Watchtower Watching

September 09, 2018:

Members of the Justice League gather inside the Watchtower to talk of recent events.



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It had been a while, since Donna had returned to the Watchtower. Time enough to clean the plaster from her hair and the dust from her body. Time enough to put her game face back on, in anticipation of the Green lantern's return. She'd seen the look on Hal's face, and she fully expected to get the sharp edge of his tongue once he dropped off Juggernaut well, wherever it was he dropped him off. Hopefully far enough away that they had time to prepare for the next assault. She'd settled for waiting in one of the smaller meeting rooms, having no doubt that Hal could find her when he got back.

With the Juggernaut dropped off in the South Pacific the Green Lantern has returned to the Watchtower for a recap. The Hangar Bay opening to let Jordan in before he is taking a lift upwards to the main floor, the observation deck itself. Off to the side of it in many of the alcove or cubbies meant for privacy, smaller meetings or just out of sight and mind where Donna is currently, the footfalls of Hal echo through the empty expansive space, the life up here often limited to a small number of employes from various companies, trusted Amazons and Magnus droids. The chime of his arrival announced by an automated voice.
"League Member Green Lantern. Welcome."

Diana had been on the Watchtower for the past 3 days, she was assisting in some work on the training area as requested by those working on updating its AI and software. So the past few days have been full of slicing and dicing of simulated robots that were sent to attack the Amazon princess. Many people had just gathered to watch the show of it too, while others were taking notes and statistics on how the AI performed against Wonder Woman.

A great display of sword slashing through robot its what they were ultimately all treated too and as of right now one of these sessions had just ended. Dianain a set of armor similar to her iconic Eagle equipment but more modernized and in all black over her torso with a skirt that shifted from black to silver as she moves about… it was designed for this purpose to monitor her actions in the training center here aboard the stationshe touches back down to the deck at the end of the drill and slides her sword into it scabbard on her back. She turns and walks toward the techs in the training area and after a moment of conferring with them she separates herself and starts to stroll through the station now, still in the black and silver Amazonian-sci-fi-styalized armor.

It was 2 in the morning, according to Spoiler's HUD. She had just finished up a patrol and was heading in to finish the last bit of repairs on her skycycle when an odd-to-her aleart showed up in her field of vision. It wasn't one she was familiat with at all and it gave her a moment's pause.

Well, at least I hadn't gooten too far south, Spoiler mused to herself as she spun her trusty old land bike (Well, Red Robin's old bike which she took for herself when he left it in the BatCave and never went back for it because he has his own stuff now and Spoiler still runs with acquired equipment). Leaning down low, the purple and black batling zipped through the northern part of New York and into Metropolis. She didnt bother to detour much so she arrived to the Hall of Justice without much delay. Leaving the bike in their parking and using the old visitor pass she was given which granted her acces to the medical facility in the watch tower, the blonde aubergine batgirl made her way toward…. where was she even going? Spoiler wasn't familiar with the Watch Tower's layout beyond Teleporter-to-MedBay-and-back, but her HUD was pinging a location and so she was able to stride forward with what looked like decisive and unfaltering steps.

"Enter." Donna looked away from the viewport, as the door whooshed open on its hydraulics, leaving room for the Green Lantern to enter, though it did not close behind him. She remained where she was, hands reaching back to rest on the ledge that concealed the covers when the viewport was closed and the Watchtower in defense mode, "So where did you leave him?" Because she might as well face down the demon now, rather than leaving it for later. Not that there was much of a point in trying to hide from the events of the past few days.
"Madripoor or at least just off the coast of it." Jordan says quickly, his hand rising up to tap on a three dimensional image of the interior of the Justice League's Watchtower.

"Welcome, Wonder Woman." That same voice again as Diana joins the two.

"Sorry one sec, ladies." Hal says to the two Amazons as on that tiny screen they can see Spoiler making her way through the Watchtower. His voice projects from the intercom near the woman, "Take the first lift on your right, ride it all the way up to the Observation Deck, you'll be right with us."

Closing the small 3D display and shutting off communications from below he faces Donna and Di, half in and half out that small meeting room doorway, "New kinda new recruit. I think she is one of Batman's… or Flash, I don't know. I just know shes on the up."

"So…. we probably should talk about teleporting people in to outer space like that."

Diana can see Hal and Donna ahead near the entrance to the observation area and she adjusts her course to take her that way. When she reaches them she overhears Hal's rundown and then just looks between the two of them. "Teleportation?" She asks, looking a bit lost and confused about whatever is they're referring too… which means, yeah, nobody has told her about the Juggernaut event as of yet.

"She is with Batman." Diana corrects on the topic of Spoiler. "I have met her as of this past summer. A nice young person. It is good to see her joining us." Diana moves further into the observation lounge and she approaches a device on the wall that operates the robot assistants, she places an order for a glass of ice water.

Hal's voice sounds from the speakers about her and true to Batman's training Spoiler doesn't seem to react to it. in truth, it was a bit startling.

Smoothly, Spoiler took the directions offered, watching her HUD update information for her through the Batcomputer's uplink here in the tower. Which she didn't have the last time she was here.

Of course, last time she was very pre-occupied.

She moves into the Observation Deck, eyes skimming those already gathered. Hal Jordan - Green Lantern. Princess Diana - Wonder Woman. ???. Spoiler lets her gaze linger on Donna, the only one she doesn't immediately get a HUD tag on before she turns look at Hal.

"I got a message I'm assuming was you, Lantern?" Spoiler asks as she draws near, slowing to a stop not far from the rest but not within a friendly or familiar distance. Her arms fall still at her sides so that the puple inner lining of her cloak disappears with the rest of her as the black of her cape closes about her fully. Her hair falls in a golden contrast against the dark fabric, much as the dark purple of her lips contrasts with her pale skin.

"Thanks for that. It'll give me a bit of time to prepare for the comeback." Whatever she and Juggernaut had decided before she brought him back to the warpgate, Donna clearly did not believe that payback would not, eventually, be on the menu. Donna, rather than responding to Hal directly, first turned to Diana, to give her sister an update on the situation, "A mutant named Juggernaut attacked the Consulate, tearing down the fence and most of the building. I was able to keep him at bay, and keep the other Amazons out of the fight, but when he started rampaging through the building, I did the only thing I could think of, and teleported us into deep space." And now, she does look back at Hal, nodding as she hears him calling up a member of the League that she doesn't know. "My armor doesn't allow for point to point teleportation on the planet, or I would have dropped him into the deepest hole I could find. But I'm not sure what you would have preferred that I do. He was a danger to everyone in his immediate vicinity. he clearly didn't care who he hurt or killed. Though I still don't know what the 'job' was that he was hired for." She turned her attention to the unknown woman as she walked in. "Donna Troy. The Green Lantern prefers Troia. Which works as well for this incarnation as any of the others, I suppose."

"Well… shes a Gothamite." Jordan teases, hes made it clear in the past what he thinks of Gotham. "And we're going to extend the offer at least. I swear, I thought someone else did in the past. Maybe Flash."

"Which, you acted before I could engage and took a rather drastic step to protect… I dunno, art? Whatever it is you keep in there. Just, measures, steps we go through before we take that dive and you had no way of knowing he would survive out there." Green Lantern's pride maybe injured as he was on scene and wasn't able to engage just yet, but also, yeah, rules. "We'll find that out too. Theres been an odd string of hits and poking at your people lately… :"The open and entry of Spoiler cuts that conversation off for the Lantern.

"Assumed right, we're playing tag with some of our former friends and tying up some open ends… two of those maybe standing here." A questionative look to Diana, he is not sure if she has handled Donna's full introducton to the League or not and is awaiting confirmtion before he proceeds.
"Welcome to the Watchtower and not just it's medbay this time." He tells the blonde with a smile, that green mask of his doesn't hide too much of his face. Less effective than Reporter glasses no doubt.

Diana doesn't complete her order on the robot assistant panel because the information she was just told is a bit much for her to handle. She pauses and turns to look over at them. "In Metropolis?" She asks then, but of course it was because that was the Consulate's location. She turns then and sweeps her way over to a computer terminal next to one of the loung seats and within a moment she's tapped into the satelite feed that lets her see a holographic display of Metropolis from above, and she's zooming down and into the building itself.

When she sees the state its in, Diana's posture and demeanor just sort of… chills over. She remains silent for several seconds before she looks over and up to Donna and the others. "No one was hurt?" She asks then, knowing that the building hasn't been widely used since they'd moved their cultural center to Manhattan.

Donna Troy - Troia. Spoiler's HUD updates with a flick of her blue-green eyes, hideen from the rest by the white AR lenses of her cowl. She gives Troia nod, using hte motion to mask getting her HUD to save the setting of Troia's ''gamertag''. The message confirmed as coming from Hal, Spoiler is about to retort when Diana's concern over the visuals of the Consulate draws her attention. Purple lips press into a line.

Not as completely silent at the Bat himself, Spoiler is nevertheless soft footed as she moves over to the holoprojection, face turned toward it and waiting silently for the Amazon's question to be answered and this concern to be dealt with before leveling her own, insignificant by comparison, question on the galactic police officer.

"To protect life, Hal. The lives of every Amazon in the building, and all of the civilians and police who were outside. As well I had no idea if you were in any position to assist me, as you had taken a rocket to your back, if what I caught of the explosion and the calls of the women who went to assist you and to apprehend his accomplice were any indication." Donna was not angry. She was not, really, anything. There were very few times, in the course of her time on this Earth that she revealed herself to be what she was. A woman who had been made, not born. But now was clearly one of those times. "And no, I did not know if he would survive out in space." She at least would not deny the fact that her actions could have resulted in one very, very dead Juggernaut. And in that, it was possible to see, in glaring neon, technclour lights, the difference between Donna and Diana. Wonder Woman would never have made such a choice. But Donna was no Wonder Woman, though the women were, in so many ways, mirrors of each other. "He brought the war to our doorstep through no fault of our own that I could see. I did what I could to end it."

"Next time… confirm first. Last resort is to end life." Green Lantern states, just to get a final word in because hes just that sort of ass at times.
Swallowing he headshakes at Diana, "No, no deaths just property damage. I gave some of his friends a bath and they were taken in to custody, waiting for the clearance to question them."

Jordan swallows, looking from one woman to the next until his attention fixes on Spoiler, "You're overdue an invite to the clubhouse. Officially, I am not good on this paperwork stuff and fell behind things, I sort of like to assume another nerd around here enjoys that process… " It is definitely not the Warrioress or himself. They're action-hands-on types.
"You as well." He adds to Donna after the confirmation from the Princess.

A Magnus droid of all golds looking like some bobble head of a Star Wars knock off rotates over with a chirp and extends a tray, rings, earpiece, a card. Two of each.

"If you're wanting to become official Justice League members, now is your chance." He motions with a gloved hand at the tray and it's contents, though, he also passes a look at Wonder Woman, as if for her sign off on this as well.

Diana still seems lost in thought while the others speak on the various matters but she does eventually come to rise up to her feet, her silver armored boots thud softly on the ground as she walks over to them and she nods once to Spoiler. "It is good to see you again." She tells the young one. "I have been looking forward to working with you and am glad… you are here." She shows a soft and light smile before her blue eyes sweep to Donna and Hal. "Thank you both for defending the home, it would surely be… nothing left, had you two not been there. We will… have to find out why this attack happened though."

Diana glances down at that tray, then back to Hal and she nods once to him. "We need all the great help we can get as things ever seem to escalate further and further up in challenge."

"Likewise, Princess," Spoiler replies to Wonder Woman. The line of her lips loosens into a soft almost smile for the royal. As the tray and its contents are offered, Spoiler peers at them and the offer. This is more than Avengers. There she was without her mentor, yes, but fully without him. There wasn't the sense of His Eyes and Judgement on anything she did. This is different, because here, Spoiler knows Batman is a member, so she knows he will see and he will watchand he will judge. Beneath her cloak, her hands curl and open a few times to work loose the sudden spike of nerves so that when she does finally reach up to collect the items, her fingertips are steady.

"If you can get me what information you have on the attacker, I'll start running a search, see if I can locate anything for you," Spoiler says then, as if she had always been a part of this super group. The card disappears into her belt, the ear piece is looked at as her suit's AI uplink to the Batcomputer syncs her coms to it. The earpiece is put with the card when the uplink is complete, and Spoiler flicks an unseen glance into the uppwer left corner of her HUD as she watches the little JL icon glow into being just beneath the A.

She takes the ring next, turning it over to study it. Her head titls in unspoken confusion.

Donna makes no move to take anything from the tray, even when it's offered to her. Instead, she simply watched Diana at the screen, waiting until she comes over to join them. As if it was really Diana's decision whether or not she would willingly allow Donna to join the team. Once she seemed to give the okay, only then did Donna reach out for the remaining items on the tray, the woman whose name she still didn't know having taken hers first, "All I know is his name. I'd never encountered him before. And some of his strengths. Strong enough to give me pause, and resistant, though not completely, to my lasso." She was still wearing that as well, though, if any were familiar with Diana's, they might note that hers was a bright blue, where Wonder Woman's was a brilliant gold. The card she slipped into her belt, the earpiece into her ear, replacing the short range one she had used previously, the ring onto a finger. "Thank you."

"Welcome to the League, please, uphold it's standards and if capable when called upon… show." Green Lantern lets Wonder Woman handle the rest for a moment, walking over to pound on the top of a machine, a button pushed and then hes pulling out a cup of water. Watching the trio, "Juggernaut." He says to Spoiler, adding in the name.

"He is one file, we have access to just about anything we want on the world and then some, though certain places are rather resistant to helping us and require we kiss ass to see their data but… " A shrug and he takes a drink.

"You'll both have to update and upload yourselves to the systems, no need to share real names. We don't ask and we don't tell."

Diana had a lot of personal items still stored in the Themysciran Consulate, it was eesentially a museum of her history throughout the past 100 years of being off of paradise island. It also holds a number of recovered items that belonged to… an important person in her past. So she's clearly a little frazzled and anxious to leave and go down to Metroplis to sift through the wreckage.

But with her sister officially joining them now and Spoiler as well, Diana offers them both a continued soft smile. "As public members you will be much more under the scrutiny of others who judge the League's members on their ability to defend the Earth while minimizing the collatoral damages that we face off against. It… can be a trying test, to both stop a danger, and also stop it in as 'clean' a way as possible. But this is one of many effects of being officially allied with the League, of which the whole world looks upon us for our brand of aide."

She dips her pointed chin a single time in a firm nod. "I believe in you both, and I am glad to have you at my side." She glances to Hal then and hears more of this 'Juggernaut'. "I… need to go down to the surface and see the Consulate."

Ended conflict with as little mess as possible, huh? SPoiler turns a look on Hal as Diana says that. He rlips smirk faintly as she mentally notes that she faced off three League members to get them to NOT have a superpowered alien boxing match in the middle of a New York City street.

Was this really all it took?

"I'd like to go with you. If Juggernaut left any forensic evidence behind, I'd like to try to find it, see if I can use it to get more information on him. I'll also download your files on him, and if there's information in a location you know isn't friendly to sharing but it's something we need to get a hold of, I'll see if I can't…acquire a copy." By Batman'ing it. Because batling. She turns to Troia then.

"My codename is Spoiler," she says, and that's all she says. Because Spoiler will update her own file here and no ,there will not be a real name attached at all.

"I don't have a code name." And she didn't. Whatever else others called her, she never hid her name from anyone. What would be the point? It wasn't as though she hid behind a mask or had some other secret identity. She was as recognizable as well, Wonder Woman. Though the world knew her a hell of a lot less well than they did the Amazonian Princess. "I will do the best that I can, Hal. If that becomes an issue, I will hand in my credentials myself, and leave myself to your judgment." Which might or might not include being banished from the universe he protected. But such was life, and all that she could offer. "Good to meet you, Spoiler."

"We're not expecting company right? Good." Hal doesn't give much time for an answer, the Watchtower security systems update on entrances and exits anyways. Letting out a sigh he takes off the green mask, it fades in to the air and he slumps againsst that water dispenser, slurping down the rest of the contents of his cup and tossing it with a miss at a nearby trashcan. The goldbot rushes over and picks it up.
"Eh… " He remarks, arms lazily draping over his chest. Diana has the keypoints nailed the rest all comes with time in.

"You should figure one out. It's just easier and the hip thing to do, even the badguys have fun dorky names."

Diana shows a faint grin toward Donna. "The headlines will give you one, the more of them that you get yourself put into. Such as the case…" With herself, the name Wonder Woman was placed upon her by the media and those she helped.

Diana starts to turn toward the doorway and then looks back to Spoiler. "You are welcome to come and ride with me in my jet. You will be able to do all the detective you could desire whilst I try to… organize the chaos and figure out a way to better defend the home if its to come under this manner of attack." Juggernaut was powerful, more powerful than she'd expected. "Clearly it is time to move any sentimental belongings to a less public location, however." This, depresses the Princess a great deal, because her optimism made her want to believe that such measures wouldn't be necessary so long as they did their jobs well.

Maybe they weren't doing them well? That would also be a depressing notion.

Either way, Diana starts to make her way out of the room as her dark blue robe is delivered by one of the floating droids that is a big fan of her. "Thank you, Ebert." She says to the floating robot… whom she'd named after the man who once upon a time reviewed movies… thats a story for another time though!

Donna turned her attention from Diana and Spoiler back to Hal, a single brow arching as she watched him remove his mask. There was some surprise there, as she'd never seen the man without it, so the face was a revelation. She did have enough good breeding not to comment on it, however, because that would simply be weird. Well, she did offer one comment, "Not what I was expecting." As to talk of a code name. "I suppose. But it isn't as if I'm difficult to miss. But if you insist, you might as well simply use Troia. It's close enough to my own name that it won't come off as dorky. I'd hate to be seen as a villain in this universe." In others, well, such was the life of a woman of a thousand thousand iterations. She offered Donna a smile, "Given how often people seem to mistake me for you," and indeed, from a distance, when one could not see faces clearly, or the fact that Diana was quite a few inches taller, they could have been mistaken for the other, save for their usual uniforms, "I'm just hoping that I don't tarnish your sterling reputation." As she saw Diana begin to depart, she offered, "I'll finish my debrief here, and then join you. I can help with cleaning up the debris."

"LIkewise, Troia," Spoiler replies, using the 'codename' her HUD assigned to Donna since two names were given and one sounded like a 'real name'. As for company, Spoiler doesn't know, so she doesn't answer. She just glances over at Hal as he drops the mask granting Spoiler her first clear look at the Lantern, and some how she manages not to snicker aloud.

"At least he's not drunk this time," she quips, adding to Donna's comment of the unmasked Hal, revealnig that she was the same Spoiler that met him in Gotham that one night. The suit is a massive upgrade from the Hobby Lobby plastic mask and Target athletic spandex she had been rocking back then. The quip given with that smirk, Spoiler turns to walk with Diana.

"Thank you, Your Highness. I don't think I've ever seen your jet."

…Because it's invisible!

"I know, I'm so handsome it's almost unbearable to look away." Hal replies to Donna with a dry humor, more tired than thats his style. He looks it, bags under the eyes and such. Hes been playing a dangerous game of little sleep, a lot of alcohol.

"Hal Jordan. You'll figure it out if you're in long enough and half the West Coast is already aware… or at least they were a couple years ago."

"Watchtower, make sure to update Troia." HE says loudly.

Watching Diana and Spoiler begin to break off the man shoves away with a heel, headed his own way, one of the recreation rooms for sleep probably. "Meeting adjorned? Good stuff. The bots can play tour guide this time unless you're okay with waiting another four or five hours. I'm beat." No lingering from the unmasked Lantern, hes making sure he doesn't have to stick around.

A soft, noncommittal sound, at Hal's estimation of his attractiveness is Donna's only response, as she moves back towards the observation deck, watching the rest of the 'team' as it were moving off to their other duties. Her own updates to the system might take a while. But eventually, she'd be back on Earth and joining Diana and Spoiler at the Consulate, if they were still there. If not, she'd still work on shoring up the building and putting in repairs. "I'm sorry, Hal." The final words she offers, though the Green Lantern is likely gone by the time those words escape her lips.

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