Rogue's Sweet Ride

September 15, 2018:

Rogue and Logan bump into each other in front of the school. Logan spies on Rogue's nice classic muscle car and recruits her to go help him investigate some stuff.


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There's no such thing as legitimate down time with the X-Men. No such thing as quiet time free from ill omens and wicked portent. Oh sometimes the people in the old Xavier mansion steal a bit of freedom here or there, but as so often is the case something tends to hang over head threatening the future. Sometimes it is humanity, sometimes it is a threat from without, and in some ways it's often a threat from within.
Today, however, the man known as Logan can't just sit back and bide his time. Not for now at least. He'd heard about what had passed, the tensions between Xavier's and the Brotherhood. Perhaps now isn't the time for confrontation, but it's always a good time to gather intel. So it's with that intention he'd dressed in civvies but not quite the normal things he wears. Black boots, grey pants, and a brown jacket lend him some aspect of anonymity. Combine that with the black baseball cap and sunglasses and he's set.
Stopping only long enough to leave a note in the kitchen, something about going into the city to see what he could see. It was signed just with a slash and an L that served as his signature…
And then he was on the way to the door.

Just outside the doorway is Rogue stepping out of her dark forest green 1970 Dodge Charger with black racing stripes! She's had the car for a few years now. The door on the driver's side is shut and the southern belle is turning around while holding her gloved hands up to tie her hair back into a ponytail when she sees Logan slipping out of the mansion's front foyer doors. She just grins at him before she lets her hand slap down against her jeans covered thighs and she huffs out a sigh, then just shakes her head. "I see a man who's about t'run again." She chides the older Wolverine, and takes a few steps toward him. They hadn't directly spoken to each other in a very long time. He'd disappeared for awhile even and had been replaced with an 'Old Man Logan' version, who Rogue had never trusted and never really interacted with a lot.

"Where ya headed, Scruffy?" She asks him that saucey tone of a flirty voice of hers.

He had a head of steam on him. She could have told that from twice much further away with that purposeful stride and that severe look on his features. It was that and the way his fingers flexed in time as if trying to get a hold of something that wasn't there or work out the kinks i his wrist. But then her voice reaches him and he looks up. At first there might be a slight hint of a scowl at the corner of his mouth, but then recognition. Flared nostrils. A squint and an abrupt nod, "Rogue."
A few steps carry him onto the driveway but his movements falter at the car as he pauses for a moment. Grudging admiration can be discerned from him as he rests one hand on the hood of that car, just for an instant. Then blue eyes lift to her and a slight twinkle might be seen in them. "Headin' inta the city."
But even as he's saying that she can see him eyeing the car, then eyeing her, then the car again as an eyebrow quirks. Some silent question being asked there if not quite voiced.

Rogue's gloved hands go around to the backs of her hips and she just holds them there while she stares at Logan moving past her to go eye her car. She just grins at him as he makes his little physical mannerisms and then she has to ask. "You can't borrow my car." She tells him. "I only came here t'get some stuff I left up in storage in the attic. When you go places you vanish for weeks!" She's teasing him of course, because its what she does. "Which city are you goin' to anyhow?" She asks then as she takes a step toward the driver's side door again.

"You goin' to Salem or down to Manhattan?" She places her right hand on the window sil of her door, the window is down so the car is exposed to the late summer breeze flowing through the driveway area in front of the school.

She might see the wheels turning for that brief moment before he answers, then his eyes find hers again and he gives a single short nod. A snort comes from him, "Salem ain't a city." Not a surprising point of view of his, considering he's disparaged the place before in his own inimitable way. But he looks back up at her and then says, "C'mon." He waves a hand slightly, "Go get whatever it is yer gettin', then we'll head in. Some places I'm gonna hit up and some of 'em do best if there's a lightnin' rod to grab all the eyeballs." Not caring about his mixing of metaphors, Logan then leans against her car and folds his arms over his broad chest.
"Lucky you, you get to be the lightnin' rod." That having been said he shifts his weight to his hip and seems all settled as if the matter had already been resolved. Which, in his head, it has.

Rogue just crossese her arms over her stomach as he talks and she listens with a sly grin. "Have you ever tried flyin' in a storm?" She asks him as she starts to half turn away. "Bein' a lightnin' rod is a little more terrifyin' than you might think. Then again… you're the one thats all metal." With a brief flare to her grin she starts to turn and move with a light jog in her step to the front door. "I'll be back in a jiff." She says to him before she vanishes inside.

It takes a few minutes, enough for Logan to sit outside in the afternoon sun and enjoy the calm of the place when nothing is in the process of being blown up by mutant hating enemies or trampled by demon bears. When she returns she does so via dropping out of the sky and landing behind the Dodge on her booted feet with a couple of boxes in her hands. She'd apparently just hopped right off the roof and landed back down onto the driveway with the ease of her stolen Danvers' powers.

"Okay." Rogue says with an exhaled huff, stepping to her trunk to pop it open and put the boxes inside. "Someone's been sleepin' up in that attic." She comments. "There's blankets and a lantern on the floor. Damn kids, probably a blacklight nightmare up there nowadays."

So, alright, while Rogue had been gone Logan had been snooping. Not too terribly so, and not so intrusive. But more the snooping of a man who is trying to discern the small details of the vehicle that's in front of him. And alright, so it's a pretty cherry car. Still. If she'd come back out a few moments earlier she might have seen him checking under the vehicle itself and getting a glance at the suspension. But when she lands he's considering the interior, then rounds back to her slowly.
Sparing a nod his smirk will slip into place. "One of the worst things of dealing with teenagers. All of 'em think they're so damn subtle." He shakes his head as he starts to step around her car and waits while she secures the stuff she came here to get. While he waits, however, he'll lean against the door frame, arms on the roof of the car as he looks sidelong at her.
"Gonna go in and get some face time with some of the folks that'll gimme their angle on things of late." He drums fingertips upon the roof for a moment, gaze distanced with thought before he looks back to her. "Figure we enter separately, and you run the whole innocent Southern belle schtick yer constantly practicin'."
Once she unlocks the car he'll pull open the door and slip on inside.

Rogue releases a light breath from running around in the school up to the attic to get stuff and then leaping out of it to get back here in a rush. So when Logan speaks she's just smiling and shaking her head. "Bout as subtle as a brick wall fallin' on a field'a cats, the kids in this school."

When she sees him going to get into the passenger seat she whistles at him and then shakes her head. "Any guy who goes snoopin' around my car is a guy that wants t'drive it." She says, then raises her right hand up and tosses him the keys. "So you're in on this side." She motions to the driver's door before she walks around it past him and grins all big at him.

"And it ain't practice that I do. Its natural charm that comes t'me like air inta the lungs. I got it and its just how it is. Don't gotta practice nothin'." She pops the door open on the passenger side of her car and slides on inside it and once inside she speaks up again. "You just point me at who ya want me t'charm and I'll make it happen. They'll be putty in my hands… yep."

That wry smile broadens just enough that there's a hint of fang to be seen. Logan catches the keys out of the air and spins them around his index finger for a moment before he takes the opposite way around the car and pulls open the driver's side door. Slipping into the seat, he reaches for the old seat belts that earn a comment from him, "Heh, spine cracker seat belts, I remember these things. Nice." Click-ka-click he locks his into place and then takes a moment to drift a hand over the wheel before slipping the keys into the ignition and twisting the engine to life.
That rumble is so satisfying, a roar that churns and causes the entire car to vibrate. "Ya know, I always said you were a good kid, Rogue." Now that's a lie. But then any protest from it might be caught up when he shifts the vehicle into gear, hits the accelerator and starts to let the car pull itself forwards onto the latter half of the driveway and towards the gates.
Once they're clear of the gates he lets the vehicle find its own wind as it stretches the legs of all three hundred and seventy five of those horses under the hood even as they make their way towards the interstate. "So you know the whole craziness with the Brotherhood and Stark and all that?" He glances sideways at her, then back to the road. "Somethin' ain't sittin' right. So I'm headin' to the edge'a Mutant Town. Gonna hit up some of the people I used ta talk to. See if there's anythin' to grab."

Rogue just grins as she's seated aside him in the other chair in her car, she doesn't sit here often but sometimes Remy has driven her car so she HAS ridden shotgun in her own vehicle from time to time. "Liar." Rogue says back at him after he says that part about her being a good kid and she just grins over at him with a mischief behind the expression.

When they pull ahead and on back off of X-property they wind their way through the woods in front of the school and out toward the highway.

"Bushwick it is then." Rogue says lightly, her eyes looking out past the golf course as it rolls past. "I've only heared a little bit about it. Its been a long time since I spoke to anyone in the Brotherhood. Doubt I have much cred with them anymore, cept for maybe…" She trails off on that thought, her green eyes staring at the old Spatula City store that is always a dead ghost town, a relic of a terrible idea from the 80s… how is it even still open?!

Rogue looks back over at Logan then. "But yeah, I'll work on coverin' ya with whatever. I'm not afraid'a those assholes. In fact, I owe'em all a beatin' after what they did t'Scott awhile back."

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