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September 24, 2018:

Remy and Lorna have a chat about their various life problems. Remy with his recent kidnapping experience, and Lorna the troubles from having to give up her daughter.


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There was chaos on the lawn as refugees were settled in from Mutant Town. More children that could be fit into the mansion proper anyways, so tents and temporary buildings had been set up on the grounds further back. Lorna returned inside, her hair damp from the rain that was falling in a chilly, wet mist all day. She shucked off her rain jacket, and kicked off her boots as she made her way inside to the mansion proper and stepped around various others that were coming and going.

She stepped up the stairs, stocking'ed feet near silent as she made her way up the stairs passed the classrooms and other assorted student levels toward the 'staff' section, or at least where the other adults lived. She had taken over Rogue's old room, and Marcos had only just recently returned a few days ago to the mansion. Though it had remained to be seen if that was for the better or not.


"Lorna, lookin' good." The cajun teases as he is climbing down the steps wearing a small swimsuit that could be confused for a pair of basketball shorts from the 60's. He's obviously headed to the indoor pool and with a seafoam color towel drapped over his shoulders, the thief has that coy smile he's the master of painted across his shady face. "'Aven' seen ya in some time, how's it goin'?" The man asks, a hand lifting up and running over the incredibly short and firm hairs sprouting across the top of his noggin, enough to start to return some of that color to his head.


A blink followed the sight of Remy's manner of dress, as Lorna paused on her way up the stairs the rest of the way. Her green hair was a frizzled mess thanks in no small part to the humidity of the constant mist outside. Even with the chill in the fall air. She grumbled, shooting him a flat look as she ran her fingers through her hair and twisted it back from her face. "Remy, what are you doing walking around in that? There are children, you'll scar them for life." She teased, grinning as she stepped off to the side.

"And you've got some hair! I'm surprised you didn't want to wax it down. We've got a sincere lack of bald men around here."


"Oh, yes, I MUST think of the children." He says, winking back to Lorna before he looks over the banister and down a few floors, "Ah'm goin' t'dhe heated pool an' Ah'm gonna take a dip. Ya should catch up, helps wit' dhe humidity messin' wit' ya hair." He smirks. "Ya know Ah'm basically dhe Samson of dhe X-men, ah need mah hair. It's how people recognize meh in dhe crowd o'nerds roun' 'ere." The cajun whispers in a teasing tone as he continues to walk down the steps, his invite genuine, as he is certainly going to go take a dip before it's too late, mentally.


A shrug, and Lorna changed directions. Sure she could go back up to her room and crash for a few hours while Marcos was out, but that meant sitting around and doing nothing.. save to be alone with her thoughts. She trailed along after him as he made his way down the steps toward the heated pool a few flights below. "Well, there are extra children around and none of them are at all happy about being dragged out of Mutant Town. The whole of New York's been invaded by demons or something." She made a face, "You know, it's shit like this that makes me feel like I'm not paranoid when I said we never get any rest or safety around here.." She shoved her hands into her pockets as she walked along side the Cajun.

Marcos still wanted to go find their daughter, and it was at times like this that Lorna was relieved to not have her anywhere near New York. Times like this when she felt justified in what she did, that she'd made the right call after all.

"And c'mon sure, your lovely locks were unique, sure.. but you could grow out anything now. Try our a mohawk or something."


Remy stops as he's opening the door to the facility and looks over his shoulder at Lorna with a look like she just badmouthed his sweet elderly grandmother. "Did ya say a mowhawk?" The cajun blinks twice before he takes in a deep breath through his nose and basically ignores whatever Lorna might have said. "Ah t'ink ya glad dat Ah'm not prettier dan you no mo'e." LeBeau says with a mischievious smirk before he stands on the pools edge.

"As far as us nevah bein' safe o' secure, Ah t'ink we all know dat, but some o'dem don' wan' t'admit it aloud. It's a scary t'ought. An' we all still a buncha scared impresionable kiddos." His heel dangling over the water and bouncing on his toes as he talks, fingers hooked on his waist, enjoying getting to talk and maybe steal some glances of the green haired princess.


Lorna broke out into snickers at Remy's look, and then into full blown laughter as he questioned her teasing about a mohawk. She couldn't help it, she was still trying to muffle her laughter as she stepped inside after him, slowly shaking her head. "Me? Jealous? I'll have you know that my green hair is fabulous. It's all the rage in salons and across the nation." She was exaggerating of course, but what else was there to do?

She sobered though as Remy plopped down beside the pool's edge and dipped his feet in. She bent, rolling up her pant legs and joined him.

"Marcos doesn't believe it, refuses to believe it. He called me paranoid.. said I was letting my father get to me." She snorted darkly, her smile gone as she stared down at the water.

"But we're not safe, not here, not Mutant Town.. no where." She mumbled, glancing back toward him with a look of sympathy.


"He's kinda a dumby. Reminds me o'Charles." Thief LeBeau reports with a glance to Lorna and a smile that grows larger and larger by the moment. "Oh goodness, you were trying so hard not to be your dad, that you started dating his best friend." The cajun says before sticking his tongue out in mockery.

"Though ya should agree dat ya dad is right about many t'ings. Even if none a'us wanna agree." He cants his head at his own weird choice of words. "Doesn't make 'im morally right dough. Dats what we always strive t'do."


A twitch of her lips followed Remy's comments about Marcos being an dummy, further more as he continued on about her avoidance in becoming him.. she'd married a man just like his 'old friend'. She snorted, and tried and failed to muffle it behind her hand. "If you ever hear the two of them talk about the other, I'm pretty sure out of context, people would believe I was just mimicking him in that respect." She drawled. She'd been raised more or less by Charles Xavier here in the mansion, and had heard his take on her father. As much as she'd heard her father's point of view on Charles.

She hadn't connected it or compared it to her own relationships.

Not until now at least.

Her smile faded however as Remy continued, she sighed. "I do agree with that.. He's right about a lot of things. Not as much as he'd like to think he is.. but.." She shrugged, "I had another sister.. that I never knew. She died long before I was born. He told me about her. She burned alive in front of him." She closed her eyes briefly against the swell of emotion that bubbled up in her throat. She exhaled a rough breath and glanced back at the Cajun beside her. Her toes curling and uncurling in the warm water. Even as the heat of the pool room made her hair even more frizzled looking. She let silence settle instead, she wanted to ask about what he'd gone through, but wasn't entirely sure how to change topics.


"Bein' like ya parents ain' a bad t'in' in an' of itself Lorna. Stop beatin' yourself up ovah it." He smirks and his hand lifts up to squeeze her arm above her elbow. "Ya got mo'e frien's who'll 'elp ya any time ya ask." He says before letting go and pushing himself forward and falling into the water.

A few moments pass before he pops back up and lifts his arms to hook on the outside edge of the pool and smiles next to Lorna, looking up at the princess. "Penny fo' ya t'oughts?"


Lorna flashed him a small smile, at Remy's words, "Thanks, I'll try not to." a glance as he dove into the water before joining her back at the edge of the pool. She continued to lazily let her feet hang in the water, the warmth good against her tired feet and leg muscles. It would've been great to jump in entirely, but jean didn't do so well in pools and she'd rather not be slogging around the rest of the mansion soaked either.

His words jostled her out of her thoughts and back to him. "You know that whole friends thing goes both ways, right Remy? We've been sorta worried about you, you know. Since you got back.."


Remy starts to try to disconnect at the new conversation topic, actually looking away from Lorna, the man who can't NOT look at women is suddenly looking for anything else to look at. "Ah, ah know." he mumbles hidding his mouth behind his crossed arms, black eyes looking anywhere else.


A twist of her lips and Lorna bit back the urge to sigh as Remy looked away abruptly and looked at literally anywhere else in the pool room besides her. "Have you tried talking to Jean or Rogue? Anyone?" She hedged, her brows furrowing as she leaned forward, her hands bracing her figure against the edge of the pool.

"Beyond the reports.." She stopped and took a moment to collect her thoughts. "I'm one of the worst people that could be talking about this, but you should try to. Rather than just ignoring it.."


"I haven't talked to Jean, Ah never seem to be able t'find her, an' Rogue… Ah don' want t'make her worry ovah nut'in'. She doesn' need t'worry about me. None a-yas do." The man says, still at least he didn't dive under the water to get away from the truth bullets being shot by the magnet-witch next to him. "How's about you? Ah'll talk t'ya an' get ya in mo'e trouble wit' ya man." He teases with a look back to Lorna and a quick look back to nothingness.


Lorna's lips pursed together as she eyed the Cajun from her perch on the pool's edge, and slowly shook her head. "We worry regardless.. because we care. It's that whole two way street thing. It's kind of what friendships are all about." She murmured gently, green eyes lingering on Remy as he tried to tease away the pain that came from the truth that she'd flung out at him.

Of course his deflecting had her making a face. "The issues between Marcos and me are just that. I made a choice without him and he refuses to accept it." She shrugged, leaning back.


Remy looks a bit more serious for just a moment as he turns and looks up into Lorna's eyes. "Do you regret it?" The bald thief asks briefly and quietly.


A slow exhale, and Lorna's shoulders slumped faintly as she twisted to draw her legs out of the pool and find a towel to dry off. "No.. not currently. I regret what it's done to him. What it's done to our relationship. But I still think I made the right call. There's not a day that goes by when I don't think of her. When I don't miss her. But she's safer this way. I can't protect her and do what has to be done to make sure this world is a place for her to grow up in. I'm not even sure if I'll survive as long as my father has to see her as an adult." She grimaced, turning green eyes at Remy.

"I don't even know where she is, and I don't want to know. If I knew, someone could go into my head and find out. I couldn't stay away if I knew where she was either.." She swallowed a hard lump that formed in her throat.

"So I shared.. your turn." She murmured, her lips twisting as she tossed the towel into the basket.


"What's t'share? Ah got taken when I went back t'dat place and I saw a lot o'shit." He says, pushing up with his hands on the ground and climbs out of the pool. "I watched mutants get paraded in fronta people like slaves or cattle, and Ah had t'fight a few of us, good people, but Ah had t'survive." The man says, afraid to look up at the moment as he too finds a towel, almost like a lost child. "Den dhe last guy, he, he did t'in's t'me. T'in's Ah'm scared Ah'll nevah know what." The cajun says softly, towards the floor.


Lorna exhaled a breath, watching Remy as he climbed out of the pool and started fumbling for a towel. She grabbed one, passing it to him wordlessly as he continued onward about how messed up his experience had been. How he wasn't even sure what the hell had happened to him. She paused, and glanced back up at him, even as he turned his gaze to the floor. "If you wanted.. we could go to Genosha. There's more tech there than any where just about. And it's all run by mutates and mutants these days. If you wanted, if it might help. We could go and get you checked out there." She offered, her voice soft.

"There's a possibility they might pick up something, or might not.. but if it might help you sleep at night. It would be worth it." She bent down, unrolling her jeans and making to grab her socks from somewhere off to the side.

"I'm gonna go check on the kids."


Remy takes the offered towel and he tries to look up and put on his brightest smile and then asks something he rarely does, "Ah could use a 'ug." The man says, maybe he's kidding, maybe he's back to his old self, or maybe he's being pervy again, but there's a sincerity in his voice and his eyes, "Nah- nevahmind, yeah, go on ahead and check on dhe kids. Ah need t'get some pants on firs'." He chuckles.


A pause and Lorna glanced back at Remy as he smiled and …asked for a hug? The green haired mutant hesitated, socked shoved into her grip as she was before she flashed him a smile and leaned in to give him a hug. Even as he waved it away. Even though he was damp still from the pool, she gave him a careful hug all the same without waiting for him to retreat or think better of it.

She allowed it for however long he needed it, and withdrew. "Yeah, get some pants on before you come check on the kids outside. It's kinda chilly." She teased, before making to head back out.

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