Waiting on the Snake pt.2

April 24, 2014:

Following up pt.2 Domino is captured and wakes up in the coils of Cobra. An unlikely ally offers a helping hand.

Sierra Gordo, Hidden Cobra Base

Deep in the dense jungles of Sierra Gordo lies a pre-Columbian pyramid temple which has been converted in to a hidden underground base for the forces of Cobra and their more illicit activities. A multitude of reflective camoflage tents, structures and buildings rest outside the ancient structure amidst an array of sensory systems that block detection, old with the new, highly advanced mingled with archaic. A trademark of many super spy villain agencies, very James Bond. This is the primary 'military' encampment of Baroness' forces and far separated from her more luxurious and extravagant personal HQ.


NPCs: Dr.Venom (Cobra scientist)


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Fade In…

Deep in the dense jungles of Sierra Gordo lies a pre-Columbian pyramid temple which has been converted in to a hidden underground base for the forces of Cobra and their more illicit activities. A multitude of reflective camoflage tents, structures and buildings rest outside the ancient structure amidst an array of sensory systems that block detection, old with the new, highly advanced mingled with archaic. A trademark of many super spy villain agencies, very James Bond. This is the primary 'military' encampment of Baroness' forces and far separated from her more luxurious and extravagant personal HQ.

Almost a mile below the surface in an encased sectioned off quarantine and detainment sector Neena Thurman the sharpshooting luck manipulating mutant mercenary known as Domino will find herself awakening on a cold glowing floor with grid like lighting criss-crossing it's entirety, darkness lies beyond her cubic cell and only dim light inside allows for vision. Gear has been removed and she has been re-dressed in prisoner like gray form fitting onesie. Like the room it is also covered in the grid like lighting. It makes her look like something out of Tron.

Elsewhere a dis-embodied female voice is heard by the Baroness, "The prisoner is stirring." A report given by one of the Viper Guards who has been waiting patiently despite Dr.Venom's angry protests. He wanted privacy for his experiments but was denied. Even irritated as he was the man had proceeded with what he was told to do, drug Domino, keep her in a non-lucid state. It is difficult, more so than usual with the woman being a human mutant, their endurance and stamina is a notch above humans and many don't ever realize this but it renders normal dosages a bit weak. Requires more but Monev is ever eager to see how far he can push things.

"Ah, you awaken. Hello, subject #37." A man's voice; the source a middle aged man with hide widows peaks, light brunette hair and blue eyes. A labcoat covering his medium frame and simple slacks and shoes, a tablet in one hand and both of those same hands covered in surgical gloves. "How are you feeling? Dizzy? Nauseous? Perhaps a slight headache… the full effects of my venom have yet to sink in to your system but soon… "

So they had a little spy, they blew her off the knoll, and she had Ravage play fetch.. To which he seemed to return, dragging the semi-conscious form of Domino in his maw. She may even still feel or see marks on an arm from that display of a mechanical beast dragging a body across the ground via a limb only to drop it happily and pleased with itself at Baroness' feet.

Now there's the good Dr. Monev and a room, Domino fitted into her own personal wardrobe. Only the -best- pof care, right? Though there has to be thanks given that Monev was not allowed his own free reign, Domino would come out more a 'mutate' then a mutant… and Domino has more use to them alive, for now.

Channel silence broken to announce Domino's rousing and Baroness is standing on the other side of the one way glass, arms folded across her chest that is now lacking the armor covering and simply just a second skin sheen of a black body suit, the red cobra head split down the middle from a zipper binding, but the insignia (even halved) is recognizable. Here for curiousity's sake, and to be sure Monev does not attempt liberties.

Cold. Not dark, at least. But cold. Cold, groggy, sluggish. Dom slowly rubs her forehead with a scuffed up palm, finding a patch of dried blood crusted along the hairline. Her ears aren't ringing anymore, which gives her a rough estimate of how long she might have been out for.

(So that's how it's going to be, huh. Reduced to a number. Haven't played this game in a while.)

Her initial response to the questions is to slowly lift an arm up toward the direction that voice is coming from, then enthusiastically give the good ol' Doc the finger. It's an arm which moves stiffly, the muscles and joints beneath the sleeve still irritated from a certain metal canine encounter.

(Headache, check. Dizzy, check. Uncomfortable living conditions, check.) "Your interior decorator needs to be shot," she then offers in a tired, distant voice. (Like what happens when a rave party gets together with graph paper. Get your ass off of the floor, Dom.)

Movement should help. Get things moving, build up some warmth, try to work the chemicals out of her system. ..Wait. 'Venom?' Finally she looks to make eye contact, pointedly asking "The hell did you give me?" (And who the hell is -that?-) she wonders, that pale stare falling upon Baroness. And the logo. A moment later and she's smirking at them all. "'Venom.' Cute. Sticking to a theme. That's adorable."

"Dr. Venom… world renowned, have you heard of me?" The scientists words pause as the Baroness makes her appearance. The man visibly stiffens. "I told you I can handle this." He's been warned before about undermining her in the presence of others but the man's ego just cannot be checked. Clearing his throat he looks back towards Domino, "Her physiology and the obvious discoloration of skin and marking denote a mutant gene. I am rather pleased you found her, though I wish I could keep her longer for more study. This is the first mutant I have had an opportunity to do so with… " He gazes at the finger given and makes a notch, "Motor control is still there. That is not entirely unexpected. Hrm, atropine, hyoscyamine… " Murmuring to himself he continues to stare at Dom as though she was well a test subject. "Too much and she would be paralyzed, are you hallucinating? Do you feel hot or too cold?"

Looking sidelong at the Baroness he whispers, "The mind-altering affects should be kicking in before long, then she will be come more amicable. That is when we can re-apply the Brain Wave Scanner and hypnosis." Brain Wave Scanner does exactly as it says, it projects a persons thoughts in the form of images on to an electrical device which allows people to actually /see/ a persons thoughts and from there work on modification.

The long sidelong stare Baroness gives Monev tells enough without words, that he is treading a fine line yet again. It's a look he would recognize. He could very well do his work with a couple missing appendages, though when Domino speaks up and gives her own fine gesture one corner of her lips quirk simultaneously with the rise of brow. "She still has her… Fire. Don't let that die. I like them that way until the end, makes it fun."

Reaching to the side she grabs a chair and slides it across the floor in a purposeful grating draaagggg.

Turning the chair she straddles the backrest to face Domino and be just within arms reach, daring as the venomous smile that lingers. "Keep going good doctor, I wish to see what you can do under these circumstances."

"Doctor -Venom?-" Domino asks, amusement and a touch of disbelief suddenly becoming evident with the look on her face, and the slight chuckle within her voice. "Which comic book did you pull that name from?" More curious here is the way that the man reacts to the presence of the other raven-haired woman. And the arrogance which follows. Maybe Dom'll get lucky and this Venom guy will get his ass kicked by his superior. Would save her the trouble.

Aaand she's been tagged as a mutant. Lovely. "Sorry, I've gotta be home by eleven." When more questions follow she just stares at Venom, offering nothing in return beyond a "Go fuck yourself."

Despite not being able to hear the whispered commentary which follows, his timing does appear to be pretty close. The albino's eyes widen slightly, followed by a few quick blinks as the world around her momentarily blurs. The glowing gridlock around her doesn't help, the repeating patterns cutting through the shadows seeming to twist and warp until straight lines are no longer quite so straight. More ..organic. Almost like a bunch of snakes..?

It has her rubbing at her eyes, one after the other. While she has managed to get to her feet she's not looking quite so stable as before. Shifting. Turning. Blankly staring about the room. As if to get a grip on something more grounded in reality she tries to pull the one sleeve back, all of the movement reminding her that much more about the mechanical bite mark she's sustained. Maybe seeing it with her own eyes will help.

Then again, maybe it won't. The framework around her reality feels as if it's falling apart and bleeding away. Like she can -see- the sound made from the chair being dragged across the floor, feeling it within her core. Along with the feeling of losing control…

No warning is given before the albino lunges forward, tight fists -slamming- against the transparent section of the wall with her glare coming about as close to the Baroness as it can get, growling "What the -fuck- did you do to me!"

She's been in this situation before. It's been a long time but a person never truly forgets experiences like this. She's grown since then. Stronger, more capable. Still powerless to stop it from happening. The surge of anger might give her one more fleeting moment of control but it won't last.

"Just a little reconditioning." Dr.Venom says with a smirk. His brows arcing upwards as a thumb slides out over the small garage door opener looking device those blue -snake lines- Domino is seeing flare to life a crackle-fizz sound heard before sparks ignite through the room bouncing around inside of it like a Tesla globe 'through' Domino. "The adrenaline will speed the venom's process." An odd glee begins to shine in his eyes. The man is clearly a sadist. He doesn't turn it off until the smell of burnt hair can be picked up. "Painful, huh? How are you feeling now? That fine motor-control may be lost but the drugs more… enlightening aspects should be elevated." Turning away from Domino the the Baroness he nods, "She should be just about ready." He is eager. He loves experimenting it's part and parcel with being a mad doctor

As if on queue the door slides open and a large contraption that looks like something you'd see at an optometrists office wheels in, pushed forth by two of those blue uniformed Vipers. "Hail Hydra!" One snaps which gets a grunt from the other. "Cobra!" The other hisses. The evil scientist quirks a brow and jots a few things down on his tablet, "Identification number soldier." The henchman blinks, "CID #88." A curt fist pound and they both depart the room. Venom's cheeks reddened he turns back towards Domino, not bothering to make eye contact with the Baroness. Even a god amongst men like himself is not infallible.

Baroness blinks when Domino approaches to beat on the glass, but it is a slow thing, something that nearly would show the nictating membrane (if she had one), but who knows what exactly these drugs would cause to be seen. "I merely gave you freedom to believe and truly /see/. You can thank me later."

With the serpentine slow and deliberate rise, Baroness keeps rather close to Domino and that glass plating, a single digit pressing to her red stained lips and then to the glossy surface between them. A term of endearment a mother might give her imprisoned child, but the slow lowering drag of her finger to make a squeak across the surface was only a taunt in the end.

"In here, it is a den of snakes, but the Cobra wins out." Her gaze snaps to the uniformed duo and then away as she passes out the door and disappears from sight. "I'll be waiting for word when her final stage is reached."

Turns out those lines on the floor serve another purpose. Dom's usually got one heck of a strong willpower. Between nearly getting blasted apart by a tank and the drugs invading her system, she's not quite prepared for being zapped. With nowhere to run to and nothing but the image of the two safely behind the wall her initial howl turns into one very solid attempt to shatter the barrier between them by slamming a forearm into it.

By the time Venom lets up on the light show she's lying on her side, yet twitching from the treatment. Much of what is said after the point is lost to her, but two words do make it through to her swimming thoughts. 'Hydra,' and 'Cobra.' That red on black logo. She has seen that before, hasn't she..?

This is not looking so good. On the upside, she's starting to feel a lot less concerned about it. She can just play along, pretend that this drug is doing its thing, making her more compliant. She can manipulate this situation, make them think that it's working…

Except that it already is. One thing manipulating another. The revealing of that contraption barely registers to her as an item of significance. It merely is.

"I..don't know what I'm seeing," she half mutters as Baroness steps out of the room. It's the most truthful thing the albino's said yet.

"You're going to be seeing what we want you to see very soon." Dr.Venom's face presses to the glass and he grins in at her. The hallucinogenic aspects should be kicking in by now the man's face contorting in to a serpent grin as the black Medusa like figure of the Baroness slithers out of the room. "I laced this particular strain with venom from one of the Sierra Gordo indigenous species; highly potent and only found in this particular region of the world. It's a personal twist, consider it a flavor of my own. I hope you don't mind snakessssss." His tongue looking as if it turns in to a long forked thing and his eyes grow larger and larger yellow and slitted. All of it a drug induced illusion of course but to the addled mind, it's much more convincing. Those glowing lines even transforming in to a pit of snakes that drip and seep from the very ceiling. Small shocks being given in to the room now where they coil across her, shocks meant to keep her incapacitated as the glass slides open and the machine is pushed in, a machine that looks something like a jagged egg? An enveloping rounded egg that is forming around her, swallowing her in to it. "Sssson you'll be re-birthed asss one of usss, a Cobra… " The slurring S another aspect of the venom coursing through Domino right now. Once inside the 'egg' lightning like flashes pick up, the Brain Wave Scanner in full effect. Transmitting mental pictures onto the outside of the egg where they can be reconfigured and telegraphed back in to the brain. Domino may or may not feel the hooks in her eyes keeping them peeled open or the tubes being inserted in to her throat, limbs and neck a freeflow of the liquid venom. Slowing at points from a rushing river to a drip.

"It won't be long now."

Perhaps days, minutes, seconds, heartbeats or hours later… the sounds of fighting and violence can be heard beyond the egg. An egg that Domino can now feel herself strong enough to break open and crack, to free herself from. The room is bright beyond now and machines are visible, monitors, tables, beakers, everything to be expected in Frankenstein of the futures lab minus the giant floating skull surrounded in flames with it's great sharpened gnashing teeth that rip through snakes and throw bodies from one end of the room to the other, "I told you I'd get to have my fun with you, nerd."

"Taskmaster! You traitor… this is unfou-GURK" the Doctor goes down crumpling on the floor in a pile of white coils. Two of those blue snakes being discarded as the giant skull looms over Domino, "Hey ther, Spot, you look like absolute shit. Time to get you out of here. Consider this a professional courtesy… can't just stand by and watch this happen to one of my own." Weapons are shoved in to hands and a supportive arm is thrust under Domino's limbs. "Vehicle waiting outside and I can get you to a flight back to the States. Just keep up."

The snake theme is getting a bit rampant now. Domino would even shy away from the glass or try to avoid what appears to be slithering across the floor, would if she's able to. With those shocks still dancing about every now and then any movement is fairly well suppressed, instead coming through as strained grunts as the room itself keeps her in place. There's panic on the inside, panic in her mind with nowhere left to run. The division between illusion and reality has been completely paved over, everything is as much a delusion as everything else.

Time spent within the peculiar egg reveals some curious visions from the lone mercenary's thoughts. The SRD, their concussion rifles, advanced weapons research, somehow it all leads back to one very insidious vision of a substance like animated blood that is made up of nothing more than organic circuitry. And how she had stolen a sample of such a creation, by force, from another. A giant of a man with white hair and one glowing eye, seemingly half made up of the material. Or infected by it.

She did something, not very long ago. Something potentially disastrous. It seems as though she's trying to pick up whichever loose pieces she can find in order to create a more complete picture. What had been lost, or sold in this case, must be retrieved.

Coming back to reality to see a skull looming in front of her face is not the most comforting of experiences. Even if she does happen to know the skull in question. "Taskie… What..?" she mutters in confusion, suddenly finding weapons within her hands. This, here, is something real. Something she -knows.- Fire support, an escape route, an exit. A dazed nod in understanding. Time to move.

Where the hell -is- she, though?

The weapons are checked for loaded chambers by pulling the triggers and listening to the bangs, feeling the polymer and steel kicking back in her hands. Normal. -Right.- Muscles don't quite want to keep pace but the tingling of her X-Gene's automatic response is still present.

The next moments are nothing but a blur, a body on autopilot with a consciousness along for the ride. She arrives at the surface spattered and smeared in blood and carbon, wisps of smoke flowing freely from flash hiders, squinting against the light and gasping for breath. The first fresh air to pass through her lungs in how long..?

The vehicle's in sight. The X-Gene twists her about, narrowly avoiding a shot to the back of the head as the shooter gets stapled to the wall by five millimeter slugs before the empty rifle is cast aside. If it's the last thing she does this week, she is -getting to that vehicle.-

Fluid lethal motion guided by a physique honed to perfection, years of combat experience and a precognitive ability that makes a person look like Bruce Lee on crack, thats Taskmaster and he is wading through Cobra forces as if they're wheat stalks and he is the scythe wielding farmer aptly named Death.

"Rico I taught you better than that. Fail." The man's head is severed from his shoulders. "Ortega why are you reloading on the front line? Stupid. Fail." Limb, limb, waist in two slices the man's torso flops off and spasms on the ground. "Good one, Alexander! Too bad you're too slow." A gunshot and another man's ear turns in to a geyser of confetti.

Taskmaster is enjoying himself. The vehicle waiting is actually an old armored hovercraft built to glide through the swamplands of Seirra Gordo. Perfect for a get away and non-descript enough the man was able to pull it right up in to the fortress. "Taskie what? No Taskie thank you. Your bedside manner is terrible, Spot." A magazine ejects from his sidearm and is replaced by a composite folding bow that snaps out and three arrows are loosed, two men fall. "Hrm, where the fuck did that last arrow go?" Instantly his mind is on other things as he pulls down on a lever the hovercraft spinning wildly with a fishtail. It'd been running already the fans are still on. "This is a serious blow to my retirement fund, by the way."

This is one of those times where 'Spot' is perfectly content to be on the same side as Taskmaster. Going toe to toe with him, luck is the only thing that would keep Dom alive. She's still young, lacking much of the formal experience that a lot of fighters see. At least she tends to be a quick study while she's busy rolling natural twenties.

As for that third arrow? Deflected off the side of the man's rifle she had just cut down. Then off of the blast door controls, starting to rumble closed behind the fleeing mercs before too many more snakes can escape from their wicker basket. (A -bow?- I didn't know he shopped at the same place as that SHIELD goon.)

She's not enjoying herself quite so much. It's an unfamiliar job, if it even -is- a job, at an unfamiliar location, with gods know what kinds of circumstances. She has no ground beneath her feet, no framework with which to understand what's happening around here. All she knows is that every one of those snake logos sends a cold shiver through her spine, it almost feels as if pulling the trigger is more of a panicked flinch than former training.

"Because I'm such a social butterfly," she offers back while throwing herself onto the hovercraft as though it might up and fly away without her. One arm loops around the hovercraft's frame, locking her down while coming around to brace the remaining rifle to her shoulder for cover fire. "Somehow I don't think you're hurting for gas money!"

"You always seem to wind up in the most fun situations. I'm almost envious." The hovercraft lurches forward sloshing through the soggy ground and around several water logged trees as they cut deeper in to the swamplands and soon rain forest. "You're probably still sick as all get out. You'll be vomiting up a buncha weird shit, I watch the recruits go through what you did… it ain't pretty. Probably be some residual side effects so be warned… I'd suggest just drinkin' yourself stupid and throwing up as much as you can." The skull looks sidelong it's grin displayed across it the brown eyes beneath alight with amusement. This is the man's element after all… chases, death, violence… all the good stuff. "We're going to head to New Zuma and take a flight out from there. Rio Lindo is still shut down and it's infested with snakes. We'll get snatched up before you can say … fuckin' crocodile." The hovercraft jolts suddenly and abruptly then bounces Taskmaster quickly re-aligns the vehicle. "Forgot what I was saying."
Almost hit a crocodile.

"Lucky me," Domino dispassionately replies as another Cobra soldier goes down with a red mist exiting out from the back of his head. There and gone, just like the two on their hovercraft. Climbing into a seat proper, she thinks aloud "Pretty sweet ride, though. Hope it's insured."
(Been so much happening back there I think I forgot to be sick.)

Then the connection is made. Taskmaster. 'Weird shit.' -Snakes.- As if a switch had been flicked in the back of her mind she suddenly narrows her eyes, bringing the rifle around to train it on that skull-colored face. "You're -working- for these assholes? Taskie, what the -fuck!-"

Crocodile. Sudden lurch and course correction. She's still not one hundred percent. The rifle clatters to the foot-well. She nearly goes right with it, only catching and turning herself long enough for some of that 'weird shit' to get forcefully ejected from her gut over the side of the craft.

"Yeah, well..I forgot what I was doing, so I guess we've something in common." (At the end of the day he's still getting you out of there, Dom.)

"Thanks - I acquired it just for this scenic journey. Got the money? No questions asked. It's all business, Spot. You know the game." Taskmaster's permanent grin sets on her once more as the darkness of the swamp envelopes them on their journey.

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