Shopping At Stark Industries (Intro)

October 10, 2018:

A hurried plan is hatched to raid Stark Tower for crucial components of Fairchild's particle cannon.

Stark Industries

The epicenter of the demon invasion, Stark Industries is locked down and abandoned. It's a risky place to be.


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It's late afternoon when the Titans return to Stark Towers.

Caitlin Fairchild had called together her friends among the Titans and laid out the operation, using a holotable display of the epicenter of the infestation of demonic. "We need two critical items at Stark Labs. The first is a parabolic reflector array. It's relatively light but it's fragile, too. We can't let it get too bruised out of alignment or I won't be able to fix it. The second is a waveform modulator. It weighs about a hundred and fifty pounds, and it's in a vulnerable part of the Tower. We're gonna get it last. Here's the route we take…."

Shortly thereafter, armed and armored, the ad-hoc team is en route, with Maxima having been called in as an available ally from the League's roster. They alight on the balcony of the 15th story, with Caitlin hitching a ride to fly up to the rooftop.

Caitlin unlimbers the heavy machine gun she's carrying and makes sure it's loaded with bullets anointed with holy oil. She's really learned into it, with holy icons engraved on her knuckleguards and the scraps of Asgardian armor woven into her matte bodysuit. Hair tied back in a tight fighting braid at the base of her neck, she nods at the others.

"Okay. Misfit, take point and try to navigate us around any big groups of demons. I'm getting irregular heat signatures from the sensors. Kori, you and me are front row. Maxima, Kon— you hit the bruisers, and Cassie, you watch out for flankers and try not to get in front of me while I'm shooting." Caitlin lays it all out with a crisp assurance— six months in combat with the Asgardians /has/ changed her, given her a firmer sense of her own authority.

She looks around for questions, then racks the action on her machine gun. "Okay. Let's go raid the stash."


Charlie is always up for a trip into danger when a friend asks her to. She has been itching to be useful after the Dragon Incident (tm), though at the same time Misfit has been griping idly about a migraine that hasn't quite gone away since the same Dragon Incident (tm). She teleported up to the chosen floor with a slash of pink and purple smoke. Pausing to see if anything jumped out at them before looking for instructions. Her outfit is a bit battered, though it has a wide variety of quick patch repairs from the Cave since this whole demon problem has started.

Anyhow Misfit nods to Caitlin ~Got it.~ it's a whisper her comm picks up easily, she is used to subvocal mics. Her hands dip into her belt one coming out with a small sphere she palms and the other knuckling a couple of bat-a-rangs. Her goggles shift opacity as she turns on the HUD with a lot more than heat signatures and other sensors and starts to make her way in. ~I can probably teleport either target out once we find them if you need me to Caitlin.~


Landing with a simple step, Maxima blinks at Caitlin and then looks around slowly, "I'm unclear as to why you bring all those weapons and such." She shakes her head as she looks back at the city behind them before saying, "I have felt your strength, it is fairly impressive." She then turns to look back as Caitlin lays out plans before nodding with a shrug, "That seems to work for me."

She nods softly and then turns her eyes into the building and frowns, "None of these enemies have normal mental signatures. I cannot lock on to them easily but I can sense them to a degree." She looks around the tower slowly and then hmms, "I can try to disable some of them but they are…difficult creatures. It is why I tend to rely more on my fists." She nods her head.

She then idly rolls a shoulder and clenches her fists, "They do not seem to do well against my fists though." She grins a little and then looks to Misfit and hmms, "What an interesting power…"


''We need two critical items at Stark Labs. The first is a parabolic reflector array. It's relatively light but it's fragile, too. We can't let it get too bruised out of alignment or I won't be able to fix it. The second is a waveform modulator. It weighs about a hundred and fifty pounds, and it's in a vulnerable part of the Tower. We're gonna get it last. Here's the route we take…''

"We need to get parts for your fan-made Milenium Falcon, got you." Cassandra Sandsmark loves her Titans, but she has no love for technology, especially the stuff Cailtin, Victor, Koriand'r and Tim deal with. She does tease Caitlin a lot, but she is very proud of how smart the woman is. Wonder Girl likes that she is smart.

She just need to tease the nerd that comes with it.

That doesn't mean she doesn't quirk an eyebrow at Caitlin holding a heavy machine gun that was baptized by some priest or something. An eyebrow is aptly quirked, "The 90's called, they want GI Fairchild back in the cartoon, Caitlin."

Wonder Girl doesn't like taking orders, not even from Diana, but this is Caitlin's show. She needs to do her… scientist/Rambo thing. For now she focuses on curbing the Silent Armor's enthusiasm, and paying attention to demons around them. "Kon, be careful." He knows what she means. At Maxima, Wonder Girl just spares a look. Always wary of people she never met.

"Just stay with the group." Icy. Doesn't like to rely on others to protect her teammates.


Should Cait need it, she gets a ride up to the fifteenth floor courtesy of Kon Air. He doesn't alight on the balcony so much as hover just above it, a trend that continues into the hallway beyond— he's (mostly) Kryptonian, it's just more natural by now!

"Got it." These things are no nonsense, and in acknowledging the gameplan, Superboy isn't eith— "Do what I always do." — maybe he still is a little nonsense. "Oh right. The space Amazon." Superboy's nonchalant about the unusual circumstances of Maxima's nature and arrival, despite the weight of the nomenclature.

"Hope you can keep up!" A little friendly challenge is good for morale. Cassie just gets a wink, too flippant for the weight of the situations and the truth of the threat, but hey… this is what he does. Hero stuff.

"I should be able to hear any big groups that are incoming— these things aren't quiet. Except the ones that are." Definitive. He doesn't have the mastery of the x-ray thing necessary to suss it all out level by level on the way in like some people. Yet.


Starfire is agreeable to the plan!

At least she is after inquiring, quite naively, why they require such 'simple' equipment, offering a few alternatives in alien technobabble that she declares would be suitable replacements. Presuably someone reminds her than you can't exactly purchase quantum-phase-whosits at every hardware shop on Earth, and she accepts this grim facet of her new life on the galactic backwater that has given her refuge!

"Very well. I do not understand your plan, but if it is necessary, then we shall liberate the primitive Earth devices and construct the thousand-year predatory avian as Cassie suggests!"


With that settled, she takes up her position with Caitlin as requested, flying just a short ways above her, never quite content within the grip of the planet's gravity. It serves a tactical purpose, but it is also a reflection of who she is, enjoying the glorious freedom of the sky at every opportunity.

"The ones I met were susceptible to conventional attacks like my starbolts," she also adds. Only in her alien brain are energy blasts 'conventional.'


Caitlin smirks at the commentary about her gear, holding the heavy crew-served weapon as easily as if it were made out of hollow plastic. "Hey, your gods help you in their way, my God helps me in His. I just can't help that my tools are cooler," she comments to Cassie, hipchecking her friend lightly.

She gets her game face on, though it takes some discipline to fight off a smile at Conner negging at Maxima and Starfire's misinterpretation of slang— well, it's a challenge

"SIRIN, keep mapping movement," Caitlin says, a light flickering in her left eye. "Let me know if we pick up anything big." She starts walking forward, Misfit glowing in her HUD like a flickering ghost.

They cross into the cafeteria area and start moving forward when the first ambush hits them. Two low-slung panthers with chitinous flesh and no eyes explode from under a table, launching themselves at Misfit. Almost simultaneously, some kind of giant sloth drops from the shadows of the high ceiling and lands squarely atop Kon's space, massive claw slashing without any signature slowness!


~Are we making some sort of ship. I mean if so that is awesome. I want to pilot it though when you build it Cait.~ thankfully the banter is on the subvocal microphone. Misfit though doesn't really do the whole utterly silent thing Red Robin does well. It is a wonder she hasn't been bat-strangled back in Gotham by this point.

Her eyes are on the hallway and the rooms as she edges along following the route from the earlier briefing, her goggles working overtime. ~No contact yet but I have a bad feeling about this.~ following the line of pop culture Cassie firmly established earlier.


Maxima blinks at Starfire's talk of space tech and lets out a sigh of relief, "Finally, someone who makes sense!" She flies over to Starfire and smiles, "I honestly spend my whole day confused about the choices made on this planet when it comes to technology!" She nods her head.

She follows them in when suddenly demons attack! Maxima immediately turns her gaze to the panthers. She disappears with a sudden burst of speed and one of her hands snatches one of the panthers out of the air. She attempts to use it to swat the other panther and interrupt the creatures movements a moment before whipping it back to in front of her.

"Bad kitty…" She then whips her other hand out to grab it by base of its spine. She gets an angry look a moment as she lifts the creature up for a moment, her muscles flex and then she rips brutally in half. She tosses each half to the side as the visceral mess rains over her.

She looks at Kon as he deals with his own issue and calls, "Do try to keep up…" Then she takes a breath and the actual mess that rained over her befins to raise up off of her form and fall to the ground around her.


''Oh right. The space Amazon.''

Cassandra tilts her head. She thinks she might have heard something, but she must have mixed things up, surely. Still, her heart rate goes up just enough to make her aware she is now kinda peeved. Around her right arm the gauntlet of the Silent Armor expands to cover up to her shoulder, the designs of the artifact eldritch and almost as disturbing as the demons themselves.

But they are attached to a hot blonde American girl. So it is okay. No cause to be alarmed anyone!

When she gets Caitlin's hipbump Cassandra doesn't even register, other than having her hips bumped aside. She doesn't even catch Kori calling the Millenium Falcon 'the thousand-year predatory avian'. Damn it. She would have wanted to catch that.

What she does catch is the weird chitinous panthers come at Misfit. Cassandra doesn't wait, she doesn't quite think, but the stars align to have her sunnily-murderous and have a friend in peril. "MISFIT LOOK OUT!" Also, she is a touch desperate to protect her friend.

She (tries to) SLAM the Silent Armor's fist into the demonic creature, but that is snatched from the space in front of her by that @#615@*#615 space person (not Kori <3), leaving Cassandra to MISS her strike. When the other Panther is hurled away at being struck by the FIRST panther being used as a baseball bat, Cassandra just stares at the wincing demon rolling away. Like her hopes and dreams.

Too casually, she forms an X with her arms, and expands her forcefield around her and Misfit, sighing. "You know those days where you just hate to be in the office?"


If it's not slow, it can't be a sloth. Oxymorons gtfo. If it's fast, it's manbearpig. So when manbearpig drops from the ceiling, as manbearpig is wont to do, Superboy casts a glare upwards, already tuning careful ears to the situation.

In an instant, blue eyes burn to red and beams of white-cored solar fire tear upwards, unrestrained in the effort to penetrate and incinerate the bestial foe. With a reflexive grace, the Dude of Steel soars smoothly backwards and upwards, tracking the descent in a smooth arc and maintaining the onslaught for a ferocious series of brightly colored moments.

Kon-El then propels himself -through- manbearpig with a pulse of TACTILE TELEKINESIS. A pulse that paints the cafeteria walls, and floor, and ceiling, in demonic ichor and spattered bits. Superboy, of course, is entirely clean. He fires a finger-gun at Maxima, and somehow makes it a little condescending.

"We need to hurry— in and out. Every contact is gonna bring more down on us." Cait knows that, but they could all use a reminder. It also explains the logic as he surges ahead, taking point from the squishy wizard; those go in the -back row-, Fairchild. He's totally not just as squishy right now. Nope. He's got the 'S' shield on his t-shirt.


Who's talking about a ship, now?! No one mentioned a ship! Just a bird! Humans are so confusing!

Nonetheless, Starfire feels the need to challenge Misfit on the piloting duties: "If we must pilot a vessel, I am trained to operate sublight attack craft, both intra and exo-atmospheric, as well as interplanetary cruisers up to class-3."

… so yeah, the banter is still a little bizarre! Although at least she finds some sympathy from Maxima. "Even though I have lived here for a time, Earth customs continue to confuse me! But I endeavor to learn their ways."

And then suddenly… kitties! Well, sorta.

Their sudden appearance is met with similar swiftness by her newfound fellow alien friend, and Starfire doesn't really go out of her way to interfere. Maxima and Conner are both quite capable, after all, and she has fought large numbers of these smaller demons in earlier encounters. She sweeps down near Caitlin, and wonders, "If we continue like this, there will surely be many ambushes, and there will surely be many more by the time we reach the fragile device. Perhaps some of us could rush the more sturdy one, seize it, and also draw away some of its defenders?"


Caitlin swings her gun up in a ready position, but her teammates are a little more on the spot than she is. Maxima eviscerates one panther and hits the other across the room, where it slams into a countertop with a yowling screen. Caitlin pins the trigger on the machine gun in her hands and with laserlike focus drops fifteen rounds into a fist-sized hole in the panther's ribs. The bullets themselves do moderate trauma damage, but the holy oil with which they are consecrated sets the demon afire with a burning white heat. It screeches and evaporates into a pooling mess of guts, then it dissolves into whispering ash that leaves nothing but stains behind. Similarly, the guts and viscera of the other demons vanish into ash as soon as Maxima and Kon do their thing.

Caitlin's face twists and she frets her lips, nodding at Starfire. "Yeah, you're right," she remarks, speaking to the group. "Okay. Cassie, you take Maxima and Conner to inventory control. Here's a keycard that'll get you through most of the security doors," Caitlin says, giving Cassie a thin plastic card. "Go out the west doors, then go up three floors, and follow the signs to 'Inventory'."

"Misfit, Starfire, you're with me. Let's get up to the science labs and get that reflector." She looks around, expression tight with concern for her friends. "Good luck, okay? Stay in contact if you get into trouble."


Caitlin, Kori, and Misfit went this way:
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