Some Days Falling, or “Marry Me”

September 22, 2018:

Inferno has hit Mutant Town and some evacuation is in progress. Here we have one alien queen, one mutant sort-of-princess, one mutant guy falling from Limbo, a herd of imps, a herd of mutant children, and a couple demon gargoyles looking for brides.
And Sage needs to make sense of all this as well as fend off her suitors.
Also here the secret origin of the Maxi-Mites. Maxima’s Demon Fan Club. (Emits by Nate)

District X, New York

District X, more popularly known as Mutant Town despite being politically incorrect, sits between Alphabet City and the Bowery of Lower Manhattan. Full of diversity and oddities the outside world can only dream of, M-Town is a hub of mutant culture, fashion, food, design, and even some cutting edge technology.

With one of the largest concentrated populations of 'muties' in the U.S. and the world, many other metahumans find it easier to get by here than elsewhere in a world that often hates and fears them.


NPCs: Bunch of imps, some gargoyles

Mentions: Magik


Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

The evacuation of New York is actually taking place!

Despite the fact being broadcast in all TV and Radio stations of New York, it takes a while for the New Yorkers to really believe it. Where are their heroes? Where is SHIELD, who helped so much during the blackout?! Where are the Marines?!!

Actually there are Marines (as well other military from nearby bases) already deployed in the city. Gunfire is sporadic, though, because some of the most aggressive and stupid demons have been dealt with using overwhelming firepower. At great cost for the city - which is part of why they want to evacuate. Also, the 'invaders' do not like the sun much and become far more active at night. And the East Side has been cordoned.

They don't say, but after the evacuation it seems likely the army will move in force and make a huge mess of New York.


The mutants don't want to go.

Well, many mutants don't want to go. Most of the inhabitants of Mutant Town don't have real superpowers, they are just weird-looking, or have abilities like the power to talk to crickets or the power to make plants grown at twice normal speed. But a fair number do have powers that make then clearly superior to humans. Most everyone has a neighbor that can lift a sedan, a co-worker that can spit fire or a cousin that can render people blind for a minute just by touching them. Also, they have a lot of guns here.

Because three years ago a veritable army of heavily armed Purifiers attacked Mutant Town while the authorities looked in other direction. And Mutant Town fought back. There were a hundred dead, but the Purifiers had to flee, and many ended up in jail. (And they abandoned a lot of hardware the cops never recovered).

There is also the wary suspicion that if they leave they won't be allowed to return.

But many mutants want the young kids out, and a few are okay with leaving. So this one called a friend who called one alumni at Xavier and… eventually a plea for help got to the X-School. Help a few hundred refugees leave, please. Some (particularly the children) to be taken to Xavier's School, and maybe some families could live in tents in the backyard. Some X-Men and friends and contacts have been asked to help with the moving.

To say that Lorna dropped everything to rush down to Mutant Town to help as soon as news reached her was no exaggeration. As soon as a team was put together she was there, suited up and willing to do whatever it was that they were meant to be doing. The idea of Mutant Town's residents being trapped in the cycle of poverty and being unable to evacuate was a very real threat to the safety of those that lived there (whether or not that was on the streets or in a building proper). If the military came through looking for monster, there was every chance that a few 'accidents' could occur with some of the more obviously mutant looking residents in town.

So Polaris didn't needed to be asked twice to come, she'd joined all the more willingly. Even more so as they were sent to help the children get out. Whatever her personal thoughts on getting them out was (how could keeping the kids in New York be any better really?) she bit her tongue in regards to shipping them off to Genosha as was her gut reaction.

At first glance, as the dark transport approached Mutant Town, it would seem that the law, or at least the military had already come to the neighborhood, and whatever advantage that the rescuers might have hoped to win in the chaos was lost before it could be taken advantage of. But any who had the vantage to be able to see the vehicle moving in, might have noticed that there were no armed men visible, though there did seem to be movement through the darkened windows. And that it did not move along the wider, more standard street access, but came in along the side roads. No searchlights, no totalitarian shouting on the roof-mounted loudspeakers. Sage's voice, dry as ever, patches into the comms being used by the evacuating force, "Transport should be at the rendezvous in approximately three minutes."


Nate Grey had been fighting invading demons. Which to be honest looked like the usual demons of Limbo. But he is no expert. Illyana told him they needed punching and Nate happily went for it. Then a big ass demon-dragon showed up and fried Rachel.

He lost it bad. Like he hadn't since Apocalypse went on rampage years ago. He attacked the dragon wildly and got swatted hard, with most of his defenses down. Before he crashed on the ground Illyana opened portals and evacuated her friends. Wild portaling!

Nate didn't want to go, he resisted with his own dimension-jumping powers. Which was an extremely dumb move, but he was barely conscious at the moment. He fell through the dimensions, skipped a few days in transit, and somehow steered back towards a familiar place. Mutant Town.


There is a cracking sound, like thunder. There are tears in the sky, but a new one forms and something falls off. It hits the facade of a building and shatters glass and stone, which rain on the street. Then bounces off and crashes through club Wannabees marquee, landing on the roof of a battered van some family of refugees planned to use to escape. Said van ends semi-crushed, windows broken.

The sky darkens even further, dark figures fall on rooftops and nearby alleyways.

Polaris hung back in the back of the transport, ready to play as a heavy hitter as needed or just support. Either way, she was practically chomping at the bit to get out and do something physical that felt as if she was making a difference. Sitting still had never felt particularly good by comparison. A glance was spared for the darkened, twilight-lit world outside and she frowned. Her lips twisting into a grimace. Sage's words over the comms were acknowledged with a wordless grumble.

The tense calm broke as the sky darkened, rippled and something came crashing down into the nearby buildings. She swore,

"Lorna," this time, Sage did not use the comms, leaving the communication to only the interior of the transport, "Nate Grey. I can feel his presence. I believe he was one of those bodies that fell, but I will need a moment to triangulate his location. I will bring the transport to the meeting point. Do you wish to go out and look for him, or will you be remaining with me?" They were barely a minute out now. So either way, they'd soon be at a stopping point."

She had come to NYC directly from the Justice League Watchtower after hearing what had befallen NYC. The woman known as Maxima was flying from fire to fire, so to speak, slamming down any demons that would dare attack her. She was no lightweight and many of the smaller demons had regretted getting out of the metaphysical bed today after having facing the woman. She was moving this way and that only to suddenly sense something huge coming. She looked in the direction of Mutant Town, gave a quick kick to a weird winged beast she was fighting and took off like a shot. Even as the thing fell to the ground, the woman was gaining momentum toward Mutant Town.

New York is a no-fly zone, not even helicarriers are over the city. This allows also to fire and shoot down large flying critters with land-to-air missiles. Which are not being fired in large numbers because said flying critters fall over a city still being evacuated.

Maxima is lucky she went in too fast to get shoot, and maybe not considered of a dangerous size. Neither was the bat-winged two-headed snake that just tried to eat her. And that crashes on the roof of a tenement building after Maxima finally finishes with it. Fortunately the roof holds and the demon-snake slides off to the alleyway behind the building, dead or unconscious.

Something is going on in Mutant Town, however, flashes of alien light that reveal the arrival of large numbers of visitors, following in the wake of a major reality tear. Something caused by a powerful psychic entity, apparently.

Said psychic entity is easily identified by Sage, who has seen Nate's psionic and mutant signature. He was the one that crashed first and he seems unresponsive now. The other presences do not have readable minds. They are strange, weird things.

The green haired mutant was moving as soon as Sage mentioned that one of the falling bodies was Nate. She shook her head, "I'm going to search for him. Tell me when you can triangulate his position more firmly." She moved, the door swinging open as she took off through the twilit darkness outside and out of the transport. The door magnetically shutting behind her as took off.

There was a moment where she floated, trying to gain her orientation in the air that was now darker than usual, with the city's lights partially out in places and the artificial night that had settled over the area.

"Any closer Sage?"

Sage continued on, waiting only long enough for Lorna to step out of the transport. Whatever else they might do tonight, they still had their primary objective, which was to evacuate the civilians, and so, she did what she always did. She compartmentalized, allowing one sector of her mind to monitor her location and to use the feeling of Lorna's mind, on the move, and Nate's, still in its fixed location, to direct the green-haired mutant towards his location. She had never been one to visit Mutant Town unnecessarily, but she had taken the time to bring up the architectural plans and the city planning maps for the streets and she used them now, overlaying her sense of the two other mutants onto one of the displays in her internal HUD. "Two houses down, go left through the second alleyway." Another sector continued on mission, as she brought the transport to the agreed upon rendezvous, stepping down from the cab to meet with the members of the cobbled together team to begin loading those who were going into the transport as quickly and safely as possible.

Another powerful psychic signature was incoming and fast. A beam of compressed telekinetic energy blasts into one of the flying monstrosities as Maxima arrives woth a gust of built up wind. She halts near to above where she sensed Nate and starts looking around only to frown at the sight here, "It is never ending." She growls and lets out a yell of rage as something tries to land on her.

A moment later a demon goes spinning off into the sky only for another beam of concentrated energy slams it mid-air. Maxima then sucks in a breath and smiles, "Always smile." She says to herself, "I must…" Internally she fumes as she turns her gaze back to finding a strange power she sensed.

The streets of Mutant Town are for once free of human tourists. That does not mean there are no tourists. A small number of 2 feet tall imp-like creatures scatter as Lorna comes flying, sneaking under parked vehicles or into storm drains. They are the kind of Limbo critter that larger demons consider a snack.

Green haired women might be dangerous. But their single experience with human women is Illyana, and she doesn't eat them. So they sneaksneaksneak after Lorna. "She's definitely a princess," mentions one. "What?" Incredulous inquire. "Ya, it is one of my demon powers, don't yaknow?" (chorus) "Bullshit!"

Maxima and Lorna pretty much reach Nate at the same time. He is lying on the rooftop of the semi-crushed van. His uniform is blackened by fire and somewhat torn. He is very much unconscious.

The imps keeps sneaking, which is silly because they are arguing louder and louder. "Ooh. Two princesses!" "What?" "No." Shut up!" "They are!"

"HEY, ARE YOU PRINCESSES?!" This bold imp is a bright green color. His dozen of so friends freeze. If they don't move they won't be seen, right? Human females are like tyrannosauruses. Don't move: they can't see you. So they heard.

Meanwhile Sage is block away, the large military transport draws a lot of attention, which is good in that the mutants waiting for her come out of the building quickly. Unfortunately most of them are children.

And just as she gets out a large gargoyle lands on the top of the APC. THUD. The children yelp, but little more. Remarkably unafraid from ugly flying humanoids with bat wings. A couple adults aim the gargoyle with shotguns. But the demon is fixated on Sage, studying her with slitted glowing yellow eyes. "Yes. You will do," dramatic pause. "Marry me."

Lorna wasted little time flying at full tilt toward the location where Nate had fallen, for the most part she ignored the imps. She'd seen them briefly behind the fences and barriers Illyana had constructed before when she'd traveled to Limbo from Genosha and to Westchester and back. Of course, back then there had been a barrier between them. She didn't understand magic, or anything like it, but she had some damn good force fields and would simply hope those worked as well.

Her boots touched on the roof top as she was running over to Nate, green eyed gaze swinging upwards to the strange woman as she approached as well. Her brows furrowing faintly, "Hey.. aren't you the one from that protest?" She called toward Maxima, not entirely sure who the woman was but—

The imps broke off as they asked whether not she was a 'princess'. She winced, making a face. "Technically.. yeah.. sure.. Kinda?" She shrugged, making to kneel down and check on Nate's pulse, and the alike,

"Nate? Nate?" If he didn't respond she was definitely going to Superman carry him back to the transport.

Sage tracked the moment that Lorna made her way to Nate. She also tracked that second mental signature, female, but not one she had met before. The Nate sector, for want of a better term, honed in on the unconscious man's mental presence, psychic fingertips tracing the edges of his presence, as if she were gauging the level of his injury, such as she could feel across that distance that was not really distance. The sound of her mental voice, when it came into Lorna's mind was surprisingly gentle and entirely unlike the sound of the woman's physical voice. 'Lorna, hold onto him. Prepare yourself, in case he is not…himself. I am attempting to wake him.' And so she did, sending that part of her mind that into Nate's, not a psionic blast, but something smaller, sharper, like a mental shock intended to jolt him back into a conscious state.

The sector of Sage's mind that was occupied with the rescue took in the gathering mutants, children and armed adults, as she stepped around the transport, moving into a position where the gargoyle, if it wanted her would need to drop down from the transport to follow. "This is what you came here for? To look for a marriage prospect?" She lifted a hand, not answering, nor agreeing, because really, human gargolye hybrids. Really? No thank you. But she did gesture, as if to invite the thing to approach her. And she reached out, finding the children first, again, with that gentle inner voice, 'Stay calm, move towards the transport, we will protect you.' And to the adults, those who could hear her. And for those who could not, she could only trust that they would pass on the message, "Cover the children and all those who would go with them. I will handle this…thing."

Looking down toward the Imps, Maxima arches an eyebrow and then states, "I am no princess. I am a Queen." She briefly considers destroying them all where they stand with a powerful blast only to look to Lorna and be distracted. She looks at the downed man and then looks up at her, "I suppose I am." She nods her head, "If you are speaking of the protest with the foolish who wished to blame those with power for having it."

She then blinks and looks into the distance and considers, "I sense something else." She looks in that direction and floats up a little, "People may need help." She is looking toward the spot where Sage is, "Can you handle him…" She glances to the imps, "And them?"

"I was right! On your face, Rofugre!" The grey and yellow imp forgets about being quiet when it is confirmed his 'princess detection powers' are real. That Maxima said she was a queen apparently flew over his head.

There is some facepalming from the peanut gallery.

And half the imps follow Maxima. Green and loud ahead. "Miss Queen, hey… yo!" He jumps, flails, trying to draw the attention of the redhead. Staying a couple yards away, though, so he can dive from cover if needed. "Can I see your horns? Or at least your hooves? Please!" Max has fans.

The gargoyle demon smiles to Sage, showing off an alarming amount of teeth. "Allow me to explain, my dear bride," he starts. "We marry, and so I have legitimacy as a native-by-marriage to Earth. You will obtain a good measure of protection, being lawfully married to a demon decurion second class from the 564th host. My soul-gaze reveals you are suitable to be a demon bride. Darkness is strong on you; you will do well among us." He gestures, a scroll appears on his hand on a puff of flame. "I have a marriage contract for you to peruse right here."

Then a larger demon lands on the top of the armored vehicle with a glancing sound. "Iz that so?"

An advanced mind allows Sage multitask and to poke at Nate's mind despite the ongoing conversation, the hellish shadow over the Astral Plane and Nate natural psychic defenses. The young man groans as Lorna grabs him. "Ugh… who," he coughs weakly. "Lorna? I made it back to Earth… so… nngh. Damn, ribs… broken." He grunts.

Lorna didn't spare a glance for the imps, not as she carefully bent to wrap her arms under Nate and lift him up, she wasn't physically strong, sure.. But magnetic bracelets helped her to boost her grip higher. She only considered Maxima briefly and nodded. "Yeah, I've got it." She offered simply, both possibly toward Maxima and toward Sage's mental voice. Funny how both conversations worked out that way.

As Nate struggled awake, Lorna frowned, huffing a breath that sent green hair flying from her features. "Yeah well, stop talking and it'll hurt less. Also strop wiggling. I'm going to get you to the transport so we can take you home." She muttered, her lips twisting as she cast a glance around once more at the imps briefly.

Sage simply waited, tracking the movements of the adults, children, the extraction team, as she kept the gargoyle occupied. Perhaps, if she had been alone, she might have engaged them already, but that was not an option while the noncombatants were on the move. 'Hurry, get inside the transport as quickly as you can. One among you, get behind the wheel, in case I cannot make it back." She did not bother to deny that darkness the demon had seen in her. She had long ago come to terms with the things she had done, and accepted the things that she was still yet to do, that would only add more stripes to an already blackened soul. "Only the second class?" The tone of her voice matched the slight tilt of her head, as she flexed her fingers, giving the impression of one intending to reach out for the contract he was offering. When the second demon landed, she cast her eyes in his direction, "I wonder if your offer will be better?" Again, that inner voice, reaching out for Lorna and now Nate, sending that he had come back to consciousness, 'Two contacts here at the evacuation point, be careful on the way back. The evacuees are already loading.'

"Good then." Maxima states to Lorna and then nods to her, "Then I'm off. Go beyond." She gives a thumbs up and then looks over toward the imps and tilts her head. She smiles a little, "You small ones amuse me. I will not destroy you for now but you must stay out of trouble." She points at them, "Do not make me regret that and listen to the princess's orders." She gestures to Lorna. "Who knew I'd find people who knew how to properly treat royalty among the demons."

Then suddenly she's moving. It's fast, not as fast as she can go but she's worried about causing damage at this altitude. She rushes toward where Sage and the people are. Even as she is going though, she gains height and speed till she is in sight range. It does not take long before she is floating above the creatures, Sage, and the people. Her cape is tattered but whipping behind her, "Fear not! For I am here!"

At Maxima's words the imps explode into cheers and yays. "We totally know how to properly threaten royalty!" "I am quite sure she said…" "Shut up!" "Lets kill something in the princesses' name!" "Yeah!" "Wait, we don't know the names!" It looks they are… not very good staying out of trouble.

Meanwhile the first gargoyle demon uh huhs, trying to turn, and the second, larger one grabs the marriage contract and backhands him violently. The demon goes flying, several children duck to avoid getting hit.

Big demon bully grins at Sage. "Right. Forget that nerd, babe. I am your man. Future husband, I mean. Come here…" He reaches to grab Sage with a huge clawed paw. Meanwhile the first demon rolls back to his feet, looking somewhat bruised but mostly very pissed out. He whistles, and half a dozen other demons appear, slinking into reality from the shadows. "That woman is mine, my warriors lets…"

Maxima appears.

The decurion second class from the 564th host blinks slowly. Then forgets about Sage and waves at Maxima. "Marry me!"

Lorna made to head toward the transport, Nate carried in her arms as carefully as she could so as to not upset his broken ribs or anything else that was wrong with him. There were likely rules against moving someone with broken anything like she was doing, but she figured that Nate would forgive her rather than leaving him to be eaten by demons or whatever else lurked in the gloaming that had become New York's skyline.

She flew back toward the transport, coming down to the ground to spot demons lurking around it and the children trying to get inside while Sage and Maxima seemed to be in a rather tense stand off between the gathered crowd.

"Well shit." She muttered, making to try to get to the transport and get Nate inside it safely.

Sage waited, timing the moment just to the instant, as she slipped aside, evading the ham-hand that was reaching out to grab for her, tumbling over and to the right of the demon, her second suitor, which, if she had been a woman given to humour, might have been a hilarious idea, a blast of psionic energy emanating from her body, a shockwave of force intended to send the demon into the closest building that was in the opposite direction of the transport, hands reaching beneath her coat to draw two guns from beneath her coat, one in each hand. The magazines were extended, and as she depressed a hidden trigger two thin blades extended from the grips, allowing the guns a dual purpose. Suitor #1 and his demons, she left, for the moment, to Maxima.

A blink as she looks down at her newest 'suitor' and then she blinks again as she notes what Sage does. The power of it makes her look for a moment and then she recalls that she has her own problems. She floats down simply enough to only about six feet off the ground and looks at the demon and his kin before saying, "No." And with that, plus how Sage reacted to the demon that she was dealing with, she assumes that these are not friendly like the imps (Hey, they were sorta friendly).

Her eyes seem to glow a moment and then she unleashes a beam of power right at the demon's chest as she states, "You will all return to whereever you came from by choice or by force. I will not allow you to be here any longer."

Nate squirms, trying to get back to his feet instead of being carried, but he seems pretty out of it. "Why are limbo demons in Mutant Town?" He manages to ask when he sees the creatures. Something must have happened to Illyana, he decides, jaw clenched. "Lorna. What is going on?"

The big bully demon loses his smile when Sage hits him point blank with a psychic blast. But he is a demon, his mental structure is pretty alien, and he is in many ways tougher than a human. Although the blast makes him take a few steps back, he doesn't go down. When he recovers some, he sees the gun-blades and shakes his head. "Oh. Feisty… fine with me," he jumps forward, trying to tackle Sage down. He must weigh 350 pounds, but he is not terribly fast.

Meanwhile the decurion looks up Maxima, then frowns. "Alright. I tried to be polite and do it the hyuman way. You saw me, right?" The other gargoyles nod. "Yes, boss," "sure," "it was kinda freaky". Then he gets hit by the eye beams and goes flying, crashing against a dumpster with a cry of outrage.

"I am done.” He yells. “We will do this the demon way. Seize my bride!" He digs himself out of the thrash and points at Maxima. The other demons charge the redhead with a roar of merriment.

The imps howl in outrage. "They want to steal our princess!" "she is a queen," "save her!" "you save her!" Sadly, none of them is brave enough to actually move an inch from behind Lorna.

Lorna swore as landed and spotted the chaos as it started up with the various demons. She flew forward to the transport, doors flying open as she made to set Nate down on it. "I don't know what's going on Nate. I just know that there are demons where they're not supposed to be. New York is evacuating. People are scared. It's been kinda dark since they showed up." She gritted through her teeth as she edged around others, mostly kids, settling into the transport and putting Nate carefully down beside them.

"I'm getting us out of here. Okay kids, sit tight." Getting the noncombatants out of the area was priority number one.

She had every hope that Sage and whoever the strange lady was, would survive against the larger demons that long. The kids came first.

"Anyone else? Last call." She shouted to the small collective around her before moving to the driver's seat, the engine already turning over as she flung out her hand.

There was still victory, even in failure, as Sage saw her blast do very little to damage the demon. She had never fought such a thing before, and her mind was already working at superhuman speed as she recalculated the probabilities, taking each of them down to their ends, using what she was learning, weighing each, taking those that might work, and others that would not. And all of it in the instant that it took for the demon to charge at her, her reaction so quick it seemed by reflex, as she dodged the demon again, crouching down low as she moves, firing her guns, aiming at the back of its knees, before she twisted the blades, attempting to cut through the demon's hamstrings. A calculated attempt, as she had already predicted that its skin was unlikely to be as easy to damage as a human's. And that part of her mind that was still focused on Nate and Lorna send a final few words, as she saw Lorna out of the corner of her eye move to complete their mission, 'Go, get them to safety. Don't wait for us. I will clear a path for you out of the city.' Not that Lorna seemed to be about to do that, but, the X-Men were, on occasion, an overly noble sort. Sage. however, was already moving on to the next step of the mission, another segment spinning up, that was in the process of accessing the computer systems that controlled the street signal system, to try to clear a path with as few red lights as possible, so that the transport could move at best speed.

Looking over in time to the APC and then she hmms and nods as she notes the non-combatants are getting away. She then looks over at the demons and lands, "Seize me?" She asks and then tilts her head as she watches them coming, "Go ahead, seize me." She seems to start to give off an almost palpable aura as she crosses her arms, "If you can."

A smile paints her features as she watches them come and she waits. She even lets one grab her. She is grabbed and…she doesn't even move.

"Well." Maxima asks with a smile, "Are you going to seize me?" Another grabs hold of Maxima and attempts to pull her and she looks over at it, "Come now, seize me already." She looks at the gargoyle and then another leaps at her. He is about to land when he suddenly stops mid-air. She stares at him and tuts, "Wait your turn…" Then her hand suddenly whips out and grabs the arm of the first Gargoyle, "You've had your chance…"

A moment later, the Decurion of the whatever demon reserve of hell or what not suddenly has six gargoyles flying back at him, "I believe those are yours."

Four adults, forty kids. It is the first group for the evacuation Xavier's has arranged with the mutant neighbor groups of Mutant Town. A bit cramped even for the large transport. Nate was not a planned passenger. Fortunately he seems too weak to serious protest. On the other hand it means he may be seriously injured. Or exhausted.

Sage's would-be groom is not trying to hurt her (much) still holding the marriage contract scroll in one of his hands. But the blades scratch his leathery skill, drawing some blood. That makes him mad. But that doesn't make him faster or a better fighter. "Stay still, damnit!" He tries to grab Sage again, and again. And if he gets cut some more he will give up grabbing and switch to punching and clawing. It takes a minute or two of painful cuts to convince him to give up. "I prefer them blondes, anyway," he says as he painfully flies away.

Meanwhile the other gargoyles find out Maxima is a bit out of their 'marriage range' as they try to bring her down but can't move her an inch. Then the woman moves and they go, "er… wait a minute, Miss. Just following orders… aaaah!"

One after another crash on top of their boss, forming an ugly pile of unconscious demons with some broken bones. The imps clap and cheer. And -afterwards- they attack, biting and clawing, and barely doing any damage. But it really makes them happy. That is something, right?

Lorna didn't really need Sage's mental nudge to get moving, she'd fought in Genosha and had been on several rescue missions since then. Civilians and noncombatants came first and foremost, in a battle it was harder on those that were fighting to try to protect them and themselves. The best, safest option for everyone involved was to get them out of there as soon as she could. "Yeah, I've got it." She murmured her own response, the tires on the transport squealing faintly as she put down the gas and drove as fast as she could out of the chaos of imps, demons, and other hellish creatures that had found themselves in the area and not in Limbo.

The green lights were an unexpected bonus.

Sage continued the fight, moving and weaving, cutting off her nerve receptors whenever one of the demons strikes tore her skin and drew her blood, trying to use her much smaller frame to her advantage. It might be a death of many, many, tiny cuts, but it wasn't as if her name was 'Logan' or anything. You simply did the best that you could with what you had to work with. Wear it down, keep it pinned here, and not looking towards the transport, and hopefully, end up sending it towards the still unknown woman who clearly was much more powerful than she was. At least in the demon fighting arena. Sage was nothing, if not not at all above dirty tricks and using what advantages she could pull from any and every situation. She paused, only for a moment, as the demon flew off, taking, she hoped, the contract with him, before she moved towards the redhead, eyes darting accessing, "I did not realize their were also cannibals." That was, considering the pile, what it looked like. "Can you kill these things?" She did not bother to define whether she meant the unconscious pile, or the swarming, bitey imps. "I would rather not have them return to plague us a second time."

Maxima looks in the direction of Lorna and the transport once the Gargoyles are taken care of. She nods a little before looking then to the pile and blinking. She stares for a long moment and then shakes her head, "Well, they are tenacious." She nods her head and then looks to Sage and looks at Sage's fleeing quarry, "Impressive…" She nods her head before then turning to look at the pile.

"I don't know, I find them endearing." She states and gestures, "I mean, look at them go. T hey are so excited about helping me and everything. Would be terrible to kill them for that." Maxima states and then looks to her, "Unless you mean the gargoyles or the fleeing one. In that case, of course. Do you mind waiting a moment here while I get the one you chased off first?" She gestures in the direction of the fleeing thing, "It'll only take a moment."

The slightest nod of her head, more to herself, than to anything in her immediate vicinity, as Sage tracked the progress of the transport heading, now, towards the outskirts of the city and with luck, to the Mansion. The slightest brush of her awareness touched Nate Grey, though he would know it for what it was. No attempt to invade his mind, to speak to him, or compel him. Only to make certain that he was still conscious and as well as might be expected. Sage seemed content to allow the woman to choose all or just some, "The gargoyles seemed the most dangerous. My own skills are not such that I could defeat them easily." She had no desire to lie, nor need to. Such things always were revealed in the end. "I will stay here and guard those who remain, and do what I can for these greater demons." Well, they might not actually be greater demons, but they were certainly larger than the imps.

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