Asgardians are Total Tools

September 23, 2018:

Cassandra Sandsmark rescues Caitlin from a near-meltdown after a very, very long 48 hours of heroing.

Hall of Justice

The Hall of Justice, the ground headquarters for the Justice League.


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Fresh back from a trip to Tartarus, Caitlin Fairchild and Cassie Sandsmark head to the Hall of Justice. Caitlin can physically go a few days without sleep, but she's as prone to deprivation effects as anyone else. Coming up on forty-eight hours without rest, she's starting to get twitchy and un-coordinated. Not to mention she hasn't actually had anything more than protein bars and nutrition gelpacks since returning to Earth.

The Hall's packed with displaced citizens, disaster relief coordinators, and the big and small superheroes alike who've stepped up and need a base of operations to work from. Caitlin walks with a heavy-footed stride and a weary slouch. Her armor, a cobbled together assortment of strange leather and salvaged chunks of steel and wood, gives her a wild and feral appearance. Combined with her hair pulled back into a fighting braid and the stark lines under her cheekbones, she doesn't look anything like the friendly-faced redhead most are accustomed to.

"Food, first," Caitlin tells Cassie, gesturing to the Cantina. "If I don't get a cheeseburger or something, I'm gonna die before I can get that shower in."

She rubs her face, tiredly, and gets in the queue with the others getting late night snacks. She's not particularly picky about what gets put on her tray, literally shoving it under whatever spoon is moving the fastest.

She waits for Cassie to get her food as well, before drifting to a table. "Any update from Diana on what we're dealing with?" she inquires of Cassie. "I haven't gotten any explanation beyond 'Demons!' from anyone I've asked."


Cassandra Sandsmark is pretty resistant to crazy.

Her father is, alledgedly, a certain Olympus resident, she might be blood-related to the greatest heroine in the world, her first boyfriend might have been eaten by the demon-hunting demonic (?) armor she now uses to fight for Justice and Love (and the American Way). She can take some strain.

What makes these situations ostensibly less bearable is the colateral damage. People are dying, losing their homes, and having their lives turned upside down (and inside out, in some cases). THIS takes a toll on Cassandra, and on her way to the cafeteria she stops more than one time to talk to a child asking for their mom or a spouse that was separated from their loved one.

On the line for food, she only asks for beer and, being denied that, she settles with an orange juice or something.

She sits with Caitlin and listens to the woman, briefly, before shaking her head, "You look so bad in that armor." There is a grin on her lips, before shrugging, "We are on this alone, Caitlin. Waiting for anyone else to give us answers is not my jam. And honestly? Sometimes 'demons' is all you need to know."

The blonde watches her friend at the end of her wits, "I mean, you obviously know this, but… you -are- aware you are biting way more than you can chew, right?"


Caitlin grimaces a smile at Cassie's teasing, but her face falls a moment later. For a minute, Caitlin just shovels food into her face with a healthy appetite and a disregard for manners. It's quite unlike the ginger haired girl, who is normally a bit fastidious about her eating habits. On closer inspection, Cassie would note that Caitlin is in fact a lot leaner than she was a few days prior. A little more sinew and some harsher lines under her jaw and neck.

She stops, resting an elbow on the table, and covers her eyes. A moment later, it's obvious that she's trying to stop herself from crying in front of everyone in the Cantina. "It's been… six months," she says, raggedly, her hand dropping. Mercifully, no tears fall, but her green eyes are very damp looking. "I was gone… six months. Stuck on that boat with Diana and Donna and Thor and w-watching…" she swallows, fork scratching aimlessly on the tray surface. "We saw horrible things. I saw all those Asgardian sailors die. I watched a -God- die," she remarks, struggling to hold her voice together. "That's where the—" she plucks at her leather. "I ripped up old chunks of shields and hull and space debris, just so I had… -something- sturdier than a t-shirt."

"And then we get back and it's… it's been just two days for everyone, no one missed me the way I missed them, and then demons are exploding from *everywhere* and my boss is in a coma and I just…" she rolls her head back, staring at the ceiling with grief on her raw features. "I'm just at the edge Cassie, I just don't know how to keep going like this."


Cassie can see that her friend is not doing well at all. She faked well enough in Tartarus, but Fairchild has a way of being honest in ways Cassandra just isn't. She shares and leans on others, while Wonder Girl tries to prove she can power through anything. In all her years, she has only trusted very few people.

"You can't think about those things, Cait."

Cassandra frowns, trying to think of things to say. She is good at cheering people with booze, drowning sorrows for the Cassie of Tomorrow to deal with. She is rarely the one helping people through emotional trauma.

That is Kori's job.

But she can empathize. A lot. Dead gods? Butchery? Yeah. She can empathize. Slowly, Wonder Girl stands from the table like she had enough and can't deal with Cait like this, but she just goes around the table to hug the other woman, tightly, from behind. Cassandra just waits there, knowing that sometimes you need someone to lean on. To carry you through the finish line.

"I do. You are going to finish your late dinner, and you are going to take a shower, and we are going to watch some movies. Tomorrow, we are going to kick demon ass. Tonight, we are going to recharge." Funnily enough, Cassandra would never listen to this advice if the situation was flipped. She is all heart, but Wonder Girl does seem to have a suicidal streak sometimes.

"Shush. I am not going to hear a no for an answer." And she releases CAit, kissing the top of the woman's head, and sitting by her side with a smile, slowly undoing her Mad Max attire, for as long as she can still look decent without it. "Looks -so- bad…," she grins.


Caitlin tries to laugh, and it comes out as an abortive hiccough. She sags back against Cassie for just a moment, letting some clenched muscles relax just a little. She squeezes Cassie's arm where it rests over her collarbone, and closes her eyes for a few moment to just let herself feel *safe* while Cassie hugs some reassurance into her.

She looks up at Cassie, the hints of a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth. "I… okay. But /one/ movie," Caitlin counters. "And then just a catnap. I just need.." she rubs her eyes blearily. "I just need to lay down, for a bit, y'know?" she says, with a fussy sort of defiance for being babied.

She allows Cassie to help her get the armor unstrapped— it's fairly simple stuff, really, with a mantle, bracers, and chaps holding the scrap in place. Under it she wears a tight-fitting bodysuit, some kind of matte grey insulated material that flexes as she moves. She /has/ lost weight, with less body fat and leaner muscle mass than she's had in years.

"This all has to go back to Thor," she tells Cassie, folding the gear into a neat pile and putting a hand on it. "After—- after we get the demon situation dealt with," she amends. "I don't think he'd mind me hanging onto it for a bit. But Asgardian's are twitchy about mortals using their stuff."


"Sure, sure, just one movie."

Cassie eyerolls. Given Caitlin's metabolism, all she needs is one movie and the woman will crash until tomorrow. Which is really what she needs.

Wonder Girl smiles a little, her gesture furtive in that she feels actually good about this whole being supportive thing. Eyeing Catilin, the blonde seems to have made some difference. The smile is gone in a flash, however. Cassandra Sandsmark doesn't smile for stuff liket his. She is too cool for that shit.

"You know what? I am going to say it. Thor can kiss -my- ass, and if he wants this back? He can come and get it. I will give him a piece of my mind too for kidnapping you for that long." Cassandra doesn't show how upset it makes her that Diana and Donna were there, together as always. SHE DOESN'T CARE, OKAY!?

She even picks the pile of Asgardian metal. "I am going to stash this in my room, and you finish your stuff, take a shower, and find me there! Tonight, we are -relaxing- you get me?!"


Caitlin puts a palm down on the pile, and smiles gently up at Cassie. She doesn't fight the other woman, but even seated, Caitlin's strong enough to keep that pile of gear from moving without making it into a serious struggle. "Cassie," Caitlin says. It's a little quiet, her voice, and making a point of getting Cassandra's attention with it. "If Thor has to come looking for this armor, then he's going to do it with a war-host of Asgardians," she clarifies. "And I /borrowed/ this stuff. It's not mine to decide to keep. I knew that when I put it together. So I'd take personal issue with it 'wandering off' before tomorrow. Okay?" she says, eyebrows lifting a little in a manner she's almost definitely picked up from Diana when Wonder Woman is Making A Point.

She moves her hand off the pile, then, a clear signal that she trusts Cassie with the armor— and by proxy, Caitlin's responsibilities towards it. "Okay. Shower, first," she agrees, with a mutter. "Odin's teeth," she mumbles, "I haven't had a decent shower in /months/. Stupid boat, nowhere to sit and get clean proper, rassum frassum," she says, grimly trailing off into a series of mumbles.

She picks up a slingpack from the pile and pulls it over her shoulder. "Okay. I'll grab a Javelin in a bit and head over to the Tower. See you soon?" she says, giving Cassie's arm a gentle squeeze and flashing a smile, before turning towards the League's locker rooms.


It is harsh to see Diana on Caitlin. She is all over Donna, but Cassandra herself sees nothing of the Greatest Woman Ever on herself. She is just a girl way over her head. So she stares at Fairchild for a moment, just… reimagining this whole Wonder Girl thing.

"If you helped him for six months, and all he can do is show up here with his buddies and demand his scraps, then I'm sorry, but Thor is a total tool!" And she eyes the scraps. "I don't care one bit about Asgard and Asgardians. All I am saying is that he can be a decent guy and just pick this here, instead of making you bend over backwards for him, -again-. Gods. Disappointing!"

Cassie leaves, nodding at the 'see you soon'. Of course Cassandra is going to be there for her friend. They are all that matter the most to her, for as long as she lasts, while the Silent Armor slowly chips away at her life force.

"And if you don't show up, I'll FIND you, Caitlin Farchild! Oh, I WILL! Don't make me track you!"

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