Diplomatic Channels

September 12, 2018:

Captain Marvel visits Queen Maxima's ship on the moon and opens diplomatic channels.

The Moon


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It wasn't often that Maxima actually came up here. She didn't require a ton of rest or relaxation but she was up here right now. She had come up to clean up, get a little food from the supplies in the ship, and to check to see if any signals had come her way. Having gotten none, she was now simply eating while draped across her throne in her usual relaxation outfit. Well, usual since she got to Earth. She has changed into a simple long shirt, socks and is lounging with her legs draped while she eats, "Truly, they know how to relax on Earth. That is for sure."

"Relaxation is not a requirement of the Queen of Almerac." A robotic drone replies and she idly slaps it away with a telekinetic wave.

"I didn't request your thoughts upon the matter, drone." She states and teh drone moves on, unimpeded as it continues to go about its tasks.

if there is any matter the drone may be interested in educating the Queen of Almerac on, it may be the matter of incoming.
From Earth space a single ship is approaching the Moon, specifically on an intercept vector with the Almeracean vessel. Readings indicate the ship is corvette sized, roughly a hundred feet long and .. Of Kree origin? A rather outdated model at that. More of a civilian vessel than what the Kree Star Empire might fly.
The vessel will arrive within minutes and seems to be hailing the Queen's ship.
"Kree…out here?" She asks of the drone even as it relies the message and she idly sighs before gesturing, "Put it on screen. It seems like a civilian vessel. Hopefully they at least have video communication." Without even changing her outfit, she allows the screen to turn on and asks, "Kree vessel, you are hailing the Queen of Almerac. Your people are known to mine but that does not mean I am given pause by your Empire. State your business."

As the video feed comes on, the image of one Captain Carol Danvers appears on screen. The steel-eyed blonde humorlessly stares intently at the lounging image of the woman. Behind her is a small crew of personnel at their consoles, notably all human.
"This is Captain Marvel, Agent of SWORD." She states, contradicting the origins of her ship clearly. The Queen's initial statements about the Kree go unaddressed, unimportant as they are in the moment, "I represent the international governments of Earth and their interests. I request permission to come aboard so we may begin negotiating terms for your presence on our world."
A dry, rehearsed statement that any law enforcement official might give. It is clear that Earth is taking the presence of the Almeracean Queen seriously.

A blink and then she sighs and rolls to her feet with ease. She idly raises a hand and with a flicker of light and nary a sound, her outfit is that of Maxima. The leg baring green and gold outfit back into place as the white cape flutters down behind her back. She nods her head and gestures, "You may dock on the port side." She gestures in that direction and then nods, "I will welcome you." She then begins to walk that direction, "I have been expecting a meeting with you."

She turns and starts in that direction, flicking a wrist out and the screen changes to a portable one on a passing drone that begins to follow Maxima, "I am surprised you wish to meet inside. The last representative for this sector I spoke with wished to meet out in space." She shrugs.

Captain Marvel doesn't so much as blink as Maxima's outfit changes before her very eyes. A very useful trick that, one that Danvers herself has mastered along with a number of other super beings. She seems to take note of the Queen's demeanor but maintains a dispassionate, judging look, "Excellent." Is all she states to the first. She turns her head, nodding to her crew. An off hand reaches up to the screen, pausing a moment at the suggestion of meeting outside, "I don't believe that to be necessary but if you feel more comfortable meeting outside that can be arranged."
Though she doesn't seem to put much stock in that avenue as she switches the video feed off with flick of the wrist. The Kree-Earth ship closes the distance until it comes within several kilometers but then maintains its distance.

Moments later a smaller body flies from the ship. Though it seems as fast as a missile initial scans report it to be.. A human. Or Kree? After a minute or two there's an audible knock on the bulkhead of the airlock from the outside. External monitors show the blonde hovering just outside, arms crossed and waiting patiently.
The door simply opens. Nothing more or less. The Almercean Queen stands there, with both airlocks opened without a care. She then gestures for the woman to come inside. The doors will only seal once Danvers is inside and air will then idly be restored to the corridor, "Welcome to my ship." She nods her head. The ship was rather large. Not massive but perhaps the size of an Earth Battleship and while the armament was shut off, it had one, "You said you were here with SWORD. I was informed of this. What do you need?"

No words are spoken in the airless environment. Instead, Captain Marvel nods her head in greeting and thanks. She floats within, taking a long step as she crosses the lock threshold proper. Only when the air pressure within returns to normal does the Captain open her lungs to breathe, allowing voice once more.
"Thank you for receiving me." Carol looks past the Queen a moment, peering down the hallways. Seeming puzzled, "Well.. You have identified yourself as the 'Queen of Almerac'. As a.. Ruling member of a sovereign government of the galaxy there are protocols that should be seen to.."
The Captain steps to the side to better look behind Maxima, "I.. Admit I was expecting more of your retinue.. Or.. Anyone else actually.." Her expression clearly growing more skeptical of this royalty claim by the moment.

A look back and she states, "I travel with my drones." SHe gestures and one is floating nearby, "They attend my needs and see to my wishes." She nods her head, "I prefer them to others." She nods her head, "They are loyal beyond all reproach." She then walks along, "And when you are who I am, you prize loyalty as well as a silent mind. Given they lack them." She walks with Carol toward the bridge and will retake her throne like seat even as another chair is offered to Carol nearby, "As I have said to others, I'm not here on official business. This is something of a vacation."

The Captain is alert as she follows Maxima along. Listening to her intently even as her gaze passes over the features of the vessel. Taking note of the drones as the Queen praises their loyalty. Her expression remains stone, a poker face fitting for a negotiating table.
As the Queen sits, Carol takes the offered chair with a polite nod. Seating herself like a military commander only barely aware of the term 'at ease'. Sitting straight and formal.
"I admit I find it strange that the Almeracean people are.. " Seeking a diplomatic term and settling with, "..Permissive of such a vacation. Usually rulers need to keep a steady hand on the rudder at all times. How long do you plan on vacationing in the Solar System?"

"For as long as I please." She nods her head and then states, "And the Almeracean people will permit whatever their queen wishes for them to permit." She nods her head, "Besides, I am part of a ruling house. Surely they can handle the day to day affairs. They have done so thus far and I will continue to allow them to do so for as long as I am away." She nods her head and then shifts in her spot to sit up more clearly, "I will keep tabs on them from afar as the need arises." She nods her head, "How is this a matter for Earth?"

There is a very slow blink as initial statements are spoken, otherwise no other change in expression. There is a long pause before continuing, "I will admit to being.. Surprised at the ardor the Almeracean people have for you to remain so loyal with you so far away." She manages in an even tone.
As she questions, Carol replies, "You have likely noticed that Earth is a developing culture. Our presence on the galactic stage is in its infancy. As such we keep a very close eye on visitors from other cultures, as well as what technological exchange may occur. There are a number of extrasolar cultures represented on Earth but a very small minority. Since we have no formal agreements with your people then I believe it responsible to establish basic rules of conduct while you are present. Perhaps we can build a rapport between our peoples."
"The ruling house has worked for generations to create one such as myself." She nods her head and she gestures at herself, "I am the work of genetics and breeding to create the greatest of the Almercean warriors." She nods her head, "And as such, they will remain loyal and the ruling house will not idly allow them to lose such a thing." She then looks at her, "However, if you wish to build rapport, that is fine. Almercean business stays with the Almerceans either way." She nods her head, "As for a technological exchange." SHe hmms, "I am not sure of what I should allow a fledgling world to have."

As Maxima describes the genetic basis of her right to rule, and how much the ruling house seems interested in keeping their crafted prize, Carol listens very carefully. To that she simply inclines her head in the faintest nod.
To the second part, Carol shakes her head slowly, "You misunderstand. SWORD's mandate is to screen and moderate technological advancements from foreign powers. We are not asking for handouts with hat in hand. In fact we would prefer that you kept such devices on this vessel and not left unattended on Earth." Letting that sink in a moment as she then continues,
"We need you to understand that while you are present on Earth, you must abide by our International laws as well as any local national laws you find yourself within. We have an ordered and peaceful society. Almeracean law is not recognized on our world, nor is your sovereignty. I look forward to opening channels with your ruling house to better establish diplomatic protocols in the future and we can recognize your status."

A look at her and then she nods, "Perhaps, then we can do that at some point." She shifts in her spot and leans forward, "For now, though I do not seek the need for diplomatic status or the like. Simple recognition of my position is fine." She nods her head, "What I wish is to learn about those of power upon this world that I have heard so much about in my travels." She nods her head, "I want to see and hear more about those of power here." SHe grins, "And perhaps even help here and there when facing those you call villains."

There is a moment where Carol seems taken aback. Tilting her head just so before she mentions, "Ah.. It doesn't work like that. We need diplomatic channels in order to recognize your position." She states evenly and firmly. She seems further apprehensive as she explains yet further her interests on this world.
There is yet another long pause before Captain Marvel cautiously mentions, "There are a handful of extremely powerful individuals from other worlds active on Earth assisting the authorities.." She admits, "All of whom act with our express permission and oversight. SWORD, or our Earthbound parent organization SHIELD, does not allow operatives to work without supervision or outside the chain of our command.."
A blink and then she lets out a sigh and gestures, "I am a diplomatic channel. I am the queen." She then gestures and shakes her head, "As for working with or without, I am offering to work within your channels. I have come to you to allow this at teh behest of your Green Lantern. Since I have arrived though, I have been attacked twice and have dealt with both attacks in what I would like to believe a peaceful manner. Both your League attacked me and one known as Juggernaut." She states, "Both regret these decisions for various reasons." She nods again, "I am now offering my services with your supervision, as it were. However, the one known as Diana of Themyscira offered a position with your Justice League as well."

"Speaking frankly, we only have your word on that." Captain Marvel offers delicately, but maintaining her solemn expression. "If we could speaking with your ruling council we can exchange information and begin the process. It would greatly help in establishing your diplomatic presence on Earth."
As Maxima describes the violence visited upon her person, Captain Marvel's lip shifts. Her jaw works before offering, "The Juggernaut is a known fugitive of the law on our world. You can rest assured that once you've given a few statements we will add the attack to his list of crimes." The second part is clearly more vexing as Carol shifts, "The.. Justice League is not under SWORD oversight or authority. There are proper channels for grievance if you wish to make a complaint for their actions. If you wish to take them up on their offer.." Carol's voice trails, ".. That is their decision to make. At which point your operate under their rules and regulations. If you're making an offer to work with us.."
Carol finally allows some emotion to seep through her expression, openly appearing skeptical, "I'm not sure I understand why you would want to take up a job for Earth Authorities if you're on vacation from being the Authority of Almerac.. Do you understand what that means? You would be taking orders from myself, others, and we would expect to be obeyed.."

A blink as she looks at the woman and she tilts her head, "I am not sure that this is the best of ideas then." She stands up and gestures, "I was told to present myself to you as a kindness and yet so far you seem to only wish to offer me more control and such. As for your Juggernaut, you may add whatever crime you wish to his list of crimes. I threw him into the ground and he learned that I am not one to be lightly dealt with." She nods her head, "I may take this Justice League up on their offer." She nods her head, "Your Peggy Carter was a far better diplomat." She then gestures, "I am sorry, Carol Danvers of Earth, but I am not going to join up with a group that wishes to control me."

Captain Marvel rises as the Queen does. She replies with a small, simple nod as she seems to agree with Maxima's assessment. Her skepticism seems to bear out. "I suspected you'd not be interested in this kind of position."
She then mentions, "In case you have not been properly informed, we'll send you information data on all Earth laws and customs so you can abide by them while on vacation here. Give my regards to the League."

As Danver's diplomatic credentials are impugned, only then does she offer a smirk, "Agent Carter is one of the best our planet has to offer. You would do very well to heed anything she has to say."
With that she stands at attention, "I hope you have a pleasant stay on Earth." Expression returning to expressionless formality, "Stay out of trouble and you do not have to worry about seeing me or SWORD again. We'll be expecting communication from the ruling house of Almerac soon."
At that she simply turns to leave the way she came.

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