You Shall Not Pass?

September 23, 2018:

Molly and Laura try get to mutant town to help out. Demons get in the way and then a wandering Logan appears.

//Mutant Town - New York City //

District X, more popularly known as Mutant Town despite being politically
incorrect, sits between Alphabet City and the Bowery of Lower Manhattan.
Full of diversity and oddities the outside world can only dream of, M-Town
is a hub of mutant culture, fashion, food, design, and even some cutting
edge technology.

With one of the largest concentrated populations of 'muties' in the U.S. and
the world, many other metahumans find it easier to get by here than
elsewhere in a world that often hates and fears them.

In the late 90's, after the isolation of the X-Gene, anti-mutant sentiment
soared. At the time, District X was a community of immigrants from all over
the world. Mutants quietly began to move in, but it was a community secret
that very few outsiders knew. Today, Mutant Town is a very public enclave of
metahumans, freaks, and outcasts and a thriving - if insular - community.
The Morlock Massacre a decade ago and more recent events have done nothing
to slow its growth.

The diversity of District X and its pro-mutant stance makes maintaining law
and order a struggle within its boundaries. Outsiders therefore tend to view
M-Town as an overcrowded ghetto, full of uneducated human-haters, criminals,
prostitutes, druggies, and other undesirables. Listed as one of the world's
most dangerous places to live in the world, much of the illicit activity has
been traced to organized crime families. The 11th Precinct of the NYPD - a
small and specialized task force that claims to have the city's toughest,
meanest and hardiest law enforcement professionals - was assembled
especially for this jurisdiction. (They come in hot or not at all and have a
tendency to 'disappear' in this neck of the woods.)

Despite this, people continue to reside there and pursue happy lives. In
fact, the cultural influence and natural abilities of the residents makes
many of them feel that Mutant Town one of the most progressive, innovative,
and unique places in the world.

The SRD's motto is "Expect the Unexpected." Here, they're words to live by.



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Fade In…

Laura and Molly had decided to be helpful after the return of the APC filled with mutants. They were going to be living carefully in the mansion and their homes were in danger. Plus, who knows if there are not some more hiding out and hoping for the best. They had gotten out here via a motorcycle and honestly, they had lost it. Not Molly's fault. The demon came from out of no where, knocked them off the motorcycle…and then the motorcycle hit the demon over the head. Totally not Molly's fault.

Now they are surrounded and standing near a shop that has a family hold out in it, "Well, I am pretty sure we can take them all down." She nods her head, "Maybe…" She looks at the larger two in the back goading the strange orc like, horned demons forward, "They look angry." she nods even as the massive balrog like demons crack a whip urging the others forward.


Some of the X-Men have organized efforts aimed at getting refugees out. Different teams are working to try and help the people get clear of the target zone, to make their way free of the chaos and the mayhem. Power sets are chosen for their dual purpose, providing security and providing aid to the extraction. It, in part, leaves a warrior like the Wolverine split from the primary effort. They've got personnel to handle the crowds, to help with the transition, and a good set of folks working security to try and keep the demon incursions at bay…
But Logan, he serves better as a creature to terrify the horrors that roam the street. He ranges far from the locales where the teams work their magic. He keeps to the shadows during the night, even though many of the creatures that he comes across seem to see in the dark easily with their glowing eyes. They may be creatures derived in part from magic, but they still behaved in some ways so much like prey.
At times there would be a flicker of movement, just at the edge of a creature's line of sight. A figure dropping from on high and a low shunk of blades, a spatter of ichor or blood. Then off into the dark again. The strikes came quickly, and with such impact that even the demons started to question the safety of the shadows.
Yet on the wind a scent caught Logan's attention. He rose up from over the crumpled form of some winged gargoyle creature that had been menacing a pack of strays that had lost their masters. They stood in the alleyway some distance from this strange being that saved them from the otherworldly creature, their tails wagging and tongues hanging out. But then the Wolverine's nostrils flared and he frowned. Over his shoulder he tells them in a rushed whisper, "Go on. Get." To which they just look on blankly. Logan gestures sharply, but that doesn't help. But there was no time. With a rush he breaks into a run, leaping towards the wall and starting to climb upwards to the rooftops. When he reaches them he heads in the direction where Laura and Molly now face that dire creature.


"I've killed worse," Laura replies with a serene smile. "And don't worry, anger typically leads to poor decision making. In this case the poor decision is getting in our way." She rolls her shoulders. "The important thing is to keep them away from the family in that house. We're trained to deal with… well not exactly this but close enough."

She takes a few steps forward, then extends her claws with a distinctive snikt of adamantium cutting through flesh. "Would you prefer to take on the small ones? Or the big ones?"


Her eyes begin to glow and Molly steps up to beside Laura and looks at her, "I kinda prefer to hit the big ones with the small ones." She nods her head as she looks over at the ones on the right before looking to Laura, "Just do whatever comes natural." She chuckles and then looks forward, "Well…" She rolls her shoulder and stands up with a hand out and makes a gesture for them to come to her, "Come on then!" She declares and looks at them carefully, "I am here for a fight and you need to bring it!" And then the orc demons come rushing forward with the two big whip guys rushing in behind them, roaring.


From above on the rooftops, Logan makes his way. At times the wind changes but he's got a good enough angle on the approach. If he didn't have the scent he'd still hear the screams and shrieks of the creatures, and see a few of the smaller ones skittering around the corner as they rush towards where Molly and Laura intend to make their stand. It only takes a handful of moments before the elder mutant skids to a halt. His dark black uniform cutting a slight silhouette against the skyline as he looks down at the situation.
For a moment he scowls to himself, not liking the situation nor the odds. A glance to the side and he'll see the family inside as some of them appear to watch nervously whatever might unfold before them. Things do look grim. Just enough to make Logan scowl a bit more.
Tightening his fist, the joint makes a faint scraping metal sound combined with a crackle of cartilage. A few steps back are taken then he breaks into a run and /leaps/ off the rooftop, blades sliding between his knuckles with a /snikt/ and catching the moonlight for an instant as he brings them up and then stabs them down as he tries to _land_ right on the back of that bastard with the whip.


"What comes naturally?" Laura asks with dry amusement. "So killing it is then." And at that she bursts into a sprint that, between her own speed and the onrushing demons, covers the gap between them in a blink of an eye. At the very last moment she springs into the air and whirls as a claw bursts from each of her feet. The adamantium blades scything through the front rank of smaller demons as if they weren't even there. And then within another moment she's practically engulfed by the tide of demons, so tightly packed she barely even has to aim her attacks. Her hand and foot claws twirling and slashing with inhuman speed.


Rushing into the crowd, Molly is no where near as fast as Laura's movements but she's not slow either. She enhances her strength up to a level where she could flip a car easy and she lands right on an orc with a leap that smashes him into the ground. She grabs another by the arm and begins to slam him this way and that into his fellows. She lets out a growl as one slams a blade right against her back and rakes it down only for her to turn and slam his friend into her. She winces as she feels the pain of that slash on her back. She was tougher right now but she still had a nice red welt down her back from the slice. It didn't break skin but it caused an impact.


The six blades slice through the crimson skin with a splash of ichor splattering even as the Wolverine twists slides downwards, using the tall demon with the whip to slow his descent. The claws slice clean through the shoulder, down to its spine, and then he flips back and off the monster as it seems to rise up in agony, its wings flaring.
Logan hits the ground and then gains his feet even as the other demons swirl around him, most focused on fighting the two young women who have rushed into the battle. Over his shoulder he snaps towards them, "Ain't it past yer all's curfew?" But then he's forced to duck as a gargoyle leaps towards him and he rolls to the side. Even as slowly, very slowly behind him the tall Balrog falls apart, one half of it sliding wetly along the other until both crumple to the ground.
For a time they're lost in the brawl, the combatants whirling raging centers of mayhem that the monsters insist on throwing themselves into. Blades slice through the air, talons lash out, tails snap forwards with wicked stings. In one instant there's a brief lull and Logan finds himself almost back to back with X-23 and she'll hear him growl in that grim tone of his. "Careful of the friendly fire, kid." Even as he holds up one claw, snarling at one of the demons that isn't quite as enthused about charging the adamantium blades.


"I can cut a bullet out of the air. I'm hardly going to stab one of you by mistake," Laura notes, one hand pulling a demon sword out from her thigh. "And is now really the time for a lecture?" One of her foot claws cuts the legs out from under a demon as her free hand shoves off Logan's shoulder, using the collapsing demon as a stepping stone to get up on top of the crush of demons.

"Bruiser you still good?" X-23 yells, springing from demon shoulders and heads. Her claws lashing out at any weapons that try and stab at her or just going clean through the head of an unlucky demon. Leaving a path of bodies collapsing in her wake. "If we kill the remaining larger demons perhaps these will flee."


As the first large demon falls, the orcs look in terror upon Logan only to have the other roar and slam a whip down upon one and then pull out a large sword to cut another. THe orcs decide that trying to kill Logan, Laura, and Molly is still a good idea. Molly, for her part, grabs one and slams him into another before yelling out in rage and kicking the orcs into one another and then nodding to Laura, "I'm good!" She winces, "I'll heal." She then rushes into another crowd and slams some aside only to be halted as two of tehm get in her path, "Yes, lets try to bring down the last big one." Then she decks one of the two orcs and backhands another only to get tackled by yet another, "I…I'm busy though!"


A grunt comes from Logan as he's used as a springboard but despite the sharp words hurled back and forth, the two of them seem to work fairly well together as a demon is lulled by her maneuver into getting too close and pays the price. Stabbing upwards into its chest cavity, Logan growls and slashes wide, splitting the creature and hurling its remains back into the crowd. "You think that's a lecture, kid, then you ain't listened ta Cyclops' yammerin'." He slams his knee up into the jaw of another creature before he starts to break into a run towards Molly to try and give her some cover.
To the younger mutant he gives a nod, "She might be onta somethin'. C'mon." That said he rounds and then tries to keep them at least in sight of the blurring bladed ball of vitriol that is X-23.


"Cyclops has never needed to lecture me," Laura shouts back as she bounds across the top of the mob. Always just moving out of the way a fraction of a second before the demon under her collapses or a blade can land more than a glancing blow. Of course the sheer weight of attacks means that some are getting through and by the time she's getting close to the back of the mob her clothing is a mess of blood and ichor.

With a wordless howl of challenge X-23 throws herself off the shoulders of the rearmost ranks of demons, dropping into a roll that brings her under the large demons legs. Her claws clash out for the back of each ankle mid-roll, forcing the giant brute to turn after her with an almighty bellow of it's own as it swings the impossibly large sword.

Laura leaps, high enough not just to clear the sword sweep but to actually land on the blade mid-swing, then brings four adamantium blades overhead onto the demonic creatures wrist.


The massive beast lets out a howl of rage even as X-23 ends up on his wrist and arm. He attempts to slam her with that wrist into a nearby building with enough strength to throw a Buick. Even as that is happening, Molly looks grateful at Logan and nods, "Yeah, just…kinda more of a brawler and that doesn't serve the whole, large group thing…and really trying not to get too angry and lose it." She flickers some purple light around her hair as she uses temporarily added strength to slam her fist right into the chest of a demon and send him flying.

The bowling ball effect knocks open a path between Logan and Molly to the angry beast of a gargoyle creature. She rushes forward and looks to Logan, "I'll get the legs out from under him." And with that she throws herself forward with a burst of speed right into the left leg of the Gargoyle who looks disdainfully at Molly only to have his knee buckle with the force of her hit and he drops down to a single knee with a howl of pain.


Logan's fast on Molly's trail, running past and slashing two of the demonic beings as they try to stab her from the back only to find a limb sliced clean or a trio of blades lodged in their gut. But the Wolverine's eyes are wide now, growling and talking less as he gives in more to the feral side of his being. He snarls as he lashes wide to keep them clear even as Molly hits into the legs of that larger creature.
A heavy and sizzling trident from a larger demon /stabs/ in from the side towards Molly, only for Logan to slash at it and whirl into the way. Another stab causes the blazing red tips of the weapon to impale the old mutant, flesh sizzling with the impact as he roars, then slashes down with his claws to sever the shaft and several fingers from the creature as he leaps forwards to thrust adamantium into its heart.
Around them the demons try to encroach but Logan does his best to buy them time, to keep the perimeter even as he bares his fangs in wild warning to the monsters.


Laura Kinney cartwheels out of the way of the giant demon stump as it slams into the ground, leaving an impact crater in the sidewalk. Unhindered by the crushing press of the smaller demons she's free to take full advantage of her speed and even as the demon raises it's wounded arm for another blow she's flying through the air and digging her claws in, using them for purchase and scrambling up leaving a trail of punctures that ooze brimstone scented blood.

Even as the huge demon tries to grab at X-23 with it's remaining hand she takes to the air, catching hold of one of the horns and then stabbing at face and throat with a cold, ruthless savagery.

The beast staggers, only able to withstand so many claw wounds to the head before one strikes something too vital to exist without, and then crashes to the ground.


Even as the big one goes crashing down, Molly grins and nods to Laura, "Awesome!" She then looks back in time to see Logan destroy another one and the smaller demons all let out howls of terror and begin to flee. They wanted an easy meal, and this was not easy. All the biggest nasties are dead and down while a trail of orcs are scattered in the wakes of all three heroes. The rest are all heading for the proverbial hills. Molly pumps a fist and then grins, "Alright!" She then looks over at the family in the house watching from the windows and then at a van, "Well, lets get them out of here, what do you say?"


Logan takes a moment to look down at the ground, resting his hands on his knees. Not exactly catching his breath, but perhaps taking a moment to focus even as the creatures flee. He straightens up and grimaces as he looks after them all, then glances over his shoulder towards the people whom they just helped protect. Shaking his head he murmurs, "Yeah, let's get them somewhere safe."
He'll turn, starting to walk back the way they came, stepping over the gore and the fallen, over some that are still writhing or twitching with the memory of life. As he passes by Laura he'll say without looking at her, "Good work." Quiet, perhaps not enough to carry, but loud enough for her to hear.
"C'mon." Louder that, as he looks down the street. "There was an abandoned UPS truck down the way. I'll go grab it."


"It was four seconds slower than I'd have liked," Laura notes clinically, dripping with bits of demon that are giving her enhanced senses the most delightful time. "But those swords take longer to heal than I expected. Still a good learning experience. Next time we should be able to deal with a similar quantity in.. perhaps half the time. Perhaps even faster if you…" She scowls at sheer indignity of the thought. "Throw one of us at the bigger demons."

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