Masterson Mansion Magic

September 27, 2018:

Batman, Nightwing, and Spoiler seek to find out more about what is going on at the Masterson Mansion and what it has to do with the Arrow and Claw killings.

Masterson Estate

The Masterons family estate was a lavish thing, sitting on nearly 100 acres
of both open land and forest, it was clear that the family has done well for
itself. The front acreage meant to show off and entertain, the back acreage
is for hunting. The mansion itself, a stretched 80,000 square feet could
accomodate not just the family but any number of guests they had along with
various ways to entertain. Many of the people who worked at the mansion
lived directly on site with their needs all provided for.

The ballroom, however, was Masteron's pride and joy. Decorated to give a
sense of the wild to go with the sense of decorum the room mixed equal parts
hunting expedition with upper class expectations. A large banquet area was
constantly attended by servants that were serving dishes from around the
world all focused on animals that the Mastersons have hunted in the past, a
small orchestra is playing music that is both elegant and yet offers a sense
of excitment along with seating areas to sit and enjoy the professionals
play. Many more areas are spread out throughout the ballroom to offer places
where one can sit and speak in semi-privacy, various plants (all real and
maintained) create areas that are both open and yet give a sense of

The central area is reserved for a place to dance where many can stand and
dance to the original score that Masterson himself paid for.

The left of the ballroom opens up to a patio overlooking the hunting area
below along with many placed telescopes and binoculars to allow guests to
observe the various animals that are allowed to roam freely in the back
area, only blocked off by an invisible electrical field and implants within
each animal to prevent them from roaming beyond their invisible enclosure.


NPCs: Alan Masterson, Alex Masterson, and Lamb and Wolf



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Fade In…

The Masterson party had come and gone. As far as Alan Masterson was concerned it was a disaster though publically he'd declare it a complete success. The little outburst by his son had shown a bit of instability in his plans and things were not as perfect as he'd have everyone believe. Now, two days after the incident, the mansion is far quieter than it had been. The vast estate was still as it had been before with the change that instead of welcoming people moving around the place, there were now simply more guards and less servants. Masterson was not really expecting company but there were no chances he was willing to take. As the moon climbs high up into the sky, a slight overcast of clouds paints the estate in bright white and shadowy black that moves slowly along the ground like a herd of animals meandering along.


That outburst and the fact that Bruce and Dick are rather perceptive certainly put them on alert about the Mastersons. After that party, there was some planning and then they descended. As a man who believes that everything is won by the one who is most prepared, he has come outfitted and ready for quite a lot of events when dealing with supernatural hunters.

Seeing how there are enhanced guards amongst the property, Batman's suspicions are becoming far more crystallized. From the back of the state by the wooded property, two of the Bat Family wait, hidden by the shadows and wait for the perfect moment. When the shadows pass by at the right time, Batman takes a leap from the edge of a branch, letting his cape extend and flutter like a parachute to help him land.

With continually movement, he makes for the back patio. After a quick check for alarms, he'll find a way inside.


It is no easy task being a hired guard. It tends to be rather… boring. Long stretches with absolutely nothing to do, staring at the same surroundings for hours on end. It can be downright mind-numbing. It's human nature really. Constant vigilance is almost impossible to maintain, especially when no threat actually presents itself. There is no guarantee of any threat at all. In some cases a guard might never see or hear anything remotely resembling a threat. Sometimes, no matter how much you think someone might want something, no one ever comes for it.

Sometimes they do though. It's not that the guards are in anyway deficient. They might not be the very best money can by, but under most circumstances they would probably be entirely adequate for the task. It's just that Gotham's Dark Knight and his original sidekick need a little more than adequate to keep them from going some place they feel they must. And Nightwing definitely feels that they must go here. If the other night and the scene at the party didn't convince him, his little discussion with 'Death' during his harrowing flight through the city definitely would have convinced him. So here he is.

He takes a slightly divergent path then Batman. Sometimes the whole 'step where I step' is essential. In this case their odds of getting through are slightly increased if they go their own way. Afterall, a guard could always get lucky. So Nightwing slinks from shadow to shadow — little more then an animated shadow himself as he darts across the estate grounds, reaching the patio only moments after his mentor, giving him a slightly nod before turning, crouching and keeping his eyes on the ground — watching for threats while Batman deals with the security system.


There is an alarm but it is easily disabled. The alarm is simply a connection at the door of two magnets that alerts someone if the doors are opened. It's not exciting and usually doesn't have to be. After all, most people aren't going in through a second story patio entrance if they are stealing and how could anyone believe that the Batman was going to show up here. After all, surely he has bigger issues.

Once they are inside, they see the light of a guard moving through the ballroom, stopping and looking over the large bear that Alan Masterson was so proud of. The southern man had it proudly presented for all to see in his ballroom and there it remains, set in a menacing pose as it had been before, standing on a rock formation with a claw raised and mouth openin a roar. It was not the typical standing bear, paws up that many are used to but to those that know, it was a far more realistic pose.

After a few moments, the man simply reaches up and speaks into his mic, "All clear." And he starts for the exit of the ballroom, shaking his head, "Creepy ass thing." He chuckles, "Almost looks alive." And he gruffly walks out the door, leaving it open as he moves on.


Checking doors and windows and creases, Batman is quick to find the simple alarm. With a quick few turns of his fingers he disables the magnets. With a soft touch on the handle, the patio door opens outward a crack and he looks back over his shoulder to Nightwing. It's brief and there is no need for a verbal signal. They're going in.

As he is accustomed, he enters first and is quick to make for the shadows cast by the shelves and the walls. Standing as stock still as he is at the moment, he could be mistaken for a creepy ass statute himself. Patient, he wits for the guard to walk out the door and then makes his way toward the bear statute. It caught his eye when he was here for the party last and now he wants a closer look. He is confident that Nightwing will follow competently and have his back while they inspect.

He's quick to scan it for anything strange or out of the ordinary. With a quirk of his finger, he gestures for the other man to make a search for anything else that might be out of the ordinary.


It helps, of course, to be able to see in darkness very much like it is day. Sure, those starlite lense inserts in his mask cast the world in a greenish glow, but it is still better then stumbling around blindly in unfamiliar territory. In the dark. They get the best toys to play with. So when the lock is disabled, Nightwing falls in behind his mentor, still covering the rear and letting him worry about what lies ahead for the moment.

Freezing in place as the guard completes his sweep, Nightwing doesn't even rolls his eyes as the man gives the all clear. He's not going to complain about a shoddy job being done. Not when the alternative means being shot at. All things considered, that's something that is good to avoid. But as soon as he has the chance, he swiftly and silently follows the Dark Knight over to the statue, giving it a once over, one corner of his mouth curled up ever so slightly in distaste. He's never bothered to pretend to be made of granite. If a little human emotion slips through, he's a-okay with that. "Anything out of place?" he murmurs softly as he slips behind the display himself, adding his own observation to the cause. The son might be their best chance to get to the bottom of this. It doesn't mean he is the only one.


The thing is not a statue at all. It's the real deal. This is most definitely the bear that Alan was bragging about before his son interrupted the whole thing with his outburst. The examination brings very little at first, it's a bear. It's furry, it's dead. Then…something catches Batman's scanner. On the outstretched claw. The HUD in his mask indicates on the second claw. The alert? Blood. There's cleaning agents, polishing agents, but no matter how hard you try to clean off blood it always seems to like to stick around even just a little bit. And right at the tip of that second claw it is there.

Something else that Nightwing would notice upon going around the otherside of the display, he'd see that the fur of the bear looks pristine. Whoever did this did an amazing job but where one might expect to find the bulletwounds that would have felled the creature, they aren't there. Nothing around the side or the neck…and then he feels something. The fur in an area was fake and for good reason. It was the gunshot wound cover up. Some of the bloodier parts has to be removed and replaced but there's a feeling of where the bullet wounds were. The problem was, they were not in the side. They were in the chest of the bear. Underneath the bear. Then comes back bits of the story that Alan rambled off a couple of times that night (even a few more when he came back to the party later on).

"I caught the bear's flank but it was Alex who put it down. He shot it in the side! Pierced a lung and the heart."

And yet, clearly the point of entry for the bullets was in the center of the chest.


As Batman scans the stuffed creature, his eyes narrow on the claws. "Blood," he tells Nightwing. "They tried to clean it, but the residue is still there. It's older than the party, for sure." Frowning, he glances around the space some more, stepping back and moving toward the doorway to gesture in the last member of their investigative team.

Then, he's back to Nightwing and waiting for his own analysis. "What did you find?" Things are certainly strange in the Masterson's House but he can't quite put a finger on what it is that is going on.


Spoiler steps through as she's beckoned. Like the others, she scans her surroundings, eyes taking in what her HUD can tell her as she moves in. Batman's comment of blood has the blonde looking over to see for herself before doing a quick and silent look around for any other droplets in the immediate area. She's not really sure what she's looking for, but when called in to assist, she'll do her best to offer something useful.


To often investigators will rely on only one sense, their sense of sight, to try and figure out what happened. It's understandable, it is often the most useful. But doing so limits you. Fortunately Nightwing had a somewhat more exacting instructor, one that insured he wouldn't make all the customary mistakes. So after his visual survey, he moves on. He's not expecting there to be any useful scents, but the tactile part of the program — that yields some useful results. Potentially at least.

"The story Masterson was telling, it doesn't add up. There are wounds here on the underside, the bear's chest. He said it was shot in the side," he says lowly, still feeling about to make sure that he's learned every. "It might be nothing. He might have just thought it would make a better story, but that seems odd. If it was rearing up and they took it flush in the chest, that would seem more dramatic then the version they told," he says with a small head shake. It's hardly definitive, might mean nothing but that Masterson is a big ol' liar. But an inconsistency is a good place to start.


Nightwing's find is met with a quick nod. "Things aren't adding up. Check the wound. Perhaps there's something there." Batman rubs at the claw with the claw that still maintains the blood imprint, attempting to get some sort of feel for it. Then, he pulls out a Q-tip dipped with a chemical. He swipes at the claw with it, puts it in a tube and then hides it back onto his utility belt.

"Spoiler, there are guards that keep patrolling, make sure we're not taken by surprise."


Forensics. Spoiler watches Batman start his forensic gathering for half a heartbeat before she looks back up to continue serving the area.

"I'll stay on coms," she confirms to her mentor, chin tipping down slightly. She turns on her heel, grapple pulled to get herself up and to a vantage point she can watch from.


A little nod is tossed Spoiler's way as she sets up, giving them a chance to focus on the work. Still crouching, Nightwing feels about, seeking out those barely discernable wounds that have been so masterfully concealed. That effort however is not turning up much at all, however, the strangeness, the inconsistency seemingly already revealled. But before he can stand up and let Batman know that he's not finding anything else he abruptly freezes in place. The hair on the back of his neck stands up and he tilts his head as if listening to something.

"They're here," he says lowly, letting his subvocal mic carry his words not just to the Dark Knight but to Spoiler as well.

"Well, maybe they're not here yet. But they're on their way. We need to go to them. The son for sure, maybe the father too. They're the key. He's being hunted just like me and they intend to take him," he states, voice full of conviction. And without waiting for orders — or even a reply — he turns towards the doors leading out of the ballroom and presumably towards the family's quarters.


Spoiler is the first to notice. There's a sudden uproar. Guards are starting to be called and move faster around the Estate. As she steps out and starts to move out, Spoiler can see them moving and speaking into their mics. Several are heading away from the mansion toward the woods and others are heading in the front door. The words 'Intruders' are heard many times…and yet strangely none of them look up towared the ballroom or even seem to necessarily be heading toward the stairs that take them up to the grand patio area.

Inside, even as Nightwing searches a little more and talks about incoming, he can hear hurried steps out in the corridor. Men are coming, at least two and one is familiar. The voice of Alan Masterson can be heard.

"Damnable bitch!" He calls out angrily, "You better get your men straight and be prepared. This is what I talked about. This meta and her pet are powerful. Do not hestiate to use lethal force and I do mean…URGH." The man grunts angrily and then there's a scuffling sound outside the ballroom before an angry, "Get the hell off of me…" another grunt, "…and do your damn job!" That southern accent stronger than usual and filled with pain. Then the ballroom door begins to swing open.


"Incoming, main doorway," Spoiler says softly into her coms, eyes skimming over the angered crowd. Numbers and locations and armaments are being relayed. She's played overwatch before, providing information for hte others to act on. So she stays put fo rhte moment to gather all the information she can.


The alerts from both Nightwing and Spoiler are met with a frown. He straightens and then moves toward the stairs, keeping to the shadows. The shouts and other commotion are certainly heard and the Bat does not intervene until he starts to hear scuffling.

He gives a quick look to Spoiler and Nightwing. "I'll take point, hide and attack at opportunity." Having one big target and others hiding always makes for better odds. As the ballroom door starts to swing open, he steps forward, helping it open wider and then stepping back. Standing tall and making sure the light is silhouetting him in a rather dramatic pose to ensure all eyes are on him and not the others.


He's marked. Literally. There is a mystic brand on his shoulder that seemingly can not be removed — except perhaps by the one who put it there. The Lamb. So it is a little hard not to take the whole thing personal. He has been chased and hunted by his enemies and poked and proded by his allies. He has a link to it and sometimes that works against him. But tonight, maybe it is working for him. So it takes a great deal of discipline to do as Batman instructs instead of barrelling through the door on his own. He may believe that he knows what needs to be done here. But he's not an idiot.

Still, a slight grimace crosses his face at Bruce's instructions and he stopjust shy of the doors, sliding instead to the thicker shadows that lay heavily around the wall, taking up position by a display case there. Waiting instead of acting. Even if for only a few seconds. It's the smart play, but it's still vexxing.

When the doors swing open he tenses, a coiled spring readily to release, those instructions just barely holding him in check as he waits for the opportune moment.


"Acknowledged," Spoiler murmurs as she slips back in, keeping high and in the shadows. She takes the precious half-seconds she has to prepare herself, keeping loose and ready. She'll drop from the ceiling when the opportunity presents itself.


What Spoiler sees as far as guns go are not what one might call street legal…but the Mastersons are gun dealers (weapons dealers more like it). They have some of the best toys. What look like large hand guns at the security's side quickly unfold into full on sub-machine guns. A few men aren't even playing as they come out into the estate's open grounds with full on assault rifles. These people are gearing up.

What comes into the ballroom though, is not what they might have expected. A man comes stumbling in, Alan Masterson and he is grinding his teeth as he says, "You ain't supposed to be able to come here…you…" He steps back and stares forward at what he sees. He blinks slowly as he holds a hand to his chest. His chest…his shirt. It's a business suit, jacket opened and shirt slightly dissheveled. Under his hand is blood red. Oozing blood against the shirt as Masterson stumbles back away from the figure in the darkness and he shakes his head, "What the hell are you doin' here!?" He quickly closes his jacket up, hiding his hand and trying to cover the stain of blood, "You ain't got any business here, Batman." He stands up straighter as he hides his bloodied hand and points with his right hand, "Wait…what did you do? It's you ain't it. You brought them here." He nods his head, "Are you workin' with that bitch and her wolf?"


While Batman was expecting a fight, the stain of blood on Masterson's shirt is easily identified. "You're injured." It's an obvious statement, however sometimes that needs to be said in order to move things along.

Frowning, he shakes his head. "I'm not working with the hunters, however I certainly believe you are somehow involved with them." Reaching forward, he attempts to grab for Masterson to try and administer some help to ensure he doesn't bleed out.

"What happened? How did you get that wound?"


High above the 'action', Spoiler listens in, using her HUD's eye tracking to start recording audio-video. Otherwise,s he's silent and still.


They're at the heart of it. He is certain of it. It's not just because both father and son are disagreeable, it's not because of their detestable line of business. He just knows. With it obvious that there is no need to spring an ambush — at least not of the violently physical kind — Nightwing storms out of his place of concealment, barrelling down on the injured man. Batman can worry about that. This time, this time he'll be the bad cop.

"Who were you talking to Masterson? What did you do? What did you do to call down those monsters on the people of Gotham? And where's your son?" he asks, biting out each word slowly, no rush of questions here, no confused bable. Every word is clear and distinct, as is the unspoken threat etched across Nightwing's masked features.

With just as much deliberateness he reaches back over his shoulder, pulling his escrima sticks free.


The men outside in the woods open fire. Spoiler can see it. Something is moving in the woods and weapons are free. There's a yell and a scream from the woods. The sound of someone being taken down by something big, growly, and angry follows as even more gunfire makes parts of the woods light up. Inside, things are happening a bit differently.

Batman's reach for the man is met with air as the man jumps back and states, "That ain't your concern." He glares at Nightwing and whips out his bloodied hand and drops suddenly to slam it into the ground. "Indespictus Murus!" He states in latin and the doorway glows brightly for a moment before a shimmering light seems to cover the doorway. If checked it is as solid as a concrete wall, "You ain't the only with tricks Batman." He looks past Batman and Nightwing toward the woods as the gunfire is heard beofre he looks to Nightwing and grins.

"It's you, you brought them here. THey'd never've gotten in if it weren't for you sneakin' in like that…" He grabs out a small walkie with his clean hand and states, "Get Alex and my chopper ready. We're leavin'." He then turns and starts off away from the pair, "Good luck, Batman. You're gonna need it…"


Despite missing in his grab, Batman is not the sort to simply stop. He advances now. Before he was almost concerned, now it is menacing. Immediately he attempts to pass through the door only to find it almost solid. He's not the only one with tricks, but he is also not alone. It seems clear that Masterson has heard both himself and Nightwing, but Spoiler has kept herself properly hidden. "The back," he orders. While one entrance may be closed, others can remain open. They can still catch up if they go off the balcony.

"We didn't bring them here, Alan. We're here to help. Take down the barrier and let us through. Otherwise there will be more bloodshed."

They'll need help? Batman frowns and immediately looks to the stuffed bear, expecting it to come to life and then turns back to Alan. "Masterson, we're here to help, don't do this."


"Listen to him," Nightwing urges, though the intensity in both his voice and posture is undiminished. For the moment though the escrima sticks are fixed back in place while he advances on the doorway that has somehow become solid. Which looked suspiciously like magic. Because they weren't already dealing with enough of that from the Lamb and the Wolf.

"We can help. Just tell us what happened. Your son's life might depend on it," he says, offering a spoonful of reason to the implicit threat. Meanwhile, he stealthily slips open one of the compartments in his gauntlets, a shaped charge falling into his hand. He'll give reason a go. Otherwise, well, they can always make their own doorway if they have to.


Looking back briefly, Masterson stares at the pair a moment and grins, "Oh is he?" He asks and tilts his head, "Really?" He then looks where Batman looks and grins a little wider, "Good idea, Batman." He idly pulls open his jacket and opens up his shirt a little. What they see are…claw marks. Nasty, big claw marks. Not gushing blood but oozing it. He reaches up and runs his finger along the mark and then holds up his hand, "Et vivifica saevira!"

The words echo and almost sound odd in that southern accent. The man turns and keeps walking, "Sionara. You two just became my sacraficial lambs…" And then Batman will feel a wince in his right shoulder. A burning sensation as Alan slams his bloodied hand against his right shoulder.

Moments later, Batman will feel an odd sensation but one he has felt before. He is being hunted…watched. And if they look in the right spectrum. Batman's shoulder is graced by a familiar mark…of course. That's not hteir only problem.

A deep rolling growl comes from where the bear stood and the head of the once dead bear slowly turns to glare at the pair. It stretches and creaks, moving bones, ligaments, and the like that weren't even technically all there just moments ago. Its jaw working as it growls.

Meanwhile, outside? Spoiler will be able to see the terror of what is quickly closing. An anthromorphic lamb in a wolf mask with a bow dancing along the ground at high speed even as a shadowy, bear sized black wolf skates along ahead of her in a lamb mask, aiming right for the ballroom.


Batman hates it when he's right. That's not at all true, but in times like this he wishes he was less right. As the bear roars to life behind him, Batman's eyes narrow. "What did you do, Masterson?" He yells at the man as he retreats.

The mark flares on his shoulder and he doesn't have to look to assume that what previously has happened to Dick is now effecting him. This is not at all ideal, but he looks to Nightwing and then to Spoiler. "Try the patio," he tells them. If they can escape that way, that is certainly the best way to circle back on Masterson and avoid the reanimated bear. Batman doesn't generally do much with magic, though he knows a few things about it. He leaves the magical barrier that keeps him out of the front doors of the ballroom and instead reaches into his utility belt. First, he pulls out a zippo lighter. Then, he takes out a small vial of oil and tosses it at the bear, the lighter quickly following.

"Thoughts?" He glances at Dick as he continues to back away from the created bear.


Fire is never a bad idea when dealing with mystical animals. True, it didn't seem to bother the Wolf a lot when he dropped a bomb on it's head, but this may only be an animated carcass instead of a mystic beast in truth. Which is good. Dick might have grown up in a circus but he has no real desire to wrestle a bear. Especially a dead one. "I like the fire," he offers. Probably not the sort of thoughts that Bruce was looking for.

For his part, Nightwing doesn't really hesitate. He simply steps up to the blocked doorway, presses the shaped charge against the wall beside it before making for the cover offered by the display case once more. "You take the patio. I'll follow after him. Maybe we can cut him off before he gets away," he suggests. Or before they get hunted down. That would be a plus too. Three… Two… One…


The blast shakes the room and blasts a hole in the wall. The spell bars the door but it certainly doesn't bar the wall. With Batman going one way and Nightwing the other…and the bear being on fire, it doesn't know what to do. The animated bear had come down to start attacking, roaring in defiance only to get hit with a bit of oil and fire and then be distracted by the blast. The bear goes even more wild than it was planning to go. Between the two, it wants to get the one that set it on fire and was its original target. So, as Batman rushes out on to the patio, it rushes after.

Even as Nightwing will find the corridor free of hinderance, he does spot a handprint of blood on the ground and one on the wall. Likely from Alan's casting. A helicopter can be heard in the distance as well.

Batman can hear that helicopter, too, but he can also hear a howling and a laughing, sing song voice with it. "Batman…" More laughter, "You truly believe yourself to be that…never would I have thought that to be your true name…" The voice laughs again and then it lands lightly on the patio railing even as it aims its bow his way. Of course, Batman now has a rooftop above him with Spoiler near, a helicopter taking off on teh otherside of the compound, a firey bear roaring at his back, and the spirits of Death before him. Not necessarily a good spot for him right up until…

KABOOM! Another explosion rocks the area but this time on the patio near where Lamb and Wolf were. The pair moved in time but the RPG hit right where they were. "HEY! BITCH! Papa Julio sends his regards!" On the stairs, an unlikely savior stands there with the tube of the RPG dropping to the patio and a pair of blades sliding out of the gauntlet on her left hand, "Huh. Batman. Figures you'd probably caught the scent before I did."

Scandal Savage, mask in place and RPG at one side, blades at the other glares at the pair, "Go after Masterson, Batman. I am pretty sure I can't die…these two got nothing on me."

Wolf growls and Lamb glares through her mask in that direction, "Those who live on past their time often find more heartache and sorrow than triumph and beauty…"


The bear alights and Batman reaches forward to snag some hair from it before he quickly moves backward. The impact against the wall is felt and measured. Batman gives Nightwing a bit of a look, but there is nothing else as he backpedals toward the patio and leaps off the balcony. It's a bit of a reverse of their entrance.

Scandal Savaage is given a tight lipped look and little else before he flips off into the night. This did not exactly go as planned, but at least he certainly has quite a bit more information than when they started.


This didn't really go as intended. But maybe it's not too late to salvage something. Sure, there is an undead — or at least mystically animated — bear roaming around on fire. And sure, he just blew up a wall — a fact emphasized by the debris that flies by and conveniently pelts the flaming bear. But they might still catch Masterson and put an end to whatever he's done here.

With no hesitation he darts through the gap in the wall and starts to lengthen his stride, prepared to chase down the fleeing Masterson who has proven to be much more dangerous — and annoying — then anticipated. But something catches his attention. That hand print. That bloody handprint on the wall just ahead of him. Sure, he could leave it, come back afterwards if the evening complete goes into the toliet and Masterson gets away. But what if the flaming bear end up setting the whole place on fire? What if crucial evidence burns up because he wants to punch something. A very un-Nightwing-like word escapes him and he draws to a stop, doing his best to collect a sample and stow it safely in his gauntlets before resuming the pursuit. But he knows, knows that he made a choice. Maybe Batman can still cut off the mystical gun-runner. But he's not going to make it in time.

It had better be worth it. It's a gamble. But at the end of the day he is not a martial artist first. Not a fighter first. He's a detective. And he has to believe that at the end of the day, that is what is going to let him, let Batman, let their family bring this menance to a stop.


As Batman zips off, Spoiler soon after him and Nightwing races to the helipad, the burning bear races out on to the patio after Batman only to find Scandal Savage tangled up with the Wolf who is trying to rip into her only to get ripped into himself. Two arrows stick out of Scandal's back but she's still fighting. Another is shot and it missed her only for the bear to, well, bear down on her. She goes down under a burning bear, though for anyone that knows of Scandal Savage and her father, she's not likely to die so easily.

Meanwhile, the helicopter carrying Alan and Alex Masterson takes off even as parts of his mansion catch flame from where bits of oil hit the floor or wall and the bear ran by shaking, growling and more. Alan Masterson looks down at his estate and grinds his teeth slowly before sucking in a deep breath and straightening up. He pulls out his cellphone and says, "No matter, Lamb and Wolf will take care of my masked problems and I'll spin this tragedy…" He looks to Alex who looks out the window shaking his head slowly. Alex begins to open his mouth when his father slaps him across the face, "You don't get to speak, boy. This is all your fault. Your damned lucky I love you…" He then speaks into his cellphone, "Judas. Yes, this is Alan. The estate is taking some…fire damage. Go ahead and get people together to fix it. We're heading in to headquarters for tonight and will determine our next steps before the end of the week."

The cellphone briefly moves away from his ear but then he puts it back, "Oh…and call us some new help. We might have unexpected visitors and I want headquarters locked down and fully protected."

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