Watchtower Commons

September 17, 2018:

Members of the Justice League converge on the commons and share a bit of light banter on a calm night.


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The Watchtower was built with no expense spared. It can support people living on it almost indefinitely and without frequent resupplies. In fact, some members of the Justice League /do/ keep quarters on the Tower, particuarly the ones who otherwise don't have much personal attachment on the ground.

For Caitlin, it never stops being a thrill to visit. She pilots a Javelin into the bay with a careful touch and a critical eye from her flight instructor, though she's growing in competency over the last few months of training. Once landed, she disembarks and heads towards the Lounge.

It's a combination cantina and common area, a place where the members of both the League and support staff can be frequently found. Dining, chatting, or just taking a break from their labors. The gymnasium is immediately adjacent, and with it being mid-shift change, there's a fair amount of foot traffic in and out of the cafe. News plays quietly on the TV in the corner, with most people glancing disinterestedly at the chyrons rather than paying much attention otherwise. For herself, Caitlin makes a beeline for the lunch time buffet table and starts putting heaping helpings of everything on her tray. Some of the League members are in costume, but Caitlin's dressed down in a pale salmon hoodie and calf-high yoga pants, with low sneakers. Seems she's off the clock for the moment, though others are going on duty just as some are leaving their shifts.

Through this strides the almost silent, caped figure with the subtle but still recognizable bat sigil on her chest. Purple, black, blonde Spoiler is…. exploring. In that she's downloaded the blueprints of the Watertower, as much as her clearance allows, and as her research request cycles, she is walking the map with a purpose of stride that really gives the air that she knows exactly where she's going.

She doesn't, but it'd take a Bat to sort that out.

Or someone who's a good enough friend to realize it.

Speaking of friends, Spoiler spies Caitlin and so makes her way over.

Diana is out of uniform today as she's aboard the Watchtower for her shift in the Monitor ROOM. But she's been on alert and break, letting the AI take care of sending her updates to the gym area. As of right now she's in a black exercise clothing, spandexy pants and a matching top with her hair tied back. Its a very casual style for being on a space station, but she's comfortable enough in it.

Wonder Woman hasn't been jogging in the gym area though, she's been jogging through the station itself. The corridors made for a great run time and her floaty droid armada that flies with her on all sides and in front and behind warn people around corners that 'Wonder Woman is coming, be advised!' to try to clear the way for the jogging Amazon.

Now though, she appears in the common area where Caitlin and now Stephanie are located. She appears in the doorways and slows her jog to a brisk walk as she paces for a moment and then smiles to everyone located within the casualy-styled room. Her right hand raises up and she offers a wave to them as well.

"No." Click. "No." Click. "No." Click. Click. Click.

Donna, having already eaten, but not yet chosen to depart the cafeteria, seemed entirely engrossed in channel surfing. She avoided anything that looked like news, and, horror of horrors, finally seemed to settle on a cricket match, the volume of which she turned up a bit louder, watching the scroll for an update of the scroll, casually glancing back over her shoulder every now and then when she hears movement behind her. Caitlin catches her attention first, and then Spoiler. She was just about to offer a greeting, when Diana runs in. And so, when she does raise her hand, it's in greeting to all of them. "Tell me we don't all have duty at the same time."

Caitlin jumps a little when Stephanie ghosts into her proximity, then laughs. "Stop sneaking up on me!" she scolds her friend, insincerely. She gives Steph a gentle hip-bump and collects her tray. "Is that how you do it in Gotham? Spring out of alleys and go 'boo!' at folks?"

She spots Diana entering, and Donna waving at her a moment later, and Caitlin beams at both women. She's already collecting her overloaded tray and heads towards a table near where Donna's sitting, inviting Stephanie to take a seat too. "Golly, /are/ we all on shift?" Caitlin blinks at Donna. "I'm not on for a bit yet, but I figured I'd come up early instead of catching the late train."

Meticulous despite her appetite, Caitlin carefully unrolls napkin and sets her utensils and tray in a neat arrangement before digging into her meal. "How about you, Diana? Are you on monitor duty or just standby?"

"Everythign but the boo part," Spoiler retorts, bracing for the hipbump and taking it without much a stumble.

"Usually, it's a spoiler alert about how badly I'm going to kick their teeth in," she adds as she turns to Caitlin, to accept the invitation.

"No. I am not on duty. I'm researching," says Spoiler. Because unless it's demanded, Spoiler plans to decline as many watch shifts as she can manage. Sleep is something she needs.

Diana is moving over to where the drinks are served and she garners herself a cup of ice tea to help calm her after the run she'd been doing for the past hour throughout the station. She walks, then, back toward where Donna is to find a place to sit beside her sister and she smiles at her and then she looks to where Cait and Steph. "I have taken the Monitor Room with me." She says, motioning to one of the flying droids that sweeps over to the Princess and then a holographic display appears in front of it and it shows all of the monitor screens from the central room, occassionally making an individual window larger than all the others depending on the alert level being reported on that window.

"It is cheating, perhaps, but I like to stay mobile while I am aboard this station. I get an odd sense of cabin fever up here more than I do anywhere on Earth itself." She sips her tea and then shows a soft smile. "Do not tell Batman."

Cassandra Sandsmark has a lot of energy, energy she really needs to spend somehow. Today, she selected an intense workout as her method of relief, and being done with it the young woman is already roaming the halls of the Watchtower.

Dressed in lycra pants, a top and a towel around her neck, the woman comes walking down one of the halls with headphones in her ears, whistling Metallica and already feeling like she could just… punch a Minotaur in its face and fight a few hydras to boot. She pumps herself up with the song, until she steps into the observation deck to find a lot of people there.

A lot of people.

Of which two are Diana and Donna.

Cassandra doesn't skip a beat. She activates reverse, and just vanishes in the hall with the same face, does a little Michael Jackson twirl to face the chrome-y wall of the hallway, and wills her clothes to change. Soon enough, the mundane clothes are gone, replaced by starry reds and golden plating of her costume, lariat wrapped around her hips. She poses to herself, and blows a kiss to Mirror Cassie, before throwing the towel away.

Only then she walks in, with a confident gait to her step, like she really doesn't care (even if she does, a lot). "Batman already knows, Di. Somehow, I know he does," she offers with a smile, waving at Donna and Diana, and giving Caitlin a wink and fingergunning at the redhead.

Donna shifts, making room for Diana to join her, if she chooses, because who wouldn't want to watch cricket, am I right? Before turning to allow herself a good view of the room, and the two, now three women heading in the direction of, well, either the cafeteria or the tables they're mostly arrayed around, "I am scheduled down in medical, but we take turns with breaks." Because, honestly, when there's no one bleeding our or missing a lung, it's a snorefest in there. "I have a few more minutes left before I have to head back. Good to see you both." This seems to be directed at Caitlin and Spoiler, Diana already having been offered a smiling, but silent greeting. Sister telepathy and all that. "And you, Cassandra. Good to see you back."

Caitlin gives Stephanie a hug before the Spoiler ninjas into the building to resume her research. So mysterious! She smiles at Cassie, returning the aimed finger gun with a quick wave for the blonde heroine. The upturn of her nose wrinkles at Diana's suggestion, and Caitlin shakes her head negative. "I don't tell Batman anything more than necessary," she promises Diana. "Him and Shayera—" she shivers. "Your secret's safe with me."

"Mm, I'll probably see you later then," Caitlin tells Donna. "Engineering's trying to pin down that power fluctation and Med deck is one of the spots we isolated," she explains. "Hopefully we can find those doggone gremlins," she says, laughing.

Caitlin turns to Cassie. "How about you, Cass? Are you on duty tonight too, or just here to hang out?"

Not quite so stylish in her enterance, or at least not in the same fashion, Witchdoctor rounds the corner herself. She'd been away from the tower for a time, but it was hardly suprising for the Fae woman to wander for a time.

Wrapped in her 'sorceress gown' that looked more like she'd stepped out of some ballroom than onto a space station, Alyse's footfalls give a light cadance announcing her arrival before they come to a stop at the sight of so many others up and about at this hour…it could be rather tricky to keep track of what was 'night' when you were in orbit!

Her hand is raised to the familier sight of Diana, Donna and Caitlin, but the blonde ball of excitement that was Cassie? She's a newer one.
Hal in proper form and not looking hung over for once is mid-walk to whistle hands in pockets through the halls, a set of earphones in and a phone jutting out of his front jean pocket. The flight jacket he is wearing open to show off a white tee shirt underneath. Off duty and here looking like any other of the army of volunteers that man calls as an excuse hes surprised as anyone else in passing to witness the Cafe filled with women that belong on television or magazine covers. A stop in his walk and a pause before he turns in a crisp 'almost' about face to head that direction. One hand coming up to peel a bud out of his ears before he is even in talking range.

Diana is raising her tea up to her lips for a sip when Cassie makes her big entrance and this draws the Amazon's blue eyes over to the young one. When her tea is lowered again she's grinning in Cassie's direction. "You are, of course, right." She replies. "But still, I like him knowing that I am actively trying to keep things from him. It makes him scowl within that cowl, ever more."

Diana's eyes then look back to the 'thing' that Donna was watching and she tilts her head at it. "You know, I did not realize this was still actively played. I thought this was… I thought baseball replaced it." Its true, Wonder Woman is good at a lot of things, but keeping up with the sports of the world is not one of them.

She takes her eyes off of the sportsball then and looks over to see Hal and Alyse both, she raises her hand up off of her tea glass and waves to them now as well. "Welcome to Ignoring our Duties hour." She teases, mostly teases. Of course she's teasing, Diana would NEVER ignore her duties. Her tea is raised back up to her lips to sip from it again, so good.

Cassie pauses to watch what has Donna so enthralled. Cricket. One golden eyebrow riiiises on her forehead, and she looks at Caitlin, just to make sure Cassandra isn't going insane. Cricket is terrible right? Right. "Donna… I… What in the hel-" A beat. "What in the HADES is this!? Cricket is for old peopl-"

Mmm. Gotta play this one carefully, Cassie. Diana is all immortal and stuff. She is, in theory, old. "Donna, only lame people like cricket. I… as the American among us, I need to pull an intervention. Like, for real!"

She saunters over to Caitlin next, hipbumping the other woman, "Do I look like I'm on duty, Cait?! I am freee as a bird. Unless there's something that needs my touch!" The taste of All-American Themysciran JUSTICE!

She seems to smile a lot when Diana grins in her direction, even without realizing, but when the woman talks about ignoring duties, Cassie frowns. She is quick to judge, and has a temper. It makes for a poor judge of teasing. "Hey, where is the real Diana?!" She all frowny when saying it too.

"Not in the civilized nations, Diana." Donna grinned, as she peeked back to check the score. ninety-one runs and counting. So…still early times on the side. She only offered a sage nod in Cassie direction, as the young woman commented on her choice of entertainment, "I am…in point of fact, both old and rather lame. Or so I have heard." There was humour there, which only grew as she caught sight of Hal pulling an about face and heading into the cafeteria. "Oh, we locked her in a closet. This is a new model we're trying out for size."

Caitlin yields obligingly to getting hip-checked, because running into Caitlin is how people get hurt. She beams at Cassie, giving her a quick squeeze around the shoulders, and moves back to her seat. Food's in front of her, so everyone can guess what Cait's priorities are! Still, when Alyse arrives, Caitlin waves enthusiastically at the only woman who's not slumming it in yoga pants at the moment.

"Diana's just yanking your chain, o She Of The Birdly Freedom," Caitlin tells Cassie. "She's on monitor duty, Donna's on the med deck, and I'm doing my shift in Engineering tonight," She clarifies. "Except none of us are actually clocked in yet, except for Diana."

She lights up at Hal's arrival, bouncing once in her seat and waving at him. "Hal! Hi! Did you see me land the Javelin?" she asks, proudly. "Took it all the way up here on manual. Didn't use anything but the tracking beacon to land, either."

"I did. Nice stickwork and you didn't knock anything off the walls this time… " Hal does the 'upnod' gesture at them all, "Ladies." The game of Cricket doesn't really pull his attention, hes not got a clue one way or the other. Instead taking up space by standing there now, near enough to give Cassie a look and a questionative glance at the others. It's Witchdoctor that gets him a larger smile, "Heyyy! Where have you been?" Donna, Di, Cait, he sees on the regular. Well, League Regular.

The wonders of Yoga pants had not quite been something introduced to Alyse, but then between gowns and her 'practical outfit' that often had her looking like she'd stepped out of a private academy or something? Perhaps the Witch wasn't quite on the same wave-length of fashion as other people. She did however share the same love of tea that had brought her towards the cafe space. Crossing her arms at her chest, she tilts her head to the side at the jest of ignoring duties. "Nutrition and relaxation are an important part of health, allowing you to complete your duties properly. I would say you're simply maintaining efficiency." The blonde woman grins, giving a little wink. She -was- a doctor after all!

The arrival of Hal earns a pivot on her heel and a smile as she waves to the man, but she's hardly going to interupt the talk of piloting and landing achievements. She certainly couldn't fly any of the aircraft without the use of magic after all! Still, addressed by the man she gives a little chuckle and gestures with a wave of her hand. "Here, there, nowhere…visiting relations."

"Oh no, not the closet." Diana says in her smokey voice with that thick Greek accent. "My one true weakness… where I get lost rummaging through all the pockets of everyones coats looking for all their candies and loose change." She leans back and crosses her legs at the knees, left over right, and she glances back to her right at the others before she grins and shakes her head. "I am neglecting nothing." She looks to the floating robot with all the monitor displays and it spins around to show Wonder Woman all that is happening on the planet's surface below, even the occassional look out at the sensor stations across the Sol System.

"All is currently quiet… for the most part. There was a fight between two super powered individuals in Africa reported, but it seems that it was a family dispute and they were fighting on their own property… and it has calmed itself. One of our people looked into it and reported as such." She takes another sip of her drink and looks back to the sportingball program. "Is this an important game? Some kind of big pride on the line?"

Donna rose to her feet, after a moment, not to check her watch, as she didn't wear one, but at a glance back at the tickertape at the bottom of the sports feed. "I believe so. Americans believe that their sports, including baseball, which, in fact, is based on a game called rounders, the stick and ball game played by women and girls in England, when the boys and men played cricket, is vastly superior to cricket." She offered Diana a smirk, before she slipped out from behind the table, "Don't get them started on american football versus actual football." All of that said with humour, before she moved to depart. "I will be in medical, if you all need me. Please don't." They could do with a night without either minor or major injury.

Donna is calling herself old and lame, and to be honest, Cassandra feels bad for the other Amazon. Donna is nice and brave, but a fun party buddy she is not! "Hey. Cricket can be cool." She offers trying to be nice, but cricket is really terribad.

''Diana's just yanking your chain''

"I know that!" Now she is frowning at Caitlin, because someone is taking this frown! She folds her arms, and eyes Hal right back. Yeah, he is -THE- Green Lantern, but Cassie just happens to be -THE- (second) Wonder Girl.

… Okay. Maybe she should check her attitude. Maybe. After she frowns at Donna as she leaves, before turning at everyone in the room, "First off, American Football is the true footbal. That sleep-inducing torture she was talking about is called -soccer-, which can't be football. Because it is called soccer." Cassie's head waggles a little with a finger held heavenwards, as she is 'telling like it is'.

"Just so we are all on the same page." She eyes Caitlin, then, "I am surprised you survive your shifts here without me!"

"G'nite, Donna!" Caitlin offers as her friend departs. She looks at Hal and pinks happily at his praise. "Golly, thanks Hal," she remarks. "I've been getting extra hours on the simulator. I don't want to swap any more paint with the hangar doors," she admits, fervently.

Cait rises, tray in hand, and catches Cassie's playful dig at her capability. Her response is an eloquent 'phlbbt' of the tongue at Cassie, the gesture lacking any spite for how childish it is.

She puts her empty tray away with the like dishes and picks up a decanter of hot water and the little tea service. It's all brought over to the common area, and Caitlin pours tea for anyone who wants some. "Sorry, I didn't think to bring any cookies with me today," she murmurs apologetically.

"Also, Cassie, unless you're talking about Fortnite or MMA, I'm not really paying attention," she teases her friend. "Soccer and football are both pretty boring, if you ask me." She finds a spot to sit and curls up onto the sofa, one of the few pieces of furniture that fits her scale and doesn't groan protest when she curls her legs up under her with tea in hand.
"Relations… " Hal doesn't ask just maintaining his smile, "Glad you're back no matter." He can pry later if he feels nosy, Donna gets a wave in passing and his comments want to open up about Di and closests but the conversation of football vs soccer.

"I like this one." He states, motioning to Cassie, "Hi, names Hal." Likely shes heard it already tossed around, his ID not public unless youre privy to League access.

"She is not wrong at all. Football… AMerican football is the only… "

Cait's remark about them being boring has him huffing quietly. He is outnumbered and not about to insert his foot. Not yet. That always comes wth time and the right opening.

Alyse looks…lost for a moment. Football and soccer? Both were concepts drawing a blank for her. The 'games' she'd witnessed in the past involving the skin of dead things being kicked around were a little more brutal and horrifying!" Donna gets a nod from the Witch as well before she moves towards the vital supply of tea and pastry.

Adding far more sweetness than was really necessary, the woman turns back and casts her eyes over Cassie. "Alyse," she offers in her own introduction. "Or Witchdoctor if one is being official." Of course, unlike many in the league, she didn't exactly have a civillian identity but she wasn't exactly the public face either.

Diana lets out a heavy sigh at the sports talk and she rises up. "This is why I do not like that stuff. The competitive nature is fine, but the way that people handle it is… distasteful. Every time there is a championship team winner and then there is a mob out in the streets where people start flipping cars and smashing storefront windows." She shakes her head as she walks back to the kithen area within the room. "I admire the concept of physical fitness through fun activities, but I just wish that people would not invest themselves so much in the final results of a match. It is meant to be fun, but people take it far too seriously."

The princess deposits her glass in the cleaning center and it vanishes with a 'whoosh' before she turns around and glances to the floating robot that is tailing her. "Back to the Monitor Room then?" She asks the droid and it beeps affirmatively at the other. Diana smiles to those still present and waves again. "I will be watching over things until my shift ends, you all can find me there if you need." She makes for the exit then.

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