It's Raining Demons, Hallelujah

September 21, 2018:

Demons fall from the sky and Siryn and Moonstar are there to stop a few.


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Fade In…

Listen. There are demons everywhere.

They are DROPPING from the sky.

To the ground.

If there was ever an apt description about Hell on Earth it is now.

The sky itself is a variety of colors, red like blood, black like the night and combined with a sickly yellow and green. Huge rents within the sky are what's allowing the demons to rain literally upon the ground. The demons themselves range from small to large and everything in-between. Some look human while others look like animals and let's not talk about the blobby ones. Those are just creepy.


Now outside of the small florist shop that Terry owns people are running. First it's in ones and twos, but now it's a mad stampede to get away from the danger that now falls upon the city.

For Danielle Moonstar she was across the street from that florist shop at a local sandwich place. A quick place for a quick bite to eat, but her food is forgotten as her field of vision soon explodes with visions of death. They crop up over everyone's head; a priest there, the classic death with sickle there, a shadowy figure over another head -

It all seems normal, until suddenly all of the visions change to demon.




It's all demons.

Her sandwich drops to the table as the Agent of SHIELD rises from the rickety table she was at. "Great spirits."

Things started out normal enough, all things considered. Oh sure, Theresa is in debt like you wouldn't believe, and even with the loan she managed to get, her florist shop is not in the best area of town. Yet, it's still hers, and it's just now finished to her perfection. The flowers are in perfect order. The decorations on the walls are delightfully placed to offer a feeling of calm, yet with pictures to show people buying flowers in the hopes that subliminal messages work. There are knick-knacks placed around perfectly, too. The kind that will break easily if someone is clumbsy. (That's done on purpose.) In all, as the red-head in an old pair of jeans, and a slightly ripped up hoodie takes a step outside of her shop to admire the window, and what people can see inside. She can only sigh in complete and utter happiness. "Aye. It's done."

And then hell on Earth happens. Oh sure. It begins with just a couple people running down the street as though the hounds of hell are after them, and then it becomes three and four. And five and six. And then, with her mouth gaped open the sky turns into a vision straight out of Dante's Inferno. "No. Nae. NO. YE REALLY DO HATE ME UP THERE!"

And the mutant daughter of Sean Cassidy storms inside of her florist shop, not taking into consideration anything else, or anyone else. She literally stomps inside, slamming the door behind her, ignoring the suffering, ignoring the demons, or at least, seemingly to.

As Siryn steps back into her floral shop Dani steps outside the small sandwich shop.

Her gaze goes to the stampede of people and then upward to the sky above.

Equal parts concern and horror shine briefly upon her face and then her expression shifts to all business.

While not properly weaponized (beyond her SHIELD issue gun) Dani doesn't seem to let that stop her. Instead she pulls upon her psychic powers and in one hand a bow of magenta appears, while in the other a similarly colored arrow forms.

"Find SHELTER!" She yells to the runners, "Get inside. It'll be safer."

Which is typically true, but with Limbo merging with Earth that's not always true.

And her words might seem to jinx things as what comes down the street aren't what one might call 'normal' demons.

OH sure there are demons and demonlings in the tide of inhumanity, but so too are there other things. A mailbox moves, it's little metal legs creaking along and the 'mouth' made up of the mailslot where one typically puts the letters in. Shiny white teeth can be seen as it snaps its 'mouth' open and shut.

Behind it is another demonized object, a fire hydrant. It almost looks like a dog with its four legs that have sprouted from its side. It runs full tilt down the street, growling - even if no mouth is visible.

It's definitely gonna be one of those days.

But more importantly behind those more laughable demons is something of a bigwig. A slinking demon-dog. It's large and built like a greyhound, but as it moves a touch of snake might be seen as scales shine through the dark light-eating fur.

And chaos reigns. Objects that couldn't possibly move, do so. Things that shouldn't be - actually are. It's a monstrous world of terror and confusion, where the laws of nature are completely ripped asunder. From inside the florist shop - at least after the door was slammed and a generous swig of something red was taken, the red-headed woman that stormed into the 'safety' of her shop disappears upstairs.

It takes her a little, but a box is pulled out from the depths of the closet, a box that initially had designs on becoming a mimic, and instead there might be a slight scream, and loud thump that -may- echo out from the shop, but with all the panic around, probably not.

A few seconds more pass, enough time for a hideous demon-dog to appear, enough time for one screaming mutant to 'feck it all' a few more times, until the window to her upper floor apartment is parted open, and her shadow can be seen there, fingers pulling on yellow gloves as sharp emerald eyes scan the streets below. "If'n Oi'm goin' ta be huntin' demons, then Oi'm goin' ta do it without an old hoodie on."

It's like human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together - mass hysteria!

That's what it's like. Definitely.

Moonstar's gaze turns to that mailbox and that fire hydrant and she can only mutter, "Not even asking."

Then the big bad boss comes in and the Cheyenne woman can't stop her gaze from moving off the people, off the smaller demonlings and onto the horse sized animal.

"Well that can't be good." Comes Dani's response to the sight of the demon-dog.

And while the screams from the florist shop might be heard, Dani can't quite spare the attention to wonder what might be bothering the woman inside. Could it be hostile flower pots? Tulips turning to Venus fly traps or perhaps all the flowers have turned to poison ivy? Perhaps all of those things!

Whatever the case may be, Moonstar's attention is on that dog creature and with a raise of her arms she nocks the psychic arrow against psychic bow and lets it loose.

It arcs high upward and then down and hits the dog directly in the head.

And does nothing.

Well wait, it actually causes the dog to turn its yellowed eyes upon her and a growl to begin.

Oh no.

"Well, fuck." Is the only response she can offer when her psychic arrow doesn't seem to do anything to the demon.

It's amazing what emerald eyes can spy, like a lone person standing up to all of the demonic hordes, a girl with black hair - and a bow and arrows that just sort of appear out of no-where. Fellow mutants! Bonus! Or wait. Siryn's gaze remains upon the girl, while she doesn't know her personally, there is no mistaking one of Charles' kids.

The figure in the window leaps outwards, her mouth parted as waves of sound send her flying towards the hordes and more specifically, the demonic dog that is the size of a bloody horse. "Forget yuir name, lass, but do ye mind if I give it a try? May want ta plug yuir ears." And with those words Siryn's mouth parts open even wider as a breath is taken in, and what is let out echoes far over the streets. Siryn lets loose a blast of pure concussive force towards the large demon, and anyone not wise enough to be around him.

Her form hovers in mid-air, screaming her lungs out at the monsters, a snarl on her face and thoughts as dark as can be imagined. .o(Take that ye feckin' bastards!)

Knowing that her psychic powers aren't necessarily helpful here, Moonstar unholsters her SHIELD gun.

While it doesn't hold normal bullets, perhaps the chemical and venom laced sleepy-time bullets will help.

If not, well, Moonstar is in trouble.

Her gun rises upward and the woman begins to aim at the dog, only before she can fire off a bullet a woman appears.

A red-head with quite the voice.

The question of her name promptly has Dani saying, "Moonstar. Danielle Moonstar." And then her eyes narrow as she finally places Siryn, "You're Banshee's daughter? Yes, by all means. Do it." Then like any self-respecting person who enjoys having the ability to hear, Dani covers her ears.

And while the sound of that sonic scream is blunted, it's not enough to stop the wince that twitches over Moonstar's expression.

So. Much. Sound.

The concussive blast lashes outward towards the demon dog and surrounding demonlings and like a mack truck it plows right through them. Mostly.

The demonlings go flying every which way, wild and hideous screams and screeches coming from them. For the demon dog its head bows as it's pushed backwards and as the concussive blows it backwards, great furrows are dug into the cement and asphalt, as its claws dig deep.

Only after the scream ends does that head come up and those yellow eyes re-open. They focus (furiously) upon Siryn and with a howl and a jump the demon-dog leaps for the hovering woman. It's jaws snap the air as it tries to get the red-head in ITS MOUTH.

Hovering as she is in mid-air, Siryn's able to get a really good view of the chaos /she/ caused. Certainly any mutant hating team might have some issues about the amount of damage she's doing, but well, so be it. As the smaller creatures go flying, Theresa takes a second to cast her gaze over towards Moonstar. "Aye. Theresa Cassidy, although roight now ye might prefer Siryn."

Her gaze moves towards the demonic monster just in time to see that the thing is not only barely damaged by her attack, but is now just about ready to have Irish on its menu.

Flight. Flight is a good thing right about now, as Siryn's jerking her legs upwards and streaking straight up as the monster tries its best to take a bite out of her.

"They'll be nae Irish on yuir menu tonight, ye fecking bastard." Spinning about, Siryn's eyes blaze with annoyance. "Dani - move." And she begins to change her frequency and pitch, over the entire spectrum she goes, most dogs find that the higher pitches are nearly impossible to take, lets see how this one does. Glass begins to shatter all around the street, even the glass at her shop explodes outwards as Siryn tries to find just the sound that the monster's ears are going to turn into mush.

"Siryn it is." Agrees Dani and then she grins, "Just plain Moonstar for me."

And when Siryn commands her to move the Agent of SHIELD moves.

"I've a friend incoming if we can keep this critter busy enough." And it's true, several miles out a winged-horses is flying through the rain of demons. Angling towards his rider and her friend. Intending to help. He just has to get there.

And as Moonstar moves the woman brings her gun back up and with a quick aim, she pulls the trigger.

A bullet is fired and then a second and quickly they whizz on over to the creature and bite deep into its leg. For whatever reason it doesn't seem to feel or outwardly react to the bullets.

At the same time as those bullets hit, Siryn sings. The scale of notes is enough to even annoying the demon-dog as it lands upon its four feet, the woman flying just out of its range. There's a cock to its head and then it gives its head a hard shake. Then it growl-whines. It definitely doesn't like that and it hunches downward. And while that hunch is from the pain it's also now protection as spikes rise up from its furred and leathery skin.

Those spikes grow at a startling speed and rise upward to try and skewer Siryn.

Dani sees it and yells, "Siryn evasive now!"

She knows just the frequency, watching the reaction of the creature below, Siryn now has a good idea what is going to cause severe pain. All this while, Theresa hasn't really wanted to kill anything. It's not how she was taught, or at least, taught after Black Tom - but we wont go into that, we'll drink more wine after this is over with and cloud those memories. No. She's just been trying to get it down, out, to cease its evil ways and stop trying to eat either Moonstar or herself.

As those spikes grow at an alarming speed, Dani's warning gives Siryn enough of a chance to get -away-. Once again she's streaking towards the sky, and flying out of the way of the incoming spikes. She has no idea if her sonic shielding would stop those, and Siryn really doesn't want to find out, either.

Dodging out of the way, Siryn's twisting herself back around, eyes narrowing upon the creature, her gaze flickers towards the countless others that continue to just keep -dropping- from the sky, and a bit of a sinking, hopeless feeling begins to creep into her expression. "Oi'm just about out of options here, Moonstar." Unless she opens up and destroys its equilibrum and everything else in the area, including her flower shop, which is already going to cost a fortune to repair.

There will definitely need to be much drinking after this.

So. Much. Perhaps Owen will need to be called to bring the liquor.

But first -

The spikes rise upward and Siryn squirts away from them. Eventually those spikes stop growing and recede back into the dog's fur and skin. Now with the sound no longer hurting its ears the dog rises back to its feet, its eyes rise upward at the fly above (Siryn) and it growls, exposing sharp fangs.

"Siryn!" Dani calls, when the other woman expresses her doubt, "Can you do a concussive blast in five?"

Five seconds she means. "Backup is nearly here."

And with Siryn high up in the air she might see the glimmer of white that's streaking towards them. It's a winged-horse flying close to mach speed and behind it is 500 pounds worth of velocity, not to mention a half a ton of strength within Brightwind's form.

And just like that the Valkyrie's Steed is within the same airspace and with a scream of anger it dives towards the similarily sized demon-dog. Intending to smoosh with hooves and a tackle.

"Aye, ye mangy beast, come at me." Siryn taunts to the creature, hoping that by keeping it focused on Theresa, whatever plan Dani has will have an easier time of it. She can hear Dani's words, and lets face it, yes, Theresa's gaze does flicker at the white dot that can be seen streaking towards the two. "Is that.." Well, really, Terry doesn't have much more time than a gapped, 'flying horse' expression, before those five seconds are up.

As the freaking FLYING HORSE takes on the beast, Siryn's making sure that her blast of concussive energy doesn't hurt the horse, and is just focused on the bigwig demon-dog. Again her mouth parts, and a very concentrated sonic lance is sent with the speed of sound itself towards the monster. Theresa puts in every ounce of effort and every bit of power she can /safely/ do. She doesn't want to harm this brilliant helpful friend of Moonstar's after all.

Yes, it is totally a flying horse.


And then that pegasus drops like a ton of bricks upon the wolfen creature. It's screams or rage can clearly be heard as it pulverizes the bones beneath his hooves.

The demonic dog tries to fight back, it really does, but all it can do is yelp and struggle. It gets worse however when Siryn lets loose with another blast of concussive energy. Now that the beast's skin has shreds and rips within it, that blast of pure solidified sound easily finds a foothold and when it does -


The creature is flattens with the sound of cracking bones and squishing internal organs. It immediately falls limply to the ground the glow within its eyes fading to darkness as its demon-tainted heart dies.

Brightwind, for his part, stomps upon the creature's head oh so hopefully. Making sure it's quite dead. He clearly doesn't care about the guts.

It's only when the very last quiver of motion is made and that hideous glow fades to nothing that Siryn lowers herself down, watching with only the slightest raised brow as the now gut-colored horse takes the matter of a double shot into its own hands. "Aye, good boy." Siryn offers helpfully.

Her gaze flickers around the area, most of the demons have fled or are in no shape to do much to the two, at least right at this moment. That will change quickly enough, if they stick around long enough. Theresa's head shakes, hair bounding about her shoulders by the motion. "This is daft." She begins, gaze narrowing in on Dani. "Good friend ye have there, Moonstar. I don'suppose ye have a few thousand more waitin' in the wings?" The pun was not intended.

With a resigned sigh, Theresa draws towards her shop, taking stock of the damage and quietly thankful that part of the loan did require she sign a very extensive insurance policy. It is New York, afterall.

"Bloody hell." And with a stomp, the red-head disappears inside, returning with three bottles of what appears to be a fairly cheap brand of wine. "Oi know a place nae far from here. Old warehouse, on Beat Street. Last Oi checked it was still unoccuped, should be safe enough - and big enough for whin-ey here, as it did contain a dinosaur at one point."

When Siryn speaks directly to Brightwind, the winged-horse turns to look at her and then he arches his neck and prances over to the two women.

Guts and all.

It's only when he's near enough to Dani that he lips at her arm, making certain she's okay. "I'm fine." She says to him and when it's clear she is, Brightwind highsteps right on over to Siryn. He extends his neck to give the other woman a gentle whuffle.

Siryn's question (and pun) pulls a grimace from the woman, "No, not readily called at the very least and not that many."

Upon hearing that resigned sigh, the Cheyenne says, "Right. Pretty sure none of us were expecting a demonic invasion this afternoon." And while her words are light worry can be heard in her tone and seen upon her features, as she looks to the sky. The rents and rips and the demons are familiar.

She has an idea what's going on, but for now doesn't speak it.

When Siryn disappears inside Moonstar waits patiently for the other woman's return and at the sight of the bottles of wine, Dani offers a snorting grin. Alcohol is definitely needed.

"A dinosaur?" She asks, "You'll have to tell me the tale of that." But she's moving and so is Brightwind and as the trio walks she adds, "Let's grab anyone else we can. If we can set it up as a safe house all the better."

"Thanks for helping back there. Damn demons. Sometimes my powers work on them othertimes not so much."

A shopping bag is used to good effect as Siryn places the bottles inside, the slight *tink* of glass against glass can be heard, before the bottles settle down.

At Brightwind's greeting, Siryn's hand moves up to gently pat the neck of the horse. "Aye, nice ta meet ye."

With a bob of her head towards Dani, Theresa's steps lead in the direction of the old warehouse. Sonar sweeps outwards ever so often, seeking anything that is moving, she can't tell if its human, or demon, or otherwise, but movement she can. "Nae? Shouldn't an X-Man expect demonic invasions for breakfast and the end of the world for lunch?" Sarcasm etches through Terry's words.

To the last, Theresa offers a slight grin. "As long as ye remember my shop when this is over, any time ye wish ta be wantin' flowers, and we're even."

A slightly raised brow again is given to Dani, as Theresa offers a dry. "Only two?" Before she leads the two to a very old warehouse - which is, thankfully, situated still in an area that doesn't have a lot of demonic activity. The warehouse only has two doors, no windows, and is easily defended against, all of which, Terry owns the keys to. Old memories tug at Theresa's mind, but are squashed as easily as a small demonic slug. Sanctuary awaits - at least for a bit.

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