It's Over (Really)

September 21, 2018:

Marcos and Lorna have yet another argument about their daughter. The same as they always do. This time, Marcos decides he'll search for his baby no matter what. Lorna decides that she'll do anything to stop him.


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The morning news was ghastly in the extreme. Demons and monsters haunting New York City. Refugees on the way, humans, and mutants fleeing the city in droves. At least those that could. Many of the X-men and others capable of helping had been there and were still there. At some point, Lorna had gone and had returned. She was whole, and save bumps and scratches and a few bruises she was well enough.. However no one was any closer to solving the problem that was demonic New York.

The green haired mutant had returned late in the night and collapsed into the bed, not bothering to change out of her dirty clothes, and barely being able to shuck off her muddied boots and jacket on her way. She'd slept through the night, for once without nightmares or thrashing about trying to get comfortable as she fell asleep. It might have had to do with sheer exhaustion, as much as having Marcos' presence beside her through the night once again.

The sun had risen and was now the light was streaming through the curtains with a gusto that was at odds with the demonic clouds and presence in the city. For now, at least, the mansion was quiet though on guard.


Marcos had been so exhausted these past few days. Though as demons flooded the sky and monsters haunted new york? Eclipse was one of the X-Men who pulled their shit together and went out at varying intervals to fight the horde. Marcos was all in one piece, even though his physical injuries were almost the same as Lorna's. He had a small gash on his shoulder from a demon claw. It was extremely painful.

But, as Marcos and Lorna returned home, both had gotten the best sleep in ages. 90 percent of the brain of Marcos would be that it was because he was sleeping next to the love of his life. His wife. His heart. Lorna Dane.

Soon enough though, Marcos had slowly awakened, immediately looking for Lorna to see if she was still snuggled up next to and entangled with him.


The green haired mutant was slow to waken that day, groggy and yawning and curling deeper into the burrow of warmth beneath the blankets. Which was incidentally closer to Marcos and his own ambient warm that he always projected. She pressed her features against the side of her pillow, grumbling as she stretched and tried to ignore the need to get up and awake for a little while longer.

Which lasted all of five minutes before her green eyes snapped open as her brain caught up with the past events of the past day or so. She sat up, squinting against the brightness of the sunlight trickling into the room. She sagged back, rubbing her eyes with the back of her hands, her throat scratchy and dry. She blindly reached out for a glass of water at the bedside table.

"Shit.. ugh.. what time is it?"


Marcos had sat up almost three seconds after Lorna snapped herself back up to a seated position, with Marcos rubbing at his eyes. He was sleeping so peacefully too. At Lorna's groan and her question, Marcos reached over to pick up his watch and glance at it. "uggh…10am." He almost seems to chuckle a bit. "We slept in a little bit." Given, he knows how much Lorna LOVES to sleep in.

Regardless, Marcos leans over to wrap an arm around Lorna's waist. "How did you sleep?" He asks her in a soft whisper, attempting to hold her close to him as they wake up for whatever may come in the morning.


Lorna grimaced, shoving the blankets back as she tried to climb out of bed and peel off the dirty clothes from her frame. Of course, Marcos had other ideas as he leaned over to wrap his arms around her and hugged her close. She huffed a breath, rolling her eyes toward the ceiling.

“Marcos,” She sighed, reaching up to rub her hands over her face. Her eyes were dry, her mouth tasted foul and she could practically feel the grime off her clothes against her skin. Another grimace pulled at her lips and her frame leaned against his briefly.

“Like the dead. I can’t believe it’s ten.. I gotta get dressed.. Try cleaning up.”


Marcos seems to nod very softly to Lorna as he hugged her tighter. The way she leaned back against him just made him feel like he was home. His exhaustion had disappeared once he started sleeping. When Marcos and Lorna had their ‘space’, Marcos very rarely slept. Now that he was, just looked healthier.

He was happy because he was with her. With his wife.

Hearing her name on her lips, he kisses the side of her neck. He wasn’t exactly….the cleanest either. “Yeah. Been quite some time since we slept in this late.” he sighs lightly before he releases Lorna.

“I would offer to shower with you, though I think our combined odor might overwhelm our noses.” He says in a joking and loving manner, not that it was actually true.


Lorna shot Marcos a glance over her shoulder, even as he seemed less than inclined to let her up as he trailed kisses against her neck. A momentary pause followed as she looked away, her expression closed off as she made to drag herself away and up out of the bed, kicking and pushing covers as she moved.

She didn’t make a beeline for the shower, rather just started to strip off of her dirty, street grime clothes while the closet door opened and clothes on wire hangers floated silently to her hands.

“I don’t have time for a shower, I’ve got shit I have to do in the city. Before all this chaos with demons and whatever, I’d just gotten a job.” She flickered a glance back toward Marcos, her lips pursed. She hadn’t told him she’d been hunting for a job, much less shown any signs that she needed one. Particularly since her return from Genosha had come with a black and shiny new credit card.

“I still intend to do it. So I’ll be going back to Mutant Town. Maybe I can find some more refugees that want to get out of there.”


Marcos didn’t exactly have a tight grip on her, instead, letting her go pretty easily as she made way to stand up. Marcos took the smallest moment to yawn before rising up himself to get done what needed to get done. Marcos had been away for some time now, after all, so getting a job would likely be a smart move so the pair can really start staying afloat.

But…what surprised Marcos was Lorna, as she told him that she had got a job. He knew she had a little parting gift from her father. Probably more cash than the two of them would know what to do with.

The act, in honesty, impressed Marcos as he started removing his clothes, showing dirt and the marks of sweat on his body, much akin to his wife. “Well, I need to go to Mutant Town and talk to Jamie. Haven’t seen him in a while and with all this craziness, want to make sure he’s alright.” he grabs one of his classic flannel shirts.

“How about I go with you to Mutant Town?”

The green haired woman shifted, a grey long sleeve shirt half wave of her head as she peered at Marcos as he got up from the bed too. He couldn’t know what her job would entail exactly. Emma Frost had made it clear that her involvement wasn’t to be known. Wasn’t meant to get out.

But Marcos didn’t push for details, even as he continued on about Jamie. “It’s not with Jamie, but—” She hadn’t cleared with Emma whether or not her husband would be welcomed there. How she’d figure out moving there without raising his suspicion was going to be another matter entirely.

“Still working, on getting the details sorted out.” She murmured, tugging a different leather jacket on over her shirt. She moved to strap down leg guards over her shins and thighs, metal plates that matched the black of her jeans and boots and riveted through with more steel studs.

An exhale followed as Marcos asked about joining her and she shrugged, tying her hair back from her face with an elastic band.

“If you want to, I guess..” She pursed her lips, brows furrowing as she looked at Marcos. Well and truly looked at him.

“It’ll give us some time to talk on the way in. The military likely has the whole place closed out, but if we bring the transport with supplies.. We might be able to get through.”


Honestly Lorna? Keeping secrets AGAIN?! Well, Marcos can always (usually) sniff out when Lorna is trying to pull a fast one on him. Though, as Lorna had corrected him that it wasn’t Jamie, but someone else? Especially since she didn’t finish what she was saying, Marcos looked at her with anrrowed eyes. “What do you mean?” Welcome where?! Is this another stinking secret society thing?

Marcos didn’t like mutant secret societies. Oh well. Either way, when she went back to her relatively old style of dress, as opposed to wearing frilly outfits and designer clothing, it was like Marcos had his wife back again with her punk rock appearance.

Though her nervousness didn’t seem to help either. Tilting his head as she furrowed her borw at him. All he did was put on jeans and a flannel shirt! Some tenneshoes too but…he didn’t ask if her dog died or something (he knows damn well they never owned a dog) but! “The military locked it down? Well, this should be fun then.” He already started making his way to the door, pausing for Lorna.

Waiting for her to follow.

A slow shake of her head followed Marcos’ words, and she glanced side long at her husband with a purse of her lips following as he chose his usual street attire. “We’re going into a combat zone, there are literal demons there, Marcos. What happened to that suit that Scott gave you?” Likely still on Genosha, but it was still worth asking.

Still, she moved to follow him out the door, her arms crossed as she stepped around students as they descended the stairs to the lower levels and to where one of the more rugged X-vehicles lived.

“As I said, I’m working on the details. The interview went well, but it’s a new startup project for the area. An attempt at bringing up the property values in Mutant Town while still making it accessible to mutants.” It was partly true, Emma’s building was very fancy for the rest of the area. It stood out.

“I’d be building manager for renters.” She huffed a breath, climbing into the driver’s seat of the car and turning the engine over without even needing the keys.

She waited for Marcos to strap in before she made to pull out of the Mansion’s garage and head out onto the street. She fell silent for some time rather than fill it with what she wanted to ask him.

Marcos looks to Lorna as she tells him to wear his suit. “I don’t see you wearing a suit.” He fires back, but he also wasn’t quite looking at her. “I have it on hand. Would you prefer that I put that on instead of my stylish clothes?” He jokes with her mildly, before opening his shirt.

Wait…something was appearing…the suit! “Light refraction. A new trick I learned. Helps me look pretty normal without, you know, giving myself away.” the suit disappears again as he walks up to Lorna, moving into the car with his hand perhaps resting on Lorna’s.

Eventually, after the silence, Marcos looks to Lorna. She’s too outspoken to be silent. “….what’s on your mind?”

“I don’t need to wear a suit when everything I own is already fused with metal alloys, Marcos.” She drawled and even lifted up the sleeve of her leather jacket. “Or metal plated.”

His own light show had her gasping a little in surprise, shock lifting her eyebrows upwards as she considered him. Her lips twitched faintly, and she slowly shook her head. “And people call me a show off..”

Still, the silence inside the car thickened, as they drove ever closer to New York the light of the fall morning began to fade. It wouldn’t be too long before they ran into the military blockades and had to go in through other measures.

Only as Marcos broke the silence, to ask her what was going, did she drag her eyes from the road before them. This was a bad idea, but she was going to try it anyways.

“Marcos, when you came back when you collapsed.. You asked after our daughter.” She pursed her lips, dragging her gaze back to the road ahead. Her hands tightening over the wheel, her knuckles white.

“You were looking for her, all this time, weren’t you?”


Marcos grinned when Lorna looked surprised at his new trick. It’s excellent for hiding things! “Well, they’re not wrong.” Lorna’s always showing off….

But, silence thickened inside the car as Marcos looked around to see the military blockades. His hand clenching over his knee as if preparing himself in case he has to fight a few military guys. They will likely try to stop Lorna and Marcos from entering Mutant Town, despite being demon infested at the moment.

But Lorna’s question is enough to derail any train of thought Marcos could muster.

He’s silent for a while. Even as he saw her hand tightening on the steering wheel, his eyes ever forward.

“You know I was. I still am.”

It’s unknown to him if Lorna’s heart had ever changed regarding their daughter and the present situation.

The car slowed and pulled off the road at a beaten down, gravel turn off. Clearly used as a speed trap normally, it was otherwise abandoned for the moment. The SUV pulled through the rocks and the like with ease, and Lorna pushed it to the edge of the clearing behind bushes and trees until it was no longer visible from the road proper.

Then she cut the engine. The car creaked, the steel shivering faintly as she turned around in her seat to fully face her husband. One hand curled around the side of her chair, the other, the leather of the wheel.

“Why? Be realistic. Marcos, would you seriously consider bringing a baby back to this? To us? Here and now? Demons have taken over New York. We don’t know how or why, or if this is temporary or if it will spread.” Her voice was sharp and came out in a tumble without room to pause. A strangled sound escaped the back of her throat, frustration evident in her voice and in her posture.

“If it’s not this, it’ll be something else. It will always be something else. There will never be an end to this sort of thing. Not in our lifetimes. Not as X-men, or mutants, or anything. It’s not safe for us to raise a kid.” She swallowed the dryness that formed in the back of her throat, her lips pursed tightly together into a thin white line.

“Our baby needs more than love and a thread of hope to survive.”


Marcos was just silent as Lorna simply pulled the car over into a quiet spot where they wouldn’t be seen, and turned to look at him with that frustration on her face. “Lorna, it doesn’t matter why. We’re her parents. There will always be a danger. For both humans, and mutants. If we do not take care of our own, whether it is our child or a member of mutant society, then we do a tremendous disgrace to our daughter and others like us.”

His eyes were like wildfire. Unlike Lorna, whose opinions seem to be able to be molded to fit someone like Magneto’s or her friends, Marcos was absolutely steadfast in his beliefs. He didn’t back down from her gaze at all, as if to say his love for her will be put aside, as in, he will go through her if he has to if it means getting their child back.

Even on that island, she’s not safe. “You know she’s not safe on Genosha. The only thing you did was give your father a winning card over you.” Marcos did a lot of thinking already. “I know she does. But she doesn’t have much else already. We need to keep her safe. I’m finding her, with or without your help.”

His eyes lock onto hers. What would be her decision?

Green eyes narrowed at Marcos, her throat tight as she glowered at him throughout his words. Stubborn as steel, unbending in her posture and stance, the further he went on the more her expression chilled.

“Our daughter deserves a fair chance at life Marcos. To not to be hunted down because she’s Magneto’s granddaughter. To not be threatened because of our ties to the X-men. The only thing protecting her from being used against us, and possibly killed is because no one knows where she is. Who she is.” She whispered, her voice thick with emotion. Her hands slowly clenching tighter until her knuckles turned white.

As far as his thoughts on her father? She rolled her eyes skyward and a snort of derision escaped her. “My father isn’t going to use our baby, his granddaughter, against us Marcos. He lost his daughter, my half-sister, because of hatred when she was just a child. He watched her burn alive because humans were scared.” She swallowed hard, her throat tight.

“He’s a flawed man, a deeply flawed man, but he doesn’t do that. Believe it or not, he does have morals. He swore he’d make sure she was safe. And he doesn’t break his word. He stayed out of my life until I was an adult, all because he promised my mother to do so.” Magento decidedly had his own, highly messed up code of ethics and honor. But Magneto took it very seriously. There were two things in life Lorna was certain Magneto cared about in one way or another. One was mutants. The other was family.

Their baby happened to check both of those requirements.

Still, her expression was swallowed by that emotion, that loss of a sister she’d never met and never would. Her eyes turned down and she shifted in her seat, her hands curled into fists as she let go of her grip on the steering wheel and the chair.

“I love you Marcos, but you’re risking everything because by being selfish. Our daughter is safe now. And you’d risk finding her, bringing her here for what? To try to raise her here. So you could steal away any chance of safety she’d have. You would have me stop trying to fight for a better future for her, a better future for all mutants.. So I’d be forced to try to protect her when people came for her and risk all our lives.” She shook her head, and the car door swung open behind him.


“You put our daughter on the most targeted area in the world and you call it safe because Magneto’s there? It only puts her in greater danger.” Marcos glared at Lorna as her knuckles turned white. “It doesn’t matter if they don’t know now. They will.” He sighs. “They always find out.”

“Understatement of the millennia.” Marcos quips frustratedly as she tells him that her father is a flawed man. No kidding. He’s a terrorist who’s committed unspeakable crimes against humanity and mutants who’ve dared to stand against him. His eyes fall on her as she seems to be stubborn.

“I love you too. Call it what you want. I will find her, with or without you.” He looks to Lorna then. “Fighting for Magneto is giving Aurora a better future? You really sure about that? The only thing you’d do is bring about an extinction of an entire race of people. That’s too high a cost, Lorna.” and as the door opened behind him, he left and he slammed the door behind him. His hands on his hips.

The same arguments from two unmoving sides.

“I’m slowly realizing that you went to an extreme just so you can fight. I don’t care where I raise her. She needs her parents. Fight for your cause. I’m finding my daughter with or without your help.” And he starts walking.

A slow shake of her head followed as Lorna too climbed out of the car. She had to get back to Mutant Town either way and not going through the main roads was the best option to get back into the city passed the military blockades.

The door groaned as it slammed shut without the use of her hands, as she stalked around the corner of the car, more or less headed into the same general direction as Marcos.

“I’m not fighting for Magneto. I’m still a member of the X-men, thank you very much. I’m not a member of the Brotherhood. I’m not cheering for the genocide of the human race Marcos. Thanks for thinking so little of my ability to understand right from wrong.” She hissed, scowling at him.

“I won’t help you put our daughter in danger again. Not after everything I did to make sure she was safe. I won’t. And if you’re set on doing this Marcos..” Her throat tightened as he made to stalk off.

“Then we’re done. And the next time we meet… I won’t let you risk everything either.” Her voice was strangled sounding, even to her own ears as she stopped, her booted feet rooted to the ground and the crush of leaves beneath.

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