Fighting Blind

September 24, 2018:

Piotr is dropped blinded and injured in Mutant Town where he is set upon by demons. Thankfully there are people there to rescue him, and/or drink lattes.

Mutant Town


NPCs: Nameless Demons

Mentions: Illyana


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Fade In…

/"Get rid of him. He's of no use to me."/

Illyana's words ring through Piotr's ears.

It's been days since he was blinded by his sister can cast out from the citadel. Or at least as best Piotr can tell he's been tossed from one stepping disk to another, through some demonic place to another with little warning and not so much as burger to drop before being swallowed by another teleportation disk. This time though it drops him not in a demonic plane, but here, on earth, in New York City … which is overrun by demons. This time when the portal unceremoniously drops him on his butt, Piotr hears for the first time in days the sounds of non-demonic life. Of cars and people. But also of demons and screaming. It's enough though that he can push his communicator and hear it beep to life as it should.

"This is Colossus. I am in dire need of assistance. I believe I am back in New York.. I. I do not know where. I have lost .. I need assistance."

The words are barely out of his mouth before Piotr is sucker punched by a wall. Well it was a wall before it stepped out into demon form and cracked the big metal man across the jaw. The force is significant, and it certainly doesn't help that Piotr can't see it coming, literally. He is thrown across the street, the sword on his back slipping from it's scabbard and skittering across the pavement. Thankfully Piotr is in his steel form when he slams into a parked car, nearly cracking it in half. However his luck doesn't hold as his steel form fades. The demon, now no longer looking to be made of brick and stone, shines in a bright new metal body.

"Ooh, daddy likes."

A chorus of cheers comes from what apparently is it's personal fan club, who begin poking Piotr's unconscious human form, attempting to recreate that trick with no success. They hiss and toss him aside, this time with more injurious effect.

The scene on the block doesn't look good as the demons attempt to recreate this trick by now sucker punching any and all people on the streets. You would think they'd at least be smart enough to look for other metal shiny ones. You'd be wrong.


Gotham is looking pretty good right about now.

Rictor really should have just stayed in the city that, on any other day, would be a distant second choice for…just about everyone without a cowl. But New York is where all his stuff is. Oh, and his fellow mutants. He's spent most of the day making his way back to Mutant Town, mostly by dodging the chaos and keeping his head down. But now he's made it to the neighbourhood he cares the most about.

He flexes his hands and a halo of energy starts to dance around each fist. He performs a series of hand gestures that are hard to relate to the effect they cause, except for the fact that it shoots off bits of debris with pulses of seismic energy towards the demonic horde. He's pretty conspicuous suddenly - despite the lack of any kind of colourful spandex-y attire. The use of his power is accompanied by a deep bass pulse that pops ears and sends the area directly around him into sympathetic vibration.


Even if the saying is, 'the city never sleeps,' now it's with good reason: Demons, still running wild across the streets of New York and upending all things into chaos. Fortunately, there are those staying out there, fighting back the hell-spawn and doing their best to keep them from bringing harm to others.

Only a couple of blocks from the sudden quakes is Merrow — Sloane, SHIELD agent and looking the lesser end of the monsterous, especially set against the demonic horde plaguing the neighborhood. With Inhuman stamina and speed on her side, however, she makes short time to charge straight into Mutant Town proper to catch up— at least a short distance out— to Rictor.

While the ground vibrates, she announces her presence in her own way: Her arms pull back, then thrust forward, palms turned out. A swirl of water forms in front of her hands before erupting into a fierce geyser, striking out at demons further down the street with the force of impact a little higher than that of a firehose.

She looks … rough. The tactical wetsuit she wears is a little frayed at the edges and dirty, and the cropped jacket emblazoned with SHIELD emblems on either shoulder looks like it's taken a few claw-attacks at some point. Eyes flit down to the street further away — that man on the ground…

"Hey!" she calls to Rictor. "If you're gonna stay out on the street, help me get that guy out of here!"



Look! Up in the sky! Well, not really the sky. Up on a building that's not far from where the localized fit of demonic chaos is going down. That's right, standing tall and looking as incredibly Spirit Halloween'd Pirate Costume'd as one can look is none other than the one mutant that nobody actually wants around…


Deadpool raises one of his swords in the air and moves the eye patch that he's wearing over his mask to the other side. He takes the time to adjust his cheap pirate hat and grabs hold of the old school grappling hook that he's got in his hand. It's got the classic metal hooks and the thick rope attached. He takes it and swings it overhead a few times before launching it off in the direction of a nearby street lamp. It locks in and Deadpool leaps off the building, swinging with reckless abandon and swinging his sword around the entire way.

Whether or not that sword swiping has any effect on anything demonic in his path, the Dastardly Deadpool (TM Also Pending!) swoops right across the street, his attention pulled into a double take as he spots the hunkiest hunk of no-more metal on the ground.


WHAM! Deadpool slams right into the wall of some building and ends up crumpling up something fierce. And sliding down towards the street below. Slowly. Painfully.



The rumbling and then shaking causes the demons to all stop and then start squabbling about who summoned a tunneling demon before it increases and knocks most of them off their feet. Except for the largest of them that manage to keep their feet. That is until Sloane's water jet topples them into each other. Then the only one still standing is the metallic demon power thief. It growls and picks up two of it's tagalongs and hurls them teeth first at Rictor and Sloane while the others regain their feet. One of the smaller demons pops up from the crevice that it fell into and shakes it's tail angrily at Rictor, apparently one of the more filthy gestures a demon can make.

At the point Deadpool hits the wall, a mailbox and a newspaper stand suddenly perk up. Eyes where there should not be eyes open, a mouth full of teeth gleam in each. And they start bouncing around the fallen would be pirate, sniffing and yelping in a not altogether threatening way. But then the sniffing turns to licking and the licking into some exploratory nips. Apparently they want to try a piece of Deadpool. Demons are weird.

For Piotr's part, he's still apparently out cold in a heap at the bottom of a different building than the one where Wade is slumped. His uniform is tattered to shreds and now in his human form his skin shows actual scars and cuts that were inflicted in his metallic form. He looks to be in rough shape.


Rictor has a moment in between the demon-tossing to take in Sloane's appearance. "Rough day at the office?" he quips upon seeing what remains of the SHIELD identifiers. Then he follows her attention to spot Piotr. He winces. "Not as bad as him I would say."

And then there's a demon…hurtling through the air. Yep. Rough days at the office all around. He moves, trying to position himself in front of Sloane. Then he slaps his hands together, intersecting those two rings of seismic energy, finger pointed to direct the clap of power at the oncoming demon, hopefully redirecting it midair. Either way, he's moving forward, pausing to aim a sharp kick at the tail-shaking demon.


The roaring sound of an engine come in the distance and what sounds like a guitar? Even as the roaring comes closer, the words become to clear as the lead singer for Steppenwolf can be heard singing 'Get your motor runnin', head out on the highway! Lookin' for adventure and whatever comes our way!' over the music of 'Born to be Wild.'

The motorcycle being drive by one Molly Hayes is coming down the street, weaving around busted streets, abandoned vehicles, and angry demons. Molly is laughing out loud though it can not be heard over the sound of the music and the bike. The large speaker she brought is strapped to the front of the bike between the handle bars and blaring the music as a large blade, easily as tall as the girl is, hangs out across her back and down the side of the bike, occasionally throwing up sparks when its tip hits the road. She sees the large, angry looking metal demon and blinks, mouthing something akin to 'Hey, you aren't Piotr' but that part is rather hard to hear over the engine and music.

A mere moment after that she hits a ripped up piece of asphalt that is vaguely ramp shaped, her eyes begin to glow purple and she leaps free right as the singer sings out 'BOOOORRRRN TO BE WIIIIiiiIIILlllLLD!' and the music and bike soon come to an abrupt stop as they fly at said demon and Molly oofs and skids along broken Earth and into parked car with sparks flying up from her stolen sword, "I'm here to save you, Piotr!" She calls out from the ground, face half in a car door.


Down. Surrounded by Demons. Unable to defend himself in any way, shape or form. Especially, considering that he's… giggling? Wait, what?

That's right, the tongues or whatever of these demonic things have Wade in a state of gigglefitting without a care in the world. If Pool-O-Vision was active… oh wait, no, let's just go there for a moment, hm?


Deadpool is kicked back on a recliner in the middle of the house from Married With Children. He's dressed in his Deadpoolkini, full mask and holding one of those tanning mirrors up to the sun that's pouring through the roof of the Married With Children set. He's surrounded by various X-Sphere NPCs that are not being played at the moment. All of them catering to one of his many desires. We're talking tacos, beer and feathers. Lots of feathers.

Deadpool swoons at all of the attention and giggles himself into all kinds of pleasantville.

"A little to the left…"


Deadpool gets yanked back to Reality the moment one of those demon things licks his nipple. "Hey! Hey! That is not for you!" Wade immediately grabs an uzi that's attached to one of his many hooks and pouches and whatever else. There's a hastily duct tape and Sharpie label across the side of it that reads: 'Demon-B-Gone' and he aims it at the demons that are in his nearest vicinity. And just starts spraying. With bullets.




These are not noises one expects to hear when facing demons but it turns out that a demon flung through the air when met with properly tune seismic energy just pop. In the most horrid way imaginable, showering the area with fluids, bits, teeth and miscellany that defies comprehension. But the shower does not impede Rictor from moving ahead and kicking the poor tail shaker back into the depths of the street with a dramatic, "NOOOOOO!!" escaping it's lips.

Molly's arrival causes the large steel non-Piotr demon to quirk it's eyebrow, and with a shrug of why not, pick up another one of it's followers and throws the ball of hairy, and claws and teeth at Molly. If Piotr were awake, he might comment on having both his powers and signature Fastball Special being so obviously appropriated, but alas, he continues to drool and bleed in a pile across the way.

The demon possessed steel boxes that in a former mundane existence housed newspapers and mail continue to bite and chew at Deadpool until he awakes to chastise them. With lead. The bullets rip through their physical bodies and there is the appropriate whimpering and sadness. But before too long they adjust to it and seem to be fine with the bullets, after all they are just metal boxes possessed by spirits.


For Logan, when the demons appeared it had been an effort to get out of the city. To rally together with the bike gangers that he'd been brawling with just moments before and to make the trip to the river, then to lead the rag tag band of civilians onto a commandeered boat and across the water to Jersey. But after that, the feral mutant had come back. For the last few days he'd been sticking to the shadows, trailing some of the war-bands, and when the moment was right he'd isolate them… and then do what he did best.
For the demons, the last few days had been a raucous and wild time. But for some of them they eventually became aware that there were other things with claws preying upon their kind. Twisted dead sliced in twain, trophies taken, vile and vicious displays that might well have the creatures from another dimension sharing growls and whispers about other hunters being in New York.
But then the contact on Logan's comm illuminated and the message from Piotr was heard. He abandoned his current quarry and took to the rooftops to hurry across the city's skyline trying to reach the place where Piotr's signal was coming from. Eventually he skid to a halt, a small dusting of cement cascaded down from the edge of the building he crouched on. His eyes flit from one point to the next, gauging the sudden appearance of several heroes and the wildfire of Deadpool.
For a moment he scowls, just briefly considering an alternate approach. Then discards it. Silvered blades slide through the skin of his knuckles and snikt into place as he murmurs to himself, "Right then."
Just before he breaks into a run and takes a leap to drop off the roof and into the crowd of otherworldly creatures nearest to Piotr. Then there's a loud roar, "Get the hell away from him!"


Sloane hasn't had the time to perfect her heroic quips yet, instead glancing at Rictor and frowning. "Something like that," she replies, quickly wiping away a bit of dirt and dried blood from under her eye.

Deadpool………… happens.

Not just that, but Deadpool and /mailbox demons/ happen. Frowning, fiery orange eyes narrow before turning to check her surroundings a little closer than before, worried that they might've just stepped into some kind of weird trap full of regular objects that want to actually eat their faces.

A few moments later, rock music, a motorcycle, and — a girl's face meets a door. 'I'll save you Piotr!' at least gives her a little bit of a clue that she knows *someone* here.

Then, the quip comes a little more naturally. "Friend of yours?"


Demons are flung! Merrow steels herself, changing her posture — right before Rictor steps in front of her and claps his hands together to create the (shock?!) wave. She winces a little — sharp hearing, her pretty big ears, take your pick — and chooses to stay behind the seismic stranger, at least until he throws himself ahead for a big kick.

Not content to hide behind Rictor, the SHIELD agent shifts her weight; she lunges low and to the side, her legs extending ahead to let her slide across the asphalt on her knee and shin before breaking into a dead run — at a pretty good clip, no less — toward Pitor and the metallic demon. While Logan strikes from one side, she comes at the demons from the other, going for the good ol' fashioned right cross in an attempt to keep the path to Piotr … at least *somewhat* clear.


"Eugh. That was…not intentional," says Rictor as he witnesses the shower of demon gore that he inavertently created. He pauses in his foreward momentum as he steps in a bit of…scalp? Gut? and slips a little. He pinwheels his arms and then rights himself. "Go to him. I will cover you," calls the mutant to the running Sloane as he charges up those halos of seismic energy once again, standing ready to explode some more demons - if he really has to.


Slowly staggering to her feet, Molly lets out a sigh and shakes her head, "I really have been fighting for too long…" She has lost the glow in her eyes which puts her back down to only as strong as a wall of bricks and with the capacity to lift around a ton (how terrible, only strong enough to flip a car). Then she looks over to where she thought she saw Piotr and calls, "Hey, Piotr. Are you o-OH GOD WHY?!" She abruptly screeches out as she is hit by a raging ball of hair, claws, and upset demon.

Molly goes down in a heap, flailing and trying desperately to get a hand on the hilt of that sword she stole from the gargoyle demons she was fighting with Logan. She is forced to pump herself up again and her eyes glow as she gets cut right along the arm by a claw and then a mouth bites into her shoulder. She gives up on the sword for a moment and reaches up as her hair begins to pick up and she begins to glow brighter as she further increases her strength, pushes fingers into the mouth of the thing and grabs its jaw from under and grunts as she pulls it free and then attempts to throw it to the ground in front of her. The glow quickly goes away and she lets out a long breath as she stumbles back.

A moment later a blade comes out, one far too big for her frame but not her strength as she aims it the thing, "Prepare to taste the Bruiser Hellblade, asshole!" She then whips it up and slams it down…with perhaps just a bit more finesse than she might normally thanks to Logan (though she is still wielding it a bit more like a club than some might like).


The largest of the demons, the one who absorbed Piotr's steel skin stomps towards him apparently intending to add insult to injury but is stopped by the sudden Wolverine. The demon nearest him is dropped to the ground cursing at the hairy Canadian mutant in a dead tongue trying to punch in his adamantium reinforced skull with impressive strength.

Sloane's right hook is much more succesful as punches go, dropping her first opponent to one knee. The purple horned demon however isn't down just yet, it reaches out to grab Sloane and headbutt her with a skull thick with horns.

And in the meantime Piotr begins to rouse. Shakily he gets to his feet, his arms splayed out trying to get his balance and sense of surroundings. There is blood running down his face into his beard, which he spits from his mouth before asking.

"Logan? Is that you …? I can not see. I need.." He grasps at his back, realizing that the sword has fallen out. Illyana's sword. The concentration of her innocence and the best weapon for fighting demonic forces. "The Soul sword! Where is Illyana's sword?!" Piotr's voice cracks in a frantic call for his sister's blade.

The hairy ball of hatred currently attempting to devour Molly gets some good bites in, and scratches too, it's hard to tell what exactly on the thing isn't cutting at her. But when Molly reaches in and snaps it's jaw open, there is an obvious breaking of bone sound and then when spiked it lays there twitching, the fight thoroughly gone out of it. And finally after being sliced in half, all movement stops, except the pooling of some dark fluid that might be demon blood.


When the Demon-B-Gone is out of bullets, Wade frowns underneath his mask. "Last time I order one of those from the Home Shopping Network." Deadpool's lenses narrow as he stares at the nearest by demons just shrugs as they continue trying to make him into a meal. "Guys. This is how you get ovarian cancer. Seriously. Stop. HEY! THAT TICKLES!"

Blood is oozing from Deadpool's suit and the pirate motif is all but forgotten about. He just needed it for a grandiose entrance, of course. Instead, he's moved on to a couple of things. "Okay, I'd love to stay and foreplay but I've got a bug hunky man to save. And I'm not talking about Channing Tatum. Besides, he won't return my calls."

Deadpool disappears in a swoosh and blip of red and black, his teleporter activating with the quickness. In his place are a pair of grenades. Pinless. The tink-tink of the pins clatter as almost a cinematically cued afterthought for explosive effect.

Wade reappears… inside the nearest Starbucks.

"Well. Since I'm here." Wade raises a finger, ignoring the chaos going on outside for a moment. "I'll have a Ariana Grande with extra foam…"


"Heya, Colossus. Glad you could join us." Logan slashes his arms wide as if daring the other creatures to attack, but then with features wild and fangs bared, Logan launches himself to the side in a half hop-step out of the way of that raging punch from the demon. Turning his shoulders as the punch passes he then unleashes with a wild abandon as he roars and leaps, throwing himself bodily as the shining blades slash.
There's a flash of blood and ichor splattering on the alleyway wall as one demonic creature loses its arm and reels shrieking with forked tongue. It turns and sprays its comrade in the eye, the blood sizzling only for that one to get a double stab into its gut that them is split in twain. In as many seconds those two are down, giving the demons enough of a hesitation for him to snarl sidelong, "Brawler, Wade!" A demon slashes towards him and his claws ring as he parries.
"The hell'd he go?" He steps back then turns towards Piotr, "C'mon, Russkie." He reaches a hand out to try and help the strong man of the X-Men up. "'Yana's sword?" A quick turn and he tries to espy where it may be if it's there in all the chaos.


Letting out a huff, Molly looks down at the thing and then spits out to the side and nods, "Yeah, take that…aww…really?" She pulls up the demon's sword and looks at it. The thing is cracked in half from the impact of her strength and she sighs, "Honestly, demon crafting is not all that impressive." SHe then tosses it to the side and grumbles about demons and their crappy blades.

She then spots Logan and Piotr and smiles, "Hey!" She raises a hand, "Piotr! Don't worry, we'll get you out of this." She finally looks around and blinks, "Didn't I see a guy in black and red a moment ago?" And she then spies Sloane and Rictor and grins, "Cool, more non-demon people." Then Molly lets out a breath and puts her hands to her knees a moment, "Alright…" She stands back up straight and points at the giant metallic demon, "Hey you, Shiny Demon idiot! I'm Bruiser and I'm gonna kick your butt from here to the next county!"


Rictor has his hands full keeping the demons from the various sundry and heroes attempting to rescue that one guy. It makes it nigh-impossible to focus on the other more specific chaos, slicing and dicing, etc. Before the night is through, he'll probably have exploded more than his fair share of demons like so many gore balloons - and be desperately in need of a shower. But for the time being, he holds the line.


For her size, Sloane hits *hard*. Perhaps not like those with tried-and-true super strength, but she can carry a hit harder than most, and lift just as much. She wastes no time, moving to grip the purple horned demon by the head and prepare to drive a knee into it's face— but it grips first.

Back on his feet, the headbutt is crushing and fierce; Sloane's eyes close tight on impact before white hot light flashes in her vision; she staggers, dazed, but not out of the fight just yet. The strip of scales that crest her brow are cracked with a bit of blood dripping down— but her arms are up, and she's ready to defend herself from another strike.

Large canines are bared as she tries to laugh, to grin, to do anything *other* than focus on the burning hot pain in her head right now.

Merrow's arm hooks upward in a quick motion — not for a wild uppercut or a punch, but a call to water— water that bursts up from the ground in a surprising manner, fast, precise, and with a surprising amount of pressure like a much larger *hydrokinetic* uppercut!

"Is a sword really important right now?!"


The demon possessed mailbox and newspaper dispenser seem confused for a moment when their chewtoy disappears, but oooh, he left treats! They pounce on the grenades with aplomb only to explode mere moments later in a hail of shrapnel and shredded sheet metal. There is even two ghostly figures rising up from the site of the explosion. They stop mid flight and skip off to find something else to possess and eat people with.

A weak laugh escapes Piotr's lips at Logan's reply, the relief at hearing a friendly voice is palpable. He doesn't seem to mind the noise of the demon slaughter around him, though he instinctively raises his hands into a boxing stance. Piotr relaxes as Logan takes his hand and leads it to his shoulder. At hearing that Deadpool is nearby, Piotr's voice takes on an even more tired tone.

"Wade? Of course, I should not be surprised that in this cursed city he would answer."

The shiny demon glances at Molly but returns it's focus to Logan's claws. It's able to take on the properties of the things it touches and right now it would like to test it's metal against their mettle. He says to Molly, "You can wait, I'll eat you next." He makes to shove her with one hand, it's strength is comparable to Piotr's and now it's skin as hard as his once was. And then it makes the perhaps foolish mistake of turning it's back on her to lunge for Logan and Piotr behind him.

The Soul sword lays in the middle of the street, having fallen out of Piotr's scabbard after his latest teleportation trip. And it has just enough connection to the big Russian mutant to draw his attention, his face looks for it even if his eyes are totally unseeing.

The demon facing Sloane laughs heartily as it cracks it's head against her. "I love this game." He seems quite intent on smashing Sloane again but is caught completely off guard by the watercut. It's head snaps back in a way that is not natural to humans or demons. It crumples to the ground, neutralized.

Piotr for his part, not recognizing the voice but always being respectful replies sheepishly, "It is a magic sword? .. And yes. It is that important. It belongs to my sister. Who I fear may have inadvertently caused this mess."

He knows that Illyana was stopping something worse. He knows that this was not her plan from the beginning. But he also knows that the being living in Stark tower is not exactly his sister anymore.



Waltzing out of the Starbucks with a foamy drink of some weird kind is the Devastating Deadpool (TM pending again!) and he's drinking his drink right through his mask. Which, of course, is to say that he's not drinking it at all. It's just foaming up on the front of the mask and Deadpool looks like he's got Latte Rabies or something.

"Ahhhhhh. Just like Logan's Mom used to make." Deadpool tosses the half-full latte over his shoulder and skips off in the direction of Piotr and Logan. Like, actual skipping. Skipping that may or may not have him skipping over swords or broken things or demon things. Who knows. He's not paying attention to any of this since he's been bellowed for.

"Well, well. If it isn't Butch Clawsiddy and the Sundance Tin!" Deadpool goes into one of his pouches to come out with his cell phone. He moves to stand with both of them and raises up two fingers. "Say Demons Suck!"

Yes. There's always time for an X-Selfie.

"I'm sending this to Negasonic Teenage Warhead right now. She's gonna' be so pissed she missed the fun." Deadpool grins beneath the mask. "Hashtag Frenemies, am I right?"



"This ain't yer every day ordinary sword, kid. Wade, make yerself useful, fetch!" Logan says as he eyes Merrow sidelong and then motions towards the sword in the road. Gesturing sharply ahead, Logan tells Molly in that rapid no-nonsense tone of his, "We gotta maintain a clear corridor to get him outta here." He touches a fingertip to the side of his mask and growls into the comms. "Control, we got a med-evac, gotta get Colossus outta here. Lock onta my signal. If you got an angle we don't see let us know." That said and the update given, Logan turns back to Piotr.
"Alright, we're gonna get you outta here, Colossus. You stick close to me, if you lose grip follow the sound of my voice. And if I say duck, duck. Ya get me?" And with that he turns back around and /snarls/ loudly at the encroaching smaller demons, baring claws in a wild show of dominance that might affect some, definitely doesn't bother the larger critters.
Only for in that moment that he's starting to move forwards for that tall creature with the steel skin to leap and lunge for them. There's just enough time for Logan to /shove/ Piotr out of the way as he yells, "Pop fly, Colossus!" Time enough perhaps to get the Russian out of the way but not enough for himself as the creature /tackles/ square into Logan and shreds his chest open with its claws even as Logan falls backwards, hitting the ground but trying to get his legs up under the creature and push it upwards and away with a heavy grunt.


Piotr lost his sword? She glances at him briefly only to end up dismissed by a large metal demon and go flailing to the ground and oof as she lands in the street. She looks briefly rather upset when her left hand lands on something and she looks down. Oh, a sword! She grins a little as she looks up at the demon and then she blinks and looks down again, "A sword?" She looks to Piotr and then at the sword before she wraps her hand around it.

She stands up and takes a deep breath. She mutters to herself, "Feet apart." She looks down and then holds the blade out in front of her, "One foot forward and one back." She nods a little as she grips, "Dominant hand here and other here for grip." She then looks up at the demon and she rushes forward.

She moves with decent enough form and as the demon lunges forward she runs to go past him and whips her newly gained sword up and to the right over her shoulder and right as she nears she brings it down in a diagonal slice right for the demon's flank and then keeps going past to attempt to get near Piotr. Assuming he gets out of the way, she'll be beside him and then stands up straight and then smiles as she reaches out to take his hand and put it on the blade, "This sword?"


Demon goes up… demon goes down. The watery pillar starts to drop, but not too far— Sloane reaches out with her powers, drawing it back to her in the form of a sphere that floats at her side. She might need it for later, really.

Blood mats down ginger red hair, as well as ushering her to keep her left eye closed for the moment. She reaches up, gripping a fragmented scale and tugging it free with a pained grunt and a hard frown before dropping it on the ground and hurrying toward Piotr and the others— firing a glance back to keep track of Rictor, as well.

It's a magic sword. Sloane releases a sigh, head lulling from side to side— less due to the haze of pain sticking in her head, and more from some mild, nagging sense of frustration that *of course* there's a magic sword in the middle of a demon invasion. To top it off, Wade exits the coffee shop, with coffee, and then *merrily skips to the lou* toward Pietro and Logan.

She actually opens both eyes for this, the fierce look on her face and the extent of which she gives Deadpool such a shrug of frustration. Her hands sweep almost cuttingly toward Wade, while looking at Logan and Piotr— and you can tell she's getting more and more frustrated what with the strength of the Boston accent ramping up.. "You went to get a frickin' coffee? Like are you really for real?!"

Her eyes close, her hand lifts. It's half to keep her balance as her vision swims, and half to summon the strength to deal with this dang man! Molly's doing her best to help out, too, looking to retrieve and return the sword while Logan's making arrangements.

"All right — you've got the exit route, so what's the plan?"


Piotr's furrowed brow and trademark frown of disapproval loses some of it's gravity when he can't properly aim his face at Wade to let him know he's not okay with his antics. Instead it looks like he's disapproving of the lampost over Wade's shoulder, which has done nothing wrong and in fact continues to work even during these trying demon filled times. But when Logan shoves him back he stumbles, and tries to keep his feet, calling out "Logan!" In concern as he can feel the rush and hear the scuffle happening just feet away even if there is little he can do about it.

Molly's rush with the sword is timed perfectly though, as the steel coated demon rips into Logan it is completely unprepared for the attack. Logan manages to serve up the demon into the air just in time for Molly to slash through it with the sword. The slash causes it to rear up and howl in pain. It lands with a thunk and scrambles back to it's feet looking around frantically for the source. It's eyes burn with red fire and the steel coating apparently starts to melt away from it's now burning hot skin.

Taking Molly's hand, Piotr steadies himself and grips the sword. He sighs audibly as his fingers grip the hilt. But then his face twists in confusion as suddenly a form of sight is restored. But not from his eyes. Instead Piotr is treated to a bird's eye view of the scene, Molly handing him the sword, the now lava coated demon cursing them, Logan bleeding and getting back to his feet, Wade … texting? Yea, that seems right. The water controlling ginger is new to him, but he's not going to argue with any help. Piotr raises the blade, closes his eyes and focuses on trying to understand how to reconcile this scrying pool like vision with his training.

The demon charges and Piotr only has to take one step, and with both hands swing the sword. The odd thing about the sword is that in Illyana's hands it appears a thin rapier blade. But now, this blade has grown into a powerful broadsword. One that sails through the neck of the charging demon, severing the head in a single blow. With that done, Piotr draws the blade across his tattered uniform to wipe whatever he can off of it.

"I believe I am ready to go home now."


Deadpool puts his phone away into one of the pouches it didn't come out of and he turns to look at the Feeshy One talking smack. "Hey! Hey, relax, everything's Five-by-Five over here. I was thirsty. And if there's one thing I know about being thirsty is that you have to obey it." Deadpool nods along with the bullshit that he's saying. "It's in the King James bible and everything."

It also takes him a moment for that accent to really sink in and then he's waggling eyebrows beneath that mask. "I know I left the pirate motif alone a couple poses ago but if you ever want to shiver me timbers…"

OH GOD. Wade! Something else!

Wade finally figures out that there's probably something he can do to help everyone out. "Alright. Just because I'm about to sacrifice myself to help you goodie-goodies get away doesn't mean I suddenly like you all." Deadpool reaches up to grab both of his blades out of their cool scabbard thingies. "I'm doing this because Colossus looks /really/ sexy stabbing demon things in the everywhere. By the Power of Grayskull indeed." Wade tilts his head into a wink at Piotr and then turns to prepare his dramatic exit.


And with that, Deadpool is running (in cinematic slow motion) towards anything that's still trying to kill them all in an effort to draw attention away from the others so that they may get Piotr the heck out of here.


Oh what the hell.


As the demons back off, some shrieking at the fall of that shapeshifting material copying leader creature, Logan growls to himself while he gains his feet. With blood still coursing down his chest but the wounds slowly closing, the Wolverine scowls and looks over this makeshift team and grunts to them. "Not bad."
Towards Piotr he gives a nod and then adds, "C'mon, there's a truck on 42nd, still got the keys in it. We'll figure it out from there." That said, however, he starts to put words into action as he starts forwards. But not before he hollars over his shoulder, "Good job, Deadpool. We'll go get help."
They are not going to get help.


A nod to Piotr and Molly smiles as she watches him stand there and seem, well, better. She then looks at Deadpool wide eyed. She stares a long moment as he does all he does before she looks back at Logan and then at Piotr before she prepares to move. As she moves after Logan, she looks to the others and then back at Deadpool briefly, "Is he…ok? I mean, he seems really not ok."

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