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Juggernaut is hired by Umbral Dynamics to assault the Themysciran Consulate in Metropolis. Several of the League respond… things go orbital +


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Cain Marko is a man of simple wants and needs. He's pretty much the definition of the blue collar criminal, despite being the chosen avatar, exemplar, embodiment or whatever of a magical principality of strength and destruction. It's a contrast, to be certain. Phenomenal Cosmic Power..and (sorta) itty-bitty living space..his ambitions and goals are pretty much as basic as they come these days and about as hedonistic as they get. Money. And so when he gets contacted for a job out in Metropolis and the right quote is fed to him ..it doesn't take long for him to lock up his New York based safehouse, make his way to Metroplis and for the Themysciran Consulate to feel his approach in the form of an increasing series of earthquakes caused by the behemoths very footsteps as he draws near to the exterior of the building.

His appearence was sudden as well. A flash of red light is all local onlookers would have been able to report though some may have noticed a very large red haired man in the area earlier. Either way, The Juggernaut's presence is being made known now and he wades his way through evening traffic, cars honking and slamming into one another as they serve to avoid him or crash head long into his passage like toy cars rolling into a full sized semi-truck. Phone camera's flash as best they can in the earthquakes, catching his passage as he steps onto consulate property. The exterior fence proves of little concern him, warping around his legs and lower torso and peeling apart as he walks through it, continuing to lurch forward with an almost gorilla like hunch and side to side sway to his posturing movements. Needless to say, it's the perfect time to panic.

"Huh. Brawls and Babes." he muses to himself, absently, "..I should patent that into a game."

The Unternet a wonderful place for people like Cain Marko to pick up jobs that require a special touch, a sort of swagger that the rest of the world calls 'Villain' to softcore the title and it's additional attachements, terrorist, criminals, killers, assassins, hired guns, madmen…

Lately a string of high paying marks have shown up across the boards that lie deeper than the popular 'Darkweb', child's play to the Calculator's set up of the all-villain-all the time street rep required clubhouse. The payer? Anonymous but credible from past comments, reviews and jobs that routinely cycle.

Umbral Dynamics has made itself known to the Justice League for the past half a year, a serious of attacks connected to the company and the most telling their security forces sloppy mishap outside of Bana-Mighdall. Things have lain low for them since North Africa. Time to change that.

Hal Jordan lives in Metropolis these days, though hes been considering moving to his grandfathers place in Brooklyn but the time to actually pack up just hasn't become a thing. Now the man, just about to pull a Clark Kent and step around a corner to change costumes, jobs and identitis is being pinged by flashes of 'alarm' from his ring, a curious thing when that happens, its not FROM the Oan power ring itslf but the Watchtower, minor seismic disturbances centered somewhere around Metropolis, something to keep aware of. Maybe he should check in to it or… better, the Green Lantern.

A flare of emerald, a tracer through the skies and he is in motion; destination… Themyscira Consulate. Not that he knows this yet.

As soon as the women gathered within the consulate felt the rumblings of the earth, the moved to secure valuables, to check the news for activity in the area, and some, moved to step out of the building itself, to scan the skies, as it were. It was nearly impossible for anyone to miss the mass coming towards them at speed. But they seemed neither bothered or alarmed. They had had fear trained out of them in many ways. Instead, they began to gather, someone of them calling back into the back rooms.

Donna emerged at the call, already clad in her normal attire, which was to say, her armor. She rarely went without it, in sharp contrast to her sister, who often chose simpler dress. Donna took a moment, taking inventory of what she brought with her. Only that celestial-cloth suit, her bracers, and her lasso. She nodded, as she looked at the women arrayed around her, most of them gathering up more mundane weapons, "Defend yourselves, but leave that…thing to me."

The approach of The Juggernaut is paced at a deliberately moderate pacing. He could come rushing in like a run away freight train at full speed but there is something about the inexorable approach of something in no particular hurry and yet incapable of being turned aside or stopped. It's like Tax Season or that holiday visitation you dread every year but of which there is no escape. Either way, with his footfalls triggering seismmeters throughou the city, causing windows to shatter and chasms to open in the ground, the destructive potential here is quite clear and made even moreso when he finally reaches and breaches the exterior walls by lurching through them with a thunderous roar of stone shattering and the earth sundering.

In doing so he finds himself in the large museum like interior of the consulate and likely finds the fearless inhabitants which is..interesting to him. Not exactly the reaction he was expecting.

"H'lo ladies!" he rumbles, continuing forward as the front entrance collapses behind him in a wail of thunderous rumbles and billowing dust clouds, "Maybe you've never heard of me in ol'Metroplis. The names JUGGERNAUT! There's nothing on this planet, nothin' you can imagine, that can stop me! This buildin' is coming DOOOOOWWWN!" he lifts both of his massive arms, posturing liek some cartoonish Wrestling Heel, "Get in my way, and you go down with it! Otherwise, anyone gettin' out better get the hell out!"

Donna simply waited, the Amazons behind her, as their guest made his appearance. For all that she seemed like a child in comparison to his bulk, she seemed, if the look of her expression was anything to go by…simply bored. "Alright then. Are you going to lead this dance, or shall I?" She did, in point of fact, move to get in his way. Barehanded, save for the lasso she claimed in her right hand. "I warn you. If you step on my feet, I will have sharp words for you."

"On site." Words unheard by anyone but those it is relevant to. The sedans and SUVs parked outside of the consulate, watchers. Making sure the job goes down as intended.

"We have another inbound. Will our guy need back up?"

"If so, be ready." The quick clipped response over the comms…….

Green Lantern in the blacks and the namesake color expected of his corps is now above the demolished piece of walling, trying to pierce it with his vision alone. "Hell of a way to knock." He says to no one in particular.

"Green Lantern to Justice League, we got a guy here in Metropolis… " Jordan huffs at himself, just killing the com transmission. Give it a minute and he'll make a suitable appearance.

Unmindful of the van thats opening a door across the street. A shoulder mounted rocket being prepped. Juggernaut is not entirely alone.

The Juggernaut fumes mildly at this development. It seems at least a little acknowledgement would be appreciated.

"Cute." is all he rumbles while stepping forward..and then cocking an arm backwards like coiling and prepping some sort of trebuchet for launch. "Fair enough, girlie. Good thing for you I'm all progressive and junk so I don't mind stomping you into the ground t'prove a point. You wanna get in my way fine?"

Juggernaut grins, flexing his coiled arm, bunching a bicep the size of a Buick up like a boulder growing and flexing beneath his hairy tanned skin, "Let's see how you can handle my Sunday Punch!"

And with that, the fight is on! Juggernaut lunges, a massive foot stomping forward with any pretense at restraining his strength gone. The impact of his foot sends a shockwave warping out through the floor of the building and up the walls. This is nothing compared to the force behind his swing as the twists his body around and sends his fist hurtling at Donna like an incoming asteroid. A visible shockwave warping the air preceeding the very force of his swing and his grin growing more shark like and intense by the second.

Donna stood her ground. Actually, in point of fact, she rose just a few inches from the ground, as the shockwave buckles the floor, as though she were hovering on some invisible plate. She came down in the next instant, reaching out one hand to catch the fist that was aimed at her, the contact of hand on fist sending a shockwave of considerable force and energy back at the Juggernaut. Despite the disparity in size, the only result seemed to be that it more firmly settled her into the crumbled remains of the floor. Unstoppable force, meet immovable object. Donna moved, as well, in that instant their hands met, the lasso whipping around to wrap around her opponent's waist, hand twisting the cord around her fist, "Stop. Now." There was an indomitable force in the power of her voice, the magic of the lasso answering its mistresses command.

The Green Lantern is catching a portion of this in his downward sweep to join, a large band of conjured green showing up around one fist and forming in to a massive hand to clear out some of the remaining debris and smoke. "Wonder Wom… " No, Troia. "House guest?" Not able to say much more to that as a loud THWACK and explosive eruption drowns out his voice from behind Juggernaut, due to positioning and all. The strike of that missile leaving the Lantern in a cloud of obscurement, smoke, fire spread and general confusion at this point.Awareness on Jordan's part a clear plus.

Well this is indeed interesting! Juggernaut's eyes widen ever so slightly for the briefest of instants. To say he's surprised would be an understatement but he does not have much time to ponder this nor is Donna's bravery truly put to the test, as the Juggernaut is indeed truly unstoppable and his seemingly limitless strength to back that claim is not invoked in the face of her rapid action to remove herself from the path of his fist and call upon the power of her lasso.

A power that seems to be working. Juggernaut's eyes widen a touch more as his sense of self is distorted and his body remains twisted in a coiled pose of the aftermath of his swing. He blinks a few times, rapidly, as if trying to fight off a sleep that refuses to fully come or fully be shaken off. "Whuh.. huh.."

But Juggernaut's will is strong and similar tactics have been attempted in the past not to mention Donna may immediately sense the resistance to magic that boils up from within the brute, fighting to give him a moment of clarity. "Wha…..WRARGGH!"

Both of his arms swing at this point, immense limbs hurtling around infront of him to slap his massive hands together in a move made famous by The Hulk but hardly trademarked by him. The shockwave is explosive and ripples out in all directions from the giant with force measurable on the richter scale. It's a tantrum of an assault, to say the least. Explosively loud and destructive.

Well this is indeed interesting! The sudden halt in the momentum of his punch sends a jarring shockwave back through the behemoths body but likewise blasts outward into the sturdy ground of the consulate, blowing out an enormous sinkhole and kicking up a debris cloud as the earth violently rocks. For his part, Juggernaut is caught off guard. He measured the force of that blow to flatten most any 'brick' he usually deals with but it seems they build them abit tougher out here in Metropolis then he usually encounters.

"Hn…Not bad girlie! But you aint seen nothi' yet. I said I was unstopp—"

He doesn't get that all out. That lasso does its duty and Juggernaut staggers and stumbles forward. "Wha..? Whu..?" His eyes blur and blink rapidly. The force in his arm goes slack and it seems that a simple command will idneed 'stop' The Juggernaut.

But Juggernaut's will is strong and similar tactics have been attempted in the past not to mention Donna may immediately sense the resistance to magic that boils up from within the brute, fighting to give him a moment of clarity. "Wha…..WRARGGH!"

Both of his arms swing at this point, immense limbs hurtling around infront of him to slap his massive hands together in a move made famous by The Hulk but hardly trademarked by him. The shockwave is explosive and ripples out in all directions from the giant with force measurable on the richter scale. It's a tantrum of an assault, to say the least. Explosively loud and destructive.

Donna did not release the lasso, her grip on it only tightening, all of her force and will coming to bear on the man as he jolts away from her with the force of the blast. "Stop. Now. You are only going to make me angry." And you wouldn't like her when she's angry. The hand now free rises, and for a moment, the place where the blast his hands create and the shield of energy she casts in front and above her of her spark and flicker like fireflies, the shockwave, bent around her, doing even more destruction to the building, the roof collapsing in the area around the combatants. As for the Amazons, they've mostly gotten clear of the building, a small cadre rushing towards the source of the rocket, the contrail still white in the air. A few move to check on the Green Lantern.

/Stop now, you're only going to make me angry?/ That is not his own words that is someone else. Through the ringing in his head Green Lantern straightens up, that van in the background being tipped on it's side and shaken by an emerald extension of his limb, out of it a much larger longer arm then it is cast aside so he can turn and face the major threat, the one baring down on Donna Troy.

"I'm here now… I think." His voice carrying only because his powers are amplifying it.

"Stand down big guy. You're about to bite of a lot more than that huge face of yours can chew." Fair warning before he himself joins the skirmish. His own autoshields absorbing and casting off the minor shockwaves and destructive forces being created by the titanic showdown.

"Hrk…get..OFFA ME!" Juggernaut's Brooklyn Brawleresque voice changing and distorting from the bemused bully that had fist stormed in to a growigg fury and rage that would do The Hulk himself proud. Hatred bubbling up to the surface now that true resistance is being met to his antics. Were it not for Cyttorak's gift of resistance to such things he would have long ago been rendered docile and incapcitated by the commands. As it stands, he's not fighting at his absolute best and he can feel it. His eyes flicker around the ruined main entry way, searching for creative options and taking note of Green Lantern now as well. Clearly this isn't going according to plan.

But regardless of if he's on the back foot or not. He's not going to make it easy for them. He runs…further -into- the consulate. His initial target being the far walls at the end of the main hall which his momentum and unstoppable force sends him lunging for like a freight train tumbling off its tracks. The arm with the lasso wrapped around his wrist comes lunging forward ahead of him..snapping around in a wide arcing swing. If she won't let go, she's going for a ride.

Well, in for a penny, in for a pound, and she did still have a job to do. "We're going to need a pickup, Hal!" Or not. Lantern's prerogative. Donna tugged at the lasso, using the momentum from his tug and her own powers of flight and speed to catch him, reaching out to wrap an arm around his neck. The constellations on her armor flashed and spark with starlight, as they winked out of the embassy, Donna's will sending them as far and away in the universe as she could picture, nearly to the gate between this universe and the next where she had first met Hal Jordan when she did her own brand of knocking at heaven's door. She had used such Titan granted powers so often, in her many years that she barely noticed the change in venue, only moved to make the immediate attempt to fly free of him once they were in space. Not only with the force of her flight and sleep, but with a kick of her legs, strengthened by the concussive blast she aimed at the point on his back where she aimed her feet.

Jordan as it were, has proven to be relatively useless outside of showing up and taking a missile, disposing of possible interlopers that in full strength probably couldn't handle an ill Robin. The sudden clash bodies, the flailing and then there is stars? Light. The ring on his finger informs him that a transportation is taking place, not to where but the source is Donna Troy and likely her companion.

"Shit, why?" He oaths out and launches himself forward, aiming for the spot they are. No time really to respond in there to Donna's pick up request. He is more or less flying off the seat of his overly tight Corps uniform pants…

It seems he's been playing around a little to much. Perhaps used to more milk-job like assingments of late and as such he's gotten sloppy. Being teleported is not something he's unused to. It's a common strategy to attempt to deal with what can't be physically beaten and as such when the venue changes, Juggernaut reacts with the expertise associated with his reputation and threat level. All to quickly.

He's unable to grab her but she's got hold of him ..the lasso. Wrapped around one hand, he grips the loose portion with his other even as he tumbles forward into a spin, caused by sudden loss of a ground to be running on. He pulls hard, attempting to pull her right back towards him, mouthing a brutish "C'mere…!" though clearly his ability to be heard is likely hampared by being ..well..in space. At least he's seemingly alive. So that's one more thing that's been discovered about him if it wasn't known by the League before.

Donna, for her part had her flight to help her stabilize herself in space, and she did not need to breath. That was part of the power of the armor as well as the other artifact which had been given into her care. So she did manage to get some distance from him, before he began to tug her back, seeming none the worse for wear by being in deep space. As much as Donna knew her job was to handle such threats, she did not want to see 'that LOOK' on Diana's face if she had actually killed someone out of hand. Of course, she couldn't have known he would have survived, so there is that. Yes, Diana will probably, definitely give her the LOOK. And so, for the moment, there was a tug of war between them, the lasso stretching longer and longer, this time pitting his strength against her strength. "I would have dealt with you peacefully, Juggernaut, but you came to destroy." Donna flickered her wrist, the magic of the lasso slithering it from between his hands, springing back to her. For he was not the master of that artifact, crafted as thre sister of Diana's by Hephaestus himself, but she. And she was still flying back away from him.

Green Lantern lands in a now vacant spot where Juggernaut and Donna Troy moments ago existed. The POP of vaccuum being filled has him spinning in a circle, quickly calling out for the woman on all possible channels. Then to the JL Watchtower to begin a scan… Not a whole lot he can accomplish at this point in time.

Few things disturb Juggernaut. Even fewer things frighten him. But being stranded in the vaccum of space or a place he can't escape from..that's somewhere on that list. It's happened enough times that Juggernaut knows well the feeling and as he tumbles backwards with the lasso somehow escaping his grip though in turn his full faculties returning to him. The disadvantage of a lack of movement capabilities out here in the depths of the void are quite clear though and he's left to flail his massive arms in a futile attempt to stablize himself. He grits his teeth and then, "You can't just leave me out here!! You'll pay for this!"

Once the lasso had returned to her, Donna stopped moving, though she did not go so far that he could not hear her, "I am not leaving you out here, Juggernaut. Do you not think that if I chose to do that, that I would be already gone? I am sorry that it came to this, but I could not allow you to destroy that building and to do…whatever it was that you intended to do there, when the destruction was wrought. You threatened the lives of many people, not just the Amazons, and I did what was necessary. But I will not abandon you to the darkness of space."

The huge man fumes, but is without options or arsenal to do anything about it short of decoupling his helmet to try and use as a projectile.

"Fine. So take us back then, girlie. You don't intend to just sit out here forever and watch me, do you? I've been stuck in Oblivion itself b'fore. Time and space isn't an issue for me. Pop us back home then."

"So that you can immediately begin a rampage again? Or try to begin another fight? I may have compassion for you, and some small amount of concern for your continued existence, as I would for any living thing, but I am not that stupid. I have no doubt that as soon as you are back in a place where you can use your strength and power, you will most certainly do so." Donna lifted a hand, casting brief blasts of energy, momentarily encasing Juggernaut on all sides, as she made some effort at a peaceful gesture, to stop his spinning. As soon as she saw that he was stable, the energy faded around him, "I can survive out here for as long as I need to. Someone will find us eventually."

The kind gesture seems to have little impact on Juggernaut's mood or tone. "Is that it? That's your grand moralizin' solution? To just sit and posture at me until' the universe ends or someone finds us and moves us somewhere 'eventually'? What're you trying to wash your hands of it? Is that how you Amazons roll?" needles Juggernaut.

"Better to make your own mind up on what yer gonna do with me and be fair and square about it but fine. Typical. I had a job to do and so I was settin about doing it. That's all. Nothin' personal."

"I am not washing my hands of it. And I don't see myself as posturing. I see myself as explaining why I did what I did, the same as you just explained why you did what you did. But what you tried to do, it was very personal. Every person you hurt, everything you destroy, or steal, or take, that is very personal to the person you are hurting. And you made it even more personal when you chose the job you were to do. You have more intelligence than to be nothing more than a dog set out on a scent. You chose to come to the consulate for a reason. Money, or the promise of some object or another. The consulate is full of them. As for making up my mind, I already have done. I requested a pickup from the Green Lantern. I do not know how long it will be until he arrives. If I thought that I could bring you back myself, and that you would both not try to exact revenge on me, AND not complete whatever job you were sent to do, I would bring you back. But you give me no reason to believe that. So I have left you to, essentially. The police to deal with."

Juggernaut has no idea how The Green Lanterns work. He's seen the activities of the League on tv, sure, but the particulars and what it has to do with him are clearly elusive. The thought that they could hold him in any capacity doesn't even cross his mind though but he does frown mildly in consideration of the scenario.

"Fine. How about this. You take us back and drop me off somewhere and I leave you're little building alone huh? You got me, right? So I failed th'job then. Simple. How's that? That's fair, isn't it?"

"And how will whomever you were paid by, I assume you were being paid, feel about your failure? In my experience, men, or women who hire people such as yourselves, do not take kindly to being told 'Sorry, I couldn't complete the job. Especially as they know likely have some idea who you are." Donna shook her head, "Either way, it will end badly for one of us. Either I will have to fight you again, you will return to the embassy, or your employer will exact some form of revenge on you for your failure. None of our options are good ones, Juggernaut."

The back and forth dialogue between Troia and Juggernaut has given the Green Lantern time enough to bounce signals, find a thread to work at and drift upwards, clear the clouds then launch off with enough speed to break atmosphere, tear past the Justice League station and their warpgate to hopefully send him the right direction, a green flicker-flare in the void of space thats soon ripping through the cosmos at ungodly physics bending pace. This is what Lanterns do after all…

"I hope that is you, Troia. This has been… something." The com-chatter that passes from him to his fellow Leaguer.

"Listen girl - I lost because I underestimated you. You can't really beat me in a fight and hurt me..what makes you think whoever employed me can? Don't you worry about me. You send me back home we'll call it even. You won, right? I'm The Juggernaut. I aint nobody's lackey. I do a job or I don't. I don't go get 'punished' because it didn't work out." The hit to his reputation is honestly worse, in his opinion.

Juggernaut eyes Donna, looking critically at her for a few seconds before asking, "Well?"

Donna lifted a hand, turning her head just a bit as she caught a signal from Hal, "Hal. Gods. Alright, yes, it's been a thing. And I'm sorry. I'm not sure. yes, I know where we are, but you'll be ages coming. Look, can you meet us at the Door? The one I met you at? It's closer, and you can get there in good time."

Donna looked back to Juggernaut. "Because there are worse things in the universes than you, Juggernaut. I have met enough of them to know that." She shook her head, "I have to get us closer for pickup. If I take us there, we can get home, both of us." But she nodded, at something that he said, "I would say more of a stalemate. And possibly, we will decide that another time. But not today. And my name isn't girl. It's Donna." It not as though he can't find that out. But at least she can try to be a fair player.

/The DOOR/ "Yeah. I can do that." Hal responds quickly, clipped. That green tracer doubling back hitting that initial gate to thin line zip then rocket through time. The other side of it releasing a loud crack of light first multihued, then just brilliant emerald, a nimbus of it flaring up around Jordan.

Annoyed now his facial expression has lost it's earlier jovial luster to it. He's just flat. Scowling.

"Tell me I am here now."

At that, Juggernaut just falls silent. Negotations are over. He does indeed note her name but nothing more need be said. Her points are well made and to stalemate or not will indeed have to be truly decided another time. As for right now? He's good and gotten.

Donna took Juggernaught's silence for ascent, and perhaps that was more fool her. But such was the onus of carrying a part of Diana's soul inside of her. She had not lost, completely, that spark of hope. So once she had heard Hal's reply, she moved to bridge the distance between herself and Juggernaut. And this time, she did not body slam him. Instead, she simply reached out a hand to settle on his shoulder, that light flaring on her armor and then were there. Floating, waiting not far from where Angry Hal was being very reasonably Angry.

"We're all settled now?" The Green Lantern fires through that quasi-telepathic communication feed of Oan to Justice League communications, "I… honestly have no words. It doesn't look like anyones dead at least." This all spitfired out as soon as they become visibly recognizable entities.

Donna did manage to look suitably contrite, as she saw the look on Hal's face. She was certainly not an expert on the Green Lantern, but even she knew you were usually in very deep shit when he looked that out of sorts. "Yes, I think we're all settled. At the least, we have a temporary understanding." She moved away from Juggernaut, waiting in silence as she allowed Hal to do, well, whatever it was he decided to do…with the both of them.

"Then… back to Earth, separate corners this time?" He asks but doesn't slow himself to wait for a response, the warpgate near them starts to fire up again, a green orb surrounds the whole group and they're then in a snap from one place to the next above Earth, near that shadowed Watchtower. He stares at both as if in question then releases the hold on Troia, allowing her freedom to the Watchtower which is near. Juggernaut on the other hand he descends, begins to break atmosphere…

He'll drop him on Madripoor most likely. Not on anyone or somewhere damaging but far enough away from the States it could prove annoying.

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