Enter Volt, Sort Of!

October 01, 2018:

Volt's first outing sees him running into Neon! …Who never asks his name. So it's Volt's first appearance, kind of. Also, the sceneset didn't get logged for some reason. Sorry!



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The city is under seige by creatures fantastic and terrifying. Humans are in perpetual danger, but some refuse to let the apocalypse keep them from their various needs. Some are understandable. Some, not so much. But all the lives are in peril when they step out of hiding.

Drake had been holed up for a while, partially out of necessity while the X-Men put on the finishing touches to his requested gear. Part of it was also out of the sheer freak-out quality of what's going on outside. An army of extra-dimensional monstrous invaders is a leap away from the sometimes bizarre monster-ish villains he's used to encountering. But somewhere between the advent of this invasion and the moment he first tried out his gear in the Danger Room, something clicked.

He originally left the west coast for two reasons. One, to find and be with others like himself. Two, to take what had ruined his life and use it for good. First first, he'd accomplished. The second, however, he hasn't been doing much of since joining the Xavier Institute. The time came to change that.

The imps in front of Neon were blasted, going rigid before falling over. They fracture, then seem to 'evaporate' into dust. A particularly large, reptilian eyeball with an attached mouth of fangs hovers soundlessly closer to her, however. Its maw gapes.

"Hey!" It's a voice from above. A subtle, but metallic *clink* sound follows as a hook device latches onto the corner of a concrete roof. "You got something in your eye!"

A figure clad predominantly in black wearing an eyemask swings in at a low arc, riding the trajectory of his zipline. His legs extend, and a pair of dark green boots slam into the surprised eyeball. Upon contact, there's a burst of brilliant blue electricity, and the fried beast is launched back. The hook disengages, and the figure lands on his boots with a slight wobble. Then, a fist thrusts forward dramatically.

"It was pain!"

The grappling hook rapidly rescinds into its base, and he slots the device back into his belt. Finally, he turns to Neon. "You okay?"


Mutants weren't exactly never-ending wells of power…or at least most of them weren't. Neon was pretty tough in her own right and it took an impossible degree of cold to snap-freeze human beings (Or demons) in a flash of light…but she couldn't keep this up forever without rest, especially after the few lucky hits she'd been tagged with.

She was still glowing when the imps were blasted and the hook-man comes sliding down into place with his dramatic into…with her only response that characteristic blank-faced blink. Even so, she does offer a nod and a raise of her hand towards the direction she'd been retreating from before counting off on her fingers rapidly. There was more of them back there, even with the noticable coating of ice and frost that covered the path.


The interloper is trying not to smile. It's a genuine struggle, but this is too awesome. Does Neon not recognize him? If she does, she's not making any indication of it! It's such a rush! And the feeling of anonymity helps him feel different from his normal self - stronger. Less afraid of the bizarre creatures that are apparently coming in from behind.

Finally, he /does/ smile. It's a bright, confident look with an upturned thumb. "Not a problem. Anything that comes out here, I-" He pauses. "/We/, can handle." Disregarding what she's already done and is capable of would've been a huge disservice, no matter how strong he's feeling now. It looks like she's been giving as much as she's been getting tonight, and then some.

Bleary-eyed, the previously kicked beast is up in the air and blazing towards him. Its maw gapes, a spindly purple tongue extending with a rasp.

"Whoa now!" His left arm lifts, and a tight beam of electricity lances out in a bolt to strike it. The demon blackens to a husk and 'evaporates' before it hits the ground. "Guess I forgot the double-tap rule. Hah!"

Turning, he faces out at the icy path she'd indicated. "I can hold the line here, if you wanna help those people get away. Or you can hang out and help, and we can get'em to safety together. I know you're strong enough. Choice is yours!"


She might not have recognized him immediately, after all the hooks were new and he -was- wearing a mask…but between the power, the slight giddyness and the fact he knew her? Well Ne wasn't stupid, she could piece it together. Where in the world did he get that outfit? A question for another time. Instead, the young woman runs a hand through her two-tone hair and takes a deep breath as if she were mentally preparing herself for the effort of what was to come next. At least she didn't have to wait very long!

The tide returns, hellspawn of varying size finally rounding the corner albeit a little unsteadily on the slippery ice a ruptured hydrant hand oh-so-conveniently provided her. They might be struggling for traction, but they were still coming.

Neon's hands come together, brilliant energy the color of her namesake flowing between her delicate fingers before she casts it outwards towards the group. The demon it hits? He's simply obliterated, there one moment and then gone the next. It's the others that suffer a little more dramatically as the sudden force of such a rapid cooling pulling energy from a body. It effectively turns the hellspawn into a demon-shaped bomb right in the middle of his friends.


She's not calling him on it, and the interloper isn't volunteering anything! He's happy to ride the mystique as far as it'll take him! But the lack of response behind him is also not telling him what exactly she intends to do in this situation. He perks an eyebrow and starts to look back, only the commotion ahead seizes his attention again. He'll have to assume she's not needing his direct intervention! His stance deepens, bracing himself for the oncoming flood with a determined smile. "Come'n get it," he murmurs.

And then Rainbow Brite blasts out from behind him.

His head snaps back to look at Neon, spotting her. The smile had vanished in a moment of surprise, but it's made a return. Of /course/ she stuck around. Looking forward again, he readies himself.

The demons confused and dazed by the eruption of their abyssal compatriot aren't in a much better situation. A green-gloved hand thrusts forward, fingers splayed. From each black-padded fingertip, a stream of electricity feeds into a central electrical beam before his palm. This shaft of ionic energy burns into one demon, and immediately arcs to a second, and immediately to a third, chaining the lightning together. The bolt nearly bores a hole through each target before they drop and dissipate into so much dust.


The 'Icecream' mutant could put on a good show and it was certainly nice in its own way not to have to hold back, but she'd also been fighting for what seemed like hours. How many more of those did she have left in her? Fortunately, it seemed that Drake was 'fully charged' as it were, so he was certainly welcome to take the lead. While the energy flashes through the demons, the girl's mismatched eyes sweep their surroundings as if she was expecting an attack from another direction…yet none had come so far. Sections of the city had felt like a hellish Wild West and now Ne was a little twitchy!

Still, there was still people out there and so she reaches out to tap the costumed man on the shoulder, questioning in her expression. Would they go back the way the demons had come from, or continue on towards the mansion?


The arm lowers, no more electricity stemming from the fingertips. He can't be sure more aren't on the way, but he's fully prepared to take on whatever comes next.

It happens to be a ttap on the shoulder.

Frame turns, and a pair of potentially very recognizable emerald green eyes settle on her mis-matched pair. There's an energy behind them, a veritable sparkle. He's at his peak. "What's the matter?" A glance is cast in the direction the citizens had run, then back to her. "Alright. Let's get going." He steps forward to take the lead, and begins in a trot. He'll be sticking to the ground level, partially to keep an eye out for stragglers, but also for Neon's benefit. He isn't sure how good she is at roofrunning on a /good/ day, let alone being roughed up and drained.


The petite gymnastic mutant was actually pretty damn good at it…and there was that whole light-jump thing…but she was tired and now that they were moving there was a noticable limp to her movement. Yeah, ground was probably a good bet. Still, she was doing her damnest to keep up for the time being and she didn't intend to stop until she was forced to. At least it was very unlikely a mute was going to complain!


She didn't have to! The figure in front of her pauses to glance back at her, noting her lagging behind a little with a limp. The euphoria dims at the sight, and he lets her catch up. And once she does, he reaches for her closest arm to loop over his shoulder, with his other arm at her waist to support her against himself. That is, unless she protests.

"You've been out here a while, haven't you? How bad are you hurtin'?"


There's a little pout, perhaps tinged with embarassment as she's supported and questioned on her injury. She was still pretty used to looking out for herself, even regardless of the mansion. Still, she gives a nod and makes a little wave of her hand. For a brief moment, one of her slightly cartoonish holograms fills the air, showing her double twisting and dancing between a pack of demons while raining glowing bolts of energy…right until one of them had managed to catch her across the back of the thigh with a lucky flailing swipe.

The image fades and she turns slightly to let him see the lightly bleeding wound through the slashes in the leather. It hurt and it hampered movement, but she wasn't going to be dropping dead from it.


He watches the illustration, trying not to smirk at the novelty of it. She's always so theatric! When she turns to show off the injury, he lowers immediately to a knee. A compartment on his belt is popped open, revealing a roll of cloth. A section is unspun, and he chomps onto it with his teeth to rip it off. Roll replaced in his belt, he's immediately set to wrap and staunch the bleeding leg. It wasn't bad, but a bleeding wound isn't a good thing in any context. Heck, these devil-things could be attracted to blood like sharks!


She hadn't even thought of the bleeding like that! Instead, she'd just kept moving the whole time. Still, as she finds herself being patched up, she can't help but grin a little at the absurdity of her standing in the middle of the damaged and half-frozen space, one leg lifted a little so he could wrap the bandage while she was keeping an eye out for demons. He might actually think he'd heard her giggle, but it was more of a silent approximation at the absurdity of it all. That or she was giddy from adrenaline and a little bloodloss!


The bandage is tightened and secured, and the young superhero leans back to look back up at her breathy 'giggle'. "Bleeding out is no laughing matter!," he admonishes playfully.

Raising to his full height again, he attempts to tug her to lean into him to resume carrying her along. "If you're going to be out here like this, let me know. Don't want you getting hurt, or worse." Beat. Grin. "/Citizen/."


Despite everything, there's a roll of of her eyes and a nod. Even if she thought he was being cheesy as hell? he wasn't entirely wrong. She does however gently push away the attempt to get her leaning once more. Mobility counted for a lot in a fight and she wouldn't be slowing him down if she could help it!


He's pushed! Disengaging from her, he blinks at her with a frown. "Now's no time to be proud," he chides. But he doesn't attempt to tug her into a lean again. He instead resumes the trot ahead of her, actively keeping a little slow to accommodate her injury.


Tired or not, she was still Ne. His chiding? It simply earns a poking out of her tongue before she moves forwards. Doing her best not to whince, she moves forwards a little faster with each step. Today was going to be a long day!

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