Mors Vincit Omnia

September 25, 2018:

The League and the Amazons defend against an attack on Paradise Island. STed by Hal Jordan and Donna Troy

Paradise Island (Themyscira)

Named after the original walled city of the Amazons in Ancient Greece. Paradise Island rests somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle under a perpetual veil of clouds. Myths and stories surround the island itself due to the technological barriers that prevent anything from outside to function beyond, planes crash, ships go off course, radar and sonar bug out. Technology just ceases to function properly without special authorization. Whether this is magic or an unknown technology is yet another mystery.

After the incident with the demigod Heracles and the wars with mankind the Amazons vowed to keep themselves isolated and devote their existence to the worship of the Earth goddess, Gaea. Athena herself is said to have guided the Amazons to settle on Paradise Island so they could watch over what lies beneath the Bermuda triangle, a horror that exists beyond the huge gate underneath the landmass known as Doom's Doorway. There are many beautiful locations and places of interest upon Paradise Island itself the following are but a few;

The Royal Palace (vast commons in which Queen Hippolyta and her advisors hold court). The Coliseum (where Amazons test their skill and train against one another). The Senate Chamber (where the elder sisters meet). The Temple of the Oracle (the Amazons come here to commune with the gods).

The Island of Healing (a smaller island connected to Paradise Isle by proximity, it is here the Amazons take their wounded and sick. All healers reside here and special properties for rejuvenation are said to exist here. The herbs that grow here are unique in the world and found nowhere else).


NPCs: Hippolyta, Mors



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The Watchtower is generally lit up with alarms on a global scale and at times beyond when things from the deep dark beyond want to come in a threat range of Earth.
The last incident being the /Comet/ and before that the arrival of Maxima.

Today, as has been going for several days now New York is a massive blotch of danger and threat all surrounding the threat of a Demonic Limbo trying to merge with the city. Normally the League is on top of something like this, en masse. Which they have been, on their own accounts, defending points, helping evacuation and in general containment.

Right now, attention is shifted from the immediate to something else, something on the side of personal for several.

A marvel of mystical-science combined tech surrounds Paradise Island, not just a physical defense but much more. This is being displayed as a small collection of warships have amassed outside of the 'supposed' location of the fabled Themyscira. Three ships the size of what would be considered corvettes drift just beyond the relative 'safety limits' of the security reaches for the Amazons. No word to Diana or Donna from inside, from their home. The first notice of warning came from a satellite the Watchtower hijacked an alert from. A missile attack, a barrage had been fired with enough force to rattle the barrier. Now, due to the very nature and set up of the island's defenses those ships are having issues, one veering off course with the men and women aboard sstruggling to right it, battling a large series of waves. The other is opening all weapon ports beginning to arm up.

However, the third, it looks undisturbed. Situated just further back than the other two on the ocean's uneasy surface.

The League being informed and with presence required ASAP to divert a possible war, likely bad timing right now considering the state of the world….


Diana had been in New York when the alert had come out, she'd been standing ontop of the Statue of Liberty no less, preparing to be sent out on a different call and coordinating with the specifics of said call… All of that changed though when word of warships literally banging on her home's doorstep came to her.

The alien-tech-powered invisible jet swooped over head to pick the Princess up and she now stands inside it with two other Amazonian women at the helm of the craft. Her two sisters had becomed experienced pilots of the jet in a short amount of time, and now they were leading the return flight home.

"When we arrive, I want you to leave me to deal with the ships and fly within the barrier to the city." Diana tells them both. "If the Queen has not all ready been alerted to ths situation out here then see to it that she is. She will likely want to come aboard and be flown out here herself to bare witness to this… invasion force."

Diana releases a light breath as she watches the ships growing larger in the distance as the jet draws nearer to her home's hidden location.


Donna was not a woman given to being quiet, to not stating her opinion or pushing for her point of view. But she had said barely a word, since they had departed the Watchtower, only following Diana's orders to the letter. The stress of the situation, the questions of who, and why, and from where were all crowding in her head, but none of those questions made it past her lips. She simply stood, a silent sentinel, looking out of the jet and past, watching the world pass by at breakneck speed. She was still in her usual armor, but had added a shield and a curved blade, the relics of another Donna, now lost, and yet, now this Donna. "Of course, Diana. I will take is in and bring her back if she orders it." There was a moment when the sheer absurdity of that occurred to Donna. That both of her daughters, one born, one made, were both, in subtle ways, stronger than their mother. And yet, she was still their Queen.


Ain't no rest for the wicked. Caitlin's on board the jet to Themyscira as well. She's geared up in a matte grey bodysuit, having left behind the salvaged junk armor that'd held her in such good stead on the Bilskirnir.

It was not lent for the purpose of defending Themyscira, after all, and Caitlin is a woman who is true to her word and the terms of an arrangement.

"How up to date is our intel?" she inquires. She stands with her hands behind her head, busily whipping her hair into a fighting braid and coiling it at the base of her skull. A preference for Asgardian women going into combat, and one that Caitlin had adopted as well. A slingpack is tossed over one shoulder, with some odds and ends that Caitlin finds useful at times.


When things started happening, Maxima was freshly back on the Watchtower. She was not one to often take transports other than her own and she rarely needed them. The woman's capability for fast movement, especially through a vacuum was up there. She was capable of obscene amounts of speed when she needed it and now she was walking along the observation deck, still covered in ichor and such from her fight in NYC.

"I feel for those people but the battles have been something amazing." She looks to the window and then to a nearby person and grins before looking back at Earth, "I will bring this threat under control." SHe nods her head and there's something of an urgency in her voice when suddenly alarms start going off. She immediately zips up to find out what is happening, takes in the information and then is back out of the watchtower. She doesn't take any time for conversation, just hammering out at full speed right for the indicated area. The look on her face is a look of angry determination. She saw the word 'Themyscira' and was immediately gone. The home of one of the few people on this planet who was nice to her without condition.


The invisible jet continues on its course toward the island's coordinates, a route its taken many times and been flown by the various members of the Amazons who live amongst the rest of the world. Diana looks back over her shoulder to Caitlin. "We have little information." She tells the younger one. "I am unsure how these hopeful intruders would even get this far, get this close." She looks out the forward viewports then. "I fear it is related to the Bana, however." She says that part a bit softer.

Diana's hand raises up to her right ear beneath her dark hair. She speaks League-wide then across the comm channels. "So far, it would appear that they have no breached the barrier, it would seem that they are searching for the best entry point and testing the dangers of crossing through it."


"They would dare." It was a difficult thing to believe, that the Bana, who had, in the long ago, been part of the Amazons, would attack the land that had once been their home. But the hatred, the covetousness that their exile had caused. Donna shook her head, as she looked between Diana and Caitlin, "They would destroy the very thing they coveted, if they breached the guards placed on the Island." There was no sadness, though, no regret in Donna's voice, only that terrible determination. The woman's focus on reaching home, on protecting it at any cost was writ large on her face. "How many will they send to their deaths seeking what would should never be found." Themyscira was not, for all that the mortal world had come to it, a place for mortals. For those who had not been welcomed into its sisterhood.


"Wish we had satellite coverage," Caitlin grimaces. "I still don't have the island's layout fixed in my mind. It'd help for troop movements, too." She digs in her backpack and comes up with a heap of twisted metal holding several crystals in rough alignment. As they sweep in a pass around the island, Caitlin tries to look through the device like a spyglass, her other eye screwing shut. "Urgh. This worked with the Asgardians, but I'm just seeing a lot of messy energy flows," Caitlin says aloud. She shows the device to Donna. "Y'think I could adapt this to pick up the flow of magic on the island? It'd probably help us figure out where the breaching points are in the defenses, instead of just waiting to spot fire and smoke."


The ships continued their wary assault. They did indeed appear to be sounding the depths, as it were, despite the fact that they were preparing to fully arm themselves. The closer the Invisible Jet approached, the better they could get a grasp of what they were dealing with. If there were Bana there, they were masked beneath uniforms. Black, military style, but with no visible form of identification. Mercenaries, perhaps, or perhaps simply fighters who were smart enough not to provide easy or ready identification either for the approaching League members, or the Amazons who were still on the island. But they swarmed over the decks. This was not simply an attack force, but an invading army.


The invisible jet makes its way around the island from where the warships are outside of the barrier and it suddenly crashes through the barrier itself… Or more accurately it glides through it and the weather outside the 'dome' over Themyscira shifts and become much more golden in sunshine, a sunshine that bathes the home of the Amazons in a tropical warmth.

"We do our best not to put information like that out there, Caitlin." Diana quietly tells the younger one about maps readily available, even for close allies. "The Queen is… quite adamant about topics such as that."

Diana had been told that Maxima was on the way to assist but she wasn't aware of where the woman was as of yet. She moves toward the back of the jet now, either way and rear door starts to open, the interior of the jet is stark white and partially see-thru so no matter where you are inside it you can see outside to some degree. Diana looks back then to the others. "I am going to find Maxima and confront these intruders. The Queen will be waiting for transport to join."

"Those of you who want to join me, can, or come later with Hippolyta." And with that, Wonder Woman rushes out the back of the jet, with sword/shield and javelin on her back, she makes to fly back out of the barrier and back into the area beyond its protective magic.


Donna stepped aside, as Diana rose from the controls, moving to strap back on sword and shield, or rather, to ensure that they had not shifted from their precise placement, as she listened to her sister's commands. She looked, for a moment, torn, between wanting to accompany her sister, and knowing that she already had her duties given to her. In the end, she simply nodded, and as soon as Diana had departed, she turned to Caitlin, "Are you coming with me, Caitlin? I can fly you out to the ships, but…I would have to leave you aboard one." Alas, that the young woman could not fly. It would have been that much safer for her. Safer than being dropped into a lion's den.


Caitlin reaches into her slingpack and gives a little device to Donna. "Remote view linkup," she tells Donna. Caitlin taps the thin metal device attached to her temple. "I'll get SIRIN doing a tactical terrain construction, then I can manually patch in enemy operational locations as you feed them to me," she tells Donna.

She gives the other woman a reassuring squeeze of the arm and smile, and then steps back from the open hatch so Donna can take off. Flying -would- make some things a lot more convenient for Caitlin, but at best, her flying talents resemble a less-aerodynamic airborne rock.


For her part, Maxima is not what one would call subtle. Honestly, most people wouldn't even call Maxima subtle adjacent. She was as far from it as she could be. Even as she is spoken of, if people look up, they can see a cloud formation above the attacking ships roil and swirl a moment. It ripples apart in a spot as if something ripped past it with incredible speed. The reason was mainly because something just did.

While she had slowed down upon hitting atmosphere, the woman was still pulling incredible speed on her way straight down, her speed further enhanced by the dive. By the time Diana is flying out of the jet, Maxima is beelining toward one of the ships with a burst of sound from the sonic boom she creates. She lands right near the end of the of the ships, standing not too far from what she would assume is the bridge of said ship. Her speed deteroriated as she closed so right before impact she has come to a near halt and then lightly touches down, "I am Maxima. You are not to be here. Turn your ships around and leave or I will send them, and you, to the bottom of this world's ocean."


"Caitlin. Understand that there will be no record of the island or what you have recorded when we leave." And they were going to be leaving. Paradise Island would not fall today. Bur Donna did accept the device she was offered, slipping it on before she stepped out of the plane, pausing for a moment to look back at the redhead standing there. "If things go ill, save who you can." And then she was gone, flying off, but not in the direction that Diana had taken, but turning instead, back towards the island, and the women she could already see gathering there. No sun glinted off a crown, but she had no doubt that Diana's mother, her mother, for what that meant for her, was waiting there for them. Likely with as many questions about the ships they could see in the distance as they would have for why it was Donna coming to them and not Diana.


The appearance of storm clouds above the ships seemed to galvanize the crews, who were all armed and seemingly ready for battle. And no swords or arrows for these men, and yes, women, but the most modern rifles and melee weapons. This was not a force which seemed intent on battling to submission. No, they were bent on wholesale slaughter.

As the soundwave that announced Maxima's arrival rolled across the water, seeming to rock the ships themselves, all eyes turned to the more immediate threat, as the woman set down on the lead vessel. Immediately every weapon was aimed in her direction, the soldiers opening fire immediately, without giving even lip service to negotiating.

And more fool they, for the focus on Maxima hid Diana from their mortal eyes. But not the immortal ones. Not the ones that peered out from the smallest, the seemingly least significant of the vessels. No, those eyes tracked the approach of the Princess of Themyscira. And the lips that belonged to that face curled in hateful derision.


Caitlin hesitates at Donna's condition, then taps her headset once. "SIRIN, load all topography and mapping into the RAM cluster. No local saving. Dump the entire RAM cache once you've got a reliable GPS signal."

She handspreads at Donna, smiling, and watches the woman sailing off.

Caitlin moves to stand near the pilots, resting a hand on the seatback, and stays loosely balanced as it gracefully cuts a path towards the Palace. Once it lands, Caitlin is off the boat in a hurry and with none of her usual tourist rubbernecking. There's work to be done.


Diana caught sight of Maxima descending toward one of the vessels and she aimed her direction toward that same location. She soared through the air until she came to touch down beside Maxima, her eyes forward on the crew of the ship. She'd caught the tail end of Maxima's words and once landed beside the alien-woman she nodded her pointed chin once to them. "And I will gladly help her." She adds, not yet reaching for her weapons as she would prefer to solve this without violence.

On the island inside the dome barrier, the armies of the Amazons are in full preparation for battle mode, there are battalions of horse mounted warriors riding along the beach facing their foes and there are archers taking up lines across the rocky ridges, the women in the city are clearing the streets and locking off roads and routes incase their outer defenses are penetrated as deeply as Themyscira City itself…

And when the Invisible Jet lands, and Caitlin makes to disembark it, she's met by the horsed form of Hippolyta who is flanked by her honor guards. The Queen had heard the jet's arrival, she knew the sound it's engines make and she met it in the usual landing spot. The jet itself lowers its 'invisibility' and becomes wholey visible in the now, as pure white as a cloud in the sunlit sky.

Hippolyta is off of her horse, along with two of her guards. She barks orders at the others to go reinforce the shores and they're soon to ride off. The Queen turns to see Caitlin rushing out. "Where are you going, child?" The Queen insists as she stomps toward the plane to board it, with or without the young visitor.


When the human weapons are turned on her, Maxima scoffs only to look briefly at Diana. Then the weapons fire and she blinks as the first shot hitting makes her flinch. She takes a couple more before ahe whips ip her hand in a blur and a forcefield surrounds herself and Diana. She grinds her teeth a little as the bullets collide with her invisible shield and her eyes whip up with fury, "How…DARE you!"

A moment later she makes an assumption about Diana and her Willpower that she knows must be true. Even so, Diana will feel it. An almost aura of pure intimidating force will flow out from her like a wave as she stands up straight, declaring , "I am a queen! I do not abide ants!" And the less willful among those on this deck may find themselves in awe of the woman known as Maxima.


Donna, touching down in the midst of the Amazons as they prepared themselves, barely missed the Queen by seconds. Clearly, the fact that Hippolyta was already stepping into th jet told Donna everything she did not already know. The Queen was well aware of the danger and was already set to face it. And so Donna turned to the Amazons, her voice rising above the noise and clamour of their preparations, "A flotilla of small ships, all filled to the rafters with armed mercenaries. Modern weapons, and the ships are fully armed as well. They have not found the breach places in the shield, and Diana has moved to engage them. Another is approaching, tall, red of hair. An ally." Donna had already turned towards Paradise Island by the time Maxima had arrived. "Defend the shores, they will try to land on the beaches, if they breach the barriers, but they will batter down the shield before they do." And that might buy them some time. Donna, for her part, turned to join the Amazons, moving to lead them in the absence of Queen and Princess.


The sheer force of Maxima's shield tossed bodies hither and fro, but not all were cowed by the presence of the Queen. Some, those who could, somehow, look into the face of such power simply continued firing, breaking off as Diana landed to attack her as well. And while the two warrior women were distracted, a trio of ships spread out, once again beginning their bombardment of the shield that protected the island.

In the smallest ship, a god walked, a god paced, moving out from the shelter of below decks to step out into the open air, the threads of his power sinking deeper into the soldiers he had bent to his will. To fight for him. To die for him.


Caitlin whips her head around, having missed Hippolyta's appraoch. She ducks her head respectfully at Hippolyta when she hears that commanding voice, one hand gripping a landing strut for balance. "Your Majesty," she says, moving quickly to scamper up the ramp and into the ship. "If you'll bear with me, I'll patch you into the 'comms net," Caitlin tells Hippolyta. She waves a hand over a holoprojector and brings up a small image of the island's coastline. Little blue dots indicate Donna, Diana, Maxima, and other allies. The jet is in miniature, aiming towards it, and there are scores of clustered red marks where the enemy forces are congregating.

Her eyes flicker back and forth as if reading something in midair, expression a little out of focus. There's a *beep* and the projector starts playing audio from their comm net, also. "I've got the Queen hooked into the master net," Caitlin explains to the others, fingers dancing over the interface. She frowns. "I'm tracking three gunships with artillery pieces, about… eight hundred meters south of your position, Diana. Looks like they're trying to sneak around the atoll for cover. Can't get a fix on troops yet, there's too much interference."


Diana watches the protective shield arise around she and Maxima and the effecdt that their enemies weapons cause as they're blocked by the magic. "Impressive." Diana quietly says to the alien Queen before she pulls for her shield and sword and brings them around. "I am glad you made it." She tells the red haired one, and it was true, it was very nice to have some extra power here on this fight to protect her most beloved of locations upon all of Earth.

Diana doesn't linger within the shield though, she's soon to be lunging out of it and at tremendous speed. Her goal is to raise her shield and block incoming fire as she starts to dismantle the enemies shooting at them, hoping to shield-bash them into the ocean to be retrieved after the fight was one…

Aboard the Jet, Hippolyta marches straight to the control cabin where the other Amazons are, Diana's assigned warriors. "Let us not linger then." The Queen says and within moments the Jet is once more raising into the air and once more it becomes completely invisible to the naked eye as it phases out of sight from outside. Hippolyta watches their ascent for a moment before she looks over to regard what Caitlin has shown her. She nods once to the tech-savy girl… providing the Queen with information she certainly wouldn't get otherewise, she sees merit in it even if part of her despises such tech.

"Here." Hippolyta points. "This vehicle has weapons does it not?" She looks to the pilots… one of whom nods back to her. "Yes, my Queen." She says softly.

"We will begin to dismantle them from the outside, while Diana deals with that center ship." Hippolyta nods once to Caitlin thanks. The jet soars back toward the barrier's edge. She can see Donna down below commanding the beach armies, quite thankful to have her back after all these years.


While the warriors at the beach prepare and the Queen of Themyscira moves, the Queen of Almerac focuses on her own tasks. She looks to Diana and even as the woman moves to fight, Maxima squints briefly and then takes a breath as she floats up, "These men…" She calls out over gunfire and looks to Diana, "They are being pushed by another will. Pressured by a forceful mind." She looks at DIana's movements and then suddenly shoots straight up. She assumes Diana can handle one boat filled with fools.

Maxima senses a bigger fish.

She looks around slowly and crosses her arms, her shield remaining as her legs hang below her, arms cross her chest, and then she breathes in. She is no Superman and cannot produce super breath, but what she does have are lungs and throat backed by super strength. She yells out, "Come now! Surely there is one among you who is no mere child!" She looks from deck to deck, eyes scanning, mind searching, "Surely there is one who is worthy of a Warrior Queen! One WORTHY of the greatest warrior the Almeracean Empire has ever known!"


Donna marched with the Amazons, working in tandem with their commanders to array the women so that they could provide the best defense to the area of the shield that stood in direct line of sight to where Diana and Maxima were engaging the soldiers. A dip of her head, as she heard the report from Caitlin, and she paused, speaking briefly to the the woman gathered around her, a third of the women still on horseback breaking off from the main force and galloping down along the beach moving towards the location of the three ships attempting to sneak in while the women's proverbial backs were turned. Donna, however, did not remain on the beach. Trusting the Amazons to defend their home, she lifted off from the sand, moving towards those three rogue ships, leaving Diana and Maxima to the ones they had already engaged. "Diana, I am moving to engage the rogue vessels, I will attempt to disable them if I can." Or destroy them if she could not. But Donna knew better than to say that in Diana's hearing.


The warriors who had remained aboard the jet, who had come in service of Diana and of their home did not need to be given the order twice. There was a time for peace, a time for plenty…but now, now as the time for reaping. A pair of amazons settled at the weapons systems, aiming for the two vessels on either side of the center ship where Diana still fought, screams of anger, or rage, well above and beyond what any normal human could feel emanating from all too human throats, as Diana drove into them like a force of nature, bodies scattering, weapons firing, as man falling at the hands of their own compatriots as were tossed into the seas. Until the deck ran red and the bodies made the deck itself a minefield.

As their Queen piloted them in, the amazons aimed for the engines of the ships, set to disable and destroy them. If the soldiers on those ships were very lucky, they would have time to jump into the ocean, or away a life-raft, before the vessels exploded.

On the small vessel, Mors smiled, his face hidden by his dark cowl. He heard the challenge, and it only widened his grin. Child of Nox, son of Erebus. He was Death, and every soul that escaped their mortal coil made him only that much stronger. He had no fear of the woman who rode high in the sky and called down her challenge. A flick of his hand, and the pilots of the center vessel, rather than abandoning ship or turning their weapons upon Diana, instead acquired a new target, letting loose a volley of mortar fire towards the woman hanging weightless in the skies.


The amazons on the beaches are all lined up on their horses and they're in perfect symmetry with one another in how they hold their weapons and wait… for a fight. The archers on the high rocks all have their bundles of arrows ready in the ground in front of them, their bows prepared to be drawn and fired… should Themyscira's waters ben breached.

Diana is aboard that central ship and she looks over to Maxima when that information is given to her from the other. "I understand. Be careful." She warns the woman who is deadset on drawing out the real foe here. Diana though, needs to take care of these machine gunmen and in doing so she's continued to toss some into the waters while even also using her sword to detach life boats and drop them down into the sea… she's not a heartless killer of men, she's merely hoping to disable and dissuade them from attacking any further.

The Invisible Jet screeches up above and its weapon systems come on, with brilliant blue and gold beams of what would appear to be plasma launching from seemingly know-where and pelting the ships down below on either sides of that central one.

Hippolyta looks over to Caitlin then and nods once to her, a silent 'thank you' for having shown her the display. "What else can this vessel do?" She asks, having not ever actually boarded it before.

Diana, meanwhile is up in the air now, looking to where Maxima was and to see if anyone would answer the woman's calls. "Donna, be warned. There may be a much stronger foe in this fight."


A frown comes to Maxima as no one steps up but then there's at least one thing happening. They are focusing on her instead of the barrier. Much like the guns, these enhanced shells cause Maxima to wince as she has to focus on holding her shield. She shakes her head and then says to herself more than anyone, "Have it your way." She then flies away from the ships temporarily. She dodges out of the fire and then suddenly flies straight up and then down. She smashes into the water, shield falling just in time for her to turn and aim at the nearest ship like a torpedo. She aims to come at it right at the front base, her eyes glowing as her eye beams begin to flow out before her and she attempts to basically unzip the ship she hits, hitting the keel and running it bow to stern with her beams and body.


Donna flew like an arrow towards the three ships that has pulled away from the main fleet, such as it was. She fly with no thought for her own safety, she flew with a singular focus. To eliminate the threat. Rather than aiming directly for the engines, or trying to destroy the control rooms, Donna dove into the water, weaving to avoid what gunfire she could deflecting the ones she could not, thanking, more than once, the magic that made her skin impervious, as she sank below the waves, swimming towards the propeller of the cutter, moving into position to tear the machinery from its mounting, seeming not to car that it would send water rushing into the ship, leaving it listing as she came up along the side, using her strength to capsize the vessel, before she flew back up and moved towards the next. As for the people on board…let them save themselves, or not.


The Princess did not have much more work to clear the ship, the crew following that greater mind rushing up from below decks to death or the waves. The pilots however, rather than abandoning ship, pushed the engines to full throttle, aiming the ship towards the barrier, to breach it or to die in the attempt.

The ship that draws Maxima's ire, well, there's not much hope for it, the two sides of the ship peeling apart at the keel, the soldiers still firing, even as they are blown or knocked clear of the vessel as it splits in two, each half awash with water, and quickly sinking into the ocean.

The weapons of the Jet manage to take out the second ship in likely much more spectacular fashion than they might ahve intended, the ship exploding into a fireball that reached nearly towards the ship that Diana is still on, the wash of flames making some of Diana's attempts to save the men in the water moot, as fuel out, and debris explode into them, setting the water aflame and taking the bodies of men and women alike with them.


Diana's shield rises up to shield her from the debris and fire that comes from the ship exploding off the portside of the vessel she was on and when she feels its engines coming online to propel it toward the island' barrier wall. Three more crewmen rush at her and she charges at one, sending him straight over the railing and down into the ocean while the other gets yanked by his gun down onto his knees, only to receive an armored knee right into his nose that knocks him flailing-armed backward across the deck… the third? He just drops his gun and dives over the edge of the ship voluntarily.

Diana, however, rushes at the bridge of the ship and she raises up into the air, her shield and sword back upon her leather harness now she stares into the 'bridge' of the vessel to whomever is within piloting it and she greets them with a slam of her bracers together, and the kinetic energy that ripples out from the action of it, shattering all the windows on the bridge of the ship, while simultaneously causing its aft-end to dip back into the water and its fore tip to lift up OUT of the ocean's embrace.

Hippolyta, aboard the Jet, witnesses all that is going on below. "Bring the vehicle around and take up a guardian position in front of the barrier. If any of these vessels believe that they will sail one meter into our home, they are soarly mistaken."


Coming out of the area after her destruction of that boat, she flies upward and looks at the other ships taking damage and then she looks around. The ships are all down except one and Maxima decides that is where she is needed. She flies right at it and this time, she doesn't slow when she hits the deck. THe ship likely rocks wildly from the force of Maxima's landing and she looks around the ship as she lands and calls out, "You who have caused this! Come forth and face justice!"


Unlike Caitlin, Donna had not tied her hair back, and as she rose out of the water, she whipped the hair out of her face, before she turned to the second ship of the three. Not the smallest one, but the closest one, which was already turning to try to escape proximity to the island. Donna, however, was having none of that, and she dove back down, though this time, she did not sink beneath the waves, but flew, instead, directly onto the deck, charging in to slam the door to the control room open, punching and shield slamming the men on the deck out of her way to get there. When she did, she made quick work of the pilot. Unlike Diana, she did not attempt to save the pilot. Instead, she left him bloodied and broken in the wheelhouse, as she pulled the ship around, aiming it back towards one of the rocky outcroppings of the atoll, using a piece of metal torn from the window frame to lock the wheel in place, before she slipped out, lifting back up to the sky.


The force of the shockwave and the force of the ship blasting up and out of the water dislodged the pilots, sending them slamming into the rear wall of the wheelhouse, bodies slumping down to the deck as the ship comes back down into the water, breaching the waves and sending sheets of water up on either side of the ship. Those fortunate few that managed to make it into the lifeboats are flung out, but at least it puts out the ones who were on fire. Not that those who were still alive were any better off, burned and blistered and in too much pain to keep themselves above water. But now, with the ship no longer manned, the engine powers down to idle, the central ship now drifting idle with Diana the only conscious survivor left aboard.

Aboard that third vessel, Mors finally stepped out onto the deck, just as Maxima lands, rising into the air, his cloak billowing out behind him, his voice quiet, barely above a whisper, but nevertheless, it managed to reach every ear both on the sea and on the land, as he spoke, his eyes trained upward, streams of light being sucked towards him, souls an darker things gathering around him. Souls torn from both the living and the dead, as the bodies of the soldiers and crew of the final vessel collapsing like marionettes with their strings cut. "Solitudinem fecerunt, pacem appelunt." Another voice answered him, spoke in tandem, a familiar voice, to some, the voice of the God of War, the power of it making it possible to understand the words the two gods spoke together no matter what their native language was. 'They made a desert and called it peace.'


Diana touches back down onto the deck of the freighter she'd just disabled and then she raises her hand to her ear to speak into their team comm. "These ships are as good as defeated." She announces to everyone. "We can pull the survives out of the water, along with their fallen allies and we can bring them back to port far from here."

Diana is at the edge of the ship's side when she hears the voice and recognizes it, and what its saying. She looks up in the direction from where it came and she just gently parts her lips. "I believe we have found the source of our woes here today. I wish I could say I was surprised…" Her voice sounds out over the communication lines.

Aboard the Jet, everyone there can hear it as well. Queen Hippolyta stares down at the sea and the ship there. "Return to the Island." The Queen gives the order. "We must prepare."


Donna stood frozen, in that moment, as she heard the voice of the God of Death, bound inexorably with that of the God of War, her body rigid as the souls within her, all of the women she had been rose in a chorus, battling to escape the prison Donna's living soul had made for them, battering at the walls of the woman's senses, leaving her utterly and completely unable to move as she fought to keep them caged, her mental voice rising in a scream only Diana could hear as every life, every death that had made her what she was boiled up, threatening to escape. She reached, as she had never reached before, clinging to the lifeline that was her sister, her will, always the strongest the surest part of herself rose to battle the tide of her own dead.


The Amazons aboard the jet obeyed their Queen's command without question, as desperate to return to their home and to escape Death as any child cowering beneath the covers to escape a monster under the bed. Even the bravest, even the immortal quelled at this reminder that death could, and would come to all of them in the end.

"Mors vincit omnia, child," Mors' lips twisted into that crooked smile, as he gazed down at Maxima. "Death always wins. And that, is justice." He lifted a hand, pulling that billowing cloak around him, and then he was gone.

And in the water, no living souls now remained to be rescued.

All was silent in the halls of the dead.

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