October 03, 2018:

Betsy catches Banner closing up the lab, and steals him away for some downtime.

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Bruce has been in reasonably high spirits since returning from the very long trip to the frigid south pole. Some of it is very likely just trying to make the best of the situation, or denial, or otherwise. He's worked on his projects, but not obsessively so. This evening he was helping a student with a project of theirs, and the student has since gone to bed. Bruce is left cleaning up some of the mess from it, and ends up at the workshop's wash station, washing his hands, some relaxing orchestral music playing in the workshop since he's the only one there.

"Knock, knock," Betsy chirps, leaning to peer in the doorway. "Anyone home?" She has had a long day, too. But nothing cheers her up quite like stopping by to say hello to her favourite science guy.
"Just me," Bruce calls, turning his head to look over his shoulder to her and smile. He finishes up washing up his forearms, and leans forward to rinse in the sink. His sleeves are rolled up to his elbows from the project. He shuts off the water, and towels off, turning towards her, his smile turning more warm, despite still staying his softened, reserved style of emote. "Good enough, I hope?"

Betsy smiles and slips inside the door, leaning back against it to shut it. "Exactly enough. I hoped for one Bruce, and I have not been disappointed." She is wearing a short, tight red dress with a black swing jacket over it, and carrying a briefcase. "I trust your day treated you well, Dear?"

Bruce takes in her attire more specifically, the usual blush arriving in his face when she surprises him and reminds him with how lovely she is. "Yes, it was a very quiet day," Banner replies, eyes on her in a shy but appreciative way that wouldn't take a telepath to decipher. He's very fond of her, let alone when she's distracting physically. He approaches her to offer a kiss to her cheek and the side of her mouth. "No real progress on my own things… but that's okay."

Betsy leans in as he kisses her cheek, then brushes her lips across his with a soft kiss. "But it is not okay. Have they kept you busy with everyone else's work today? I think you are certainly as important if not more so. And that is true, no matter how biased I am." She offers him a playful smile and an affirmative nod.

"Honestly, sometimes it really works for me to help on someone else's project. It gets my head out of any rut that may be there, so I when I return I come back more fresh, with different insights to try other tactics with it," Bruce says, a reminder of where his intellect shines, when the Hulk isn't in the picture. "A reason I stayed with Tony as long as I have, off and on. It's mentally stimulating. As well as terrifying. That place is more dangerous than anywhere I've been. Including the south pole," he says, smiling to her. "What's on the agenda tonight?"

"Well," replies Betsy, distractedly fidgeting with his collar and buttons. "I was thinking perhaps you'd like a night in, tonight. A chance to relax. Enjoy a warm shower with the soothing sounds of pestering coming from the other side of the door. Maybe a pizza. And we can turn on a movie to miss while we're doing other things."

"No hawaiian pizza though, right?" Bruce says, with a slight wrinkle of nose, eyes dipping to look at her fingers near his upper chest, resting his hands lightly at her sides as she steps in front of him. "Supreme would be good," he recommends. "A movie to miss? Yeah, I don't know if I can split my attention tonight, might be just on one person," he says, flushed, warmth in his cheeks and neck. His shirt is brand new, as most of his shirts are, a very dark blue, and a little crisp due to the newness of it.

"No, I'm afraid the pineapple in such close proximity to a pizza might create a tear in the fabric of the space/time continuum. And I like this shirt. I don't want it to get torn up."She winks and kisses him once more, tenderly. "And yes, we have to practice focus, after all. I am all yours for tonight, and I am a willing subject and focus partner."

The mention of the shirt being torn up causes him to drop his eyes down and to the side. The guilt related to Hulk usually gets a similar reaction. He has a hard time facing anyone over what the Hulk does when he takes over. "I probably shouldn't ever WEAR it, then," Bruce 'jokes', and sighs. "…oh." That's maybe what she meant. Maybe he shouldn't wear it. He's sharp, but sometimes her flirts catch him off guard. "I'd rather not tear any rifts in anything, continuum or shirts, tonight, really. Rather keep you here with me… and remember it."

"That's sounds like an excellent plan.," Betsy replies with a sly smile. "I'll keep you close to me so nothing can happen. And just in case, I'll help you out of that shirt, to be safe. I am entirely happy with this idea." She gives his neck a playful nuzzle and a kiss. It isn't that she doesn't notice his self-consciousness. She just chooses to distract him from it, often, rather than dwell on it.

"I'm happy, too," Bruce says, quietly, privately just for her, near her ear. He's not generally loud or sharing about anything, including how he feels about things: he's a private sort. He holds everything very close to himself, which right now, does include her, when he shivers a little at her brush on his neck. He gives into an urge to draw her into a snug embrace, letting his eyes close for a little while, sigh deep but relaxed. No fear right now: and it's a good feeling, to just trust it'll be okay. For now.

"Mmm…that is exactly why I needed a Bruce tonight," Betsy says softly, breathlessly as her eyes flutter shut, too. She holds Bruce, hands exploring him slowly. "What kind of movie do you feel like missing tonight, hmm?

"Maybe something with some good background music. … but nothing too pressuring, no high stakes car chases," Bruce teases against her ear, kissing her there, and then drawing his head back. He bends to pick up the briefcase she'd set aside, and offers her his other hand. "Come on, let's get out of here. The pizza won't order itself."

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