Beers and Goats

October 07, 2018:

Logan and Rogue return to the school after a fight. Jennifer Walters is there in the driveway, come to visit Banner. Molly shows up with goats! Beers are drank. Jokes are told.

Xavier's School Driveway and Garage


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Fade In…

On-Star had long since cut off service to New York since the crisis began. There were entirely too many vehicles that chirped their alarms into the call center. Too many screams of people crying out for help against things that On-Star just did not cover or protect you from. It was horrendous how the call center people had to hear screams and shouts and then crunches of vehicles being crushed. So the systems disabled the various vehicles, no longer were they tracked so long as they stayed in the city itself…
But as soon as the damaged, smoking, and rickety black HMMWV crossed over the bridge and towards Westchester, its internal GPS system updated On-Star and chirped into life. Even though the vehicle smouldered with black smoke from places where it was struck by the flames of hell. Even though it had large gashes in its sides where talons raked and tore. The GPS still worked and as the man known as Logan drove up along the road towards the Xavier Institute, somehow the system maintained enough integrity for the internal speaker to chirp, "Hello this is On-Star, we register you've been in an accident. Is everyone okay?"
To which Logan looked up and blinked, all while the Hummer grumbled with its engine hissing and sputtering yet still growling with strength while he turned into the drive.
This is On-Star, is this Mrs. Sharpe? The registered owner of this vehicle?"
"What? No. This is… look shut up."
"I'm sorry, your voice pattern does not match any of the listed approved operators of this vehicle. Law Enforcement has been…"
The blades slice into the speaker and then retract with a sharp shrak of metal on metal even as Logan pulls the commandeered vehicle to the corner of the driveway and to a halt. He scowls to himself then murmurs, "Boring conversation anyway."

Rogue is in the backseat of the hummer and she's staring forward as Logan drives his claws through the computer thing. She just stares with a blank expression and then she leans forward to look at the damaged system in the dashboard. "Well." She starts. "If there were a demon in that thing, I'm pretty sure you just sent his ass back t'hell." She says then, looking over to the left side of Logan's face and offering the man a light grin.

The 26 year old southerner leans back in her seat then and crosses her legs at the knees. "God willin' we don't have a flat tire now, I mean, what on earth would we use t'get us a tow truck out in the middle'a—" She sees the oval sign that announces Xavier's School. "Oh, we're home! How about that. We're fine then, I'm sure… Except I think that thing called the cops before ya skewered her."

Already visiting the mansion is one Jennifer Walters. She is in pair of black dress pants with a white button up blouse. It looks like it might be part of a suit but the jacket is no where to be seen. She'd actually left it in the car. Her shoes are simple and cheap, just black pumps that have a nice heel. With her, heels are important. They help with the lack of height. Not enough for her not to be short but it gives her the illusion. She had shown up earlier, wanting to check in on her cousin.

At the moment, she was walking out to get something from her car when she spotted the beaten, smoking heap that once was a nice vehicle managing it's way to school. "You don't see that every day," the brunette mutters to herself.

"Ehn, we'll be fine." Logan's response is typical even as the vehicle rolls up the driveway. It had made a decent escape car, and to be fair… they had totally stolen it. But it was abandoned in the city, like many of the other vehicles. Assuredly one of the more do-goody type X-ers will come along and do the right thing. But for Logan… he's just glad to have gotten back out of Manhattan and that lives had been saved.
Still smouldering, with its engine still wheezing, the Hummer comes to a halt out front of the garage. The door opens and Logan grabs the doorframe and pulls himself out of the car. He stands there at the side of the vehicle, turning around to look across the hood of it towards Rogue and leaning forwards. Which just so happens to put Jen in his line of sight.
"Looks like Banner's got himself some family visitin'." And to point out what he's talking about he tosses a nod in the direction of the short brunette. Catching the woman's eye he lifts a hand in greeting even as the HMMWV's engine rattles and hisses and then seems to give up the ghost finally.

Rogue had been fighting the demonic infestation with a combinatin of her fists, and a beer-blaster… which was a keg (filled with water) that she blessed after buying her Minister's Certificate on the internet… and a rifle connected to the keg to fire the water at hig pressure volume at the demons. Sadly she'd run out of that and had resorted to just kicking and punching demons until they exploded, she'd met up with Logan at some pointed and hitched a ride with him back here.

When she gets out she takes note of the guest in the for mof Jenn and she nods once. "She's pretty." She says to Logan, not really caring if Jenn can hear her or not, cause Rogue kind of likes to compliment folks as much as possible anyway.

Rogue points at the vehicle then. "You want me t'fly this thing back out t'the highway, so its not parked in the drive?" She asks in her thick southern accent.

Seeing the wave from a familiar face, Jennifer smiles and offers a wave in return. "Did you have a little car trouble there?" she asks in a teasing tone as the two of them leave their vehicle. Loosely called that Because really, it was just a heap of jumk at this point. Credit where credit was due, it at least got them back. From the evidence on the vehicle, her guess was New York City for their location of departure.

She had a rental that she had gotten out of the demon infested zone quickly so she didn't end up having to forfeit her deposit for damage. It would be just her luck. She hears the compliment from Rogue and her cheeks pinken a tiny bit but she focuses on the next part. "Did you just say fly?"

"Jen, this's Rogue. Rogue, Jen." Logan says in way of introductions even as he walks around the Hummer. He gestures to the side with one hand, motioning to one and the the other as he offers their names. As for him, he looks worse for wear with his black kevlar and leather body suit having torn bits and ragged tear lines at various points of it. His gloved hands still marred by hints of brown and crimson, he seems unbothered by their state as he advances. "Yeah she flies. Though her main power is her sassiness and can-do attitude."
That having been said he keeps on walking as the two ladies likely get acquainted. Of course, now that he's out of the car and Rogue can't hassle him for smoking in an enclosed space, he pulls out a cigar and scrapes a flame to life with a raggedy book of matches. A few puffs and he continues on towards the house and then on past the garage.
"Let it sit fer now, I'm gonna salvage a few parts. Then can ditch it however ya want." He speaks of, of course, the hummer. But he pauses there halfway between the house and the garage, taking his time as he takes a drag on the cigar.

Rogue just puts her hands on her hips then, her dark green gloves are a bit dirty and there's a cuple of naked knuckles showing through holes left after punching her way through Mutant Town. "I was gonna toss it out there and then light it on fire. Its kinda fun watchin other people's stuff burn." She says while glancing at the beat up truck before she looks back to Jenn and smirks at her after hearing Logan's summation of her main powers. "My actual main power is my ability t'charm the pants off just about anyone, if I wanna." She says then with a big grin. But the grin is gone rather quickly.

"You here t'help us out?" She asks the woman then before she glances back to Logan. "We gonna restock and head back, Fidel?" She asks the cigar smoking Logan. "Cause if so, I should probably get my actoual… ya know, uniform thing on." She's in civilian clothes, that just don't hold up well in close quarters combat against things with teeth and claws.

Flight and sass. A nice combination. Flight would be helpful. The leaping long distances thing got old after a while. Sure, it got her back to where she hid the car but it was quite annoying. Flight would've been nice. Or teleportation!

"I just came to check on Bruce. I know when'd gone on a trip a little while back so, once I heard he was back, I wanted to see how it went." And how he managed to get back from space. Not that she's saying that outloud. She has no idea what the school does or doesn't know about her cousin. She's not going to be the one to spill the gamma-radiated beans. "You both look surprisingly intact for having been in the city."

"Nah, we got some time." Logan says as he takes another drag. He eyes them both sidelong even as his gaze then distances past them towards the city they recently left. He ashes then adds, "Created some vacuums of power and all. Gotta give it some time to shake out and see where things land."
Of course that's the moment his eyes go to Jen and he tilts his head to the side, "I heal, she's sorta invulnerable…ish." His lip twists a little as he voices an argument that they've likely shared in the past. "Ya see, folks who have thick armor or invulnerability, they usually don't fight that great and their clothes get all ruined. But nimble and agile folks like m'self," Says the thickly muscled smirking man with the cigar, "Well we just gotta be that much better so we get outta the way." Of course the state of his uniform doesn't really argue that too well.
"How're things with him, Walters?" He asks in that rumbling deep tone of his. "Haven't had a chance ta hear his grumbling lately."

Rogue nods once softly to Jenn. "I helped pick him up from the Arctic." She says then. "He was in… bad shape. But he definitely wanted outta there, the cold was too much for even his big green self t'handle. He hit me though… so I'm kinda mad at him. That half of him anyway." She shows a slight grin before her green eyes go over to Logan.

"Nimble?" She says, looking at the scruffy one. "You're as nimble as a clump'a hair stuck against the shower drain and ya look the same too." After a second she shows the man a grin. "But I agree with the clothin' part. And I'm not about t'start given free peep shows'a what I got underneath. That, my dear friendand new acquaintancecomes at a steep dollar value t'get." With that said, Rogue starts toward the garage, one of the doors is open and there's some supplies inside it… namely a fridge with food and drink. She may be invulnerable-ish, but she still needs sustanence.

That earns a blink from Jennifer. It would seem they know about him. She was a little surprised he'd shared his secret. Being a school setting, it may have been a necessity though.

Arctic? "Honestly, I haven't spoken to him yet. He apparently is busy with something. Or not on the grounds. I'm not really sure, I didn't get a straight answer. So I've just been enjoying the hospitality of the school until he's available." She makes some mental notes of their abilities. Logan she hasn't exactly seen in action yet but she's met him with both faces at least. He just doesn't realize they both belong to the same person. At least, she is pretty sure he doesn't.

A snort slips from the older man as he looks aside towards Rogue, then he looks back and away as if leaving something unsaid. Instead he takes the few steps needed to move towards the garage and grabs a spot leaning against the wall, still husbanding his cigar and taking only occasional drags from it. He at least has the decency to blow the smoke away and to one side, though the wind likely disperses it in whichever fickle direction. It's the thought that counts.
"Grab me a beer." He says off to the side before he looks back towards Jen. His nostrils flare slightly and then he gives a nod. "He's probably duckin' ya," A slight smirk, but then he adds. "Things've been rough for the guy. And I know how tough it can be when folks who deserve better come wandering around when ya got a good mad on."

Rogue vanishes inside one of the open garage doors, fancy garage and all with its marble floor patterns and light sconces everywhere like this place is a medieval castle… or perhaps at least inspired by architecture from 'across the pond'.

"He's not ditchin' her." Rogue's voice can be heard inside of the garage. "If anythin' he's probably tryin' t'hide from the stress of inter-dimensional demons tryin' t'destroy this world. I get the distinct impression he doesn't really like losin' control and turnin' inta the big green fella."

She returns then with FOUR beers in her hands, and offerse one to Logan and the other to Jenn, then sets the others down on a stone pillar beside her as she pulls off her jacket and moves to slip on a black pullover-hoodie. "I've heard people say that they've seen him runnin' outta the school t'go hide in the forest, whenever somethin' stressful is goin' on inside the mansion… which is like every damn day around here."

She sorts the hoodie out now ontop of her and then pulls her brown/white hair up out of it to lay it back over her shoulders.

As Rogue returns, Jennifer accepts the can of beer and leans against her car as she carefully pops the top. No explosion. "I wasn't aware he had shared his condition with the people here. Good to know." She glances off toward the woods when Rogue mentions he sometimes retreats there to avoid stress. Her expression reflects the sadness she feels, wishing he had been given the same control she had. "No, he doesn't like losing control. Maybe a familial trait." She gets quiet, taking a sip of her beer.

The can hisses with the crack of its push tab even as Logan holds it out slightly away from himself, just in case Rogue played some shenanigans with his. But then he tilts it back and takes a sip. So many times they've been here before, or in just such a situation after some craziness that had presented them with more mayhem than any one person should ever have to deal with. And now, with a moment to take a breath, there's perhaps a shared instant of silence as the beers are taken… and a few drinks are shared.
It's only after that silence has drifted on for a bit that Logan brushes his forearm over his mouth, and takes a deep breath. "I know how the guy feels." He takes another drag on his cigar and scowls to himself even as he looks sidelong and away. "I sorta did the same thing when I first showed up here." His lip lifts and twists then he adds, "In between tryin' ta pick a fight with half the folks runnin' around and givin' the Professor hell."

The sound of…a goat comes from overhead. Yes. A goat. Two goats actually. Bleating out bleats that are very bleatworthy. One lands with a thud and a few steps before another lands with Molly on its back. She has on a blade across her back made out of what appears to be leather wrapping and…a helicopter propeller. She hops off the goat and pets its head a moment before she suddenly rears back, her eyes aglow and she headbutts the living hell out of it.

The goat staggers and then shakes its head.

"You behave while here or else you'll get another." She the points at the lawn nearby, "Grass only…or else!" She points and the goat bleats before trotting off with the other one toward the grass. She then pulls forth the makeshift sword and waves, "Hey!" She then looks at Jennifer and then at the others, "New face?"

Rogue has a beer open for herself in a matter of seconds and then glides up and sits down on the stone pillar where one more rests beside her left hip. Her jeans are still a bit messied/dirtied/ripped, but she doesn't care so much about that. A drink is had from the can and then she shakes her head. "He didn't so much tell us about his situation, more than he showed us." She says then, to Jenn specifically. "I was there with Scott when he had his informal job interview t'come work here. Bout midway through it a… magic ring floated outta no where, it chose Bruce t'slip onta and then well, you can imagine what happened next, since this ring apparently causes anger and rage."

She shakes her head side to side. "Wasn't pretty. Was pretty damn scary actually."

And then the goats land and Molly headbutts one of them. Rogue just smirks at the teen. "Visitor, Friend'a Banner's." She tells her. "Why you head buttin' them?" She asks the other.

Jennifer gives Molly a nod and a smile in greeting as she pushes away from the car. "Correct. I'm just visiting. And I really should see if I can find Bruce." She sets the open can of beer on the hood of her car before she opens the car door. Reaching in, she draws out a planner which is bound in faux leather, pulling out from under her suit jacket. The planner is tucked under her arm. Then she closes the car door. The beer is retrieved and she takes another sip.

Looking upwards Logan winces momentarily just an instant before the first goat lands even as he shifts his posture against the leaning of that wall. He scowls for a moment then can't help but smirk at the headbutt. "Heya, kid." Logan says as he leaves his cigar in the corner of his mouth. "Molly Hayes." He motions with one rough hand, "This's Jennifer Walters. Banner's visitor."
Another batch of introductions done, he goes back to the important things in life, such as beer and cigars. He takes a sip of one, a drag of the other, then lifts his chin. "Just takin' a small breather until headin' back into the city. Might get some sleep. S'been a long last few days." He grimaces and takes another looooong pull of the beer then crushes the empty in his hand with a satisfying metal crinkle before setting it aside.
"Will be damned pleased when Strange or whomever get off their asses and handle their side of this crap."
But then he gives a nod in Jennifer's direction and pushes away from his spot. "C'mon, I'll see if we can wrangle him up for ya." He looks back towards Rogue and says, "Gonna head back into the city tomorrow evening. You in, Rogue?"

A glance at Rogue and then a look back to the goats, "They're Thor's goats. They don't understand words all that well and will try to walk all over you if you don't use force." She gestures, "See, now that I headbutted that one, they should both, most likely, not eat anyone's car." She then looks to Jennifer with a smile, "I'm sure our visitor appreciates that!" She nods her head and then looks to Logan, "I'm more than willing to go back and I got a sort of sword that some demon made out of a helicopter to help."

Seated up on the stone pillar beside the garage, Rogue leans back against the building and sips at her beer while nodding softly to the other's words. She has to grin at Molly though and shake her head at it too. "Don't never change, not even a little bit." She tells the younger one. "And I'm glad my car is safely not here. Last thing I want is t'come out here and see it all eaten up by some… Assgardian goats."

Another drink from the beer and Rogue looks over to Logan again. "I'll go back with ya whenever ya want. I'll hang out here t'night, probably go dig up a room i nthe boathouse. I doubt there's any parents hangin' around the school right now, what with all the danger down in the city. People seem t'be stayin' indoors until SOMEone does get off their butt and does fix whatever allowed all this bullshit t'happen."

A shake of the head is Jennifer's response to Logan's offer. "I appreciate it but you stay, visit with your friends and get a few more beers. You all deserve them after being in town fighting, helping everyone." She gives a smile to all of them. "It was nice meeting you Rogue, Molly." She does focus on the younger woman a moment. "It would be nice if they don't eat the car. I left New York with it so I wouldn't have to pay a damage deposit." Then she gives a little wave and heads toward the mansion again in search of her cousin.

"Don't get too harsh, Rogue." Logan says through a smirk as he holds up a moment, looking ready like he's about to walk off after Jen. "Chances are it's onea our folks that's responsible. I wouldn't put money one way or the other." That having been said he nods towards Molly. "Sunset, be here tomorrow. We'll get going then."
But then his attention slips to the side over towards Jen as she makes her farewells. He lifts his chin in a nod as he accepts her wishes then replies to them calmly. "You get in touch with yer friend, you might wanna give her a message for me. That last thing she said." He gets a slight smirk, "I heard that."
Once that bit of wisdom is imparted he lifts his beer and bids her goodbye.

A snort is Molly's answer as Logan says, "Just make sure yer a good ways off from me afore you start swingin' it around." He bends to the side and scoops up the empty he had abandoned, picking it up and starting to walk past Rogue with it in hand. He leans around the corner into the garage itself and throws it into the large trash bin just there, then leans back out.
"Try and get some decent down time. Relax."
He steps further out onto the driveway and starts to pull off the harness over his suit, undoing the snap of one of the buckles. He turns around and starts walking backwards as he points at Rogue, "Though that means stayin' away from LeBeau." He reiterates the point as if calling her out.
That having been said he smirks and turns back around, waving over his shoulder. "Seeya."

Rogue takes a big swig of her beer and then sets it back down ontop of her right thigh. She looks at Molly and at the weapon the girl has, her head tilting to the side. "Is that a rotor blade?" She asks, using her Carolness to identify the item. "Where the hell did ya swipe that from?" She has to ask before her gaze drifts back over to Logan.

"Are you kiddin' me?" She replies to him then. "Goin' around Remy is what leads t'me actually bein' able to GET some sleep and relaxation." Take that sentence as you will because she doesn't elaborate any more on it. Instead she just flicks her empty beer can toward the same trash bin and it glides in a circle around the rim and then falls in. A second later and the *popping* of another can is heard, as she'd gotten herself two afterall, another drink is had as her booted feet swing gently from the perch she's seated upon.

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