts his gaze to the threat before shoving himself up to his feet. His left hand reaches out to push the human woman and her child away, bidding them wordlessly to run while they can. All as a gleaming crystal blade oozes from his sleeve and into the palm of his righ thand.

"Some of us have been at this since Darkfall," he grumps at the woman on the phone before vanishing into the shadows, confusing the demons charging him, and reappearing in one of the demon's shadows. The blade in his hand is stabbed through the thing's neck and yanked free to be brought to bear on the two others near by. Only a half glance was spared for hte woman coming out of the store front.

There were demons to slay, after all.


In a world that had changed oh so much since she had last been here, there was a lot that Ami didn't understand. Certainly, humanity had flourished and floundered in many different ways without the interference of the 'gods'. Yet even so, the woman's eyes fall on Darkedge and she blinks for a moment. Another 'elf'? Certainly this one didn't seem to be a sorcerer as the last had from how he lept into the fray with his sword. The blade in her own hand? While it matched her armor in styling it looked almost…understated. There was nothing ornate about the weapon and only the fact that the blade seemed to carry a perfect mirror-polish even after passing through a demon's body would lead anyone to think it was anything other than plain old steel.

Adara's arrival and conversation on the phone has her blinking, another frown of confusion before she cocks her head to the side. She speaks, a few words in Japanese before she pauses and switches to English that still clearly caries an accent. "You should get to safety…" she speaks to the woman on the phone before she turns, cleaving through the demon that had been approaching behind her in a single fluid sweep. "It is dangerous here."


A look over as the demon is sliced and nods to Ami, "Thank you." She states and then looks at the phone, "No, I'm not thanking you. I'm thanking the nice lady with the sword who killed the demon." She pauses, "Yes, demon. Ya know, if you are just going to worry about me we can talk later." She then hangs up and puts the phone away before looking over at Ami before saying, "I'm heading home, I am perfectly safe, and I'm well aware of the danger." She then grumbles and turns to look at yet another approaching demon. She raises her hand at it, "I am in no mood. I have had it up to here with this." She gestures to above her head, "When will your kind…LEARN!?"

And hten she suddenly grips her hand and fire literaly shoots out from under her feet, snakes along the ground and turns into a pair of twin slithering snake like dragons that roar out in a firey rage and try to wrap about the demon. THe demon slashes at them in rage and then they both latch on to its throat and begin to burn along its skin, "Hellfire has nothing on me…" And then she opens her hand and the fire whips up around the demon with hellish heat. She then turns to Ami, "Anyway, I have a lot of work to do."

"As for you." She points at Darkedge, "You are obviously not aware how hard it is to keep track of the life growth cycle of various forms of bacteria and make sure they are not interrupted by outside stimuli without constant care."


Two more demon things drop to Darkedge's blade. No, he is no sorceror. He is a warrior, an assassin, slipping from shadow to shadow, killing from behind and moving on before the body is even falling to the ground. It's the bright flare of hte fire that gives the elf pause.

Darkedge recoils from the light, an arm coming up to shield his eyes from the burst. Teeth gritted, Darkedge struggles to keep himself safe from the two others that try for him as he's stock still.

"As for me, I am not entirely sure what you said was made up of actual words," retorts the elf, unplesant of tone, his words like a cold harsh hiss.


Conjuring flames and fire isn't exactly strange to Amaterasu…there was a burning building back behind her that was proof of that, but even so Adara's display of magic has the asian 'Goddess' blinking for a moment before she shakes her head. Just how many empowered beings, 'superheroes' and sorcerers had been drawn to this city? "I see…" That's about all the answer she has to give in response to Adara's explaination and outburst both. Clearly she wasn't speaking falsly!

"Be safe then, and try to assist others on your path. Not all can…do such things." A nod, Amaterasu turns back towards the demons and the elf who was recoiling from the light while her own form begins to glow. It probably wasn't the most pleasent thing for the light-sensitive types, but the sunlight eminating from the woman seemed almost a physical thing as it coalesces into a ball she sends hurtling into one of the larger demons with a flick of her wrist. A ball of magically conjured solar plasma hitting a demon square in the face? It certainly isn't going to be fun for the creature.

Darkedge's own exchange with Adara or even his identity hadn't been questioned by Ami. Now, as it had been when she last walked the earth, swordsmen cutting down 'Oni' were generally considered on the right side.


A blink as she looks over at Darkedge and then she sighs, "Sorry, forgot you were not good with light but I really have no other recourse. Even if I use physical attacks I must become…bright…" She stares at Ami a moment and then frowns before saying, "Well, that won't go well." She watches it happen and then nods to Ami, "Umm, the elf." She gestures toward him if he is even still there given that display, "Is…very sensitive to light." She nods her head and frowns a little as she then considers, "Fine…ya know what?" She looks back as another demon stalks toward her, "You want to learn the hard way? I can't show light. Fine…" She pulls out a flask and states, "This was for work…you ass." She tosses it at the demon and it shatters. The smell of alcohol temporarily fills the air before she shoots a thin line of fire right at the creature and it starts to scream. It flails and runs away though…it appears to not be visibly burning despite the melting flesh.


The light! It burns! It burns! Darkedge's attack on a demon lands true, only for him to be unable to continue as the sudden light and heat of the sun washes over him. He's never seen the sunlight before. It had simply never existed to him in the way it exists for most other people. The final demon on him takes advantage and gets in under the elf's guard. They tumble to the ground, Darkedge blindly working to defend himself while the exposed skin of his face quickly starts to pinken under the light.

Hurry and dispatch them all! his mind shouts out, vaguely in the direction of hte others. He's not sure if they can hears his thoughts when he projects them like this. Some humans can, some can't. But he's got to try anyway, since right now, he's pretty sure that if he tried to speak he'd end up vomiting.


Sensitive…indeed. She hadn't even cast her light towards Darkedge and he was…taking it poorly. Amaterasu actually looks startled, if not a little confused by the reaction. Still, the final demon pressing the advantage and managing to take him down? That was kinda her fault.

The Japanese woman whinces, then she's crossing the space with a cry at speeds no human could really manage. She'd wonder on Adara's little trick later, right now she had to clean up her mess. Swinging her sword into a tumbling pair of bodies wasn't likely to go over any better than the 'light blast', but instead her deceptively delicate looking hand reaches down and she attempts to pull the creature off Darkedge with a strength that doesn't make sense for one of her size. Hoisting the creature, she hurls it across the path before extending a hand down to rest on the blinded and burned elf. "I am sorry," her accented tones speak. "Can you stand?"


Seeing Darkedge go down, Adara is about to rush over and even as she arrives her teeth are elongated and her fingers are sprouting talons. Then The new woman deals with it and she gasps back her teeth, pull back her talons and shudders as her clothes sizzle a little in spots. She wills the fire out before sighing as the outfit is probably burned on the inside a little either way. She adjusts her top before nodding, "Are you ok, Dark?" She asks and looks to Ami with some care.


Freed of the demon, but still light-blind, Darkedge gasps at the hand, taking a moment to sort out that it's a human's voice adn not a demon. He blinks his eyes open, tears spilling free. His gaze is unfocused as he tracks speakers by sound.

"I will live," he says through gritted teeth. The nausea is dizzying.

"All dead?" he asks, body still tense and ready to fight, not that he'd be much use right away.


A little nod is given, useless gesture for a blind man but it was habbit none the less. The demons weren't quite all dead, but that could be changed quick enough. "Be still, we will see to your wounds soon enough." Amaterasu was no doctor, and she couldn't be sure after that last reaction that any healing magic she conjured wouldn't make things worse, but the woman was trying to be reassuring none the less.

Drawng her sword once more, she gives a cry and rushes after the creature she'd flung aside moments ago. There was only one of them left, but Darkedge was right about them needing to all be gone. No more sunlight, just the Serpent Sword.


A clearing of her throat and she frowns, "Well, that went odd." She walks up to Darkedge and frowns at him, "I am not a proper medical doctor." She states, "I know things but just stay still. Do you heal? Is there something that can help?" She sighs as she looks in the direction of the now burning demon that is clearly burning in the distance, "I really don't have much to help…"

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