October 04, 2018:

Diana and Caitlin arrive in upper manhattan to battle demonic forces plauging a city block. A new hero known as Volt appears to help them fight the horde back!

Upper Manhattan

Midtown Manhattan


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Night has fallen over the cityscape of Manhattan, but there's no peace to be had. The demons are massing, pressuring the relief efforts from the various government and paranormal branches sent to ward them back. Things don't look good, and given the chaotic nature of these beasts, it's impossible to properly prepare for the attacks. The checkpoints have been harried by ground-based skirmishes and raids from the sky, but that isn't even the bigger threat. A larger mass is making its way through the street, directly en route to completely overwhelm those (relatively) fearless peacekeepers remaining.

Volt has been doing what he can to halt assaults before they reach the checkpoint, largely by focusing on the cronenberg-ish avians. But now, attacks from that vector seem to have stalled. The young, costumed dynamo props a boot over the edge of a building overlooking the hoarde below. It mostly consists of shuffling, shambling things that look like they might have once been human, or perhaps a disjointed mockery thereof. Interspersed are enormous, pulpy hulks, some limbs terminating in rock-hard, club-like masses. Rarer still are the prowling, thorny quadrapeds, wolfen in shape, but equine in size.


Normally, he'd drop in an deliver an electrical charge along the pavement to take out a mass at a time. But this stretches to a critical level - a worrying level. If he burns out trying to reach all of them at full force, he could just be sacrificing himself. But time's ticking. It's getting close to decision time.


Demonic hoards invading the lands of the innocent, the lands of the people that Diana had a sworn duty to protect? She wouldn't have it, not even in the least, and since she was primarily based out of Manhattan, she didn't have to go far.

So even with all of Volt's great work and great efforts, everyone sometimes needs a little help.

There's a crack of thunder in the sky above and a blur moves through the air as she falls from the sky at flight-powered speeds that send her right past where Volt is… he needed help and she was conveniently here to provide just that.

Down amongst the hoard, she crashes/lands on her armored feet, causing a shockwave to spread out around her. Wonder Woman wields a sword and her lasso and she instantly starts to charge at the foes before her!


Caitlin's upgraded her arsenal a bit.

With her (favorite!) sidearm lost 200 feet under Titan Tower, the tall ginger's had to borrow some implements from people. Currently, her gloves feature a titanium knuckle guard engraved with silver and crucifexes, blessed by her parish priest, Father Patrick.

It had been a little trickier to press him to bless a bunch of ammunition, but with some prayers, incense, and sprinkling of consecrated oil, he'd been keeping Caitlin's borrowed machine gun fed with demon-destroying ammunition.

And lately, Caitlin had come to realize that her standard tactic of 'get close enough to suplex them' was not as effective as it could be. Sure, she's a heavy hitter, but that's not as useful against a bunch of scrubs or against something too big to just punch repeatedly.

So when Diana crashes to Earth, Caitlin steps out from behind cover holding an M240 machine gun and starts laying down heavy covering fire to keep the demons from flanking Diana.

"You've got a good line there, stay on that line," Caitlin advises over their comlink. She speaks from a position just a little behind Diana's forward momentum, and a remote control drone hovers overhead. "I have heat signatures on the roofs. A bunch of those climbing spiked ones and—" she blinks. "Hey, do you see that guy up there on the rooftop?"


Volt is taking a breath, measuring his timing with the ebb and flow of the small army below. Debris, wreckage, alleys - they all factor into this. If they suddenly turn out to be super fast, he'll need options; mobility, cover. His powers lie primarily in projections, and while he's refining his close combat, cascades of lightning remain his most ready go-to for melting faces. Literally, in a case like this.

And then a meteor shoots by.

That meteor is suspiciously curvy.

Oh snap, it's Wonder Woman. Volt stares, momentarily agog at the abrupt arrival. But the rip of automatic gunfire is quick to pull his attention. His gaze focuses on Caitlin, and he raises a gloved hand to wave. Hello~!

Bulletholes appear in pock-marks against the husks of shambling zombo-demons, several dropping in abruptly lifeless heaps like marionettes severed from their strings. The hulks stagger, first in confusion, then under the hail of ammunition. Some drop, others divert their attention onto Caitlin. The closest one hefts his club-like limb high in preparation. Several of the spikey, hairy beasts gallop forward, breaking from the pack to rush Diana. Their heads tilt low, angling spines and tusks forward! Those climbing the wall, however, get Volt's attention. Claws disengage from brick as bolts of lightning strike them individually, one after another, sending them tumbling back to the ground.


"I saw him on my way in." Diana says WHILST she's embroiled in the combative arts of battling the demonic hellbeasts that have entered their world, to plague its people. "I believe he is on our side, but it would be best to keep an eye on him." She somehow manages to say all of these things while that gold rope of hers has come to life and is flinging itself around in front of her, lashing out and around demons only to draw them right back and meet their fate against the edge of her blade!

Diana's weapons are divine by creation, they're 'made' to harm foul creatures of this ilk, these things stand little chance when coming up against the craftsmanship of the Amazon swords, let alone the power of the lasso of Hestia!

The gunfire cover from Caitlin is greatly appreciated as Cait is keeping Diana's backside covered from the demonic presences back there, though the occasional leaping freak from one of Diana's flanks will force the Princess of Themyscira to have to turn and cut, slice, impale or kick away the beast back amongst the rest of its sinister bretheren, but all the same, she's holding her own expertly!

Diana takes note of the bolts of electricity and the source from where they come. "Seems to be on our side indeed." She says.


"Weird. I don't see him on any registries we can access," Caitlin comfirms, as the drone pulls his facial ID. Then it gets a photograph of him diving into action. "BUT I'll get him added to my Pinterest page later," she confirms, and pauses her hail of bullets to wave back at Drake.

"Seems friendly though. Up on your left!" Caitlin comments, and hoses down a handful of demons spilling out of a second floor balcony.

One of the demons upraises his club, and Caitlin pours six or seven rounds of military grade ammo into the space between upthrusting tusks. The nice thing about having super-human strength is that the recoil from such a device is about like a BB gun in her strong hands.

And, because she /is/ still superhuman, a low and lunging cat creature gets stomped into an ugly puddle beneath her boot.

"Ammo's getting low, Diana," Caitlin advises her ally. "I can't keep this up forever." She blinks at a flash of light from Volt. "Wow, that's cool. Diana, he's a metahuman. Looks like he's got some electrokinesis. Stay away from puddles!" she warns Wonder Woman. A demon leaps at her, hissing and howling, and Caitlin grabs it by the throat and throttles the life out of it with her bare phalanges and a grimace of distaste. "Eww, demon guts," she mutters.


The fortunate part is that they clean up nicely. As the bodies begin to pile up, it becomes apparent that whatever antithetical properties that bind their anatomy together isn't persisting. They begin to disintegrate into so many clumps of foul dust. Granted, Caitlin could be forgiven for not wanting demon-dust on her any more than the gooey insides.

Speaking of, Diana is having to deal with more than a little of that on her own. But she's taking the lion's share of the swarm's aggression, and the zombo-demons begin pushing and swelling on her vicinity. The more the thorny animalistic creatures fall, the more room and gaps it leaves for the 'undead' to scrabble at the Amazonian with boney, pointy digits. They're not the strongest, nor the fastest, nor the most unpredictable, but they are /many/.

The hulk collapses, only to get stomped on by another behind it. It seems to move faster, its arachnid eyes shining with a hint more intelligence. Two more join the fray, attempting to surround the redhead, but still with nothing more on the mind than pure offense and a reliance upon overwhelming - by normal standards - strength.

More of the beasts rain from the 'bove, only to splat and later dissolve away. The loudest, more direct attack of the two ladies has definitely pulled aggro, and soon, Volt finds himself without aggressors. That means he can begin more direct intervention. Springing from the edge of the rooftop, he twists in the air and fires a grappling hook to clamp where he'd stood just before. With boots planted against the side of the building, the hook device in his right hand, the left aims downwards. Brilliant blue electricity sparks to life from his fingertips, and lances down in a tight, direct beam onto Caitlin's left-most hulk. The beam appears to have bored a hole directly from its top to emerge again and strike the asphalt beneath. Needless to say, it drops shortly after.

"You guys are /seriously/ showing me up!," he calls from above. Despite his words, Volt is wearing a humored grin.


Diana ducks under an attack from the side that Caitlin calls out to her showcasing how the two have worked together for awhile now and they're able to display a healthy amount of team work to benefit each other. "It will be okay." Diana tells Caitlin over their comms. "The Jet is over the city and it will be descending on a fly by should you need an escape route." She's of course referring to THE jet, the one thats quite hard to see (most of the time).

A line of demonic thugs rush at the Princess as she backsteps toward where Caitlin is to help keep a 'bubble' of effective destruction against their enemies here this evening, and she can hear the voice from Volt sound out, to which she affords a small glance in his direction but there is much here… much to do… and its all pushing toward her, toward them.

When the horde pushes up too close, Diana steps back with sword and lasso in hand and she brings her hands up together and crosses her bracers together, slamming them solidly and suddenly sending a wave of kinetic power down the street that will fling the demon horde in that direction back like ragdolls… something Diana doesn't like to do in the city, but this is a special case and the civilians have been cleared out of here already.

"It is not a competition." Diana says, with her hands still hend up in front of her face and her wrists still crossed, though she slowly lowers them after the kinetic blast.


"I'm good," Caitlin comments, though her voice is a little tighter with tension. She yelps when an electric blast singes the ground near her. "Careful there, sparky!" she scolds, shifting her feet. The big machine gun stops screaming and goes *CLICK*, nothing happening.

One of the big ones lunges for her, and Caitlin slaps a release button on the harness she's wearing. Gun and ammo bag drop away with a heavy clatter. A hulking demon reaches for her, and Caitlin's awkward half-jab smashes those fingers into crumbling ash. It lets her set her feet and get her full weight into a straight right cross that sends the six hundred pound demon flying backwards, burning emblems of Caitlin's holy icons setting it afire.

She backs up so she and Diana can cover one another, putting her fists up in a pugilist's stance. "I cannot believe I didn't think of enchanted knuckle dusters before," Caitlin mutters to Diana. "I am so dense with this—" a demon lunges at her and gets two smart jabs to stall that massive forward momentum, and then an uppercut to the chin that sends it somersaulting away in a cloud of disintegrating ash.

They get a bit of breathing room, and Caitlin flashes a tight grin at Volt, wipings some sweat from her brow. A tendril of red hair escapes the braid coiled at the base of her neck, and she gives him a quick once-over. "Nice shot with the electricity. I'm Caitlin. This is Princess Diana. Who're you?" she says, making a quick nod to formality despite the gravity of the situation.


Some fly on fire. Some are barreled over by an enormous ally bowling into them. And then a multitude are blasted over by an abrupt shockwave. Many of them outright disintegrate from the blast - particularly those closest the duo. They've definitely created some much-needed space. Perhaps of interest, the remaining line of hulks collect themselves and regard each other in silence. Some begin shoving the zombo-demons back to their wobbly feet, despite many of them now missing limbs or significant chunks of their personage. Two others run wide, shoving and stomping over fallen members of the army. They're clearly maneuvering into a pincer formation. Since when did they understand tactical maneuvers and divying up responsibilities?

Volt continues to hang from the zipline, blinking owlishly at the aftermath of the shockwave. "Eeyep. It's /definitely/ not a competition." The mercy rule would've been used right there. He already knows Diana - he met her before in Salem Center during a demonstration. It was a rather awkward time for him. But it makes sense that even she wouldn't recognize him. Colorful gloves and boots, form-fitting costuming, a stylish eyemask? He had none of these things at that time! "Name's Volt! New kid on the block." His left hand lifts to flick a boyish salute and wink to Caitlin. "Nice to meet'cha!"

The grapling hook disengages, and he drops the remainder of the distance to land in a crouch. The device is slotted back into his utility belt, and he nods ahead. "I got next."

Now that the herd has been thinned and largely stunned, not to mention with allies to back him up, he feels much more comfortable going big. He steps forward, right hand raising. Brilliant ionic energy gathers rapidly in his palm, and he suddenly drops to a knee. That palm slams into the asphalt, issuing a cascade of crackling electricity to web over and between a multitude of demons closest to them. The majority caught in the surge are of the zombie-esque variety, rapidly browning and disintegrating. Another chunk of the army, gone. But he doesn't linger in the attack, stepping back again after.


"Do not be silly, Caitlin." Diana says to her partner in all of this. "I think you are doing wonderfully." She isn't breathless, she is just… focused and voice and hard edged stare showcase this very well. Diana's hands lower to her sides with sword and lasso still clutched in either.

She quickly shoots her blue eyes over to Volt as he makes his additional damaging blast to the herd and introduces himself as well. "It is good to see you, Volt." She says to him in a way that suggests maybe she does know him? Nah, how could she! "You seem to have harnessed your abilities well…" She looks away again toward the demonic forces further down the streets now. "That is good. We need that."

Diana starts forward then and she places her lasso back onto her belt and then pulls forth her shield, the ornate round blocker being lifted up and readied for fight. "I am going to dive in deeper. The Jet will be sweeping this street soon, so keep your heads up and prepare to step out of the way of its plasma blasts."

With that said, Wonder Woman lunges and is gone in a streak of golden glow, her body vanishing inside the herds as the pincer move begins to set in, she's aiming to shatter it from its deepest point and leave the demonis without further pushing reinforcements!


"A strafing run?!" Caitlin says. She beckons Volt to keep up, and breaks into a slow (relatively) jog, trying to time their arrival with Diana's explosive interdiction. "Fine, but after this demon thing is done, I get a good look at her IFF controls!" she calls after Diana.

"Break left," she explains to Volt, moving more quickly. "Diana will hit the main mass, we smash the arms, then we push them back into their own cluster. Just don't let the arms collapse around her."

She breaks into a run, and signals Volt with the 'Now!' fistpump. Caitlin accelerates from around 5mph to closer to 50mph in the space of a few seconds, heads down and legs pumping so hard she tears up chunks of asphalt. With an ear-rattling battlecry she slams into a huge demon and her sheer mass and momentum carries him *backwards* as she uses him as an improvsed battering ram, knocking down a score of demons behind him. The second she comes to a stop, her fists are swinging with vicious, controlled blows that inevitably leave demons fading into ash.


The demons are non-plused by Diana's direct assault. They were already reeling, and now most of them are attempting to catch their bearings. The tide has definitely shifted, and their numbers are dwindling quickly. The bigger threats - the beastial sort, the hulks - they're rapidly vanishing altogether.

"Oh. Oh, okay. Just- okay. Cool," says Volt, staring after her. At times, he wishes he had that sort of power; barrel into enemies, trash them immediately with impunity. Here he is, having to play a tactical game. He turns his gaze to Caitlin. "Wait, are we about to be carpet-bombed? I have /many/ questions!" None of which he expects answered, nor given a chance to ask. It was more a joke to prod at the sudden escalation than sincere. "Ah-," and she's already moving. Alright, then. Whatever he was about to say doesn't really matter. She said what she intended to do, told him what she wanted him to do, and is already in motion. Doing anything other than what she asked would leave her vulnerable, and that's not how teamwork works. Even improvised ones. So he starts moving, certainly not at the same pace as Caitlin.

She barrels through the ranks fast and efficient. The numbers continue to diminish. Volt delivers repeated lightning strikes, each bolt chaining to two more to cleave layers off the horde. Everything is starting to smell a little nicer around here.

The two hulks, however, haven't forgotten them. With Volt and Caitlin moving forward, the massive monstrocities thunder in from behind. The first attempts to catch Caitlin by surprise with a leap attack, swinging its club-like appendage sidelong!


Caitlin's getting cocky. She can't handle the score of small ones as efficiently as Volt, but she goes toe to toe with the zombies and hulking monsters with little effort. And she's not just strong, she's -good-. In fact her footwork, her momentum, they resemble Diana's in many regards. But the boxing is old-fashioned American pugilist, and deceptively effective in a stand up fight like this.

She drops low, breaks the knee of one brute with a short roundhouse, and rises to uppercut it into ash. She's getting cocky. And she pays for it— the the other steps sideways, more nimble than she'd expected, and takes her across the ribs with a golf-like swing. She goes flying sideways a solid twenty feet, crashing into a wall. The crude armor she wears over her bodysuit seems to have taken the worst of the blow, but she seems momentarily dazed by the impact. With Diana tied up in the central melee, Caitlin's momentarily quite vulnerable as the demon roars and stomps towards her, lifting his club over his head with both hands.


That isn't the only problem. The other hulk is closing in behind Volt, who's forward movement is much slower than Caitlin's has been. No superspeed for this guy. If it weren't for the looming shadow, he may not have noticed the ambush in time. On instinct, he dives to the side. A bulky bludgeoning limb slams into the street, creating a spray of black road. He lays briefly, propped on his elbows, to stare at the behemoth. Legs kick in to carry himself into a backroll, ending in a crouch. The hulk pursues, swinging its club-limb in broad strokes, narrowly missing the costumed youth. As he dives clear again, he spots Caitlin's predicament - a hulk, looking ready to smash her. It seems their plan to divide and conquer is working.

Grappling gun is suddenly in hand again. The hook is fired, latching onto a fleshy clump of the hulk's face. Suddenly, Volt is whisked clear of another club-swing - the road caving where he lay moments before - towed and on rapid, airborne approach across the field to Caitlin's attacker. His body angles in the air to lead boot-first, ultimately slamming into the hulk. It isn't the force of the kick that does the majority of the damage, but the sudden, vibrant burst of electrical force delivered through it that knocks the demon away. Following the impact, Volt lands with a grunt on his back. He hasn't quite gotten the recovery down for something like that yet.

"Y'okay?," he asks s he scrambles to all fours, ultimately intent on standing at the ready again.


Caitlin just needed a second. But even a second is too long in a melee such as this. She doesn't respond to Drake's question, except to flip to a crouching position and fling herself directly at him!

Her vault is a terrific one, though, and carries her within inches of Volt as her overhand punch smashes into the demon preparing to grab him and rip him in half. She hits it so hard the skull simply explodes into ash, and the demon follows soon after.

"I'm okay. Just got my bells rung," she remarks.

There's an explosion of force and light from Diana's position, a flare of power, that makes even Caitlin wince a bit. Hot, green plasma bursts rake the entirety of the street, coming disturbingly close to their position. Entire groups of demons are incinerated, screaming in hellish agony as their physical forms are destroyed.

When the dust settles, Diana stands alone in the middle of the intersection, surrounded by nothing but slow-drifting ash and empty streets.

Caitlin whistles, low, and looks around. The demons seem to be in full retreat at this point, looking for softer targets and easier meat.

Diana waves at Caitlin and Drake, calling something, and there's a strange perturbance of air that sends ash clouds scattering. Diana leaps upwards and -disappears- into thin air. Moments later, something subtly distorts the lights overhead as a large, fast moving object heads out.

"Diana got a call. Another hotspot," she tells Drake, moving to retrieve her dropped gear. She picks up a rock and with impressive accuracy, brains one of the smaller, more agile demons with it from across the street. "Not that the help wasn't awesome," she grins at Drake, "but you really oughta be careful out here. There's some real nasties, not to mention friendly fire."


Volt is immediately ducking when she punches overhead. And when he looks back, he crinkles his nose. "Gross." Posture straightens, ready to continue - when all Hell breaks loose. "Gah!" He hits the deck, attempting to minimize himself as a target. Not his most dignified moment, but once the banging around his ears fades, he's immediately on his feet again. His eyes fix on Diana in the distance, but in a wink, she's gone. He knows about the invisible plane-thing-whatever-it-is. He's seen the things online. He'd stare, were there anything to stare at still.

Finally, Volt's attention turns to Caitlin, all smiles - until she speaks. His smile immediately faults to a flat line. "Didn't I just dropkick a monster to /your/ rescue?," he chides. With a breath, he shakes his head. The continued patronizing tone he's received since joining the X-Men isn't her problem, no matter how frustrating it's become. "Whatever. Thanks for the warning. I'm taking it under advisement."

Volt turns, retrieving the grappling hook from his belt.


"Urff, no, I didn't— wait!" Caitlin heaves a sigh of self-directed frustration, and moves to get in front of Volt. She's quicker than she looks, too, but doesn't make any physical effort to stop him from departing aside from an extended hand.

"I didn't mean it like -that-. I said you were awesome," she points out. "But I should say 'thank you' also, so: thanks," she says, with an extremely honest sincerity.

"I meant that it's easy to underestimate these demons. I woulda been in a lot of trouble if you hadn't saved me, and I've been killing these things since they first showed up." She pushes a tendril of red hair back behind her ear, where it sticks for all of two seconds before falling to her cheek again. "I wanted to give you a friend-or-foe tracker. It helps us get a sense of where people are on the streets, and you can fire off the panic button if you really need backup," she says, digging in the slingpack on her back for the device, to offer it to him.


When she interjects to stand before him, Volt lowers the grappling hook to his side again. Vivid emeralds watch her intently through that voguish eyemask, considering her. It's considerably more humility than he'd expected, and the more she explains, the more he feels a bit bad. Maybe he jumped the gun there. So as she digs for the device, he offers a gentler, "Sorry. I might be a little defensive."

The grappling hook is holstered in his belt again.

"Where I'm from, I get people talking to me like I'm green-," Volt pauses to consider his green-accented costume, "-greenER all the time, and it drives me up the wall. But you didn't deserve that. That's on me. For what it's worth, I've been working 'round the clock on these monsters for a few days. So you got me beat there."

"This tracker, though.. is it gonna track where I am? I don't think I can accept that, if it does." His people enjoy their secrecy, to his understanding. And given his belt, his affiliation is likely not hard to sort out.


"I'm tired, too," Caitlin says, with real empathy. "Four hours a night of sleep for… two weeks now?" she says, wearily. "But I understand. No harm done," she says, flashing a smile. Her bag's still open, so she roots around again, and comes up with— of all things— a little baggie filled with some cookies. "I know how it feels to be the new person. I try to remind myself that to Diana, -everyone- is still a little green. Here, have a cookie. Sorry, they're a little smushed," she tells him. Chocolate chip, from the looks of it.

She zips her bag up and slings it over her shoulder, and picks her machine gun up with a negligent one-handed grasp. "It's a passive GPS tracker," she says, nodding. "I guess I can see how that'd be a problem for you if you need to go somewhere. I'd say leave it hidden…" she chews her lip, then shakes her head. "No, that won't work, 'cause if someone finds it they could use it to set up an ambush." She shrugs helplessly.


There's a cookie. Why is there a cookie? Of all the things Volt expected her to produce, this was absolutely not one of them. He stares at it unblinking. "Um." A hand lifts to delicately take it from her, still staring at it. His eyes lift to her face again. He didn't mean he was tired - though it's as if mentioning it made him very aware of the wear on his body. Let's not forget, just the other day he had a run-in with Juggernaut. He's learning those tend to be rough. So while he was trying to defer to her experience, he doesn't contradict her interpretation. She's right, after all.

"I'd take it, if I were sure it was okay. I'd have to clear it with the higher-ups." His free hand taps his index finger against the bold 'X' logo on his belt, hoping she'll understand better. "I'm new to the team. I kind'a wanna stay on, y'know? But.. can I ask you something blunt?"


Caitlin glances at the belt, and stares for a second. "OH!" she says, almost smacking her forehead. "You're with the X-Men!" she exclaims. "Golly, I'm sorry. Should have pieced that together. Tired," she says again, the side of her mouth curling into an apologetic moue. She makes a flickering gesture near her temple, as if indicating the escaping brainpower. "I totally get that feeling. I don't wanna get you in trouble— but y'know, that reminds me I should talk to the League, and see if we have comms with you guys," she remarks. "I'll look into it from my end."

From a side pouch of her bag of Infinite Snacks, she extracts an envelope of protein gel. It's the sort of thing cyclists and athletes use while on marathons, and she tears it open and eats it like a Go-Gurt.

"Anyway, go ahead and ask. I've got a few minutes," she says with a quick smile.


Volt lets out a light laugh as she makes the realization, finally smiling again. It's a much more natural look on him. "That's cool. I'd ask my people, but they're pretty wrapped up in the bigger picture stuff right now concerning," he motions the cookie about them indicatively, "this mess. And I don't really know what's going on there. S'fine, though. Got plenty to do thinning things out here and saving stragglers." He blinks. "I'm rambling."

Volt pauses, watching her down something that looks really weird and kind of gross. The cookie raises, and he takes a nibble off of it. He got the better end of the deal, he believes.

Munch, munch. "Why don't you use like a codename?"


"Why bother?" Caitlin says, shrugging. "I'm 6'5" and my hair won't take dyes," she points out. "And entirely tooooo many people have seen the YouTube video where my powers first flared up." She rolls her eyes heavenwords with a resigned sort of consternation. "I've been outed since Day 0. I'd have to wear like … a full suit of body armor to hide my identity, and even then— 'Oh geeze, where did Fairchild go? And who's this new girl in the combat chassis?'" she says, laughing once. She finishes eating the protein gel and— considerately— folds the empty pack up and tucks out of the way, rather than littering. "But, I'm pretty hard to hurt and I don't have any known family, so—" she shrugs, a little fatalistically.


"OH! But— speaking of, let's get a selfie!" she tells Volt. She purses her lips and whistles twice, and the hovering drone nearby zips down and a little camera draws a bead on them. "SO much better than doing this with my cell phone. I always like to document meeting new friends. If you don't want your photo taken, just turn around and try to look 'grim and aloof'," she suggests, cheerily. She leans down a little so they can get in frame, flashing an open-mouthed grin and a peace sign at the camera.



"Oh. I haven't seen the video." And thanks to the mention, Volt likely will try to find it now. Hopefully it's nothing too bad! "And hey, because they're cool. I dunno. If we've gotta spend our time being violent and dealing with dark junk, take what fun you can when you can, right?"

Eyes widen at the mention of a selfie. Here's where he may differ from most X-Men. Her mention of 'grim and aloof' gets an even brighter laugh, and he immediately turns in an effort to position himself tucked in close to Caitlin for the drone. "Screw /that/!" He sticks the cookie in his mouth to hang and holds out his hand for a sideways peace-sign, plus wink. Volt is not afraid of selfies with superheroes. Even if he is one now, technically.

"Fhhvv!," he articulates in lieu of 'cheese', cookie bobbing in his mouth.

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