Lemuria II

September 15, 2018:

The final confrontation of the heroes with Lilith and her children in the ruins of Lemuria. Emits by Dr. Strange. This scene is concurrent with the last JL scene (The Wall).

The Ruins of Lemuria

The ruins of a modern city, hidden behind a forcefield, under the Pacific Ocean.


NPCs: Lilith, Skinner, Carver, Nakota, Creed, Pilgrim


Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

A couple hours ago Doctor Strange opened a gateway into what everyone expected would be a submerged city in the long flooded island-continent of Lemuria. After twenty millennia underwater it would be hard to conceive anything was left, yet it was in Lemuria where the Serpent Crown was created, and where Lilith might be hiding.

To the surprise of the heroes the ancient city was protected by a dome and quite dry, although it had also been abandoned for countless years. They found the ruins of a large metropolis, a city where once stood tall buildings of metal and glass, not just blocks of stone. A city with wide streets strew with the metal wrecks of what must have been small internal combustion vehicles.

A modern metropolis destroyed twenty thousand years ago.

And soon they found the Lilim were here, and so were some of the descendants of the original inhabitants. After defeating Dark Legion, a demon with the power of duplicate every time he was killed, the heroes had a chance to talk with Captain Kro, who claimed to be a soldier from Lemuria, a nation that still existed somewhere else, not far. Kro and his soldier had been sent to investigate intruders in their ancient city-graveyard, and found the Lilim. After a tense conversation Kro pointed the human intruders where he thinks Lilith is hiding, a place called the Alchemist Guild, near the center of the city. Then the large warrior snuck out, refusing Magdalena's help at healing his injuries.

With Lilith presence confirmed, Strange contacted Wong and Wong sent the recently arrived Ripclaw through the gateway to Lemuria. Now the heroes are five, against an unknown number of Lilim and their mother, a sorceress and goddess of great power. The odds are not good, but there is no one else to stop Lilith.

Vivienne had made no protest when Kro had refused her aid, though it left her with a thoughtful expression that she showed only once he had departed and they were in relative isolation, "Strange that he hid while the Lilim were killing his soldiers, don't you think? He could have easily dispatched them while they were occupied with us, if he had as advanced technology as he claims. They created a dome that has kept the ocean at bay for thousands of years, and they can't manage a containment field for a handful of demons?" Vivienne fell silent, as she waited for the others to gather themselves, attention shifting to take in the city at large, "Do we have any idea where this temple is?"

A shrug and Adara looks to Vivienne, "The center of the city? He said they were hiding there." She nods her head, "I'd put the best bet at whatever we are seeking being there." She looks back to wear the large man was and slowly shakes her head, "I'm not sure what to expect out of anyone from a culture so old and different." She then turns and starts walking toward what she assumes to be the center of the city.

Lara offers a smirk then at the large gunned man's response to her but she just falls in line with the others who'd she come here with. "I'm starting to like it here, myself." She quietly mutters whilst they turn and make their way toward the center of town. "I'm rather eager to see this royal palace area as well. I'm thinking it might making a smashing new home for future exploits here." She grins for a short few seconds as she siddles up near to Vivienne. "Thank you again." She tells the Magdalena, glancing over her shoulder to the sword she'd used to help defeat those 'things' in the crumbled building. "For the lovely gifts."

The portal, like most he finds nauseating. An in and out in to a new world that overwhelms the senses, is a differing elevation and has it's own atmospheric variances. More or less 'tossing' himself through to get it over with he appears in a stumbling stagger amidst the other 'Shadowpact' formation, their presence not acknowledged yet as he gains his bearings, letting out a sound thats part growl, part grunt. The elongated claws jutting off of Ripclaw's bio-cyber hands scraping at the flooring, slowing his unbalanced 'waffle; motion. Combat attire a full go… pants, boots. He shops where the Hulk and Thing do, just, not the plus plus PLUS size.

"I hate… that… "

"I suspect," confirms Strange, nodding to Vivienne, "the supposed Lemurian soldier knew much more than he was willing to tell us. Still, he was no Lilim, and to be honest, I doubt his weapon would have done much good against Dark Legion, perhaps hiding was the smartest tactic."

Ripclaw reaction to spatial displacement draws a sympathetic smile from the sorcerer. "I am sorry. It takes a while to get used, I know all too well. And I had to bridge half-blind, so this gate is not particularly well crafted." Also, he expected water at the other side, so it includes some useless features that probably add up to the disorientation.

The city smells like nothing Robert has seen before. So impossibly ancient, crafted with techniques materials somewhat different to what human civilization has developed. More zinc and tungsten, and exotic metals, less iron and steel. The absence of life is odd. No insects or vermin of any kind, no plants or fungus. Sterile, dead. Even the ghosts, for there were many ghost once, have moved forward many centuries ago.

It was maybe a dark and cursed place once, but even that has faded with the ages. Now the ruined city inspires sadness and little more.

"The city center, yes. I feel some old magic there. I expect those alchemists were the real deal, not merely scientists and engineers." Explains Strange, "indeed the Atlantes had important Alchemist Guilds in their cities. It was easier back then," he gestures forward to the others. "I will cast a concealment spell. It might be helpful against many of the Lilim."

Vivienne offered Lara a smile, as the woman stepped up to fall into step with her, "You are very welcome. I thought you might enjoy a bit of variety." Lara did, after all, seem to prefer her guns. "If they help you, in any of this, then they were gifts well given." Having contributed her own take on the conversation, Vivienne offers nothing more on the topic of Kro, nor of the city at large. For the moment, content to remain with the group and following in Strange's wake. "I will make every attempt to hide my light under a bushel." There was a joke in there, somewhere. But also an acknowledgment of the necessity not to ring the doorbell before they got to the house.

A look over at Strange and Adara nods to him a little before saying, "I'd help but turning off my power is not an option here. Not only does the stone not want that but…" She looks down and then looks up, "I wouldnt' have a thing to wear." She nods her head and then swallows a little even as she pulls her wings in tight and dims her fire as best she can as they move.

Lara just shows a lingering grin at the Magdalena before she nods once and turns away. Because, well, Robert is here. She walks over to the man and looks up at him, having not had a chance to speak with him for awhile. "Welcome to the party." She says to him then, keeping her stare on him for a moment. "We could've used you a few moments ago… but I'm sure we'll need you again here soon. It seems we've come to a place where everything wants us dead. Imagine that."

"It is fine. I'll be all right in a moment." Ripclaw tells Strange, squinting and looking around for a first, acknowleding his companions Adara, Vivienne, Lara. All of them getting his red-eyed stare before he straightens up, knowing full well what he must be doing while here and steeling up, "Always late for the party, it's becoming my thing. I'm here now though… Thats new? We're great at making new friends?" He reples to Croft before offering her a tight smile and giving her shoulder a squeeze while he walks past, 'Couple minutes I'll be okay…. lead the way, Strange." His talons not raking up the woman's shoulder or gear in that process, one look at Adara and he knows theyve seen some combat.

It is about half an hour walking, but this time Strange insist on stealth. So no flying. The center of the city is in marginally better shape than the rest. Still, only one building is truly standing.

It is a sturdy square construction, maybe eight floors tall. Less glass and more marble and basalt stone than other buildings, and gold. There is gold in the facade, covering ancient glyphs and abstract art. Untarnished gold worth a fortune.

The gates are at the end two score black steps up, the stairs spreading to the sides and forward. The doors are gone, though, but two men guard them. Both are tall, over size feet and a half, powerfully looking. One is bald, with a grey beard and an outdoorsman look. Fierce and weather-beaten. The other dresses in an Victorian age suit, a modern surgical mask hiding the lower half of his face.

As the heroes come closer another man appears at the gates. He is tall, but thin, black skin, but his face is chalk-white. He wears decorated purple robes. "The Supreme Sorcerer is here," he says in accented English.

The bald man nods, "I saw him, a simple concealment spell." The third man, though, squint eyes, "you could have said something."

The bald man shrugs and steps forward, descending half a dozen steps. "Show yourselves! Know we are the Lilim strongest brothers. The Creed is the eldest, wisest of us. I am the Skinner, the greatest hunter among the children of Lilith. And he is the Carver, blood of gods and demons."

Vivienne offered no commentary, as they walked through the ancient city, as though she had her own thoughts, and those were consuming all of her attention. She spoke when she was addressed, and answered if questions were posed to her, but she offered little in the way of active conversation. She did remain close to the group, occasionally looking from one to the other, as if reminding herself that they were still there. Once they reached what appeared to be their final destination, she moved in closer to Strange, positioning herself so that she could move out to the front if they were engaged. And then, they were. But she did not leave Strange's side, instead allowing him to take the lead. She did, however, take the time to study each of the Lilim in turn, as though she were accessing their qualities.

For her part, Adara simply does what Vivienne does, moving to Strange's otherside and idly looking as intimidating as she can. Which, admittedly, isn't much but she's still a force.

Lara chooses to just linger near the back with her hands at her sides, though one of them stays close to her handgun out of reflex of it being used to often save her, though the creatures of this dead city haven’t proven to be weak to it, which is… always an annoyance. She plays along with the stealth just fine though as she's used to stealthily manuevering the landscape to keep herself as alive as she possibly can. But yes, she stays near the back, but her movements stall when the voice speaks and demands them to show themselves. She looks toward Strange, to Robert and then to where the voice originates from.

Ripclaw's coherency is limited as they walk, his hand raking up through his hair as if that will help until they're encouraged for stealth, not long lasting before they are being called out. A huff escapes the mutant and he steps forward, near the others with a half-smirk, a daring one, "I am Ripper, tearer, slasher… gouger. I am the Teeth in the Darkness, the Talons in the Night. Mine is Strength and Lust, I am Beowulf." The man darkly jests while looking sidelong at his companions, his broad shoulders bunch up in a shrug, "I could not resist and it is very fitting. I am not in a poetic mood… " The extend out of his forearms makes his blades on those hands lengthen, stretch out and glint with light caught off of them. "Say the word, Doctor…. "

Strange looks up the building, frowning. Then whispers, "I can see the symbols of all four main Elder Gods up there, craved in gold. They did worship them all together, astonishing."

The sorcerer sighs, looking at Ripclaw, than to the Lilim. "Very well," he steps forward, "I am the Supreme Sorcerer, demons. Stand aside or be destroyed. My quarrel is with your mother and her masters. Go away, and you might yet survive."

Craver laughs, and steps forward. But Skinner grabs him, halting his charge. "Spoken like a fool, sorcerer. We are Lilim and we can deny nothing to Mother. Not even death allows us a respite, for she can recall us back with ease." He walks down a few more steps. "Oh, I am weary. I was born ten thousand years ago. And I have lived as a man for a long time. I believed myself free. But She returned, as She always does. And now I must hunt and fight again for Her. You, you lucky ones, you have free will, mortals. Go away, escape this doomed world with your magic and live in peace."

Craver balks, "you coward," he grumbles. But Creed shakes his head, "they are not going to leave. I will attend Mother." The tall, robed Lilim turns back and walks inside the building.

"Indeed," replies Strange. "So we fight!" His right hand raises and a bolt of light and force shoots to Skinner, his left hand goes for the Eye of Agamotto, clenching it in his fist to open the lid.

But the Lilim are inhumanly fast. Craver covers the stairs with two leaps, charging towards Adara with a maniac laugh. "Come here, little dragon!" Skinner, completely silent, jumps aside and dodges the bolt, moving in a quick zig-zag patter to dodge further mystical or physical attacks. The charges Strange, sharp, dark bones sprouting from his wrists, shoulders and back.

Before and above all else, Vivienne was a protector, a light in the darkness, and as the Lilim attacked, she did what she had been born to do. She stepped in front of Strange, one hand gripping the Spear, once again exploding with light and fire, so tightly her knuckles were white. The other hand she raised, that same divine radiance spilling from her palm, the force of it incandescent, until it were just possible, if one had the time or inclination to look, to see the bones through her skin, and that old scar in its center, placed there by a blessed dagger, in memory of the stigmata that once pierced the Son's hands and feet. She did not simply wait for the Lilim to approach, but moved to engage, marking the way he attempted to dodge, in an effort to anticipate his movements and drive the Spear into him.

Lara was here, here out of curiosity and what they would all assume is to offer her own brand of aide to this cause. But these people, the people she's traveling with, far outclass her in combat and abilities… that much is quite obvious. Even still though, if they think that the recently rescued Tomb Raider would enter the fight with them, then they'd be sadly mistaken.

When the fighting starts, Lara instead starts to backstep. Slowly at first as she watches individual people move to aggressive stances and outright deadly attacks. Its here that she instead turns, and with a sword in one hand and a gun in the other, moves to slip behind cover and vanish from the fight, an annoyed expression seen on her face before she dips behind a wall.

For her part, Adara is listening and taking it in. She's trying to figure part of this out. Her analytical and scientific mind clashing with what she sees before her. What she is hearing. To a degree she has accepted that there are things outside her understanding but she's always searching for the explanation. Then things turn from time to think to time to fight. She dances away from Strange and the others as Craver comes at her. Her fingers elongate into vicious claws even as her feet almost gaina talon like front.

"Come on then, ya freak! I'll burn you alive!" She then flickers a second and then a burst of flame flows out from under her and around her as she calls, "Everyone else stay away! This is going to get hot…" Her hands raise up to meet his but he'll have to brave the inferno if he wishes to fight her.

"The Spear of Lugh, a mighty weapon," proclaims Skinner with a touch of respect in his voice, pausing his charge an instant. "If wielded by a god, it would maybe put me at a disadvantage," he hrms, studying Magdalena. "You do have a faint link to the godhead, girl, but you are not a goddess."

Magdalena's light seems to bother him, but he is not writhing in pain like most demons would, instead he clenches his teeth and takes a step back. Then, quick as a snake, he punches the ground. And the ancient stones shatter, sending a shockwave that pretty much makes the floor under the woman vanish. Then pounces, hyperfast.

And slams on a mystic shield. Fortunately Strange's cloak keeps him on his foot even though the shockwave. The wizard has the Eye of Agamotto in his left hand, and it is opening. "In the name of Agamotto!" He shouts, golden light blazing from the amulet. "Begone!"

But Skinner stands his ground, even as his flesh begins to boil. "NEVER! My WILL is STRONGER than your FAITH!" He punches the barrier, and it shatters, sending Doctor Strange reeling.

And Carver is engulfed in fire hot enough to melt good steel. But the demon laughs. "Foolish little dragon. I am Carver, born in the Pits of Archeon. My blood is Hellfire." He charges through the flames, grabbing Adara by the neck, a grip of iron. He is incredibly strong. His clothes are burning, but he just laughs. "I am Dragon Slayer, you will be just another skull in my collection."

They ignore Lara for now. Maybe they think she is no threat since she has no obvious powerful artifact or magic ability.

Vivienne leapt, as she saw Skinner move to punch the ground. She'd seen enough videos and news reports of beings with super strength doing what she was doing to anticipate the movement. As she left the ground, she ascended, in something very like true flight, her lips curving into a smile, despite the fact that the creature's words were not directed at her, "Nothing is stronger than my Faith." She dove, attempting to dive down and around the lilim, who was still engaged in destroying Strange's barrier, aiming to drive the Spear through the Skinner's back.

Behind her cover, Lara sees that she's become forgotten which is entirely fine with her and in moments she's scaling the side of the ruin that she's ducked behind. With quick jumps and nimble strides she's gaining height over the fight unfolding below.

Once at the top of the section of ruin she's scaled she places her back up against it and she looks back around and down at the combatants, showing a brief smirk before she starts to move around a ledge to bring herself toward a nearly ruined wall that leads toward the central structure at the top of the stairs behind the enemies that are battling her traveling companions, its clear she's trying to get behind and beyond their foes.

A blink as he walks through the fire and she takes a step back only to punch at him. Her hand is knocked away and she gasps as his iron tight grip wraps around her slender throat. She lets out a gasp that is cut off as, despite her multi-ton strength he is squeezing and crushing. Her eyes start to slowly turn back to human. The firey glow slowly turns to embers till Adara's true eyes are there, scared, lost and losing focus. The flaming wings stretched out from her back slide down to the ground, the strength in them gone even as her legs come up off the ground and the stone crushing grip of her fingers lose purchase upon those powerful hands.

The still body of Adara is nearly at the point where he merely needs to give it a shake and her neck will snap but then something ripples under his grip. The strength in her neck seeming to push out against his hands. Her closed eyes twitch and within her throat something comes that is not befitting the small size of the woman. A hiss followed by a low, brutal growl. One hand comes up from her side like a striking snake and the clawed hand that grabs his wrist is easily twice the size it was before as the growl comes out. Then the other hand shoots up. Slowly Adara's legs stretch out and find ground even as the wings begin to rise again. They raise out and flap outward even as the rippling fire that dances along the boned, out stretched things solidifies into blackened membranes. They raises suddenly and whip downward in a burst of fire and smoke.

For a moment, all that can be seen is fire and smoke.

Then Carver appears, flying backwards out of the smoke as if thrown by something huge. The smoke billows into a large cloud, fire flickering through it and a moment later, a whip like tail flicks out along its base, as if a giant serpent uncurling from itself that flicks some fire and smoke out. A massive hand like claw comes out of the smoke as something easily 25 foot tall on its hind legs reveals itself in a flash of flame like some great silhouette against a dark background. The claw slams the ground and another follows as a great horned head, as wide as the front of a small vehicle peers out from the smoke as massive wings whip backward to blow the smoke away and reveal a massive black dragon that is slowly sucking in a deep breath. The cacophony that follows as it releases its rage from deep within the firey depths of its being echoes along the street and can practically be felt as firey daggers stare out from the dragon's eyes. The rage pointed right at Carver.

Skinner grunts when Vivienne manages to jump over the shockwave, and still punches Strange's shield, apparently leaving himself open.

But no, when the Spear falls against his back, his left hand shoots up and grabs the Spear, a meaty fist closing over the point. Like catching a hot ember for a Lilim, but Skinner barely flinches. "Bold words for someone so young," he comments, easily pushing her back with his supernatural strength. "I am sorry, girl. I have seen stronger priests than you. But I am sure your god will welcome your spirit in his realm."

But before he can strike Adara becomes the Dragon, and Skinner snarls, his attention caught for a moment. "Carver you fool. You had to play with the Dragon Stone, stupid child!" He reaches to grab Magdalena, and crush her. But then Strange yells a spell. A blast catches him on the back, and instantly sets him on fire.

"Flames of Faltine take you, monster," adds the sorcerer. Skinner stumbles aside, burning, flesh melting to reveal dark bone underneath. Then he crouches, "you burn the flesh, but it is just my mask. I lived as a human for long and I quite liked it. Alas, I am Lilim." And he is… a monster. A gargoyle of ivory bones and sharp points, fearsome to behold.

"I have no doubt that he will." Vivienne's voice was flat, as she twisted the spear, managing to pull it free, as Skinner's flesh caught fire, burning the lilim's body away and leaving only his bones behind. Bones and his true self. But whatever the monster had become, Vivienne still had the Spear, and she had her faith. And enough distance to reach up with her free hand and slice her palm open with it, her blood flowing like water as she took advantage of the fact that the creature was distracted, to attempt to reach out with tat bloody hand and grasp the lilim's spine, lips moving in a silent prayer as she pulled with every ounce of might she had in her. "But not today."

Lara's goal lies in what is beyond the enemies being so fiercely battled below. She wanted into their fortress and she was using her enviroment to get there. It doesn't take her very long either after some quick jumps and a bit more climbing she's reaching a stone outcropping and then drops down it to the top of the staircase that lead into that central building they'd all originally been traveling toward.

While Strange and Magdalena deal with Skinner, the dragon has a different goal. The large thing goes to all fours and spots the downed Carver. It stomps its way over to the downed Lilim with its eyes narrowed at him. Slowly a great hand like claw raises up and will attempt to come down upon Carver's chest like a piston before the claws will curl in and a low growl will come out of the dragon's throat. It stares down at Carver, looking at him a moment and then its head goes up before striking down like a snake, mouth opening wide and then attempting to clamp down right on his face.

Strange blasts Skinner again, but the Lilim is already moving, ducking and dodging with his inhuman grace. He also avoids the spear, but when Magdalena taps his back with a bloody hand he ignores her. What could that do?

But that blood is like acid to him. He lurches away, swallowing a scream, and rolls back over the old stones of the dead city. "W-what is this? Your blood is like… rarrrgh!" He is limping now, and Strange next spell hits squarely on his chest, sending him flying to crash against the base of the staircase. "Enough, you are beaten, Lilim," declares the sorcerer, weaving a restraining spell to keep Skinner pinned down.

Meanwhile Carver struggles to recover from the Adara-Dragon first punch, and finds himself caught by a claw almost as large as his torso. He struggles mightily, trying to avoid getting crushed. He is strong enough, and looks like he might. And Adara just bites his head off.

Then the doors of the Guild opens, just under Lara's perch too. A group of creatures come out. Some look human, some look monstrous.

First of all there is a tall, white woman. Skin pale as chalk, except around her eyes where it seems tattooed black, like an odd mask. Two white protrusions extend like horns over her brow, although they seem to be covered in flesh, not just bone. Is that hair? It looks more like a cloud of shadow where hair should be. Her eyes are yellow and luminous. Clad in purple and black, she is beautiful in a dark, alien way. She is Lilith, the Mother of Demons.

The Lilim Creed is with her, at his right. At his left there are a man and a woman, dark-skinned, with similar features. The man is tall and wears glasses, the woman is pretty, in a punkish way, piercings on her face, half shaven head and large green eyes. A dozen demoniac figures complete the group.

"Pilgrim, get Carver out, take him to the Doctor. I want him back," Says Lilith, making the dark-skinned man nods, and vanishes. "Creed, protect your sister. Nakota, stay back. The rest… forward." The demons advance, Lilith looks at the three heroes downstairs. "Why are you here? I am not fool enough to use the Serpent Crown if that is what you think, Stranger. You are wasting your time while far darker enemies tear the world apart. You have been deceived. And now you will die for nothing!"

Vivienne's hand pulled free, as Skinner rolled away from her, but the opening of the doors pulled her attention away from chasing down the demon. There was a bare moment, when she glanced up at the lilim, and their Mother, but the words seemed to wash over her, neither bringing her terror or consternation. She simply rose back to her feet, hand still dripping, blood and light, as she turned to face the oncoming horde, the Spear still in her other hand. Let Strange answer, as he was the one being addressed.

Her eyes whip up as the door opens and all those others ccome out. Adara's dragon form was huge and she was turning to walk over toward the others. She looked briefly at Skinner but he was not really what interested the dragon. No, the dragon was looking right at Lillith. This was her fault. The stone knew that in some primitive way and it was egging Adara on, an Adara in full fight mode as she stomped that way and then reared back on her hind legs. When one is directed to go get Carver, she turns her head toward that one and immediately breathes in, a moment later a cone of fire bursts forth from the dragon's maw.

Strange seems unfazed himself by Lilith statements. Dire omens brought him here, "you mean Circe. Her time will come. Where is the crown?"

The charging Lilim falter when they reach the aura of Magdalena's light. These don't have Skinner's conviction and will, the light makes them slow down, and cover their eyes with clawed hands.

Then Strange opens the Eye of Agamotto and the Lilim begins screaming. Even Nakota up in the stairs cowers, while Creed moves his body to shield her.

But Lilith seems only annoyed. She walks down the stairs barking words in an alien language.

The Eye of Agamotto closes, enjoy the expression of total surprise in Strange's face. It is a rare sight. "Fool. I have fought Agamotto himself. And Saraswati, the second supreme, who was also daughter of Oshtur. And the Rain Queen Ayesha, who was mortal but ten times the magician you are. You are no rival for him." But then she stops her advance, because the Eye is close, but the light of the Spear is there, holy and painful, and that is new for her. The Spear of Lugh was not been wielded like that older times.

Meanwhile Adara is trying to fry Pilgrim, who is a very deft teleporter. Otherwise quite useless in a fight, really. But Pilgrim is able to appear and disappear very fast. "Adara, we need you against Lilith," says Strange. "You will find us difficult opponents, demon-mother, because I am not alone today," then he sends blasts of light against Lilith, who shields from them with her own magical constructs.

Vivienne, or, more precisely, The Magdalena waited, stepping to put her weight forward, settling into place as the demons cowered. She looked neither pleased nor curious about that. She simply allowed her lips to move, silent prayers, for strength, for peace, for the will to do what needed to be done. And then she waited, eyes moving to track Lilith, as she fought her magical battle with Strange. She took a step, a second, moving to draw just a bit closer to Strange, closing ranks with him. Finally, she spoke, words that were loud enough to hear and not aimed at her God, "If you did not come for the Crown, then why are you here? This is not your place. This world is not yours."

Lara had vanished inside of the palace and she'd taken the time to look around and just give a glance over what was there but she otherwise disappeared and none of her companions would see hide nor hair of her. As Lilith gave her orders and spouted her rhetoric, things would seem a bit… bleak. Before she'd feel something behind her… a breath? Either way, it doesn't much matter because Lara Croft appears over Lilith's shoulder, with her darkened eyes squinted into slits. "Shutup already." She tells the woman before she slams one of the Magdalena's gifted swords into the back of the woman's spine! Rogue attacks are sneaky like that, they like to do it from behind.

Growling in rage at the sight of the teleporter, the woman in dragon form turns her gaze to Strange and glares at him, "We do not follow your orders Strange…" Her voice is both Adara's and something deeper and darker. She then turns her gaze again to Lillith and then states, "However, we will have this thing destroyed…the world is ours to burn and that was our prey…" The dragon stomps over and lets loose with a massive roar right at Lillith and fire flares up in her wings as she flares them up while standing behind Magdalena and Strange, "You will burn for this…"

"Of course this is my world!" Lilith yells angrily at Magdalena's words. "I am the first woman, I was to be the queen of all the Earth and the mother of all the people - and I shall!"

"Mother!" Screams Nakota. But the roar of the dragon drowns the voice of the seer. Lara attack comes by complete surprise to Lilith, the enchanted steel digging several inches in her immortal, near invulnerable flesh.

Then Creed is there, trying to tackle Lara down. Like most Lilim he is fast and strong, and an excellent martial artist too.

Lilith falters, momentarily injured, and Stragne presses on, summoning all his magic to batter the sorceress' shields down. "Now, Magdalana, now!" The other Lilim are rushing to him, despite the pain of the holy light, suddenly desperate to protect their mother.

If ever there was a moment, a single sliver of time when Vivienne needed every ounce of her faith it was now. At the sound of Lilith's cry, the glimpse of Lara behind the Mother of Demons, putting herself in a danger she should never have been asked to face, but then, that was very Lara, and the order from Strange, Vivienne charged, her focus singular, as the radiance of the Spear blossomed, the light from her palms limning her form as she speed and her own version of flight and determination to allow her to charge forward. She brought both hands to bear now, the blood of her palm still flowing, as she gripped the Spear, brought it to bear and attempted to impale Lilith, "Emberwing, now!" She had trust, and faith, that the flames would go where they were needed, and leave her unscathed.

Lara had no interest in fighting a martial artist expert from another dimension so when she's shoved back and the sword in her hand leaves Lilith's body, she sees that attacker advancing on her and it makes her just tumble to the side and down the stairs. But the attacker is right there on her trying to pummel her for her sneak attack against Lilith. As she tumbles roughly down the stairs, Lara ends up on her back with her gun up and she starts to discharge every round inside of its magazine in quick and precisely aimed trigger pulls at the martial artist's body or head, anything that could end its life!

As the beings before her begin to race in, Adara descends briefly upon Srange, her wings and self covering over him lile a living canopy while leaving him an opening to aim toward Lillith. She then raises up suddenly and her wings flare outward, sending a searing hot wind from those burning winga away from her. As she rears up, it is in time to watch Magdalena's spear hit home.

The dragon hears her words and she growls out, "This body is mine…and neither you nor the stone may have this world…" And with that she leans over top of Strange and blows out a gout of fire that flows around Vivienne. She can feel the heat and see it around her, watching it flow like some aquarium tunnel of flame.

Lilith snarls at Strange's assault. Mystical shields crack, but she rebuilds them easily. A blast of poisonous yellow light surges from her hand, forcing the sorcerer to jump aside. Strange does not bother with shields, though, just pouring all his power into his blasts.

Then the Lilim are on him, and only Adara's presence saves him from being piled up by a dozen demons. Instead most of them go for the dragon with swords and axes, and Strange is tackled down by a couple of the creatures.

But Lilith's shields crack again, and before she can rebuild them the Spear of Destiny slices through the weakened shield and stabs her on the chest, going all the way through. The demon queen screams. Then the dragon's flame engulfs her.

Meanwhile Lara rolls and tumbles, avoiding Creed blows. Then pulls her guns and empties them on the Lilim. Creed crouches, crossing his arms over his head and chest. The bullets hit them, poking bloody holes on the tough demon flesh. At least he is not really bullet proof, but those guns are not doing the same kind of damage they would do to a normal human either.

Lilith scream ends when she manages to concentrate and teleport. Not far, though. She appears in the middle of the plaza, falls down bleeding profusely, stumbles to her feet. "Damn you all for forcing me to do this," she groans, summoning the Serpent Crown.

It is made of dark jade, crafted as seven red-eyed snakes intertwined. "No! Stop!" Yells Strange. But Lilith dons the crown.

And nothing happens.

The ancient sorceress looks confused for a moment; then falls down again. The crown rolls off her head.

"No." A single word, not loud, but still, it rang through the air, as Vivienne watched her quarry teleport away, and she turned, moving with all of the speed she could muster towards where Lilith had collapsed. She wielded the Spear with a singular purpose, as she moved, once again, to engage the Mother of Demons, to strike, to drive the Spear, flames licking up along her hands, into the creature's heart. With luck, or perhaps a bit of faith, she made the attempt to strike, one foot on the ground, the other on the crown, attempting to stamp down on the inner brim, so that her weight would hold it in place as she struck, blood splashing down to hit the demon, that, if she succeeded, would be beneath her. "Not for you."

And with her single gun unloaded, Lara is tumbling down the rest of the stairs purposefully on her side and then rolling up to her feet to duck around behind a partially crumbled statue that was at the base of the grand staircase. She holsters her gun and draws the second sword out of the sheath on her back to now dual wield the blessed weapons from Vivienne, she's grown to rather enjoy these things in a small amount of time of possessing them. Lara presses her back against the base of the statue and just exhales, letting the others solve the rest of this silly ordeal they've brought her into.

A look around, she glares about for the woman known as Lillith and then blinks as she appears. The Magdalena is following her and is apparently going to handle her. She then begins to slowly look around at the other Lilim. She flexes her clawed hands and then slowly slumps down to a single claw. It's somewhat hard to tell but the dragoness is growing tired.

Lilith realizes very well the danger of the Spear of Destiny. It already went through her heart, but she is a goddess and they don't die easily. She might have survived if she had time for a healing spell, or a long range teleporting one.

But Vivienne is too quick. The ancient sorceress grabs the Spear as it comes down, but it burns her hands to the bones quickly. And after a few seconds it stabs her through the chest again, impaling her to the ground. She gurgles, trying to talk, shuddering. Then her whole body glows and burst in flames.

Meanwhile Creed is not chasing Lara, instead watching, amazed, how his mother is killed. He doesn't look angry or sad, just somewhat surprised, maybe relieved. "Pilgrim," he calls. "Get everyone out. Take them to America or wherever they want. Go. Live!" He turns to Adara and Strange. "I'll make sure you are not followed." His arms are still bleeding badly, but eldritch energy runs over them. Then he is blasting Adara, shooting a cascade of energy through his arms powerful enough to shatter a small building.

The other Lilim scatter, Pilgrim does try to pull them all out. But Creed does not go; he fights to the end, thinking he is protecting his younger siblings.

Later, Strange, very carefully, picks up the Serpent Crown, confirming the artifact, one of the most powerful magical items every created on Earth, is currently inert.

Vivienne withstood the flames, though they lasted not so very long at all, as she watched Lilith fall. She stood still, entirely silent, and, for a time, with her back to the battle that was quickly falling to dust and ash. A sentinel, Spear tip planted on the ground, looking, in that moment, very much like those familiar sculptures of St. Michael the Archangel striking down the demon beneath his feet. When she finally turned, there was no triumph in her eyes. Instead, it was tears which glittered on her face. "She was God's creature once." And now, perhaps she had returned to him.

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