All The Jackets!

September 17, 2018:

The X-Men go to a very cold cold place to find a very cold cold Hulk, and he demands all of the jackets and a ride out! Oh and Remy gets knocked out again.


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A small, sleek black jet transport drifts past Antarctic winds and descends in to a lazy turning land upon the tundra blasted expanse of the wintery terrain. Tufts of snow buffet and assault the X-Men's secondary flight vehicle. A recent acquisition that Cyclops has been calling /Raven/ to fall in the theme of the /Blackbird/ it's larger, more familiar cousin (the name hasn't stuck yet). Like it, it too is of Shi'ar origins and modifications, unlike the repurposed SR22 it cannot house more than four of the team comfortably at a time.
Hulk is not meant to be going back with them, only a Banner after all, hopefully.

Minutes ago they had just gotten SHIELD clearance to land in this area, one close to a zone beyond thats fabled to be new lands. Battled over by corporate giants, powerful countries and largely, yet undiscovered. Not much is known and it is meant to remain that way. Now though, the threat of the Hulk looms beyond border regions as he has been rudely deposited not far from reservation zoning. The icy domain the last location they had of the man beast.

Scott's new visor, gifted from Sage tracks the data they are offered, building trajectery and projecting red 3D holographics before him in red illumination, his suit a full bodied usual with just his jaw and mouth showing coupled with a fur lined parka of deep navy almost black.

"We're close."

Rogue has been antsy this whole time while riding in the fancy plane cause she wanted to fly it, but kept getting told 'next time' so she was just looking all around it and reaching out to fiddle with stuff… its the Danvers in her, she can't really stop it.

When Scott announces that they're close, she looks over to him in the pilot's seat, stares at his fancy new visor for a moment and then glances back to Remy. "How come when I move out, they start buyin' a buncha new stuff?" She asks the Cajun with a slight grin. "Its like they're tryin t'say somethin' t'me."

She then sweeps her gaze forward again and out the viewport. "He's not gonna fight us is he?" She asks. "I mean, I like a good fight, but… he's on anothe'ah level."

"You been sayin' we close for 5 hours flyboy." Remy teases from his back seat, the cajun absolutely hating the cold weather and for once the duster is not enough. He's gotten his 'ARCTIC BLAST GAMBIT' costume on, with the shoulder mounted projectiles absolutely left at home. A stupid addition that was added onto the toy that a few kids miiiiight have choked on. He tugs on his seat harness as Rogue is talking to him, and Remy looks up, his red eyes lingering on the girl. "How are you not cold?" He asks before he answers her question, "Cause they said in a secret meeting that ya have a … what was it Scott? Tendency towards Violent and aggressive actions." Remy has that smile on and his incredibly short hair covered in a wintery hat from Russia, with the flaps and everything.

There WERE two reports, incidentally, a few days before, which gave proof that the Hulk was still in the area of where he'd landed. One of which was a watchtower station that saw either a giant snow yeti or a very cold Hulk traveling by, going roughly west from the watchtower, only to disappear into the snowy depths again, having fallen through some weak ice into the surging water below.

The next day, a snow scouting drone was grabbed out of the air by SOMETHING, and flung in a massive arc to the northeast, far off course. The second one is not a true sighting, but if it was Hulk, proves he probably is going in a big circle, and doubling back: he's lost and having a very hard time navigating in the snowy, cold landscape.

"I don't /think/ he is goin' ta fight us," Betsy tries to assure Rogue…and herself. "I think I can talk to 'im." With a breath, she utters softly to herself, "I hope." She has opted for a full suit of armored leather, along with a thin snowsuit, and a parka of her own. Deep purple, almost black as well. Her hair is tucked into the coat, and she has a hand pressed against a frosty window, as she looks out over the frozen tundra.

"I was being light on the controls. We could have been close… " Scott lies, he misjudged the odd topography and electronic distortion of Nuali and SHIELD projections, it happens when one gets too close to certain /no-go/ areas down here, like the one they have landed in. One they needed clearance for. It is them or a Hulkbuster squad ends up mobilized…

"If he does thats why we brought you and Rogue along. She'll engage, keep him occupied long enough for you to spike him and put him out while Remy and I run coverfire and support. If it comes to it."
The 3D mapping of his visor recreates walking images in tiny figures before him, one that of the Hulk as trajectory bounces, footprints heavy enough to create indents are fluffed over. None here a tracker like Logan or Dani Moonstar or several others but no strangers to survival and hosting their own abilities for this sort of scenario.

"Pick up the pace, we are not far at all."

The confusion and camoflage intended around this zone makes things appear longer, illusions of a sort, what is, is not and it messes with the mind. Intentional to keep people out of the Game Preserve that is legendary beyond just this world of Earth. Aliens. (Poofy hair, hand gestures, mind exploding).

Rogue looks back to Betsy and shows her a grin. "Hope so." She replies before she glances down at herself. She's just in her black and green bodysuit with the hooded black cape, metal boots and that sweet ass glove with the skellington hand imprinted on the black material of her glove and up her arm.

"My suit is weathered for this. Its ya know, temperature controlled, so I don't sweat my boobs off inside'a it." And once they're landed she's detaching from her crash webbing and rising up out of the seat, then floating toward the exit of the ship… "I don't wanna absorb him." She mutters. "I'm not even sure it'd work, and I'm not sure I could control it if I do… I don't wanna be like… that, its scary. Losin' yourself, turnin' inta that. I feel bad for him. He's a sweet guy, doesn't deserve that kinda burden he has t'deal with."

Remy mumbles to himself, "Y'could say dat about all'a us." The cajun replies as he slips out of his seat and falls in line behind the rest of the crew, kind of bringing up the rear lately, ever since he got back from Italy, he's not quite the same guy, but he's not different enough to really warrant discussing. Or at least to most people.

"So, you an' me slim? We's the livin' decoys fo' dat? Dat's a hellova task y'know." Remy says to his leader, not complaining or not saying he wont do it, just giving a bit of small talk to get Scott's mind working and stratergizing.

Betsy isn't waiting on anyone, and the banter is maddening, while Bruce is out there. Somewhere. She is making a wide circle just out ahead of the others, and she's searching for any sort of energy that could denote the Hulk. "Those damned psychic shields the Hulk has," she says to no one in particular. She pauses and sighs, her breath whooshing out a grey spectre. "Where are you?" she whispers.

There's a rush of sound, that the wind carries. The wind picks up and drifts the primal roar. It's too close to be coming from the OTHER source of primal roars. And there's a level of hate in it that is beyond just intimidation. That's a familiar Hulk roar. The wind tangles up the direction of it, at least at first. There's some slamming sounds that follow it, and a shudder of snow off of a rise of ice to the east. It's far enough away to be beautiful, but up close that has to be a horrible avalanche of heavy snow.

"Booby jam." Cyclops declares." I heard it called that once… you know, girls uhm… " He clears his throat, huffing out a ton of cold air from his mouth. "Nevermind."

"Never said you had to absorb him. Just trade blows and keep him from smashing us."
"You and me, Remy, we're the obnoxious decoys yes. If we have to be." Scott grins, "Sounds fun, yeah?"

"You got this Bets. Just keep at it. If anyone can it is you." He encourages the Psi-Ninja a tht burst of snow, roar is audible and the ground tremors ahead.

"There we are! Lets go!"

Now raising with heavy clomps and fast pumping long legs through the snow and drifts, yet, mindful of the footing. They have to hurry though…

Rogue doesn't walk through no snow. Nope she glides along over it with her black scarf pulled up around her nose and some goggles on her eyes now… her hood and cape are flapping in the cold breezes flowing around them and she just huffs out a laugh at Scott's words. "I'm never gonna forget ya just said that." She tells the man about his Booby-comment. Rogue glances back to the others and waves a hand. "Ya'll need a ride just say so, ya can hop on. One'a these days I'm gonna have one'a our crafty types make a Rogue saddle, so everyone can just—" She cuts herself off as she hears stuff around them in the distance. She sweeps her goggled-gaze around. "Its so echoy… its hard t'tell where stuff's comin' from."

Teasingly, "Rogue, what do ya mutant eyes see?" Remy says, after having watched Rogue literally float across the ground with ease while everyone else, or at least he and Scott trudge through the tundra. "Ah'll get 'im ova 'ere." Remy says without thinking and grabs a chuck of ice with his hand after pulling off his glove and charging it before tossing it way into the air before it pops with a loud bang and a huge puff of purple smoke. the first color in this frozen hell hole.

Psylocke is driven. She rushes out, keeping pace with the others. It doesn't matter that the snow is deep. It doesn't matter that the wind feels like it could tear out her throat with every breath. Only one thing matters. And it is dead ahead, smashing something she didn't even know one could smash: the South Pole. "It's time to try communicating. But at this point, only the most important things."

<HULK. I have food for ya. Meet me halfway?>

There's movement following that roar, and then a humanoid, big shape that lunges in a smooth arc once, to one side, the orients. Maybe he heard Remy's noise. He did —— he then lunges right at them!

No, over them. An angry, large version of hulk, in tattered rags that are a true miracle of existing at all after this wilderness rampage, leaps directly overhead, low and fast. The plane's landing attracted Hulk, it just took a little while for him to travel. By that, meaning it took him a few super-leaps. He lands on the opposite side of the little troupe of walking people, unaware of them in the freezing white mess, since he had focused on the plane. He landed to one side of it, barefoot in the snow. Once he's done uprooting out of the snow he fell in, he stomps his way in under a wing, looking it over. He's hunting for something, and isn't wasting any time: he's ready to head around to the rear, expectant of an entrance being there.

Hulk is in a powerful raging form, larger than he usually is, as Hulk was forced to adapt to survive in this place. That means his physical size is up - and also anger levels. He did bang his head on the plane wing, but ignored it. Sorry plane, little dented.

Psylocke can find his mind easily, but it's just really one major raging, frustrated thought: getting out of this awful cold place. Planes are good for travel. (Not that he can fly it. One thing at a time.)

"Just being helpful." Scott replies to the flying team member. "You may not want to finish that sentence."

The shadow of Hulk soaring over them and landing causes Scott to pivot, spin and stumble, a glossy purchase giving very little to fight gravity as he cracks down on one knee.
"Even better… "

"Shit, not the Raven… "
"Time to get his attention everyone. Psylocke, Rogue get in there."

A shove upwards and hes pulling himself up, looking sidelong at Remy, "Ready? If they can't make him calm we pull him away from the ship and hope to whatever Gods he doesn't smear us."

Rogue hovers there about six feet off of the ground, she gives a glance to Remy as he does his thing with the icebrick and then when the Hulk makes his appearance and DENTS their NEW SHIP, she gawks with her mouth just hanging open behind her black scarfwrap. "Not cool!" Rogue says then, hearing Scott order she and Betsy into 'action' so Rogue just shoots right up into the sky and disappears… that may not have been Scott's defintion of going after the Hulk.

But its because she's arching high in the sky planning to come around behind the big guy, to sweep back around at him so he can't just smash her out of the air if she charged him straight-on.

"I choose Thor, dat seems like a pretty cool dude t'hope to t'me." Remy says, always willing to crack a joke as he steps around and faces the hulk. "Please in dhe name-a Thor, don' be bustin' up mah only way outta dis frozen land. Ah need t'get back t' bikini's an bare skin Hulkie." Remy pleads just a little bit with a raised voice.

"Did- Did she just leave us? Ya really shoulda let her fly slim." Remy teases again with a frown aimed upwards.

There isn't any reasoning with Hulk at this point. Not rationally, anyway. He is larger and more irrational than she has ever seen him. Betsy opens a messenger bag on her hip, but as she does, there is a bark from somewhere on the plane. A split second later, a half-grown corgi bounds out the open door and around the Hulk's massive feet. He's wearing snow booties, a scarf, and doggy goggles. "N-no! Mr. Wiggles!" And now she's racing with one hand out toward the pup, and a dagwood sandwich in the other. Heisman style.

There isn't any reasoning with Hulk at this point. Not rationally, anyway. He is larger and more irrational than she has ever seen him. Betsy opens a messenger bag on her hip, pulling out a dagwood-sized sandwich. "I know you're hungry, Hulk. Just breathe. Let's get ya warm. Get some food in ya. Can we do that?"

Remy starts to take another step towards the plane and hulk, about to speak some more foolishness when his hand lifts up towards his head again, and without warning, the cajun falls forwards, landing on the ground with a heavy thud against the snow and ice.

Hulk isn't aware of incoming attacks presently and isn't being hyper vigilant about it. There hasn't been ANYTHING attacking him for a very long time out here other than snow, so his priorities aren't oriented to things jumping out from behind him unexpectedly. Instead, most of his attention is on the Raven, as he comes around to the back area of it, his angry eyes narrowed. If he can't decipher it quickly, smashing will just be the go-to action. That happens with doors, too: if it's too much trouble he'll just bash it down. But bashing the plane may not do any good if he expects to travel inside it, and he's not an idiot. He is just angry at everything to where he can't think straight: big difference.

"OPEN," Hulk bellows at the Raven for its insolence. His voice carries. And then there's people coming over. Hulk turns his head to stare at Betsy, Scott and Remy as they start to return. There's no fear, but there is a massive irritation. It reads like a very angry man that is upset his flight was delayed. He GLOWERS at them. This turn also means he pivoted around, and Rogue's there. A sudden kneejerk reaction has him batting her towards the group, an open palmed quick reflex.

It's a nice gesture of Remy LeBeau to try and catch Rogue when she is batted there way. Not wise though when one doesn't consider possible impact factors here. Scott gives it a grunt as the Cajun goes down and is already just evading, hes not about to try himself.
"PSylocke, Rogue… lay it on, if you would… " For the sake of the Raven! Not sying that part.

The RAVEN in question speaks in an automated voice, pleasant, female, "Unauthorized. Please stand aside."
"Continued attempts will be met with corrective procedures."

Scott's not even sure what those are himself and not really wanting to find out…

The puppy having been smuggled on is also something he'll worry about later. That explains the smell on their way out.

For the sake of the Raven, Rogue does make her flight around and in fast motion as she can. But as she comes about she sees the Hulk look over to her and this makes her eyes go wide… he's spotted. Did he have super hearing too?? She didn't honestly know… But it happens quick and he slams her like a ball out of the sky and suddenly the black caped woman is flying in a whole new direction… that sends her right into Remy!

The two get wrapped up together and roll across the snowy ground until the disappear into a bank of it with a puff of white powder!

Betsy tries speaking firmly, but kindly. "Hulk, you've gotta listen to me. You've got to calm down and breathe, and eat somethin'. "You're not you when you're hungry." She pulls out a Snickers. "Yer too big to get in th' door where it's warm. Yer hungry an' tired, I know. Ye've been so brave an' strong but it's time t'work with me, yeah? Ya know I only wat t' help ya. I want ya warm an' fed just as much as you do. Please?"

Hulk balls his fists up, prepared for another volley from Rogue, but she doesn't immediately charge at him, it appears. She's doing some kind of 'snow activity' with the other guy.

Betsy's up to bat next: though he doesn't slam at her quite yet. She also didn't fly at him. He stares at her and her chocolate bar with an insolence common to his angry state. He looks at the plane and looks at her, suspicious of being lured away, clearly. "Hulk wants out of cold," Hulk states narrowly, as if challenging them to disagree on that point.

Scott hesistantly pulls up the rear, walking calmly behind Betsy as Remy and Rogue end up in a cartoony ball of snow and limbs. Hopefully nothing is broken…
He doesn't add anything to Betsy and Hulk's talk at the moment, sort of going wide to check on the Raven. Give a pause to see if the British woman can talk the man down until, the talk about cold.

"We have spare warm jackets but they might be too small for a guy like you, maybe…. "
"Maybe they will fit Doctor Banner."

Rogue's head pops up out of the snow, her hood is down and her hair is everywhere… brown and white locks mixed in and covered over with a layer of pure white snow. She suddenly shakes her head left and right and then shivers openly with a blustering 'Buuuuurr' eminating from the young woman. "Remy?" Rogue asks then before she realizes she's sitting on him… She dips back down into the snow and then grabs hold of the man beneath her and hauls him up out of it. "You dead?" She asks him as he groans in response. "Guess not." Picking him up like a bride on her wedding day, Rogue flies back toward the Raven, high enough up off the ground. "We can't take Hulk back in his hulkmode. He'll bust stuff up. Even if he's cold as hell like the resta'us are."

"Listen, Big Guy," Betsy begins. "Ye'll have plenty o' chances to smash all sorts o' things later. But right now the only thing here t'smash is yet ticket outta here. I need ya to breathe deeply, remember how good it'll feel t' be warm. We've got warm clothes an' food and a heater in there, but y'know we can't wedge ya in there unless ya calm down. Aye?" She sighs. "I know we've had our differences, but y'know I only want t' help, too. Even if it pisses ya off." She moves closer to him and gestures to the door of the Raven, which is definitely not open. "C'mon, Hulk, let's get everyone home, a'right? We've got a man..well, a Remy…hurt. And we have one verrah cold Hulk who could be warm an' toasty with a full belly if ye can just help ya." As kind as her words are, her tone is uncompromising.
Hulk side-eyes Scott and spits on the snow at 'Doctor Banner' mention. "Banner /tiny/," Hulk mutters, agreeing with Scott. Sort of. He agrees Banner is smaller. He sneezes and rubs his forearm over his face. A shower of frozen snot, sweat and spit ice bits shower off his face and nose as he rubs. He had almost a beard of those bits hanging off him due to all the roaring, muting his green to a pale ashy white. "Hulk wants LOTS of jackets." Logical, semi-demanding. He shifts his weight again and looks at the returning Rogue with a stretch of arms, prepared to fight her more. He notices the hurt person, though. And the aggression doesn't continue. "Hulk will bust stuff," Hulk agrees, but looks more steadily at the injured person. Betsy puts his attention on Remy more firmly, too. "Dead?" Hulk asks, pointing. Frowning. Not as angry. He drops his hands to his sides, curling and uncurling the fists. He sort of looks at Remy, then the ship, then back. This is not a situation that fuels his anger. Hulk releases a low growl, but it is more an expression of being torn. And his size IS reducing, alongside the lack of anger, though Hulk is still in control. "Hulk helps Betsy," Hulk grumbles.
It is as though Scott has been holding his breath until Hulk relents to help Betsy. Not paying mind to the shower and beard of icicle snottage and setting to opening the Raven which lets out a hiss as not the back opens but the side panel, sweeping upwards to reveal the smaller interior, warm though.
"Authorization accepted. Welcome." It chimes as Summers edges around Hulk to peer in, "I got three coats for you Hulk." He gives a nod to Betsy and a silent, "Good job."

"You'll have to hold Remy, Rogue. Keep him stable and we'll get him back to the medbay… again." Cyclops doesn't press form there though, just stepping aside and letting Betsy guide the green giant if she can… "Coats are under the chairs. Take one out of each pack. He can have all the damn jackets he wants… "

Rogue lands back into the snow, her metal boots slipping into the non crunchy powdery fresh fallen snow. She gives a look over to Hulk, her hair is blowing about her head in the winds, hood still down. "I ain't gonna try'n fight you no more. I'm sick'a that approach. It ain't worth the trouble it causes. You're a tough one. The kind that I just don't care t'scuffle with anymore." Rogue looks to Scott as she opens the plane up and she takes the injured Cajun on inside. He hasn't been himself since he got captured and experimented on, she's not sure whats going on with that, but it doesn't make her feel any more comforted. "I'm probably safer than any seatbelt out there anyway. So long as I'm covered up." She says with a slight grin as she works her way back into the Raven… a name she's not that into, considering Mystique.

Betsy nods to Hulk and smiles. "Thank you fer helpin'." She takes off her glove and rubs his bicep, which feels frozen against the warmth of her hand. "Yer freezin'." She looks to Rogue and Remy and shakes her head. "He isn't dead, Sweets. He's hurt. Needs a doctor. An' he needs warmth an' rest, just like you do. It's all goin' to be jus' fine, I promise. Let's get ye inside, yeah? It's so warm…"
[OOC] Betsy Braddock says, "Apologies for a short pose, I got a phone call and was tryin to get it up there without havin' to make you wait."

Hulk watches Rogue carry Remy inside, but still remains somewhat low-key and scowling. Hurt people cause this, with him. Particularly those he recognizes or remembers. So long as there isn't an enemy to punish for said thing. In this case… he caused it. And he's calming down. From that, but also Betsy's correct, calming treatment. "Hulk cold," Hulk says amidst a grunt, but follows Betsy in. He's still bigger than the others by a lot, but he isn't anywhere near as big as he was before. His anger's cooling off, and he's getting a little disoriented and confused, which Betsy, who has seen it more than the others, will probably recognize is a sign Banner's not far away. "Hulk gets all the jackets," he reminds her, though. He won't fit in a chair, but he can sit in the floor. With the jackets.

Scott doesn't say a word, sealing it up and making sure all the survival coats stashed inside are piled on Hulk before they take off. Calling in SHIELD for authorization to clear airspace and head back home…

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