A Night at the Oblivion Bar

September 24, 2018:

Robert, Vivienne, Sara, and Strange all congregate at the Oblivion Bar. The generally agree to disagree, but a pact is made, in the end.

Oblivion Bar - Somewhere Beyond

"The only known universe with its own happy hour."

Elsinore Brew? Blood infused Pißwasser? Fairy Dustschläger or maybe just a good cup of coffee. The extremely comfortable and Occult elite Oblivion Bar is here to cater to its unique clientele from all over the world and many beyond. This classy bar and lounge has a stage, three pool tables, eleven group tables, booths and a well stocked bar. There is also several backrooms for private meetings, very lavish ladies and mens rooms and an office. A phone that has its own area code that can call across dimensions or planes thanks to a Gemworld stone and free internet access that is always operational! Always.

The Oblivion Bar is club membership only and acts as a complete neutral zone, an Elysium for those of the supernatural or mystic origin.

One of the best parts is beyond its relative safety it is accessible from almost any point in the world (and some beyond) by those who know how to find such things (magical sight) as it is located in its own pocket dimension.

The only rules? No Muggles and no violence. If you do not have access to the mystical, supernatural or occult sphere, you are not allowed within this super secret clubhouse.


NPCs: Eddie Deacon

Mentions: Illyana Rasputina, Tom Judge, Jackie Estacado


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The Oblivion Bar "the only known universe with it's own happy hour" which, happy hour it is. The various locations throughout the world itself are documented by some occultists though every few years they change locations, the Tri-City area itself has multiple connect points for those who know how to look and where.

It takes that ability to look sideways and pierce the veil that separates the veiled world and the material to even locate it's entryways, Artifact bearers like the Magdalena and the Witchblade are capable of doing this when they activate their symbiotic primal weaponry. The Ghost Warrior, Robert Berresford as a medium for the world of the spirit to man likewise has that talent, a power to 'sense' the /beyond/. No explanations are needed for the likes of this worlds dimensional warden, Doctor Stephen Strange.

There is no bouncer for the Oblivion Bar it is claimed that it got it's name from the fact someone found out why, it's multitude of denizen who are demons, fae, god-beings and all manner of supernatural to magical creatures or practitioners.

Robert is now standing by the bar, elbow to elbow with a green skinned man with an eyepatch and bald head. Together they are steadily drinking and staring at one another whil the flipper-limbed bartender and supposed owner Eddie speaks in hushed tones to both.
It is the usual means of 'meet up' a text. Nothing special about it.


Vivienne had been busy, since the literal arrival of hell on earth. But even the Daughter of the Son needed to take a few minutes of rest. And so the text that arrived was an unlooked for, but timely blessing. Thankfully, she'd been not far from Brooklyn, and managed to find the bar with relative ease. It was no doubt a sign of how busy her days had been that she had not taken the time to make a quick trip to Tribeca before she answered the summons, and so, when she walked in, she was looking rather less put together than she normally might. A few scratches and dents on her armor. The natty black and red plated, rather than her usual urban set, her hair pulled back and braided up at the back of her head, and her hand wiping something that one would hope was soot from her cheek as she stepped inside.


Doctor Strange is not sure about this.

But Wong pretty much kicked him out of the Sanctum. Since the return from Lemuria the doctor has been particularly anxious. Instead of resting to recover from for the fight with Lilith, he has been trying to figure out what is going on, again. The omens are still bad. But the Serpent Crown being inert can't possibly be bad.

His disciple has gone missing.

There are movement in the darker realms.

There was a tremor in Transia and he has long suspected who is the sleeper under Mount Wundagore.

Does he have time for some drinks? Apparently Wong is completely sure he does. So he is coming through the Brooklyn door, looking a bit worse for the wear. Still managed to find a nice navy blue suit that looks, well, perfectly normal in a place like Oblivion Bar. The place is eclectic to say the least.


It is essentially a moment of 'downtime' or an intermission for many members of the unofficial gathering known as Shadowpact. The demonic invasion force if that is what it truly is outside is swelling, attempting hard to get in but even the residents and usuals of the Oblivion Bar are reluctant to let the creatures inside, many learn that Limbo's powers hold no place here anyways. It's a bit of a turn off. A good place for an intermission.

Whatever heated dialogue was going on between Robert and the one-eyed Orc-creature ceases as Vivienne and Doctor Strange enter the bar.

He turns to face the two of them, his red eyes dancing from one to the next, "I see we are all rather occupied with this… development." Though he says this, his clothing is simple black t-shirt and tattered jeans, a faded logo on the front of the shirt and his cowboy hat worn low, over his forehead.

"First round is on me."


Vivienne took a moment, to take the temperature of the room. Despite the fact that the bar was intended to be a neutral zone, her presence tended to be a touch point that quite a few of the denizens were uncomfortable with. And so, perhaps she could not be blamed for staying at the door until she was sure she wouldn't get shouted at or outright shoved back out. Of course, that meant that Strange came in right after her, and she barely avoided bumping into him as she stepped out of the way of the sound of the door behind her. The sound of a familiar voice and a familiar face set her off to the bar, "A whiskey, double, neat. if you're buying." A beat, "And thank you. Good to see you still in one piece."


"Vivienne," greets strange when the woman almost bumps on him, offering a friendly nod. He is a relatively well-known face in the bar, so he even gets a couple waves, and a few angry glares. From sore losers, really.

"Robert," he adds once closer to the bar. "Good to see you are well yourself. Looks like we scarcely had a single day of rest. I have not seen Ms. Hong or Darkedge lately. Did you?"

Drink? He wants to get drunk. It would be a terrible idea, though. So no whiskey for him. "I'll have a pint. Do you have Scottish Stout, Eddie? Ah, very good."


"The other day when the sky ripped open I seen the dark elf briefly." As is the way with Darkedge the Native has learned.

"Good taste in drinks." Robert compliments them both, himself only drinking a beer.

Eddie smiles, "Of course, Sir Sorcerer!" The drink produced with a relative quickness, fairy helpers all around the bar make up for time.

"It is not a good time for anyone, like yourselves I have been engaged while out there but there is only so much we can do to contend and fend off. These tears, this… it is far beyond me so I am making the effort where I can. What of you, Strange? This is what you are meant for…"

A curious question, somewhat challenging as well but at the same time he knows the level of exhaustion Strange is working at currently.
Vivienne gets a slower once over, as though hes checking her for wounds also.

By her very nature some of them here are uneasy with her presence but then, this is a zone of pure and true neutral. An elysium and acting here is a bad idea for anyone.


Vivienne, for her part, seemed to be particularly resilient to alcohol, and so, she did not seem at all put off by the prospect of whiskey. She did offer Eddie a smile, and a slightly weary 'thank you,', before she downed the shot. She signaled for another, but did not pick it up immediately once it was delivered. "I have not been this busy since the week I spent at Uzak Gokten in Turkey." She lifted a hand, "Trust and believe. You do not want to know. Vivienne stood still, allowing Robert to check her over, before she looked to Strange, "This feels wrong. And not in the way the Lilim, or even Lilith felt wrong."


"Well, this is a very peculiar way to conduct an invasion. Very contained and too slow," comments Strange cautiously. "So I think there is much we don't know. I have barely been bothered. I should have been a primary target. I honestly believe I could remove virtually all the demons from New York with a two hours ritual from the Sanctum, but it is Limbo and if feels more a buffer than a… beachhead, I suppose." He sips from the pint. Bitter as hell, not the kind of beer you can guzzle down quickly. So it will last. "But it could be a trap," he ventures. "And make way for worse. Until I know for sure, I am instead protecting the population."


"Contained and with a focus then." Robert says quietly, his beer meeting his lips again as he motions towards the back booths of the main room, "Lets go have take a seat, while we can."

"Keep 'em coming if you would Eddie."

Edging away from the others he speaks low in the process, "Have you tried? If you are capable you should give it the attempt. People are dying out there… " The explaination though has him biting off anything extra, relenting to just nod and differ to the man's experience and knowledge in these matters.

"Uzak Gokten? Sounds like a story."

"It is off. We should find the source or possible and approach where we can."

Robert lowers himself in to the far booth side, hugging a shoulder up against the wall.


Vivienne nodded, silent as she accompanied Robert and Strange over to a booth. Luck or something else, made for people willing to move of her her way, so that they could take a seat, and she slid into side that Robert had settled into, setting her glass on the tabletop, "Holes into Limbo do not simply open on their own. Someone or something must have brought Limbo here, and, if you are correct, Strange, not as a means of beginning an invasion. If it is intended to be a barrier…what is beyond it? And how do we move against the real threat? The thing that called it here?"


"Illyana Rasputina controlled Limbo," mentions Strange as soon as he is settled. And Vivienne knows Illyana, the women met recently. So does Robert, from longer ago. "She is a troubled woman, but not the kind of person to give the Earth to demons. If she is still alive this odd situation might be part of her schemes."

Uzak Gokten. Hah, no… "Limbo might be a too meaningful name. Her domain was one of the Shard Realms. It was invaded by demonic forces centuries ago. In truth I had hoped she could eventually succeed in restoring it to a more balanced position. I was teaching her." And she wasn't telling him what was going on. But in truth, Strange wasn't telling the woman everything either. Wizards keep secrets.


"From my limited knowledge of her she was or is an ally. Or so I assumed." X-Force side of things he barely remembers her, while around Strange all encounters had been brief, again left for best judgement and knowledge in the hands of others.

"Then, she needs spoken to. Clearly." Robert states flatly.

"If you were teaching her likely shes not gone and may be in need of our aid."

A look at Vivienne and he grins a lil, showing sharper teeth, "I hadn't realized you were versed on Limbo. Surprises in there, huh? What I know if it is limited, again, my areas… " The man crunches up one shoulder as he sets his drink to his lips, taking a swig back again. Room enough for Vivienne to remain comfortable beside him and even another typical sized human on their side of the booth.


"A good many records are kept by the Church. And I had access to the records of the former Magdalenas, both through the Vatican and through the Curator. I read there, of one of the Magdalenas who was tricked into opening a gate to Limbo, or a realm very much like it, though it did not seem to be anything like this. There was no mention of demons invading. But perhaps that was only because she was able to reclaim the Spear and stop the machination before it could truly get going." Strange got her attention then, as she spoke of Illyana. "had you ever been to that realm? Does it feel like this one? Do the creatures you must have seen there look like those now? You say she was troubled, and I felt the demon that lived within her. Could it have taken control of her?"


"Demons are demons," The voice states from behind the booth in her slow approach. A glass already in her hand, sniffed before sipped and her sentence continues. "Unless they are Daemonites."

No more said as Sara Pezzini makes her presence known to the small gathering in the booth. Perhaps it is the lighting but dark circles rim beneath her eyes, but her mannerisms belay any form of exhaustion due to the demons surfacing and the stubborn assholes who will not evacuate and claim their children 'cry wolf', over every shadow. Proof was in the pudding when she delivered a pre-teen back to his family during an investigation and tip proven true.

The final door slammed in her face, Sara tucked her badge and came where she figured she would hear drunken murmurs and instead found…

This table of Miscreant Extraordinaire. She knows them well…. Enough.

Dropping into the booth though, she silences to listen to the rest of this exchange, her badge tucked away beneath the white T backed white tank top, her leather jacket dropped beside her.


Indeed, Illyana needs to be spoken to. She is not picking up her cell, though.

"Many places are called Limbo, just as many places are called Hell," mentions Strange. He skips adding many places are called Heaven. Does he need to?

And those are a good number of questions. Alright, lets see… "I have been in Illyana's Limbo, yes. I think most of the demons come from it, but not all. The dragon at Stark Tower is an herald of the Elder Gods. Such beast wouldn't be scattered by any ritual I could conduct. He would require my personal attention, perhaps the whole Justice League attention. And it means more than Limbo is involved. Finally Illyana is not possessed." He hesitates, because these are the secrets of a very secretive person. But with what is happening, Strange figures they are better knowing. "She is half human and half demon, but not by choice or heritage. It was forced on her."

And then Sara Pezzini is there. Strange arches an eyebrow, looks at Robert inquiringly, than slides aside to let the woman join them. "Welcome, Detective Pezzini," he greets.


Robert lets out a noise at the explanation of Illyana Rasputin, a lot to digest there and his beer comes off a better taste and thought for the moment.

"Detective." Robert offers with a lift of that same drink her way in greeting, "Glad you could join us… we're taking a breather between playing demon hunters."

A man behind them with horns snorts and stands up, adjusting his pressed jacket. Shuffling off quickly from their group.

Robert chuckles low.


Vivienne turned her head, as she heard the sound of the Detective's voice, eyes tracking the woman as she settled into the free space across from herself, and beside Strange. "Demons come in a very many different shapes, sizes, and configurations. Some are more common than others. Some follow one greater demon, others another. Very few demons operate without masters. And if these are hers, as you seem to postulate, Strange, then she might be behind this invasion. Whether or not the dragon is related, I cannot say, but it certainly needs to be dealt with. And I think we will all do what we can. But we cannot fight an entire realm of monsters. For every one I kill, I count half a dozen at least that appear. And if she is half of one, that is a battle she must constantly fight, to keep it from overpowering her human side."


Strange sips from his pint and hrms at Vivianne's words. "Understand this. Most of the creatures you call demons are actually slaves. They were created by greater entities to serve. To labor, sometimes to fight, only in rare cases as true companions. They reflect the natures of their vile creators and rarely escape their shadow."

As a sidenote, "I had estimated Limbo's demonic population around three hundred thousand," which is a huge number, yet not so large in comparison with the numbers human armies can muster.

"Demons do have a pecking order, and Illyana had proven to be the most powerful entity in Limbo by defeating all other great powers there," he continues. "Her rule was not unchallenged, however. Warrior demons constantly test their superiors, it is their nature. Moreover the demons of Limbo were not created by her to serve her specifically. They have darker, much older masters they can deny only with the most formidable effort. Most of them cannot."


"I do understand that, Strange. But that does not change the truth of what I said. Whether they are slaves or free, they are still demonic, as the lilim were, even though a few of their number that we met thought themselves to be other than what they were. In point of fact, you've proven my point. Whatever it appears is happening here in the city, it is not uncontrolled chaos. Someone is behind this. Whether it is your student, or former student or not, there is a central power controlling these things, if for no other reason than something is keeping them here, in New York. There have been no other reports of demons moving out to the surrounding areas. And if they are here because she can no longer control them, then she still needs to be found and the problem dealt with." Vivienne lifted the whiskey to her lips, sipping, rather than gulping, "I am sorry if you feel protective of her, but I feel protective of all of the people these demons are killing.


"I agree we should protect the New Yorkers," replies Strange, "and that there is a design behind the apparent chaos". Also, disagreeing in pretty much everything else.

"My student is cunning, proud and distrustful. She has not contacted me because she doesn't feel she needs me," so maybe Illyana feels in control. Something to consider, foolish as it seems. "And I do always hope people can rise over their base natures. Both the high, and the low, as well as we humans that stand in the middle. Even the most vile demons dream with Heaven when they sleep, Vivienne," his pint finished, Strange stands up. "I need to talk with the horned gentlemen for a few minutes. Please, excuse me."


"There is nothing wrong with hope, Strange, or in having faith in those who mean something to you. But as high as we can rise above our baser natures, we can also fall. And sometimes we cannot get up again. And to dream of a thing is not the same as achieving the thing." Still, Vivienne did not bother to continue. It was much too clear that Strange would not consider any opinion which did not paint Ilyana in a fair light. And so, she simply nodded, as Strange rose from the table and took his leave.


Sara was listening, but for the moment she was staring at the tiny bubbles that rose from the base of her drink to go for the 'head' of foam and build up, just like the thoughts inside of her head, as well as compiling names..



Into a category that all files in the same closet to Sara, right now. So, just as unfamiliar as it is to see the Magdalena walk into a fight with the Witchblade - It is just as hard to believe that when Vivienne speaks, Sara finally reacts in a nod that is not subtle, it is an agreement that has those eyes darting towards the Supreme of this area.

"She and her demons are harming innocents everywhere within the local tri-area. I have displaced too many families due to this." A wave of her hand, that bracelet of alien-archaic chitinous design flashing in a rose gold hue with the inset of a burning ruby stone. Pausing, Sara watches Strange walk away and she looks between Robert and Vivienne.

"Too attached. I say we make our own call." Stated before she downs that glass.


Ripclaw's silence is usually indication he is staring off between 'realities' or he is in deep thought, or brooding. He broods often enough.

"Now is not the time to trifle with ones convictions, if shes playing a game of her own design, even if it is in part her nature… she needs put down. Though, I am also one to believe in… salvation. We'll do what we can as we can, the confrontations with your student, very much should be on you Strange. I'll support you, as I promised." A man of his word after all.

The scowl etched across his brow deepens as a flitter-winged fairy in bright violets and blues struggles with carrying a beer to his table and setting it down. Making small noises before hovering away.

"He is very personal in this one. I say we continue with our damage control but we consider a timer… A hard deadline."


Vivienne very rarely seemed out of sorts. She was, rather unsurprisingly, a rather even tempered woman. But she clearly was now, as she lifted the glass, finishing the whiskey in one go. "While I under stand his power and respect it, I believe, as Sara does," and here she nodded to the woman, "He is allowing his closeness to this woman and his faith in his power and his…rightness, to overcome his common sense. Whether or not she can be saved, and that would be my choice, if it was an option available to me, this, all of this, has to end. These demons do not belong here. Limbo does not belong here, no matter what brought her or whomever summoned it to seek that end. Though, I think his ego will not easily accept a deadline."


Robert, finally speaks and in turn gets Sara's attention, but there is no shift in that narrowing gaze. He was acutely aware of, but not only be audibly acknowledging him.

The empty glass is replaced with a diluted beverage of her own recipes. Not as strong as whiskey, not as filtered as beer, and untainted by the 'spice of Oblivion'. "Everything's changing, even your student… /Strange/." Sara states as she rises her refill and once he finishes speaking she lifts it in favor of the decision she had already spoken towards before the Supreme's sudden departure. Asiding with the….

Vivienne is slowly gaining the focus from Robert, her own displaced mentality hidden just as well as the others', but for once she has even ground over a table balanced in a Realm Unknown. "So do we have an agreement…(for once??)" Sara inquires, as her hands shift, a hand extended in an agreement amongst their Damage Control.

"We set a deadline and we limit the casualties of innocents?" A pause and she seems to exhale a held breath. "Despite ties?"

Limbo, Illyana, Demons. This means nothing to her, aside from business as usual, right?


"Egos be damned." Robert declares casually, "I have no concern for such things right now and the way we operate is a call beyond our own. It's been that way and we've already had to trample others in the process, it will continue to be the way. I think though, the Doctor is more understanding than you are both realizing. He knows and in the face of this he'll make the right decisions."

The beer he just received swapped out for, "So, that is also my way of saying ease up for the moment, let's relax before we have to head back out and… deal with that out there again. It's been a hard few days for all of us and bound to only get worse."


"That's all well and good…until he opens a portal and sends you who knows where." But there was humour in that, as one of her hands settled on Robert's thigh, a tap of her hand there, as the other extended to take Sara's. "As few casualties as we can manage, but with an eye always towards removing the threat to the human population." Vivienne seemed not to notice the fact that she grasped the hand that bore the Witchblade on its wrist. The Spear, for the moment, seemed in total agreement with her. "I will say, I would not mind trying to hunt down Tom or Jackie. The greater our number, the stronger we will be." She withdrew her hand, returning it to her glass, lifting it in a silent call for another of the same. "I am all foe relaxing. I feel as if I have not slept since this all started. I have not even seen the inside of my place since. I am terrified to see what the state of it will be when I get home."


The Witchblade remains dormant in the mutual alliance and embrace under such a 'Pact', with the bearer of the Spear - Magdalena. The smile offered brings a glint of canines, and for that moment there is a focus upon that woman even as Ripclaw speaks. Two Artifacts forming an accord under a circumstance they both can see eye to eye on, despite the logic or ethereal reasoning. "Egos be damned…" Sara echoes and slowly leans back upon the booths backrest with a groan, drawing her jacket across her lap with a slap of leather over denim and exposed skin in the tears made by recent trials outside of this place hung in… Limbo.

Pun intended.

"Relax." A look now flashed towards Ripclaw and the bearer of the Witchblade nods, pausing at the mention of the others. Drink to that. Say nothing.

"We'll see." Okay, saying /something!/, at least!

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