It's a Small World After All

September 27, 2018:

Wolverine and She-Hulk run into each other during some down time between battling demons in NYC

Brookly, New York City

Connected to Manhattan by the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn has a bit
of that 'small town' feel despite it being the city's most populous borough.
When the weather's nice, kids play in the streets under the watch of parents
and older siblings camped out on apartment building porches. Gossip abounds,
and there is definitely a sense of community pride. In recent years, it's
also become a bit more avante garde as more of the hipster and artist
community makes its home there.

In Central Brooklyn, shops and restaurants cater to the diverse ethnic
enclaves. Whatever you want, you can probably find it! The smell of asian
cooking meets shawarma and curry, and more besides, and the store fronts are
that same fascinating blend of cultures. Religious communities and families
all making a go at living together. The Botanic Gardens at Prospect Park
also draw in numerous visitors.

Closest to Manhattan, Northern Brooklyn is more upscale and is home to a
number of public works and important institutions, like the Navy Yard.
Businesses thrive and the people who live here, while busy, tend to be
mostly content.

South Brooklyn is geared more towards tourists, with plenty of resort style
housing, tourist-focused shopping and dining, and the souvenir shops for
which Brooklyn and the famous Coney Island are known.

Plenty of more affordable public housing can be found in Eastern Brooklyn,
and there are a number of cultural monuments to be found that celebrate the
black community there. Crime is a bit higher and there are pockets of
poverty, but all in all it's still Brooklyn.

Welcome to Brooklyn! You're part of the family now.


NPCs: Demons

Mentions: Cyclops Havok


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Fade In…

The corner of 9th Street and 3rd Avenue is usually a haunt where young toughs would hang out, sitting on the stoop of some of the old state houses that'd been abandoned some time ago. It's right there just down the way past the liquor and check cashing stores. Just a few weeks ago a dozen youths would hang around, trade cigarettes, and shoot the breeze while voicing their thoughts about women, and sports, and cars. Not quite Plato's symposium in the exchange of ideas, but there was a certain purity of discussion to be had.
That was, of course, before the demons came. Brooklyn had taken the brunt of some of the overflow from the island, the adventurous creatures that sought to think in the long term and would perhaps seek a home after all the mayhem, manifesting in the area and claiming territory of their own. For the last few days a veritable gang of spined monsters had beset upon this particular neighborhood and chased off most of the locals leaving it a ghost town. Though during their down time, some of the demons gathered there on that same stoop, their armored forms twisting as their bodies sizzled and long tongues quivering as they laughed and spoke to each other. Not knowing how much they mirrored the life of the beings that were here before.
"Those things, they'll kill ya." Sizzle pointed with a sharp talon at the cigar that Spike was holding in one hand.
"Pfft, you tried 'em? They'z great. Reminds mea home."
Sizzle hopped up on one step, small wings unfurling and furling with agitation. "Liez liez. We'z both from the same home, don't remind me."
Spike smirked, fangs dripping with ichor as he took a puff. "Thaz cuz ya didn't try it yet."
"Then gimmit 'ere."
"No wayz. This onez mine. Go get yer own!" Spike snarled, his clubbed tail lashing the air.
Sizzle snorted, "But ya killed the guy who had it!"
"Well where'd he get it from?"
"I dunno!"
"Sounds like yer problem. heh heh."
It seemed like Sizzle was about to say something else when abruptly without warning from above a heavy figure dropped on them both. It crushed the two demons to the ground into the shadows, then there was the sound of metal slicing flesh, short sharp squeaks and squawks. And then silence.

There hasn't been much business going on at the office since the invasion started. Thankfully there still was an office. A demon attack had almost changed that but thankfully Jennifer Walters was on the payroll and in her office at the time of the attempted breach. Shifting to her alter ego, who was not in the employ of her firm, she repelled the attack and took the fight out of the building and to the street. There was a breach, but the wall would be repaired and the office was closed until things were resolved. Both the demons and the damages.
Since then, She-Hulk has spent most of her time on the streets helping to protect innocents while giving the demons a serious beat down. Thus far, most of them were lower than her levels. There had been a couple she'd faced who had presented a challenge. Mainly it was when they attacked in numbers that she ran into problems, simply being overwhelmed. Even with her toughness, she had quite a few scratches on her green skin and a little bruising here and there.
In her travels, she had now made it to the Brooklyn where she strolled down the silent street in search of her prey. She spotted some on the stoop up ahead and started that direction, the surrealism of the scene not lost on her. NYC should never be this quiet. And she shouldn't be looking at demons having a smoke on a stoop. So weird.
Before she got there, a figure fell from the sky. As they disappeared into the shadows, Shulkie took a moment to peek skywards as though hoping to see where he came from. Probably just the rooftop but always best to look for planes or alien spacecraft. Especially spacecraft.
As she listened to the noises, she winced a bit. Then silence. She waited. More silence. She fidgeted, watching those shadows. Finally, her patience as at an end. "Hello? Show yourself! And if you are just another version of those, prepare to join your playmates!" Not her best work but it got the point across.

As her eyes adjust to the dark of the evening and the cast of shadow in that alley, she'll be able to pick up on the outlines, just the silhouettes of the figures in that dark. But then she'll see a figure straighten up from the pile, rising to his feet. Beneath him she can likely make out twisted wings and limbs. One hand pointing upwards as if trying to draw someone's attention to the sky above. But then the figure steps forwards, resolving in the light of the street lamp to a figure in a black form-fitting combat suit complete with gear harness and a single shoulder pack slung over his back. Not quite a demon, though the sweep of his hair back might put one in the mind of horns.
"Don't reckon yer with them, are ya?" He emerges fully and his features might be a touch familiar even as he takes a drag on a cigar that moments ago wasn't his. He ashes it and tilts his head to the side as he considers her. "I mean the green's a nice look, but usually the demons are sharper and pointier." A beat then he adds, "Not quite so… yeah."

"Yeah." Shulkie echoes as she can't hide a bit of a smirk. "That's a good way to describe me. I can be a little overwhelming to folks." She gives a shrug, a lifting of shoulders then a quick drop back to their normal position. She's dressed in a one-piece leotard with purple accent stripes. Over this is worn a pair of low slung jeans. Everything is a bit stained with a small amount greenish liquid and a lot more of the ichor that passes for the demons blood.
"Not a demon. She-Hulk's the name. Bashing is the game. I leave the "Hulk Smash" thing to the other guy." She waves a hand in the air dismissively, as though the other guy isn't worth mentioning really. "But you can call me Shulkie. It's easier. At least that's what I'm told. Though it's the same amount of syllables so who knows."
She glances to the shadows where the former demons rest then back to the man, giving him a quick once over in search of whatever metallic weapon she'd heard in use. He must have it hidden somewhere in his costume. She narrows her green eyes slightly. "Logan, right?"

The man in black grimaces for some reason at the cigar and crushes the life out of the ember on the end with two fingertips, then tosses the thing into the trash bin at the end of that alleyway. He turns back towards her and seems to let the flow of her words drift over him as he takes them in, looking her in the eyes steadily. But when she reaches the last and asks him if that's his name… she'll see his brow furrow with a measure of suspicion.
"Weird, I figured I'da remembered meetin' someone of yer stature." He says that as he starts to walk forwards, stepping towards her and then past, out into the middle of the street as he looks both up and down the way. His nostrils flare for a moment as he then turns on one heel to look back at her. "Seems like mosta the folks have gotten outta dodge." He gestures with a hand forwards and off to the side, "The ones I've been tailing look like they're movin' back to the river and the bridge."
For some reason he doesn't seem to be in a rush to pursue them, as if figuring the demons might have something waiting for them at that bridge. But then he cocks an eyebrow back towards her, "So you takin' in the sights or just out for a nice evening of lootin'?"

"Looting?" Shulkie sounds offended that he would suggest such a thing. "I would not loot or break any other laws." Then she tilts her head. "Well, except the one that says vigilantism is illegal. But I often consult for SHIELD and they let me hit things so I'm thinking I don't fall into the vigilante class since I am allowed to help battle threats when they arise. I'm sure there could be an argument made in court for necessity."
She gives a nod then looks back to him as he approaches, not seeming concerned that he is doing so. His words about having not met someone of her stature sink in. "Oh! You have no idea who I am!" She immediately offers her right hand. Realizing there is some goo on it, she retracts the hand to hurriedly wipe it on the backside of her jeans. Then she looks at it to be sure it is clean before offering it again. "You met me as Jennifer Walters. I prefer this particular look for reasons that are probably pretty obvious. Jennifer wouldn't last a minute out here with these things."
She doesn't have his sense of smell. Her hunting involves wandering around until she finds a monster. Not nearly as effective as his. "I'm out there trying to beat these things back and help people as much as I can. I'm guessing you are doing the same." She motions toward the shadows filled with filet-o'-demon.

"That lil brunette gal?" Logan asks as his expression shifts slightly towards incredulity but then he heaves a small grunt as he looks aside off into the distance as if it's not really that too surprising considering all the things he's seen. But when he looks back at her it's with one eyebrow cocked. "Hnh." Clearly something else is there in his thoughts but he doesn't voice it.
Instead he takes her hand and gives it a good shake, just two short pumps then pulling it away. He rounds and starts to walk down the street, motioning with a nod towards the bridge. "But yeah, Logan. Doin' the same, kinda. Playin' cowboy and bringin' in the strays or makin' sure they don't get too loose. Figure we gotta do this since it's technically…" He seems about to say something else but instead cuts himself off by shooting her another sidelong look.
"You consult for SHIELD too?" He makes another 'hnh' but this one more reflective even as he continues to walk.

Had she mentioned she was a lawyer? Yes. She had not mentioned she was a good poker player too and thus Shulkie is dinging on all these little bits and pieces he is giving off.
The reaction to her change in appearance isn't really that odd. It's pretty normal for anyone when they have seen both her forms. Hard to believe the tiny Jennifer turns into the giant green Jen. Not that they are different people, just one is more the extreme version of the other. Jennifer Ex-Treme! Or something like that.
Consult for SHIELD too is filed away for the moment. They are on the same side if he is telling the truth. She's pretty sure he is but fact-checking to verify would be in order. Having only the name Logan would make it a bit more difficult but it was possible.
What draws her like a moth to a flameor an ambulance chaser to a lawsuitis the 'gotta do this' and how he trails off from the information. "You consult for them too, huh? Small world." She falls into step beside him, just letting him take the lead since he seems to have an idea where he wants to go. Maybe she should've asked if that was okay but she tends to do first then ask forgiveness later when sporting her gamma radiated self. "Is that why you gotta do this? You kinda left that one hanging like a chad in Florida."

"Hah, dating yourself." Logan says as he keeps that same stead pace, his hands at his sides and the fingers of one tensing a little and making a fist perhaps out of some sort of restless energy. He holds up a hand for a moment as he pauses, perhaps urging her to hold position as he again takes a deep breath, turning his head to the side as he senses a shift in the wind.
Shaking his head he looks back towards her, "I dunno if you'd say consult. I know about 'em. Know some of the people that work there. Don't know you though." He again starts forwards, whatever he sensed not setting off any alarms for now. "I mean, I imagine I'd remember you." There's a pause as his lip twists slightly then he adds, "Though my memory ain't always been the sterling best it's been."
"But this stuff all kicked off in Mutant Town. I figure there's a sorta social obligation there." That might have been what he meant. Might not have been too.

When he motions, she goes completely still. Shulkie has worked with enough heroes, law enforcement and even military from time to time. She can follow orders. Anther thing that sets her apart from her cousin. He might sometimes but it isn't his strong suit. The pun in there wasn't lost on her either as the thoughts ran through her brain like rats seeking the peanut butter at the end of the maze. Because it would not be cheese since they liked peanut butter better. Or maybe that was her.
Mutant Town. And he'd been at Xavier's. Obligation as a mutant. That's where her brain follows that to so he must be one. Not that she cares. Green skinned giant amazonian women didn't judge others for being different. Truthfully, Jennifer Walters never did either, even before her blood was infused with gamma radiation. She doesn't read more into things than that.
She does snort though as she continues walk as though they are just out for a stroll in the park. "And I'm not dating myself. There were quite a few legal cases surrounding that historic event and I studied them in law school."

"Don't worry," Logan says as he moves forwards and around that corner it brings them within eye shot of the Brooklyn bridge, standing ominous against the skyline without the power currently on to illuminate it. But one can still see some hints of light now and again. He nods over towards the long aluminum and steel seat of a bus stop bench that sits there facing the bridge, then makes his way in that direction. "I won't tell yer pals at SHIELD you lie about your age."
That said he climbs up the bench and sits on the back of it, his blue eyes distant for a time. Then, abruptly, there's a /flash/ of light from on that bridge. a tear-drop shaped lance of energy that seems to fire over and over for a time, then it goes dark again. "There we go. Havok doin' his thing." He looks back sidelong towards her, "Things should be calmin' down a bit. At least on this side of the river."

As he settles in, Shulkie frowns a little then looks off toward the distant iconic landmark. She can't see anything that is going on, just those bits of light from time to time. Then the big flash which makes her wince slightly at the sudden brightness. "Havok?" It sounds like a person. Must be a codename. One she isn't familiar with at all, not travelling in the X-Circles.
She settles on the bench the proper way, sitting on the seat. It groans a little at the weight of the two people taking up space but holds. "A friend of yours, I take it?"
She doesn't address the age comment because it isn't worth answering. She knows better. She doesn't care if he doesn't. Well, not really.

"Ehn, sorta?" Logan says as he leans forwards, resting his elbows on his knees and knitting the leatherclad fingers of his gloves together. "He's mostly alright. His brother though…" He lifts a hand and sort of flares it to the side as if brushing something off. Then he gestures with a nod towards the bridge and murmurs. "He's holding there I figure. Backup's near if needs be." He shifts his weight to the side and eyes her sidelong for a moment, then back.
"So, you and the Hulk. Didn't think his thing was a genetic thing? Thought it was a crazy super science wacko thing." He meets her gaze for a moment, as if plumbing the depths of her thoughts but then looks away. "Or did you run off and make a bomb of your own ta hug?"

"Don't knock bomb hugging. Figured we need to do something to be the opposite of a tree hugger it was there looking at pointy and needing some love." She snorts though, letting the sarcasm fade and falling back into a more normal conversational tone. "Not genetic. Exposure to gamma radiation in a slightly different manner." She's not going to say she's actually related to the Hulk. Because, after all, that might have him linking Hulk to her cousin and that's what she is trying to avoid. "In the end, I ended up going all crazy and giant and green. But then I realized I wasn't crazy or angry. It was just all my emotions are kind of on overdrive when I take this form." She leans back on the bench, stretching her legs out in front of her as she continues to watch the bridge. "Once I figured that out, I was able to just go with the flow. Surf those waves and adjust appropriately. Unlike the other guy. He seems to have the most severe anger management issues I've ever seen." She shrugs. "Or maybe I just don't have as much to be angry about. I love being like this. More than I was."

He'll listen, and to his credit he follows along with a nod here or there. But then he offers a snort of a laugh, barely there and more just an exhalation as he looks away. "Yeah, he's a smidge high strung." Perhaps, in all the history of the world, nobody has ever spoken of the Hulk as being 'high strung' until now. But Logan goes on a touch as he again flexes that one hand, the fist making faint cartilaginous crackling noises. "Then again…" He rubs at the bridge of his nose with a leatherclad fingertip, "Somethin' ta be said about the whole wild feral side of yer brain and all. Good to let go now and again."
He eyes her sidelong, blue eyes dropping down then back up to meet her eyes as he says. "Though for most folks I imagine that involves a lotta exercise and listenin' ta loud music." He smirks and looks away. "For you, it'd probably end up with whatever neighborhood yer in needin' ta be rebuilt."

"Actually, you hit that one right on the head," Shulkie says as she glances over at the hand that is making so much noise. "You might want to get that checked. That much snap, crackle and pop isn't normal." Then she glances back up at him.
"I jog. A lot. Around Manhattan." She points her finger toward the ground and moves it in a circular motion as though to demonstrate what around is. Why do people do that anyway? "While listening to loud music. Doing this," she motions to the world around them. "Let's me tap into that side of myself and cut loose a bit. Keeps it from getting all bottled up and blowing, kinda like a release valve. Thus saving neighborhoods. Most of the time. Depends on who I am fighting and if they respect property values," she adds with a hint of a smile.
"What about you? Got a wild side hidden in that jumpsuit anywhere?"

Another snort half-laugh as he looks away, "You… could say that." He scrunches one eye shut as he eyeballs the street they're on, looking up and down it. "Not exactly somethin' I indulge in in polite society." He offers with a slight curl to his lip indicating a hint of sardonic humor but his eyes are distant with a small touch of something sour. Then sidelong towards her he smirks a bit, "Sometimes I work on cars, but ya already know that."
That said he pushes himself up and off that bus stop bench, the fireworks having already ended since there's been no follow up blasts. He changes the subject by gesturing with one hand across the way. "So, you figure that if I go and snag a six pack from that package store across the way, that'd be lootin?" He asks even as he's already walking. "Even if I slip a twenty under the register or whatever?"

"If you provide legal tender, it wouldn't be. It looks like they are still open." At least, going by the sign in the window, they are. They might not have anyone inside but whoever had been there had vacated in a hurry. They didn't turn the sign over to expose Closed to those on the sidewalk. They probably didn't lock the door either. "Since they are technically still open for business, purchasing a six pack wouldn't be amiss."
Shulkie remains resting where she is, not following him this time. Because she isn't a puppy even if she has resembled one since meeting him. A large, green puppy, trailing along with him as he led the way. Not like she had anything better to do until she found some more demons and the pickings had been scarce before she'd reached this street.
Maybe this area would be okay for a while. She should head to another borough, see what she could do there.

"You might be right," Logan says over his shoulder even as he walks towards the shattered front door of that package store. He at first tries to open the door itself only to find it stuck, but then turns his shoulders to slip between the broken glass and the twisted metal of the barricade. He disappears from view even as he moves in, not making any noise despite the debris on the ground.
It only takes him a handful of moments, perhaps three or four minutes before she might see him emerging again through that door, carrying in one hand a six pack with white and yellow packaging. He walks back and as he does so he holds it up as if presenting it towards her, or at least the brand label. "S'all they had. Still cold though." Corona Light.
A bottle is pulled from the cardboard container and he tosses it to her underhand then takes one out for himself. The sixpack is set back on the bench seat between them as he clambors back up onto his spot from before and twists off the cap that technically isn't a twist cap.

"I should probably warn you," Shulkie says as she catches her bottle. She puts her thumb against the edge of the cap and gives the tiniest of flicks. The cap flies off to land on the ground nearby. She'll pick it up later. That thought makes her smirk at herself. In all the debris and disaster around her, she's worrying about littering a bottle cap. It was funny.
"If you are trying to ply me with liquor so you can have your way with me, it's not gonna work. Kinda can't get drunk anymore. Which is really sad if I think about it too much." Not that she got drunk much in the first place. She wasn't the out-of-her-mind type. Too much of a control freak in some ways to let go entirely, even back in college. She's just teasing of course, and hopefully that comes across in her tone.
"Needs lime but it'll have to do. Beggars and crime fighters can't be picky." She holds up her bottle his direction in a mock toast. "To new friends?"

"Heh," Another snort as he shakes his head, but this time she earns an eyeroll as he leans to the side and /clinks/ his bottle against hers. He tilts it back and takes a few swallows then sets it down to rest on his knee. He says sharply, amusedly as he holds up a finger, "First off. She Hulk." He turns to look at her sidelong, "If I was tryin' ta ply you with anythin' like this…" He nudges the sixpack with the toe of his boot, causing the bottles to clink faintly. "Even in your shorter shape of self, I'd need about three more six packs. We're drinkin' mainly beer-flavored water here."
Another sip is taken, "But," He looks back towards the bridge for a time, takes another swallow. "My usual approach is somethin' more akin ta waitin' for the right moment. Proper romantic setting like a hockey game or ice fishin'. Then lean in and whisper softly," He tilts his head to the side and lowers his voice as he murmurs, "So uh, ya wanna?"
A snap of his fingers, "Works, every time."

Taking a long swig off her bottle, which means about half of it is gone like that, Shulkie listens to his commentary then looks over to him as he explains his usual approach. Her eyebrows go up in surprise as he gives away his line that works everytime.
The reaction is probably what he was hoping for. She laughs, a sound that is not at all befitting their current surroundings. It's impossible not to. The image of him doing that in the middle of a hockey gameshe mentally has the players in a brawl on the ice at that precise moment for effectand the sheer lack of romance in his romantic setting just hits her funny bone.
She reaches up a hand to fan herself, more for the word she is about to say than for the need to try and get her giggles under control. "Oh be still my heart! How could a girl ever say no to such a moment of pure romance and such words of seduction! You could give Shakespeare a run for his money. Or at least do better than those folks down at Hallmark."

"Don't worry," Logan says as he takes another swig from his beer and savors it, making a soft 'ahh' sound to himself as he finishes it, then unrepentantly reaches for another. "I only use my powers for good and all that." That having been said he sets the empty back into the cardboard sleeve and rests his hand over the top of the second bottle. He twists that cap off as well, but doesn't take a drink from this one, not at first at least.
"If the super hero vigilante social pariah gig stops payin' so well I'll give a thought to. I dunno, writin' screenplays or somethin'. Maybe young adult fiction." His lip twists at the last. But, to be fair, he's playing as the straight man pretty decently.
A sidelong glance, "And you? What's your go to technique?" He kicks at the edge of the bench a little then eyes her with a smirk. "Somethin' about gamma radiation and if you like that, wait til ya enjoy the afterglow? Or somethin'?"

"Oh nothing that fancy," Shulkie admits, the smile never fading as she brings up the bottle to finish off her beer. Then she adds the empty to the carton as he had. She picks up another and flicks the cap off as she did the first time, watching it roll to join the first on the ground out in front of her.
"If I start getting the right signals from a guy, I don't usually bother with the whole word thing at all. Words are my work. Actions are better for my fun." She takes a swig of the Corona Light before she continues, looking over at him again. "And let's be honest, it isn't hard for me to get signals from a guy. At least, looking like this I usually don't have a problem. Lots of women too. Not my sort of thing but can't help it if they find me appealing. It's weird though. Not sure why people find me attractive. I mean I'm green. That isn't a normal pigment in polite society. And I'm a bit tall. Don't get me wrong, I know I'm pretty damn hot but you would think that might be a deterrant for some people."
She shrugs. "Anyway, I generally just pick the guy up over my shoulder and carry him to the bedroom. Or nearest suitable surface that won't break easily."

Another heh slips from him as he looks at his beer for a moment, then tilts it back up and takes a nice long swig of it. He ponders the world with a far away look for a bit then he tells her, "Well I imagine that simplifies the process." He then turns his blue eyes back to her, that smirk having settled at home just at the corner of his mouth, "I mean, don't get me wrong, not as romantic as my ideas and all. But you gotta do you." He nods a few times.
Of course he's about to say something else when his brow furrows and he touches a finger to the side of his ear. His brow knits as he looks away, and if she were listening close she might well hear a quiet white noise of something on the other end of that earpiece. Whatever's said is enough to cause Logan to scowl a bit and he replies, "You got lousy timing, Cyke." Another moment and he scowls then he says, "Alright, be right there."
He pushes forwards, hopping off the bench and gesturing towards She-Hulk with his bottle. "Do me a favor and finish up the others. I gotta run."

As he is contacted, Shulkie watches him closely during the conversation. She hadn't realized he had some sort of a comm unit going on. And here she was out here all on her own. She should've realized with how much he knew about the bridge and the happenings there.
He had mentioned others.
Cyke. Cyclops? And he was at the school? Things clicked together and she smiled a bit as she took a swig of her beer. She had just recently been approached by the X-Men about helping with any legal matters they might run into. Things just had clicked a bit more for her since she could now assume this man was, at the very least, an ally to them. At the most, he was an X-Man.
"Should have known," she mutters as she shakes her head a little. "He does have lousy timing and I'm going to tell him that next time I see him," she points out as she tilts her head. "So if a gal wanted to call you in the future, when timing might be better and a demon invasion hopefully won't interrupt things, what number might she use? The school or something a bit more private so everyone in the Guidance Counsellor's office doesn't know about it?"

The X-Man had just been checking the pack over his shoulder, but then when she starts to speak as if she knows Cyclops that earns her a squinting look, but then a smirk as he connects the two. He lifts a hand to wave off her concern, "S'nothin." About her mentioning to the fellow his bad timing. But then she asks her questions and he eyes her a moment, but then smiles a little. "I don't know. Maybe I'd want them to know?"
As he says this he again squeezes that one fist, causing it to make that uncomfortable crackle again, wincing slightly. He looks back to her. "But yah. Call there… and then who knows?" He steps away, walking backwards with his arms wide as he smiles crookedly at her, "Heck, I hear the Islanders are playin' upstate. Shoot for the moon, She-Hulk." That said he turns and he starts to run off.

"Oh now that sort of temptation should not be laid before one with inpulse control problems. I am going to show up at the Guidance Counsellor's office in something that'll get the tongues wagging." That could be taken as verbally or literally. Shulkie meant it as both. She shrugs, that good natured smile still there as she remains reclined on the bench. She has a couple more beers to finish after all.
"You may want to get a pair of tickets for that game," she yells after him. Then as he gets further way, she raise her beer in a salute. "To you and your cute little ass." Yes, she just objectified him. Get over it.

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