Gods, Demons and a Sorceress

October 01, 2018:

Amaterasu wanders, Alyndra scavenges, demons attack!

New York


NPCs: Demons!



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It's late, the sun has already completed the journey across the sky and is now resting below the horizon, giving the city the sign to pack it in… Or, at least, it normally would. These days, there are very few around who live a normal life with all the Demons roaming around, drawn to activity and the chances at finding new prey. One needs to be silent, and careful, to not draw any attention at night. There is no telling the amount of attention one could draw at a time like this… which is why one person is walking down in the middle of the street without a care in the world with a bounce to her step and a smile on her lips, this young woman does not care. Overhead, the street lamps flicker softly, something or someone is disrupting the flow of power being fed to them. She stops just short of a still corpse in the street, seeming to belong one of the hellspawn that flood this world. Her eyes open, nose flares, taking in the sight and the smell of death. Unslinging a bag she had over her shoulder, she places a hand on the demon and flips it over belly side up. It appears fairly human, save for the plates of stuff all over the body, some like natural armor, others clearly sitched into place with crude work. Her hands slide up the chest, gripping onto a prutruding shard of something, and pulls it free. With a faint laugh, she opens her bag and deposits it, standing up again after slinging it back across herself. Even at times like these, she is finding useful things.


The sun had indeed completed its journey across the sky, but it's 'goddess'? She was not quite as quick tonight. Petite and perhaps oddly dressed considering the surroundings, the young woman in her uniform with the long plastic poster carrier over one shoulder looked more like someone out of place who should be running for the hills rather than walking calmly down the dim streets where the threat of demon-attack awaited.

Each step she made echoed lightly down the otherwise silent streets, her eyes sweeping for signs of movement of the bodies of both human and demon alike to earn a little click of her tongue in displeasure. It was destruction like this that had her far from home, but that didn't make it any easier to see.


Thankfully, all the bodies of demons that Ami would happen across would be still as can be, given the fact that they were all killed pretty thoroughly, with all the damage they already had, they also have an extra gunshot wound to anything that could be their heads. It would not be long for her to stumble across a truly massive remain of demon, about the size of an elephant with the mass and plating to boot. Seems fresh, in fact. Maybe this morning it was killed? Behind it she would see the ruin it left in wake of its passing.

Alyndra, on the otherhand, is busy gathering things from the same bodies of slain demons. They hold some metals and other things that would otherwise require her to buy or to will into being somehow, but doing this is saving her a lot of time and effort, which is something she can easily get behind! She does leave any human bodies to lie, even she knows that looting their bodies would be frowned upon.


If nothing else, it was proof to Ami that the humans were still not the sort to go down without a fight! Taking a knee for a moment to examine the demon, the sound of movement and rummaging nearby has her frowning and getting to her feet. More demons? She'd yet to encounter any still live, perhaps they were hunting elsewhere or indeed watching her with caution right now. While she looked mortal and small, anyone out at the moment had to be either crazy or more than they appear.

Rounding the large demon, her hands shift to grip the strap of the poster carrier before she blinks at the sight before her. Strange as she might look, Alyndra didn't -seem- to be a demon.


Alyn huffs softly as she drags a demon under the nearby light of a streetlight, so that she may get a better look at the thing. Gray skin, charred in some areas, missing a jaw the tongue just flops about when the head moves, and horns like a goat. She hums softly as she takes out a small knife behind herself, and makes a small incision right where the throat and the chest connect, pokes in with two fingers, and fishes out a small pearl like object, only it's pitch black. She deposits this Pearl right into one of the pouches tied to her waist, and stands up proper yet again, wiping her finger in a scrap a cloth she just found on the ground. Indeed, only those out are crazy or are more than they seem. Alyn might… be more like both of them. Fishing resources from the remains of hellspawn? Who in their right mind does that, after all? Just out of eyesight, along the rooftops of the buildings, there is movement, of stuff sturring as fresh blood comes into the air, as the sounds of heartbeats are heard. Prey.

Alyndra steps away from that body, looking around and finally seeing that MASSIVE beast, and the person next to it. Her eyes lock onto the other person, the soft Cyan light in them glows brighter for a moment when she recognizes it as possibly NOT a demon! She calls out, saying "Hello! Are you friend or foe?" Oddly enough, she is speaking in whatever native tongue Ami would have, be it japanese or some language of the gods.


Alyndra's words do actually cause the Japanese woman to blink for a moment, if only for her own appearance not exactly hinting that she might be bilingual. "Foe to these," the woman speaks calmly, gesturing with a nod of her head towards the large creature. "And those who are like them." Amaterasu herself moves forwards, a step closer to the woman with her demonic lootings. "What brings you out here in a night full of creatures that hunger for flesh and death?"

Ami's own words are certainly in Japanese, easily translated by Alyndra's device. "Whatever prize you may find, it is not worth your life."


"Maybe not worth my life…" Alyndra starts, taking some more steps towards Ami. "…But these creatures hold a chance that I may better myself, to better help the world I've come to call my new home. And, what of you? What brings you out here on such a night?" Even as the two women speak, others are on the move on the rooftops, prowling, silent, watching from means not known to the ones on the ground level. Down an alleyway, the sounds of footsteps are heard, slow, shuffing footsteps. Out from the darkness and into the reletive light of the streets comes a man. If one call call it that. Head half gone, black ooze dripping from any wound, not a scrap of clothing to be found on his body. Following after the man is more just like him, more people. Or, they were at some point. Now they are moaning, groaning creatures, shaming towards them. Alyndra would've stopped her lines of questioning and would turn to stare at the new arrivals, and how they swell in numbers by the moment. Five, ten, ninteen, twenty six, they just keep coming. Not just from the alleyway. Windows break from nearby windows, bodies fall out from three story buildings. First demons, now the living dead?!


Amaterasu actually smiles at that, rising to her full height…all 5'3 of it. "Because it is only right for me to do so," she begins, but her words are halted by the approaching shuffles and groans that pull her hazel eyes to peer into the darkness. Ami hadn't exactly kept up on 'pop culture' in her realm, she didn't really know what a 'zombie' was to most of the world…but walking dead is walking dead. There's a noise of concern that comes from the short Japanese woman's lips, not born from fear for herself so much as the idea of what such creatures could do to all the humans in the city and just how far their numbers might swell.

They needed to be cut down.

As dark as the night had been, there was a sudden shift as if the moon itself had come out to offer the full glow of the sun's reflected glory down on the night…only it was coming from the young woman who attempts to step between Alyndra and the incoming creatures. "Because chasing away the dark has been my role for a very long time."


Dagger arrives from The Crossroads.


Dagger heads out to Brooklyn.


The group keeps on getting closer, not haulted by the fact that it starts to get brighter out here. Alyn just watches Ami as she moves between her and everything else, and she can't help but smile at this, the act of keeping her safe. If she wanted safe, she would stay at home, building and planning. But, no, she is here, she wants to help. To that end, she stands next to Ami. Her right hand starts to glow softly, and if the God could feel it, a wave of power would grow off of her, alien, powerful. With a sigh, she opens her right hand down by her side, and in her grip, a sword starts to materialize from nothing, going down to a good length. The metal weaves together, as if being made in a loom or woven by hand, the sounds of it working is like music. A symphony of creation in her hand until it becomes a song of destruction as she lifts that blade, pointing it at one of the monsters.

There was no concealing the look of suprise that passes over Ami's face. Of course Alyndra's elf-like appearance didn't leave her looking completely 'normal', but even 'Gods' don't expect to run into a sorceress wandering the streets. There was a moment of silence as she regarded the other woman, consideration perhaps before she nods her head. "Very well," she speaks simply, softly even.

The 'poster carrier' in her hands simply vanishes, a blink in light replaced with a rather simple looking wooden sheath where the plastic had once been. In a smooth and practiced movement, the Amatsu-Kami draws the curved blade that seems to shine almost like a mirror in the moonlight. The weapon is held in both hands before she exhales a deep breath. Fire would be too dangerous in the city where survivors were still hiding and light would not blind the dead…but the serpent's sword would suffice.

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