Reporter's Day

September 17, 2018:

Nate Grey goes looking for Lois Lane to talk about the murdered geneticist she interviewed. Lois is quite sure she knows why she died.

The rooftop of the Daily Planet Building in Metropolis


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Armed with the knowledge Bernardine Nakato talked with Lois Lane shortly after the woman was murdered Nate has flown to Metropolis and directly to the Daily Planet building. He met Lois months ago, when Sinister captured them both during Lorna's wedding. But there was not much time to talk, too busy escaping. And Lois broke her arm.

And Nate had heard of Lois before. Investigative reporting might be a dying art, but Nate follows some newsfeeds and reddit groups. His distrust of the US Government has grown stronger since he discovered some of the DEO’s dirty secrets last year.

So he knows where she works, and he plans to phase into the building from the rooftop. Their meeting was brief, so he can't locate Lois directly through telepathy, but scanning a few minds for the information is easy.

It was a good thing that Lois was already on the rooftop. Often times in deep points of meditation she usually go there to have a cigarette or two, take on her little microphone and dictate a few thoughts and words before putting anything to a pen. But right now? No. She wasn't exactly hanging off the edge, but there was a foot pressed there, idly tapping while she puffs out an O-ring to send to the stars.

She hasn't penned anything since the murder. She's called out the one whom she assumed had a hand in murdering the scientist. And.. guilt. Guilt that she didn't at least force the woman to get out of town. She could have done better. She -should- have done better.

The butt of the cigarette was tossed over the edge. Put out first, of course. Then another to replace it as she lights up with a crossed-eyed look in attempts to make herself feel better.

Well, that was easier he expected.

Which is good, since he is still nursing the headache from using psychometry and being hit with death. Which he expected, but is always unpleasant.

So when he spots the woman Nate slightly corrects his path to land close to her, noisily. He opens up with a cocky grin. "Well, Ms. Late. Brooding on a rooftop like a super-powered vigilante. Good view of the city, too." And Metropolis is dazzling. Even more so than New York on its best day. So he can't really blame anyone from wanting to watch this. "How are you? I wanted to talk with you before you left the school but…" he shrugs. Stuff happened. Scott got her first too.

Contemplation was a mutherfucker. Lois thought about damn near everything within a few seconds time before Nate made his appearance. Which also made her jump. A quick little lurch of her shoulders and a near drop of her cigarette which had her fumbling to catch it at the butt end, and flick it as if she had not dropped it at all. "Jesus Christmas. Do -not- do that." Some people, after all, were worse than Superman.

Even as he leans in close, she takes a little step back, her shoulders squared off in almost a protective stance. It wasn't as if she hated mutants, were afraid of them, but.. he was a stranger, until that recognition hit. "OH! Its you!" Yeah, she wanted to ask him a few things. Even do an interview. But.. life happens. "I'm fine.." She murmurs slightly, though.. to redirect. "Is everything okay? Something wrong with the school?"

Nate is definitely worse than Superman. For once his landings tend to be rather loud, not smooth and quiet. He flies too fast.

The school, she asks. Something is always wrong with the damn school. They have Hulk trouble, Brotherhood stuff, Xavier is pretty much gone, new-course -starts madness and… "school is fine, as usual." YES, as usual. If Lois knew 'usual' she would know better.

Nate leaves Lois plenty of space, although he does not look for a place to sit down. Sitting down is usually for other people or when he has no choice. "Not all is okay, though. I am investigating the murder of a geneticist called Bernardine Nakato. Ring a bell?"

There was a little look of relief. Perhaps the way he said that she looked over the edge like a vigilante put her in a spot to actually want to -be- one. She was still sitting on the documents that were meant for Lex Luthor, after all. And yet, that tension dies down for a portion of a second which allows her to sit with a crossed legged feature and another puff on her cigarette. Half-hearted. It'll be put out soon.

The name. Ms. Nakato's name. Even though Lois did not know her well, she almost felt like she was the last non-family member to see her. Well, the last non-threatening person.. that is. In fact, it wasn't a known fact that she's met with her, which is a reason why the police didn't come asking questions. Suspicious.. "Yeaah. That rings a bell. Why are you asking? And.. how?"

Nate hrms, "well, she was killed, the police has no clues, but she worked for a high-tech company that is investigating ways to quickly identify mutants. It makes me suspicious because there has been a lot of heat directed to mutants lately and I know a number of Genoshan war criminals have come to the US and are being employed by elements of the government and some private business."

The Genoshans had very quick methods to identify mutants. The whole island was crisscrossed with mutant detectors! But those systems probably weren't cheap. "I don't usually investigate this kind of thing," he admits. "But the police has no leads, and I am getting paranoid because of other events, maybe related. So, did you meet her?"

He had it on the nose. It seemed like a random killing to the police, a mile high pile that was slowly building and considered domestic. The fact that Lois hadn't released her name of the leak is what went underneath the radar. Perhaps this little corporation was going to begin to clean house soon..

"Yes." Lois admits, this time standing, flicking her cigarette upon the black top to stamp off with her cheaply made high heel. "She's the one who exposed the leak on the mutant research that.. eventually would have happened in vitro." She flinches, her arms folding about herself. Not defensively, more or less.. in guilt. "I told her to run. I had a feeling that this would happen. No, not a feeling. I knew it. I goddamned new it. I deal in this shit every day and I knew I shouldn't have left her to her own meddle." Lois' face scrunches, and soon she shakes her head.

"What do you need and how can I help?"

In vitro? What gives?

Well, yes. One of the dangers of mutant detection is that the people that finds out is not the people that has the best intentions in mind for the mutant. Usually the other way around. There is nothing nefarious per-se about a mutant test. A person with superpowers might want to know if they are meta-humans or mutants or have alien DNA or whatever. A doctor might need to know if a weird organ in the X-rays is due to the x-gen or something else. But testing kids so the parents can abandon them, or send them to the sinister 'DEO orphanages'…

It is coming and it is inevitable, though. So it is unlikely to be why Nakato was killed.

"So, it is definitely due to her work?" Nate is asking Lois, since she is likely better at investigating. "Maybe she found illegal activities in Genet-X?"

"I believe so." Lois states. "From what she told me, the corporation was giving members incentives. Gift cards, probably free vacation, whatever it is that boosted their moral and to lessen the morality of what they were doing. Common big business tactic. Force a work horse to work long hours and freely give their ideas just for a pat on the head and a slap on the back. They were given encouragement and monopolized on those good feels to replace the bad." She shrugs. "Or.. they just didn't understand mutants /that/ much that they truly thought they were helping."

"Either way," Lois continues, "these practices weren't meant to be exposed to the public. Who else could have known that the whistle was blown? All they really had to do was just look around the office when the news came out to see who flinched or conveniently wasn't there.."

"Not complying with the wishes of the boss might get an employee fired, but murdered?" Nate is somewhat familiar with corporate cut-throat tactics, but this is a bit too much. Maybe Cyberdata is that ruthless, but Genet-X is Rand Corporation, right?

"I guess I better go checking her workplace," decides Nate. A bit of telepathic snooping around might solve this case quickly. But it would have been nice if Lois knew what the dirt was exactly. "Everything now points to them," he concludes.

"Remember, now a days, people get killed for less." Lois points out. "I don't think you could actually get in there, the way that she describes. A laboratory that is doing that sort of research and maintenance, it's going to be built like Fort Knox." She knew that somehow, at least in some way Nate was a mutant, but she doesn't know -what- he could do… she was probably knocked out when he displayed his powers.

"In a way, I want to say that Rand is complicit in her death. But something.. my gut is telling me that it's far worse than Daniel Rand. Maybe.. check with him as well."

Nate wants to say 'I have my ways' but if he gets caught the less Lois knows the better. "I will think something," he says. Then again, he shouldn't go without backup. "You know what? I am going to check with a cop or two I know first. So no worries. Thanks for the information, Ms. Lane. Drop by the school at some time, always something weird or interesting going on." He grins briefly and unless Lois stops him, he takes off.

"I will." Lois nods. For a moment, she was going to let him leave, but she does reach out with a hand and stops herself. "Wait." The hand drops, both now shoving into her pocket. "Let me know if you need help. I'll search on my angle to see what shakes up." Time to call in a favor and submit her package to Lex. She had a feeling this was going to get dirty..

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