Sleepless in Manhattan OR You've Got Text

September 23, 2018:

A series of texts between Owen and Luke catching up on a few things and realizing they've been roped into the same whacky scheme. Rated R for Luke and Owen banter.

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Mentions: Impulse, Jessica Jones, Jane Foster, Batgirl, Barbara Gordon!, Frank Castle, Punisher


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Owen » Yo. Woke up naked in Central Park this weekend, still hungover. It was magic though, not H. Fighting demons. Moonstar can vouch for me.

Luke » You're upping your party game. H was a gateway drug to magic, huh? Do they have an AA for that?

Owen » I should ask Jane.

Luke » Did these 'demons' leave peanut butter spread in your no-no place? Because if so, dude. Those weren't demons.

Owen » Bastards just went in dry. Also, you hear from Bart? He's not returning texts and he was there. I'm turning into an old woman.

Luke » I was going to ask you for his number. I didn't have it in my phone and his paperwork burned up with Bar 1.0.

Owen » Bummer. I'll send it. And how's Jess? She was at Stark's with the demons, I lost track of her too. But I'm assuming you'd be blowin' up my phone if she was MIA. It got a little nuts, I need to find out where Tony ended up, I think we got him out.

Luke » …
Luke » You think.
Luke » That's it, you're all getting trackers.

Owen » It was complicated. There was a lot of demons. And then some magical elixir and a jetpack and .. yea, I left the rescuing to the professionals. DD, Jess, Spidey, I'm sure he's fine.
Owen » Probably

Luke » Probably. And J is good. She's too stubborn to be anything else. Back at Rand's.

Owen » Yea, need to talk to her about vouching for me with Batgirl. Not psyched.

Luke » She's on a roll with that lately. Gave some Barbara chick my number.

Owen » Yea well apparently I'm the cape's go to drug informant now. Batgirl grabbed me on 43rd. In Manhattan. :angry_emoji:

Luke » Do you get paid for that? We should start getting paid. Stop bleeding your Gotham onto my Island, man.

Owen » Tell JJ to stop giving out my name for a cape NARC. I'm already getting doors slammed in my face because I may have put some people in the shit over Kingpin. Which: Oh well. But damn straight. I ain't gettin' paid.

Luke » Alright, man, alright. But you really should tell her yourself. So what does Batbabe want?

Owen » Word. Running down a name. She's all tied up with cray-cray bang-bang Punisher (totally calling him Big Pun btw) who's been adding holes to Kitchen Irish.

Luke » Lame nickname. You can do better.
Luke » I'm doing some protection job for an ex-marine whose family got leveled. There goes another hoodie.

Owen » Tough but fair.
Owen » … Does that tough ex-marine have a name?
Owen » And Barbara what? Cause I'm guessing it ain't Streisand.

Luke » That chick with the nose?
Luke » Gordon.
Luke » Frank Castle.

Owen » Goddamit. We're like in a freakin' chic flick being setup on a twist of fate blind date.
Owen » You're Meg Ryan
Owen » And Frank Castle is the Puncherer

Luke » Screw you, I'm Tom Hanks.
Luke » Puncherer is better.

Owen » Yea but he's more about the shooting. Puncherer working title for now. We need to talk for reals though. With Jess.

Luke » Yeah. I guess we do. Meet you on top of the Empire State Building at midnight?

Owen » I am not falling for that again dick. You've stood me up far too many times and my fragile heart just can't take it.

Luke » P.S. I love you.

Owen » :kiss_emoji:

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