Attack on the Triskelion (or Cherry Bomb)

October 10, 2018:

During the demon invasion of New York, The Triskelion has been incredibly well protected against the incursion. However, somehow, demons have made their way inside the building and are starting to wreck havoc. The Agents of SHIELD must defend and repel this attack on their home base.

The Triskelion


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Fade In…

It’s a normal night in demon infested Manhattan. At least, it’s normal enough for those at the Triskelion. Quite a large number of agents rotate in and out of duty. While many of the civilians have been evacuated out of the city for their safety, there are still quite a lot of demons on the loose that need to be beaten back only for them to return later. It’s a strange time for New York, however SHIELD was made for strange times such as these.

With the help of their WAND division, The Triskelion has been very well protected against the incursion. Demons have been repelled and their base of operations has escaped largely unscathed. It’s been a boon, as some refugees have been escorted into the protected base to remain until they can be safely evacuated.

The Triskelion is in the midst of a frenzy of activity at the end of the working day. It’s 7PM and night has just fallen. A group of civilians is being ushered inside. Most of the rested active agents are out on their patrols to attempt to rout the demons. Those who remain are coming off of their shifts. Many of those who work desk jobs are wrapping up their day and heading toward the WAND approved safe exit from the Triskelion. It involves a tunnel, magic wards and possibly something involving powdered newt? It involves magic and possibly best left secret.

It is in the midst of all this that the lights go out. Everyone stops for a moment in the darkness. Then, the back up generators kick in. The lights flicker back on and there is a sigh of relief. Minutes later, however, the backup generators power down. The lights, again, cut out. The hum of electricity, a sound so ubiquitous to be dismissed entirely dies, leaving only an echoing silence in its wake. That silence is quickly filled with the hum of human questions, confusion and worry as to what might be going on.

That is when the screaming starts.

It is a sound not entirely unknown to the Triskelion, but it is a rarity. It could be attributed to the scared citizens they have brought inside to protect reacting to the lights going out, however, this is not a shriek of sudden surprise that then dies away. No, the screams continue and clearly start to indicate that those making them are in fear and pain.

Behind that is a high-pitched shriek. It’s interlay inhuman, echoing against the walls and seemingly coming from everywhere. The screaming starts to grow louder as a wave of short but strong shapes emerge from the darkness and start to grab and tear into the nearest humans.

Demons have somehow managed to infiltrate the Triskelion.


Flying into sudden activity isn't unusual. It's just been a while since an alarm of this type interrupted his sleep. Memories of a war of long ago (yet one that doesn't quite feel so long ago) slam into the forefront of the dreams that were playing out, before Steve Rogers responds on full alert.
He fumbles in the dark of his quarters at first, dressing to uniform quickly while demanding status reports on what's going on. The answers of 'chaos everywhere' and 'demons' and 'citizens in trouble' mean he's suddenly charging out of his quarters, snatching up the Shield. He's then in full tilt motion while pulling a headset on with a free hand, the wires loose and tangled from the charger unit trailing before he tugs them loose. He's headed for the main Operations, while calling for team leaders of security to check in with locations:
"This is Captain Rogers. If your area is secure, call it out, we need to sort out what's hitting us and where; status, all locations. Operations, I'm on the way," Captain America says quickly, tone commanding and calm: if anyone needs a lifeline of a voice that at least sounds like there isn't just chaos.



That's pretty much the knee-jerk reaction from the Trisket's resident space-raccoonoid at the first eruption of screams.

He was pulling another late-nighter, futzing around with some manner of weaponlike device or another at the time, and even then he has to check to make doubly sure that he can stand by his claim, or at least have a good story to tell if it turned out that the source of said screams was in fact of his doing.

Except the sounds that follow are definitely not from people, making the fur at the back of his neck down to the tip of his tail stand on end. He sets down his welder, tugging off his welding mask and tossing it aside while his other hand then reaches under the makeshift workbench for his plasma rifle.

Stepping down the ramp of the Milano, Rocket blinks as he peers out in the darkness of the hangar, where only the low red glow of the emergency lights are dotted along the walls here and there, but with the back-up generator down, no telling how long before those go out.

"…that ain't good," he mutters, hefting his rifle and powering it with a click of an extension and a flip of a switch. His eyes narrow abruptly. Was that movement? He may not see what it was, but the scrabbling of something sharp on the floor is enough for his ears to verify one thing- that can't be human.

Padding down the ramp, he keeps his rifle at the ready, snug against his shoulder, clawed finger wrapped around the trigger. To his left, a screech. He catches the movement out of the corner of his eye but he's already swinging his weapon around, depressing the trigger just as he feels something hit him, the light from his rifle's blast illuminating the demonish features of his attacker.


Captain Marvel currently is crouched behind a series of sandbags stretching from building to building across a street. A component of the line drawn by the National Guard and the American Military to keep the demon invasion as contained as they can. At the moment she is listening to the commander of this partition of containment zone, nodding occasionally as the man is offering suggestions for support from SHIELD and its affiliated subordinate groups. Now that the bulk of the refugees have been moved, Marvel's focus has been on assisting efforts to keep these things from escaping beyond Manhattan. She's been flying from checkpoint to checkpoint non-stop, taking requests and offering assistance. Diving into groups threatening to breach areas and relieve soldiers on the brink of being overwhelmed.
She lost track of when she slept last. Captain Danvers never pauses for any length of time to field suggestions of rest while these monsters are pillaging her people.
Throughout this entire ordeal she did not once think to consider the safety of the Triskelion. Apart from one very notable exception, nothing seemed to have breached into this world that could easily threaten the extremely fortified and defended center of SHIELD. Its because of this certainty that when her SWORD aide starts panicking on the line that Carol is startled.
"Wait one, Sergeant.." Holding up an index finger as her other glove goes to her ear, engaging her bold red Kree helmet to materialize about her head to fully engage the communications array therein, "Repeat. Repeat that." She urges firmly to the line.

"@#$." States Captain Marvel.

"Sorry Sergeant, I need to redeploy right now!" Her sentence is only barely finishes as the Half-Kree Warrior launches into the sky like a missile.


The high-pitched shriek is met with another high-pitched shriek. Except this shrieking is less demonic and more tree-like.

This wouldn't have happened if Groot was hanging around Rocket. Unfortunately, between snacking and taking a nap during Rocket's late-nighter, he eventually woke up again just because it felt like one of those nights. And being wide awake meant that he had the freedom to wander the Trisket while the raccoonoid Guardian was busy making things that exloded.

Now that he gets to see demons attacking the civilians within the Triskelion, it's only natural to scream before taking any sort of action. Instead of running away, however, the tiny Groot charges forward, weaving under legs to send his now-extended arms flailing at the nearest demon like whips.



This of course comes on the heels of Rocket's denial of having actually done anything. Which is pretty much how the Guardian's operate in situations like this. In a different part of the hanger, Peter Quill was trying to make dinner. Via a microwave and a burrito. Which is one of the time honored and classic ways for the Guardians to make dinner.

Naturally the power goes out only five seconds into the cycle, thus denying the captain of the Milano and leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy his frozen repast.

…such is the life of Peter Quill.

Of course when the lights don't come back on? That is when Peter starts to get the picture that this might be something more than just a standard power failure. The Trisket doesn't loose power for just any old reason. SHILED might be full of boring wet blanket types but they at least know how to keep the lights on.

"Great," He mutters to himself as he pulls open the microwave and retrieves his burrito. "Hey Rocket! Groot with you?" He calls across the echoing hanger bay. "Cause I think we might need to circle the wagon—"

And then the screaming starts just as Peter turns to head back towards the ship.

"…check that! Defiantly time to circle up!" As he reaches up to tap the controls located directly behind his ear. The deployment of his armor turns night into red-tinged day as the systems of the high tech battle suit kick into gear. One pistol is snapped out before the lenses even finish forming, so its with amazing clarity that he can see the forms of the sudden influx of demonic invaders.

"Oh hell no, Rocket!" He calls out as sudden electrical blasts illumate the Guardian. "Where you at?"

The sudden sound of energy rifle fire and the bursts of light that follow give Peter a clue. "There ya are, just keep shooting!"

And Peter follows his own advice, bursts of elemental blasts slicing towards the swarm even as a weight impacts him from the side, throwing him off his feet.

…but he never lets go of his burrito. He is a man of priorities.


Meta assets in SHIELD are of questionable number, so it's no surprise that Sloane L. Albright has been boots-to-the-ground as much as possible… not out of obligation or orders, but because she /wants/ to be out there. In spite of recent spats of downtime — her visit to TCLEC, and later Westchester— she has done her damn best to stay available and moving, even if it means stretching herself a little thin from time to time.

She was out of touch for the night a couple days ago, and only made sporadic check-ins until reuniting with comrades last night; reports are promised, but paperwork is something at the farthest of far-back in the Agent's mind right now. Having had time to shower, don a fresh spare of her sleeveless bodysuit, and stuff food in the microwave. The whole elevator ride down, she's staring at her bandage-wrapped right hand, frowning.

Somewhere between the third and fourth floor, the elevator suddenly stops, the lights cutting out. A wave of nervousness lurks at the back of her mind; her eyes close, expecting the backup generators to kick on— and they do, after a moment. When the lights cut a second time — this time with no return— she lets her eyes stay open. Her pupils shift wide, from tight vertical slits to large and round; it's not absolutely perfect night vision but it'll help her see in the dark. Things you wouldn't want to see.

Like say, demons, in an elevator, three inches from her face.

"Son of a bitch!" she calls, a split-second before being thrown and pinned against a wall. Grabbing at the hand that holds her, a booted heel lifts before thrusting out with a kick to get some space— and lord is the banging around in there loud.


Captain Marvel's fatigue, that sense of constant battle that comes from holding a line against a seemingly endless enemy horde is something shared by a younger counterpart: The hybrid Kryptonian prototype known as Kon-El. The red-and-blue banded, sleekly armored supersuit the Dude of Steel wears is already torn in places, his muscular frame bloodied beneath it; much to his chagrin, all too much that these demonic invaders do /actually hurts him/. It's quite unfair!

Soaring high over the city in a swift circuit, the screams erupting from within the fortress that /had been/ one of the few fully secure structures anywhere near the epicenter at Stark Tower draw both Superboy's attention and concern, and a blue-red streak blurs through the sky on a vector straight for the Triskelion.

This tracjectory sees Kon careen in adjacent to Captain Marvel some instants later, not even trying to call out to the elder space-hero at these speeds. Instead, he gives her a universal symbol of preparedness to kick ass and take names: the thumbs up, and builds velocity.

Coming in hot: like 12 times already today.


Jean Grey is not a typical visitor to the Triskelion, but recent matters have necessitated some back-and-forth between SHIELD and the X-Men as of late in order to coordinate efforts. There are a number of liaisons between the two groups that help smooth these interactions, and today Jean was here to meet up with one, Danielle Moonstar. They were on their way to Dr. Foster's lab space.

Up until the lights went out, and the screaming started.

Jean stops dead in the hallway, her gaze shooting to the right towards Danielle. "I assume that's not a common occurrence here," she says dryly.

Looking thankful she dressed practically for the trip to demon-infested New York, she fans out her senses to try to get a telepathic read on how many demons have intruded, and where they might be concentrating. A faint shimmer of red energy flickers around them both, as a telekinetic shield flips up.


"The only advice I'm going to give you is don't touch anything in Dr. Foster's lab." Dani chats idly, as the two make their way toward said lab, her tone half serious and half not. "All those blinking lights - I just know one of them will surely teleport us to another universe all together, but I think you'll -" 'really like her. She's a great person.' Was to be the rest of her sentence, but her words trail off as the hallway suddenly plunges into darkness. Twice.

Then the screaming starts.

Like Jean, Dani stops walking as she tries to get her bearings, "No, I can't say this is a common occurrence." Agrees the Cheyenne woman and swiftly now the woman pulls her sidearm free, though keeps it pointed toward the ground. "Can you get a read on where the screaming is coming from?" The flicker of the telekinetic shield around them earns a thankful sort of thought from Danielle Moonstar.


The voice that replies to Captain Rogers is also calm, collected, ready for action. “Captain Rogers, this is Agent Shepherd. I’m currently here in command. We’ve got contact points all over the Triskelion. We need to repel these intruders and fast. There are civilians we were going to transfer in the residential level. Getting them to safety is a priority. ” Even as Shepherd speaks, Steve can hear the terrified shrieks of people far off down the hallway. It’s not in the direction of Operations, but it’s clear there are people who need his help and fast.

In the other direction, all seems to generally be normal. A few sleepy agents on night shift are starting to pull their way out of their rooms, ready to defend their home base. However, around the corner, the a nightmare awaits. A hallway filled with strange creatures, tall and elongated but seemingly melting into the shadows. A stark contrast to that are a few people standing in their doorways trying to keep these creatures out. When the power went out, it seems they opened their door to find out what was happening only to find demons in the hallway. A few are already wrapping their long limbs around those closest to pull them out into the open to pull them apart.

While most of the Triskelion is delved into darkness, the landing bay the Milano remains in flashes in red warning lights. They fade on in off in a slower pattern until even they completely turn off. However, they are on long enough that Rocket can get a quick glance at strange creatures swarming the hangar. They look almost like strange melted globules. The flashing lights of his rifle against the intruders both bring them into sharp relief and also accentuate the strange shadows in their melted faces. Despite their build, they are quick.

Rocket’s flash of his rifle cause those in the midst of his fire to shriek again in anger and the others to try and quickly surround him. By the time Quill is down the ramp, the ship is almost entirely surrounded. A half dozen creatures, despite the blasts lunge at Rocket, their arms sticky and their mass gelatinous. Quill’s descending and added gunfire cuts their attackers, but they remain entirely on the offensive. The sudden new contender has some of them ooze their way toward Peter and the ramp of the Milano.

Sloane’s elevator stops and creatures start to meld from the floor and the ceiling exhibiting powers similar to the mutant to which she was recently acquainted. One grabs at her, but the kick quickly dislodges him. Others are moving forward to grab and yank her through the floor and the doors in front of her and into an open elevator shaft.

Outside the Triskelion, there are demons attempting to crawl the walls and also make their way into whatever crevasse they can manage. Superboy and Captain Marvel will see a Triskelion besieged as it has not been before, the lights inside eerily dark and the sound of faint screaming coming from within. In the lobby nearby where the pair will set down, the group of agents bringing in their group of evacuating civilians are beleaguered in the corner behind a security desk. They shoot and protect, but the onslaught of demons who now seemingly can make it past the warded front door seem intent on their targets.

There are a lot of minds for Jean to contend with as she searches through the Triskelion for those who are intruding. She can easily discern between demon and human, however each demon mind she touches carries with it a very residual amount of cold. Touching it, even with that red and fiery energy causes something of a distortion, like mental feedback. As she stretches that connection across the Triskelion she can see the true extent of this breech and it is massive. It seems there are thousands of demons attempting to destroy everything from the outside and then move inward. Their path seems to desire outright mayhem.

Dani’s very sage advice is interrupted by the power. Then, the screaming and the shrieking as it grows from softer to louder tower the pair. As Dani brings up her gun in the darkened hallway, strange shadow creatures careen around the corner and attempt to crash right into Jean and Dani, They are almost doglike in nature, shadow fangs snapping against the telekinetic shield the smash against.

Amidst the civilians and the Agents of SHIELD defending themselves, a shriek of plant defiance rises to meet the demons. The small Groot charges against the creatures attacking the base where the Milano calls itself home. The small tree creatures is met immediately with resistance as one of the demons curiously picks it up and screams back in his face, shaking him violently.


SWORD has Captain Marvel's local airspace constantly monitored, spliced into air traffic control commercial, military, international and a few others they aren't at liberty to reveal. Her SWORD team within the Peak high above gives her a heads up along with a HUD tracker within her helm as she speeds along, the troubled Triskelion only seconds away.
A glance over her shoulder and the emblazoned 'S' on the young man's ripped suit tells her everything she needs to know. There is tension there, letting in one of Superman's kids into what is certainly an extremely sensitive SHIELD matter. Taking the kid on a tour of the Triskelion's restricted areas would not normally be on her agenda. If the guy was flying a Bat or an X she would have told him to stay out of it.. But the S..
The S demands respect from everyone, even SWORD.
Captain Marvel slows a fraction as she points behind her, straight at the young man, calling out loudly, "Follow me and do -exactly- what I tell you!" She does not have time to sugar coat it. If she's sticking her neck out bringing him in she's not leaving the chain of command in limbo.
There's been enough @#$ from Limbo lately.

With one last burst of speed she dives for the front of the Triskelion. Herself and her SWORD communication team trying to make sense of the information coming out of SHIELD. Enemy locations and movement, casualties, orders. Anything.
However, the first intel that catches her eye are the swarms of demons on the walls and a number encircling defenders protecting civilians have have been brought from the frying pan to an open flame.
"Get them to safety! Check your fire!" Hoping the Kryptonian understands what that means as she dives down the side of the Triskelion, ramming straight through a solid monstrous line and sending the horrors spinning out into the area beyond.


"Argh! Get off—!" Rocket growls, jerking his rifle to smack a demon in the face so he can roll off of his back and onto his feet again. By then even more have closed in, having moved faster than he'd anticipated. Star-Lord's added firepower is an added relief, even if he won't voice it. But what he does say-

"Wait, whaddya mean?! I thought he was there with you!"

Should he be surprised that Groot has gone and wandered off? Probably not. Worried considering that there seems to be a demon infestation? Quite.

The small Guardian fires at each globby form surrounding them, snarling as his finger squeezes the trigger with reckless abandon. "Groot! Where are you?!" he yells over the sound of weapons discharge from both himself and Peter Quill, eyes trying to make out the little tree tyke through the flash of fire. It's dizzying, and even as he barely brings his rifle about to blow a hole clear through a demon's face (that's what it gets for putting its mouth around it!), he's smacked right off his feet by a wet and gooey limb from another. He hits the ground with a grunt, yanking a small sphere from his belt, and he sends it bouncing with a light toss.

"Quill! Flare!" he shouts in warning, squeezing his eyes shut as he hopes that Star-Lord will do the same in time, just before the flash grenade goes off.


'Do exactly as I tell you' is a tricky ground for anyone to hold with Kon-El, even the big guy. Luckily, the S is about more than respect. He may be cocky, he may be impulsive, but the respect Superboy himself has for that heroic creed, for the hope he represents? It's paramount. Thus he's already doing what Carol asks of him as it's asked, despite not precisely falling back to follow her lead.

The Dude of Steel is a high-velocity mirror of Captain Marvel, reaving a violent bullet-path downwards along the building's exterior, his path zigging from demonic entity to devilish soldier in abrupt serpentine. He holds nothing back, while simultaneously being incredibly precise: quick bursts of heat vision cleave through some forms before he even arrives, others are blasted apart in merciless application of the Kryptoclone's trademarked biokinetic field control.

Untouched by the spatter, Kon-El adds several new injuries to his growing collection as he lands in a controlled shockwave before the front door, blue eyes that mirror the intensity of his genetic forebear locked on the situation in the lobby.

Kon blurs forward, just above rather than running on the ground, and rips that aforementioned, warded front door from its moorings, sending it wheeling end over end in a high-velocity bank along one flank of demonic besiegers. "Come on, get out of here! I'll cover you!"


Like a tape on fast forward, Jean shuffles through the thousands of minds gathered in the Triskelion, never lingering too long on one lest her concentration break or falter. She filters through the human consciousnesses quickly, zeroing on the demonic ones instead; her expression tenses as each mind she touches snaps back with a hint of freezing cold. That's peculiar. Some kind of elemental alignment…?

She eventually pulls back into her own head, a brief stagger interrupting her walk. "Everywhere," is her grim answer to Dani's question. "There are thousands of demons, both already within and trying to get within," Jean says, sounding shaken. "This doesn't make sense. The Triskelion shouldn't be vulnerable to a breach of this scope — "

Jean's head snaps back up as a warning twinge of hostile intent hits her psychic senses. "Ahead!" she warns Dani, a split second before those creatures come careening around the corner. Her right hand lifts, palm out, fingers clawed, and the shield slams forward with a brief, sharp push, aiming to block the demons' advance and send them sprawling back. It flares a brighter red, the easier for Dani to see it when portions of it drop to afford her a clear shot through the defensive wall.

"We need to pinpoint the source," she says. "I don't know how easily we can get all those civilians out with a continual flood of demons."


Creating some kind of gap between him, the demon things, and the civilians and the agents is definitely the plan Groot is going with. Which is not really the case, but it seems to work well enough! Groot continues to flail like a mad muppet, his threatening growls lacking due to his size. "I am Groot!!"

And then he's met face to face with another demon, thrown off by the pause before finding himself off of his feet in one fell swipe. Dark eyes widen, then squeeze shut as the demon SCREAMS at him, his world going red and wobbly with the warning lights and all of the violent shaking.

Shrubs should not be shaken! Shrubs should be cared for and well-fed and now he's really irritated by the fact he might lose his earlier snackage. "IiiIiIAmGROOOOT!!" comes the diet-bellowing mid-way through, those branch arms shortening into thicker pointed, gnarly stumps from the long whips they once were. A lucky spot appears when the flare goes up and off, its brightness making him squint. With that, he tries to trust his arms at the creature, the probability of his aim being thrown off since there's just too much motion going on.


"Why does the goo have a face!" Quill shouts as he struggles against the strange demonslime crawling up the ramp and flailing at him. He can see it in the ruby tinge of his armor and that does /not/ help with the creepiness. He finally abandons his snack, reluctantly, as he flings the half-warmed food towards the nearest one to pull out the second pistol.

Two more converge on him and the Guardain lights up the hanger as his boots ignite to carry him over the swipes.

Rocket's call is noted and he manages to get his armor adjusted in time to filter the blast, trying to capitalize on the sudden illumination by clearing goo things away from the Raccoon.

"Try to get the Milano's lights going so we can see what the hell we're fighting!" He shouts even as a pseudopod wraps around one leg to slam him back to the ground until he manages to shoot it off.

"Groot! Get back to the ship!" He adds in a shout as he struggles back to his feet, using his vision advantage to…well…his advantage as he tries to keep the goo off the Raccoon.

"And grab the good grenades! Whats a few more scorch marks after a demon invasion!"


"Agent Shepard, glad to hear from you there in command. Following up on the priority group, but I need to know what areas are 'safe' to take them through," Steve requests. "All hands that aren't actively engaged, get some lighting on the subject here. The drop in power makes me think they might not like being lit up much. We've got some big battery flashlights in the weapon lockers. Let's get the trainees on that, backing up the security groups," Captain Rogers orders. He pauses to help a fleeing civilian to stand and get moving again, headed towards the residential area.

"And a team assembled to sort out the power; getting our main power online would do a lot for our awareness," Steve is saying, before running into the corridor of sleepy agents. "You and you, you're with me," he says, unable to identify them in the dark hallway. One he knows, though: "Agent Cook, collect a team here, and join us on escort," Steve says, engaging the demons in the hallway, ramming one low and flipping it backwards over his body mass for the agent behind him to finish, drawing the attention, if he can, of those long limbed nightmares.

Into the communicator, Captain Rogers adds firmly, "If anyone is looking for something to do, the backup generators could use a look; seems connected to their shadows and arrival." There's some whamming noises following that.



That answer brings a grim expression to Moonstar's face and then a moment later Jean's sharp warning is heard.

It's what causes her to bring her gun up just as the demon dogs and telekinetic forcefield collide.

Seeing those shadow dogs and their animalistic features, Dani automatically reaches outward toward their minds with her specialized empathy. She wasn't actually expecting to be able to read them, so when she feels the emotions from those creatures, she can't help the surprise that briefly filters through her mind. Then she says, "I don't think this is the normal every day anger we've seen so far. Something has them riled up."

Which coincides with Jean's earlier statement just seconds ago. "Purposely riled up."

The flares within the shield and then absence has the woman moving. She methodically fires shots at all the demonic creatures she can. Going for what she considers a kill shot, either the brain or the heart, or if she needs to, both.

"Chatter on the comm has others going for the civilians, so let's see if we can find the source. What feels worse to you? Up or down? My gut is telling me down."


Teeth bared in the dark, Sloane's eyes finally fully adjust to the darkness, giving her a better feeling of how far everything is from each other, where the demon is, and where —

— it's just all around her, now.

Her hand swings to the side panel, yanking the alarm button out as quickly as she can before limbs tangle and reach up and wrap around her legs, the shadows themselves starting to pull her down toward the floor. Even with her strength, it's a challenge for her. "Son of a b—"

She hits her knees hard, her hands hitting the floor of the elevator even harder. Sloane exerts her strength against the surface; reinforced materials refusing to buckle but doing little against the downward tug of so many grabbing limbs.

Suddenly, Agent Merrow's looking at the floor just in front of her face— and then the darkness of the elevator shaft below. "SHI—"

Arm wheeling around, she swings a hand out to grab the cabling to stop herself, wires rubbing against bandage and tearing up the cloth before she can get to a stop, dangling three stories up in the elevator shaft. Looking around fairly desperately, the Inhuman glances up— then wobbles her weight back and forth before reaching out to the exterior doors, fingers gripping the ledge to the third floor. One hand is devoted to holding herself steady, the other works on prying doors open just enough to hook an arm through, steadily yanking herself up with a scramble and getting into the hall before catching her balance.

"Jesus," she says, staring at the open elevator shaft.

Digging comms out of her jacket, Sloane pushes the earplug in and clicks it on. The flurry of cross-talk and information gives her the answer to an obvious 'what the hell is going on,' and … "Albright here— I'm on three, north wing— I'm heading down to one but don't expect me to get the generators online," she says, shouldering her way through a door to the stairs, yanking what's left of the bandages off her hand.


Jean's eyes slide unfocused a moment as Danielle asks which way feels worse. There is a moment of silence.

"I'd have guessed down too, but there's more of them concentrated upwards," she says after a pause, surprise on her features as she refocuses back on Moonstar. "Possibly they're coming in aerially?"

Either way she's already in motion, heading up.


As Captain Marvel and Superboy arrive at the front entrance of the Triskelion, their super fast and supercharged arrival makes quite an entrance. The glass of the outer doors are very high quality, but in the impact of two super individuals coming in at such high velocity? They blast inward with quite a dramatic effect. Glass shards go flying across the lobby and the demons inside pause for a moment to try and figure out what is going on. The warded doors on the inside receive quite a pummeling and then Conner rips one right off its hinges, causing it to careen against more of the demons.

Due to that display, the demons do not surge on Carol or Kon. Instead, the start to edge away as the light from the street spills inward onto he floor and shines on all the shards of glass now on the floor. Still, though, they surge toward the desk and those that remain there. Carol plows through a line of demons and their attention changes. With a proper shriek, they all start to turn toward her and the brightly colored Kryptonian in the lobby. Leaping and swarming, they move for Conner and Carol. Their grasps are deathly cold when they touch, immediately burning and freezing at whatever skin is available. Carol, barreling through, will feel the brunt of this.

The agents and civilians behind the desk pause for just a moment and then surge forward toward the door and out into the street now that they have the way open for them.

The creature that holds Groot continues to shriek and shake him. However, the small tree’s defenses start to kick in. Large spikes shove right throughout he center mass of the demon and it starts to shriek in pain and surprise. In desperation, it starts to smash Groot against the floor, while still not letting go of him. Despite hurt and oozing more black goo, he refuses to let go.

However, when Rocket pulls out the flash bang? There is a loud and persistent painful shriek that lets up throughout the entire landing bay. Each creature backs stops what it is doing in their assault. The creature holding Groot flings him forward in attempt to get the pain to stop. Those surrounding Rocket melt away and those that don’t quickly back up with horrible hissing noises made.

Quill’s burrito is tossed and stuck into one of the goo demons as it continues to stalk him. The burrito bobs for a few moments and then is slurped inside, perhaps unnoticed. They all hiss in unison at the flash bang, but nearby Quill they continue to pursue. The blasts from his gun repel them to a certain extent, but a few are already on the ship - both crawling up the outside and making their way put he gangplank and into ship proper.

In the Captain’s ear, Shepherd continues. “I’m sorry to say there is no safe place in the Triskelion right now, Captain. Everything is lighting up. You need to keep your sector safe and if you can, bring these civilians to Operations. We can make a base of it here. We’re looking into the power.”

As Steve orders the people coming out of their rooms, they quickly fall into line with their orders. Some quickly move in the opposite direction and others follow to support him. Cook points to those he trusts and is quick to back up Captain America. As the team moves forward to engage the demons, the hiss at him, drawing up toward the ceiling and pulling the civilians with them. A man in their grasp screams in terror as he is ripped from the doorway and shoved between the demons and the SHIELD agents attempting to save him. Another demon pulls a small child from the door and tosses her right at Steve while hissing its anger.

Jean’s mind focuses over demons and humans alike. It’s a minor scan, but as she does so, there is the typical things she may recognize in an event like this: terror, love, horror, pain. However, as she scans everyone in the building, there are a few strange emotions. They’re faint, but certainly there: satisfaction, triumph, pride. That is not what one might expect in an event such as this. The demons her mind touches feel elemental, primal, angry.

The dog creatures attack at Dani and Jean, smashing against the telekinetic shield. With snapping jaws and death in their eyes, they attempt to snap at the pair. Their powers manage to repel them with fire and power. The light of the fire seems to send some of the dogs skittering backward whimpering. The shots from Dani’s gun cause others to fall to the ground with a whine of pain. While the creatures remain on the outskirts of her shield, they still harry and attempting to attack them. Like the raptors in Jurassic Park, they test the edges of the shield and push the pair backward.

As they are pushed backward, they can hear the yelling in an elevator shaft. It’s muffled but it sounds like, ‘three…north….” and then scrambling at the elevator doors they are nearby.

To Sloane, a calm voice she would knows as Agent Shepherd says, “Agent Albright, we are attempting rescues on all levels. Stay as calm as possible, we shall be there shortly." The demon dogs remain close on Dani and Jean's heels.


Demon goo is the worst. Groot makes a disgusted noise after being coated in it yet again, only to yelp when the creature screeches and flings him away. His arms make a weird *PLOOP* as they pull out from…whatever demons are made of, making his roll across the Trisket floor a lot rougher.

"Grblegh," the tree person groans, barfing a little in his mouth as he struggles to his feet. Heavy arms are dropped off so that the new ones can grow in, their process slightly distracted when Star Lord flies overhead and tells him to get to the ship. And grenades. The good ones.

He spits, grinning widely. "I am Groot!" Groot crows, scuttling until he's off like a clear shot in the direction of the Milano. Or he would have, if the path was clear of gross demons blobs.

But that can all be taken care of in a jiffy.

Sure, rushing through them with new arms sharpened to slice off any lower appendages is too much for a youngster to be doing, but he needs to hurry. Quill and Rocket are exploding things without him.


Unlike Earthbound Kryptonians, Captain Marvel does not have quite the same amount of supernatural vulnerability. That said, she is not immune to their otherworldly powers either. While their physical force comes to very little against her, the hellish cold takes its toll. Coupled with the fact that she's been at full operation for.. Days? Days now, she's slowing down significantly.
This is not to say the demons will not fully regret engaging her and the impromptu deputized Superboy. She does not utilize her stellar blasts, keeping violence on a strictly kinetic level. Letting her energetic power off the chain here could jeopardize lives as assuredly as marauding demons.
Captain Marvel's offense is focused and singular, striking and dismantling one enemy at a time. A punch hard enough to erupt a thorax or torso. Twisting the central body mass of another about like snapping the lid off a can. This methodical progression is leaving her open to many attacks on her frame but minimizing the damage to the building itself.
She's never worked with Kon-El before. She isn't sure if she's ever seen him before. But she's placing the lives of these people in his hands by the reputation of his chest emblem alone. She does not spare a fraction of a second to look and check, but from what she's hearing from his direction she's reassured.
"..Captain Marvel here.." She breathes with a grunt of effort, the comm filling with the sound of an exoskeletal monster being shucked like a crab at dinner, "..Securing the front lobby.. Getting HNg! Getting refugees out-" Silenced as a clawed hand grabs her entire head and another grappling match ensues.


Rocket blinks in the fading light of his flash grenade. "Whoa, that was more effective than I thought it'd be." At least it's gained him some breathing space. He scrambles to his feet, flinching as Peter covers him, shots firing at the remaining demons.

"-I heard him! Groot!" he calls out, ears perked at the familiar phrase that echoes across the way. He turns to lay down fire in that direction, knowing that at least Groot's too short to be caught by accident. As he does so, he backs towards the ramp of the Milano. The rest of the building may be currently cut off from power, but the Milano sure wasn't!

—of course, the souds that he hears coming from within the ship aren't very promising.

"The glarkin' things got into the ship!" he shouts, whipping about to race up the ramp and shoot the first thing he come across in the face so he can hit the lights.


These things seem to come in infinite varieties: like all demons that plague mankind, right? Superboy has little time to get philosophical with the onslaught, however: he takes the opposite flank Captain Marvel blasts into and once more, does much the same, hurtling forward.

Right before he smashes into the massing force, however, Kon-El slides along the floor and plants both his palms, a wave of pure force akin to being smacked by a Kryptonian (fancy that!) courses across the floor in a ragged wave, rending a path through the icy death beasts.

The same blink of an eye sees the Dude of Steel flash hither and yon, smashing fists through one, blasting the next with heat vision as he clears a violent cone of demonic giblets to keep the egress clear for the SHIELD agents and civilians.

Once again, even at super-speed, he can't do this indefinitely: not without accruing painful injuries. He's touched repeatedly, and it's the bad kind, Kryptonian flesh searing with paradoxical frostbite. He does what he's been doing, Kon grits his teeth, and ignores it. The stakes are higher than any of them; sometimes…. it feels like they always are.


A keen eye can definitely pick up just how the shadow dogs hunt; in a pack. It brings at tightening at the corner of Moonstar's mouth, as she mutters, "Pack hunters." And while she says that she continues to take aim and shoot, "Always the worst kind to encounter."

Then Jean announces just where the worst of it actually is. Up versus down. Surprise briefly flashes across the Cheyenne woman's features, as she says, "Well, up it is then. Let's take the stairs -"

And just like that Dani leads the two women toward the main stairwell doorway. "If you can keep the telekinetic shield up until the door closes, Jean, I'd be most appreciative."

Because no one wants raptors in the stairwell, no one.

With a shoulder-shove Moonstar pushes open the doorway and enters the stairwell. The same stairwell Sloane is in. Friends have arrived!


The ginger Inhuman's hand stays at her ear as the doors to the stairwell close behind her. "I was just hanging three stories off the bottom of the elevator, WITH ALL DUE RESPECT, I—"

Shadows rustle and swarm behind her; the doors burst with a heavy crash of metal and metal. "ffffffffffcallyouback"

She doesn't get far; a few steps down the stairs before demon-limbs yank her back to the third floor landing and into the wall with a *thwak*. Grimacing, her hand shoves into the open doorway, palm turned out. Drawing the moisture from the air, a tight, high-pressure jet of water blasts out of her palm, parting shadows and splitting limbs in a swirling mass of darkness and shrieking noise— and getting her free for a moment.

She gets partway down the steps before a second surge of limbs sweeps in, this time grabbing her by the leg. Before she can fully fall down the stairs, Sloane finds herself twisted up in the mass of shadowy limbs, dangling upside-down over the gap in the stairwell like a toy ready to be dropped.

As Dani leads the charge down the stairs, she and her esteemed guest will hear Sloane break her well-practiced New York accent for a hard, viciously stereotypical Boston sort. "I SWEAR T'GOD I'M GONNA PUNCH EVERY FRICKIN' LAST ONE OF YOU STUPID DEMONS RIGHT BACK T'HELL."

And then it gets /colorful/.


Quill will mourn his burrito later. Right now there is only time for /revenge/. The flash-bang though does give him a wicked idea. And a wicked grin. "Alright you ugly goofaces. Its time for a dance party." This is muttered under his breath as he starts increasing the volume on the Milano's external speakers up. And up. And up.

Because musical accompiment is important with any large scale demon invasion.

He doesn't kick it in yet, he'll wait for Rocket to get the lights. What he does do though is fish out from his coat a pair of his magnetic mines. They might not pull in the goo, but the'll spark em pretty good and throw out a hell of a lightshow. At least that is his plan.

As he thunks both mines down on the Milano's ramp and hits the button to start the sparks the captain blinks a moment.

"I see the twig! He's comin' this way! Rocket you hit the lights, I'll hit the sound, and we'll see if we can ruin their day!"

A pause again before he clicks over to a general frequency, SHIELD's general frequency. "Hey! Roger roger, or whatever you really stuffed shirt military types say. The uglies don't like light and noise! Flashbangs work great!" A beatpause. "Oh man, those plasma ones will work even better I bet!"

Oh yeah. This'll end well.


The canine demons are not a significant concern — Jean is able to hold them back long enough for Dani to dispatch them — but their furious assaults do push the two a little off-course, forcing them to use a different stairwell. Still skimming the psychic waves around them as they move, Jean finds herself catching snatches of emotion within the Triskelion that do not — seem quite right for this situation.

A frown haunts her features, as she tries to tunnel deeper. She has the emotions — she wants to skim the reasons anyone would be feeling triumph right now that isn't a demon.

Her attention eventually snaps back, however, when Dani speaks up. Keep the shield up? "Got it," Jean says, the shimmer of fiery red energy around them strengthening. Let's get up to — "


Jean looks over her shoulder. "Agent Albright?"


Hello daddy. Hello mom.

Is that the sound of music from somewhere?

The lobby remains filled. As Captiain Marvel and Superboy seem to clear things out, more appear. A demon grabs onto Carol and smashes her face downward against another demon. However, the flash of her fists causes it snap backward as if in pain. It’s enough to gain the upper hand. Superboy is practically surrounded as he smashing against the horde of attacking demons. Some go careening backward against their attacks, Other simply fall, however, they do not seem to be stopping.

5RAs they make their way forward, they find an open door toward the back of the lobby the leads down into a tunnel, also completely filled with demons. There are strange floating lights the softly illuminate things despite the blackout, completely invisible to the lobby. As they move forward, the crush of demons grows stronger, grabbing onto them and pulling at them as they move forward to try and quell this invasion.

Elsewhere at the hangar, Rocket, Groot and Peter make their way into the Milano. Peter has a good idea and everywhere, the music blasts. It echoes off of the smooth walls of this open space, it carries down the hallways. It wouldn’t be surprising if the entire Triskelion could hear it. Quill opens a main SHIELD channel to give the good advice that sound and light seem to stymie the demons. It seems he’s done and has made a very credible and reasonable announcement. And then it continues.

Over the general frequency, everyone can now hear music: I’m your ch-ch-ch-ch-CHERRY BOMB.

Rocket barrels into the ship, blasting at the goo creatures that are making their way toward Quill and his choice in music. Groot is quickly behind roaring and attacking those he can. The other creatures inside the ship turn toward the raccoon and the free and they make for them. Some are in pain, others are in frenzy. All seem intent on tearing them both apart. One grabs for the small Groot again, another lunges at Rocket, despite the gunfire.

In the stairwell, Dani and Jean manages to close the door. Dani shoots enough of the shadow dogs that they evade the pack and make it into the shelter. There are worrying smashes against the door that suggest the demons are only partially subdued for now. They need to make it upward continually.

As Jean probes the minds that feel triumphant in the midst of this horror, she will find one in particular. She see random flashes. A young Agent Coulson, still with hair. An older Peggy Carter, staring. A woman in a cell torn apart, blood everywhere. Parts of the Triskelion completely torn apart. Manhattan in flames. It’s quite a lot all at once. Then, a pair of blue eyes and her visions snap shut.

The door behind Jean and Dani starts to shudder all the more violently. Below them, they can start to hear other strange voices. Above them there are still dangers, but both Dani and Jean can feel it, there is something up there.


"Now we're talkin'!" Rocket says, grinning at Quill's plan. And it's more than twelve percent of a plan.

As the demon lunges at him, the raccoonoid leaps to meat it, shoving his rifle right for its gooface maw. He leers over the bulk of it as he shoots it point blank. And once that's done he pulls the rifle back to slam the butt of if against the Milano's interior light switch. That should keep any more from trying to crawl in, and give Groot some help, even as Rocket picks up a smaller gun from his workspace and shoots at the thing attempting to lay globby arms on his friend.

"Groot, 'member when you accidentally hit the remote I made for that satellite thingy we got from the race? Do that again."

Because if it wasn't loud enough before, it's about to be plenty louder and bright. The piece of equipment they'd hauled back from that space race has been plenty modded out, and even if it turned out to be nothing more than a glorified amplifier, well then.

Quill wants a dance party? They'll give these demons a dance party. And the whole of the Triskelion.


As much as Captain Marvel wants to push forward, she's beginning to realize it's everything she can do to just hold her ground. In retrospect it was perhaps foolish of her not to rest more during this emergency, relying on her exotic Psyche-Magnitron enhanced nature for a nearly endless pool of stamina. It seems it was not 'nearly endless' enough. She collapses to a knee beneath a dog-pile of horrors of supernal strength trying to force her down. Stalemated for the moment, mind scrambling for a tactic to clear the room that won't destroy an unacceptable amount of the Triskelion doing so.

Over the general comm chatter, amongst the screams and calls for order she hears a voice '-like light and noise-' '-flashbangs work-' '-plasma-'
Carol can't identify the source but with no less than five demons currently trying to wrestle her to the floor, she's far more open to suggestions than usual.
A red gloved hand wrenches a demon's arm from her helmed face as she spits, "Superkid! Close your eyes!" Which is all the warning she's going to give. Hopefully these things don't understand the King's English. She has to chance that the civilians and personnel are far enough away now due to Superboy's intervention.
Her crimson Kree helm demateralizes away revealing a haggard and stressed face. Tensing all over she calls on remaining reserves of power, her frame beginning to candesce and floresce with growing, crackling energy. Eyes burn with white-hot power.

I'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-CHERRY BOMB
Punching a fist into the air, sending two whole demons careening off the ceiling above, she roars. Unleashed is the Mother of all Flashbangs. A thunderclap loud enough to be heard a block away rattles the front room, sending commemorative SHIELD coffee mugs and wall-pictures flying into the air. The atmosphere is filled with light so bright it sears shadows like flash photography. The windows to the outside glaring like floodlights as Captain Marvel briefly summons a small Star and turn night into the brightest high noon. It is not a directed beam of destruction, nor is there quite enough heat to flash-ignite the entire lower level. But if the surrounding monsters are at all vulnerable to pure white light.. They will not be feeling well at all.


The multitude of thumps against that closed door causes Moonstar to aim several kicks back against it.

It's stupid and infantile, but sometimes that's what you have to do. Take that you shadow-demon-dogs. Kick. Take that.

Then the sound of swearing by a familiar voice pulls Dani away from her door kicking. Likewise the pronouncement by Jean as to who is making that racket.

"Sloane!" Dani automatically calls out and at the sight of the other woman dangling within the shadow-mass, Dani holsters her sidearm. Then in one hand a bow of psychic energy forms and in her other a psychic arrow. "Can't say this is going to work, but let's see."

And while her empathic senses feel the cold from the shadow hands, the slipperiness, that doesn't stop the Cheyenne from releasing the psychic arrow at the mass of withering shadows.

And even as she sends the arrow on its way, which hopefully will miss Sloane!, Moonstar can't quite stop her eyes from flicking towards the stairs that lead up. She does sense the ponderous weight from above and it causes worry to appear within her eyes.


Surrounded is a bad look for most flying bricks. Kon-El has that trademarked trick up his sleeve, though, and using it only protects his branding. TACTILE TELEKINESIS flares in a ragged-edged, blue-white blast in all directions as Kon-El reacts to being swarmed by taking a knee. He doesn't hold back, aside from a careful control of the radius of the shredding wave.

There may be more coming all the time, but that doesn't stop Superboy from racing to take them down faster than they fill in. The blaring music draws a grin from Kon despite it all, and his further super-powered antics? Entirely in rhythm. Kid's got it. /Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch CHERRY BOMB!/.

There are 9 syllables, and nine demonic forms flying in all different directions. Bouncing off the ceiling, skidding around the floor, as a gasp of lyrical pleasure runs the duration of a quick, radial burst of heatvision, the Dude of Steel spiralling upwards, gaining height for a moment before divebombing back in the fray in another brilliant burst of raw kinetic power.

It blasts even more demons back than it outright shreds, staggering many for what follows— that BLAST OF LIGHT accompanying another chorus. Kon-El shields his eyes with his forearm, grinning all the wider.

"Hell yea!!" He can't help but exclaim to Carol, darting around to splinter any still-moving dark shapes with icy teeth and such. They may not be pushing through, but they're holding their own— keeping those around them /alive/. One just has to have faith that's the situation in multiplicity throughout the infested fortres…



The shrub bodily flings himself onto the ramp of the Milano, barely clearing another set of teeth that tries to clamp on him. A pang of relief is abruptly toppled when he feels something grabbing onto his leg, causing him to yell and kick at the creepy demon hand with his free foot. But he's saved by Rocket's quick thinking, curling up to shield his eyes when the light is turned on. With one last kick, he wiggles and crawls his way up inside, throwing a quick wave at Rocket. "I am Groot!"

He's glad to see him again, rifle and all. He's also happy to hear one of the classics playing over the comms. Although he's bobbing his head to the beat, Groot blinks, taking in the instructions Rocket relays with the blankest of stares.

…And then it clicks.

"I am Groot," the shrub salutes, hussling his way into the ship to find the remote. The remote for the satellite thingy. The satellite remote. That one.

Once he finds it, he takes a moment to admire it. "…I am Groot." And then he hits the button with unrestrained glee.

Outside of the ship, and in the makeshift 'living room' of the hangar bay, the satellite is turned on.


Sloane writhes against the shadow limbs to little avail; even if she's strong, it's like the pressure of thirty limbs is holding her arms from getting too far from her sides, and the grip on her ankle is like a vice. A drop from this height, headfirst, would be bad, Inhuman or not.

Just then, Dani comes to the rescue!

The psychic arrow tears through the mass of limbs; stun or not, and the organic mass of shadows reels back with a screech before it— and Sloane— both start falling, the ginger meta's eyes going as wide as saucers. She's reaching out — wildly— at the air before catching a staircase railing, slipping partway down the length before her grip tightens down. "J-Jeezus— frickin'— god damn it—"

Getting back up over the rails takes a second, panting hard. "Thanks, Dani. I—"


Sloane peers over the rail to middle finger down the darkness.

"— whew. That was some shit." Straightening up, she looks up at Jean, Sloane's memory shoving those dossiers she had to study front and center in her head. "Hi! Yes. Doctor Grey. I'm Sloane. It's nice to meet you, and I wish it were under less insane circumstances."


"Do we have a plan here, or like — are we just going to wing it this time?"


One mind in particular stands out to Jean, amid the sea. In one mind, the incongruous thoughts are the most strong. The flashes Jean receives do not make much sense to her — not without context — but she commits them to memory before something shuts her out. That, too, is worrying.

It can be considered later. Enemies behind and below them, and above… Jean's head turns upwards, searching. She can feel it. Something isn't right up there, on the roof. It holds her attention so firmly that she doesn't seem to notice the music as it cues up.

I'm your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!

"I always meet people under insane circumstances," Jean answers Sloane with a crooked smile. There is a certain glint to her green eyes that might be vaguely familiar. "But you're right. This is too slow."

Accordingly, Sloane asks if they have a plan. "Yes," says Jean Grey. "And the plan is to wing it." Her eyes flare a solid white. It's a worrying sign.

Hello world! I'm your wild girl!

A moment later the stairwell ignites around them, a torrent of psionic flames filling the narrow area harmlessly. Telekinetic force seizes Dani and Sloane as Jean launches them all skyward, searing their way up the stairwell at breakneck pace towards the roof and the source of that unease, a streamer of fire tailing grandly in her wake.

Jean seems to still remain unaware of her musical backdrop, throughout.


"Ah yeah, /now/ it is a party!"

Peter Quill hasn't been able to cut loose too often sence he got grounded. However? Here? Surrounded by darkness and demons trying to eat his face in a frenzy of anger and pain? Now. Now him and his boys can cut loose.

And man does it feel good.

His hand dissipears into his coat a moment as one pistol is put away. He suffers for the halfing of his firepower. Brutal hits slam into his leg and ribs as he dances backwards on jets of fire. They cause him to skitter crazily though the air to the beat of the music, catching himself and thanking his armor. Not for the last time. For saving his life.

"…Kitty would totally frown at this…" He murmurs as he fishes three plasma grenades out of his coat. "…so no one tell her!"

…weather it was frowning at /using/ the grenades, or just having them casually in his coat pocket he doesn't elaborate on.

He flings his arm out in a wide arc.

/Ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!/

The lightning from his gun ignites the area weapons like firecrackers, blue-white fire and light exploding into being around the bottom of the Milano's ramp as he air-bursts the weapons over the goo-demons heads.

"I was wondering there that got to! KICK IT UP, GROOT!"


Explosions. Explosions, getting permission from Rocket to push buttons he couldn't push before, and Quill telling Groot to kick it up the sound a few notches.

Surely all of this will go well.

"I AM GROOT!" Groot shouts at the top of his lungs, doing as he's told with a wicked look crossing his little face.


Captain Marvel’s power up causes the demons to step backward. The indication of light already makes them wary. However, at the downward flash and thunderclap, demons are tossed backward and many of them melt away in the light. Others scramble backward and toward the door into the tunnel. While Superboy may not recognize it, Carol would know it as the exit WAND set up for SHIELD employees to leave undetected.

In the hangar, The Guardians protect their ship and the rest of the hangar. As creatures attempt to grasp at Groot to absorb him for whatever reason, Rocket shoots at the globs and repels them enough for Groot to make it to the satellite thingy. As soon as that button is pressed, the creatures start to writhe and shriek in horrible terror. The lights and the sound cause them to stop their assent and attack for the moment.

Then, for ten seconds, the entire Triskelion’s darkened interior is filled with flashing lights like a rave.

Hello world! I’m your wild girl.

The lights flash on.

I’m your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!

And then they are gone again.

Stone age love and strange sounds too.

The demons, as this happens, are frozen solid for the few seconds the remote Groot triggers connects to the Triskelion. It flashes over the entire building, rendering the demons silent for a those few moments. The dogs against the door silence. The creatures attempting to make their way into the Milano stop. The strange demons attacking Carol and Superboy pause.

In this time, when the demons pause, Superboy can look down the hallway and see this is where this influx is coming from. The demons inside have been stunned by the flash of light and sound. The ones behind them? They are flowing forward and eager to get their hands on Captain Marvel and Superboy.

In the stairwell, Dani’s shots at the creatures grabbing at Sloane are enough to get them to slowly retreat. They hiss and shriek as they do. Then, the flashing of lights causes a strange sound from all around them and Sloane is easily pulled free. In this moment of demon weakness, Jean grabs Dani and Sloane and leaps toward the roof. As they do so, there are strange and vivid visions: strange elongated shadows, horrible noises. Then, they are on the roof.

A murder of ravens sit on the edges. In the middle of the roof there is a strange swirl of energy.


It would have been so much better if there was still power in the building. Rocket only hopes that by the time everything's said and done, that no one remembers that they had a device capable of patching into the entirety of the Trisket. Because that would be wrong.

It's but a minor thought as for the moment the raccoonoid is grinning just as manically as the rest of his team, and with music pumping and lights pulsing in the hangar, he's firing at demons in time. Off the ship and stay out! It'll be a mess to clean up later but at least they won't have any unwanted guests!

Once the Milano's cleared, Rocket hops back out onto the ramp and continues to pick off whatever demons might be lingering about, now that he has a better view of them between the colored, dazzling lights, brief as it is. Because of course, there's still explosions going off, courtesy of Peter Quill, and they manage to provide enough light for Rocket to continue sighting targets.


Captain Marvel would appreciate Superboy's praise.. If she could stand.
In the aftermath of her powerful flare, she collapses to the floor on hands and knees. She knows she's approaching her limit. The days of constant fighting without sleep or rest, the incident at the Wakandan embassy, and now this .. She might be powerful but not all-powerful. Steel blue eyes lift enough to notice the WAND exit and the hallway within, usually ensorcelled by their arcane securities, seems to be where many of the Demons are flooding from. She only has a few moments to make a call.
"Hey Superkid.." She forces her voice to stay steady, ".. I need you to go down that hallway .. and see where these things are coming from.." Gesturing to the hallway a moment as she takes a breath.

A pause. Steel eyes suddenly dart up towards the ceiling and widen as if seeing through steel and mortar. She feels it.. It's been months since her cosmic awareness has been triggered by anything.. But for a moment she felt it. Fire. A keening bird-like call. So much fire. It was only a flash.

She has no time to think about it, no time at all. Shaking her head hard she forces herself to her feet. Her strange Kree-powers of flight disobeying her as she makes herself stand, turning to face remaining demons flooding into the floor. She intends to keep holding off the ones beyond the hallway to give Superboy a chance to go deeper and investigate.
"If you see anyone in there.. Tell them Captain Marvel sent you. Now GO." Fists clenching with audible grip as she faces pure evil down.


In the moment that Kon and Carol drive enough of the demons back, break enough of them to their composite bits to see the surge in that tunnel, Superboy's eyes narrow. Once again, he's already in motion as Captain Marvel provides guidance— doing exactly what she wanted, probably luckily for both of them!

The Dude of Steel plucks up that reinforced, heavy, and heavily warded door from earlier off the floor like it's paper mache for all the difficulty such gives him. It's almost magnetized to his grasp, aligned horizontally, the improvised riot shield, or bumper— or demoncatcher if you will— leaves him room to blast heatvision over the edge as he aligns it to lead a charge down that tunnel.

Superboy flies with that barrier resilient in place, smashing into and through the lined-up hordes as he blasts solar fire through the heads of more than a few. The only thing missing is the bowling strike sound effect. When he reaches the end of the road, he smashes the door into the wall, mashing anything caught between it and said superstructure, before hurtling the barrier end over end into those who evaded his rush.

Here, isolated and at the end of his own rope, even if he refuses to show it yet, Kon-El is all business, and the new paintjob on the tunnel behind him is proof of it.


"Shooting Gallery."

Peter Quill is having the time of his life. His second pistol comes back up as both weapons are flipped into 'fire' mode. As Rocket stalks out of the Milano and Groot hits The Button the terran-turned-space-pirate raises above on the flames of his rocket boots as he brings the twin elemental guns forward.

Flame erupts from the mussle of each weapon as he sweeps streams of fire though the goo demons, burning them back away from the hanger.

…and doing his best to keep the flames at least a foot and a half off the ground in case of Groot.

Cause. You know. They are, after all is said and done, a team.

"I think this is the best party SHIELD has thrown for us, what do you two think?!"


"Pff, yeah, I hear that, Sloane replies to Jean, cracking a mild grin.

They've got a plan. Wing it.

Sloane spends a moment studying Jean's face, brow creasing with some thought and consideration. The scaled metahuman's head tilts to one side as she takes a few moments to consider things, like she's putting together pieces of puzzles in her head.

"You know, you look just like RaaaaaaaYYYYyyYYyyyyYyYyY—"

And then they are /flung/ into the air, up and up and up. Her gaze casts down to watch the floors blow by; a spiral into the darkness and an illumination bright enough it triggers her pupils drawing back into narrow vertical slits.

The fire's weird — warm, familiar; thoughts that are easily readable on the surface of her mind. While Agent Merrow is hardly a psychic, she's felt this kind of thing before while sharing psi-link communications with Rachel. And then there's the resemblance, and then—

— a whole lot of HORRIBLE EVERYTHING—

— and then they're on the roof; motion blurs and she isn't even quite sure of how they exited the building or by what means they even made it up there, but the horrible visions and writhing shadow-masses probably are a good clue.

Getting her bearings, she catches sight of the ravens, the sights and smells of the rooftop. She can certainly say she's never been up on top of the Triskelion before. And most importantly, the energy swirl. "Whelp, you said wing it."

Pulling her hands back, Sloane starts drawing water out of the air, forming and compressing and pushing a large sphere of water into a tight ball. Her hands start closing over it, using strength, using pressure, using water rotation— and then her arms extend, shaping the water into it's release— a powerful jet of water on par with water cutter technology— and forceful enough that it's causing even the SHIELD agent to keep herself steady.



Groot cheers, hopping up and down during the ten-second rave like any child would (if they were allowed to go to a rave), his fists pumping in the air as his feet kick and stomp about. Even after it fizzles out, he's still bouncing about, energy almost boundless with all of the madness.

"I am Groot!" he excitedly replies to Star Lord's observation. It's a party full of demons, but it's GREAT.

Which reminds him: he still needs to find some more grenades. Little feet patter across the ship to seek out the best ones, shoving some stuff over and digging through whatever junk they have lying about in the Milano. He comes up with a few of them, hugging them close as he toddles back toward the exit. "I am Groot," he says casually to Rocket, offering one of them for chucking. He'd offer the others to Quill, but it will take some effort to toss it his way. Wherever he is at the moment. "I am Groot??"


The light on the Milano does its duty. Once the ship is cleared of goo creators…though, really, every attack on them created a splash of tar-like splatter that now coats the inside of the Milano. The visceral threat may be gone, but the aesthetic one will continue for quite awhile until the Guardians can find an appropriate demon goo cleaner.

The demons remain away from Captain Marvel. After the light display they find her scary and a creature that can output the light that hurts them. Quickly, they back away from the Captain, back into the tunnel. That makes it all the easier for Superboy to pick up the warded door and to cowcatcher them down the hallway.

As Superboy leaps down the tunnel with the warded door, the creatures find themselves particularly vulnerable. They snap and snatch at Kon as he shoves them backward, reaching around with pain filled expressions as they attempt to grab him from around his choice of shield. Eventually, though, he clears them out. As he reaches the end of the tunnel, however, he sees strange markings that look magical. And those markings looks scorched to hell.

The warded door, however, smashes against a torn open entrance and the demon overflow stops from there. The warded door, melded against the frame has cut off their entrance from here.

In the hangar, Peter continues to protect the Milano and his Guardians. Fire shoots forward. In tandem with the music, the lights and now the fire, they all start to flee from this space. This is not what they signed up for when they thought to attack humans.

Jean’s method of transportation is incredibly effective. It gets the three of them onto the roof in no time flat. All but Jean herself are slightly disoriented.

Sloane, on the roof, looks at the swirl and the ravens and smashes water at it. Across the Triskelion, it’s like the sprinklers have turned on. Water rains down through the entire building.

Then, eerily, all the ravens on the edge of the building turn their heads toward Jean, Dani and Sloane. As the water stops, the eyes focus on Sloane for a very intense moment. Then, all at once, they release a caw. It is long, singular and terrifying. Then, they all lift up from the roof to he building. As they do, their wings blow a strong wind across the roof. The beats back across the three who were drawn to this strong presence of magic. Then, the swirl is gone.

Inside the Tirkselion, there is another shriek and the demons start to retreat.


"Why thank you," Rocket says as Groot hands him a grenade. Normally he'd be a bit more concerned that the little guy knows where his stash is, but in this case he will make an exception.

Because there are things to blow up.

"Don't throw them at the quinjets," he adds even as he activates the one in hand and lobs it at the demons who now look like they're retreating. Point. "Especially not that one because that's mine."

He has to laugh in agreement with Peter however. "You say that like they've ever thrown us a party! Think we can stick 'em with the cleaning bill?"


"Oh hell yeah, maybe we can get ammo as an expense too!" Peter Quill is never against making a fast buck against the government. Its just how he do. They are running now, so the Guardian lands. The rocket boots snapping off as he continues to 'encourage' the retreat of said demons with gouts of flame towards their backsides.

"Yeah! This'll show ya not to screw with the Guardians you jackasses! You and your stupid demon goo!"

He is also never above taunting.


From the grounds below, the water jet is likely somewhat visible; the pressure sends it scattering and diffusing through the air when the stream loses enough force and rains on down.

It seems to work — maybe not in the way that she intended, but it definitely does seem to do /something/, as the portal scatters and the ravens seem intent on looking directly at the three women before they scatter off into the night. Agent Merrow stumbles a moment before landing on her backside, shaking out her injured hand and breathing hard. "Son of a bitch, that /hurts/."

Looking up to Dani and Jean with that optimistic 'it's finally over' sort of relief written on her face, she clicks on her comms. "This is Albright. I'm pretty sure we just got the source of this taken care of."


A bit of heat-vision spotwelds the door in place, warding over the runic pathway they're using to step right up. Steelclad Kryptonian fingertips then make quick work of forcibly etching the markings out of existence, even if he has to tear off a layer of wall to do it.

The job done, he rockets back into the air, a blur of motion and defiant fight-to-the-end fervour. Soaring back up from whence he came, Superboy reports back to the lobby, several deep breaths steadying him as he surveys the carnage— and the survivors.

"What's the status in the rest of this place? We holding together?" Where is he needed— it's always the key question of the Super-Family. A dubious look is cast this way, then that. "Shit they're running? We need more music." It's only sensible at a time like this.


Groot nods when Rocket tells him to not throw grenades at the quinjets. Especially not that one because that's mine. "I am Groot."

Hefting the weight in his hands, he lets his arm extend a bit before pressing yet another button for complete activation. Mustering up the strength, the tree chucks whatever he has and watches things explode and oooh water!! He likes water. So they shouldn't mind Groot running out far enough to get sprinkler water on him, arms raised.

"I am Groot!"

It doesn't sound like it, but he does repeat Quill's taunt regardless.


"Language!" Rocket sputters, glancing down at the twig.


From inside the Triskelion, the retreat of demons seems across the board. Their main pathways blocked off, they try for the front door.

The Guardians, however, make quick work of those in the hangar with some (mostly) well placed grenades. Despite their caution, there will certainly be a few quintets that need some repair after this incursion.

The demons left in the tunnel after Superboy sealed the other entrance shut are not quickly or easily routed, but they are taken care of.

On the roof, the strange swirling is gone, without much evidence as to what it may have been. The ravens are gone, but their sense of unease remains. At the very least, the Triskelion has been protected. There is damage and things that need to be protected, however for the most part the people within and the building itself has made it through.

Despite a demon invasion, the Triskelion remains. Slightly damaged, but intact.

Over the systems, triumphantly and much too loudly, the Milano still blasts its song even as everyone starts to pick up the pieces of this unheard of attack on SHIELD:

Come on, baby, let me get you.
Bad nights causing teenage blues.
Get down ladies, you’ve got nothin’ to lose.

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