Park Recruit

October 10, 2018:

Diana and Volt speak to one another in a refugee camp away from a demonic attack.


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Fade In…

Late afternoon, and the sun - clouded over with otherworldly fog as it is - is dipping low in the west. There's still plenty of light to go by, but it won't last past the hour, hour and a half at most. Here in Westchester, the invasion isn't as bad. The demonic influx has been concentrated in the main area of New York, where they can do the most damage. Thankfully, as the cityscape fades into a more rural flavor, the demons tend to lose interest. Not all of them, mind you, but the most of them.

Volt is here to maintain that line. Perched upon the rooftop of a record store facing in the direction of the Bronx. A hot breeze whisks through the skyline, toussling those hanging bangs framing his face. It's quiet. For now. But the mildly damaged buildings speak of some skirmishes that've occured in the area so far.

Diana has been using her available resources to transport people out of the city and she's been bringing them to various locations where the military and law enforcement have setup camps to protect them. One of these locations is Salem Center. It has a large park where a tent community has been setup and where active transports are landing, helicopters and the like. Or in this case… an invisible jet.

Diana's famous jet is world reknowned at this point for being unseeable to the naked eye… and though thats generally true, its not always true. The jet can be willed into visibility by the Princess, she just generally chooses for it to remain invisible when its needed for it to be.

When visible, its a beautifully shaped craft with elegant angles and is pure white like a cloud, though softly reflective of light surfaces around it. Its a transport plane, large enough to hold a lot of people and it has only small wings in the back near the propulsion engines.

As of right now? Diana is stepping off the jet with a host of refugees from the city, she'd brought them here to distribute them to a safer place for now until they could return to their homes hopefully soon.

The airspace of New York has been iffy, particularly for government agencies unprepared. Many of these demons have wings. Others have projectiles. So it's become a point of interest for Volt when he sees an aircraft moving through. Though the invisible jet is quite famous (and likely meme'd to death), it in its visible form is likely not so recognized. It's a curious sort of irony. But Volt's eyes are affixed to the craft bearing no distinct affiliation to the government branches represented that he's seen.

It lands not far, and he opts to get a closer look. If it turns out to be a government group, he'll keep his distance. If not.. well..

It takes him a minute, but by the time he's emerging, he's spotted Diana with the refugees. He steps forward and raises a gloved hand in greeting to her. "Hey, everything good here? Need a hand with anything?"

Diana is having a moment with some of the refugees, the older ones, who're thanking her for getting them and their families out of there and to a further away location. "It is my pleasure." Diana tells them all. "We may even offer transport further away from the city should things require it. But for now, this is a safe location." She assures them all.

As Volt approaches is when Diana is turning away from the civilians and looking first to the community gathered around, then to Volt himself. She's in her shining armor and her weapons/shield are mounted on her back, her hair is down and its… in a state of 'nice disarray' around her shoulders, she's been fighting clearly.

"Volt." She says to him then, offering him a soft nod of her head. "It is good to see you. Everything is good here, for now. No assistance required… but… we will be heading back soon and you are welcome to come with us."

She says his name, and the young superhero flashes a smile. "Good, cool." The invitation to come and assist with more gets a quick nod, the aforementioned bangs abounce. "You know I will!," he chirps. She may not, actually - they've not run into each other too much. But it's a colloquial-meets-eager response. "Things around here have been pretty quiet, anyway. Little scuffle when I first got here, but that didn't take long to settle. I think they're mostly concentrated where the most people live and work. Where they can do the most damage."

Volt bobs a shoulder in a half-shrug. "S'my speculation." Then he motions towards her. "Looks like you've seen action today, though."

The bit about action gets a soft sigh from Diana. "More than I would care to." She responds then as her eyes go back to him and his fancy bangs. "It is impossible to sleep when there is so much to do to stop evil from spreading, to stop it from consuming the good." She glances away once more to the people here at the camp going about their routines. "I am thankful for your help, Volt and should you wish to spread your contacts amongst the super powered teams, you are welcome to join the League as a recruit member for the time being." Her blue eyes travel back over to him then and her right hand goes up to rest against her hip. "Should that sound appealing for you. I know that you are talented and skillful in what it is that you do, so I would be happy to add you to our comm channels and have you as a reliable asset to our front against these enemies."

She looks away again then and gently shakes her head as a cool autumn breeze rolls thorugh the park. "There are never enough and sadly we have lost some in this fight.."

"Yeah. I've.. had some scoldings about burning the candle at both ends, too," Volt admits with a self-deprecating smile. "But if losing sleep means keeping someone alive, I think it's worth it." As long as he's not colllapsing. Sage would probably be swatting at him for what he's saying even now, actually.

What Diana continues to say, however, gets a stunned blink from the masked teen. "Wait.. spread my contacts?," he asks. He didn't quite understand what she meant, but that gets cleared up rather quickly. Join the League? As in the /Justice League/? The famous superhero team? His jaw hangs slack for a few seconds. Caitlin had offered him a communicator before, but this is a rather different tone! "I- I'd love to!," he replies immediately.

Then there's a hitch in his enthusiasm.

"I mean, if it won't cause a problem with me being with the X-Men." He taps indicatively at the 'X' plate on his utility belt. "I don't know how much you and your guys know about'em. I have to make sure they're safe, y'know? ButI'dLoveTo!" Just to restate his position.

"Well." Diana starts then, glancing back toward the young man. "It can be a temporary inclusion so that you are able to work better with us during this conflict, or it can be something you can pursue further once things have… come to a positive resolution and we can return to our lives as they were." She glances away then and sighs softly, her Greek accented voice seems a bit tired, but she's been through a lot lately—its likely she hasn't slept a wink since he'd seen her last even.

"Your actions have spoken volumes for your character, young one." She says further then. "We need more members such as yourself if we are to face challenges such as this. And inclusion in the X-Men will not harm that. I know of them, but I have not had an opportunity to work closely with any of them. I would hope to some day however."

The more she talks, the more Volt is bobbing excitedly on his boots. The eyemask seems to conform to his wide-eyed, starry expression, all beaming and mesmerized. "R-right? Well, you do now!," he declares. "Um!" He hitches again. "You guys won't be tracking me constantly, right? I know that sounds shady, but I've gotta make sure I take care of the X-Men, too, right?"

For as few times as he's met Diana, her reputation precedes her. He has no reason to believe she'd tell him anything other than the truth, and he desperately hopes she'll understand his position of needing to protect a secretive philanthropical organization. Batman's in their group, after all. Right?

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