Staten Island Showdown

September 29, 2018:

In A World…
Where Demons. Are. Real.
Miscreants. Misguided Assholes. Mercenaries. On Again, Off Again Hydra Agents. AND MORE.
Band Together.
To Kick. Some. ASS.

That's right. I wanted to give a chance for us Bad People, Anti-Heroes, Straight Up VCs… anybody that would be in and around Staten Island / Sister Margaret's School of Wayward Children the opportunity to let loose upon these evil creatures of demonic Infernodom! We're talkin' no pulled punches. We're talkin' violence. We're talkin' strong language. We're talkin' R rating.

Let's show these "heroes" how we do @(&* on the island.

Staten Island

It looks like Staten Island. With more demons.


NPCs: None.



Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…

Clink. Clink. Clink. Clink. Clink. Clink. Clink. Clink. Clink.

It's not exactly supposed to be quiet over here in this particular section of Staten Island. But for some reason, there's been a force of mercenarial greatness that has made things go quiet. Demon husks, shells, carcassi… whatever. They are all over the ground in and around the alley way that leads to Sister Margaret's School for Wayward Children.

The alley also opens up, on the other end, at a giant kill-de-sac of burning trash cans, dead demon bodies and who knows what else. It is there, in that kill-de-sac, that a lone creature of the netherworld is standing dead center. His long and 'delicate' tendrils are stuffed into the necks of a few glass bottles.

Clink. Clink. Clink. Clink. Clink.

Somehow, the vicious creature from one of the hells is leaking all kinds of molten fluid and puss, appearing to be more of a Dark Squidward than anything humanoid. How is it even standing? It's weird. And gross. But there does appear to be a face on it.


Oh god, this demon has been watching old movies.

"Come out and play-ay!"

It's weird. While it doesn't seem like that creature is speaking that loud, there's a strange sense of loudness that swims across Staten Island and towards the main island of New York. It's loud enough and plot device-y to reach anyone and everyone that may need to hear it.

In fact, hearing it makes the ears hurt as the words are surrounded by a piercing squeal of painful aural injustice.

It's going to be hard to block out and ignore. Perhaps some 'warriors' better show up to make it stop.

Inside the Sister Margaret's? Proximity alarms are going off like crazy.


This week New York is actually worse than Gotham.
Just. This. Once.

So of course Grifter is in New York. Because business. No, no one is paying him to kill demons or save people. He can do either, or both. But a whole city? That is a job for Superman, not for gunslingers.

Still, not everyone agrees with him, which is why he is here. People want larger guns, and Grifter happens to be an excellent gunsmith. Demand for dinosaur-killing guns is on the rise and those can't be bought in Walmart. Also, people want silver bullets, golden bullets, bullets with shards of the True Cross and saints finger bone, and nuttier things. So weirdly enough he is getting rich while demons eat New York. He even feels a little guilty.

Sister Margaret's School for Wayward Children is where some of his customers hang out, so he came with a delivery of weird-ass ammo he crafted during the night and was just enjoying a top of the shelf whiskey. Seriously, 'warriors'? Those fuckers have a sense of humor. Maybe taking out his VAD PP30 handguns from the basement was a good idea. "Hell, maybe they just want to hire out some mercs," he comments idly, not really trying to be heard over the alarms.


Deathstroke doesn't often do business out of Sister Margarets, it being the sort of place a fella goes when he needs rent money and a job in equal measure, but on rare occasion… very very VERY rare occasion ever since /HE/ (may his name forever be burned into the tomes of hell's seventh circle) made it his defacto base of operations. However. Once in a celestial alighnment or so, Slade (with an S!) Wilson, will lower himself to visiting the establishment.

He did not expect to find this awaiting him. He expected a rich fat cat looking for his wife to be knocked off or some assinine witness silenced. That's usually the sort of low brow fare to be found at Margarets. Not… whatever the hell this is. Staring down at the creature from the rooftop of a building, he winces behind the half skull Nth metal mask of his heavy armor, it's cry like talons against his spine. His hand rests on the collapsed power lance at his thigh, pulling it free and letting it snap to it's full length with a metalic hiss. Well, no one's /paying/ him persay, but everyone enjoys a good spot of entertainment, no?


Outside ajd just up the road - there's an earthquake approaching! Heavy stomping *TOOOMS* shake and rock the ground, cracking the pavement and shattering windows. Triggering seisometers elsewhere in the city and getting more and more thunderous until an entire abandoned building finds one of its walls bursting apart in a violent plume of debris that is itself blasted away by the trundling lumbering arrival of one Unstoppable Juggernaut. A semi-truck cab dwarfing Juggernaut shaped hole is left behind the behemoth, tracking its way back through that building and then another and then another and his very footsteps leaving massive prints in the sundering streets as he draws nigh. It seems that the call for 'warriors' might have worked a touch to well as it's drummed up a very, very irate Cain Marko.

It's been an annoying past few weeks for him. Having a job in Metropolis go sour and being forced to swallow his ego when a battle with a stronger than expected Donna Troy ended up with them both teleported to the proverbial end of the universe. Being dropped off in Madripoor by Green Lantern and now, having -finally- made his way back to more familiar stomping grounds..he finds it a mess overrun by demons and who knows what-the-hell-ever manner of lovecraftian beings that have managed to tumble their way into the mortal world.

As a result, timing for bringing him nto such a scene couldn't be worse as the clarion call of demon hit him full on in the core of his being..somehow managing to bypass the protection offered by his armor and helmet and serving to just royally piss him off that much more. His teeth grind together and fists the size of boulders ball up as he makes a steady swaying bee line for Sister Margaret's School and the demons outside.


There's been a streak of red lightning moving around New York since the invasion started. Hardly noticeable by most, the creator of the trail hasn't been visibly seen by most people… though his handiwork has been seen here and there as he's taken apart the invaders for dissection.

He's been content to study the creatures and look for something that only he is probably looking for. Still, during his superspeed explorations, Professor Zoom heard the voice… and in the middle of an abandoned building while taking apart a particularly interesting specimen, his red, glowing eyes looked in the direction of the source, through a window. It's probably going to be one of those arrogant ones, so best deal with it.

It takes a few seconds for the man in the yellow suit to zoom his way through New York, and scout out the island, before running up to the top of a building near the school to get a good look at the area, and keep an eye on matters, red arching lightning flitting here and there over his body, visibly.



New Yorkers are stubborn people, which is the last couple weeks have seen a boom in security contracts as business owners grasp for any excuse - no matter how legal - to avoid missing a day of profits. Accordingly, Domino's on the third of a four day stint watching over an insurance company's New York retreat. Along with a handful of other mercenaries, she managed to wrangle premium prices for guaranteeing a few thousand agents a trouble-free weekend of grilling, chilling, and playing life-size Galaga at the Javitz Center while Hell bays at the door.

To her credit, she manages to last a couple minutes of thinking about hazard pay + late booking fees + equipment surchages * Surge; and checking to see whether anyone else can hear that goddamn thing clinking before abandoning her post.

Just for a little while. Just long enough to shut a— demon? A wizard? A wizard demon? Up.

And maybe take its stuff, if it has stuff; the skirmishes she's gotten into thus far haven't wielded anything more interesting than weird coins - Hell money? - and garbage.


Grifter receives a phone call from a repeat customer.

"What've you got in squidkiller rounds?" Domino casually wonders as she stares at maybe the ugliest thing she's ever seen through a .50 cal's scope. "Some kinda, I dunno, dessicant? Or freon-based add-on? Would be a plus; lotta wet, hot elements, which— I know what you're thinking: 'What the fuck, Dom! What kind of squid is wet and hot?'. And you're right! It's fucked up."

The mercenary takes a long, deep breath.

"Seriously, though: I'm on a roof," she murmurs in far graver tones, "at Sister Margaret's, and I'm not sure I've got a big enough gun; where are you?"

A beat and a series of TOOOMS later:

"Oh, cool, it's getting worse!"


Scandal Savage was actually in Staten Island for a job. She was not really pleased with the job but it was a job. 'Oh please go and get him. He's our precious little luv'ems and we had to leave him behind.' Right, had to. YOu really didn't take the time to grab your dog? Well, the job is a bust now and she's pissed. Why is it a bust? Well, the dog was possessed by a demon and was rampaging down through Staten Island and 'Luv'ems' had to be put down…hard.

Even now, as Scandal walks toward the 'Boarding School' she shakes her head as she idly checks a clip of a pistol she had at her hip. She then slid it away and sighs, "This has been a horrible…day." She looks up to see something happening in the distance and she can hear the thooms of something big moving along. She just breaks into a jog and shrugs, "Either this will be horrible and I'll leave or it'll be fun and I can blow off some steam."


Dark Squidward continues to stand in the center of the non-chaos for a long moment before letting the glasses on his finger-tendrils shatter to the ground. There's just no need for him to continue making that annoying noise happen. Well, that's a lie. It's probably hurting some of the arrivals but even after the bottles are no more, that sound just keeps on annoying.

"Hah. Hah. Hah."

Dark Squidward raises his tentacles in some twisted form of happiness. Somehow he's managing to see and spot all those that have arrived on the scene so far.

"Welcome, said the Spider to the Flies." Oh so he prefers to be more Spider than Squid? This is going to get complicated. Dark Spiderward? Squidweb? almost seems to be making a dramatic show of the way he's just speaking to everyone. Directly into their minds, hearts, ears or cell phones. Whatever works.

"It is I. The Keeper of Zuul." What. "And it is with great beloved hate that I bestow upon you all…"

And that's when the creeper factor gets turned up to 22. Darkness, like actual and tangible darkness, starts flooding the area around Dark Squidweb (that one sounded best) and flowing out in a wave of thick and wet ink-like substance. Except, it's not. It's more symbiotic than that. It's weird. It's like a tar that moves faster than it should and it also seems like smoke.

It smells /horrendous/.

Either way, the more of this that seems to fill the kill-de-sac half-circle of an alleyway, it would seem that this self-proclaimed Keeper of Zuul has melted himself into the ground.



Cole picks the phone (buzz, he can't barely hear it over the alarms blaring). "HEY, SHUT THOSE OFF! I CAN'T EVEN FUCKING HEAR MY OWN THOUGHTS!"

He picks the phone anyway. Domino will hear the alarms, and demon wailing, and pretty much just that. Yes, Grifter is inside. Text it is:

Cole - Nope. All sold out
Cole - But I have booze
Cole - damnit they are using some kind of chemical weapon. Or maybe squiddy farted. I am going out.

Grifter takes the bottle with him because damnit, he paid for it (no, he didn't). His mask goes down, and it includes filters. Somehow they do little about the smell. Must be some magic crap. Also, "what the hell?" This is not at seeing the demons, it is at seeing Deathstroke.


"Nn— gghk— !"

Grifter is treated to a truly awful amount of coughing and gagging from the woman who has the good fortune of being upwind when the squid becomes a stench.

"Aaah, J-Jesus— !"


"CANCEL THE BULLETS IT'S NOT A SQUID ANYMORE!" Domino rattles off into her headset, over the reports of bullets fast on their way to disappearing in the darkness. "I NEED SHITMISTKILLER ROUNDS! OR AAGH, FUCK, GRENADES! NOT PICKY! WHY ARE YOU OUTSI"

The hand that isn't already occupied with pinching her nose shut drops to the buzzes Domino's been ignoring in favor of the *TOOM*ing and the foul stenches and the second-hand alarms. She reads. She frowns.

She texts.

domino: i will take one booze plz

With her order in place, the phone goes away so she can pull a flashbang from her belt and lob it into the encroaching darkness.

"Small world," Domino remarks, nasal and quite likely inaudible thanks to the din.


"You must really want to die, annoying metahumans and mutants like this." The distorted voice of the Reverse-Flash offers with a tone of amusement as he stands there on the top of the building. As the Juggernaut stomps his way over, he even smirks as he glances in the approaching titans direction, "I'd just destroy you and study your corpse. Him?" He laughs sadistically as he gestures to the approaching train wreck, "He's going to grind you to dust."

Then, the flash grenade is tossed, and he zooms just out of sight of it, red lightning trailing behind visibly


And now it's inking. Slade offers what, for him at least, would be a smirk behind his mask, the faintest up tick at the corner of his mouth before stepping off of the roof and into open air. The lance flares to life, firing downward in a blinding white blade of roiling energy after he's fallen past a few stories, and it's pavement melting impact with the street below manages to slow him just enough he manages to land without injury despite the distance.

It's been years since Slade's seen Cash, long years with lots of miles between them. Lot's changed. Not enough Slade doesn't recognize an old … friend. He pauses and then gives Grifter the barest nod of recognition from across the lot, his gaze lingering on the man for a moment before he steps back, making sure he's well out of the way of Juggernaut's path. This distraction is getting more and more interesting.


Dark Squidweb is completely gone by now. At least, physically. There is, though, a weird foreboding sense of 'hanging around' that may be alluding to the fact that Dark Squidweb is always watching.

Could also be those huge eyes in the night sky. Whatever.

A flashbang strikes a particularly thick glob of tangible darkness. It explodes inward, the flashbang lighting up brightly… but for only a quick moment. A moment later the brightness is swallowed up by the darkness. Reshaped and reformed into a pair of giant… dice? Oh no, wait, these are humanoid demonic creatures with dice for heads? Dice Heads. Each armed with a symbiotic styled body with arms that have reshaped themselves into… wait, are those guns?! And each shot sends a flaming ball of dark goo in the direction of Domino! Is she lucky enough to beat the roll of the Dice… Heads?

The Dark Goo just seems to be enveloping things that are in its path. Not to mention it just seems to be consuming everything that's in that same path. It's a weird process, though, because nothing disappears after being swallowed up by the tangible darkness. Instead, things just seem to come to… unlife? Symbiotic expressions of street lamps, flaming trashcans, abandoned cars, rats… whatever. They all rise up from the goopy darkness as creatures of the blight.

Like this is Thriller. Thriller night.


"The HELL IS THAT NOISE!" thunders Juggernaut, voice booming several decibels louder then it has any right to as he continues plowing forward with all the grace of a mountain range deciding to just fall over. He treads several abandoned cars under foot as he draws nearer and nearer to 'Dark Squdward' and then he wrinkles his nose and flares his nostrils as the black tar and horrendous smell begins to boil through the area.

"Uggh..and that -smell-.." he grimaces while rearing his head back slightly and recoils just a touch at the stench of it. And then there's the approach of those symbiote creatures and the other strange happenings and..and..and…

"Aw, forget it.."

His foot slams into the ground, creating one final rolling shockwave as he pivots at the wait and hauls a huge arm up. A flex causes a bicep the size of a buick to bulk up as his fist curls and his body coils like a trebuchet getting ready to launch. "I'll just bring the whole area down on you. Let's see how you manage my Sunday Punch!!"

With that he twists, pivoting and then bringing his fist forward and then down towards the ground with all the casual force of an angry Hulk deciding ot have a temper tantrum. A shockwave billows out, thundering over the area as the street heaves and sunders and blasts its way at the approaching dark goo and anything else that might happen to be in the way. Buildings swaying and everything.

He's..clearly heedless of anyone else who is here. Few would call Juggernaut a team player as at the moment he's more like a kaiju that's decided to wander into a random encounter.


"Now you're just being annoying and wasteful." Professor Zoom tsks. Then, he's gone, a red trail of lightning going down the building and in front of the goopy darkness.

There's a small scale tornado starting to be formed as Professor Zoom starts to run around the entire mass, the red lightning trail going so fast the man himself isn't visible. Slowly but surely, the wind picks up as Professor Zoom tries to contain it to a local area with his superspeed at just high enough of a mach not to turn it into a city-wide effect.

Of course, the effect might be offset a bit by Juggernauts shockwave.


No more texts from Cole. Because he is too old to have the inhuman dexterity of the millennials. Also, he has the bottle in his right hand. And when the dark-goopy constructs start to show up, one of his energy guns appears in his left.


No more texts from Cole. Because he is too old to have the inhuman dexterity of the millennials. Also, he has the bottle in his right hand. And when the dark-goopy constructs start to show up, one of his energy guns appears in his left.

"That you under all that junk, colonel?" He asks to the excessively armed Deathstroke.

Then he shoots the VAD gun, the particle pulse blasts hit the goop critters with the energy of anti-tank rounds.

He kind of hopes it does something, but just in the case he is moving away from the stinking mess. Not really running away, but sideways, towards Domino. That is when Juggernaut appears and stomps the concrete, creating a shockwave and sending everything flying. Mercenaries too.

The worst thing? The sad fate of that expensive whiskey bottle. Sorry, Dom.


Domino sees the bodies form up and aim, which gives her the time she needs to pitch herself to the left— off of the roof.

Onto a fire escape rail, which slides open as soon as the cartwheeling mercenary's feet touch it. Rusted metal rattles its way towards the ground and bared arms extend for balance as the mercenary surfs her way right into the thick of the ink spill. She manages to go unburnt, but her rifle winds up on its side with flaming goo clinging to its body while the roof slowly melts around it.

Just as her ride reaches its conclusion, though, Juggernaut and Zoom conspire to turn the street outside of Sister Margaret's into a natural disaster, so at the point where she might normally spring free and sprint into the fray, she instead bounds towards a wall and bounces her way back up a storey or two, perching upon the relative safety of rickety metal stairs to observe.

She still ends up being thrown to her seat by the building-quaking shockwaves, but at least from here, she's got a pretty good vantage for adding a little sleeping gas to the mix— which she does after retaking her feet.

As far as she knows, the wind storm and red lightning are just more signs that New York's really gone to shit, these past few weeks; rather than a man, they're just a convenient way to see whether squid demons can be put to sleep.


"Oh, well, hell." Scandal looks at the mess that is happening before her. "Why did I come here?" Then she stumbles back from the shockwaves and lightning and tornado. Scandal ends up at a knee and idly watches for a long moment and then slowly stands up as things spread out. Strange…things.

"Hey! Anyone actually aliveover there?" She calls out and then stops, "Also. when O ask that question, if your last name is Wilson, know that you do not count." She then hmms, "Nor do Juggernauts…ya know what? Is there anyone who can die over there in need of help?"


Deathstroke answers without answering, "Deadeye." he says flatly, "Long time." the energy weapon causes him to quirk a brow but only a little. He bends his knees as Juggernaut's leg comes up, and he moves with the rolling earth, using the momentum to launch himself back and up onto the top of a parked delivery truck, his eye scanning the area carefully as the van rocks back down onto all four wheels. Then people are yelling about Wilsons and he has to turn to stare. If someone knows who he is /and/ is shouting his name in public, they're going to have to have a conversation when this is done.

"This thing a friend of yours?" he asks, raising his voice just enough to be heard over the cacaphony, the question aimed at Grifter.



The Dark Goo gets shocked and rippled… dramatically. Like, the Juggershock Wave is powerful enough to make the Dark Goo go backwards and sail in the direction of everything behind it. But then there's also a localized tornado popping up out of red lightning and nowhere. Which also causes the Dark Goo to separate and scatter. The here's some kind of weird combination of shockwaves and tornados that have made the Dark Goo… GO EVERYWHERE!

It's Raining Goo!

VAD Rounds collide with Goostructs that are still on the ground and there's not much left of them. They explode. Into many pieces. Pieces that sprout their own arms and legs and start running en more masse towards the energy gun having rude personage that dared try to blast them back to one of the hells.

Sleeping Gas?! Sleeping Gas?! These canisters smack into the Dark Goo and explode just in time for the gas to be shockwavenado'd all over the place. Here's to hoping that everyone around here has some kind of filter or something so they don't get gassed.

The Lucky Diceheads are on the chase and they extend goo-arms upwards to see if they can't pull themselves up towards where Domino is. Hands immediately becoming various sharp objects of death and destruction for slicing and dicing anything in their path as they attempt to cut more than Domino's pizza.

Chaos is reigning supreme at this point as the little Dark Goo Carnage-Gremlins, Cremlins?, start making a violent mockery out of everything in their path. This is probably not going to end well for Staten Island.


Friends… "Hell. No." Not that Cole was not infamous about making odd friends; but he draws the line at demon goo. Contrarily to most people he got thrown by the shockwave, but he lands with certain amount of grace and avoids breaking anything important besides the whisky bottle.

Just in time to see the tiny goo monsters running towards him. Maybe he needs some saving, since Savage was offering and all. Heroes are weird. "That woman friend of yours?" He shoots back to the armored mercenary.

As for the tiny goo gremlins, he tries something new. An incendiary grenade. "By the way, if fire does something I am pretty sure Patch had a box of Genoshan plasma grenades under the counter." He knows because, well, he 'acquired' them and sold them to the Hellhouse owner a couple months ago.


More grenades leave Domino's belt as brown eyes flick between gremlins. A blind, backwards toss leaves one a storey above her; the other bounces and rolls down metal steps, towards invasive monstrosities. An especially enterprising pair travels from the ground level to Domino's in a rush of stretching, talon-tipped arms and violent determination, leaving her with a couple of unneeded guests when all she wants is to be anywhere but the middle of a demonic feeding frenzy. Pressing back against the wall and twisting this way or that saves her from all but one of their swipes, after which she launches into a forward flip in the hopes of barreling right past them - through the terrible thicket of their bladed extremities - towards the relative safety of the ground. A couple more cylinders clatter across rusty metal.

Sure, she winds up with a gash across her stomach and several more along her arms and cheek; sure, the ground offers no safety whatsoever from the goo raining everywhere in the wake of a distinctly unnatural disaster.

Sure, those two gremlins are definitely gonna just follow her - her pistols are in hand before she even touches down, for all the good they might or might not do.

But the ground has the distinct advantage of not being an exploding, possibly collapsing fire escape full of demonic goo gremlins, so she'll take it.

"Can we CONTAIN this shit? We should probably try containing it— this is only making it WORSE!" she shouts into her headset. She hasn't exactly been keeping track of whether or not Cole's still on the line, but the sentiment feels sound either way.

Sound enough to bear repeating with the help of shouting and cupped hands.


Earthquakes! Tornados! Flash Grenades! Bullets and Gremlins! This…isn't exactly working very well, not that Juggernaut has enough sense beyond his own personal sense of aggravation to realize this and understand why all at once. He just knows that he's not satisfied and that this demonic form of mischief making is seemingly getting worse. So clearly it must be everyone elses fault but his own.

"Hey! Knock it off! You're messin' me up here!" he thunders loudly, addressing what or whoever is responsible for the whirlwind force of the tornado as the goo goes flying violently all around him and Gremlins go tumbling past.

A steel girder tumbles convienently nearby and he reaches down, crumpling one end up in his hand like a twisted straw and an instant later he swings with it..swatting it like a bat at a group of Carnage Gremlins as they go swarming nearby.

Then he hears Domino. Barely. Some degree of common sense does ping itself in his mind and he spins the steel girder about while turning about to finally start to take measure of who else might actually be around.

"Huh? Contain the wha?!"


Deathstroke snarls a bit behind his mask, "No. No she is not." he responds to his one time teammate, "But she might be useful." he adds belatedly as he himself tosses out a pair of metalic cylinders, "Willy Pete out!" he calls into the air the same time Grifter tosses his, assuming anyone worth half a damn in the area will understand the military jargon. White Phosphorous grenades. Great minds think alike… or maybe it's just all that time training and working together. He turns away from the explosion of the weapons, knowing the last thing he needs is to be blinded by the pop of WP at the moment. "I fucking hate magic." he growls to himself.


Scandal really isn't sure if anyone can hear her over the mass of madness in front of her. None of thise thing makes sense and then some. She's glaring at the situation and shakes her head before she simply sighs and watches as the things explode, she has to dance back (away from falling goo), and she end sup having to try to slice at a few goo monsters getting too close.

She lets out a long sigh and then shakes her head, "Restaurant…Restaurant." She looks around as she turns to get away and then tries again, as she spots one of the notorious Wilsons she meant. She then notes others but focuses on him, "HEY!" She calls out waving an arm, "Slade!" She calls again, "You got a flamethrower on you?" She then looks around more, "Hardware store…restaurant." She keeps moving, "I am pretty sure cutting isn't going to cut it." She has her mask in place already from previous issue but this noise and smell is not something she is enjoying in the least.

She puts her hand up and covers her eyes as he throws that grenade.


If Professor Zoom is going to stop anytime soon, he doesn't show any signs of it. He does stop creating the tornado at least… and starts to superspeed his way along the street, grabbing and tossing the goo-gremlins into walls and floors as he tries a different tactic; grab all of the goo, and concentrate it again. The speedsters red lightning is visibly trailing behind him as he runs over cars, up walls… working on grabbing as many as are visible.

Once all the potential targets are dealt with for the moment, the Speedster stops in front of Juggernaut. A man in a yellow suit is visible under the vibrating, blurring visage, the glowing red eyes looking directly into his own, "I trust you to be smart about this as much as I trust the Justice Fools to think long term." With that, he zooms away and up a one of the nearby buildings, red lightning trailing briefly before he stops, surveying the situation.


The skittering and the laughter of the Cremlins becomes even more annoying and mischievous due to the way that the Keeper of Zuul must be modifying them to fit the scenario at hand. That Dark Squid of a Demonic Visage is keeping a close hidden eye on this from the position that's nearby but also nowhere to be found.

Not that he's the source of this madness or anything. Cuz he's not. Honest.

Grenades Galore causes a myriad of different things to happen. There's explosions, fire, white phosphorousness and more! It's a whole big thing that even the Keeper of Zuul wasn't prepared for. Every time one of those Cremlins seem to get hurt, there's a flicker from wherever the Keeper of Zuul has hidden himself. Which also means that he has to move positions and re-hide himself into the folds of reality. Its complicated. Its magic.


Anyway, things tend to get a little more messy, though, as Goomlins (maybe that's a better name for these things) end up getting smacked and piled upon each other. The Dark Goo they are made out of clings and globs together in a way that seems to be quite gross. Gross enough that when all the Goomlins have been pulled back into the localized area… they mold in on themselves and fold together, glopping and dripping, into one… giant… Goomlin.

We're talkin' Stay Puft Marshmallow Man sized.

As it starts to rise to its giant feet, the Lucky Diceheads fall into place, spinning and allowing their dice shaped heads to become the eyes for this giant creature of Zuul-flavored doom.

Due to the various grenades, may sections of this large demonic beast of death and mischief and destruction are littered with fire or shrapnel or other hazardous detail.

A large flame comes out of this thing's mouth, sending fire off in the direction of those gathered… and the building nearest.



You have to be Someone to know who waits behind Deathstroke's mask. Sadly, Vandal Savage's daughter does in fact count as 'being Someone' in his circles. He chooses not to respond to the name she's shouting, if only because that way there's still /some/ small chance people will think she's talking to someone else. Instead he focuses on the red lightning, his eye tracking Zoom's movements visibly.


A speedster, two marksmen (ahem markspersons!), a human shapped natural disaster, a semi immortal buzzsaw, and a one man army. There's enough destruction on this single block to level a first world country, but only if they can find something that'll /work/ against the goo. The vauge shape of a plan begins to form in his mind.


Psaw, polarized lenses. Grifter keeps his eyes in the advancing tiny-horde. There seems to be some effect… maybe not. Did they just make the goo-gremlins become goo-fire-gremlins? No, there is definitely a reaction.

"For fucks sake," grumbles Grifter. "Who was thinking in the Marshmallow Man?" And flamethrowers! Thank you Savage!

Grifter jumps out of the way. Mostly. His coat will never be the same (he loses so many of those). Lands on his feet, skids behind a (non-animated yet) dumpsters and shoots at the creature's eyes with his gun, aiming the particle blasts to the eyes. "Dom," he has the cell out again. He has been listening, even. "I need you to do something very stupid - on the other hand not as stupid as what I am doing. There might be some really powerful plasma grenades in the Hellhouse. Under the counter. In a dark green ceramic box with Genoshan markings."


Okay, so containment came up tails. At least all that WP looks neat glnting beneath its surface.

Just a few bare steps ahead of the demonic flames twisting through alleys to consume her and everything else in their path, Domino considers the variables at play, balancing them with hurdling over garbage bins and ducking low-hanging ladders.

"I— " she eventually, thoughtfully calls out after twisting around a corner to let the flames rush past her. "Jesus, if it absorbs everything— do we hit it with concrete, or something? Are we just gonna have a pissed off street that smells like sh"


Run towards the giant, fire-breathing monster that quite literally soaks up everything thrown at it?

For plasma grenades??

"Yeah, why not?!"

She winds up taking something of a detour through the surrounding alleys, intent on eventually popping out on another side of the monster so she can make a run at sprinting past it and getting inside.

Hopefully, its scale precludes it from paying her much mind.


"It's toying with us." Zoom mutters under his breath. "Need to find a weakness in the bonding material…" He continues, before he starts to superspeed his way over to the Goozilla… and proceeds to start to run right up it's body. Around and around and up and down and over. The red lightning trail is visibly random and unstable though, as if the Speedster can't find reliable paths on the gigantic thing.

Eventually, even his reflexes can't keep him from making a mistake, and Professor Zoom visibly 'slides' off of the creature, flying through the air as he is launched into the side of a building.


"What the—" Juggernaut blinks at being addressed by Zoom and then when the speedster warps off after delivering his cutting remarks, the red armored brute is left, briefly stunned and at a loss for words. When he finally registers what was said he sneers and grunts, "Yeah, you better run.." and then he turns, refocusing his attention on the massive Stay Puft sized Gorjia that's decided to form. A target.

"You folk want containment? Fine! This just gave me a single target to work on!" he sneers as his anger begins boiling over again. "I been looking for something I need to hit more then once! Got more steam to blow off!"

His voice is drowned out as the flames billow across the bouildings and down into the streets , engulfing and enveloping him and for a moment he's lost from sight..but only a moment. The flames part violently as the burnt out husk of an abandoned city bus comes blasting through fire, shot like a missile at the creature and parting smoke and fire from the shockwave of its passing. Juggernaut leans forward, having put his body into the throw, intending on hopefully hitting it with enough force to blast through it. "Here, Lassie!!"


"Oh my freakin'…really?" Scandal sighs as she runs up closer and then says, "Oh, Deathstroke…there you are." She rolls her eyes, "The superhero who is totally not anyone else." She looks over at the thing as it grows, "You're really the worst. Do you know that? You sound like one of those idiots in spandex. Wait…are you gonna start wearing spandex?" She looks at Slade and then sighs and shakes her head, "Don't answer."

She points, "I say we burn it or something but then I don't know. Honestly between the speedster and Juggernaut, I'm not even sure why I came here or why you are here for that matter. This looks like a job for anyoen else." She looks around then again and then looks at the thing, "You got any ideas? Think anyone around here keeps any liquid nitrogen handy?"


Deathstroke's head turns this way, then that, clocking the people at play, those nearby, the monster, the tools at his disposal. And his jaw sets firmly as he turns to shoot Scandal a look, "I don't care if you live up to your father's expectations, but you should at least make some of your own." his ice blue eye peers out from behind the lens of his mask and it narrows ever so slightly, "Be. Better." Not his best pep talk, but it'll have to do. Things are getting out of hand. He then turns to the street at large and starts issueing orders.

"Savage, Domino!" he bellows into the air. Long decades of commanding troops in battle give his voice a volume and command that cuts through the chaos and roar of combat like a blade through tissue paper, "Double time the grenades, then keep that thing busy!"

He turns and motions with the glowing staff in his hand at Juggernaut, "Get it's attention but keep your distance, we're going to need you clear of it in a moment." he spins towards where Zoom's body impacted the building and he throws out more commands, "Not Flash!" because honestly at this point who can tell one speedster from another save by the color of their suits? "Containment! Keep that thing from spreading or it's minions from gaining traction outside of this area." then he shoots Grifter a look as one of his hands pats down over his weapons harness as if looking for something special, "Deadeye," his tone flat, "shoot it." because that's a plan.

Now, assuming anyone actually /follows/ his orders… he may have found a way to make this whole thing work. Idly he wonders if saving Staten Island comes with some sort of check…



But there is group of unlikely not-quite-heroes that will not let it get farther than the steps that have already been taken. That's good news. But, as always, where there is good news there's also bad news… for Goozilla, at least.

Goozilla is too busy trying to rampage that there's no way in Goodom that it notices Domino do that run for the Hellhouse thing. It just doesn't get the opportunity. My, what luck!


Goozilla takes a flaming bus to the chest and it burns a hole clean through the giant beast. There's a roar of pain that seems to be a collection of all the various Goomlins that make up this giant thing but it still seems to be in pain. And its not moving towards the city proper any more so that's a good sign. Oh no. it has to try and chase down whatever just threw a bus at it.

Goozilla is contained, for the moment, distracted by buses and Speedster tracks all along its body. There are sections of the giant beast collective that fold and slip away, revealing the randomizing location of Dark Squidweb every time but then they close back up and Dark Squidweb disappears again.

Somebody stop this crazy thing.


"I go by Grifter nowadays," comments Cole, shooting the big goo monster a few more times. Mostly to keep it from noticing the sneaking women. Half charge already? The VAD battery is not unending. But he has two of them.

He almost misses Deathstroke's signal. Hidden target: kill him? Flashback to a lifetime ago. Team 7 was another life. But he remembers. And pays attention.

Domino said something about a squid thing. He barely heard. And… there it is. Man, that one is ugly. And fast. But Cole is one of the fastest guns in the world, and also a crack shoot. So he shoots the big one, but waits, and waits, and eventually the squid flickers within range of his energy guns.

Cole shoots, both guns aiming for the head.


"How's that for getting its attention?!" sneers Juggernaut. Looks like his ego's been repaired. Still need to have a little 'talk' with Donna Troy and Green Lantern….but later. Demonic invasion threatening to devour all of New York..takes priority.

As the giant beast begins to bear down on him, he actually pulls back, taking several large leaps that bound his massive frame over toppled structures and onto a parking garage roof that tilts and sunders at the force of his impact. Not a retreat, but an attempt to comply with what -seems- to be the formation of a plan.

Yes, Juggernaut can be a team player when he wants to be and he knows the setup of a military like operation when he hears one. "Whatever you're gonna do. Do it!"


It's when he lands against the wall that anyone really gets a good look at the yellow suit the Speedster wears; he is, in fact, wearing a suit that's an exact reverse of the Flash. Banana Flash is an apt mocking name for the Reverse-Flash, if one wants to tempt his wrath.

Nonetheless, he shakes his head trying to reorient himself after that slip. Professor Zoom stands up and zooms up to the rooftop, looking the Goozilla over from up there. His eyes trace along the paths he used, mentally trying to build a pathway he could use to reliably go for weak points with vibrational hits. "Too random." He concludes, before he zooms right up to Deathstroke, those red eyes watching the mercenaries own intensely for a moment, "My name is Professor Zoom. Reverse-Flash, if you insist on comparing me to that fool." The wind funnel created by the sudden speed can easily be felt over Deathstrokes skin… both when he arrives, and when he superspeeds away.

Still, his own plans for this creature do require him to disable this creature.

Taking the suggestion of the mercenary to heart, Professor Zoom can be seen zooming around the area, red lightning trailing as he tosses stray goo-gremlins at the Goozilla, trying to contain and concentrate it further.


"Just for the record," Domino says while strolling past patrons and employees alike to collect the indicated box, "this is extremely stupid. Like, you know it's stupid, and that's good, but look at it: it's sucking up whatever we give it, finding ways to weaponize it…"

Those weird, pipped heads flicker through her mind's eye, provoking a shiver; she didn't even have to touch those for them to find some way to reflect her.

"'Extremely stupid' gets results, sometimes, but there's a pretty good chance this'll just kill half of us."

A beat.

"I'm pretty sure these aren't yours, because Patch is… he's giving me a pretty icy grill right now— yeah. Yeah, it's— yeah, it is Grifter." Fingers touch the mic, muffling but not quite muting her. "Right, he— no, I get that, but— yeah, it's— uh-huh— right! Yeah, no, I know; it's a stressful time for all of us, there's a shit Godzilla out there. We say things in the heat of the moment…"

A couple beats later, Domino emerges.

"Yeah, dude, he's definitely been happier than he is right now!"

One by one, the mercenary retrieves, unpins, and lobs grenades into the monster's liquid bulk, dashing around it all the while to find new angles for explosive insertion. Most just sink into its body; one of them, however…

"He's definitely gonna want more of these things! Probably with interest."

… ends up in one of the many folds that appears and disappears across its body, sliding further inside until the squid has a new trinket to admire— until Grifter's bullets burst through the same opening and seed the towering monster's body with rapidly blossoming blue explosions.


A blink and she eyes Slade, "Be better…? Really?! You are going to…" She rolls her eyes and looks over at the thing as she then blinks again, "I don't just keep those on me…often." She pulls out a grenade, "More than one anyway." She then pulls the pin and idly throws it. This grenade was something she'd thought she'd need. It's a flashbang grenade. It might not hurt but it'll keep things busy as she chucks that right for its…uh, hip? Do Goozillas have hips? Either way.


A blink and she eyes Slade, "Be better…? Really?! You are going to…" She rolls her eyes and looks over at the thing as she then blinks again, "I don't just keep those on me…often." Scandal pulls out a grenade, "More than one anyway." She then pulls the pin and idly throws it. This grenade was something she'd thought she'd need. It's a flashbang grenade. It might not hurt but it'll keep things busy as she chucks that right for its…uh, hip? Do Goozillas have hips? Either way.


Deathstroke remains atop the van for a long moment, eyeing the battle field, allowing it all to play out. He's already steps ahead of this, he only has to be certain the others play their part. For a moment, just a small moment, there's a pang in Slade Wilson's chest. This is what he was meant to be, what he does. Killing, that's down right easy, he's the best at that, but this. Right here. Leading people into battle, taking on impossible foes, bringing them low. Before the serum, before the experiments, before Deathstroke and super armor, he was a damned fine soldier. It's almost enough to make an old man smile.

Zoom… he'll remember that. Speedsters can be oh so useful.

"Big guy," he says, watching as people who're known for actively resisting authority, for not following orders, follow his. "how's your throwing arm?" he asks, turning his gaze on Juggernaut. He runs across the top of the van and leaps pushing himself into a graceful twisting arc that lands his booted feet right into the Juggernaut's open palm, "Get me /into/ it, but not through it." he says as the power lance collapses back in on itself and is tucked away into it's place on his thigh. "And don't miss."

His body goes rigid so as not to soak up the force applied to, turning himself into a spear for just an instant, as unstoppable force launches him into the air… Idly, he makes a mental note to investigate the Juggernaut for weaknesses in the future just as he reaches the peak of his arc. Reaching over his shoulder he pulls out the long bastard sword that is his trademark, the dull gray metal of it's blade glinting gently as he begins to fall down towards the inky tar like creature, his form twisting into a dive, sword point leading the way. What sort of madman has hismelf thrown /into/ a giant magical demon Goojira??


Behold! The Terrible Team Up!

As the Ne'er-Do-Wells combine their forces to create a serious problem for the Goozilla? Goojira? Whatever we're calling it these days, there's really not much for the giant beast of many-mini-beasts to do besides… suffer. The arrival of Deathstroke and his sword splits the Goojira down the middle, slicing and cutting a path towards victory. As the Goomlins fall away in various states of pain and anguish, not to mention the collective assault from the other non-heroes gathered, there's simply nowhere for them to turn. The Goomlins are done for.

When all is said and done, the pile of Goomlins continue to writhe and clamber for victory, fighting over each other in an attempt to try and reform to their massive height. This constant state of pain and inability to work together causes the arrival of Dark Squidweb once again.


The chastising Keeper of Zuul hears a cacophony of weapons behind him and turns slowly to see a crowd of collected not-so-nice guys and galls all looking pretty ready to make him no longer exist.

"Oh sh—!!"

Pan up and out of the alley. This isn't going to be pretty.

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