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September 24, 2018:

The Black Cat stalks Captain America in the Grocery Store to ask him about a wasp infestation.


An unassuming grocery store, on any given day


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Steve lacks a cart, despite being in the grocery store. He's only picking up a few things, and has a basket laden with fresh fruit, now. He's browsing through the fresh vegetables, attention on deciding if a few fruit are ripe or not, gently examining them in one hand. He's 'in-cognito', which involves a sweatshirt and ball-cap, though no sunglasses: that would look strange indoors, and the grocery store isn't loaded with people anyway. Still, a woman near the lemons is giving him an appraising stare while her child fusses in the front of her cart. Steve decides that fruit wasn't proper enough, and continues to browse.

Men are creatures of habit. Well, humans, really. But men, in particular. And men like Steve Rogers particularly in particular. Felicia can't say how many times she's watched him pick up fruit and squeeze it. Mmmm…/nobody/ squeezes fruit like Rogers. She's just waiting for the day when he pushes a cart through the store instead of carrying that basket. Because Captain America with a buggy is really an inherently hilarious notion. Alas, not today.

A girl with her hair styled in a bubblegum pink bob is also shopping in the store today. She, too, carries a basket. It's half-full of Fancy Feast and dingly cat toys that crinkle, adorned with feathers. All the luxuries of a basket that's ironic enough to make her smile. She doesn't own a cat. The pink-haired girl is wearing black leather shorts that are really just a formality, knee socks (black with a pink stripe around the top) and black converse high tops with fishnet stockings. Her top is a baby tee, light pink with Hello Kitty on the front. Atop her head, a headband with black cat ears.

As she rounds the corner, she nearly bumps into Steve Rogers, and makes a surprised little squeak, and a giggle. "Ooh, sorry Sir. I wasn't watchin' where I was goin'." She offers him a sweet smile. Maybe too sweet. "That's some nice fruit you have there."

"It's fine," Steve assures her with his automatic polite quality, returning the smile with his own reserved one. He wears a brief puzzled look that passes through his eyebrows and light blue eyes, but doesn't pursue it. She seems familiar but lots of people do. The pink hair is throwing him off, but the voice seems to orient him back in again. He's not suspicious though: that's not his way.

"That's what I thought, too. Please, help yourself," Steve suggests, meaning the fruit, and stepping more fully aside. It is to allow her access to the fruit selection while he goes back to his fruit decision, and he decides that one is appropriate. Into his basket it goes, amid a collection of other fresh vegetables and fruit: Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce of two types, carrots, some berries. Health food, all of it. Which cannot be a shock, looking at the guy. He's the type that appears on advertisements for workout plans.

"Goodness, with a shopping basket like that, a guy could, like, live forever, huh?" Felicia gives him a shy smile, biting nervously at the corner of one fingernail. "I bet you're one of the healthiest guys of the twentieth century…"

She gives him a moment to digest that comment as she picks out a kiwi fruit. It's fuzzy, and shaped just perfectly to bobble when it rolls. She tests out its wobble factor atop a box of fancy feast cans in her basket, and nods, seemingly satisfied, before grabbing handfuls of the things and piling them into her basket, sans produce bag.

"Bags are bad for the environment, don't you think? I mean, you never know what these chemicals are doing to our wildlife."

Steve considers his bag, his smile turning bemused, and he chuckles. He's recognized, and that's fine: she's letting him know that. It doesn't bother him, not really. He wears this on his sleeve, there's an 'ahh, I'm 'caught' quality to the lingering smile. "Well, this really won't last more than a day or two," he says of the variety. He intakes a good amount, of course. And she would know that, too, as she's been stalking his shopping habits. "Yes; I always try to bring my own." He pats the light brown tote back in the side of his basket. "Sets a good example." And he's all about setting good examples. "We've met before, haven't we?" he asks, thoughtful, but not invasive.

"We might have," Bubblegum Kitty replies. "Were you a the Lollapalooza last year?" She furrows her brow, as if trying to remember.

"Oh hey!" she interjects, seeming to suddenly remember something. "I was wondering if you'd know what to feed an exotic pet. It's like…a giant wasp. Seems like I remember you sayin' something about those at some point. I mean, the only thing I'd know to try is a giant spider, but Spidey's hard as hell to catch, what with that whole…" she gestures vaguely, "webslinging thing he does."

"No, I wasn't," Steve says, with a frown only due to that he seems to have let her down a little bit. At first he starts to let it go, until she brings up the wasp creature. Her voice, plus that information, brings him suddenly onto the right page and identification. He hopes. It's not certain, really. "I don't think that will be safe to keep as a pet. It might not get along with your other pets. I hope you don't get home to find it has eaten your cat," Steve says, honestly, a bit dry, eyes resting on her collection of cat toys. He isn't taking her comment about actually having one as a pet seriously, clearly. But he moves closer and lowers his voice. Serious tone, blue eyes piercing under lowered brows. Not many can withstand the Steve unintentional smolder. "Do you actually have a living one?" he asks, concerned for her.

"I…m-might…" Felicia responds, accidentally swallowing her gum as she stammers. Man, that was the best strawberry bubblegum ever, too. "I d-don't have a cat, though." She takes a deep breath, and tilts her head. "The thing's injured, I think I might have accidentally torn off its wings, playing with it…"

Taking another deep breath beneath that blue-eyed gaze that makes her giggly in all the right places, Felicia composes herself. "So I put a collar on it, with a little bell, so I'd know if it was sneaking up on me. Named it Steve. Always did /love/ that name…" Ok yeah, so she might not have totally composed herself.

"Are you all right?" Steve asks right away, as she seems to suddenly lack her gum, and stammers. Health issues first. But she does appear to be able to keep talking. About injured wasp monsters. Steve looks a little bit horrified by her explanation of what happened to it. "Tore its wings off?" he asks. Torture of anything, even an enemy wasp thing, clearly isn't something the Captain approves of. "We have discovered a few new things about them. It will probably invite its friends," he says, with obvious concern. "Do you want help getting rid of it?" He starts to usher her towards checkout.

Felicia looks surprised by Steve's response, as she gets ushered forward. "I…I sort of thought you'd want it alive. I could have killed it myself," she replies, then lowers her voice. "Its wings were cut off when it attacked me. I'm fine, and it…I dunno, it seems fine. Little aggressive. Okay, a lot aggressive. I've been having to keep it locked in the guest room, and it's tearing things up. But I figured it'd be more use to you alive than dead."

"It is useful alive. I'm glad you got one alive, but I also don't want you to be swarmed by a pack of them," Steve says, with honest directness. "Priority is your safety." He gives her a smile, still guiding her to check out. "Let's deal with it right away. Do you have time to fetch it now? I'll pick up some proper containment, and we'll have it out of your guest room," Steve promises her firmly. If she's going along with him, he'll rush her through checkout, clearly taking the whole thing very seriously.

Steve ushers her through the checkout, and Felicia is happy to buy what she’s got in her basket. She may not have a cat, but the animal shelter can always use toys and food. And those fuzzy little kiwis with the perfect amount of wobble? Those are going home with her. They’re delicious, nutritious, and make perfect weapons to throw at that wasp, if things get out of hand when the Captain comes over to help her trap the little beastie. But important things first – Steve Rogers is coming over to /her/ house. How lucky can a Black Cat get?

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