Seeking Dr. Banner

September 14, 2018:

Jennifer Walters visits Xavier's School in search of her cousin.

Xavier's School


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Fade In…

The weather's been better. Storm clouds hanging low casting a visible pall across the grounds of the Westchester manor. The bright green grass, normally so vibrant, is muted with the overcast though the sheen of recent rains causes it to glisten in what hints of sun sneak past the low hanging clouds. Everything has that sheen of moisture from the sprinkling rainfall that still at times offers a few droplets here or there and cause the tires of cars that pass on the outer road to hiss from the wet.

Outside, on the driveway just past the garage, a grim and haggard man straightens up from his task working on what seems to be a red scooter of some type that has part of its engine assembly spread out on a green tarp. Oil smudges the corner of his cheek as he wipes a forearm over his features and grimaces, looking up and scrunching one eye at the sky as if accusing it of conspiring against him. But the awning of the garage protects him for the most part from the rainfall.

Yet from the road he's visible, just a figure of a man along that moisture darkened driveway, occasionally casting his gaze down the way and back. Sometimes his nostrils flare, as if tasting the petrichor on the air. A moment passes, and he hunkers back down to work on the vehicle.

A vehicle can be heard slowing on the roadway. It turns onto the long driveway and approaches the front of the building. As it comes into sight, it's revealed to be a newer model electric number that is pristine in appearance. The figure behind the steering wheel is petite.

The car is brought to a stop near the front steps, the engine turned off immediately. The door opens. Out steps a diminutive figure wearing a black business suit with a purple blouse beneath the jacket. Her brown hair is pulled back in a bun. She reaches up a hand to adjust her glasses as she closes the car door.

She glances at the building then over toward the garage, seeing the figure there. Instead of going for the door, she goes toward the man at the garage. "Excuse me. Would you be able to assist me? I'm looking for Dr. Banner."

At the 'excuse me' there's a faint clank, the universal signal of the mechanic that conveys the message of, 'You are Interrupting.' But then the man who had been kneeling rises to his feet and turns around slowly. One eyebrow is cocked as he takes the measure of the young woman before him even as he reaches over to the side and grabs a grimy white rag and starts to clean his hands with it.

He's severe, dark of features and with a haggard look to him. Those eyebrows are expressive over stern blue eyes even as he pointedly looks her over. Sure, she's likely been looked over in the past, but the almost casual growliness that might come across from this man's simple demeanor might be impressive.

"Maybe." He says in answer to her question, then he looks past her towards the door and then back. "Who's lookin' for him?"

That dismissive glance is something that Jennifer Walters is used to. It's only when she's in her alter ego that it doesn't happen. Or when she's in court. There, they have learned to respect her skills. The other lawyers look at her with respect or wariness, never knowing if they are going to be on the losing end of a case against her. She draws herself up to her full height, shoulders back as she smiles.

"Jennifer Walters. Dr. Banner is my cousin. I just wanted to check in and see how he's been doing." Complete honesty. She had seen the news about what happened to the Hulk. She just wanted to be sure he had returned and was safe back in his life. He had a tendency to disappear from time to time so she wasn't too worried. Yet. As long as he was back.

She turned and motioned toward the door. "I'll just go inside and check. Thank you for your time."

And like that, he was dismissed. She turned toward the stairs to head up for the front doors.

That causes the man to take a second glance, even as he shoots a look towards the disassembled scooter, then hurls the rag in that direction. Footsteps upon the pavement are heard behind her as he steps after her and she can hear in his voice a hint of trepidation.

"Yeah, about that."

Up to the door he steps and just before she might reach it he'll interpose himself into her line of sight if not between herself and the door. Not exactly stopping her, but at the last making sure she'll have to step past him.

"I don't think yer gonna find him. He's sorta…" There's a pause as he looks past her for a moment, then back to her eyes, "Got taken on a long trip. Might be back soon. Might not."

Then he adds, "You want me ta get a message to him?"

As he steps into her line-of-sight, Jennifer pauses. Her smile hasn't left her face and she turns that bright expression upon him. She is very aware of the position he has chosen. Not exactly blocking the door but making sure she is intercepted.

She tilts her head slightly to the side as she considers what she knows with what he said. "He always enjoyed travel," she muses conversationally while the tick marks are gone through mentally. If he's not here, he may not have returned. Does that mean he's still…?

What can she do about it if he is?

She looks directly into his eyes as she speaks. "Yes, if you would." She reaches into the pocket of her coat and pulls out a business card. It identified her as a lawyer with Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, & Holliway in the Superhuman Law Division. "While he has my number, this will be easier than you having to make a note of my name. Just have him call me the moment he returns. So, we can arrange for a family dinner soon, to catch up."

"Yeah?" Logan says as he accepts the card in his hand, looks down at it, then flicks it with a fingertip before he puts it into his jeans' back pocket. Blue eyes lift back to focus on her as he gives a nod. "Alright, a lil complicated but I figure I can handle it." His lip twitches slightly, not quite a smile but something akin to one. He steps back and to the side, falling into step with her should she begin moving back towards the car.

He'll step after as she moves, just a few letting the distance between them lengthen. It's only when she's getting into her car that he'll lift his voice and say casually, "No offense, Ms. Walters." He folds his arms over his broad chest, rocking back on his heels. "But I don't exactly see a family resemblance." A smile might reach his eyes if not his lips as he offers that.

There is one last glance given to the doors, as though she is considering knocking anyway. Then Jennifer gives a tiny negative shake of her head. She turns away, going toward her car with him alongside. "I wasn't implying you were incapable of writing. I was simply trying to simplify matters unless you wanted to make a note in motor oil on your arm?" she says in a matching almost teasing tone.

Once she gets to the car, she opens the door and carefully sits in the driver's seat. Before she closes it, she pushes the button to start the car then lowers the window. That's when she closes the door, the glass gone so they can converse.

"No offense taken. I'm quite aware that my cousin got all the good looks in the family. I thank you for your assistance, Mr…?"

A snort comes from him as he gives her a nod then turns and starts to walk back towards the garage. Just a few steps until he reaches there, resting a hand upon the frame of the door and pausing to cast his gaze back upon her. He answers, "Logan." Then as if to get rid of that 'mister' he adds, "Just Logan." And with that he'll give a small wave of one hand as he turns his back on her and kneels back down in front of that dismantled scooter, resting his arms on his knees and balancing on the balls of his feet.

"I'll pass your message on." Then he adds, "Drive safe."

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