Aliens, Gods and Superheroes in a park!

October 07, 2018:

Amaterasu, Maxima and Volt cross paths while trying to protect those caught in the demon-infested New York

New York

Demon-infested area around Central Park


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This work is exhausting. Sage wasn't wrong - he may've been pushing himself too much. Volt hasn't taken a break from thinning the swarm beyond falling asleep in his bed every night in the middle of studies. But it's difficult to shake; between feeling the need to help as much as he can and feeling responsible for using his powers for a goodd purpose, he's always restless when he isn't on the field.

Thankfully, his power reserves are deep and replenish quickly. The strain on his muscles may not be so anxious to cooperate at this point, but his powers aren't going to crap out on him. So while his trot isn't spirited at the moment, he doesn't look too worse for wear. he teen makes his way further into the park, not pursued by anything. The last skirmish ended with so many denizens of the abyss sizzling. And he doesn't see anything here and now. So maybe this is a good spot to take a break.

Just, just for a minute.

Volt turns to plop down onto a bench, leaning back and tilting his head skywards. "Hoi.."


+MEET: Maxima has arrived via +meet.


Exhausting, but vital. Hellspawn walked the earth and people were caught in the middle. Those that hadn't already fled were almost certainly in hiding, leaving the streets mostly empty…yet none the less another figure walks. It wasn't a demon, nor was it human but she certainly looked the part. With a paper fan in hand held at her face, Ami was calmly stepping a path through the carnage and letting her eyes sweep over the devestation while her path took her closer to the park.

This was horrible. That such destruction could be inflicted on mortals so…pointlessly. This wasn't the moods of her brother, or the rage of divine battles, it was simply…wasteful. Behind the fluttering 'shroud' at her face, the young woman's lips pull into a frown. How much of this had occured simply because those like the Amatsu-Kami were hiding away with their interest in humanity long faded?

The sound of a voice has her blinking, but it's the lightning-scorched demons she steps over that has her lowering the fan for a moment in confusion. "Susano'o?"


Then overhead the sound of what sounded like thunder could be heard. The sound was a massive demon, with huge bat-like wings, a goat's head, the legs of a lion and the body of some kind of man was using a firey sword to fight someone. The sound of thunder came from the massive hit that took it and sent it flying backward. It flexed its wings and flew right back at the being fighting it only to swing its sword right into the arm of the humanoid figure with a might roar. The thing shook with surprise as its towering 15 foot form was halted in the air.

It gritted its teeth, tusked and sharp for a moment only to go wide eyed as the sword was suddenly pushed wide and then its jaw was knocked upward. It went up for a second only to be caught by one of its thick legs and then it started to spin in the air with the humanoid as the pivot point. A moment later it was let loose. It flew right for the ground roughly 50 feet from the pair's position.

The sound was heavy as it cratered the earth. The huge thing letting out a groan as it raised up one of its meaty hands and grabbed on to a nearby tree for leverage. It was about to raise up when a moment later that same humanoid crushed its chest and then breatehd in and twin beams of light came out of the redheaded woman's eyes. They glared and burned against the thing's face and a moment later it was laying still.

A quick hop up and then a flip and Maxima landed amonst the sizzling dead of Drake's enemies, looking around with an arched eyebrow before she looked to Drake first and then at Ami inquisitively.


Volt was hoping for a moment of respite. He'd thought he'd cleared the area. But to be fair, it looks like someone brought their baggage to him, rather than him simply having missed a spot. "Aw, come on." No break for him. His head raises again, preparing to stand - only to be paused.

"Huh? No, I'm a guy," he replies to the notably Japanese girl nearby. He may have misheard her, he realizes. "Volt. That's- that's my name."

But then he's focusing on the shenanigans above. Hands remain at his sides, but the fingers splay. Tendrils of brilliant blue ionic energy begins to dance between his digits, more a signal to the girl that he's at the ready than necessary. He doesn't need time to charge an attack. Electricity can just happen. Then the thing falls, and he squares himself to it with a terse frown. A woman lands on it. Eyebeams. And- oh. It's done.

Volt's hands relax and the electricity instantly dissipates. He turns and plops right back down on the bench. "Can't make new friends if you keep breaking'em~," he calls to Maxima. Normally, he'd be much more excited. But he just wants five minutes. Just /five/ minutes.


Well…he certainly didn't dress like her brother, and there was no way that Susano'o would -ever- refer to himself as simply 'A guy'. A frown, she opens her mouth to say more from behind her fan, only to snap her gaze upwards at the demon in the air. There was a moment of tension, eyes narrowing only to widen again. There was someone…or something doing battle with the creature. Clearly it was winning.

When Maxima hops from the sizzling carcass of her fallen foe, the Japanese woman raises her fan once more to obsure the bottom half of her face before frowning. She didn't -look- like a demon, neither of them did. She opens her mouth to speak, but the beginnings of Japanese halt before she switches to an accented english. "Who are you, to do battle with these creatures?"


"These things are not my friends." Then from behind a tree what appears to be an imp, then another, and then several more appear. One speaks up, "We're your friends!" Then another smacks its head and that one declares, "WE are not friends, we are humble servants!" They all nod in agreement, the things are only maybe two to three feet tall each and all stay relatively hidden, "We serve the Queen!"

Maxima sighs and rubs her forehead before saying, "I am Maxima." She states and nods her head, "I am with this world's Justice League and I am here to help as need be." She then looks from one to the other, "You two should not be out here. It is unsafe." She then gestures to the imp, "They are apparently imps of some kind. They are mostly harmless and will bring you no harm." She then looks back with a glare, "No…Harm." And they all look crestfallen and nod in agreement.

"They will obey me lest they be destroyed." She then looks from one to the other, "Either way, you two should find safety."


If Volt weren't determined to just sit for a few minutes, he would've had a stronger reaction. But all it gets here and now is his left hand raises to twiddle in the air. "That's /why/ I'm out here," he replies in an exhausted tone - but this brand of exhaustion isn't physical. The hand drops again, and his head lifts to regard the imps. The thought crosses his mind to obliterate them, because seriously, what good will come of having monsters follow you around that /need/ to be told to not harm people. But is it worth the inevitable fight that would follow? Not really.

His head tilts over to the Japanese girl finally. "Volt," he repeats. "Superhero."


A snap, that fan closes and is lowered to her side. The imps and their jabbering is confusing enough and their description of Maxima as their 'Queen' was simply confusing. She steps closer to the other woman, a frown on her face almost like she were attempting to stare down the woman whom almost certainly was taller than her to the point of needing to stare 'up' instead. "Obey you?" she repeats with hazel eyes narrowed. "And is -this- your command?" A sweeping gesture to the chaos and carnage comes with the question.

The 'Justice League' clearly wasn't a name that registered with the petite girl, but Amaterasu had spent so long away from Earth before the death of an Elder god had drawn her attention, she had quite a lot of catching up to do!

Volt's introduction was noted, but the potential that she might be looking right at the culprit of the demon outbreak right in front of her had the 'goddess' rather distracted. "I have had enough 'safety'," she speaks slowly, "Instead I would see all this end."


A look at Volt and then she looks back over at Ami and states, "This? I am unclear at what you mean. I have been destroying demons for nearly a week and a half now with barely any rest." She gestures to the imps, "These things have declared me their ruler for one reason or another and so I have allowed them to live as long as they do not harm anyone other htan other demons." She looks back at the imps who all nod in agreement except for one that shakes his head with a smile only to get slapped up side the head by another and he switches to nodding.

Maxima then turns her gaze back to Ami and states, "Do not fear. As long as I am here no being shall harm you or they will face my wrath." She then gestures back and the demon she just beat lifts off the ground and then she flicks her hand and it flies back through a few trees with a crash, "My wrath…is swift and brutal." She then looks back at the woman with a nod and then another is given to Volt before she adds, "Volt. Superhero of this park. Is the area secure or do you know of more?"


Volt isn't offended that he isn't getting attention. He's fine with that. Dude wants to chill a minute, and as long as- the whoosh of the body flying through trees gets a wary glance from him. He then plops his head back down. Ahem. As long as they're not being hostile, he's fine.

"Of the city. World, maybe. I dunno," he addendums. "I just got here. Wasn't anything around that I saw, 'til you arrived."


Was there disappointment on Amaterasu's face? A little. Were that this all be solved right now with a battle between herself and the culprit, formidable as Maxima looked. But it was not to be! That frown remains, but the paper fan is reopened and returned before her face as she turns to look between the pair. "A civil war between these creatures, atop of all else? Truely this city is a mess." She sighs, looking back towards Volt for a moment longer. Superhero? She'd seen enough to know the word was close enough to 'Warrior' or perhaps 'Champion', so the man gets a nod before she sweeps her gaze back to Maxima. "Your offer is appreciated, but there are others who are in need of protection more than I. Those are the ones I seek to find tonight…"

As her words trail off? There's a roar from within the trees, a demonic howl of hunger and bloodlust…then it's answered by another, and another. There were more, and they were hungry.


Looking over at Volt and then at the ground, "The demons littering the ground tell another story." She nods her head at Volt before looking then to Ami. She nods her head a little before saying, "You needn't worry either way. I will…" She frowns and looks around at the growls before she looks to Volt, "Handle what you must and what you can. I will handle what I can." She then looks to Ami, "If you can fight, do so, if not run. There are no humans around in this park at the moment. I can sense none." She then raises up suddenly and floats above the tree line.

"I am Queen Maxima of Almerac! I am the greatest warrior they have ever known and I will not allow you to cause further harm. Face me!" She then suddenly spins in the air, her eyebeams burning a circle around the clearing they were in before she suddenly rushes off to the east and into whatever demons were coming. The sounds of battle can quickly be heard with a yell of, "Fight you cowards! Fight!" Followed by some imps screaming in fear.


Drake Riley doesn't bother responding to the implications of the dead demons littering the area. He's happy to just hang out. His eyes start to lid over, certain to keep his ears keen, but savoring the feel of fresh(-ish) air and relative quiet.

There's a roar.

/Relative/. /Quiet/.

More commotion.

"Ah, crap." Volt's eyes open again. He pushes himself up to his feet and folds his right leg. He grabs onto the toe of his lifted boot to stretch the leg, then repeats the process with the left. "Mgh." And then there's an eyebeam ring, and Maxima zips off. His eyes widen briefly, brow knit in comical fashion with his eyemask.

"Yanno, that's not the first time a scantly-clad woman went rushing into battle like that since this happened. Or second." All the ladies seem to be the 'super strong and durable' types, it seems! And every one of them, taller than him! He'd make jokes about his the unfairness to his masculinity, but it's just so absurd!

His head turns to the Japanese girl, then looks ahead again. He leans forward, head turning to listen in. There's a real chance he won't even be needed.


There is a small noise from Amaterasu's throat, somewhere between a noise of thought and concern. Maxima certainly seemed able to handle herself, but inactivity doesn't really sit well with her when taking action was the entire reason that she had come to Earth. Her fan comes back to her face, those rich hazel eyes of hers still narrowed in thought. Perhaps taking a moment -was- the best action after all.

Of course, that requires fate to be willing to let you have one, something that the sounds of screams and screeching tires from the other side of the park from where Maxima had rushed hint isn't going to happen. The fan? It's snapped shut once more and the asian girl turns to the poor tired mutant. "Well then 'Superhero', come along!" Then she's off…faster than any human should possibly run and glowing.

Was there noone 'normal' left in the city?


Four. Four girls who've gone running headlong ahead of him since he started getting involved. Volt lets out a laugh, despite it all.

"Aaahhhh, Hell," he sighs.

He doesn't even try to keep up with her. He can plainly see she's moving faster than he could run even at peak rest, so he's going to conserve his energy for whatever lay ahead. Hopefully the girl won't get herself into trouble by the time he arrives!


By the time he arrives, it's an interesting sight to say the least. Two humans, the occupants of the crumpled car, lay slumped in the vehicle while a collection of imps scramble over the car, trying to get in and reach their helpless prey. Or they had been, but now they were somewhat distracted by the glowing figure who was advancing towards them. For a moment, she was little more than a silhouette in a painfully bright glow while flames wreathed her body, her clothing seeming to burn away only for the fire itself to reshape into…armor? It looked classical, almost typically 'samurai' in design save for the lack of a helmet where her long raven locks flow free.

As if to complete the fantastical image, Ami's paper fan was gone. Instead in her hand she grasped a curved sword, it's mirror-like blade seeming to reflect an intense sunlight that wasn't above them at all. The Japanese girl was certainly more than she'd appeared, that much was certain as she continued her purposeful strides towards the imps.


Volt jogs onwards, reaching his destination in time to see her go through her anime transformation - minus themesong. He slows to a halt and squints at her. Perhaps he'd become jaded, but he /knew/ there was something different about her. And she's taking herself so very seriously.

He can't help it. He can't resist. She looks cool, she looks like she's all business, dutiful and determined. It's too much.

Pinpoint bolts of lightning zip past her to strike an imp. It's a flash, there one moment and gone the next. Blink, and you miss it. But it'll be sufficient in bringing down the hostile it strikes without electrifying the car. Then another bolt will flash by. Then another. Then another. Picking them off before she gets to them!

Why? Well, to save people, sure. But also to tease her. And should she look back at him, she'll be met with a playfully boyish smile.


There was a look over her shoulder, a frown for a moment and then a confused blink at his own teasing grin. The 'goddess' shakes her head…but there was a thin smile on her lips before she leaps into the fray herself, cleaving through one halpless demon like he were made of paper before swiping her other hand upwards with a gesture that sends a ripple of flame roaring through the air. Could one kill denizens of 'Hell' with fire? The scattered ash left behind suggests so, if one uses enough of it!

The victims in the car were still trapped, still unconcious, but the demons themselves were more focused now on either rushing the pair unleashing elemental death on them…or running away as fast as an Imp can manage. It depended on which ones were more sensible really.


After some of the things Volt has faced in his time in the Hellscape, these imps are so much nothing. The foot soldiers, maybe just one step above the shambling would-be zomdemons, he figures. He could continue to unleash projections and flash-fry anytthing that looks at him funny. Or he could work out something else.

That idea's getting the blood pumping again. He spares another look to the Japanese samurai-girl, shoots her a wink, then takes on a more soft focus to keep at the ready from all angles. He begins bobbing on his boots, hands balling into fists.

An imp leaps at him. It's met with a high-angle sidekick, the point of impact blazing with a suddden burst of electricity! It flies back, and another rushes from the opposite direction! He shifts forward in a feint and thrusts a knee to catch the squatty beast in what could generously be described as its nose, halting its plans. A low cross-kick slams into it, the impact resulting in another burst of sizzling blue electricity. With a half-spin, he's suddenly pointing a device at an imp attempting to keep its distance. A grappling hook launches out and attaches to its wrinkly flesh, immediately retracting to yank the creature towards him! An electrified uppercut nails it with enough force between the burst of energy and the impact of the hit to launch the imp off the hook and away.


This was…exactly what she needed. While it wasn't the first fight she'd found herself in already, Amaterasu couldn't help but smile. She could bring prosperity to fields, support humanity from afar as she had once done. But this? Perhaps she was understanding a little more why a lot of humans liked 'getting their hands dirty'. The sword in her hand moved as if it were unhindered by anything in its path, passing through demons in a single swipe without so much as a sign of slowing down. It was sharp, or it was magical…or both.

For all her flames and sword-swinging, it seemed that Ami wasn't all-knowing. One of the imps who'd managed to remain on the fringes suddenly springs from the shadows, tangling its limbs around her form and scrabbling to try and inflict harm. It pulls hair, it scratches at her armor before finally rearing back to sink its teeth into her throat…

Only to intead burst into ash that coats that armor and unblemished skin. Jumping onto the 'sun' might not have been the best idea, but it certainly had the girl giving a noise of disgust as she watches the last of the demons flee or be electrofied by Volt's own 'shocking' display of power.


Volt holsters the grappling device and assumes his ready bobbing again, vivid emerald eyes flitting here and there to mark positions around the battlefield. The critter latching onto her is noted, and he starts towards her - only for it to burst. "Neeevermind!" He resumes his position, but gives the girl a lingering, odd look.

The imps start to flee.

"What! Come on, really?"

He sweeps an arm out to discharge a snap of lightning into one of the fleeing imps for a parting shot, leveling it. The rest get away. "Tch."

Finally, Volt turns to the girl and makes his way over. "Guess he won't be necking strangers anymore, eh?," he jokes. She probably won't get that, he realizes after the fact. Ohwell! "You okay?"


The glowing subsides, Ami's hand comes up to her hair with a light 'tsk' before she shakes it and it seems to glow faintly before falling perfectly back into place. Was it an abuse of power to use magic to fix one's hair? Well, 'gods' weren't without their own vanity. Still, she was still coated in imp ash. Sheathing the sword in its rather plain looking wooden sheath that rests at her hip, the girl turns to face Volt and blinks, cocking her head to the side. "What is 'necking?'"

She didn't get it.

"I am unharmed," she speaks before looking towards the wrecked car and its occupants. "But the two in there should not stay here, they will need somewhere safer." Ami's foot comes out now, tapping one of the non-ashed imps she'd cut down. "I still do not know who is behind these creatures. It troubles me."


"Wish I could help ya there," says Volt as he moves past her to the car. Taking the handle of the car door, he attempts to just pry it open with force. Failing that, there is another option: "Turn your face away!" And his elbow smashes against the window to shatter it out. Following that, he gets to go people-fishing to try to haul them out the window.

"I'm focused on doing this. Wiping those things out, getting people to safety. I'm not the most in the loop on it!"


Shattered glass and twisted metal are probably unpleasent, but less so than being eaten by imps. Amaterasu does move towards the car to assist, but there is a light grunt from her as she attempts to figure out how to release the passenger's seatbelt before she finally just reaches up to pull the mounting from the pillar. Who doesn't know how a seatbelt works? For her slight size, the full-grown man is moved with relative ease before she sets him down on the pavement and looks around. "There must be somewhere safe for these people," she speaks with a sigh. "Even if it is far from here. I imagine there are others like them trapped within."


"There's a place, yeah. A few havens set up through the city, some protected by people like me, some protected by government agencies," Volt explains. "Where we are here, there's a checkpoint not too far I can take these people."

Oh yes, he noticed her abnormal strength. Really, though - she's number freaking four he's encountered like this. He stopped blinking at it by Maxima. Plus, he's tired. He's not firing on all cylinders mentally at this point. "I'll start leading'em on. You don't gotta worry about it."


"Volt," she speaks as the tired hero moves to attend to the injured humans, her own gaze moving from her ash-covered reflection to the young human who probably looked around the same age as her. "I thank you for your aid and your efforts." A light bow of her head is offered, a simple gesture somehow seeming all the more radient…due to her literal radience perhaps. "I am Amaterasu," she finally offers, her introduction rather late compared to the others. "If your path remains one of protecting these poor people? I'm sure we will meet again."


"Ah?" Volt looks back at her again as he helps steady the bystanders. "Amaterasu? Like the Japanese god? Err, goddess? That's a heck of a superhero name," he chides. A small grin edges the corners of his lips. "Hope there isn't a /real/ Amaterasu, else they might be salty about you taking their name!"


A blink, a pause, she turns back towards the hero before nodding her head. "Why would you hope such a thing?" she questions, seeming to take a moment before blinking yet again and then shaking her head. As if to mirror the motion of her hair, flames flow around her once more and her appearence returns to the 'uniform' outfit she had worn before the armor. The sword was even back to being a fan opened and held by her face. "Salty? I do not understand…and I cannot steal my own name."


Drake Riley glances over her when she transforms right back to her other look in front of him. She's cute! A little odd, though. Still, it gets a snicker. "C'mon. It's not Halloween yet," he chides. "Or were your parents really, /really/ ironic? Did they know you had powers when you were born, and just named you totally sacreligiously?" He squints a little at her.


There's more confusion, but it changes now to a twitch of irritation. Halloween? She didn't even understand that holiday. She steps closer, closer still. "Would you know then?" she questions, closing her fan and jabbing him lightly in the chest. "Would you think that you could recognize someone who walked the world when it was new?" Another jab, she continues. "You would call me a liar? Where I came from, such a thing was extremely rude. Are you rude 'Superhero'? Or has the world changed so much?"

The poor bystanders? They probably have no idea what's going on.


She prods at him!





"Oh, most definitely!"

Volt smiles playfully at her. "You bein' serious with me? You're saying you're a deity. A /goddess/," he repeats incredulously.


"I am not one to lie, not without cause," Ami insists, but she does step back after a moment, as if a thought had taken the wind from her sails. "But I cannot fault disbelief, it has been so long and I am very far from home…" she turns, stepping away from Volt and the bystanders with a path that has her headed deeper into the city. "Perhaps I will change that, but for now? There are those in need. Be safe 'Superhero'."

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